Waking the Dead (2000–…): Season 5, Episode 3 - Black Run: Part 1 - full transcript

Ex-cop Eddie Vine summons Boyd to prison, where he is serving life for murdering his partner and best friend, Tom Pallisser. Boyd accepts the invitation expecting a confession. Instead he gets forgiveness and learns that Vine is terminally ill. Boyd is tormented by the possibility that he got it wrong, and sets out to prove to himself once and for all that the right man is behind bars. Boyd is suspended following a hit and run offense whilst under the influence - only he can't remember anything. The remaining team members must find out who framed Boyd and whether Eddie Vine is innocent. Their investigations are interrupted when the Commissioner gives them a new team member to help in Boyd's absence - but the team are convinced she's a plant designed to find incriminating evidence against Boyd.

Hi, it's me. How's it going?

I'm heading home now. Oh great.

I'll keep the bed warm for you.

I love you to.

I'm alright

And what do you want?

I've spent eight years in here,

eaten up with anger

The things I've done to you in my dreams

Is that why you've brought me here,
to tell me that?

Why did you come?

I thought I might hear something new

Well I'm dying


Started in my lungs now it's even
in my brain

I'm not going to give you any sympathy

Huff.. I'm not looking for sympathy Boyd

I'm doing this for me

Not for you

I want you to know that I forgive you.

I forgive you

I don't need your forgiveness

I'm an innocent man.

I'll die with my conscience clear.

Goodbye Boyd

I'll pray for you

So you still think it's the same knife?

Well at least an identical one.
Do you see how the

middle flanges are
deformed here, here & here

It's called Dupuytren's Contracture

Where the ligatures in
the palm of the hand

contract and the fingers
become twisted over time

So our victim has a claw hand?

Yes, it's believed to be a Viking


I'm blown away. How's this going
to help us ID him

Well it's a rare condition, it's
heredity,be on his medical records


I'll just get onto missing persons for
a missing Viking, should I?

Well Surrey CID had this four
years ago and didn't get

an ID. I think we have a
good chance here with this.

Don't you think so Boyd?

Uh uh yep

Well is there anything that you want to
add. No, no.

Barry, come in

What's going on?

Thanks very much

This is just something that I want
all of us to look at

We'll get back to the case soon.
I'm really sorry

I just want to look at this


Ah....IC3 male Tom Palliser
ran Arrow Investigations

Corporate Security and Insurance
fraud, missing persons.

OK you might want to look at that

Eight years ago he left
work on October 8 and was

shot 3 times when he made
a call from a phone box

Hang on, hang on... this
is one of your old cases

Yes, yes it is

Well it says here you got the killer

I did. So why are we looking into it

Eddie Vine quit West Bromwich CID
to run Arrow Investigations

with Tom Pallister now in
prison serving a life sentence

You may want to look at that as well

So this guy was an ex cop

Yes, ex cop and all we had
was circumstantial evidence

and he still claims that he is innocent

any new evidence? No.

So again, how are we looking into it?

Because. Because Eddie Vine is dying.

He's an ex copper that killed his partner,
you got a conviction, there is no evidence

Why are you wasting my time on this?

Spence, you just said "ex copper".
Vine claims he's innocent

I just want to confirm that
it's an open and shut case

But it is an open and shut case
because you got a conviction

Excuse me... I'm looking for
Detective Superintendent Boyd

That's me

DC Goodman...I'm here for the interview

Oh DC Goodman, would you mind
just going into the office there, please

I've just want you to look at the case.
Just... have a look... yeah?

Hurrh.... Do you understand this?

Spence, I have never
professed to understand the

maser nations of Boyd's mind.
Not going to start now

These are for you. Thank you

Stella... you're French

I moved back to England when I was 18.
My father's English

This is very impressive,
you've come a long way fast

Why do you think that is

I'm good at my job

Hurrh....I'm going to
be straight with you

you know we could spend
the next hour having

a probing discussing about your career
and our expectations for you but

or I can just be frank and
save us both the time

Is that a multiple choice question?

It's not a question. The truth is

I'm not hiring anybody at the moment

So this interview...The Deputy
Commissioner has got this thing

Hurrh...He keeps sending me people
every week to interview and ah

Sorry. Not to worry

Maybe you should tell the Deputy
Commissioner not to send anyone any more

Ha Ha yes , I think that's a good idea

Thank you for seeing me

Oh God no uurrr. I'm
really very busy, Grace

We all are. We're understaffed

And now Andy's gone back to Kent CID

You're really getting the
hang of this interview thing

it must have lasted all of a minute

Well you know, time just flies by

Do you want to talk about it?
About what? Why

you're finding it so
hard to find a new DC

I'm not finding it hard, I just haven't
come across a suitable candidate

I thought you were busy?
We'll be fine you know

If you say so. Could you
shut the ....door Gra....

Would you shut the door!!

You weren't kidding when you said
we don't have much to go on

3 bullets 9mm Eastern
European easily accessed

And we don?t have a weapon.
No, we never found it

Well maybe if it happened today they
would have had more to work with

Not much difference.. you'd be surprised..

OK 8 years on... yer new toys. Good luck.

See what I can do

Its always his way. His case.
Look at the lists

Up to speed yet?

Could you give me a chance... please!

Thank you. Right. Vine said he was on a job
in Coventry on the night of the murder

You tracked his mobile and
it placed him at the scene

Yes, Vine's defense claimed that the mobile
was stolen the day before the murder

In fact there was a police
report confirming the fact

And what was your take on it?

Well it reappeared, having being
mislaid at the police station

where Vine worked... so work it out

So Vine had help from his police buddies

They closed ranks

Vine said he was being set up.

That the shooter was shadowing

him before Palliser was killed

yes, even asked the
police for protection

saying he was next
on the hit list

And you're sure he wasn't?

Well, it's for you to find out, Spence.

Vines's motive?

Well when he joined Pallister and
Arrow Investigation shows he

uses police contacts to run
black mail and extortion scams

proved too much for Pallister so he called

someone in Internal Affairs

Got that far. You got it?

saying that he was going to shock Vine

Yes, there it is... the next day

Pallister was dead

And so they conducted an
inquiry and concluded that

there was no association
between Vine and his officers

and yet they all have alibis. Yeah

You want a witness

Hazel Adam didn't see the
shooting but saw Vine leave the crime, yes

I'll deal with him. She knows

So what do you expect us to do?

I would like your usual..cooperation and
input, Spence if that's all right. You can

start with Martin Doyle private
investigator worked along

side Vine and Pallister on our
investigations. OK got it?

OK happiness? Yep peaches & cream. Good

If these convictions is unsound...that
means you screwed up buddy

What is it with him? Ah?

Has Vine ever requested
a lie detector test?

Not that I'm aware of, no

unusual, amongst people
who are adamant that they are innocent

uh, uh

I see Pallister had a wife

Ah, Sheryl. She also had an alibi, she was
in a restaurant with two female friends

He also had a very large
life insurance policy

He was on the phone to him when he was shot
, I was the one that took the statement

She heard her husband die, Grace

Mr Boyd. Sheryl.

How are you

Ah, I'm sure you're not
here to find out how I am

I wanted to tell you that we are
taking another look; at the case.

I'm sorry, would you just
give me a second? Thank you

What for, why

Ah....Vine is dying

Good, I hope it's agonizing

I know you're not going
to want to do this but

I need to go through
your original statement

Well my statement hasn't
changed, I dream it every night.

I'm in a restaurant with
friends, I'm happy. My mobile

rings. it's Tom, he says he'll
keep the bed warm & he loves me.

And I then hear two shots

and I'm screaming in a full restaurant

And then another shot. .. Silence

The man I love is bleeding to
death and I don't know where he is

I'm sorry

This is a formality when the assessor came

If I had known that Vine had
murdered Tom before I'd

made my statement don't
you think I'd have lied?

What do you mean?

I'd have said that
Toms dying words were

Vine's killed me...anything

that would have put that
monster away for life

I don't want you to have
to go through this again

He isn't going to walk free again, is he?

He can't

Ah, don't worry. Everything will be fine.
Don't worry.

It is usual that the heat
generated by firing a

gun, destroys any trace
of DNA on the bullet


It's always worth while
looking at the casings. And?

Nothing. Right, that's
disappointing isn't it? Ha.

I'll leave you in peace and I'll go
and vent my frustration out here

Malcolm Doyle?

We could have done this over the phone.

Yeah well

The case notes say you were far in
to the investigations. What was the

relationship between
Vine and Pallister right

up to the run up before
Pallister's murder

Well if you read the notes, I said
that they weren't getting along

Why weren't they getting along?

We're all done

Well Vine was an ex cop, he's
used to getting his own way

tended to bully....Pallister
was quieter, more patient

All partners have different work methods
doesn't mean that they kill each other

Was there anyone else other than Vine
who would have wanted Pallister dead

You saying toy got the wrong bloke

No...we're um...reviewing the case.
Its a new procedure

I thought you all had enough to do

The guys dead, I don't want
to start slagging him off

No, no. no slag off all you want to

it's nothing that we haven't heard

Well Pellister was the nicer of the two

I afraid there's a lot of nasty
secrets in this business

you know it's tempting,
especially if they deserve it

You saying Pallister was a blackmailer

No........I'm saying it's a nasty business

Vine had a bit of reputation
when he was in the Met

Don't tell me that Pallister didn't know
that when he took him in as a partner

Hello, I don't know if you remember me...
Mr Boyd how are we. I'm well thank you

How are you? I'm very well thank you

I was wondering if I might
have a word with Hazel, please

You'd better come in

It was a relief in the end...for both
of us. She'd had enough of the chemo.

I'm sorry, I'm really sorry

I thought about ringing you

Well perhaps you should have done

She always said she would
have never have been able

to go on that witness stand
if it hadn't been for you

How long ago did all this happen

Oh it must have been 9 months
after Vine went to prison

She never complained, she was very brave

Yeah, yes she was

Hi, its me again, sorry Felix. I
need to track down an evidence box


I'm saying that even though
Pallister was the acceptable

face for Arion Investigations
he wasn't no saint

Oh that justifies it, does it.
Its OK to kill this man

Oh of course not, that's not it,
I'm saying that he & Vine weren't

exactly choosy about about the
type of cases they took on

Now I went through that
client list and it's

possible that Vine & Pallister
upset a lot of people

Your team only talked to a few of them

Yeah he was our main suspect,
we concentrated on him

Tell me about Parks

They caught him on camera
doing the business, gave the

footage to his wife, who used
it in divorce proceedings

You didn't even interview him. Didn't
interview him but investigated him

He was a business man
from North London. Wait a

minute...he had a motive,
yes but he's not a hit man

Mandy Dawson......... Man...
who is Mandy Dawson?

Our investigations worked for her husband.
10 grammes of coke was found in her handbag

and as a result she lost
custody of her children

You went to interview her once.
We had limited resources, Spence

Kevin Fisher.. if these people good
to you Spence, you talk to them

that's what reopening a care means

OK, OK let's just....

How did it go with Hazel Adams. She's dead

She died from cancer two years ago

Huh, great....we've lost
our only witness. Yes

So how did it go with Sheryl Pallister?

What's she done with the insurance money?

There's no need to go into it.
Are you absolutely certain

she had nothing to
do with her husband's death. Yes

I'm absolutely certain

May I interrupt? Oh yes please do

I ran the bullets through
the ballistics data base

trying to see if they matched any
weapon recovered a crime scene.

And? I got a result.
This Luger 9mm automatic

You found the gun that
killed Pallister. Yup.

That's your murder weapon

So how come it wasn't spotted before?

Forensics were only set the
data base up a two years ago

and besides Pallister's
investigation was closed.

they only check open cases.

Do we know who the owner is?

No...it was found 7 months ago
during a raid on a warehouse.

No arrests were made, wasn't
linked to any unsolved

There weren't any.

so it was boxed

So you're going to check
it for DNA now, right?


If that's your decision,
I thought it was my

decision, but I'm happy to
go with that decision, Sir

I can't think of anybody
that I'd rather work with.

Ah I look forward to the day. Thank you.

and good bye Sir. Yes thank you.

So we got a murder weapon, that?s a break

We got that French girl to.

Oh great she can help us on the Vine case

Why did you go and see
Vine in the first place?

Research had said that Vine would say
something that I might not like to hear

I don't want to work on the Vine case,

Like what?

I ....hoped a confession. I don't it
coming from the Deputy Commissioner

So what did he say? Um..what

What is it about this case, did
Vine ask you to reopen it?

No, it was my decision. Why, why, because
he's dying. Do you feel sorry for him?

No. Do you feel guilty? About what?
His illness. Of course not

Oh..so why are you so desperate
to prove that you have it right

I'm not. So OK do you want to prove
that you didn't get it wrong

Oh now that's just semantics Grace.
I am not desperate


OK come on, let's get it over with.
I don't want all

this Psycho bubble shit let's
get it out of the way

I do not feel guilty about
putting him away. I do not

feel that is my fault that
he is riddled with cancer

I do not have any misgivings about
conducting a witch hunt against him

Hold it right there, witch hunt,
that's interesting. Was there one?

No...no. which any it goes
your not to blame, are you

It's the jury that found him guilty.

Your not my therapist. Shit

Can I... Can I. OK? Yes...yes.

Nice work with the gun. Thanks

Spence. Yes? Why did Boyd reopen this case?

You know as much as I do

Still, I suppose it took some guts

It wasn't guts, it was ego

He hates to be proved wrong

Sorry. Every time I open my
mouth I'm...I'm moaning

We're overworked under staffed

Boyd doesn't want to know us
because I'm constantly nagging him

Sometimes he can be so sel....Self centered

Yeah. And a touch angry

He was sent to anger management sessions

Really? Didn't work


Still, I suppose it couldn't be easy
for him loosing a member of his team

He's not the only one whose grieving

She was my partner


You would have liked her

Look, do you fancy going for a drink?


Ah Mr Vine. Doctor...Foley. I
saw your name on the forms.

Would you like to sit down?

Isn't Boyd coming? No. Yeah I understand

And you are? Donald McNeil... Dr McNeil.
I'm the prisons chief medical officer.

Grace Foley. I just wanted to check if you
were going to give Mr Vine any medication

He's due to start palliative
treatment tomorrow.

No, no, nothing invasive, just a few
carefully placed sensors, that?s all

Good. Right then I'll...leave you to it

This shouldn't take long Mr Vine

I haven't got long Dr Foley

Very strange even after all these years

Still feel I should be the
one asking the questions

Are you an honest man.....No

Not always

Do you tell lies?.... Yes

You were lying when you said you
didn't kill Tom Pallister.....No

Did you and Palliser agree on
everything your agency was involved in?

No....Your mobile phone wasn't stolen the
day Pallister was murdered... It was.

Was it stolen, yes or no.......Yes

Did you kill Tom Palliser?.....No

Do you hold Peter Boyd responsible
for your imprisonment?


me.....bring her down.

Are you alright? Yes. Here, have a seat

Ah, I didn't think when you came to
see me I've remembered someone. Ah ha

There's someone who knew
everything that Vine

was up to. His name
was Timmo ..something

He's a photographer. Well
Timmo something who's

a photographer doesn't
give me much to go on does it?

Vine used him for all
those...sleazy jobs of his

Did your husband ever
say anything about him?

No....why would he?

Because he worked with Vine
in our investigations

They would have both known what
Timmo was up to. wouldn't they?

Didn't they ever mention him?

Right....so....this is what
reopening the case means.

What? You're going to take
the reputation of man

who was brutally murdered
and tear it to shreds?

Well not for me!..Now look Cheryl. Go and
talk to this Timmo. No look...it's OK

But why didn't you say anything
about Timmo 8 years ago?

I did...I tried....but you
were so convinced you had

all you needed on Vine...you
wouldn?t have listened

Spence, have you come across a man called
Timmo in our investigations case histories?

No, but there is 6 to 7 people that I
would like to bring.....But no Timmo. No

Timmo...a dodgy photographer involved with
entrapment scams for Arrow Investigations

That's the man we need to trace.
Just Timmo? Probably

short for Timothy...would
you get the phone!

Grace. what? Spence please yep, yep, yep.

Hold on a sec..Well?....I'm
sorry.....He passed?...Look

don't forget the polygraph
is only 90-95% accurate.

What does that mean exactly

Well above chance but
well below the faction.

That's why it's not
admissible in court



I took the photos but Arrow
Investigations for time

to time. Can't say I knew
them that well though

That?s not strictly accurate is it Timmo?

Vine was running stings, honey traps,
blackmail. You did all his camera work,

not something he would
entrust with a stranger

so I will ask you again,
were you and Vine mates?

Are you mates with
everyone you've arrested?

Vine arrested you when
he was a policeman? Yes

Did it ever go to court?..
Course it didn't because after

that you worked for them on
a regular basis, didn't you

Vine would call, tell me where to
go, I'd take some shots, maybe some

video, hand it over & he'd pay me
& that would be the end of it.

That would be the end of it?

I had nothing to do with Pallister's death

Oh come on, I know you didn't
kill him but those photographs

meant...a lot of other
people would have liked to.

I've never given it much thought

Did you ever meet any of Vine's
colleague the other policeman?

No. Vine wasn't that stupid. Tom
wasn't even part of that team.

Did you keep copies of the
photographs for yourself?

No of course not.

Are your accounts in order?

What? Every job accounted for?
VAT books up to date...maybe I

should give Inland Revenue a
call, what do you reckon, eh?

OK, I made copies

Thanks Timmo....Thanks Tim

These are DNA traces by the trigger
chamber. Great. It's classic base

work. So how long will it be before you
can run it through the data base?

It's in the oven, I'll have
it bu midday tomorrow.

I'll let you know as soon as I have it.

What have you got? Dominic
Parks, a name I checked

earlier connected with Arrow
Investigations, remember?

He was a big player in the city was
married to Katcha. Katcha. She moved to

LA with her 2 year old daughter
plus a massive divorce settlement

What age are they? Don't know.

I appreciate it is always
sad when a marriage breaks

up Mr Parks, it must
have been especially

humiliating for you with
your wife hanging around

with footballers & rappers and all that.
It couldn't be easy

It wasn't, no. What I don't
understand is why you gave her such a

large divorce settlement? She's the
mother of my child. I loved her.

That's very noble of you. Couldn't
be anything to do with the

fact that she had a little help
from Arrow Investigations? Uh?

Have you seen these? They're
well worth looking at.

Did you ever meet Mr Pallister?
No. Do you remember

what you were doing on the
night of October 25, 1997?

Well I'm sure one of my
assistants can find out for you.

You must have been very angry
when you received these

photographs Mr Parks, but you
must have also felt very stupid.

Do you ever read the business section of
your newspaper Detective Superintendent?

I can't see that we would
have much cause to do that.

Well if you had you
would have read that

last year my bonus was
over 6 million pounds

Look the city isn't
comfortable with a scandal

especially one of it's major
bankers......you don't have...

Er, I think he does, if you don't mind.
Thank you.

I made a mistake. I was stupid.
I have to live with that

I wasn't breaking up my marriage, my wife
cad already done that. She destroyed us.

So when Vine & Pallister gave these
photographs to my wife's lawyer..

You wanted to kill them.

What, do you think I'm crazy?

With copies of these still in their safe?

I thy told me that these
girls were underage

Banker slips drugs to underage
girls, sordid sex romp...

Nobody forced you to have sex
with these girls Mr Parks

Well I can't say I remember
much about.....I was drunk

That's a shame because you look like
you're having a really good time.

Have you seen these?

Look, if you're trying to frame
me....I didn't kill Pallister, OK

They cost me my daughter.

Yes, one of them is dead
and another one is......in

jail...and yes, knowing that
makes me feel a little better.

Right Dominic, you've
been more than helpful

I assume we're done here?

Yeah, I assume we are. Are we?
For now. For now

Thank you for your
co-operation.....Mr Parks

What do you think? Well he's very confident
despite everything that has happened

He thinks he loves his daughter very
much, but his main priority is himself

He gave his daughter up
for his career which

gives you a good
idea what he's about

What I will say is that his bonus
and his profile and what he lives

for and I can't imagine him giving
up status and money for revenge.

Every clown on that list
could be a blackmail victim

So why kill Pallister, why not Vine?

Maybe Vine was next on the hit list

It's not Vine's DNA on the gun

Are you sure? Yes, sorry.
Doesn't necessarily

say that he didn't
pull the trigger

No, I understand, I understand that.
DNA belongs to to one Jimmy Baxter.

This guy started young, car theft,
assault, dealing in recreationals.

He's been in and out of prison a
couple of times during the year

And was he in prison
when Pallister was shot?


So he could have done it?

Arresting officer DI Gully
West Brompton Station


I'm looking for DI Gully. Over there.

DI Gulley...Yes... Detective
Superintendent Boyd....Superintendent

Boyd....I would like to ask
you a few questions if I may?

Are you re-investigating one of my cases?

I want to find out about
one of your arrests

And you want my help. Yes, if
it not too much of a problem.

You're not very popular in this nick,
Boyd...we still remember Eddie Vine

Some of the lads still find
it difficult that he did it.

The case I'm investigating
in is Vine, so if you think

he's innocent.....perhaps
you'd like to help me

All right. Gully doesn't where
Baxter is, last known address

is out of date but they are going
to keep an eye out for him

I've had a closer look at Baxter's
CV and around the time Pallister's

murder he was on the roster
for Porchester Executive Cars

Now they provide cars and drivers
to companies like banks.

Banks?....Yer but
not just any bank.

The bank that pays Dominik
Parks' his bonuses

Have I got this right? Dominic Parks
who is being blackmailed by Vine and

Pallister is linked to the man who's
DNA is on the gun that shot Pallister.

Yes Baxter, yes Baxter

Yep. Baxter drives Parks.

Parks needed someone to confide in.
They get talking..who knows maybe

it starts off as one of those..not
me but a friend or someone.

And instead of being outraged...He
says if your friend wants it

sorted he can do it for you for you.
That's right blah blah...

And Baxter ends up with
a part of Parks' bonus

You know, it's an interesting theory.
Uh uh.

So what are we going to do
about the DNA on the gun?

We are going to have to inform the
DPP and also Vine's defense council

Thank you.

We've got a lead on Baxter.

Hello guys. Looking for a
gentleman called Jimmy Baxter,

do you know him? Don't
know...never heard of him.

Mr Baxter?...SPENCE

Pick it up, pick it up.

Don?t touch it. Come let
me have a look. What

are you a doctor, leave me alone.
No no no

I can't see any fractures, some
swelling we need to watch.

Can you get me my coat, please?
You could be

concussed....I'd like to keep you
in after night for observation

I'm fine thank you....Dont' even bother.

All right Mr Boyd, I haven't
got time to argue, I can

give you some pain killers,
something for the swelling.

Avoid alcohol, and call us if you suffer
any dissiness or have trouble focusing.

Thank you very much. Thanks


As a result of fresh evidence that has
come to light, a new ballistics report,

DNA material not presented
in the original trial

and evidence linking a possible new
suspect to the murder victim Pallister

The Defense admits, Your Honor,
that there are reasonable grounds

to support our client Edward Vine being
granted leave to appeal his conviction.

Don't touch. God you look awful Boyd.
Thank you Grace.

Are you OK?.. Great...He discharged
himself....Oh right, very sensible.

Thanks... There's been
some news....Ah?....Vine's

Solicitors requested
leave to appeal.

That was quick wasn't it?...Yes, well he's
terminal, I suppose they pushed it through.

Cheryl Pallister's been informed, she
called you, she seemed a little upset

I can imagine. I'd better go and see her

You?re not fit enough. Oh well I
brought this all upon myself, Didn't I?

I'm sorry, I don't
understand this, he did it

Vine did it....Yes but there is
such a thing as reasonable doubt

Yes OK but don't go after this other
suspect, you can just drop the case,

refuse to testify...people do...No
it's not the way it works.....Lie.

I don't want to I don't
want to lie.....Works

perfectly for Vine...Yes
but it's not about lying

It's ..it's about justice, it's
about the process, of justice.

I need a drink. How

about you?.....Yes.

Robbie, two whiskeys eh....no
actually I'll get them myself

I still love him. 8
years, I'm in love with a

ghost. It's sad, isn't
it?...No, it's not.

My friends, they are
bored, want me to move on.

Yes but they only want what's
best for you, they just want you

to be happy, they care about
you......it's understandable

Yeah, but it's hard....you know?

Love makes you vulnerable. Yes
but that's not a bad place

to be in, I mean it not a bad
state vulnerability, is it?

If you think of the opposite
edge of the bridge

You have hard and vulnerable. If you
stay hard, just a hard person,

then you've got no memories or ghost
because you've never been in love

But if you're vulnerable, that means
you've been in love and....what

do they say, it's better ....it's
better to have loved and lost

....well it's true,
otherwise if you just

loose...then...what happens,
you just loose. Your a

looser and you haven't had
any love and you just

loosing all the time...
that pretty, pretty....

Am I making any sense to all this?
Just that

much.... that's more
than I thought though

That's good...
that's pretty good

I think I'd should probably
go home, shouldn?t I?


Right, where's your car?

Feel a bit ah, giddy. Yeah well
you are going to have a sore head

in the morning. Yeah but not
from the drink....from the bash

This medication..bit of
a...bit of a...I'm alright

I'm alright really...climb in

Sorry ..It's alright...Sorry

I don't think I should
be doing this...sorry.

OK. Pull over.....pull over

Slide over, I'll drive. OK, sure? Yes

Do you know how to drive..a car?
I'll work it out

Police...we've just hit someone.

But he's driven off.....he's
going to hit someone else

No...it's a motorcyclist. She's unconscious

I'm in Chester Rd

Don't die..don't

you have to help me.

Subtitles by Sneff1150 2014