Waking the Dead (2000–…): Season 7, Episode 12 - Pietà: Part 2 - full transcript

Boyd finds that Veronica's co-worker who aided her flight is Jovan Petropecic, a friend of the family in the war - who got her to England - but is now using a dead Liverpudlian's passport. Boyd also pulls in a Bosnian cafe owner, Radovan Skedinic, whose phone number Veronica had and who was the broker in the Serbs' drug deals. Dr. Vaspovic agrees that he lost touch with his wife and son in the war, assuming they were murdered, which Eve confirms. Veronica - real name Anna - tells her Serb accomplices she has joined their gang because she believes it will lead her to the double agent who killed her mother and brother, whom she is convinced is Radovan. Boyd saves her from their kidnap attempt and she and her father watch as two unlikely conspirators are exposed. Boyd then sees his son's corpse and shows unusual emotion.

I volunteered to help with the
excavation of mass graves in Bosnia.

I recovered good DNA
from the victims and I established
that they were mother and son.

What we've got here is two
people dead in a grave,

connected to this man by his DNA,
so we're looking
at a potential war criminal.

Who is this man? Are you serious?

A Serb. Are you spying on me?

I took her bag off her and got
chased by a couple of fugees.

What was inside it was heroin.
95% pure.

So the raw opium you
found in the handbag, that's the
source for this, synthesised?

I'm between a rock and a hard
place with regards to Boyd and
I don't want the responsibility.

What responsibility?

Luke's death.
-Luke's dead?

He won't claim him.

The lab. The police are here
looking for you.

In there. Max! Police.
You're under arrest. Oh!

OK. I'd like you to take
this and put this into your mouth.

That's it,
underneath for the saliva.

Yeah, and then round
to the other side.

That's it.

Thank you. We're done.

Right, let's go.

She's a very beautiful child.

Please let her sleep.

Where is he?

You said my boy was here.

I told you, he's safe. Don't worry.

Then why isn't he here? Jasni...

Sir. As you were.

You're hurt. Oh, no, it's fine.

You OK? Yes.

And Anna? She's fine too.

Where is Pera? He's safe.
I had a message that you found him.

Yes. I left him with Josif. I was
told to go and find her. Sit down.

I'll get him on the radio.

What's happened?



Try and get in touch
with the rest of them. Yes, sir.

We need medical supplies.
On their way.

I need drip, I need fluids, please,
Jovan. Yeah, it's all coming.

I just heard.
I'll be fine. Spence'll be fine.

I don't mean about Spencer.

I mean about Luke!

I am so sorry.

I'm so sorry you couldn't
talk to me about it.

You know you're going to have
to claim the body, don't you?

Well, when the time comes
and when you need help...

..promise not to exclude me.

I promise.

Wait there.


Don't let them die.

Don't worry.
I won't let these two die.

Not until I learn
what they've done with my boy.

Take some men, go look for him.

it is best for me to go alone, sir.

OK. Do you want me to go with him,
Jovan? He will be fine.

Oh, no. He's stopped breathing.

She's synthesizing the raw opium
in the hospital?

Yeah. I found positive traces
of both opium and heroin in her lab
at the hospital. Unbelievable.

My God,
she was taking a hell of a risk.

I have both hospital personnel
files. This is his,

and this one is Veronica's whose
actual name is Anna Vaspovic.

Vaspovic. She's a bio-chemistry
intern at the hospital.

Wait, if she's Eastern European and
they're both Eastern European...

Why are they calling her Veronica?
And why is this guy risking
his neck to save her?

There's a lot of money involved.
I'll get onto the Home Office. Let's
not forget why we're here. Yes.

The reason we're here is because
Veronica, Anna Vaspovic,
is connected to these two guys,

and their blood
was found on a shawl that was at this
grave, and that's our cold case.

So it's the past, present and
these guys are in the middle, OK.

Max Fowler.

Max Fowler.

This is your personnel file.
Max Fowler, born Liverpool 1947.

So you're a Scouser, are you, Max?
Yeah? Good clean work record.

Let's see what this one says.

This is the Central
Records Department.

This tells us who's born in
the UK, and who dies in the UK.

It appears that you died five
years ago. What a coincidence.

You died in the
hospital that you work in.

The reason you're in this room, Max,

is I want you to help us find the
woman you may know as Anna Vaspovic.

Listen, I have the sample.

100% pure.

Best ever seen. Let's do the deal.

Look, let's do it as quick as we can,
yes? You send Stevan
to collect me. OK.

We're on.

What kept you? Get in.


Get in!


We have to get them to the hospital.

I have a Medevac
helicopter on the way.

Good. Let me see that.
No, no, it's fine.

Please, it can get infected.

Not too bad.

When the helicopter comes,

I want you and Anna to go out on it.

I'm not leaving without my boy.
We'll find him.

It's important that
you two go to safety.

Last crate of evidence from Anna's
lab. Great, Spence, leave it there.

Yeah, it's stuff from her locker.
Anything on the computer yet?

It won't be long now.
This is interesting.

This was the
Post-It block from her lab.


Stella. Yeah. Got a mobile
number I need you to trace.

Hi. Hello. Can I have a
mineral water, please? Still.

We don't have mineral water. We have
soft drinks, alcohol. Anything soft.
Orange, Coke... Thanks. OK.

Hello? Hi.

Hi. Who is this?

It's me.

You don't have to clean
your teeth with it. Come on.
What is this for? It's complicated.

I'm not even going to begin to tell
you. Just give it to Eve.
So, Radovan. Yes. Radovan.

Yes. That's an interesting name.
What's the rest of it? Thank you.

Sredinic. Radovan Sredinic?
Sredinic. Radovan Sredinic. Sredinic.

Yes. Where's that name from?

I'm Bosnian, my friend. Ah, right.
And when did you get here?

Oh, I come here...

..'97 now. Wow, so you're
a kind of super-fugee.

What? I...

You left an economic shit hole
as a refugee and ten years later,
you own a cafe in London.

I think that's pretty good going.
I work very hard. I prosper.

You're confusing us with the
American Dream. This is the UK - you
work hard here, you don't prosper.

Well, I've always been
lucky me, mate, you know.

Always been a complete
lying bastard as well, eh?
Yes, I'm telling you the truth.

Check my papers, eh?
I will. OK. Good.

Do you know these men?

No. No?

Do you know this girl?

I'm sorry. No. I really wanted
to like you, Radovan. Yes.

I really did, but now I know that
you are just a lying piece of shit.

Come on, man. No, because, if
you'd helped me with my enquiries,

you could've walked out of here, but
now I'll have to put you in a cell.

I can get these people in other
ways, then I'll take all of you

and you, for withholding
information. All right, thank you.

Look, wait. My friend, wait, please.

Sit down. No, it's...
Sit down! OK, come on, man.

If... If I help you, I can go, yes?

Oh, you're making the terms now.
If you help me, you can go?

Please. Yes, OK. Help me.

I see the men sometimes, yes?

I see the men sometimes? You've got
to give me a bit more than that,
you know. They come into my cafe.

And the girl?

Yes. Sometimes she is with
them, you know, but...

They drink coffee, that is all.
No, no... No? ..no, no, no, no.
That's not all.

Why does she have your phone number?

The other week,

this lady's bag was stolen,
yes, outside my cafe.

I see girl who take it, yes?
I know girl who take it.

I give lady my phone number
so we can stay in touch.
You know, in case, it turn up.


You're crap. I'm not crap, man.
You are really a crap liar!

I'm only lying to stay out of it.

I really want to help you, yes,
but I don't need trouble in my life.

You want to help? OK, why
do you give these men coffee?
Why not? They're Serbs! Ah.

No, this madness is finished. These
people tried to exterminate you,
but now this madness is finished?

We must forgive, yes?

So we can move on, as people.

Boyd, can you come into
the lab, please? Yeah, in a minute.

So I can go now, yes?
No, no, no, you can't go. Not yet.

I know for a fact that you
cannot keep me here like this.

Radovan. Snedovic.

I suspect that you are connected
to a deal to supply the Taliban
with money in return for drugs.

That makes you
a suspected terrorist.
I can keep you for 28 days.

That is the equivalent
of the entire month of February.

So make yourself comfortable.

What do you want?
I opened her computer.

They're not friends.
How do you know they're not friends?

Because she had to write
his number down on a pad.

Do you know all your friends'
numbers? No. There you go.

Witness testimonies from The Hague
Tribunal, May '93 to the present day.
What's her interest in that?

I don't know. Is there anything else
on the computer? I don't know yet.
So, has she lost someone?

I've got information on Anna
Vaspovic. She came here from Serbia
in 1996 with her father.

Oh, so she'd have been just a child.
That's right, so she's looking.

What's the address for the father?

And now?

We wait.


The police are looking for us.

They're at her flat.
They're at the hospital.

They have the heroin.
And now they have Radovan!
I am getting sick of your crying.

It's bringing bad luck on us.
Right, it's my fault!

You know what I'm saying! Josif!

We must get out of here! No!
We do the deal, we get the money.

Then we disappear.

How long do we have to wait, then?

What if they charge him with
something, and keep him in there?
Charge him with what?

Something from the past.

Maybe there's another option.

What option? We try to make
contact with his contact ourselves.

We do the deal for the heroin
without him. His contact?

Abdullah Akhmadev.

Don't move.

How do you know that name?


I heard it. Where?


Radovan said it.

You are a liar.

Who the hell are you?

Is my daughter OK?
Please, sit down, Dr Vaspovic.

Do you know these men?

No. Who are they?
We believe they're former members
of the Scorpion regiment

and are connected
to certain war crimes.

Why do you ask me?

Because your daughter is involved
with these men.

Now she was researching events
that took place in Vinocari
in July, 1995. Do you know why?

Yes. It's all my fault,
I stopped. Stopped?

Trying to find out what
happened to her mother and brother.

Jasni, my wife...

when the war broke out,
she was in Sarajevo.

The airport was bombed
so she set off by car to try
to get back to Belgrade.

as far as Vinocari.

She stopped there
to get her mother and she called me.

You have to get out of there now.
I'm collecting mum.
We're leaving now. Jasni?

That was the last I heard of her.
She wasn't travelling alone?


My son, Pera,
who was twelve, and Anna, who
was seven at the time, were with her.

Anna was saved. But you
never found your wife and son?


Your wife's mother?
She was killed.

An ambush on the truck
she was travelling in.

I'm nearly sure that Jasni was
on it at the time with Anna.

One of the women who survived
said that she remembered her,

but that Jasni went her own
way into the woods to find Pera.

So she split up and
she left the other survivors? Yes.

I tried for years to find them.

But there are so many unidentified.

One day I had to accept
that I never would find them.
Why did you have to accept?

It took over our lives.
It's all we talked about.

At first,
I hoped they would turn up alive,

then I prayed they would just turn
up dead or alive so it would be over.

It was the not knowing.

I understand that.

But I suppose you can't really lay
the dead to rest without a body.

Can you?


Talk. Or I kill you right now.

My name is Anna Vaspovic.


I remember that name. Vaspovic.

My mother came into contact
with your unit in Vinocari.

The one Petropecic
wanted us to look for. Yeah.

You are the kid?


Do you remember me?! I don't know.

Sometimes I think I do.
You think? In...

In my dreams...
I think I see you sometimes.

I don't get it.
What the hell are you up to?

Abdullah Akhmadev... What?!

He killed my mother and my brother.

He killed them in Vinocari in 1995.

You were there. You're both
Scorpions, you know about him.

What the hell are you talking
about? I tracked Radovan
down through Immigration.

He gave a statement to The Hague.



He said he was captured and tortured
by Akhmadev, but he's a liar.

I think he was one of his jihadi.

So you tracked down Radovan to
his cafe and start hanging around?

Because you think Radovan
will lead you to Akhmadev?

Yes. But he wouldn't pay any
attention to me until I met you two.

And you are with me only
as a way to get to Akhmadev?

I didn't plan it.

I really liked you.

But when you found out
I worked at the lab,

you asked me! Remember?!

Stupid... I'm sorry.

After you find Akhmadev...

..what are you going to do?

Kill him.

This is a joke.

It's not a joke. It is.

What do you mean?
I mean, there is no Akhmadev.

But he is named by witnesses
who said he was hunting down
Serbs in Bosnia and killing them.

Witnesses who heard of him,
never saw him.

Because Akhmadev is just a codename.

A codename that became a myth.

Kill her!

No. No. No. No!

I have a better idea.

So Anna didn't stop looking?

I thought she did, but she has
obviously kept trying to find them.

You said that she was saved.

Yes. How was she saved?

A friend who was there in the army.

I had contacted him
to look out for them.

What was his name?

Jovan Petropecic.
He was an officer then.

In the Scorpion regiment?

Yes. But a good man.

These men, you say they
are former Scorpions also? Yes.

There is someone who
might be able to help.


Yes, how did you know?

We have him in custody. He's
living under an assumed identity.

Yes. And he was, is, Petropecic?

I helped him.

He couldn't live in Serbia.
He is wanted for desertion.

But he deserted in order to
save Anna, to get her out of the
war zone and bring her to me.

How did he manage to save Anna...

..and he didn't manage
to save your wife and son?

He told me he had
found Jasni and Anna.

They were both safe in the church.

Pera was still missing.

Jasni left the
church to look for him.

Petropecic believed
that she was found and killed
by a group of jihadi,

led by a man
called Abdullah Akhmadev.

And Anna knows all that? Yes.

Akhmadev was notorious,

but of course, like so many
others like him, he has
disappeared into thin air.

Dr Vaspovic... Max Fowler,

a homeless man who came in DOA,
no relatives.

No harm was caused to anyone by it.

It was the least I could do in
return for my daughter's life.

I think he might know these
men you are looking for.

Dr Vaspovic...

We ran tests against the DNA
samples that you provided us with
and they're a match.

Both? Both.

Together in the same grave.

Your wife was holding your son
in her arms.

Thank you.

Thank you.

They're calling you on Radovan's
phone. Hello? Sir, it's on hold.

Boyd. If you want the girl alive,
you'll swap her for Radovan.

I'll phone you

to tell you
where and when to do the swap.

Do you agree?
-Yeah, erm, when...


OK, I want you and Spencer armed,
ready to go in five minutes.

Jovan Petropecic.

I have Dr Vaspovic next door.

I know he's your friend and his
daughter, Anna, is being held...

..by these two men.

I don't have much time here, Jovan,
I need to know, can you help me?

Yeah? Do you know who they are? Yes.

This is Stevan Steznovic,
former corporal of mine, this is
Josif Gorvodic, former sergeant.

In the Scorpion regiment? Yes.


if they don't
get what they want,

would they kill Anna?

What do they want in return?


You know him? Yes. My advice to you
would be to give him to them.

I can't... I can't do that.


When I was a younger man, I was
intelligence officer in Soviet army.

There might be something I could do.
I'm listening.

And if you have got what you want...

..perhaps I could go back
to being Max?

About bloody time. Visitor for you.
Who's he, yeah? Who are you?

Argh! Oh!

You understand what he's saying.
Come on, listen to him, man.

I don't know! What...?

Sit down. You've got a poison in you
and it'll accelerate round your body
quicker if you don't take it easy.

No, you can't do this, eh?
We've done it, all right?

Yeah, yeah.

We can give you the antidote within
the hour and you'll be all right.

Will you help us?
Yes. Look, I want to help you.

That's good, that's good.

So just take it easy then,
you'll be all right, OK?

If you don't take
it easy, you'll die.

We're going to be at your cafe in
one hour. Your job is to keep them
there. Do you understand?

Where is she?
You think I bring her here?

When I leave with Radovan
and know I am not followed,
I'll make a call and let her free.

Make sure they release her.
Just remember what you've got
pumping through your veins.



Rado! Rado, idiot, Rado!
I'll cut your throat, Rado!

Police! Drop the gun! Drop it now!
Drop the weapon! Back up! Back up!

I do your bloody job for you, man!
Stupid policeman! Shut up!

Come on, lady,
I'm fucking dying here! Shut up!

Come on Boyd. Eh?
You say you give me antidote.

On your feet.
Hey, hey, hey! Back up!


Get up. I know you play
game with me, man. Get out.
You think I am bloody stupid.

Saline solution
never killed anybody.

Sit down,


Steznovic. Steznovic.

Yes. I want to put the drug-dealing,
kidnapping, and whatever else
you've been up to one side, OK?

OK. Good. Because I'm in this room
for one reason and one reason only,
right, that's to close my case.

Do you understand me?

Do you recognise these two people?

Mr, how can anyone
recognise anybody from this?

This is Jasni Vaspovic and the
boy in her arms is her son, Pera.

That's my case.
This is my deal, right.

You help me close my case
and I'll send you back to The Hague
for a fair trial

if you explain what part you played
in their deaths. Or what?

I'll charge you right here and now
for kidnapping, manufacturing,
supplying and trafficking of drugs,

then, when you've done your 15 years
here, I'll ship you back
to the Bosnian Government.

When I enter Bosnia I am a dead man.

So what seems sensible to me is that
you play fair with me, all right,

Right, did you kill Jasni? No.

Did you kill her son, Pera? No.

Your blood was
found on her clothing.

She saved my life. I was shot,
bleeding, she is a doctor.

Who shot you? The boy.
The boy shot you? Pera shot you?


We were in the woods
looking for other ones.

And you must understand we
did not want to kill them.
We just want information.

Dig faster.

You see the scum that they are?

They don't even care
that they are going to die.

You're going to kill them? You care?

How would you like to go
in the ground with them?

You're crying?!

In front of this scum
that will cut your throat?!

Josif, he's a city boy. He's a Serb!

Give him your gun.

Do it!


Shoot them.


What did you say? No. Let them go.

No, Pera. Easy. Give me that!

Run! Run!

You bastard!

How could he do that?!
How could he?!

All this time, he...he killed
my brother, and I've...

I've... Oh.

No, don't touch me!

So Stevan says
that you shot the boy, Pera.

It had to be done.
He went crazy like Rambo.
And then? Then I black out.

Next thing I remember
I was in a hospital
a few weeks later, back in Serbia.

So who got you there, who
saved your life? Not Petropecic?

Not Petropecic...
Petropecic turns deserter, ran away.


Anna, you have suppressed memories.
You know that, don't you?

Well, what you need to
consider is, why that is.

The mind chooses not to
remember in order to protect us.

You need to think about that.

I want to remember.

Anna... I don't
want to be protected from the truth.

I want to stay.


Yes, OK. We're ready.

Explain to me again the details
of when you last saw Jasni...alive.

Well, Josif and Stevan were OK

and Jasni was looking
at my shoulder...

Radovan came to the door,
let me know the boy was dead.

With a look only.
I thought she didn't see.

What have you done? It will keep
you out for ten minutes only.
I have to go and find Pera. No.

If I don't come back,
please take Anna home. Please.

Anna, Mummy's going to get Pera.

And then when I come back, we'll sit
all together back home to Daddy.

Is that a good plan?
Yeah? I love you.

No, what did Mummy just say?

You promised. Please.

Go sit there and wait for me.

She left me.
So you went to look for Jasni then?

Oh, no, no. It was getting
busy, a lot of fighting.

I took the child and...

we left on a Medevac chopper.

We got to a field hospital
and I deserted.

I took Anna to her
father in Belgrade.

To save the child?

No, to be honest.

I'd had enough.

Saving the child...

No. I knew she was my ticket out
of Serbia. Vaspovic had money.


He's lying. Max? Yeah,
he's lying. What about?

He left me in the church.

So he went back into the woods
to look for your mother?

Yeah. I went too.

Anna, no, no, no. No, Anna.
Mama! Mama! No, no, no, no.
Come on. Come on.


Yes? You need to see this now.
Soviet military files.


So, Radovan, you lied,
Radovan, about your nationality.

I lied? You told me you were
Bosnian. You are, in fact, Serbian.

So what? Well, just that
I know now why you lied.

It's all here, in files
from the former Yugoslavia.

I hope you enjoy.

Enjoy is the wrong word.

So, in '95 you left Serbia
and travelled to Bosnia,

passing yourself off as a
jihadi fighter,

so that you could lure
these innocent Muslims

into the clutches of
your old war buddy here, Petropecic.

It's all in this report,
what you two got up to.

You executions and you crossing the
border to Serb villages, I think
it's called 'blooding', isn't it?

Upping the game? The game?

What is in here, is the
codename that was used by both
of you for radio contact.

The codename was Abdullah Akhmadev.

No comment.

Well, this is the
cover that you used

while you carried out your
own personal genocide,
but that's not why you're here.

I'm interested in the murder of
one particular civilian.

A mother.

A mother who was murdered while
holding the body of her dead son
in her arms,

an act of cowardice...
and a war crime.

If you say so. I do.

I know what happened,
I know you lied, I know you went
into the woods to find her.

You both found her.

Jasni Vaspovic,

she found her murdered son, right?
But before she found him,
she'd also found all the others.

So that, by the time
she found her son,

she knew what was going on
in the woods, she knew the truth.

I'm sorry.

Mummy's sorry.

You won't get away with this.

You won't get away with this!

No? One day the world will
thank us for this.

You beast!

What are you?

Whatever I must be.

That woman was killed
because of what she saw

and to protect your cover, so
no-one would know that Abdullah
Akhmadev was not to be trusted?

This is pure speculation
until proven, yes?

Proven, proven, OK. You ask
yourself how I know, you idiots.

How do you think I know?

of what happened so accurate?!

Yeah? It is not speculation.

I have a witness statement, right?

It's one of three witness statements
that tell EXACTLY the same story.

I told them they could do
this from behind that glass,

but they wanted to
do it to your face.

Stand up.

Tell me, do you think I'm
going to kill you?


Look what they've done to my boy.

She has to die. I know.

But not by you.

I'm sorry.

Look away, please.

You coward.


All this time you knew.

All these years you watched
us in our hell.

I'm sorry.


It's all lies.

Not prove anything.

No, they are not lies.

And I can prove that
they were there.

He is linked to the
murder scene with his blood.

I'll see you both in The Hague.

Look at me.

Look at me!


Hang on there. I'll pull him for you.

There you go.

Do you know him?

He's my son.

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