Walker (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Back in the Saddle - full transcript

Walker continues to try to reconnect with his family but finds that his kids have developed new routines with Liam. Old memories of Emily hinder Walker's progress of being recertified to be a Ranger. Micki investigates a suspicious fire.

♪ ♪

(insects chirping)

(horses neighing)

Hurry! Now!

Get out of here! Go!

Go, go, go!

I'll get the last one!

Go, go!

-(horse neighs)

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

Keep your eyes closed.

Can I open them now?


(chuckles softly)

What do you think?

I think it's perfect.

♪ ♪

Hey, Mama.

ABELINE: Where'd you
get off to so early?

Don't tell me you're at work.
No, I had to

come back to my place.
Noticed a leak last week

I need to fix,
and, uh, some other things.

I don't know why you're

bothering with that.
There's plenty of room

for y'all here at the ranch.

Yeah, well, I do still
have a mortgage. (chuckles)

Makes me sad to think
of you there.

So, uh, why don't
you just hurry back?

You know? So you can hug your
kids before they go to school.

I will if they let me.

♪ It was not lost on me ♪

♪ It was not lost on me ♪

♪ Walking on down the road ♪

♪ Walking on down the road ♪

♪ Walking on down the road ♪

(phone dings)
♪ Walking on down the road. ♪

♪ ♪

WALKER (echoes):
Ready? Go!

(grunts) Oh...


(phone vibrating)

It's Captain James.

Yes, Commander.

For real, it's my boss.

Ranger Ramirez.

Yes, sir.

Right away, sir.

Thank you.
Thank you?

What am I supposed to say?

(line ringing)
(exhales) Shirt, shirt, shirt.

WALKER: Hey, it's Walker.
Leave a message.

(phone beeps)
Walker, hey.

Captain James just called me.
He's probably calling you, too.

Anyway, uh, see you
at Manchester Fields.

Don't be late.


You brought a lot of gear.

Yeah, I got a longer leave
this time, and I...

I thought I would
spend it with you.

Okay, what are you thinking?
I'm thinking

you've never been here
more than a couple of nights.

And how do you feel
about changing that?

Good? Confused?

I guess I don't know.

never really done this.

I've always been pretty solo.

Is this when you tell me
you've been married three times?

I'm only looking
to do that just once.

♪ You're the perfect storm... ♪

I'm just saying...
this is a big deal.

I'm one of the first
women, ever,

one of the first
women of color, ever.

And I know things have changed,

but you know how long
change takes to happen.

I just... I do need
to focus on my job.

Okay, so what you're saying
is that I'm a distraction?

A little bit.
A little bit?

Yes. (laughs)


♪ Not the only one... ♪


♪ It's not the heartbreak ♪

♪ What you waiting for? ♪

All right, look here, August.

This is a strap cutter.

Good morning.
This is a stitch groover.

See this line here?
ABELINE: Honestly, Bonham,

I pit my fruit
on that counter.
Well, I've been

edged out of the space
my shop formerly occupied, so...

There's plenty of space for you

to take up on this ranch.

Hey. What are you
doing here so early?

No one nails this smoothie
quite like I do.

I brought breakfast.

(chuckles) Eh, you kind of
missed the boat on that one.

Stella Blue!



Big game tonight.

Yeah. No, yeah.

Uh, yeah. Of course.

Uh, hey, where is my coffee mug?

I've only had the same
mug here for 17 years.

You know, you make a good point.

This has always been
your home, right?

That's why I thought you'd
be happy out in the farmhouse.

It's great what you've done,

but it's not our house.

Your children have been here
nearly a year.

A little stability.
Think about that.
I am thinking.

W-What I'm thinking
is that we should

ease back into things
on our own terms, Mama.

You know, back to normal
and all that.

But thank you,
of course.
Does it even matter to you

where we want to live?

I got to go. Uncle Liam?

I can take you.


We kind of hit a groove.

Yeah, she's just
like that lately.

She actually goes back
to the old house sometimes.

Yeah, uh, to think
about stuff, I guess.

(phone vibrating)
But I'm good

wherever you are, Dad.


Uh, you know, actually,
I got to get to school, too.

We're starting that one project,
"What Texas Means to Me."

Oh, yes, I remember
that project.

You want to grab lunch later?

Yeah, yeah.

Come on, Augie, let's go.


Back to normal.

(man speaking indistinctly)

MICKI: You find anything else,
you call me. Okay?

(indistinct radio chatter)


Quite the circus
we find ourselves in, huh?

A ranch hand died from injuries
caused by the fire,

longtime employee
named Matt Harmon.

Fire's no way to go.

Okay, so targeted fire
at a rich guy's estate.

Are we looking for an arsonist?

It seems like. Also, another
casualty from the fire

was Texas Nightshade,
prize racehorse.

Is that Manchester
James is talking to?

Eh, he was always
good at this part.

smoothing things over.

After you messed things up?


Uh, Mr. Manchester,

there's two of my best Rangers,

and Walker.

Appreciate y'all coming.

Just makes me sick
what happened to Matt.

He grew up on this ranch.

Just pulling
things together.
How do you mean, sir?

Eh, Matt was just
out of prison, but he was...

He was a good man.

He didn't deserve this.

Neither did Texas Nightshade.

Jed here's our jockey,

He'd have taken that title.

You talk to Dan Hutchinson yet?

I'm sorry, who?
A bleeding heart down the road.

He bid on Texas Nightshade
at auction and lost.

He always struck me
as a bitter man.

All right,
we'll be in touch, sir.

Thank you, Rangers.

Thank you.

Always good to
see your face.

Be even better if
you'd shaved it.

Or worn the
white hat.

You're the boss now, James.
Aren't we making some changes

around here?
It's Captain James,

and reform doesn't mean relax.

And I don't recall

inviting you to join us here
this morning.

Oh, I called him, sir.

Well, thank you
for being thorough, Ramirez,

but unfortunately, your partner
here is not currently a Ranger.

Wait, what are you
talking about?

Like you said, we're gonna be
making some changes around here,

which means, we are gonna be
following the rules to a T.

Which means...

You're past due
on your recertification,

Until you pass all the tests,
I got to keep you off the field.

Maybe you should've shaved.

Hey, come on, James.
You know I'm squared away.

Captain James.

And you seem to be
under the impression

that this is a discussion
that we're having.

It's my first year as captain.

I'm not gonna make a habit
out of letting things slide.

Things are different, man.

Trying to make them
different, anyway.

Why you think
I'm in this office?

Uh, hell, you got me.

I mean, I thought
you'd be in Santorini by now.

But if you
want progress

or whatever,
that-that's fine, too.

Can you be serious for a second?

A Texas Ranger
is supposed to be

the last stop.

We're the ones who weed out
the bad seeds, right?

That's right.
How do you think
we've been doing?

We need to do better.

So, I can't cut you any slack
on this or on anything.

We got a chance to be
on the right side

of history for a change,
and I'm not gonna blow it.

So you can either
get with me on this

or you can keep pissing me off.

Roger that.

But let me actually
put in the work.

You know I'm better
off if I'm busy,

Ramirez just started.

Honestly, I think
this is for the best.

I think it's good timing.

You want to talk to me
about why you went looking

into the footage from the
border control beacons again?

Something's not right.

(chuckles softly)


You know, I, uh,

I already talked to Liam
about this.

Listen, I didn't exactly give
myself time to think on it

when I was closing down
the rodeo ring, and now...
Listen to me. Listen to me.

Carlos Mendoza confessed
to Emily's murder.

We put him in jail
almost a year ago.

What are you doing?

Why you digging around now?

Well, didn't you hear yourself
a minute ago?

Sometimes we get things wrong.
Buddy, your family

has been waiting on you
all this time.

That is where
you can get things right.

And, look, it's on me that
you were even on that case.

But now...

as your boss, and more
importantly, as your friend,

it is my responsibility
to make sure

that you're stable on this job.

Yeah, well, you know what?

Turns out you're, uh...

...pretty good at this.

Hey, I heard.

Okay, so you know we need
to take this test together.

Right? Partner work,

Look, I'm fine.
I just took this test.

But are you...

I'm... I'm fine.

I'm just...
I'm-I'm, uh,

a little testy.

You see what I did there? I...

It's about mood but also
the recertifications...
Yep. Got it.

Ranger Ramirez,
Mr. Hutchinson

left you a message,
called you back.

"Heard about Texas Nightshade.
Serves Manchester right.

That horse should have
been freed years ago..."
Hey, Connie,

you know you can
just forward the messages to us?

I'm practicing for
the experimental stage reading

I'm gonna do
over at UT.

Of course. Okay.

(clears throat)

Hutchinson's out of the country.


Or guilty.

We're not having
this conversation.

See you on the training grounds.

♪ ♪

Nice play.

Too bad we're
juvenile delinquents

who can't play
in the actual game.

How pissed are
your parents?

I don't think me getting
arrested is going

to make it into the
holiday newsletter, but

they've got bigger
problems now.

ICE is sniffing around.

Can I do anything to help?

(whistle blows)

Bring it in!

Bring it in!
Bring it in!


Okay, girls, big night tonight.

Recruiters are
gonna be here

and they've heard
about a lot of you.

you're goalie first half.

Stella, center back.

I thought I was benched.

It's a big game.

Okay, is Bel still benched?
Stella, don't.

You got a problem with this,
Walker, we can talk in private.

No, Coach, I don't
have a problem.

You don't have
a center back.

Wait, wait!

You don't have to do this.

It's gross that he would
treat you any differently

than me when we did
the same thing!

Be real, Stella.

It's not new.

I know, so I'm not
going back on that field

to win him a game
while you have to pay for it.

You start same as I do.

If you're not playing,

well, neither am I.

Thanks for signing up.

(indistinct chatter)


I'm Ruby, AV club.

You thinking about what
to do for the Texas project?

my mom was
always into cameras.

So I've been thinking
about learning.

That's a cool way
to personalize the assignment.

Most kids think it's cute
to go film the rodeo.

I don't need to catch
another barrel race.
Well, I...

I ribboned twice, so...

What I'm saying is...
let's make your mama proud.

Cordell Walker.

Rusty, are you?

Guess we're about to find out.

(Manager laughs)

♪ Do you feel like I feel... ♪

Load and make ready.

♪ A thousand times a day... ♪

Holster your weapon.

Shooter, are you ready?
Shooter ready.

♪ Ooh... ♪

♪ You know you look
like a child... ♪

Still got it.

♪ Out into the halls... ♪

Shooter, are you ready?
Shooter ready.

♪ And his hands
along the walls ♪

♪ Ooh... ♪

Holster your weapon.


♪ Well if you hurt like that
you must have met... ♪

You strapped in?

Oh, I know who I'm riding with.

All righty.

(engine revs)

♪ Well if you hurt like that ♪

♪ You must have met ♪
Oh, whoa, whoa, okay, let's...

♪ Little Caroline... ♪


♪ Ooh... ♪

How'd I do?
Did I pass?


Not bad.




♪ ♪

(Emily's laugh echoing)

You ready?

(clears throat)

There we go.

You all right there?
Yeah. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Always. Whoa, whoa, boy.
Time to be the rider.

Walker, you okay?

Back in town

and already slacking off
on the job, huh?

Absolutely not.

See, as it turns out,
I am no longer a Ranger.

I get the sense
you're being dramatic.
Yeah, a little bit.

I just got to take a test
to be recertified.

It's really standard.

Why are you getting
all day drinky about it?

Well, because I couldn't pass
a simple test

I should've been able
to do in my sleep.

I'm rusty and I know it
and it's mental,

I guess,
but James thinks that

I might not be
quite right in the head.

You know, I thought
I'd be better off

if I buried myself into work,
but I went off on that case

and I couldn't think straight.

And now I'm home,
and I-I-I can't think

about anything else... but her.

And what happened.

I can hear her laugh sometimes.

I can hear her
changing the stations,

second-guessing my directions.

I can taste those overnight oats
she brought in the car.

The overnight oats--
that's right, that she...

she was very keen on
the overnight oats.

Almost made me want
to be a healthy person.

I think about
that night, obviously.

You know, those nights you
and Em went down to the border,

I mapped it out with her.

I told her
where the cameras were.

I told her how to not get caught
when leaving food and water.

And now that's
the same damn reason

I don't know what happened.

No, you know what happened.
No, I mean the little things.

Like the way they found her.

Poker chip-- why'd
she have a poker chip?

And-and the way
they found her eyes.

They were closed.
It seemed personal.

I closed her eyes.

I just...

I couldn't leave her like that.

Thank you.
I know you're turning

over questions in your head.

But to that,

at least, you have an answer.

Bret. You knew that
Cordy wouldn't show up.

You read our shared calendar.

You decided
you couldn't miss out

on the pan-fried
Hen o' the Woods.

I am not really
going to enjoy this.

It feels ill-earned.

The thing that kills me
is that you seem surprised.

Yeah, he's going
through some stuff.

You know how many months
you've been saying that?

And that was before he was
back in town, come on.

I don't want to spend my lunch
hour having this conversation.

I love you.

Okay? So I just need you
to shun your family

and only love and care about me

for as long
as we both shall live.

I think it's a perfectly
reasonable request.

And of course they can come
visit us in New York.

You hate Austin?

The queso is literally
killing me.

Babe, we will all succumb

to the sweet death of queso.

♪ ♪

Do you want to try?

You focus like this.

Oh, cool.

(Emily's laugh echoes)

We tried, you know, to work
through things with them,

but August--

he's sensitive, you know?

He keeps a lot inside,
like his father.

When's the last time you...

checked in with your son?


Are you still bothered
he's looking

to fix up his house?

I mean, shouldn't he?

It's his responsibility,
just like this place is mine.

Well, I would hope that
you think your family's

your responsibility, too,

and-and not just
the roof that they're under.

He wants to pick up
where he left off.

Don't you think he needs
a fresh start?

How's moving back in
with your folks fresh?

Maybe it's up to him

to decide what's stable,

what's right.

He's got to come into that
on his own.


was it so bad
being stuck with just me?

Your mouth is fresh.

Ranger Ramirez.
Thank God you're here.

Reporters were camped out
at the clinic earlier.

Thank you for taking
the time, Dr. Jamison.

Well, I don't know
what to tell them.

Everybody wants to know what
happened to Texas Nightshade,

what's in the autopsy report.
Thing is--

that autopsy report--

that's not Texas Nightshade.
It's not?

That's a standard workhorse.

This is Texas Nightshade
two weeks ago.

Shows some swelling,
possibly a fracture.

Anyway, you can see
my findings in the report.
(shutter clicks)

Thank you.

Hope y'all get to
the bottom of things.
The report?

That I gave to your colleague.

Tall, guy, white hat,
laughs at his own jokes?

That's Walker.

Is it ever.

Went to grab some queso.

Mm, I can see that.

Maybe someone staged a fire

to make it look like
Texas Nightshade was dead.

Wonder why.

Maybe he wasn't gonna win.

His latest X-rays show he has
swelling on his left hind leg.

He was injured.

So maybe Manchester himself?

But if the horse was injured,
wouldn't you at least

put him out to stud?
Why get rid of him?

Well, too many bets in,
wanted to save face.

Collect the insurance,
call it a day.

Yeah, but where would
the horse be now?


You're not on this case.

Okay? I think you could
get into actual trouble

if you're caught working on it,
which means I'll get in trouble.

Then just consider me
a consultant.

Micki, Micki, please, please.

Look, I don't know where I fit
if it's not here.

This is all I know
how to do now,

so please just...
just let me do it.

Off the record.
Whatever you like.

Why not just finish the test,
make it official?

Yeah, well,

Dr. Jamison told me
I should carry a sugar cube.

To gain the horse's trust.


I've been looking
through Matt Harmon's file.

The, uh, ranch hand who died.

Just finished
a five-year sentence.

Girl waiting with a ring
on her finger.

Didn't come
from the best family,

and like Manchester said,
he grew up on the ranch.



You know how
you can see a horse's soul

in its eyes?

Part of me thinks
I'm-I'm just stuck.


place to fit back here.

The horse, the saddle, the...

Just makes me remember
that night.

I'm guessing
you'll always remember.

So, how's the boyfriend?


Can we stop standing around
cramming queso?


Where does one
find a prize racehorse?

♪ ♪



Connie just sent word.
Manchester's private jet

is said to be wheels-up
in an hour.

On a separate but related note,

a horse was spotted
wandering around downtown.

Manchester's our guy,

We got no case
until we find Texas Nightshade.

Okay. I'll rope in Captain.

We stop him
or we'll lose our window.

Guy's a billionaire.

We let him fly off,
he'll have time to lawyer up,

or worse,
just disappear to Belize.

Doesn't sound so bad.

If we don't have the proof

that Nightshade's not dead,

we don't have the case.


what are you thinking?
Might not be a Ranger,

but I'm still a cowboy.

You find Manchester,
I'll get Texas Nightshade.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

(horse whinnies)

Whoa, whoa.


Yeah, I know.


All right.
Come on.

Attaboy, attaboy.

That's right.
That's right.

Hey, you ready?

Let's do this.

♪ ♪

(engine revs)

(sirens blaring)

♪ Why kid yourself? ♪

♪ You're next, yeah ♪

♪ 'Cause she likes it a little,
little while she burns ♪

♪ If you're sure... ♪


I'd love to help, sir.
You're certified.

♪ You cover this place,
so we'll give you a hand ♪

♪ With a bottle or two ♪


♪ It's all the same ♪

♪ It's all ♪

♪ Yeah, I came here before ♪

♪ When you let it come loose ♪

♪ Yeah, I came here ♪

♪ What do you know... ♪

I really hope I don't have
to push you this hard

to pass two years from now.

(clears throat)
Turns out the jockey confessed.

He was in on it
with Manchester,

but he couldn't
go through with it.

Loved the horse too much.

He let him run free.

So, what, he figured
no one would bat an eye

at a prize horse wandering
through downtown Austin?

Well, he thought
it was a crime

to give up
on a thoroughbred

just 'cause it was injured.

How about that, huh?

Can I talk to you?

Liam! Hey, stinker.

Don't be cute.
You missed lunch.

Shoot, right.
That was today, uh...

We, uh, we had to do this
recertification thing,

and, uh...
(clears throat)

...some other stuff.

Yeah, we got to go, right?

We got a game to get to.
Well, yeah.

I tried to call you.
You didn't answer

your phone and
I knew you'd be here.

I came to tell you
that she's not there.

What do you mean?
I mean that your daughter

never showed up
to her soccer game.

Uh, I'm sure
that you can

figure it out from here.

Yeah, I know where she is.

Hey, partner?

Care to tie up

one more loose end with me?


♪ ♪

(loud music playing)


Maybe this wasn't
the best idea.

We should've just
gone to the game.

I wanted to get your mind
off stuff.

Maybe you're trying to get
your mind off stuff, too.

(vehicle approaching)

Oh, my God.

Your dad is here.

Two Texas Rangers is kind of
the last thing I need,

but... thanks anyway.

Hey there, Butterbean.

I'll break it up.

Welcome home.

What in God's name
are you doing?

Being a disappointment, I guess.

Why'd you ditch
your soccer game?

Why should I get to play
in the game when I messed up?

Maybe it shouldn't be so easy
to get a second chance.

Like you.

A second chance?

You think I got a second cha--

(loud music continues)

It's not like I stopped
being your father.

Look, I'm here now.

I'm trying to fix things,

Whatever you and your friends
did to this house...

It's not even our home anymore,

but I'm supposed to treat it
like it's a museum?

It is a home.
It could be a home.

And listen, I know Mawline tried
to create a space for us,

but this...

This is ours.

What makes it ours, huh?

Are you... are you cooking
the Sunday supper?

Oven on all day,
singing in the kitchen?

Are you leaving books on my bed
that are important to read,

and then making time with me
to talk about them?

Are you teaching August
the guitar?

Are you taking us to the ranch
to help birth a calf?

Or are you just gone?

Like always?

Being back isn't enough.

Being back
doesn't make it normal.

You shouldn't get
a second chance

because you weren't here
the first time around.

I wish Uncle Liam had gotten
custody of us when he tried.

What are you talking about?


♪ ♪

(engine starts)

(truck approaching)

I take it you found her.

What the hell was that for?

You tried to take my damn kids!

(both grunting)



You had no right!

Their mother is dead
and they don't

hear from you
for three months at the end?

And I know it was rough.
It was rough for everybody.

But you, you went dark.

That is

Or-or worse.

Mom and Dad agreed...

Oh, Mom and Dad agreed?

What the hell, Liam?

Is everyone in on this?

These are my kids!
Well, I didn't
want them

to be orphans! Did you?

I would never

take them.

I wanted to protect them,
for them to be with family.

Because we are all
that they've got.

Tell me that
you wouldn't want that.

Because even now,

I mean, you're not here.

They need you.
Come on. I'm here.

Liam, I am here!

You are chasing ghosts.

I don't have a right to be
thorough about my damn wife?

Some things don't add up.

Was-was she a target?

Was the poker chip a-a...

I don't know, a calling card?

What answer--

what answer could
possibly satisfy you?

It's never gonna make
any kind of sense

that she
is gone.

The damn poker chip is--

is not gonna bring back
your wife.

You hear me?

You will lose everything,
all of that,

if you don't
stop searching

for something
that's not there.


(insects trilling)

Hey, kiddo.


You know,
your uncle and I...
It's from Mom.

She was gonna give that
to you on Father's Day.

She, uh, kept a few of the chips

so she could show people.

You know, I'm turned around

about a lot of things
right now.

And, uh...
I know.

We'll figure this out.


(door creaks open, closes)

(Micki sighs)

Did you cook?


My mom's
chicken chile verde.

I know I've never
cooked you anything more

than MREs...
Mm, don't get me wrong,

you did wonders with
that jalapeño cheese sauce.

I knew what
I was doing

the day I asked you to be
my date on the supply run.

Hey, Trey?
This morning

I skipped the part
where I said

how happy I am that you're here.

And that it scares the crap
out of me.

In a way that I probably
need to be scared.



I have this new job,

and I want to get it right.

You and me?
I never had that before.

And I want
to get that right, too.


So we don't know
what we're doing yet.


Who cares?

It's not like we're reporting
to someone.

I'm not gonna re-up.

I thought you were career.

Me, too.

Because my dad was.

And now I'm trying
to figure out

what I want next.

Is it cheesy to say
that you inspired me?

That's jalapeño cheese sauce

Oh, yeah.
That's real cheesy.
Mm. Mm-hmm.

(both laughing)

(birds singing)


Hey, is your brother awake?

Hours ago.

Working on some school thing.


Stella, have you seen my mug


♪ Took my hand ♪

♪ A broken arrow ♪

♪ In a broken line ♪

(phone chimes)

♪ I can't recall
your perfect face ♪

♪ A butterfly on a frozen lake ♪

(phone chimes)
♪ A weeping tree ♪

♪ And a lonely loon ♪

♪ A fool who wants to see ♪

♪ You soon ♪

♪ Oh, you got me sad
and wasted ♪

♪ I don't know
if my heart can take it ♪

♪ It seemed too easy
to use my door ♪

♪ So you came in
through my walls... ♪

It just kept reminding me
that you were gone.

One day I just put it away.

♪ ♪

You know what?

(clears throat)

I got an idea.

All right.

You choose.

Come on.

You ready?

Let's do it.



Hey. Hey,

it's okay. It's okay. Listen.

Look, look-- Hey. Stop.

It's okay.

Just 'cause it's broken

doesn't mean we can't
take it with us. All right?

Come here. Come here.

Come here.

(horse whinnies in distance)

Hey, Gramps.

Hey, darlin'.

Made you something.

How'd you know?

Sometimes getting back to normal
might just mean starting fresh.

Saw the old one in
the back of your truck

all these months,
gathering dust.

Seemed like it was
from a different life.

Yeah, well, it was.

She gave it to me, so...

You know, every big birthday
that I ever had--

the important ones--

my daddy made me something.

I missed your birthday
this last year.

It seems like
it was a big one.

(smacks lips)

It's beautiful, Daddy.

(clears throat)


It'll do.

Come over here, buddy!

Keep it up.

You got it, buddy.

You got to keep
your heels down.

Look forward.


Uh, it's not finished yet,
but want to watch it?

Of course.

I was just

thinking about Mom.

She was just starting
to teach me.

So I... wanted to start
with what she saw.

(inhales deeply)



go ahead and roll it, buckaroo.

♪ ♪
(indistinct voices)

♪ Your voice, it came to me,
the clearest I had heard ♪

Stinky feet!

Stinky feet!

Come over here, buddy!

♪ Those many nights
where I lay hanging from... ♪

You're doing great.
Keep it up.

♪ ♪

♪ And in my bloodstream
you did multiply and then ♪

You got it.

♪ Walk down an avenue
and take me to the end ♪

All right, you ready?

♪ And it's like
you're in my breath ♪

♪ It's like you're in my lungs ♪


♪ Took something ordinary,
set it for a run ♪

♪ The way I need you now
is more than to survive ♪

(indistinct voices, laughter)

♪ I want to give you
an extraordinary life. ♪

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