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Wasteland (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Episode #1.2 - full transcript

Misa quest for launching and criminal police. Hana is shocked when she announces that her daughter's disappearance may have something to sixteen Filip Paskowski, who escaped last night from an educational institution in the wilderness. Police also examines and Misin mentally ill father, Charles, former husband Hanina. An educator in the reformatory Adam discovers that Misin disappearance directly affects not only Filipova escape, but his own family.

Come here!
We've got something!

It's stuck.

Come closer.

Oh man.

- Tonda, move to the right a little.
- Okay.

Go over that branch.

Oh man.

It's a pig.

It's alright, it's a pig.

Ms. Sikorova.

Captain Rajner, criminal police.
May I speak to you?

When did you see her last?

- This morning when she left for school.
- What was she wearing?

Jeans... blue jeans and...

Green. She had the green
ones on today.

Light green jeans and a kind
of apricot-coloured jumper.

- Apricot?
- And a brown checkered jacket.

You told my colleagues

she got off the bus around 3:30 p.m.
over there at the bus stop?

We spoke with the driver.
Lojza Mikulik. He was driving her.

Does she always get off here?

No, we thought that she was
going to her father's place.

His cottage isn't far,
he lives over there.

- Her father doesn't live with you?
- No, he lives over there.

- He's ill.
- Ill in what way?

- He has psychological problems.
- Of what kind?

- He has a bipolar disorder.
- Is he at the cottage now?

I guess so. But Misha wasn't there,
we looked for her.

- Could I have a look at her room?
- Sure.

I don't know.

Lambo or Porshe?

- Porshe's better, isn't it?
- Yeah, right.

And some chocolate.
What's the biggest one you have?

- This Milka here is 300 grams.
- Okay.

Can you believe he'll be 3 already?

Seems like yesterday he turned one.
Before long he'll be going to school.

- Will you pay straight away?
- Yeah.


- Thanks. Ciao.
- Ciao.

- Get a load of this.
- Wow, nice.

- Cool, huh?
- Yeah, don't spoil him.

Yeah, a birthday present's
really spoiling him.

And how about a present for the uncle?
Uncle should be trying that on auntie.

Oh man, look.

Did you not get enough, man?

What are you getting at,
you piece of shit?

Which part of "stay away from her"
didn't you understand?

- Why? What did I do?
- You don't know?

We were at my place this afternoon.
I remember picking you up here.


- What happened then?
- What do you think?

Was my daughter at the cottage?
Dark hair, Misha, small.

- No one was there.
- The whole time?


What the fuck was that about?

Did your daughter have a reason
to run away from home?


I mean if maybe there was
an argument or something.

She'd have to run away
all the time then.

What do you mean?

- Well, she likes to argue.
- She's 14, she's an adolescent.

Otherwise she's a normal girl.

- Do you have a key to it?
- No, I don't.

I run a outdoor daycare here.

Few days ago someone killed
the donkey we kept for the kids.

They hanged him from a tree
with a barbed wire.

- Did you report it?
- I did.

- She still hasn't turned up?
- My husband.

Good evening.

- Here you are.
- Thanks.

- What happened to you?
- What do you mean?

I guess I fell down.


Have you seen a doctor?

They said your daughter visited
you in the afternoon?

I wasn't home.

When did you get back?

It was still light out.

When did you speak to her last?

Last week.

You didn't notice anything strange?

She was happy.

What does that mean, happy?

She was all aglow.

It occurred to me
she might be in love.

Did it also occur to you
who she might be in love with?


That's ridiculous,
I would know about it.



- I'm on my way.
- What? What happened?

Ms. Sikorova, I'll call you
as soon as we have news.

We'll also need a current
photograph of Misha.

So we can begin an official search.

- That one's mine!
- I know.

You're one hell of a collector, Pedro.

Jerking off is not banned, is it?

- It should be banned for you, man.
- Asshole.

- Tibor!
- What?

What do you have in your hand?

- Nothing.
- The other one.

Out in the hallway!
All of you!


He was still in his room at ten,
we always check before bedtime.

- Has he run away before?
- No. Never.

- What is he here for?
- His dad couldn't handle him.

200 hours of absences from school,
then he attacked the teacher.

It's the Gestapo.

- What did you say?
- Nothing.

Why the bust?
We didn't do anything.

You be quiet.

It's because of Pasek, isn't it?

- You know anything about it?
- I'm not his mother.

- I heard he has a girlfriend outside?
- Really? Good for him.

- He hasn't told you about her?
- Not me.

He has a late arrival here today.

The counselors have gone
over that with him already.

Here. He was supposed to be back at
3 p.m. and he came back after 4.

- What time did she get off that bus?
- About 3:30.

Come in.

Excuse me. I found this
in Filip's room. His phone.

- Are you sure it's his?
- Yes.

That girl's phone also says
"no service", right?

Have you ever seen him
with Misha Sikorova?

Once or twice...
during his afternoon out.

They escaped together then.
Go through it.

And call the station and tell them
to start a search for those two.

- Sure.
- Thanks, bye.

- Thank you, goodbye.
- Bye.

Open up!
I know you're in there!

Open up or I'll call the police.

- What were you doing in there?
- Had to use the bathroom.

For two hours?

- Why you yelling at me, lady?
- Excuse me? Get out of here.

You little bastard!

Son of a bitch!

No, please, don't hurt me.

- Excuse me, are you going to Ruda?
- No, I'm not.

I'm not going all the way to Ruda.
But I can take you to Morwo.

Thanks a lot.

What are you doing?

I'm looking for a picture of Misha.

I can't find anything.
I don't get it.

Of course not. You won't find a decent
photo of her since she hit puberty.


You never noticed she hates
being photographed?

So she has a few zits, so what?
That's normal at her age.

Mom, Misha is convinced she's
the ugliest monster on the planet.

Why do you think
she wears so much makeup?

And always hiding
in those awful hoodies.

They must have taken pictures
at school, at least, right?

As far as I know she never showed up.

Sikorova speaking.

Yes, I... no, I didn't forget.

- I know, at 11.
- What's up?

The TV station. They're broadcasting
the debate at 11.

You're not going, are you?

It's right nearby,
I'll be back within half an hour.

Tell them what happened.
They'll understand if you cancel.


- Good morning.
- Good morning. Excuse me.

- Go ahead and finish it.
- Thanks.

They still haven't found her.

Last time anyone saw her was at around
3:30 p.m. near the pig farm.

She got off the bus there.
Nothing since then.

What about the townsfolk?
How are they reacting?

A lot of the guys are helping
with the search.

Even the ones who are
against Sikorova.

Can you take time off work?

Until they find the girl,
stay close to Sikorova.

She doesn't trust me though.
She knows I work for you.

She also knows you're
a decent guy, right?

If anything comes up, call right away.

Janusz speaking.

We don't know what happened to Misha

and you want to talk
about he goddamned referendum?

She's fine, nothing happened to her,
we're going to find her.

Look, if we want to be
able to stay here

we have only fourteen days
left to do something.

I don't know what I should do.


What are you doing here?
Have you gone completely nuts?

I wanted to make you a proper meal.

Are you going to sing
while you're doing it?

- Don't you realize what happened?
- Eggs. You'll need energy.

Where is the knife?

Fuck off.

Piss off.

What are you gaping at me for?

Fuck off.


- Hello.
- Hello.

I just thought that we could
make some tea

and take it down to the forest
for the guys to warm up.

There is a thermos container
in the storage.

Yes, Sikorova.

I'm on my way.
I'll be there in ten minutes.

Thank you.
I'll be back in a little bit.


- You got a moment?
- What's up?

You know what happened at the juvie?

- One of the boys ran away yesterday.
- Who told you that?

I met Petr Krusina.

He said the police think that
he ran away with Misha.

Nice, huh?

The mayor's little girl runs off
with some bastard from juvie!

So we're making idiots of ourselves
for her for nothing!

Wait, back up. The police
wouldn't make fools of us like that.

Really? And how do you know
what she told them?

It suits her well that
now she can show off

what a wonderful mother she is!

Will you give us the keys
from the storage?


Jitka, I'm taking the keys, ok?

Make me a cup of coffee, please.

I heard about your Misha.

I'm sure she'll be fine,
if we could help in any way...

- Thank you.
- You have my number.

We can keep arguing about coal mining,
but this is more important, I reckon.

Good morning.

As promised, we're speaking to you
live right from the Turkowo mine.

...the supposed benefit
to the residents of our town

is apparent in Pustina already.

Tension between neighbors.

Distrust and suspicion
among the citizens.

Generally a very bad atmosphere.

Turkowo mine accomplished
in a couple of months

what the communist regime
didn't manage in forty years.

Mayor Sikorova, you can't be serious.

How do you want to build
a positive atmosphere in a town,

where people face basic,
material issues every day.

So you'll chase them
out of their homes,

from a place they've lived in
for decades, and that'll save them.

You yourself know very well that
no one's being chased from anywhere.

We offer them replacement homes
of comparable quality

and above-average compensation.

What an asshole.

Instead of the uncertainty

that the people of Pustina
have to live with every day,

we're finally offering them
some kind of security.

- Security?
- Exactly.

My 14-year-old daughter
has been missing since yesterday!

No one knows where she is!

Mayor Sikorova,
I understand you're out of sorts,

but how can our company

have anything to do
with your daughter's disappearance?

I hope your daughter soon turns up,
with no harm done to her.

I have children, too.

Mayor Sikorova, director Kwiatkowski,
thank you for the interview.

And this is all for now from
Turkowo mine, good bye.

Tell your mom I've gone out looking.

- Thanks.
- You're welcome.


- Weren't you freezing?
- Nah, it was alright.

Jakub, have you ever seen Misha
with the boys from the juvie?

- What? No.
- Never?

She never mentioned
any of those boys?

You know we weren't friends.

Doesn't matter. ls there anything left?
Let's take it in.

- We don't have anything yet.
- We should get back to the pig farm.

We could have missed
something in the dark.

The cops searched it already
and didn't find anything.

So around the back of the cottages,

we'll search the whole way
around the stream.

- Filip?
- Hi, dad.

What are you doing here?

You ran away, huh?

Come, come on in.

Maybe a little too big for you
but you can't stay in that.

I'll fill the tub for you, ok?

- How did you get here, anyway?
- I hitchhiked.

You're lucky I have
the night shift today.

I would have waited.

You've grown since I last saw you.

- I could beat you by now.
- Don't flatter yourself.

You want to try?

No holding!

Three, two, one!

- You let me win!
- No way!

I could tell you gave in!

Well I'm not going to
let you break my arm, am I?

I'll fill the bath.
Finish your tea.

Blacky! Go home! Come on.
That's right, good boy!

- Hi bro.
- Hey, Shari.

What? What Shari?

- What are you doing with Filip?
- What Filip?

Goddamnit, bro!
What are you playing at, man?

I recognized you over the phone.

What phone?
What the hell are you saying?

- You called Filip Paskowski last night.
- Who?

I was with Klara all night
looking for Misha.

You can ask her.

What the hell are you thinking?
That I'll cover your ass again?

The cops were at the juvie
last night, you idiot!

The criminal police are after Pasek I
What the hell are you two into?

Have you lost your fucking mind?
I don't know him!

What's this horsing around?

- Hi, dad.
- Hi.

It's nothing, we're ok.

What do you know about Misha?

What the hell
should I know about her?

Fine. Whatever, bro.

- Move it fucker.
- Man, that's a sloth not a hedgehog.

Watch out, man, they have fleas.

Give him some crystal.
He'll get a move on then.

Wait, man.

- Shit.
- Leave it alone, you idiot!

- Keep the fuck out of it, you cunt!
- What the fuck are you doing?

- Watch out man.
- What're you doing over there?

- Who did this?
-I tripped.

- And no one saw anything of course.
- He tripped.

Right, you're not informers, I get it.

- Who brought the hedgehog?
- I wanted to show it to the boys.

You did, right?
Take it back to the garden.

The rest of you, go inside.

Fuck, it's really prickly!


Ms. Sikorova, are you sure you don't
have a normal photograph of her?

- We can't use this.
- We only have these.

- What about Facebook, friends?
- She doesn't have Facebook.

Don't worry about it then,
we will figure out something.

One more thing, does Misha spend time
with any of the boys from juvie?

Why do you ask?

One of the boys has been
on the run since yesterday.

- Couldn't they be on the run together?
- What?

Forget it, thanks for now.

He can't be serious, right?

Is it edible?

- Not really.
- So give it here.

I'm joking, man.

- So what about Pasek?
- What about him?

- Hasn't he stayed in touch?
- Fuck, that's us!

Daughter of the local mayor
Hana Sikorova has gone missing.

More than forty policemen
and volunteers

have been searching
around Pustina since yesterday.

At this moment, we do not have
information about the progress.

Turn it off.

Our group meeting starts
in five minutes.

So please finish eating
and get to the common room.

Man, that's Pasek's girl, isn't it?

Hands behind your back,
give him the handcuffs.

- Fuckers!
- Cuff him!

- Let me go!
- Give me your hands, young man.

- Easy there. You got him?
- Alright, let's go, get up.

Get up, move it. Easy!

- Fuckers!
- I said easy!

- Does he have any clothes?
- Don't be too harsh on him!

No worries,
we know how to handle scum.

Let's go!

We've got something I Technician I
Where is the technician?

- I can do it.
- That's alright.

As you wish.

- You're welcome.
- I didn't ask you for anything.

Do you know why you're here?

He has it in for me.
I couldn't take it anymore.

- Who?
- Vasicek. Our officer.

And why you?

He's a faggot. I caught him once
jerking off when we had PE.

- He's mad at me ever since.
- That's why you ran?

Yesterday he forbid me to go out again.
Without any reason.

Look around yourself.
Go on.


This is the criminal investigation
department, boy.

You're not here because
you ran from the juvie.

What do you know
about Misha Sikorova?

- Why?
- You know her?

- Something happened to her?
- When was the last time you saw her?

- On Monday.
- You haven't seen her since?

What happened to her?

I ask the questions here!

Why did you leave the school
earlier yesterday?

- I couldn't stand it there.
- Where did you go?

To the town.
Is that not allowed or what?

And why did you run
in the middle of the night?

I already told you, I just
wanted to fuck off somewhere.

How is it going?

Hasn't say anything yet, little bastard.
Give me that bag.

- Recognize this?
- No.

And what if I tell you
that your fingerprints are all over it?

- Bullshit. I've never seen it before.
- Open it. Go on.

Take it out.

- What is that?
- Some pills.

- Pills for what?
- For headache I guess?

- Who were you smuggling the pills for?
- What?

Misha was involved in it as well?

- Have you been taking drugs together?
- I've never seen this bag!

Stop fucking around with me.
Where is Misha Sikorova?

I don't know anything about her.


Fucking hell.

- And what do you want from me?
- I need a loan.

- Didn't I already give you one?
- I spent everything on this batch.

That idiot left it in the forest.

I'll give it back to you all at once.

- Man, check this out.
- Not now.

What's up?

You'll have it back in two days.

- In two days?
- Max.

Are you fucking kidding me?

I've had enough of your pissy face, man.
Did you get the dough? You did.

So, get me what you have.
By tomorrow, as agreed.

- Understood?
- Yeah.

And don't try to fuck me over.

What are you looking at?


Thanks. I'm on my way.

- Hi there, Shari.
- You got the dough?

Give me three more days, Shari.
I'm waiting for my pension.

- Fuck you! We said today!
- Come on, have a shot with us.

- Where's your phone?
- What are you doing, man?

- I sold it... sorry.
- You stupid idiot!

I'll be back on Friday for it.
And don't try to fuck me over!

- Alcohol? Drugs?
- No

Take your boxers down and bend over.


Don't turn the lights on, please.

Don't you want to go to bed?

- Can I put my clothes back on?
- Yes.

I'll be right back.

So, you're back from your outing?

- What are you doing with my brother?
- I didn't even know you had one.

Shari, doesn't it ring a bell?

- What does Misha have to do with it?
- With what?

- Where is she?
- I already said everything to the cops.

- What are you doing with him?
- Don't touch me, you faggot!

Faggot? Faggot?

What do you have going on
with my brother? You hear?

What are you two up to?

- Hey.
- Hi.