Waking the Dead (2000–…): Season 5, Episode 11 - Cold Fusion: Part 1 - full transcript

A murder case that Spencer worked on whilst at the Atomic Energy Constabulary is under review. DNA evidence that's been untestable until now looks set to reveal the murderer of two anti nuclear campaigners in the 1980s. It turns out not to be the man convicted of their deaths twenty years earlier. Meanwhile, someone inside the team is making every effort to destroy the new evidence. And all the signs are that it is Spencer himself. But events take a bizarre turn when a package for Spencer turns out to be a gas bomb which misses its intended target and renders Felix unconscious. The anti-terrorist squad puts the Cold Case team's HQ under lockdown and the team are kept quarantined until the substance that knocked out Felix can be identified. Spencer goes to apprehend the man who left his DNA at the campaigners' murder scene but is shot at and loses contact with Boyd. Boyd realizes that his investigation is being thwarted by a very powerful insider who has managed to render his team powerless. The race against time is on as Boyd seeks to get out of the sealed base to save Spencer. As Spencer's life hangs in the balance, will he survive?

The more nuclear power stations
we have in this country, the
more dangerous our lives are.

We have other ways of
making power and energy.

Let's move towards these and
way from nuclear power for ever.

Let me finish
by quoting last year's Department of
Environment White Paper.

It asserts, "One positive
trait of radioactivity

"that facilitates waste management
is that with time comes decay".

This is nonsense. It is the process
of decay that causes the raft

of life-threatening dangers that
have brought us here tonight.

Bottom line, we're not muppets.

Let's not be treated like muppets.

Thank you, Jackie. Now we've
got time for some questions.

Good, cos I've got a couple. Toby.

I'm bored with TV dinners,
I'm bored with my right hand, but
you must be bored of whining losers

turning personal failure
into righteous fury about causes
they care nothing about.

I mean, come on, you must be
missing the store cards at least?
Ignore him.

Oh, that's right, listen to the
Zen master. Does he get any more
excited when he's nailing you?

Back at uni she wore a
mink stole to our college ball.

I've got a picture of
her wearing it and nothing else.
Wanna to see it?

Yeah, come on, let's see what
the Zen master's made of, shall we?

Yeah, you want to fight?

What's the point, Toby?
Call the police.
He's breaking his restraining order.

You're still my wife, you slut!

I don't know what was worse, Toby or
the look Penny was giving me.

Yeah, they've got a lot in common,
our two exes, haven't they?

Listen, you were
really good tonight, you know.
No, I wasn't. No, no, you were.

They were really listening.
It was great. It was passionate.

You were so informed. I love you.


That's weird, the lights.

There's somebody in the house.



'Hello, Police?' 'You need to send
someone to Cherry Tree Farm. '

'Cherry Tree Farm?
What's your name, caller?'

'It's near Dunwell, Norfolk. '
'And your name?'

Tom, we're off site.

Yeah, we are off site.
Do you wanna wait in the car?


She called, last week, claiming to
have information that cast doubts

on Toby Holmes' conviction for
the Cherry Tree Farm murders.
Victims were. . .

Yeah, Penny
Coulter's estranged husband, er,

Marcus, and his girlfriend, Jackie
Holmes, married to. . . I gave you that
half an hour ago. . .Toby Holmes.

I'm catching up,
I'm catching up, all right?

Spencer was one of the first
officers on the scene. Yeah,
with his partner, Tom McQueen.

Mmm, when he was a PC in the
Atomic Energy Constabulary.

Right. What happened to Toby Holmes
and what's his current status?

He got "life means life"
in '89. So he's out now? No, he's
on the "never, never" list.

He was moved to
Burchill High Security Hospital
for biting a guard's cheek off.

Why is he on the "never, never" list?
It says in the file. No, it doesn't.

So, what's her new evidence?

She wouldn't say. Well, you could've
insisted, couldn't you?

She could have put the
phone down and never called back.

These things aren't allowed in there.

One of the key pieces of evidence
against Toby Holmes
was a blood-stained sweatshirt

found in his incinerator. But Toby
insists that it wasn't his
and it was put there

by whoever did the killing. Yes?
The first part's true.

For all I know
the second part may be too.

This is my husband.

With, erm, Jackie Holmes.

That's the sweatshirt.

Ah, so you're telling me that this
isn't Toby's sweatshirt, that it,
in fact, belongs to your husband?

In '88 you were asked if you
recognised the sweatshirt. And I
said I'd never seen it before.

My husband didn't invite me on his
little weekend break with Jackie.

But how come you just got this
photo now, we're talking how many
years ago here? 18 years.

And you walk in with this now.
Last week I gave my nephew
Marcus's old 35mm camera.

I found the film inside.

So until last week you had no doubt
in your mind that Toby had killed

your husband and Jackie Holmes?
No. None.

None? Absolutely no doubt at all?
We were all there when
he called her a slut.

'You're still my wife! Slut!' That's
what the killer wrote on
the wall. Anyone can write. . .

What do you think now?

I don't know.

Will you re-open the case?
Why would you want us to do that?

I don't understand.

Let me explain. This doesn't
mean Toby Holmes is innocent,
but it might be enough to initiate

a retrial and get him released,
but it doesn't make him innocent.

Now are you sure you want to go
through that? Or do you just want to
take this photo and walk away?

I just want the truth to come out,
whatever it is.

Well, do you not hear that a lot in
the Cold Case Unit? All the time.

That's why I ask.

I can get background from Spence.
He doesn't to know about this now.
Why not?

If it goes anywhere, he can't be
involved, and if not, why bother him

with something that disturbed him so
much? OK. Check with the chemist
where the film was processed.

Morning, Felix.

Morning. I want you to order up
some evidence, Cherry Tree Farm 1988.

OK. 1988.

'88. '88. Thank you.

OK. Sure.

Spence. Nice of you to join in.

I was in court.

Who was that? Who was?
Woman who just walked out. 50-odd.

Oh, she's a witness from
that building society
robbery I'm working on.

Got sent through automatically, part
of a batch on the DNA retest list.

They tried SGM? Yeah, in '96.

SGM plus in 2000. Couldn't get a
profile. With Low Copy Number
you might.

Ah, well done.

Yeah, the 34 cycles yield 16
billion copies of the source DNA.

As opposed to the mere
250 million with SGM plus?

Put it away.

I know. So what is this possible DNA?

It's a partial blood print
found on the light fixture

where the female victim
was strung up.

She was wired up, in fact,
wasn't she?

What is this? Lipstick. . .

This is the wire.

Oh, my God.

I don't like it when a forensic
scientist says "Oh, my God".

Oh, my God.

So he lifts her up and binds
her hands to the light fixture?

Could one person have done that?

I don't know. It says here he used
a stepladder. If she was alive she
might've been co-operating.

Co-operating in her own death?
Yeah, it's all about hope.

A victim will go along with
anything if there's hope around.
Where's the hope in that scenario?

He hadn't killed her yet
so she didn't know she'd
get her face cut off.

The path report gives hope she never
did. It's usually a man in a white
coat that does this. . .

Her neck was broken before her face
was cut. Two neck breaks
seems efficient.

Yeah, this man Holmes was a
Marine officer. They break necks for
a living.

Kill people. Her wedding ring
was lodged in her gullet.

So that's where her husband as
prime suspect comes from.

Mind if I check the
manual log for today, please?



Hey, yeah, the judge let me
off early for good behaviour.

Yeah, I'm good to go.

How about six?



So where's the real thing?

Look on the back.

Central Lab. Central Lab.

Hmm. Central Lab, yeah.

Central Lab? I used to work there.
Of course you did! Oh, right.

Which gives me access to the most
power-hungry thermocycler in the
land. You can see these marks here.

Yeah, just there. Why couldn't they
get the DNA from them?

Protein decay, caused by the
heat from the light socket.

And you say this couldn't
be Jackie Holmes's blood because. . . ?

It could be, but, it was about 13
centimetres above her bound hands,

plus they also found a shred of
latex from a surgical glove.

Spencer was involved in the original
investigation, but he doesn't need
to know any of this, OK?

All right. You don't want him
distracted. From what?
He's in court, isn't he?

Oh, yeah, he is,
and it's his birthday tomorrow.
Oh, is it? Oh. Hmm.

What are you doing? It's my round.
Is it? Sorry I lost track.

Bollocks you lost track!
Oi, oi, oi! Your money's
not good here, all right?

Come on, Spence, don't insult me.
I am not insulting you.
I'm earning, you're not. OK?

Cheers, mate. Plus, you always make
the effort to come up to London.

Now that is true, but I'm still not
having none of this Spence Benevolent
Fund shit, all right? All right.

Seriously, Tom, if you ever think
about coming back up to London.

Couldn't afford it, mate.
Come on, I'd give you half board,
get you some security work, sorted.

Oh, it's a sweet offer, but. . .
There's no buts. OK?

Where's the but?

Cornwall suits me.
Surfing, straightforward lasses
and nothing to remind me of the job.

Happy birthday, mate. Cheers.

Hey, I get it.
He's a black cop, I'm a black cop!

Well, it was that or a
steam train. Blame me. Come on, no.
I got it, Stella.

It's, it's personal. It reminded me
of you in the shower.

Personal touch. That's nice. I like
that. You been celebrating all
night? I don't stink, do I?

Sorry, have you got a minute?
I had a shower. I don't stink, do I?


It's not impossible that you put the
lid on back to front, is it?

No, it's not impossible, but
the evidence has been packed nearly,
but not quite

the way I left it
last night, and also there's this.

Keep your eye on the box.

See the label? Now it's gone.

So we can see it's been
moved but we can't see by whom.

Yeah, and the default recording
setting is set at ten seconds per

but there's a bunch of other ratios,
the most infrequent being 30 seconds
per half hour.

Our intruder changed the setting and
changed it back before they left.
Which says two things -

they're very smart. And he got into
the system. Yeah, no big surprise.

The same access card
gets you into both. Right.

Yeah, now the computer stores
every access. Mmm-hmm.

I checked the log for
the footage,

there's the free half
hour when the box was moved.

Checked the name.
Spence. Mmm. Look at the time. Three
in the morning.

But nothing was taken? Maybe he
didn't find what he was looking for.

What, the blood trace that was
going to Central Lab? It's possible,

but I didn't even think Spence
knew we were reinvestigating
the case. He didn't,

he didn't.

You heard the news
about Central Lab?

There are things I
can't go into but I can

confirm that there was a suspected
arson attack at 4.45 this morning and
much of the laboratory was destroyed.

Tragically WPC Kelly Chambers,
who was on duty at the time,

lost her life in the fire, and our
thoughts go out to her husband, Mark,
and her young son.

Commissioner Sullivan, Charles
Winter, Times. How much evidence has
been destroyed?

That's definitely something
I can't go into. Next? Leanda
Harrison, ITN.

many court cases will be affected?

Honest answer, no idea.
It's much too early to say.

Commissioner, you've got
Commander Drake of anti-terrorist
Operations here.

Does that mean you suspect
terrorists are involved?
No, it doesn't.

There's nothing to connect
this incident with Al-Qaeda or
any terrorist organisation.

However, the sophistication of the
attack and certain evidence which

we have found at the lab means that
we can't rule out this possibility.
Oh, turn it off, please, someone.

I've just spoken to Central Lab.
The blood trace from Cherry Tree
Farm was destroyed in the fire.

Had he got a DNA profile?

They were due to submit it this
morning to the database for a match.
Shit! Shit!

This can't be a coincidence.
I know you've known Spence
for a long time.

It's not loyalty. OK, great, then we
have to share this with the
Central Lab fire investigation.

It's about what we do next.
Just give me a second.
Just. . . So, Spencer.

I need a list of his calls for the
past two weeks. OK, with your
approval. Personal e-mails.

I need access to his computer.
If this doesn't turn anything up,
I'll. . . Your superiors at the FSO.

At the FSO, yes.
Yeah. I don't blame you.

I can't, I don't believe Spence
has got anything to do with this.

Maybe his pass was stolen, his
access card. Have you asked him?

No. Well, why not? Because once I
show my hand, Grace, I'm committed
and then there's no way back.

Show your hand? !
This is Spence we're talking about.

Why didn't you just tell
him about the investigation
from the off? He was busy.

If it came to nothing it would've
been a waste of time. Come on,
what are you worrying about?

You think he's involved?
Are you suspicious of him?

He was a kid in '88, all right,
and this case damaged him,
you know, it scarred him.

He told me many times,
that's the word he used,
he was scarred by it.

In that state of mind you're crazy,
you do crazy things.

You make mistakes, you
cover up, you protect people.

OK, yes, OK, I agree,
but that was 20 years ago.

What are you saying, that you
think Spence is now capable

of burning down Central Lab and
killing a policewoman? The evidence
that was destroyed

was from Cherry Tree Farm. He was
involved at Cherry Tree Farm.

I've arranged for you to meet
Toby Holmes. Have you finished
with the file?

Yes. At Burchill at Hospital
11 o'clock.

OK. I want to know what you
make of him, whether you think
he's the kind of man capable

of slicing his wife's face off
while having the presence of mind
to wear surgical gloves to do it.

Well, from the cases of facial
injuries that I have studied,
he might be.

How come?
Well, it's like love gone sour.

You know how prostitutes
traditionally will do anything
and everything but kissing?

Really? No, I didn't know that.
Oh, didn't you?

I thought you might have read about
it somewhere. I might have read abou
it. Well, it's about the face.

Uh-huh. It's sacred, it's what
we are, it's what defines us.

It might not be our most private
place, but it's our most personal.

So the motivation to destroy
it is typically personal? Yes. It
takes a special will. . .

I mean, serial killers
will rarely go there.

Are there precedents? Yes, there are.

In the late '70s,
the wife of an East End gangster,

Mal Isaacs,
gave birth to a mixed-race child.

She suffered the same fate as
Jackie Holmes with one exception -
she was alive when he did it.

Oh, God. And she didn't die.
The neighbours alerted the
police and they got there in time.

We lost an officer at the scene.

OK, Grace. Yep?

passport from prison to Burchill

was biting a guard's cheek off,
by the way.

Oh, great.

What's up?

I found a
probable virus on my PC and as we're
on a network I thought I'd just. . .

What kind of a virus?

It's similar to the W32 Hybris.

Sounds bad.

Oh, it infects DLL files
so all e-mail message are. . .

. . Replaced with scrap codes. Yeah.

Did you tell IT about this?

Yeah, but they were busy,
they couldn't find anyone till
later, so I thought I'd step in.

I'll check mine,
save you the trouble.



Yeah. Hi.
Hi. One of the jurors dropped dead.

41, heart attack. Just come on in,
I want to have a word. Take a seat.

Sure. From now on in it's
herbal tea and salad for me.

What's this about?

I'm reopening Cherry Tree Farm.

You had no idea I
was going to say that?


There's possible DNA which could
confirm Toy Holmes's guilt, or not.

When's the test?
Just run it by me, why you were there

when, as an AEC officer your remit
was Dunwell nuclear power station?
Sure. Erm. . .

AEC had jurisdiction 20 miles
around Dunwell and Cherry Tree
Farm was well within that.

I still don't see why you were
called to a domestic crime.

Because local law enforcement
was a 20-year-old PC whose wife
was having a baby 50 miles away.

Right, so you being there and the
victims being these anti-Dunwell
protestors was coincidence?

Well, there are conspiracy websites
that say different but, yeah.

If this DNA isn't a
match with Toby Holmes. . . Sir,

forget the DNA, we found his
shirt soaked in his wife's blood.

No, you didn't, Spence.


DC Goodman.

It's Harry from Central Lab, on one.

What news?

Just had the third degree
from Anti-Terrorist Operations.

They're convinced it was an
inside job. You're kidding.

There is a silver lining.
My computer's pretty burned up.

But the hard drive looks OK.
OK, great, bring it over.

I've got a salvage package
I half know my way around.

I don't think
ATO are going to be too happy
about that, taking stuff off-site.

Harry, did you start the fire?

No. So don't feel guilty about it.

It's your computer, you don't want
it rotting away in some evidence
room for six months,

at least
not until you saved the data.

Hard drives
are like kidnap victims,
first 24 hours are golden.

Christ, Felix, you could sell
ice to the Eskimos!

Thank you, Harry.

So you want the Cherry Tree
Farm DNA? Just bring it over.

OK, so it wasn't Toby
Holmes's sweatshirt.

Doesn't make him innocent.
It makes him look a lot less guilty

and the theory it was
planted a lot more credible. Why?

He borrowed it because he
knew removing his wife's
face was going to get messy.

So he goes to that trouble and dumps
the shirt in the first place anyone
will look. He tried to burn it!

And makes a very bad job of it.

He shoved her wedding ring
down her throat, for God's sake.

Sir, you have no idea how much I
wish we hadn't got that call,

that I didn't have that memory
of what I saw in that room.

I believe you, Spence, but it doesn't
means that Toby Holmes is guilty.

Why don't you start from the start?

I just ran a sweep, nothing.


Why's it taking you so long?

Almost there.

When we ID'd the bodies it threw
up the restraining order
on Toby Holmes,

it turns out he'd broken
it very publicly the night before.

At the Dunwell protestors meeting.

He's breaking his restraining order.

How long have you
been working on this?
Tell me about the arrest.

Toby Holmes lived in the
original mansion on the hill.

We couldn't get an answer
so we poked around and found

the blood-stained
sweatshirt in his incinerator.

Who found the sweatshirt,
you or Tom McQueen?


I smelled smoke.

Then we saw movement in the
house, so we put the door in.

We arrested him, questioned him,
and by lunchtime CID officers
from Norwich had taken over.

So you never doubted
Toby Holmes's guilt? No.

Hi. Yesterday morning Spence got an
e-mail from a McQueen Security
which he deleted.

Must be his old AEC partner,
Tom McQueen, and it looks like
they hooked up last night.

OK. Thanks.

So tell me about Tom McQueen.

You and him were friends
after he left the force?

He didn't leave, he was
pushed, as you know. Yeah. He killed
a kid while undercover, right?

He killed a crack addict who tried
to stab him while his
brother held him down.

From what I hear he could've got
clear without killing either of them.
Says who? Hmm?

Some bloke in a suit from the
Police Complaints Commission? Are
you still in touch, or not?

He lives in Cornwall. Has done for
the last five, six years.
When d'you last see him? Why?

Answer the question.

Not lately, all right?

OK, Dr Foley. We'll need you to check
your bag in, plus any jewellery,

keys, loose change and, sorry,
we'd better have your shoes as well.

OK. What size are you? Five.

This is Stella Goodman
from the Cold Case Unit.

I just wanted to check if you'd had
reports of a virus similar to the
W32 Hybris on the Met networks.

Probably just my colleague
being paranoid. Thanks.

Thanks. Hello.

Dr Grace Foley, Cold Case Squad.

Your lawyer did tell
you I was coming?

I'm not saying anything in front
of him.

Don't listen to him.

OK. Could you take the
handcuffs off and leave us alone?

Sorry? You heard.
I'm not actually allowed to
leave you alone with the prisoner.

Well, you are because I'm a mental
health professional, so I'll just
sign a disclaimer on the way out.

Can I speak to you for a minute?

This man
bit the face off a colleague of mine.

Why do you want to take the risk?

I want him to talk to me.
Then you'll have to sign
the disclaimer upfront.

OK, well let's rustle
one up, shall we?

Take a look at the log.

At three o'clock this morning your
access card was used to gain entry
to the evidence room.

Do you have any recollection of that?

No. Could anyone have
borrowed your access card?


You started celebrating your
birthday last night, a little early.

Who were you partying with?

None of your business.

I'm trying to help, Spence.

I'm trying to help.

Where's your access card now?

Well, this may cheer
you up a little bit.

The DNA profile may yet
still be salvageable.


Let me know.

Will do.

Thank you.

He wants revenge,

cos he was friends
with the guard I hurt.

The rapist.

The face-biting was
just self-defence?

Well, it would've been
if it had done any good.

It just made him more angry.

Sometimes I curse my good looks.

Did you file a complaint?


The Home Secretary's reading it now.
Can I borrow your pen?

I like doodling when I'm talking.
No, I'm sorry.

I may need it for notes.

How about a paperclip?

I've got papers all over my room.

You know very well I
can't give you anything.

The privacy and the
handcuffs is all I can do.


Yes, now you mention it,
it does seem very private
in here all of a sudden.


You really pissed him off.

He's gone on his tea-break.

I'm not afraid of you.

Good for you.

You loved her, didn't you?

Well, you must've done, because
you broke your restraining order

in front of everyone.
'Does anyone want a fight?'

Yes, you were
drunk and you called her a slut,

but I think what you
really meant to say was,
"I miss you, and I want you back".

That was an insulting
gear-change, Grace.

Not as insulting as a subtle one.
I'll tell you what else is

You haven't
mentioned my affidavit yet.

My lawyer didn't give you a copy?

No, he didn't. I don't believe you.
I explicitly asked him to.

Well, he didn't. I'm sorry.
If you've read it and
you're trying to trip me up. . .

I haven't seen an
affidavit, all right?

Little shit. Little shit!

Why don't you just give me
a gist of what it contains?

Why don't you do your research
before coming here wasting my time?

Don't blame me because
you've got a bad lawyer.

For what it's worth, he didn't
want me to come here today,

so don't give him the satisfaction
of sending me away empty-handed.

Hello? 'Tom, it's me. '

Fancy some lunch? 'Yeah. Why not?'
All right to pick me up? Sure.

Meet me in Kendal Street
so you don't have to come
through security, OK?

'OK'. All right. See you in a bit.


I did love her. I loved that face.

I could never have hurt that face.

I did two stupid things
that evening. I made a scene,

and then I tried to say sorry
for making a scene. To Jackie?

I drove up there.

When you say "there",
you mean Cherry Tree Farm?

Is this the affidavit
your lawyer's sitting on?

Yeah. He thinks I'm
digging myself in deeper.

OK. Well, let's just forget
about your lawyer for a moment.

He was lying in the passage
behind the front door.

And Jackie?

In the sitting room,

stretched across the floor.

Her. . . her head

was at a strange angle, but she. . .

She looked peaceful. Peaceful? Like
she could wake up any second,
except she was cold.

So cold. Her face. . . ? Oh, he
must've done that later.
Either he came back or. . .

or he was hiding in the house.
I didn't hang around.

You didn't call the police?

Well, they were dead.

But you loved her.

Are you calling me a coward?
No, I'm just saying I think you
should have called somebody.

I was under a restraining
order which I'd already
broken once that evening.

I'd called her a slut in public,
for Christ's sake. And there it was,
written up on the wall, "slut".

No, it wasn't,

but nice try, Grace.

No, they were just lying there.

And you're right, I was a coward.

And a terrible husband.
And I deserve my fate.

You hear what I said?

I deserve my fate.

Morning, mate. Got some ID? Cheers.

Can you take your helmet
off, please? All right?

Yes, all right. Cheers.


Any time you want to talk
about this, you know, er. . .


Want to grab some lunch?
No, I'm fine.

Sure? Yeah, I'm cool.

Take those papers to court.
Do it tomorrow. . .

All right, Spence?

All right. How's it going? Good.

Want one of these? Yeah, sure.

So Tom,
was it a coincidence, you turning
up on my doorstep last night?

It was your birthday, you berk!

It's my birthday today. Obviously
I'm missing something.

Well, I was definitely missing
something at three o'clock this
morning. What are you on about?

Someone used this to access our
evidence store at CCU, specifically
evidence from Cherry Tree Farm.

Cherry Tree Farm? Yeah.

You're not opening it up again?
My boss is.

And you think I knew that? I think
someone used my card
this morning, and it wasn't me.

Let's have a look at it.

This is crap.

This is bollocks. The only entry
systems worth
shit are fingerprint and voice.

That's just a bar code. Somewhere,
there's a directory,
and someone's got your number.

I couldn't find your toilet
last night, let alone
navigate half of West London.

But if I was minded to break
into your office, believe me,
you wouldn't know I'd been.

I don't believe this.

Jesus, how long have
we known each other?

Don't, I'm going to cry( !) .

Spence, I'm not lying.

If you want me to believe you,
I need some answers. To what?

To things I was too stupid, naive,
or too intimidated to ask in '88.

First, we sort this out.

Do you believe me or not?

It's important.



The anonymous caller who
found the bodies, why was
that never looked into?

Who was it?

For God's sakes, Tom,
we were partners.

They were under surveillance.

Security services.


They had half the Woolly Hats under
obs. Maggie just didn't like 'em.

How did you know?
Because they tried to recruit me.

Bill Drake had me in for tea and
biscuits with a paunch in a raincoat.

Was I interested in
any extra-curricular
activities, cash in hand?

Drake was on the news this morning.
Was he? Has he finally caught
a terrorist?

Yeah. Right.

You were always his star pupil.

Fat lot of good it did in the end.

Who was the raincoat? MI5?

He asked the questions.

"Was I a communist?
Were my friends communists?

"Had I ever met a communist?"
It was priceless.

Guess you had to be there.

Spence. . .
Did they want to infiltrate?

They already had a mole in Shut
Down Dunwell, so they wanted me to
set up an anti-Dunwell group

and cross-contaminate.

Couldn't see myself spying on
innocent people, no matter how
cranky and deluded.

How did Drake take
you knocking him back? Said he
respected my decision,

but when I got the axe, he
didn't exactly come to my rescue.

Hi. Hi. Did I hear you say your
colleague's bringing his
damaged hard drive over?

Yeah. When is he coming?

Any minute. Why?

Well, if you need a hand
salvaging it, let me know.

So MI5 had Marcus Coulter and
Jackie Holmes under surveillance
at the time of the murders?

Yeah. I assume not at the exact time.
Cos they would have done something
about it? Yeah.

So what happened?
They have the night off,
Toby Holmes let their tyres down?

I just got a call,
I didn't know any details.

You knew a lot more than me,
considering we were
supposed to be partners.

Spence, lighten up.
So they told you where
to find the bodies, yeah?

What about the sweatshirt
in Toby Holmes' incinerator?

You found that, remember?

Anyway, fast forward 18 years,
and you're scaling the greasy pole,

and I'm on green jumper
security work when I can get it.

Maybe you had more to
do with that than you'd
like to think.

You're right
to be pissed off, Spence,

but we both know we got our man.

We smelt it on him.

Hey, birthday boy.


DI Jordan.

'Spence, can you come in here
for a minute, please?'

Hi. Hi.

Where have you been? You followed
me. You lied to me. You
said you hadn't seen McQueen lately.

What did you tell Stella to do?
I saw Penny Coulter on her way out,

but Stella said I'm mistaken,
she's a witness to a robbery.

It's my decision when I tell you
about a case. You kept me in the dark
in case I had something to hide.

Do you? No, I do not. You should have
consulted me first. Why?

Respect. Loyalty.

Professional courtesy. OK.

But this is a double murder inquiry.

You think whoever came in here
went on to Central Lab cos they
didn't find what they were wanted?

The light fixture with the blood
stain. It had the address.
They needed directions.

It was in the Evidence Room.

Tom McQueen? What about him?

Would he be worried if any
new evidence came to light?

No. Not to my knowledge.
He wouldn't do that, he
wouldn't destroy evidence. No.

Spence, I've delayed notifying the
Central Lab investigation team about

what happened here,
did you know that? No.

Because I believe McQueen did it.
But if he didn't do it,

then you did.
Or you did it together.

Or someone
with an override pass, who knew my
number and keyed it in manually.

Like who? Come on. If I don't get to
the bottom of
what happened here, the truth,

the pair of you are going to be
turned over to Commander Drake.

Drake was our boss at AEC.

Your boss?

Tom McQueen was his blue-eyed boy.

McQueen did tell me a couple
of things I didn't know.

MI5 had Jackie Holmes and Marcus
Coulter under surveillance, and a
mole in the Shut Down Dunwell group.

Toby Holmes admits to
being at the crime scene?

Around 11.30. They were both dead.

He insists that Jackie Holmes'
face was intact, not even a scratch.

Felix is going to get the
path report. What do you think?

Well, I can't see any reason
he had to lie. Why wait so long?

Well, after he was sentenced, he
mounted three separate appeals.

If he'd admitted belatedly. . .
It would jeopardise his appeal.
I understand that.

He only signed the affidavit after
he was transferred to Burchill. For
biting the guard's cheek? Yep.

I suppose he felt
he had nothing to lose.

Cheek/face. Thought about that?

Well, there could be
a connection, yes, but

I feel it's more to do with a
man who's very angry

because he's been sentenced for a
crime he never committed.

But there would be no reason to break
in and try to get the light fixture
with the bloodstain if he's guilty.


Did he mention anything about
making an anonymous phone call? He
mentioned not making any.

So that was made by
the surveillance team who were
watching the protestors' group, MI5.

MI5? Yeah, I know.

Spencer just told me.
MI5 had a team watching the

anti-demo protestors group and there
was also a mole they'd put inside.

An informer. Ooff! What I don't
understand is if this surveillance
team were watching the group,

how come they didn't see who killed
Jackie Holmes and Marcus Coulter?

I don't know. But. . .

maybe the informer made the
anonymous call, and maybe it's the
informer we should be looking for.

Hi. Hi. I'm looking for Felix.

I'll walk you through.


to prevent any additional damage,

first step is to create an image
of the drive using an imaging tool.

Sorry -
is the damaged drive the drive
containing the operating system?

Yes, I think it is. In that case,
it's best to not boot the drive up,
but replace it with a fresh one.

Really? Install a new operating
system and reconnect the
old drive as a slave unit.

Sounds like you know
more than the IT guys.

I learned a few tricks on
secondment in the Fraud Squad.
Would you like me to have a bash?

Felix? Yeah.

Be my guest.

I'll be a few minutes.

OK, we'll leave you to it.

Shall we get a coffee?

Penny Coulter's here. I thought
Grace was taking the interview.

She's starting, and I
want you to join us. Why?

Because she's your witness. . . I
don't need to say, just get there!
Can you give me five minutes? No!

You know there were a dozen witness
statements about the Shut Down
Dunwell meeting of 3rd June, 1988.

As you'd expect,
their focus was on the

confrontation between Toby Holmes
and his wife and your husband.

But we have three witness statements
which mention

the looks you were giving
Jackie Holmes during her speech.

She took everything that
meant anything to me, and
she did it so bloody. . .


So you were wearing your
heart on your sleeve?

Yes, I suppose so.

And what's a political cause
next to a broken heart?
It's nothing, is it, Penny?

Did somebody notice what
you were going through?

Did they use it to their advantage?

What? Penny, we know there was
a mole inside the organisation.

We know Marcus Coulter and Jackie
Holmes were under surveillance.

You're not suggesting. . .

Yes. That is what I'm suggesting.

Who would ever suspect the
founder of the organisation?

I'm sorry? You had the
perfect cover, didn't you?

This is ridiculous. If you were
caught, all you had to do was play
the jealous wife.

This is a big guilt-trip for you,
isn't it?

While you watched these people,
while you spied on them, you saw
who killed them.

Isn't that what happened?
Is that what this is?

OK, you're in. Any idea where we'll
find the Cherry Tree Farm profile?

Oh, God,
without an operating system, it's. . .

Were you working on it last night?

OK, we'll sort by date order.

There's our profile.

OK, right. Well, before I open it,
I need to save it to the hard drive.

Can we print the Command History,
just in case it dies on us?
Good idea.

I was recruited by a private
detective called Clifford Day,

a horrible, weasly little man.

He said he worked for MI5 and that
he'd seen intelligence that proved

Marcus was planning something
with some Spanish ecoterrorists.

So what was this something?

Tunnelling into Dunwell.

Strictly against our "anything
as long as it's legal" mantra.

So the way Clifford Day sold it to
you, it would be them that were
betraying the organisation, not you.

Even then, I'm not sure
I really believed that.

I still had a front door key

and I'd go in and
poke about while they were out.


You got a match?

What? I've spoken to Boyd.

Everything's cool.
Well, he didn't pass that on.
He didn't have time.

He's in an interview. He said you're
pulling the DNA from a damaged
hard drive.

Is this it? I'm not discussing this
with you until I've spoken to Boyd.

Felix, I did not break into your
Evidence Store last night, OK?

I'll see for myself. Excuse me.

Clifford Day.


You didn't mention
a break-in last night, Felix.

It was more like an unauthorised
access. Yeah, but the same night
Central Lab burns down?

How did you communicate with Day?
I'd phone in reports of significant
events to Day's office.

What, like meetings of
the anti-Dunwell Group?

The last one I ever made
was the night of the murders.

So you spoke to him that night?

Yeah. I eventually got hold
of him on his car phone.

What time was that? 11, 11.30.

I think there was someone else
with him. I could hear
another voice.

Man or woman?

A man. It could have been the radio.

So, you told Day everything that
had happened at that meeting that

night, about the confrontation,
about him calling Jackie a slut?


Yes, I did.

Felix? Hmm?

Look at this.
" Attempt recovery now?"


Just looks like someone's
trying to corrupt this.


Yes, Spence? Felix has got a match on
the Cherry Tree Farm DNA.

And? Clifford Day, 50 years old.

He got done for drink-driving five
years ago. I'm picking him up now.
You got the address from the DVLA?

Yep, and checked back to '88.
He lived in Norwich, only 30
miles from the Cherry Tree Farm.

I don't want you going
there unaccompanied. OK?

I know who Clifford Day is.
Penny Coulter was a mole,
he was her handler.

Spence, you're not
going in there alone. Spence?

Shit! What?

Comment ca tu arrives pas a envoyer
le message?

Bon, tu retournes
a la boite de reception.

Sorry, it's my mum.

Voila. Oui, et tu presses le curseur
sur le carnet d'addresses.

Apres, tu as une fenetre
qui apparait.

Maman, je suis au bolout, la!
Je ne sais pa, un cadre,
un encadrement!

Voila, bon, tu descends par ca,

et il y a un petit cadre. Maintenant
tu as l'addresse qui apparait.

Apres, tu ecris ce que tu veux
dan l'encadre, et quand
tu as termine. . .



Get some water!

There's been a chemical attack.
I need paramedics now.
Yeah, right now.

One, two, three, lift.

Spence? Hello!

Samples from the contaminated book
haven't revealed any harmful
bacteria. What's her condition?

We need to get her to a
hospital as soon as possible, sir.
We're being followed.

It looks like
you were trying to corrupt it.

I trust Spencer Jordan.

Where is he now? I don't know.

I didn't even know your
father was a police officer.

I'm sorry, no-one's
allowed to leave yet.

This is about Cherry
Tree Farm, isn't it?

I don't want to give up working
for you. The man is armed,
and my witness is seriously injured.

It's not about saving lives.
We've a moral, ethical position.

Did you kill Jackie
Holmes and Marcus Coulter?

Hang in there, Spence, we're on it.