Waking the Dead (2000–…): Season 7, Episode 11 - Pieta: Part 1 - full transcript

Eve connects DNA from the blood of a man who assaulted a police officer and ran off to that found on a murdered mother and son whose corpses she unearthed working as a volunteer in the wake of the Bosnian war. The assault cropped up on CCTV, likewise the theft of a hand-bag stolen from hospital lab employee Veronica, in fact a Serb refugee who escaped as a small child and lives with her father Dr. Milan Vaspovic.Eve identifies the bag as having contained pure opium which Veronica and her two male Serb accomplices try to recover from the thieves, street kids who knew Boyd's son,Luke. Boyd gets to it first whilst failing to arrest Veronica whilst Eve takes a call to say that Luke is dead.

But I couldn't identify them.

You're probably aware that at
the time there were no pre-existing
DNA databanks in the region.

Also...on the mother's clothing,

three different...male blood samples.

So I kept the file, because I was
unable to move the case forward,
and...when I started working here,

I loaded it onto our national
database, and I flagged it up
as one of our cold cases.

And you got a hit. Yeah, exactly.

Here in central London.

Also, Luke...the mortuary have
been on to me about someone
going to claim the body.

I'm dealing with it. OK.

Why these two?

I don't know.

What are you doing up?
I couldn't sleep.

I wasn't. Yeah, right!

You want some cocoa?
Mmm, that would be nice.

This man who is keeping you out late.
Do I get to meet him?


The local police gathered a DNA
sample from the blood on the car.

So that's our guy? Yeah. So had
contact with this female victim.

His blood was on her clothing
and her shawl.

Right. She's a Muslim, right?
Because of that shawl thing?

Yes and...no.

Her shawl was typical of the local
Muslim, but her son wasn't
circumcised. When he would've been.

Oh, definitely. Local Muslim boys
are circumcised at the age of eight,
as soon as they can recite the Koran.

Hardly an incentive to learn, is it?

It's an important rite of passage
from boyhood into manhood.

Anyway, the important thing is that
the boy, if indeed he was a young
Muslim, would have been circumcised.

Exactly. So what makes the shawl
on this woman out of place?

Well, it's traditional,
whereas the rest of her clothing
is modern, Western, expensive.

Not peasant clothing. So is
she possibly not from the area?


Thousands of refugees fled there
when it was declared a safe zone.

It turned out to be anything but.
The Dutch didn't quite get
it together, and...massacre.

So our victims were
from that safe zone? Maybe.

But the Dutchbat camp
was mainly men and boys.

It's more likely that
they came from Vinocari
or Potocari, overflow areas.

Where they thought they
were safe but they weren't.

Exactly, they weren't safe.
The Serbs loaded
women and children onto the buses.

Why the hell would they want to
get on the buses? Well, read that.

"I observed as a Serb soldier
took a young girl aged around seven

"into the open,
where she was in full view.

"He then cut her throat
in front of us. We were
under orders NOT to intervene."

They did this
to prove to the refugees that the UN
were powerless to help them.

And hence they got on the buses.

So, do you think our mother and
son were killed at the same time?

I don't know, but I can tell you that
they were killed by two different
guns and that she was holding him

in her arms when she was shot,
the bullet passing through her body
and into his.

So shot from behind?

Right. If they weren't Muslim, why
were they pretending to be, if they
were being killed by the Serbs?

I don't know. Can't you tell
the ethnic origin from the DNA?

Yeah, but that's the point - Serbs,
Croats and Bosnians all share the
same ethnic type, they're all Slavic.

The war was about ethnic cleansing -
it doesn't make any sense, does it?

It makes a mockery of it.
So what was the motive if the case
doesn't fit ethnic cleansing?

How do we know it wasn't ethnic
cleansing? What do you mean? They
thought she was Muslim and shot her.

You're sentimentalising
and personalising this incident.

What we've got is two people,
dead in a grave, connected

to this man, so we're looking
at a potential war criminal.

We are. So check the hospitals
and get this CCTV file to my office.

Grace, would you come with me,
please? Would you mind?

No. Is this all we've got? It's
much more than we normally have.


No. I don't get it.

No... No, no.

Who do you think it is?
OK, OK, OK, right...

Do you remember when we went to see
those homeless kids? Police officer.

At the containers? Yeah.
OK. And one of them asked me...

Who are you looking for, eh?

If I was looking for my son...

I'm not looking for anyone.
You can always spot a dad
looking for his kid.

Oh, well, I remember her.

Right, well... Oh, well, but
I don't think that's her, is it?

Well, I think it is, yeah. Is it?

What is it? I dunno.

Oh, my God.

What's wrong?

This man you are seeing.


My love life is not your concern.

Are you spying on me?

He is a Serb, yes?

Yeah, what of it?
You're a Serb, I'm a Serb.

No...you're not a Serb.
I mean you are not a Serb like him.

I'm sick of you apologising for
who we are. I grew up here, but I'm
not English. I'm proud to be a Serb.

Anna, this man, who is he?

I know who he is.

And I'm 20 years of age -
I'll see who I like, when I like,
how I like, as I see fit.

This discussion is over.

And you can tell your little
old spy with his mop-and-bucket
routine that his cover is blown.

He told me because he cares about
you - you're like a daughter to him.

And why am I like a daughter to him?

We've been over all this many times.
I've asked you and you fob me off.

He found you in the woods. It's like
a biblical fable, I'm not Moses!

Anna, please. No, I'm sick of it.

You weren't there - they were!

I've spoken to Petropecic. You have
to get out of there now. 'OK.'




TV: Bosnian Serb TV announced
the NATO attack in Srebrenica had
happened and read out a statement.


'Jasni.' OK, listen, I'm collecting
Mum, we're leaving now, OK? And...

Hello? Ah!


TV: The Bosnian Prime Minister said
the fall of Srebrenica sentenced
the civilians to death,

and he condemned the UN's
failure to defend its own safe area.

Mum, we should go.

Grandma, come on.

Come on, Mama. Bye-bye to Horsey.

No, we go ahead as planned.

Without the sample?!
We can get more, right?

Of course. Right.
OK, but about the stolen sample?

If she can get more, then we set
up another meeting and do the deal.

But we cannot leave
that sample out there. Why?

What will happen
if they decide to try it out? Huh?

He's right - it could kill them.
What can they tell the police?

The police will care.

When they find out that the kids
are dead because of our bad... Do
you want me to draw a picture here?

We need to find them.

One of the kids who begs outside
says he knows where to find them.

Good! Good, Rado.


Boys! No, no, no.

Don't be afraid.
There is nothing to be afraid of.

Who are you?

Who am I?

A friend.

My little friend...


Come, it is safe.

No-one will hurt you.

You want to eat? Yes?


You, what is your name?

Pera. Ah... Good name.

Strong name.

I'm Radovan.
Very pleased to meet you.


Come on!

Tell me, who's making
the best cakes? Nana!

Nana! Nana. You hear, Mum?

OK, let's see.
Who has the biggest ears?

Not me.

Not me. Not me.

Mama. Stop the car! We don't know
who they are. Mama, stop!

Don't shoot!

Where are you going?

You're Serb? Yes.

We are going to the border.
I'm Doctor Jasni Vaspovic.

We live in Belgrade.


What about the old lady?
This is my mother. She lives here.


You don't understand. We... Out!
Stop, I'll do it! Please.

Looks deserted. No, they're here.

There they go. Oi!

Come on! Come here! Let me go!
Calm down! Calm down! Get off me!

You're under arrest. You're under
arrest! But why? I haven't done owt!

OK, let's go. Bring her in!
Come on! What am I arrested for?

Stealing this bag. What have
you done with the stuff inside?

Piss off.

"Piss off"? That's nice. Huh?

Hi, Grace.
Hi. Hi. Hi, Stella.

I've just been going
through the ballistics report,

and it would appear that mother
and son were shot with handguns,

not with AK47s as we presumed.

Yes -the AK47 was the standard
weapon used by all three factions.

Three? Ah, I thought there were
just Serbs and Bosnians. No.

We have detailed accounts
of a group of jihadi fighters

who came from Chechnya prior to
the Serbs invading. Prior? Yeah.

Jihadi fighters
crossing the border into Serbia,

attacking the Serb villages,
that gave the green light
to the Serb Army to invade Bosnia.

Right, OK. So these accounts...
Are they from survivors? Yeah.

They mention Abdullah Akhmadev,
who seems to have been their leader.

He was mentioned a lot out there.

He became a legend in the area.

Hero to some, villain to others?

Exactly. Hello. Cold Case Lab.
'It's the city mortuary again.

'I'm phoning about that body
you want us to hold.'

Well, hasn't someone been in
touch with you yet? 'No, not yet.'

Oh, OK.

Thank you, I'll get on to it. Thanks.

Everything OK? Yeah.

Er, could you
send those to my computer?

OK. Thank you.

And I'll be in my office
if anyone needs me.

Thanks. Thanks, Grace.

Why have you put that kid in there?

She won't give up her real name.
But I ran her prints. She'll
turn up in the system somewhere.

Well, that's no reason to put
her in there, is it? No, well...

This is all you've got, right?
That's why I'm doing the prints.
Look, why don't I do this?

You won't do any worse than him.
It's pathetic! Hello, there.

Where's the other one?
The other one, who?

The one who lost his kid.

Who do you mean?
You think I don't remember you.

Last time you were down at the yard?
Yes, I remember. That's how I know.

Know what?
That last time you and him were down
at the yard, he saw him and took off.

Who saw who?

His boy. Luke.

You know Luke? Yeah.

That's how I know.

His name's Boyd, right?

Yes. I want to speak to him.

You can't. He's very busy.
You can talk to me.

And I want to know how you
got hold of that handbag.
He's watching now, isn't he?

I'll only speak to Boyd.


Just send her in, will you?


You can go in.

This way.

Come on in. Thanks, Grace.
Close the door, would you, please?

Yeah, so you want to talk
to me, yeah? Pull up a chair.

What do you want to say to me
that you couldn't say to her?
That's what interests ME.

Yeah? WHAT is it? I nicked it.

And you couldn't say that to her?
That's it? You nicked it?

Yeah, the bag, I nicked it.
Anything else?



Put her in the cell. She confessed.
This way.
Want to know anything else?

Do you want to tell me
anything else? Can do. Can do.

Will do?

Might do. Might do.

Can do. Will do. Might do.
Very good. Two minutes.

Go on then. Your big chance. Talk.

There was this square tart walking
on the street with her head in the
clouds. I took her bag off her.

Got chased by a couple of 'fugees.
How do you know they were 'fugees?

Cos they're all 'fugees down there.
That's why it's a good place to do
stuff cos you can't go to t'cops.

What about this square tart?

Dunno, she's just dead normal.

"She's just dead normal"?
What does that mean?

Normal, like you're normal.
Like I am? I'm dead normal. Yeah.

You are. I'm not often called that.
Explain "normal" to me.

You work nine till five.

Watch the news for your views,
livin' in heaven 24/7.

Livin' in heaven 24/7?

And what makes you so sure
that she wasn't a 'fugee?

'Fugue chick'd have your head off
'before giving up her handbag.
She just folded.


Er, what about these two guys?
Are these the...? Hang on a second.

Er, yes. 'Boyd, can you
come into the lab, please?' Yeah.

Go on. Are these the two men?

These are the guys that chased me.

Do you think that she was with them?

No. Just a couple of wannabe
heroes came out of nowhere.

You're sure?

Nothing else you want to say? No.


In the holding cell?

Do you want any tea?
Yeah. Biscuits? Got any cake?

Maybe. You want to listen to her.

She's got some fascinating stories
about life on the streets. OK.

I think she's a bit
of a straight tart, this one.

He's a bit mental him, isn't he?
Oh, I know.

I found traces of opium in the
stitching in the lining of this bag.
Must have fallen out of a container.

And it's interesting
because it's raw opium. It's pure.

Why is that interesting?

Well, because you don't usually
find it in that state in the West.

It's grade-one opium, it's the
first stage of heroin, it's a resin.

So we normally get it in powder
form? Yeah. Yeah? It takes...

Don't do that!

..Several stages of synthesising
before it becomes that powder form.

The stuff straight from the poppy?
From the seed pods? Yeah.

Well, maybe she brought it back
as a memento, you know,

from her happy times in Kabul?

Yes, maybe she did, but if she did,
I hope it wasn't to take it.
In that form, it'll kill you.

So it wasn't for recreational use?
Well, what would it be for then?

I don't know. Some kind of...
sample, for some reason.

I don't see any woman walking across
the Afghan border with raw opium,
do you?

No. I don't think so.

But whatever was in here, if we had
a possible war criminal that risked
everything to retrieve the bag...


If this was full of raw opium...

Yeah. How much would it be worth?
I mean, it would be valuable?

Ten kilos of pure opium will only
render you one kilo of pure heroin.

But one kilo of pure heroin
can be cut into ten, as street trade.

So, thousands, tens of thousands.

You've got just a little raw opium,

and suddenly you're attempting
to bring down a UK drug baron.

Yeah, well, that's no bad thing.
You haven't been in touch about Luke?


Are you worried?

No. They'll charge me, give me a
court date, and bail me. So what?

You'll roll around in the system
as a nobody, giving false names?

It's not going to go to court, is it?
Cos that posh tart ain't
going to report it, is she?

Enough cake. What was in the bag?

Dunno. They weren't chasing you for
a pretty handbag. What was in it?

If they get hold of you,
you're a dead bitch, all right?

What was in it?
Don't know. I think it was smack.
You think it was smack?

It was in this really weird
container. It had, like,
a yellow warning symbol on it.

So where is it now? I've hid it.
Where? In the container.
Does anyone else know you've got it?

Yeah, Steo's watching it.

Got you!

What do you want?

That's him.

The bag? Look, I don't have it.
She ran off with it somewhere.

Your girlfriend? Where is she?

I don't know. Where is she?
Where is she? Your girlfriend?
Louder. I don't know.

We'll see.


Some more here for you!

Where are you taking us?
Out of here. This is a war zone.

I know someone you can contact.

He is a reservist. I know
that he must be around somewhere.

You mean Commander Petropecic?
Yes, Jovan Petropecic.

Tell him I'm Jasni Vaspovic.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Yeah, yeah. We call him and,
if he knows you like you say,
then you have no worries.

Now, get on the truck.

No, wait.

No men. Women and children only.

But he's only 12 years old!
He goes to the men's camp.

Then I won't go! I won't go!
Then you will die! No!

Mama, please, get on the truck.

Please. Get on.

Please don't hurt my boy!
Oh, he'll be fine. Don't worry.

Go! Move the truck!

One line! Face forest!

One line! Turn around! Face forest!

Come on.

Come on.

Come on!


I dunno. I swear, I dunno.

Last chance. Please.

Poor little bastard.

Spin again. To make sure.



Get away from him!

It is empty!
What the hell is wrong with you?


Why don't you want to know
about Luke? Because I know
where my son is, all right?

Which one is it? That one.

Get into the car. What's wrong?
Just get back into the car.

It's OK. It's OK.

What happened? What happened to you?

Is there anybody here?

Get in the car! Get in the car!

That crazy cat!

That's it. We are done. Why?

Are you stupid?! The police have
the girl and the girl has the stuff!

How long before they come
looking for YOU?

Then deal before the police
figure it out.


Stop the car.

Next time you pull a gun on me, you
better use it. Do you understand me?


It won't happen again.


Dump it here. Let's go.


Come! Quick, quick, quick! This way!

This way! Go! Go!

You know they want to kill all
Muslims. Yes? I have to find my son.

You will be safe with me, please!

I have to find my child!

Bio-hazardous material.
Except it wasn't. It was cleared.

And it makes sure that nobody opens
this up to check what's inside.
Except the kid who did.

Yeah. Well, what was inside
it was heroin, 95% pure.

So the raw opium was the source
for this, synthesised?

The profile of the opiate suggests
so. And where would this be done?

Normally anywhere within
the Golden Crescent -
Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan.

The coalition forces knocked
all that out. But the Taliban
still control the harvest.

So the government pushed this
industry into other countries.

With such a large profit margin,
they could undercut whatever's
left of the established trade.

Somebody with a serious drug habit,
or this is a courier with samples
to show this perfect synthesisation.

Synthesis. Process.

Yeah? We've found the car.
Hired. The licence used is
a fake, but the picture is real.

Where's the car?
It's being towed in.

Can I have a look? I got good
blood from under her fingernails.

Sir? Steo is in Grace's office.


OK? Yeah. OK.

Thanks. Are we done? Yeah. Yeah.

Makes me want to kill them, Eve.

What's that? Nothing.

Is she looking after you? Yeah.

Good. Tell him what you told me.

Er... Well, she...
She stopped them.

The woman you stole the bag from?
So she got a gun out and she's
pointing it at these two guys?

They were really shocked.
One of them shouted, "Veronica."
Veronica? Yeah.

They heard your car
and they ran out.

jewellery. Yeah.

Come on.

He was wearing like a gold chain
with a spider on it. With a what?

A gold chain with a spider. Yeah.

Which one of them? Come here.
Which one of these guys?

Just look at the guys.

That one there. The bald one.

It is a very big building.

And inside...

I have a lot of my friends.

Look, everyone.
Look what I have found.

My lost sh-e-e-e-eep!


Have a look. Tell me what you think.

You, the clever one.
What's your name? Pera. Pera.

Pera who?

Pera Vaspovic.

Call the commander.
Tell him we found the boy.

You three, come with me.
You stay here.

Where are you taking them?
You want to come and find out?


Ssh. Keep it down. I have
a message for Commander Petropecic.

Tell him we've found the boy.

No. We're still looking
for the mother. Yeah.

Out. You want to find his mother?

Yeah. Have you seen her?


Same colouring, weight and shape.

I found his DNA under
her fingernails which puts him

at the Vinocari murder - he's
our second blood sample on our shawl.

Right, so both these men
are involved in the present
crime and Vinocari.

I'm convinced this is the man
in the CCTV footage. Right?

I went through the footage, and
the car accident guy didn't check
in. but I did find Veronica.

She could be working.
Is this coming out or going in?

Can you please?
This man is a Scorpion. How have
you linked him to the Scorpions?

Stevo said that he was wearing this
pendant thing round his neck.

That doesn't make him a Scorpion.
He could buy that at Portobello.

Who are they. A Serb militia...
Reservists in the Soviet Army,
usually, kind of.

Many fought in the Afghanistan war
against the mujahedeen. Now you know
what we're up against. Indeed.

Leaving Steo alive was a mistake.
He gave us so much information.

Yeah, they should have killed him.
Because she stopped them.

Could she be a Scorpion?

They don't have women in the
Scorpion regiment! Well, why not?

Every other military organisation
has women. Whoever the hell she is,
they listen to her.

Well, you're not going to argue
with a gun in your face, are you?

So whatever they were up to before
the girl stole the handbag, chances
are they still want it to happen.

This looks like the bag
that's in my lab.

OK, let's go to the hospital?
You don't know which one. I'm hoping
you will do your job and tell me.

15 minutes, yeah?

I'll come straight to the point.

I'm between a rock and a hard
place with regards to Boyd,
and I don't want the responsibility.

What responsibility?

Luke's death.

Oh, my God.

Luke's dead?

Yeah, Luke's dead, I... I assumed...

I'm sorry, I... Oh, my God.



Does Boyd know?

Yeah. I had to tell him.

The mortuary's been on to me
several times.

He won't claim him.

It's as if he won't accept it.
I don't know what to do.


Would you like me to deal with it?

Oh, yes, please.


Thank you.

Thank you.

There's the camera.

Hi there, Detective Superintendent
Boyd. All right? I'm going through.

Hi, DC Goodman.

OK, I'm going to go straight up.
You ask around. All right.

Excuse me. Yes?

DI Jordan. Do you know this woman?

No. What's she done?

If you see her, could you give us
a call, please? Sure. Thank you. OK.

Hi, excuse me.
Have you seen this woman at all?

The lab.
The police are looking for you.

One of them is on the way to the lab.

Spence! Block all the exits!

What for? She's leaving
the frigging building!
What do you think?

Stand there where he can see you.
Max! Police! You're under arrest.

Anna! You must go!

She's synthesising the raw opium
in the hospital?

I found traces of opium and heroin
in her lab.

My God, she was taking a hell of a
risk. Hello? 'Hi.' Hi. Who is this?

It's me. Sit down!
Hey. Come on, man.

What if they charge him with
something? Charge him with what?

Something from the past.

I want you to help us find a woman
you may know as Anna Vaspovic.

Don't move.

You are a liar.
Do you know these men?

Why do you ask me? Your daughter
is involved with these men.

Boyd. 'If you want the girl alive,
you'll swap her.'

I'll phone you.

This is a joke. It's not a joke.
It is.

And you are the joke, Princess.

Why do you give them coffee? Why
not? They're Serbs! We must forgive.


Rado, you idiot!
Cut your throat, Rado! Police!

Drop the gun! Drop the gun!

If they don't get what they want,
would they kill Anna? Definitely.