Walker (2021–…): Season 2, Episode 5 - full transcript

Breakfast tacos for the squad.

[cheering and chuckling]

I got you, Cap.

Yeah, man.

Micki, of course.

Let's go.Okay. Cap, uh, a word?

Ah.Yeah, uh, we both know

you're not capable
of aword, Cordell.Fair enough. Okay.

I know what it's like
coming back from undercover.

Uh, don't you think
it might be good

to get Micki back out
in the field?

Not always the best answer,
if memory serves.

I know you're better off
partnered up.Yeah.

Putting Micki on desk duty,
that's my call. All right?

Copy. Loud and clear.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, wait.

You wearing cologne?

Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey.


I may have applied
a light spritz.

How's the waft?

Lovely waft.

My lady friend Jillian's in
from Dallas, so...

Dude, you didn't tell me you
started dating again.

"Dating." Uh, it's-it's early.

Okay. All right. Well, well,
bring her to The Side Step.

Drinks on me.Oh, that's the plan.

Oh.Hey, if Geri's free,

maybe we can do, like,
a little double thing?

Assuming you've
cleared the air since

her cameo
at the surveillance sting?

Uh, yeah,
I'll check in with her.

I've been so busy with
the house. Haven't had a chance

to reconnect yet.
But I will.

All right, man. Hey.Yeah.

♪ I followed you into traffic

♪ I never thought about asking

♪ What we were going to do

♪ When we got
where we wanted to get to ♪

♪ I'm slipping into an accent

♪ It's almost more
than a habit ♪

♪ What are we gonna do

♪ When I can't talk,
can't talk straight at you? ♪

♪ I remember
everything you said ♪

♪ All about how it is
just the way that it is ♪

♪ But I think that what
you really meant to say is ♪

♪ Baby, I don't know if I can

♪ Black and blue.

Morning. So, listen.Hey.

Body was found
around 6:00 a.m.

at the Hunter Endeavors
construction site.

Mac Lippey.Mac Lippey?

He was reported missing
years ago.

Well, the construction site
just resumed work

after years of
delays. Must be why

it took so long
to uncover Mac's body.

Mac Lippey.
What was his brother's name?

Remy.JAMES: They co-ran a
personal injury law firm,

right?LIAM: Yeah, but they're not
ambulance chasers.

Very selective
about their clients.

Well, the recovery of his body
warms up his cold case.

Now that they have a body,

we're talking murder?

And a chance
to finally give Mac's family

some much-needed closure.

All right. Ramirez,
we always got a Ranger

in the office
on cold cases.

This time it's you.

You got it, Cap.

You're running point.

Running point. Partners,

back at it.

[imitates explosion]I'm gonna need

to see this through
for my office,

so I'm gonna need you to listen
to me more than you have lately.

[chuckles]: Okay, don't
compound things, Liam.

I-I did listen to you
about the cameras,

and it almost got you shot.

So your hatred of the Davidsons

is your own problem.MICKI:Okay.

This case has nothing to do
with our new D.A.

So, since I'm on desk
duty, why don't you two

go to the construction site
and check it out.

Denise is unavailable,

and she gave me
temporary charge.


I'm driving.

Bullet to the back of the head.

Off the body's decomposition,

he's been dead
for quite some time. Years.

Yeah. So probably murdered

right around the time
he went missing.

We sent the bullet
to ballistics. We'll see if we

can figure out
what kind of gun it came from

and who's on the registry.

All right.

Thank you.Thank you.

That's really not much
to go on, Cordi.

Can I help you?

Ma'am?Why is she running?

Ma'am? Ma'am?[engine starts]


Whoa. Whoa. Hey. Hey!




♪ Small talk...

[horn honks]Out of the way, brother.

Whoa! Cordi!

Hey! That's my car!

♪ Waste time

♪ White noise, white lies

♪ I don't care
what you did all along ♪

♪ And I left because you would
never admit you were wrong ♪

♪ And you know
that you could never ♪

♪ Make me feel
like I could belong... ♪

No. Don't! Don't!

♪ I will remember...


♪ Remember

♪ I will remember her. [horn honks]

How'd it go?

[briefcase thuds]It was fine.

Until Cordi
decided to realize

his NASCAR dreams
and we lost the perp.

It is infuriating
to work with him.

Yes, it can be.

Last week,

he compared his
playing house

with Denise
with what I did undercover.

Yeah, that's not really
the same thing.

Mm, no.

Hey, there's no...

easy way to ask this,

but how are you coping?


Seeing Garrison after...

...such a long time...

...and not being
able to save him...

Yeah, didn't really
make me feel good.

Certainly not best of the best.


you are.

You help people.
You-you helped me.

This setback,

it's all temporary.

That is a compelling argument,


Mac Lippey would be proud.

Unlikely. I wanted to be

half the lawyer Mac was.

So often I find

that my opinions
are brushed to the side.

Especially under Denise.

She inherited such a mess

after McLawson and
Stan's corruption.

It can't be easy on her.

I mean...

what would you have done
if you got D.A.?

I haven't...

You know,
I couldn't say this to anyone,

but a part of me was relieved.

'Cause I didn't know

if I could be the William Walker

that I promised for this county.

And I'm...

I'm worried that I'm not
who I promised to be in general.

I'm not.

Okay, maybe D.A.'s
not in the cards.

What's William Walker
gonna do next?

There you go.You know, my daddy used to say

that maps say more
than they mean to.

Yeah? What do you think
this map is saying, Grandpa?

[clears throat] "Sure was dusty
in them there walls."

You're funny.[chuckles]

He's funny. When did he

get funny?STELLA:

it's a rare occurrence.Oh, I guess so.


The whole Davidson clan is away.

Meaning what,
you're gonna TP their house?No.

Meaning that I don't have to
keep such a close eye on things.

How about

an afternoon fishing trip?

Bon, I've got a whole list

of things
I got to knock out today.

Work-life balance, Abeline.

That's what my doctor
always says.

Besides, get the kids
to do the work

so we can have some fun.ABELINE:
The kids

can't possibly do all of this.

We can handle it, Mawline.


they got to learn to have

some responsibility
at some point.

Stella, hey.

What-what are you doing?

Dad's going
to The Side Step later.

No one will be home

if we invite people over
to helpwith chores.


Yes. Augie and I,
we've got it.

There it is.


It's just that last time,

I fell in the river.

And we didn't catch
a single fish.

It's not about the
quantity of fish.

It's about the quality of time.

Thank you for coming,
Mr. Lippey.

I'm Ranger Micki Ramirez,

and this is
our assistant district attorney,

Liam Walker.

Same last name as the Ranger.

Mac was my older brother.

He ruffled my
feathers, but...

I sure do miss him.


We read
in the initial case report

that you may have been the last

to see Mac alive?


We had some car trouble
in a dead zone.

Uh, Mac walked to a gas station.

He told me to stay with the car.

Older brothers always want
to take charge, right?

It's okay. Take your time.

I never saw Mac again.

No evidence or witnesses,

but I knew
Mac wouldn't abandon his family.

His daughter

just got into law school.

Yeah, Willa always looked up
to her dad.


I even look up to her.

Can you think of anyone
who would want to hurt Mac?

Well, after this morning,

I would look
at Carter Fassbender.

Three years ago, his
company, Hunter Endeavors,

needed a defense team
for a string

of personal injury suits
at their construction site.

The same construction site where
Mac's body was found today.


Seemed like

we might rep Carter,
but once Mac realized

all the evidence
pointed to Carter's guilt,

he called off the deal.

Murder because you and Mac
reneged on a deal?

That seems a bit extreme.

Not if you look
at their history.

Even after we
declined their offer,

Mac and Carter
regularly exchanged

nasty threats over the phone.

[phone chimes]

You will have to, uh,
excuse us, Mr. Lippey.

We need to go.

We'll reach out to you

if we have
any further questions.

Thank you so much
for your time, Mr. Lippey.

Ranger Bruce,

can you show
Mr. Lippey out?

Thank you.

Forensic ballistics just
traced the owner of the gun.

Let's go.


A grown man
with a fresh casserole.

Not a good sign.

Shh. Hey.

Hey, how are you?What brings you by?

Uh, well,

Micki said she was gonna be home
for lunch,

so I cooked up my mama's recipe,

but I think she got
held up at work.

Oh. Well,

it looks delicious.Thank you.

Anyway, so, I-I drove, uh...

I drove out here, and, uh...


I'm an idiot. I
should've called first.


I mean, you guys
are heading out, right?

We're going fishing.
That's always a good getaway.


Yeah, sure is.

You know,
my pops used to take me fishing.

Hmm.I mean, he even bought
me a fancy rod one year.

Our best talks
were always out on the water.

You got plans
this afternoon, Trey?

No. No, no, no.
Look, I-I don't want to...

I don't want to be
a third wheel.

Well, tricycles
still get you places.


many hands make light work.

There you go.All right.

Let's do it.

[horn honks]Bye, guys.


All right.

I invited a couple
girls from my classes.

You invite Todd?Yes.

And a few other friends.

How many other friends?

♪ We came to rock this party

♪ Till there ain't none left ♪ Party, party...♪

[loud, indistinct chatter]




You know that I'm ready.

Well, let's see.

Okay. Oh...Oh, look at you...

Hey!JAMES: Hey.

Jillian, Cordell Walker.

You don't--
Just Walker is fine.

Nice to meet you.The old partner.

Yeah, the old partner.
This guy.

GERI: So glad
you could make it.

No, I can't wait to
show you the place.

Thanks for inviting me.

Looks like Geri's
got plans.

They're welcome to join us.Right this way.

W-We'll all circle back later.

I just want to take some time
to get to know

my old partner's new partner.

All right. I'm about to
get this "W" real quick.

All right.If you'll excuse me.


Wow. Man!

This is not my dad's
fishing hole.

[Bonham laughs]

How did you find this place?

Oh, I was perusing Zillow

and saw a friend was selling.

He said come out and
take a look at it.

I thought about what you were
saying about the golden years,

and I found this
slice of heaven.

Wait, you're willing to
leave the ranch for this?

No, no, no, no, no.

I certainly did not
say that, I'm just

dipping a toe in cool waters.

Although I think you're right.

About the boys, at least.

They have no interest.

You know, I'm not trying
to push you.

I'm just thinking about
what might be right.

And ever since the Davidsons
came back...[scoffs]

Abby, you and I both know
that there's a whole lot more

than Gale coming back to town
that's taken place at our home.

But there's more to
keeping the ranch going

than just living there.

There's duties, upkeep.

Can't be you and me keeping
things afloat forever.

Yeah.Hey, listen.

Uh, I don't mean to overstep,

but have you guys ever

maybe August or Stella
taking over the Walker Ranch?

They're both still
a bit young yet,

but I don't even know
if they'd be interested.

Or any good at it.

Ah, August has
a fierce loyalty.

And he always thinks
big picture.

He gets that from me.

And Stella,

she's... she's stubborn,
in the best way possible.[Bonham laughs]

All right, well, she might
get that from me.

[all laugh]

That girl has a drive
to do what's right.

And she doesn't
shy away from it.

Well, I guess we'll see
how they fare

with the chores we gave 'em.

But, first things first.

Let's go in and take
a tour of this place.

What do you say? Abby?

Yes. Come on.Trey, come on, let's go.

Yes, sir.Let's do it.

[rock music playing]

So, what's up with
you and Todd?

Nothing, exactly.

But he's been sweet,
and he seems fun.

I don't really know him
that well,

so I thought we'd
hang out today, but...

Augie needs good memories
for a change.

But I can't let this bro-out
get all-consuming.


Hey, don't you guys live
next to the Burned Luck Barn?

What, the Davidsons?

Yeah. Have you ever been?

It sounds creepy,

but you can make Todd
go with you.

♪ You know that it takes two

♪ Finally this thing you do...


I want to show you something.


Wha-- Todd.

They're heading over
to the barn.


Dude, we were winning.

All right...

Didn't someone
burn alive there?

Yeah, but, like,
a really long time ago.

The bad luck coming from
Burned Luck Barn

transcends time.[scoffs]

What are you talking about?You guys don't know this?

Anyone who steps foot
in that barn

brings bad luck
on their entire family.Oh, no.

I guess we gotta go save Stella
from her doomed fate.

Yeah, let's go see
how ridiculous

this Burned Luck Barn
story is.


ha ha-- James punched
the wedding cake.

Everyone gasps.
I mean,

we had either just
ruined the wedding,

or we're about to catch
a major gem smuggler in the act.

So which one was it?Kinda both.

I mean, I did punch
their wedding cake, so...He did.

But he also grabbed
a bag of stolen jewels

out of said cake,
and we made our arrests.

We did.
It was quite an evening.[laughing]

[speaking indistinctly]


Oh, that-that is nothing.Why don't y'all finish this up.

I'll be right back.Yeah, man.


Geri. Hey. Hey.

How you doing?
Everything okay over here?

Yeah, everything's fine.

Okay.Yeah, we were just talking...

I'm sorry, who are you?

This is Dru.

We met at, um, at grief group.


I'm gonna let y'all talk.

Oh, you--
You don't have to do that.

No, it's-it's cool.
It's cool.

Grief group?

You didn't tell me you were
going to grief group.

I didn't know.
I mean...

it's actually put a lot
into perspective.


Ever since Emily and Hoyt,
I... I don't have anybody.

anybody new.


When I saw you and Denise
last week at the ranch,

um, I was somehow mad.

Okay, but...Stop.

I wasn't mad at you.
I-I was mad at myself.

Please, no, listen. I...

Denise and I, we were
on a sting, all right?

And we had to pretend--
I had to act like

there was some romance
between us.

Come on, Cordi.
I have known you

a very, very long time.


Can you really tell me that
it was all pretend?

No, no. See, you can't.
So it's history.

And that's fine, it's fine

if it still means
something to you.

You know, I'm gonna forever
question your judgment,

but it's fine.

Geri, when Denise and I
were friends, we were kids.

And then, she's married.

So are you.

At least sometimes
I still think you are.

[clears throat]

Can I tell you something?

Anything. Anytime.Always.

[voice breaking]:
Sometimes, uh,

I still think Hoyt is locked up.

I still imagine him
sauntering through those doors

when he's out.

Look, I know that
it could be worse.

I know it.

You saw Hoyt die,
and I found Emily's body.

Both were so awful.

I can't imagine it

the other way around.

It hurts to see
your best friend die.


I can't imagine it
being your soul mate.

That's what happened to Dru.

God, poor guy.

I'm sure it'd be hard
for anyone, of course.


Now, I know you're old friends,

but I think your hand's
on my date, man.

Oh, is this a date?Date?

Maybe 30% was grief, sure,

but 70% was first
date awkward,

fun sparkle.

Am I wrong?

You know, uh, I'm gonna
leave y'all alone.

Uh, yeah.

To new people.

A Ranger and a suit.

What do I owe the pleasure?

Carter Fassbender.
Ranger Ramirez.

This is A.D.A. Walker.

We're here about your
Webly revolver.

You reported it stolen
three years ago.

They send a Ranger out for this?

But yes, I did.
In the Florida Keys.

Has it turned up?No.

But one of its bullets has,

at one of your
construction sites.Odd,

since I never took it there.

Not once.

Well, if it was stolen,
somebody did.

So who could have stolen it
that wanted to hurt Mac Lippey?

Mac had a lot of enemies.

Myself included, frankly.

It's a shame, though.
I liked Remy.

The only reason
we didn't hire him

was because he ditched
our meeting.

Left us high and dry
without a warning.

Did he ever say why?Yeah.

He blamed it on car trouble.

Said he had to get towed from
out in the desert or something.

Thank you, Mr. Fassbender.

We'll be in touch.

Have a good day.You, too.

Carter and Remy were
still in talks

after Mac disapproved?

I mean, he mentioned car trouble

but nothing about
being towed.

Right. Okay,

let's track down
the towing company.

If they picked up Remy's car
near the construction site,

that puts him at the scene
of the crime.

Hey, that's Mac's
daughter Willa.

She's the same person
at the crime scene.

Willa. Willa, stop!

Sir, can you close
the exits?Ranger. Willa, stop!


Texas Rangers coming through.

Oh, so sorry. Willa!

Willa, Willa,
stay where you are.

Willa, stop.

We just want to talk to you.


Willa, why were you
at the crime scene?


hey, we are trying
to solve

your father's cold case,
so if there's anything...

Everyone's been
tryingfor years.

We know that you're

I read in that report
that you checked

on this case every month.

Why did you stop?

'Cause no one had
any answers.

But today they dug up
my father's body.

Do you know what that
was like for me?

You think you want answers,
and then you get

the worst one imaginable.

It was like I lost him
all over again.

Yeah, I know you
must be hurting.

Twice-over now.


Wewant to help you, Willa.

Willa, are you sure

there isn't anything
you can tell us

that could help us bring your
father's murderer to justice?

The only thing I know for sure
is that I didn't kill my father.

Aside from that,
I don't have any answers.

No one seems to.

Even my uncle couldn't
put it together.

I feel like you're holding
something in, Willa.

And I've been there.

So whatever you decide
to do with that,

just make sure it doesn't
consume you.

We're not gonna hold you today.
You're free to go.

We're here if you
change your mind.

She clearly knows something
that we don't.

She's acting like a fortress,

but I'm afraid that...
she's a bomb.

Okay, let's put a tail
on her and see

if whatever she knows
comes to light soon.

Micki, I'll defer to you.


Because you're not gonna like
this next part.

It's time we call in
the cavalry.

By the way, uh, if you want
any dirt on Larry,

now's the time to ask.

I am the guy who knows where
all the skeletons are hidden.

Trust me.
Oh, no way.

You have a Mustang?

Yeah. A '65 fastback.


My wife Emily had
a '67 convertible.

Red. We still have it.

And I taught my daughter
to drive stick in it.

Matter of fact,
my wife taught me

how to drive stick
in that car.

Nothing like cruising
with someone you love.

I'll drink to that.

You all right?

Yeah. Yes.Okay.

Excuse me for a moment.Sure.

Um, what happened?

I don't know. Um...

I-I just asked her
about her car,

and I don't know.

About her car?
What do you...

Yeah, about her '65 fastback,
which you didn't tell me about.

You've been holding out.

Wh-What are you talking about?

Don't tell me
you haven't seen it. Really?

That's not a car you hide.

Not everybody shares your
passion for Mustangs, Cordi.

Okay, yeah, but she has a
key chain in her purse.So what?

No. Mm. Maybe she's
hiding something.

What are you...

You're reaching right now.
You just met the woman.

I know I just met the woman,

but somehow or another,
I've already figured out

that she has a key chain in
her purse, and you haven't.

Okay, I hear you.

Uh, I think maybe you see us
together, and it reminds you

of what you're keeping
yourself from having,

i.e. Geri.

Okay, all right, wow.

Now who's reaching?I'm just saying, man.

No.[phone rings]

Oh. I should maybe get this.

Maybe you should.All right.

How about you and Augie?

You conquered
The Ruby Dilemma.[laughs]

A bromance always
warms my heart.

Yeah, I know, right?

I like the kid,
he's funny.

But in a smart way
so we don't step on each other.

Okay, that's cool.

But, you know,

it was my idea to invite you.

That's cool.

Because I was hoping to
spend more time with you.

Like, outside of detention.

All this time at school
together, and...

I saw you looking
for your locker day one.

Wait. You noticed me?

Stella Walker?

Kind of a legend.

[loud bang]

♪ When your blood...

August, what are you doing?
Don't go up there.

Dad's gonna kill me
if you get hurt.

How's the weather down there?

Come on, bro,
what are you doing?

This is ridiculous.It's fine, it's fine.

Come on, get down.STELLA:
This is crazy. Come on.


See, guys?

It's all right, just your
average burnt-out old barn. Oh!



[groaning, coughing]


Are you okay?

Please don't be dead,
little buddy.Ow. Ow.

I told you this devil barn
was bad luck.

Are you okay?
You had us all so worried.

Yeah. I'm fine. Yeah.

Wait here.

What is that?

Why is there a lantern

with our family brand
on the Davidsons' property?

Hey. What do we got?

Mac's daughter Willa
clammed up

after she mentioned Remy
in questioning,

so we put a tail on her, and she
came right here after HQ.

Walker, I feel it.
She knows something.

And she could be in danger
with Remy right now.

Well, I hear you.
So we need to go in.

You need to go in.

Desk duty, remember?

You're running point
on this, Micki.

This is your case to close.

If James comes down on you,
I'll take the blame.

But I need backup,
and I need it now.

But what if James is right?

What if I'm not ready yet?

I can't risk...Y-You are ready, all right?
I know you are.

Plus, I'll be right there
with you; I got your six.

And let's be honest,
I know you want to go in.

Come on.
Let's do this.

Texas Rangers, open up!


Walker! Gun!

Texas Rangers!

Willa! Willa,
put down the gun.

This isn't what you want.

It wasn't.
But now it's the only way.

Willa, put the gun down.

If you don't,
we ain't got a choice.


You know what I didn't
want to believe?

I didn't want to believe
that my uncle

had anything to do with
my father's disappearance,

but here I am,
holding the gun he stole.

The gun that killed
my father.

MICKI: We're here now,
Willa. We can take Remy.

This doesn't have to get
any worse.

My father was so
important to me.

He was my light.

You knew that.

And you watched me suffer
for years.

And you knew the truth.
What you did.

Tell them.
Tell them!

You better start talking, Remy.

We were arguing

more about money we lost
turning down cases.

Mac wouldn't bend.

And I worked
the Hunter Endeavors deal out

behind his back, and Carter
and I even became friends.

A-And I stole his gun
on a trip.

So you planned to murder Mac.I just took it to have it.

Didn't think he'd miss it,
given his collection.

I took Mac to
the construction site

before the signing meeting

so that he could see
their progress.

And then we would get a huge
payout thanks to me.

But Mac lost it,
and he insulted me.

Like he had for years.

So you shot him?

I panicked.

Buried Mac there
at the construction site.

I tried to speed off.
I popped the tire.

And my head wasn't right,
and I missed that big meeting

with Carter,
and I lost the deal.

I-I-I lost so much.

Oh, you lost so much?

You lost so much?!

Don't! Don't!
Willa, look at me.

I know how you must feel.
You want revenge bad,

and you think it's
in that gun in your hands.

But it's not, Willa.


He deserves to die!

He deserves to die
for what he did to me,

and what he did to my family.

You're right. You shouldn't
be in this position.

The man I once loved
influenced my life,

but he put me
in a bad place, too.

So I had to let go of
one life to save another.

My own. I didn't
have a choice.

But right now you do, Willa.

Choose yourself.

Choose you.

[sobbing][gun drops]

It's okay.

This was a good idea, Bonham.

And the Ranch Waters
didn't hurt either.


You know, I can't imagine
driving a casserole

out to the ranch,
then going fishing with us

was the top of your plans.

Thank you.
Uh, well,

being spontaneous pays off, huh?

What's weighing
on your mind?

You and Abby are so solid, man.

Micki and I are...

Well, we're shaky.

This might sound simple,

but, you know, maybe
she just needs time.

You'll weather the storm.

Let Micki sort her feelings
about Garrison out

in her own time.


Who's that?

Uh, maybe I'm confusing my
stories, but... [exhales]

My advice holds.

Wait for her to come to you.




Can you close that
up for me, please?Yeah. Yeah, sure.

So, turns out
Remy's car was towed

from Hunter's
construction site,

which puts him at
the crime scene.Yep.

That along with his confession
and having Carter's gun...

I mean, this case? Solid.

That's great.

Mac would be proud.


you and I...

We can't keep fighting
with each other.

We got to work through this.

Yeah, I agree.
I don't want to be

the last person
to earn your trust.

Liam, I trust you more than
anyone at the D.A.'s office.

You're my family.
But I can be loyal to you

and civil to them.
So can you.


I can give that a try.Good.

We make a decent team,
though, don't we?

Damn right, we do.



uh, I, uh, hate,


your car.
You're never driving again.

[siren wailing]

All right.
That's it for me.

Uh, big day today,
Ranger Ramirez.



all thanks to you, partner.



I owe you an apology.

When you got home...

...I wanted you back out
in the field with me right away.

I mean, I-I wanted to
be side by side again,

together again

so badly
that I didn't take into account

that the way I came back
from the Rodeo Kings was

very different than the way
you came back from Del Rio.

And I can't imagine the
choice you had to make.

I-I can't imagine

what you had to let go of
with him.

I'm sorry.

Thank you for saying that.

Um...[clears throat]

Yeah, I-I...

I think it took until today

with Willa for me to even...

begin to understand
what I've been feeling

about Del Rio and...


And, um...

How are you feeling?

It feels good


begin to articulate it.

That's been really hard to do.

But, um...

I've always tried to be

the best of the best.

But why?

What for? I...

I never thought
about why I wanted it so badly.

You know,

this job and what we do,

it changes you. It does.
It-It's just a fact.

All we can do is hope that
wh-when we do change--

because we will--

that we change for the better.

Hey.[hits desk]

Side Step. You. Me. Nightcap.

[hits desk]No.

I wish.

[chuckles]But no.


I got to head home
after I wrap this up.

You are not the only one

who deserves to know

how I've been feeling.Okay.

Good night, Flor.

Good night, Beau.

What a relaxing afternoon.
Much needed, love.

Well, I'm glad
you enjoyed it.

It may be too soon
to think about retiring,

but it's good to know
that the options aren't bad.

Not bad at all.

[indistinct chatter]

[speaking indistinctly]

I think I'm gonna head out.

Appreciate y'all for today.

Oh, hey. Hey, party's over!

Go! Go!

It's a beautiful home. Sorry!

Don't trip and fall
and break your necks.

Yeah, Trey

told me today
so many things about you two

that made me proud.

Seeing what you've managed to do
to this ranch in mere hours...

Well, I...

I don't feel so proud right now.


wherever we hang our hats,

this will always be home.

It's where you grew up.

We raised our boys here.

It's a real home.

Where the mess lives.

Damn, Abby.

All right.

Well, you kids better

get ready for a whupping.

'Cause I'm gonna crush you
in horseshoes!

Get on over here! Come on.[August laughs]


Hey, don't think this game
gets you off scot-free.

You've earned a week of
shoveling the stables

because you let
your friends run amok.

[August exhales]Hope it was worth it.

[phone chimes]Where the mess
lives, indeed.

[chuckles softly]

It was totally worth it.



[August winces]

[inhales sharply]Your shoulder okay?

Yeah, no, it's fine.

I'm fine.Let's go!


Hey. Where's Jillian?

She left.She left?

Thought she was gonna
stick around for the night.

Did you?

You called it, man.

We talked it over,
and yeah, she...

She wasn't ready
to move on.

Probably on her way
to Dallas right now

to cruise with her ex.

Man, I'm sorry.

Um, I-I shouldn't have reached.

Don't sweat it, brother.Yeah.

For what it's worth,
you called it, too.

Uh, I-I have been...

keeping things to myself.

Timing's always off.

Well, people make time

for the things
that matter to them.

She's not wrong.

Hey, Geri, you know,
I-I should've...

Hey, Cordi. There's gonna be

a time to say it all.
Maybe just not tonight.

Larry, on the house.

The breakup special.

Wow.Okay, we both know

that Larry doesn't...Oh, buh, buh, buh, buh,
buh, buh. You know what?

Just this once to mark
the occasion, yes.


[Walker chuckles]


For you.

From that lovely lady
right over there.


Hey, don't be rude, man.

Go say thank you.

Um, all right.

Good night, friends.

♪ I'm never gonna stop

♪ I said no, no, no.

Hey. Can I sit?

Thank you.

♪ Been a long night

♪ And it's still goin' down

♪ Do you need a ride?

♪ No,
you're gonna stick around ♪

♪ Been a long night

♪ You don't want a ride

♪ You don't have to call
a witness ♪

♪ You ain't gotta make a case

♪ I thought
that you were different ♪

♪ Wherever you are,
you can stay. ♪