Waking the Dead (2000–…): Season 5, Episode 8 - Straw Dog: Part 2 - full transcript

The interrogation sessions of the desperate drug addict who snatched Grace's purse and a lovesick ex-con help lead Boyd and his team to the kidnapper/torturer of a young man.

It will be my intent to prove
that the conviction of Mr Tony Greene
was unsafe.

One day I'll get out and do one just
for you. . .

I'm Dr Foley. Dr Grace Foley.

Welcome on board. Harry, by the way.

Were you and Harry Taylor
in love and is that
why you're protecting his memory?

You're holding something back.
Are you calling me a liar?

Who do you debrief with?
Gosh, I haven't done that in years.

Maybe you should.

I've had my bag stolen.

Yeah, we know. It was handed in.

Gherkins? Fingers.

This one was removed from a living
hand no longer than a few hours ago.

It's still bleeding. If the victim is
still alive, he's not in good shape.

'My name is Kevin Keogh.

'Dr Grace Foley, you're wrong
about Tony Greene. He is innocent.

'I am with the real killer. '

I'm not one of them. Them?

A killer.

I'm speaking directly
to the kidnapper of Kevin Keogh.

You want me to say
Tony Greene was beaten in custody.

In my conscience, I do not know
whether he was beaten or not.

I'm removing myself
from this investigation.

This programme
contains some violent scenes.

'My name is Kevin Keogh. . . '


'I am with the real killer.

'I am with the real killer. '

Spence. Yeah? I think we've got him.

'Henry. Henry. '

So that's the voice
of the kidnapper?

Possibly. Henry? Could be a pet.
Or a kid.

What have we got on Greene's
ex-cellmates? All have
alibis for the handbag snatch.

No grounds to hold any of them.

Hospice bed list? No hits so far.

I've got uniform doing
door-to-door on the entire list.
CCTV, Stella? Working on it.

Working on it! It takes time! OK.
News from PSNI on Kevin's family.
He doesn't have one.

His mother's in a prison detox unit.
She's not fit enough
to do a TV appeal. Here it is.

Shouldn't Grace be here for this?
I'm on my way.



No mother for the television appeal.
That's bad. Yeah, it is.

We need someone who has an emotional
connection to the victim.

Yes, you do.
Someone who can translate
that pain to the kidnapper.

Don't go there.

Where? You know where. But you have
an emotional connection.

I do NO T. I am not his mother.

Ask Felix or ask Stella, or YOU
do it, because I am off the case.

I don't understand you, Grace!
Don't you want to
help save the boy's life? No!



You have a boy.

You have a boy. . . He's a good boy.

He's his mother's life.

Maureen Keogh, Kevin's mother,
is too ill to be here today but
she said this.

"I know in my heart
that my son Kevin is still alive.

"I know he is still of this world

"because he is my world.

"He is my heart, my soul,

"he is all that I am
because all that I am is in my child.

" All I would ask of you is to

"that Kevin is just like you.

"Kevin is some mother's son.

"My son. "

Kevin, if you can hear this. . .

hold on.





'Henry. '

I can't believe you didn't buy
sugar! I can't do everything.

Have you had the van registration
enhanced? I'll have it within the
hour. Ask Grace to come through here.

I've gone over every prisoner who's
had contact with Grace and nothing.
Well, that's good, isn't it? How?

You've eliminated a connection to
Grace. I might've missed something.

Maybe not. Though everything
has to link directly to Grace, she
could be a third party.

Passed a shot of the bag snatcher
to all locals. Just got to wait.

Don't wait. Phone and hassle them.
If they don't like it, slap 'em !

Thanks( !)

Now, Grace, in February 1980 you
were a passenger in a car
driven by a drunk driver DS. . .

Harry Taylor, yes. I didn't know he
was drunk, but yes. What else didn't
you know about Harry Taylor?

Meaning? He had a very high success

I know. No, I mean a VERY
high success rate, getting
prisoners to sign confessions.

Are you are you saying he
beat confessions out of people?
Greene seemed to think so.

Do you know about any other
allegations against him,

especially where you were involved
in giving advice to the


Dr Foley,

thank you for coming in to see us.

Glad to help. We understand that
you and DS Taylor were. . .close?

With all due respect, sir, is that a
question, a statement of fact or,

dare I say, the
mongering of a rumour?

Assume it is a question. Then, yes.

DS Taylor and I were close friends.

However, that was over a year ago.
You understand this committee is
not a hearing in a court, Doctor?

I'm aware of the difference.
It saddens me that you are
adopting a defensive posture.

On the contrary,
"Cautious" might be a better
interpretation of my posture.

Well then, for the record, do you
know of any allegations

of prisoner abuse
made against DS Harry Taylor
during the time you worked with him?

For the record,
I know of only one allegation that

was made by Tony Greene last year
and this was discounted as a false
allegation by the trial jury.


That will be all.
Thank you for your time.

I never found out who
made the other allegations.

Harry was killed in a car
crash a week later and
the inquiry was discontinued.

Spence! . .We've got to find out who
made those complaints.

Spence, check all prison releases

in the last five years against
Harry's arresting officer file.

I'll request his personnel files.
No, I've got that here. I'm way
ahead of you. Come on, catch up!

Why hadn't you had contact
with Harry for over a year?

. .That's personal, Boyd. There's
nothing personal! Now, come on, tell
me. I'm a colleague, for God's sake!

You told me to investigate you. You
said you were the first link in the
chain of evidence.

You're right. So, why hadn't you
spoken to Harry?

Listen, Grace. I can't do dinner
tonight. I'm sorry. . . Fine.

Are you OK? Yeah, I'm fine, fine.

What is it you wanted to talk about?

Oh, it can wait.

You sure? Yeah.

OK. We can do it tomorrow night.

You sure you're all right?



Now I know something's wrong.

What is it?

I didn't want to tell you here,
like this. Tell me what?

I'm pregnant.

Grace. . .

Don't be angry. I'm not angry.

Then what?

Grace, I'm. . . I'm married.


How could you? !

Well, I. . .



Grace, I'm sorry.
Just go away, please.

Just go.


Does that answer your question?


Yes? Do you recognise this signature?

It's Harry's. Thought as much? What
is it? It's a statement
from a prisoner taken by Harry.

Who's the prisoner? Terry Healy.
Terry Healy? ! But Harry wasn't his
arresting officer

so he wasn't on Healy's file.
However, it was on Harry's score
sheet as an assist. . .

Because he was the officer who
got the confession out of Healy.

So they kept it off the file? To
protect him from any allegations.

Just a minute.
Who was the arresting officer?

DCI Goddard.

Well, I know him. I've worked with
him. He was Vice Squad.
Harry was FLYING Squad.

Was he on loan?
Not that I know of. . .

Did you advise on Healy? No!

Think! Did you advise on Healy? No.
I've kept a record of everybody
I've ever worked with.

You've got all my files!
There's no way Healy's in there.
I wouldn't have missed that.

Have you got Healy's address?
Yeah. OK. Let's go.


All right! All right! hang on!

Do you work here? Yeah.
I'm the supervisor.

We're looking for Terry Healy.
What's he done? Just tell me where
he is. What's this all about?

What's going on?

Where is he? Number nine
up the stairs at the back.

Thanks. Bring him up.

I know nothing about him.

I thought you were the supervisor.
They come and go, I can't. . .


When d'you see him last? Yesterday.
Was he in this morning? No.
He's supposed to be in every night.

But he was lifted yesterday and
questioned. He came back, got his
stuff and bolted.

Spence. Oh, man!
Keep the gloves on. All right. Yeah.
Keep it for the dogs.

What has he done? Someone must be
keeping him.

You don't come out after a life
stretch and fit in just like that.

What about this guy?
Huh? What do I do with the guy?
Oh, leave him.



Oh. . .


So you think
this is all linked to Terry Healy?

We think he may have had a
grievance against DS Harry Taylor.

And you.

Me? ! Yes.

He's been talking to you about me?

You and Harry Taylor.

In what context?

He believes he is an innocent
man who was wrongly convicted

and blames Harry Taylor and
you for his imprisonment.

Are you OK with hearing this?

Yes. When Harry interviewed
Healy, he had a lot of
psychological information on him.

Information which he told
him had come from you.

But I never met Healy.

I certainly didn't advise on him.

He believed that you
and Harry were a team.

Why would he think that?

Tony Greene?

Greene told him
that you softened him up, then you
went out and sent Harry in to. . .

Well, you know the rest. This
is Healy's view, you understand.

Boyd. This is Dr Charles Hoyle.

He's from Newgrange Prison. The
psychologist. Thanks for coming in.

He's come to help us. Pleasure.

Glad to help.

You carry on. I'll catch up.


So if Healy is saying that Harry beat
him. . . No, no. Harry didn't beat him.

He broke him down mentally.

He was abused by his father
in infancy and taken into care.

Confronting him with this in
interview caused him

to have a nervous breakdown. So he'd
have signed anything?

But he blames you, Grace,
for telling Harry his secrets.
But I've never met him.

If Healy'd been abused and was in
care, his name'd be on
the social services register.

Yes. So Harry could have got
his information from that.

Tell me, what was Healy's
mental state like
when he got out of prison?

My job was to help him accept
that which he couldn't change and
to get control back over his life.

And did he? I believed so.

But you say you've linked trophy
body parts to the Greene murders?

Y-yes. I suppose you know they
shared the same cell for six years.
Yes. We know.

So Greene could have groomed Healy
and told him where the body parts

Then when Healy got out he copied
Greene's MO to prove Greene was

and then he took his revenge on

Do you really think that
Healy's capable of doing all that?

If we suffer a trauma and don't deal
with it,

then it is resurrected by another
trauma, it's out of the box, bigger
than us.

Once mental illness takes hold,
we're capable of anything.
Did Healy have any family?

No. Friends? Not that I'm aware of.

I'm afraid I have to get going.

It's good to meet you. And you.


You look drained, Grace.
How are you coping?

When it's all over, I'll just check
that everything's back in its right
position. My door is always open.

Sorry, I didn't mean to. . .

No, no. It wasn't you.

Sorry, Charles. It wasn't you.

Call me if you need me. OK.

So you're going to name him?

I want him not to be able to move.

He's been inside for 20 years.
Someone must be helping him. SPENCE!

I'm getting every letter sent
to Healy in prison, phone calls,
visitors. . .

We've got a hit on the bag snatcher.

It's not Healy. Address? Yeah.
Nothing on the board. Come on!
Petty criminal, nickname Taz.

A known drug user. Nothing involving
mutilation. . . ? Bring him in! Boyd!
I don't wanna hear it, Grace.

I can sleep when I get my boy back.
Oh, shit! You know what I mean.

Just leave me alone, Grace, will
you? ! You'll need that.

Oi! Behave. Spence. Yep.

I'll take the interview.

Take it easy! This IS easy.

. . Nine.



Hello? . .Come on.



Now. . .

Taz. Taz. Thank you. Taz.

I don't have much time
so I'll get straight to the point.

You were caught on camera
taking a woman's handbag.

OK. I put my hand up for it.

Can I get bail now? No.

I see you're
starting to get the rattles.

Haven't had a chance
to shoot up today.

There are no rules
in this room, Taz.

Here's the deal.

You tell me what I want to know and
you get this. Otherwise, you can go
cold turkey

and I don't care how much you scream
because I'm trying to save a boy's
life. Do you understand that?

What d'you wanna know?

The handbag. When?

Two days ago outside the courts.

It was weird
but it was good money, yeah?

I'm listening.

I'm coming out of
the courts. I'd just got bail. . .

And you needed to score?

Yeah. I've got the shakes and stuff.
This dude pulls up and tells me he'll
give me a hundred quid to nick a bag.

So I'm, like, "Where is it?"
So you did it and then what?

I ran to the street he told me to
meet him on, handed it over to him,

he gave me the cash, took the
bag, and went off in his van.


No! Argh! Argh! Argh!

You little shit. A-a-argh!

What sort of van was it? A white
one. A transit.

And no. I don't know the reg,
make, model or anything about it

apart from it's white. The picture.
I need that score, man!
Was this him?

Uh, uh. . .

I don't know. What do you mean, you
don't know? ! Was this him?

What did he look like? The guy
had a monkey hat over his ears.

Do you want it to be him?
Huh? You give me that score
and I'll pick out the Pope.

I'm going to put you in a room
with a colleague

and they're going to help you
remember what he looked like.

Remember what he looks like? I don't
even remember what I look like! No!


I'll get you sorted with
some methadone. . .Stella.

OK, let's look at the eyes. Tell
me if any of these look familiar.

Look, is there any more of that meth?

No. Just concentrate
on the screen, shall we?

'Police want to speak with this man,
Terry Healy, in connection with
the abduction of Kevin Keogh.

'Anyone with
information as to his whereabouts
should contact police immediately. '

I need help, people.
What have you got?

All the stuff - phone calls,
visits. . . 20 years' worth.
Not you, Stella.

Why not? Where are we with an
ID from Taz on the van driver?
Felix is with Taz now.

Well, tell her to
pull her finger out.

OK. Can we get some more coffees?
Stella, coffee.
I'm going to the lab. He told me to.

You've got a phone? Yeah. Pick it
up, put it between your head and
shoulders and your hands are free!

You're the one who wanted us to
drink the bloody French coffee in
the first place!

It's called multi-tasking, Stella.

All right? The ability to do more
than one thing at the same time.

Yes? Yes, sir!


Wasn't unreasonable, was it? No.





We've got the registration of the
van. Still logged with a second-hand
car dealer.

A Mr Qureshi. Got an address?
Lives above the shop.
Great. Bring him in. Yes!

Spence. What? !

Address. I need you here.
You run Healy's visitor list
against the hospice bed list.

This is delicious, by the way.

Hey. Hey. What's up?

Just stretching my legs.

OK. I can't get
out of this damn building.

Yeah, I know the feeling.

Why not? Boyd.

It's like he is keeping me prisoner.

Every time that I find a reason
to get out he gets a reason to
keep me in. Really? I swear!

It's like he's doing it expressly.

You know, on purpose.
Why would he do that?

I don't know.

To teach me a lesson?

What lesson? Well, if I knew that, I
wouldn't be stuck here going
through hospital bed list.

Well, maybe he's seen something in
you he needs to iron out. Like what?

I don't know.
A propensity for slapping witnesses?

Well, that's different. He
deserved that. He was a little shit.

Boyd would have
done exactly the same thing.

I thought he was going to knock that
junkie's head through the table.

That's it then.
What's it? You're too alike.

Boyd sees some of himself in you
and he's trying to stop you from
making the same mistakes he's made.

You think? It's a possibility.

Look, I know what all this is about.

I'm behind on the paperwork,
that's all.

I've been meaning to send these in.


Look, I'm sorry about this but. . .

That's not why you're here.

No? No. You know the kid
that's all over the news?

The kidnapped one? Yeah.

He was abducted in a van registered
to you. I haven't got round to
sending in all the paperwork. . .

Mr Qureshi, I don't
care about your fiddle.

I want a lead on the
man you sold the van to.

Now, is this him?

I don't remember.

I sell a lot of vehicles.

It's a white transit van, P reg.

I really don't remember.

But hold on. I have
all the paperwork here.

Come on, come on, come on!
I've photocopied all
driving licences as required by law.

All in order. Just late, that's all.

It's him.

So, Healy definitely bought the van?
Yes. Which means. . . I've got a
match on the bed list.

Name? Sarah Houghton. Prison
Visitors' List. Volunteer worker at
the prison. Got an address?

Yeah. Write it down. She's been
visiting him for the last ten months.
Do you want backup?

No. No. No. No. No. Think about the
boy. Fast and light. Let's go.

Armed police! Police. Police.

Kevin! If you can hear me,
stay where you are!

Armed police! Nobody move!

Show yourself!


Sarah Houghton?

Where is he?

Are you in there, Kevin?


Tell me where the boy is.


Look around for tablets.
See if she's on something.

I don't take tablets.

Sit down. Come on.

Sarah, we're going
to need your help now.

I don't take tablets. I know. Do you
know where Kevin is?

This is a disabled room.


What's a rucksack
doing in a disabled room?
Get forensics in here.

Where have you moved him to, Sarah? !

I'm running out of patience!

Terry Healy.
This is his stuff, isn't it?

His clothes, his shirts.


Where is he?
You've been sleeping with him.

What has he done with the boy?
I'm not stupid.

He told me what goes on. I know you
lot beat up prisoners. He wasn't
beaten. He's a liar. Sit down!

There are plenty of ways to beat a
person. Terry Healy is wanted in
connection with the kidnapping

of a young boy and if you obstruct
my investigation. . . LOOK AT ME!

If you obstruct my investigation
in any way, I can assure you,
you will be in deep shit.

Look, we're not monsters, Sarah.
Speak for yourself! Back off!

I am a monster. CLEAR?

Where is he?

Where is he?



Is he armed?


Terry Healy, we know you're
up there, so come down now.


Easy now.

I didn't do it.
Where's the boy? I haven't got him.

Move, you
scumbag, piece of shit! Stella!


All clear. Great. Thanks.

And don't forget the woman!


Sir? !

Five little fingers.

Five dead boys.

Can't really quantify the
loss of their lives, can you?


To lose a child. . .

Does it ever. . .

put you off having children, doing
this job? I've never really thought
about it in those terms.

I remember once when I was young
I got lost in a supermarket.

I was taken to the manager's office.
I didn't even realise I was lost.

I was quite enjoying all
the attention.

And they did the announcement
thing, "Would the parents of a
little girl. . . "

And I'll never forget my mother's
face as she came in to collect me.

The look on her face.

At the time, obviously, I had no
idea what was going on in her
mind or why she was so upset,

then years later I realised that. . .

for a few moments. . .

anything was possible.

I suppose what I'm
trying to say is. . .

when she knew I was gone,
all her demons were there.

Demons that, you know, although
I do this for a living, I can't
even begin to imagine because. . .

Because you're not a parent.
Mmm. Exactly.

It's a bit scary, actually,
the idea of being a parent.

Fear of the unknown.

But I hope if the time comes. . .

I won't let it get in the way.

Take my advice. . .

. .don't let it.



He's very calm.

That's bad. Why?

Maybe he knows it's all over.

Maybe he knows Kevin's
is already dead. We don't know that.
Don't we?

No. Good. . .

She wouldn't harm a fly.

He looks like a man with a clear
conscience. Not the look of a guilty
man? I can't do this any more.

I'm sorry. . . Come on, Grace.
I'm sorry. I'm just no use to you
like this.

I'm so sorry.

Is Grace OK?

She thinks Kevin is dead
and that it's her fault.

Terry Healy.

. . I've got nothing to say. I want a
brief. I want to speak to Sarah. I'm
not looking for a conviction.

I'm looking for a boy called Kevin.
KEVIN ! So if he's dead,

just tell me now and I'll leave.
I don't know what you're talking

Terry, it's all over the news.
I didn't mean that. I meant,
I have nothing to do with it.

HIM. He's a human being. Or is that
something else you don't know
anything about? What?

Humanity? I know nothing about the
kid. You must know something about
him? I don't. You know his name.

I heard it on the telly.
So you lied?

No. You know his name, so you know
something. I didn't mean that.
Oh, I see(!)

Did you know he was kidnapped?
Yeah. There! You know quite a lot
about him, Terry.

Look, I'm just using this as an

I'm just showing you, if we wanted
to, how easily we could stitch
you up. Yeah? Stitch you up.

You know quite a lot about being
stitched up, don't you?


Yeah. . .Yeah.


I know. . .

that you were abused. . .

Really? ! In infancy. Oh, that game -
getting inside my head,
making me ill.

That worked once. But never again.
I want you to listen
to me very carefully.

Harry Taylor lied to you all those
years ago.

The information he got about you
being abused and being put in care?

He got that from social services.

Dr Grace Foley had nothing to
do with it. She didn't tell him. All
right? You're lying.

Dr Grace Foley, did you ever meet
her? Think about it, man. Did you?
Why would he lie?

To push you over the edge
so you'd sign a confession.

That's what he did. It was
wrong, but that's what he did.
I looked into your files, Terry.

You were innocent of murder.

It's the guy from the telly, right?

Yes. But is he the one who
paid you to take the handbag?

He looks like a nonce. Is he?

Just answer the question.

You want me to say it's him?

I want you to tell the truth.

The truth?

I don't know.


Grace! Is this a bad time, Charles?

Of course not. Come in. Thanks. Let
me take your coat.

All right. Thank you.


OK. Come on.
I want to show you something.

I don't care. You don't care.
They all say that. "I don't care".
. .Show him.

Kevin's Christening.

First Birthday.

Holy Communion.

Are you a religious man, Terry?
A Catholic, or what?

No. Do you believe in God? Or a god?

I'm a Taoist.

So, we're all just
straw dogs to you, are we?

We're all just straw dogs to God.

How else could he let bad
things happen to the innocent?

So how did you get into this Taoism

Dr Hoyle. . . He was my psychiatrist
in the nick.

Helped me to accept what was
done to me and move on.

But you weren't able
to move on, were you?

He was beautiful, wasn't he? Was?

When he was a baby.

The tattoo on your back.

Yeah? Quite a work of art.

It's amazing what you can do
with a bottle of tailor's
ink and a sewing needle.

Took him three years to finish it.

My cellmate. That's the man?

That's what I'm asking you.
It's the man from the picture
in the driving licence, yes?

Yes. But I'm not asking you
that. I'm asking you if it's
the man you sold the van to?

I sell a lot of vans. I don't
remember the people.

I photocopied the licence
of the guy who bought the van, but
the picture is. . .

You don't remember his face, do you?

He had a monkey hat on
that comes down.

Pulled down over his ears?


can you look at something for me?

Terry Healy. Licence number 761285.


OK. Sending it now.

Who died in the back room?

My mother. Where's Terry? Don't worry
about him. When did she die?

Two years ago.

Sorry to hear that.


Was she ill for a long time?

I know what it's like.

I lost my twin brother to leukaemia
when I was 12.

Yeah. . . It was long.

I'm glad you came by.

I can see the effect that
all this has had on you.

It's ironic really.

I feel as if I'm suffering from. . .

post-traumatic stress disorder.

let's just let that feeling settle.

You've broken the ice now.

Oh, hello!

He has the run of the place.

He's cheeky, too!
He belonged to my father.

When did your father pass away?

Last year. Oh, that's very recent.
I'm sorry, Charles.

Yes. Still,

not here to talk about me.

Let me go and fetch that tea.

How did you meet?

I-I got into volunteer
work after my mum passed away.

What made you do
volunteering with prisoners? A
friend. I met him at the hospice.

His father was a patient there. He
suggested that I volunteer

with some of his prisoners.
"His" prisoners? !


He's a prison psychologist. Dr Hoyle?

You know him? Did Dr Hoyle know that
you and Terry were getting married?

Yeah. He's going to be Terry's best

He's been stitched up!
It's a false licence.

I know. Get SO19 round to Hoyle's

Tell them we're en route
and to hold on until I get there.

I suppose it was just a matter
of time before it all erupted.

You bury things, feel you're safe.

Then one day you look over your
shoulder and there they all are.

All your ghosts. . .

where they've always been.

I just. . .

I just knew today I was
going to have to deal with it.

And do you feel guilty about
Terry Healy?

About Healy? !

Why would I do that?

Your insight into his illness was
used to push him into a nervous

and put him in a prison when he
should have been in a hospital.

I told you, Charles,
I never met Healy.

I never advised on him.


Quiet, Henry! Yes, but once
you realised that you. . . Henry? !

Yes. Silly name.

My father named him.

Henry, come on! Come on in.


In. In. Come on! Henry.

Come on. Charles, could I use. . . ?

Oh, yes. Of course.
First on the landing.

Henry! Here boy!


Henry! Come back!

Stop right there!

Please, open the door!
Open the door! Open the door, Grace!

Kevin? It's OK. It's OK.

Open the door!

Open the door!

I won't harm you, Grace.

I like you.

It's over. OK. OPEN IT!

OK. You're all right. You're OK.

SO19's on their way. Why can't you
get hold of Grace?

It keeps going to voicemail.
Keep calling.


You shouldn't have done this, Grace.
It's OK.

It's all over now.
No, it's not, Charles.

it's not all over.

he's still alive.
He's still alive. I'm going
to have to kill you both now.

No, you don't, Charles.

Just get an ambulance.


It's going to be fine.

Are you listening to me?




Grace? She can't come
to the phone right now.

Doctor Hoyle. Can I speak to Grace?

I'm armed. Don't come
running in here like the cavalry.

Tell me what you want.

Come and find out.

He didn't want to talk.


Let the boy go, Charles.

Strange how when you work on
a plan for years. . .years. . .

and then it goes wrong,

all of a sudden, you have to come
up with a new plan, quick.
And guess what?

The new plan's better than the one
you thought of in the first place.
That's crisis thinking, Charles.

Yes, that's right, isn't it? That's
what it's for, the old grey sponge.

How will this end, I wonder?

That's up to you, Charles.

But it will end. Yes.

It will be over. I smothered him like
an infant. . .

right there in that bed.


I'm trying to help you.

At the end, his eyelids were barely

You loved him.



I have them.

I have them point blank!

I want you to watch.

Charles, here I am. Stop!

Stop walking! Stay in the doorway.
Stay. Don't move.

Are Grace and Kevin alive?

Yes. Grace? !

Boyd! But that could all change.

. . Let's talk about what you
want then, shall we Charles?

Please, let's not play the
silly negotiation games

of finding my emotional hot spots to
get me talking. OK? You're right.

Waste of time. You're a psychopath.

An intelligent psychopath,
but nevertheless a psychopath.

Good. Push me and I might fold.

Very good!

Take me home. I'll take you home.

It's between you and me. We'll go
home. Man to man!

I have watched this legal
system put innocent men
in prison my whole career.

That's nothing to do with Grace and
Kevin. So I sent you one that would
blow up in your face

and you fell for it. Oh, no, we
didn't fall for it. The police have
surrounded your house.

I'm afraid you failed, Charles.
Oh, no! I call the shots now.

When did you fall in love with Tony


Was it love at first sight?

Or was it a slow burner?
Five, ten years?

Was it a two-way love? I don't think
it was. I think it was a one-way
love. Unrequited love.

A love that became an obsession
with a man that wasn't available.

Not even when his
lover got out of prison.

You keep talking and you're going to
die. When did this neurosis
turn into insanity?

Ssssh. Let me show you something,
Charles. Look at this.

This is a picture of
Terry Healy's back.

The tattoo on his back.
You can't tattoo your own back.

Look at it.

It's not just a work of art, it's a
work of love created by Tony Greene

on the back of the man that he fell
in. . . Shut up! NOW!


Grace! Grace! Boyd!

The door! Get the medics in here!

Unlock the door, Grace.

I am ! Boyd, he's dying,

Check Hoyle for the cuff keys!

Stella, come on!

It's going to be OK now. All right?
Could we make some space, please?

Kevin, stay with me.

Stay with us.

Oh, my God!

Stay with me. No pulse. We're losing
him. Bag him.

OK, clear out the way! We'll
look after him now. Diamorphine!
I'll draw up some Narcan.

OK. Charging 200. Stand clear.

Shock him now.

Charging 200. Stand clear.
Shock him now.

Still in VF. Charging 360.

Stand clear. Shock him now.

OK, I've got a rhythm.

OK. We have him.
Let's get him to hospital.


What d'you think makes
someone like Hoyle lose it?
It's a thin line, Spence.

I didn't know about
your twin brother.

I never had a twin brother.

Grace! How are you doing?

I'm OK, thank you. How's Kevin?

He's gonna be fine. Can we have a
word, please? Yes, sure.


Let's do it out here.

Thanks, by the way. For?

Saving our lives( !)

Oh, right. What would have happened
if he'd fired before you ducked?

I'd have been killed.

Mmm, that's what I thought. I've
left you something on your desk
that I think you should look at.

What? Harry's personnel file.


The day that he was killed in
the car crash, Grace. . .

he was drunk. His colleagues covered
it up so that his family would
get the insurance money.

He was on his way to an incident.

No, he'd been kicked
out of the police force.

The tribunal had found him guilty.
That's OK.

You don't have to go there. I know.

Thanks. OK.






I thought you went home.

You thought wrong.

What's that? That is a bottle of warm

which I found at the back of one of
the filing cabinets.

And what's it for? Oh, I like to keep
at least one knocking around

in case we close a case in the
middle of the night

and the off-licence isn't open. What
do you mean?

Greene signed a full confession.

We did it, Grace. You did it.

Then that's it, then? Yeah.

That's it. Come here.


Subtitles by BBC Broadcast - 2005
Conversion by reirei.