Waking the Dead (2000–…): Season 7, Episode 10 - Wounds: Part 2 - full transcript

With another members of the 1996 group dead and the others receiving threatening notes, Boyd and the team begin to learn exactly what happened. The men had gone camping and high on drugs, spent time in an Indian sweat lodge intent on facing their greatest fears. The trip had been organized by Victor Coleridge who had served in Somalia with the American army but chose to start a new life for himself in his native Britain. An incident in Somalia may be behind his actions but Boyd has to admit that not all of the evidence fits. He also gets a phone call from his son Luke.

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This is Christopher Dearden,
41 years of age, married, one son.

Oh, Jimmy, hello.
It's about Dad, isn't it?

Yes, we've found your father's body.

What type of car did you drive?

This is not a normal
dump site, this was chosen.

Something horrible's happened here.

The tying up, the swapping of
the shoes were all intended
to make the body unserviceable.

to the evil spirits, the Chindi.


The burial was ritualistic.

I absolutely accept, I don't
argue with that, but if the murder

was ritualistic, it would've
happened within the chamber.

What's the matter? No, nothing.

I receive many calls both day
and night about many subjects.


We can go now.

That's not my dad. Did your
husband know about your affair?

Sometimes people find it easier
to talk to strangers.

Hi, Luke, it's me.

You just stay out of my family's

Your family?!

I love you.

Section of scalp
removed on left hand side.


Shoes on wrong feet.

Cannabis spliff. Fingertips missing,
left and right hands.

Do you have a time of death?
Well, it's impossible
to be entirely accurate

but body cooling puts the
time of death somewhere between
4pm and 7pm yesterday.

Cause of death? At first
I thought it was the trauma
to the temporal region

but it turns out he suffered
from a heart attack.

Which could've been as a result of
the trauma to the temporal region?
Yeah. Now, the fingertips.

Bloom was left-handed,
and if you look, you'll see the
fingertips have been removed.

And in a movement towards the body...

Wait, are you telling me
he chopped his own fingertips
off or he was forced to?

This is interesting, on the
left hand, the fingertips
have been removed post-mortem

and the fingertips themselves were
removed from the scene of the crime.

Toxicology tests show
that he had ingested large amounts
of both cannabis and cocaine.

Both paranoia-inducing drugs. Both
paranoia-inducing, could lead to

So that's three reasons for a heart
attack - the drugs, blow to the
head, fingertips.

If you look at the similarities -
that scarf around Dearden's neck
could have been a blindfold.

If you look over here...

No-one knows the why. I collected
these rocks from the woodland site.

These are volcanic rocks, it's a
chalky area, so they must have been
brought in specifically.

If you look at this transparency
over here

which is of Bloom's leg

because he has this scar tissue here
which is a burn.

I took the transparency
and I laid it over this rock here.

Get him out of here,
for Christ's sake!

Same presentation as Dearden.

Post mortem, yes, but Bloom wasn't
murdered, he died of a heart attack.

But what brought on the heart
attack? It could've been violence.

The last time we saw Bloom he was
hallucinating about ghosts.

He was cracking up in the interview
room. He was full of drugs at the
time of death. Maybe he took them

because he was under pressure, and
became a loose cannon. Maybe someone
went round and shut him up.

Bloom made a phone call before he
died. To the youth club where
Coleridge works.

OK, let's check out where these guys
were at the time of his death and
who he made the call to.

Right, Mr Coleridge, you are a US
citizen, you hold a US passport.

My father was in the US military,
the family moved around a lot.
And when did you come here?

When I left the army.

The US army?

Yes. I wanted to follow
in my father's footsteps.

Did you see active service?


I killed people,
if that's what you're asking.

But I didn't come to
the UK to kill people.

Why did you come back? A new start.

Was your father in the
military all his life?

Yes. So you didn't exactly follow in
your father's footsteps, did you?

Why did you leave?

I realised I had
chosen the wrong path.

And the right path was running
a youth centre in the UK, yeah?

I didn't want a generation to grow up
making the same mistakes I did.

Which were? To pick up a
gun to prove your manhood.

Where were you yesterday?
At the centre.

Harold Bloom was killed yesterday.

I was at the centre.

A phone call was made to your youth
centre at 13.37 yesterday by Bloom.
D'you know why he was calling?

He was probably trying to
get hold of one of the kids.
Why would he be doing that?

Harold Bloom was a small-time
drug dealer. He's a nuisance.

Findlay has witnesses to say he was
making a speech at the time of

And Hurst said that he was at his
office working on his computer.

Eve got a second DNA hit on
the spliff, so somebody was there.
OK, I'll check their homes.

No! Connect!

Get your hands off me!

Welcome to the Body Farm Sweat Tent.

Ah, so this it. Yeah.

Navajo style. Yeah.

Based on drawings and the fact
that the fabric turned out to be
authentic Native American weave

and that the saplings had been woven
together to create a framework,

I interpolated it as this.
Oh, that's hot. Yeah.

Using hot rocks that they would ferry
back and forth from fires outside,

a sauna could be created to help
purge the body of its toxins

before they were
released into the world as warriors.

And also to
purge their mental toxins.

How do you purge mental toxins?

Bad spirits. And the
purging of mental toxins in a sauna?

It's not quite a sauna,
I mean there's all the ritual,
the chanting.

The use of hallucinogens, peyote, the
crown of the cactus, very critical.

Are you going in?

Christ, it's hot in here!

It is boiling in here. So you purge

the body, purify the soul,
get high as a flying
kite on these substances.

Hi. Eve,
I think you should look at this.

Spence has one too.
He's on his way now.

One of these came from Bloom's
and one came from Findlay's house.

It's strange, because if you look at
the writing on this one

it's the same as on the taxi receipt,
which is Bloom's,

as is the name on the envelope but
not the same handwriting as this one.

Why would you do that? "I can see
you're a warrior, not a clown."

So who's he talking about?


Yeah. I remember going on a
week long retreat in a convent.

At the end we were told to write
a letter to God and give it to the
Mother Superior.

Is Hannibal all right?

Yeah, he's find, it's just
feeding time. Go on Stella,
you've got a good point.

The convent sent us the letter
three months later.

Why did they send the letter back
to you? To reaffirm our faith.

So they're on a personal
development course?

Then something goes wrong,
Dearden gets killed.

Yeah, well everything was fine until
we unearthed Dearden's body. Right.

So, Mr Time To Pay

starts to get worried and
decides he better rattle their
cages and keep them quiet.

Thank you for...

coming here today.

We are here to celebrate

a new relationship
between our two countries.

I welcome the opportunity to
share and

reach a common understanding

that will be based...

Based on our... On our...

On our cu..cu..cultural traditions.


There's been a misunderstanding.

I won't be long, OK?


Mr Findlay?

Mr Findlay!

Stella Goodman.

I need to talk to you in connection
with the deaths of Chris Dearden
and Harold Bloom.



Double First at Cambridge?

So the Foreign Office clearly
thought that once upon a time

you were ambassador material.

Yes. So what happened?

Are you gay, Mr Findlay?

No, I'm not.

But you do need the
company of other men,
you like to be part of the pack,

The Awkward Squad. Ridiculous.

No, what's ridiculous is a group
of men running into the woods
pretending to be Indians.

That's ridiculous.

So, the Awkward Squad
are a pub quiz team.

There you go, mate, that's a
pint and a rhino horn chaser!

Now a geography one - What
is the capital of Idaho?

The capital of Idaho? Always
struggling to answer the questions.

Des Moines?

Anyone actually ever been to Idaho?

And then,

for the first time, we won.
Because of Coleridge?

I suppose so.

The Awkward Squad!

What happens now? We celebrate!

What's everyone up to this weekend?
What did you have in mind?

So whose idea was it
to go into the woods?

Dearden? Hurst?





Victor Coleridge.

Dearden brought him along.
A wilderness weekend.

Victor runs them.
Where did you dig him up from?

What's a wilderness weekend?

A bit of time in the woods.

Well, what's wrong with Barcelona?

Victor just said meet
him at the phone box.

What exactly do you
expect's going to happen?

I've no idea.

I said I was going on a

stag weekend in Scotland.

I said a golf trip. Nobody asked me!


OK, so it's all
starting to make sense now.

What is?

Well, the Awkward Squad are a group
of non-achieving men,

a bunch of losers,
in comes the Alpha Male and,

you know, what happened then?


Coleridge started his
process of initiation

which involved drinking some...


The drink of the Navajo.
Out here, we can get back to
who we really are.

Believe me,

if you get through this,
it'll change the rest
of your lives forever.

Your car keys. What?

Your car keys!


I want to give our children a future.


Do you want to be a warrior
or do you want to be a
class clown all your life?

The only way I could stop him
hitting me was by making him laugh.

I want to look my son in the eye.

And then he tied us to

trees and left us for hours, and
then he put us in his sweat tent.
To face your demons?

Face the rage. Face the guilt.


Can you just stay with me here,
Mr Findlay? Please? All right?

So, you're in this sweat tent,
tripping out, facing your demons
and then?

I blacked out.

Then I woke up and we left.

With Dearden.

Dearden stayed with Coleridge.


You all right?



What was your innermost fear?

Well, I don't remember.
You don't remember?

Yes, you do. No.

"When I first spoke in public."

you might remember this,

"I wet myself."

Where did you get this?

You remember now? Your innermost
fear? "I am not a dum-dum".

Where did you get this?


Is that your innermost fear?

That everyone thinks
that you're just stupid?

Thanks, you can go.
What? You can go.

Go out on the streets,
face your demons. Spence!

Take him out. No. Yeah.

Confront your innermost fears.

You don't want to go? OK.

Come on. I'll go.

Come on, let's go.

Then this never happened.


Hi, where's Coleridge?

I don't know. He's not here? No.

Where does he keep his stuff?

Locker room?
Yeah, yeah. Through there.

All right. Thanks.

Which peg?

That one. Which one? This? That one.

What are you doing?
Don't you worry about it.

You all right? Yeah, I'm OK. Thanks.

It's gonna be all right, Jimmy.

Look at me, it's gonna be
all right, OK? You go home.

I've done a mass spec on the
particles contained...

within Dearden's adipocere and most
of it is ash, there were fragments of

There was this, a fragment
of polymer plastic compound.

And that's the murder weapon?
I don't know as yet.

He suffered severe
blunt force trauma to the head.

From an unidentified object. Yes.

And did it kill him? I don't know.
I need more tests.

When will you know? As soon as I've
done some more tests. You need to...
Hello, Boyd.

Erm...Louise Hurst?

Yes, I was catching up on e-mails
and Michael was in his office

just checking
over some final proofs.

We went home about 10 O'clock.

So you were both at the factory
between 3.00 and 10.00 yesterday?

Just us. I like to work late.

So you live and work together?

Yes. We're a good team.

We're trying to build up a
picture of your husband, Mrs Hurst.

Why? Well, he is a
suspect in a murder investigation,

and we've started examining the
contents of his office this morning.

It's a process that we have to go
through to eliminate him from
our enquiry.

I see.

Right, well,

he's funny, kind,

loyal, loving.

We have a good and happy marriage.

Children? Yes.

first husband in Los Angeles.

But no children with Michael?
No, I made it clear that I didn't
want to have any more children.

He was fine about it.

You're not suggesting that children
are an essential ingredient for a
happy marriage? Not at all.

Your husband, in 1995, he was

cautioned three times
for kerb-crawling

in the space of two months. Yes.

Michael was under a lot of pressure.

Something that
Michael does habitually? No, no.

At that time, his card business
was on the verge of bankruptcy.

I was working long hours in the City.

I left my job
and I bought Michael out.

That must have put your marriage
under enormous pressure.

Yes. Yes, it did.

But we talked about it a lot, and...

we worked through it and now...

I'm trying to reconcile the
picture that you're giving me
of this loving, loyal husband

with the man who, got from your

logs on to porn sites
of a particularly violent nature.

Were you aware that
he was doing that? Yes.

I noticed recently that Michael was
distancing himself from me

and so I asked him

if he was doing that
sort of thing again.

And...he said yes.

So, if this is his habitual form of
release under pressure,

we could assume that he's
in a stress situation right now,
could we not?

I suppose so.

Oh, God! Oh, God! 'Yeah.' Oh...

Oh, God. Oh, God!

Please! Please!

So he liked this sort of stuff,
did he?

It's probably related
to some childhood trauma.

Ah, childhood trauma.
That'll get you, eh?

It's not as simple as that.

But Coleridge's little experiment
in the woods

would've recreated in him some kind
of childhood vulnerability.

Yeah, well,

do we really believe that after
Coleridge's experiment they just

cut their losses, hotwired
a car and headed for home?

You know, I don't think so.

Hurst is really
freaking out in there. Good.



Hello? Hello?



'It's not been possible to connect
your call. Please try later.'

'Hi-Tech Crime Unit.'
I need to trace a mobile.

Don't say I never give you anything.
You're a star.

I have here Coleridge's
psychiatric military record.

Now he was discharged in 1992.

His platoon were ambushed in
Mogadishu, one fatality - A Private
Newborn and Newborn... A Navajo.

..was a Navajo.

Coleridge was discharged a
few months later,

suffering from
post-traumatic stress.

Well, that's understandable, yeah?

Well, yes, except he said he was
haunted by the ghost of Newborn.

What does it mean,

Ghosts are a way of us getting
rid of feelings of guilt or fear -

we put them on the outside,
they're unresolved, not dealt with.

So he blames himself for leading
his platoon into an ambush?

It's difficult, isn't it, to admit
your own culpability? Yeah,

and it's equally difficult to
admit that you're not culpable,
you know,

I mean it is war, men die, right?

He's looking for redemption, comes
over here,

sets up a centre with the kids,
that works, doesn't it?

That's understandable then the men,

he gets a bunch of losers,
wants to stir them into action,

we understand that. Yeah.

But it doesn't make him a killer.

No, but he's a damaged man.

He will have demons and we
don't know what those demons are.

What's the good news?
Polymer plastic compound.

Same model as that,
smashed his head in, yeah?

Yeah, from the K6 phone box. There.
The phone box where
he made the call to Jimmy.

Right. I went back to the phone box
and I dug up the concrete plinth and

I analysed the bloodstains that I
found on it, and they're Dearden's.

So he was killed after he
made the phone call to Jimmy.

None of the others mentioned a call.
Why would they? Either they're

or they're witnesses, either way
they're gonna keep quiet.

OK, yeah. Yeah? Maybe they weren't
there at all.

What? Findlay said Coleridge and
Dearden stayed behind after the

so if this happened at the end, then
everyone else would have gone.

But why does
Coleridge want to kill Dearden?

And are we saying the same person who
came for Dearden came for Bloom?

It's a fair assumption to make...
Yes, ok, because if we are I think
we can rule out Coleridge. Oh, God.

Why? Yes, because I've
dissected the blowfly larvae

that I found in Bloom's nostril and I
can tell you that,

given the stage of development and
the temperature of the basement...

You can tell me when Bloom was
killed. Before 6pm yesterday.


And we've got Coleridge on
CCTV at the centre until 6.45.

So, according to my witnesses,
Coleridge couldn't have killed Bloom.

Are your witnesses telling
the truth? Maggots never lie.

'Yes. Yeah.'

'Yes. Yeah.'

Be quiet!

'Yes, yes.'

'Yeah, yeah.'


Hello? Hello? Findlay?


Mr Findlay?!



Well, he was pretty
terrified when he left here.

So, you're saying
that I shouldn't have let him go?

No, no, I'm not. I'm saying that
maybe we're missing something here.

He died of a heart attack.
We've had two witnesses, they've
both died of heart attacks!

Collective psychosis.

They're all mad? Well, in a way,
yes, they are, or at least they
all share the same delusion.

Which is? They believe
a dead man's spirit can
come after them from the grave.

It's me you're talking
to, Grace, come on!
No. I mean that they are haunted.

We better get Hurst out before he
becomes haunted and goes mad and has
a heart attack (!)

How did it feel when Coleridge tried
to make you look back at your
childhood traumas?

"Wounds", he called it.

Well, I wasn't going for it, I mean,

he could see that. Because as
far as you were concerned,

you didn't have
any "wounds", right?

Which is strange isn't it, because
you have such a lot of problems.

That's a load of nonsense.

How did he get you to
explore these "wounds"?

He made us sit
in his glorified wigwam.

I want some water.
I don't want that.

You feel nothing. Feel nothing.

We were in there for hours.

And when we came out of the tent...

he attacked Findlay.

Hit me.

Well, that's when we
decided to come home.

Oh, cos you're frightened, right?

Got a bit scared, bit of action and
that was it for you guys, was it?

Yeah? So you and Bloom, Findlay,

No, not Dearden.

Coleridge had convinced him that

..was this warrior.

And he was tied to a tree

and he just kept shouting "Jimmy!"

Jimmy! Jimmy!

That's the name of his son.

Someone he loved, cared for,
someone that mattered to him,

that he valued.

What did you shout when
you were tied to the tree?


You couldn't think
of anything to shout

cos you don't have anything in your

cos nothing matters to you,
cos you're empty.

You don't have a son, daughter, no?

You and your wife came to some sort
of understanding that you wouldn't

have children or probably she
couldn't face the thought

Jimmy! I love you, son! I love you!

So what did you do when there was
all this pressure and stress around?

How did you cope...with it?

Because normally when you're
under pressure you turn to
hookers and you visit porn sites.

We were the warriors.
We were the warriors.

You were the warriors?
What, you and Bloom...

..Findlay and Dearden?

Dearden was a coward.

And...when the violence started
he just...he just did a runner.

So what did you do when he did that?

We hunted him down.

That cowardly piece of shit!

And he was on the phone.

I...I pulled the phone off him,

I pulled it out...

and I hit him.

I killed him!

While he was talking to his son,
you killed him?

Someone who had
everything to live for.

You've got absolutely nothing
to live for.

Was Coleridge pleased with you
for that?

Get him off the road.

Coleridge said...said
he'd make it all go away.

Now, we have to release the Chindi.

The spirit has to
pass through him,

so that his journey
to the World of the Dead is safe.

We'll face him north,
we'll cut his fingers.

We'll release the Chindi,
otherwise we'll be forever haunted.

Then he said...

that he couldn't come back,

he couldn't hurt us.

He couldn't even get that right.

Jimmy! Jimmy, look at me. Jimmy.

Look, none of this is your fault.

You understand that? Jimmy.
Jimmy, look at me, listen.

Your father asked me to help him.

So I took him to the woods
with three other men.

Now something turned them
into savages.

That's what happened.

I wish to God
I could have stopped it.

I saw what you did to that man.

I had to.

To stop the evil.

Your father left you this.

Jimmy! Jimmy!


Jimmy, I love you, son!

I love you!

Coleridge! It's not me
you're looking for, it's Jimmy.

When you find him, get him to read
this. Did you tell him the truth?

The boy had a right to know
what happened to his father.

He had a right to know 12 years ago.
So what did you tell him?

Did you tell him how you
got his father killed?

Did you? I told him the truth.

OK, could you guys
get out of here, please?


Right, let's talk. Let's talk
about...thank you...Private Newborn.

How do you know about Newborn?
You got him killed too.

You led your platoon
into a firefight.

He'd have made it out
but he stayed behind to save you.

I've dealt with my guilt.

Newborn showed me the true path,
I've been trying to make amends.

By taking a bunch of losers into the
woods and got them to go native?

Dearden wanted to be a good father.
And he wanted me to help him.

These kids need good fathers.

What is it with you taking
responsibility for everybody?
Jimmy knows the truth.

Does he know that he doesn't
have a father because of you?

I've dealt with my guilt.

Not yet, you haven't.

Bring him in. Shoes on. Let's go.

I'm not afraid of the dead.

This is your friend Chris Dearden.

This is a man
who no longer feels pain.

And here is your friend Harold Bloom
and in there is your friend
Josh Findlay.

I, er...I just wanted to make amends.

I-I sent them the letters,
don't you see?

All I see is the disfigured corpse
of Chris Dearden.


You cowardly piece of shit!


It was a sacred rite
according to my belief system.

The Navajo belief system?

Up against the post!
Up against the post!

The ritual has to be
performed correctly,

otherwise we'll be forever haunted.

We cut the fingers.

According to the Navajo,
if you so much as touch a dead body

you're damned, and, if you rip the
skin off one, you're an abomination!

A-A man died trying to save my life

and I-I-I was purged
of the guilt of that
by...by my belief system.

But you were making it up
as you went along.

No, I-I just didn't want anyone
to suffer. I was trying to bury them.

So you mutilate a body
and you call it a burial?

Call it what you like!

I'll tell you what I call it.
Concealing Dearden's body is a crime

and that's what you'll
be charged with! Now why were
you messing with Bloom's body?

No, no, I just wanted...
I just wanted to keep Jimmy safe!

You're saying that Jimmy was to
blame for this? You! You showed him
his father's corpse

and it was that made him do it.

Are you telling me he kills Bloom
because of that? No, no! The Chindi!

It must pass through him
so that his journey to the
World of the Dead can be safe.

The Chindi? The Chindi! For God's...

Bloom was as high as a kite
on drugs, he was hallucinating,

he had a panic attack that
developed into a heart attack!

It's nothing to do
with evil spirits!

It's you! You've been messing
with these people's heads!

I just wanted to save them.

Well, you destroyed them!

Yeah? You destroyed
all three of them, and Jimmy.

Let's go. Come on!

Come on! Come on!

This is all my fault.

I couldn't cope, I tried to get
through to him, I just...

It's not your fault, love.

Look, come on, love...
It is! We abandoned him, Frank!

No, we didn't. We didn't. We did,
we should've tried harder to...Why?

They're gonna find him,

they're gonna find him.
What if they don't find him?

They will. Come on.
We will get through this, I promise.

I promise.


Is he in there? No, no. Let her go.


Hello, Jimmy.

I hope you don't mind
me coming in, it's Grace.

Grace Foley.

I hope you remember me.

Mind if I sit?

Thank you.

We've been worried about you.

We didn't know where you'd gone.

We went to the gym.

We saw Victor.

Victor said he could
make it all go away.

Make what go away?

The evil that had killed my Dad.

Your father left you this.

He was wrong.

Wrong about the evil?


Wrong about my dad.

'I saw him.

'The man from the Awkward Squad.

'He was a bodyguard,

'he used to drive my dad.

'He said that he'd make sure
the enemy didn't get my dad.'

I wanted to know why
he didn't bring my dad back to me.



No! Stop him?

'I followed him to a shop.'


'Then I tried to talk to him.'

Where's my dad?

Where's my dad? Where's my dad?

What have you done with my dad?!

Screaming and screaming.

And he called me my dad's name.

How did you make it stop?

Tell me! Where is he?!
Where is my dad?

I hit him.

I hit him and he fell over.

He didn't get up.

He didn't get up, he didn't move.

What is it? What's wrong?
Jimmy! Jimmy!

He didn't get up!

Shhhh, shhhh.

Now I'll never know
the truth about my dad.




This may help you know the truth.

"I have to tell Jimmy the truth.

"I owe it to him, and to myself.

"I must tell him the big truth
instead of
all the small stupid lies,

"that I love him,

"more than life itself."

'It's me, it's Dad.'

Listen, son,

I've been in a bit of a mess, but

I've realised now that...

I've not seen enough of you and...

well, that's gonna change.

I love you, son.

I love the bones of you.

I love you.


It's OK.

What? What is it? Your son.

Luke. His name's Luke.

They've been trying to
get in touch with you.

It was an overdose.

I'm so sorry.

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