Waking the Dead (2000–…): Season 5, Episode 10 - Undertow: Part 2 - full transcript

Prime suspect Steven Hunt manages to claim two more drowning victims while the Cold Case Team is conducting a surveillance on him., but even after a frustrated Boyd takes out his anger on the suspect and his own team, he has nothing but circumstantial evidence against the serial killer.

Suzy Jenkins, 3rd Year law student,
University of West London.

Never got to graduate.

We've got a suspect?
We have another body.

Philippa Carrington was
pulled out of Regent's Canal
near Paddington main line.

These four victims appeared
in the Ealing Mercury.

Angela Worthing was out jogging.

Julia Macey was in her shower, when
she got out, she saw a man looking
at her through the bathroom window.

Sophie Raikes.
Filed as a missing person.

Who reported her missing?

Her boyfriend, Ben Elwes.

What would you do if she turned up?

I'd forgive her.

Is there any connection
with The Mercury?

Is this a murder investigation?

It's a police investigation.
What do we know about him?

He's inside for benefit fraud,
said he was set up.

Has he hurt somebody?


Is it serious?

What else have we got on Hunt?

He's about to get out. Come on.

If you think of cutting through a
rope. It has hundreds of strands.

Well, a personality works
in exactly the same way.

This isn't about his present
conviction, this is a
murder investigation.

I want you out of my house.

Leave my house, now.

You have eclectic tastes.

What exactly are you looking for

in a woman?

So there's not enough for an arrest,
let alone any charges?

So he's going to do it again.
He's going to kill again?

Given the opportunity.

Have you found it?

Bellhaven Road, I've got it.

This way, Mr Elwes.

Hello there. Come in.

Come and sit down.

The first couple of years
really tore me up.

The not knowing more than anything.

But then I met Shelly
and it became easier.

Not to continuously play
every detail over in my mind.

It's a normal reaction.

Obviously now, with all this,

I'm thinking about it again.

I'm sorry about that.

Actually, it feels OK, you know?

Now that something's being done.

You, um. . . You asked me about
the article that Sophie had been in.


I hadn't thought about it before
but around that time there
was something.

What sort of thing?

After a shift at the hospital
she found she had a flat tyre,

so she called me and I went
down to change it for her.

Well, it had been slashed,

I mean, it looked like that.
Well, to me it looked like that.

She claimed on insurance
and that was it, but. . .

I just thought, you know. . .


Thank you,
yeah, it's very, very useful.

Anything else? No.
Well, thank you for coming in.

Just one minute. I'm sorry.

Dr Foley?


Yeah. Can I get back to you
in a few minutes? Thank you.

Ben. It's this way.

Oh, I'm sorry.

At last.

Something's happening.

Where's he going? Looks like
he's off to the gym or something.

So you think Hunt slashed the tyre?

It's possible.

Force her to walk home.
Get her out in the open.

Then Elwes turns up and
Hunt has to wait, yeah? Mmm.

Eight possible victims
from this last week's edition.

We can't watch them all.

Why not? What are we going to do,
let him get on with it? He's the one,
isn't he? I think he's the one. Yeah.

I mean, Suzy Jenkins -
strangled in her home. . .

You've got Philippa Carrington -
the canal. . . Right.

Sophie Raikes. Well, I don't know.

So what are we missing?

Here we go.
Looks like we're on the move.

OK, Mr Hunt.

Let's see where you're going now.

He must have a leak in the radiator.

Well, at least he came prepared.

Hi, Felix. Hi. Sorry to interrupt.

That's OK. I just wanted to
ask you a personal question.

Two long-term boyfriends and a cat,
who doesn't like me very much.

Do you take a bath in the evenings?

Um, sometimes, yes - when
I need to relax.

And do you put your pyjamas on
before you take your bath?

I don't wear pyjamas.

Oh. . .OK.

But if I did, I wouldn't.

I mean, I would
put them on when I got out.

Yes, me too.

Me too. But not Suzy Jenkins.

She was already wearing her pyjamas.

She was running a bath and wearing
her pyjamas. Now I think that's odd.

I can do odd.

Philippa Carrington's
cause of death.

I thought she drowned.

She did. The autopsy clearly found
water in her lungs. Well, she was
dragged out of Regent's canal.

Right. Except for when I re-examined
the samples that were kept. . .that's
not where the water came from.

A predominantly still body of water,
like a lake or a canal, tends to be

very slightly acidic due to
the decomposition process.

Now the water in Philippa
Carrington's lungs was very
slightly alkaline instead.

Couldn't that just be a small
anomaly in that stretch of canal?

Yeah, it could. Except I've got
relatively high levels of chlorine,

some aluminium, even a trace of
lead. OK, you'll have to explain.

All these elements are added
as part of a standard purification
process. Oh, God.

The water in her lungs wasn't from
a canal, it was from a tap. Tap.

He's wearing black trunks. I saw.

Coffee? Please.

And I'll have one of those
cake things as well, thanks.

Coffee's fine, thank you.

Hi. Hi. We think we might have
got something.

What sort of thing?
Philippa Carrington,
she didn't drown in the canal.

Suzy Jenkins didn't drown,
she was strangled.

But remember how she was found.

There was water coming through
the ceiling from the bathroom.

We think Hunt meant to drown her.

He was running a bath, but he was
disturbed when her friend came home.


Suzy! It's coming through
the ceiling!

Julia Macey. He masturbated while
he watched her in the shower.

John! Angela Worthing. . .

She was out jogging.
Here, take a look, what can you see?

Ah, this is the park,
where she was attacked.


In the corner.

In the corner is
a pond with a fountain.

Fountain, yep.

Yeah. Yeah, but it may not be

There isn't a park that hasn't got
a pond, fountain or lake.
One of them has even got a river.

But I've got a feeling.
It's just I. . .

There seems to be a
connection with water.

I think that's what he does.
I think that's what he likes.

It's the drowning.

Let me think about it a bit more.
No, let ME think about it
a little bit more. Thanks.



Yeah. What you up to?

Having a coffee.

What's Hunt doing?



At the Applebloom Leisure Centre.

Hold on!






Was it him?
I don't know, he was in the pool.

Was it him, Spence?
I didn't see it happen, OK.

Nobody did. Not even her friends.

Picturing your rope, Grace.

Which strand is this then?

I don't know.
No photographs in the paper.

Where's the build-up?

Well, he's changed
his boundaries obviously.

The duty pathologist's on his way.

Did you know swimming uses more
muscle groups than virtually
any other physical activity.

Strength. . .

stamina. . .suppleness.

It works almost. . . It works
almost every part of your body.

Out. Where's he going?

Don't worry about him. Look at me.
This direction. Look at me!
I'm right here!

I want you to tell me what happened.

I want you to talk me
through the whole thing.

I didn't see what happened. I didn't
see the girl. . . That's not it.
I didn't see the girl.

You killed her. It was a tragic. . .
You killed her. . .accident.

You came here you didn't know
who she was, and you killed her.

I came here to swim.

I know about the water.

I want to hear it from you.

The whole thing.

Get off me!

I don't know why I did it.
No, please, no. . .

Tell me what happened. Tell me!




Take him out of here.

The body's unmarked except for some
bruising around the left ankle. So
he held her down, dragged her under?

Well, that would fit
with the injury, yeah.

Everybody has
a different lung capacity.

A healthy young woman, fighting
for her life - it'd probably be
over in less than 90 seconds.

Is there any way of
connecting this to Hunt?

No. There must be something.
What about the bruising?

I can tell you she was held under,
I can't tell you by who.

I hope the coffee was good.

Ninety seconds, in front of you.
And you were. . . .

I was watching him the whole time,
OK? Nobody knew about the water.

But everybody knew about Hunt.
What's the point of watching him? !
Nobody thought that he was. . .

That's enough out of you. You didn't
even think to check his dental work.

So observation's not your
thing right now, trust me.

This is not going to happen again.
You stick close.

He takes a piss,
it's your shoes that get splashed.

Why didn't you just hit him? What?

You know slap him around a bit
like you normally do.

You'd have gone crazy
if I'd done that.
You virtually drowned him, Boyd.

Now how's he going to react to that?
It's going to send him deeper
into denial.

Well, what if it had released
something and it was successful.

You'd want to be part of that,
wouldn't you? Admit it. Yes? Yes.

Yes. But it didn't work, did it?

And I wouldn't have done it
because I wouldn't take the risk.

I know what it could release.

We're talking about a very disturbed
man. At least I did something.
Yeah, you did.

You lost control and you've given
it to him. He knows he's in control.
You gave him back the power.

I don't care what he is, Grace.
Or why he is what he is.

All I know is he is what he is
and it's my job to stop him.

Miss Baker.

I've got better things to do if this
is another "no comment". It isn't.

Sit down.

Thank you.

Could you, um. . . ?

Is it true they come to
the surface when it rains?

When does your next edition come out?

Friday. My article's ready to go.

What's it gonna say?

That your unit's investigating
possible links between attacks
on three women. Seven women.

What? It's seven women
and four of them are dead.

Is this official?

Starting in '99, still going on.
What do you mean, still going on?

Recently? When?

Have you got any suspects?

Who's that?
The guy who's responsible.

Print it. Print it? Everything
you've got, the whole thing.

And don't forget the name.

Yep. Ben Elwes is following Hunt.

What? Ben Elwes is following Hunt.

I've seen him.

Sophie Raikes.

Sorry? What's the matter with you? !

She was my girlfriend.
You remember her now?

Say it! Say her name!

Sophie! What did you do with her?

Leave him alone!

I've called security.


Thanks. What was that about?

I have no idea.

Sounded like an angry boyfriend.


Are you sure you're all right?

I'm just a bit surprised, you know.

OK. Look, thanks. Um. . .

Maybe I could take you out
for a drink or something?

Sorry, I'm. . .

how about how about I give you

my number and then if you change
your mind, you could give me a call.



I'm not familiar with the term.

It's a condition that
sexually arouses someone where the
average person wouldn't respond.

Its umbrella term is paraphilia.

It's in common use.

Paedophilia, necrophilia. . .

Your son

is sexually aroused

by watching his victims drown.

Are you a psychologist?


A profiler?

If you like.

I read a headline once,
"Psychics versus profilers".

You can guess who won.

No, I can't.
It wasn't the profilers.

So would you believe me
if I was a psychic?

It might help
if you had some evidence.

Well, I haven't.

It's all circumstantial. That's
what I'm here for. I need your help.

Your son is a very dangerous man.

He is my son. I know, which must
make it unimaginably hard.

But nonetheless it's true.

Too short.

I'm with Samuel Johnson.
A stick with a hook on one end

and a fool at the other.

I had to step in. Elwes
would have put him in hospital.

We'd have known where he was!

What would you have done?
You exchanged numbers.
I thought it might be useful.

You gave him your number?

He wanted to say thank you.

You gave him your number.

How did Elwes even know about
Hunt anyway? Oh, hands up.
That's me, he was here with me.

He's killed four women and
you exchanged numbers with him?

I thought maybe we could meet,
maybe he'll talk one on one.

Grace, tell her. Tell her what?

Hunt is a psychopath.

He has no conscience, Stella.

I'll wear a wire.

I'll be fine.

It's not going to happen.

You'd be there,
I'd never be out of sight.

Look, we'll pick a public place,
somewhere with plenty of people.


Don't push him,
let it all just come naturally.

He likes to be in control. OK.
If he feels that he's
not in control, he'll walk away.

Or get violent.

In which case I'll walk away.


OK. Any sign, Spence? Nothing yet.

Listen to him,
just hear what he wants talk about
and don't remain silent.

Encourage him,
but don't force the conversation.

If you feel remotely threatened,
you call it in.

Yeah. Even if you even feel
slightly uncomfortable, call it in.
OK. Stella. Yeah?

If he puts his hand on your leg. . .
I've got it. Really. Good luck.


He's not here.

I'm going to the bar.

OK. All right.

Stop worrying about her.
We'll be watching her all the way.

I know, I know.

Can I get, um pineapple,
oh, orange juice, please?

Hiya. Hi.

Can I get you that?

I'm waiting for someone.

Yeah, of course you are.

He's late.

Only fashionably. Anything?

Any sign, Stella?


Spence, are you there?

Yeah. Hold on.

Stella? Stella? Talk to me.


Spence, I can't get hold of. . .

I can't get hold of Stella. Go
and look for her, please. Say again.

Go to the bar.

I don't see her. Look again.
She was at the bar. Keep looking.

She's not here.

What about Hunt? Can you see Hunt?

No sign of him either. Wait for me
by the door, I'm coming in.
Hold on, I see her.

Where was she?
She was in the bathroom.

Stay out of the bathroom. Stella,
do you hear me? What? The signal
goes dead in the bathroom.

Stay out of the bathroom.
What am I meant to do?

Cross your legs, hold it,
I don't know, but don't go
in the bathroom.

I'm walking outside.


Hi. I was getting worried
that you'd had a better offer.

I don't understand
why he didn't show.

Too many people.

There must be a good reason.

It's not his pattern.

Is it?



It is.

Thank you.

Who found her?

The caretaker.
He was checking up on his pigeons.

His pigeons?

Yeah, young racing birds.

He's a fancier.
He's got a coop outside.

There's no obvious cause of death.

Her injuries appear to be

What is this place?
What do you think?

For some kind of rowing practice?

A rowing practice place.

Yeah, exactly.

This must be her bag.

Boyd? Yeah? They're repairing
all the pipe-work,
everything's turned off.

The tanks are usually full of water.

This was such a huge story for her.

She'd done her research.

I don't understand how she
made the connection to Hunt.

I don't even know how she got hold
of his name.

I gave it to her.

I gave her his name,
I told her to print it.

Why would you do that? I'd just
fished a body out of the pool.
I didn't want it happening again.

You didn't have to shout
the name from the rooftops.

That's not what I did though, Grace.

You told her to print the name.

What were you looking for?
Vigilantes on the streets?

This is a different situation.
Why? Because you called it?

She's dead, Boyd.

I didn't think she'd go to see him.

She was being thorough.
You put her in that position.

I thought it might flush him out,
exert some pressure, protect
potential victims. That's ourjob.


And how are we doing so far?

Hunt's old school
used the rowing shed.

So that's how he knew
about the tanks. Yeah.

He thought there was water in them.


The tanks were empty. He must
have got water from somewhere
because Sarah Baker drowned.

He killed her elsewhere, then
dumped her there? Maybe drowned
her in the river? No.

There's evidence of a struggle
at the scene. Her injuries suggest
that he forcibly drowned her.

There are bruises on both shoulders
and on the sides of her jaw.

There's also a mark on her
nose from some kind of clip.

I think he killed her there.

How much water would it take?
Depends how much she struggled.

Did he ram a hosepipe down
her throat? He could have got it
from his car. How come?

He keeps a large water container
in the boot of his car. He used it
to fill up his radiator.

Can we check that water against
the water in her lungs? He could've
got it from the river.

The composition would have to be
unique to get a match. I can try.

If she was in the car,
there must be a trace of her. Well,
if she was in the car, yes.

Right. Get a connection.
I've got to put him at the scene.
I know. Good. OK.

So this mark now on her neck.

What is this?

Right, well, there's
a clearer picture of it here.

Now I think it was probably made by
some kind of chain that got caught.

She wore a silver cross around
her neck. We didn't find it.
No, he took it as a memento.

Yes? Step away from the door,
Mr Hunt. This is what you wanted.

What's going on?
They're searching the house.

What for? Steven. Steven!
What are you looking for?

Where is it?

Where is it?

The chain with the silver cross.
You couldn't resist taking it,
could you?

He hasn't done anything!
You ripped it off her neck.

WHERE is it?

Easy, easy!

I need your clothes. Whatever
you were wearing last night.

I just dropped my suit
at the dry cleaner's, but my
shirt's in the washing machine.

Help yourself.


Yeah? 'Boyd. It's Felix. '

Did you tell Sarah Baker about
the attack on Sophie Raikes's car?

No. Well, she's written about it
here in an article.

"Sources confirm that she was
targeted some months before she
disappeared'? No, I never said that.

Are you absolutely sure?
Absolutely sure. I never said it.

I gave Baker the name. That's all.
That was it. All right? OK. Good.

The composition is consistent with
the water I found in Sarah Baker's
lungs. What does that mean exactly?

It's possible that it came from
Hunt's house. So it's a match?
No. Not in any definitive sense.

No, I mean it's not fingerprints
or DNA. I can't be that exact.

The whole road gets its water
from the same place,
so does half the borough.

I can't nail it down
to a specific house.
How are you doing with the car?

I'm getting to it. Find me
something. I need a connection, so
find me something. Yeah, I'm trying.

Madame Grace, a parcel for you.
Oh, thanks, Spence.

Thank you.

The attack on Sophie Raikes's car. . .
I didn't say anything! Elwes said
she put in an insurance claim,

but there's no record of it on our
system. You need a police report
for an incident like that. Yes.

So he lied. It could
have been a hospital policy.
Well, yes, so I checked that.

I rang the hospital and they said
any information like that would be
on her personnel file. And this is?

Sophie Raikes's personnel file. OK.


Who's that? Sophie Raikes.

This is another nurse. The newspaper
made a mistake with the photos.
I'm completely lost. I'm sorry.

The Mercury wrongly attributed the
picture. But Elwes saw this picture.

Exactly, and he said nothing.

A few months before she disappeared,
she was in the local paper when she
delivered a baby in the corridor.


Yeah. I remember.

Five years together,
living and loving, and you don't
even recognise her face.

Does that seem normal to you?

What was it? She stop wearing
her uniform in the bedroom?

What about Sarah Baker?

Do you remember her?

Remember her face? You went
to see her at the newspaper.

You went to her with what we told
you. She came to us,
then went back to you

and you came back to us again
and told Grace the story
about Sophie's car.

Then you went after Steven Hunt
to try to convince us that
Sophie was part of his pattern.

And we were, we were,
we were convinced. Yeah.

We thought Sophie was
another of Hunt's Victims.

It's all there, you see, Ben.
It's all in her notes.

It's clean.

And I mean spotless.
You went over it? Yep.

Inside and out. Carpets, floor mats,
under each seat, even the boot.

There's no trace of Sarah Baker.

What's this?

Bird shit.

Murder to get off a convertible.

From what kind of bird?

They're all young birds, only about
three or four months old.

Right, so are they flying far yet?

No, not far.
Barely out of the shed, really.

Can we see them? Oh, yeah, sure.
Come on.


You'll be careful, won't you? Yeah,
a clip of a nail, a drop of blood.
They won't feel a thing.

Are you sure this is going to work?
Yeah, well, they detect colon cancer
by testing DNA in human faeces.

Are you OK? Yeah.

Come on!

Come on, you.

That's it.

Here we go.
Spence, I've got to get out of here.

When we came to see you, Ben,
you told us that if she turned up,
you'd forgive her.

She isn't going to turn up, is she?

What where you going
to forgive her for?

Leaving you?

Meeting someone else?

Or for forcing you
into this situation?

It's not her that needs
forgiveness though, is it?

It's you that needs
forgiveness, isn't it, Ben?

Where is she, Ben?

She's not where she's
meant to be, is she?

Do you think she deserves more
than that, to be just forgotten?

I have never forgotten her.

Not one minute in five years.

Not good enough though, is it?

An unremarked burial,
an unmarked grave.

It's not unmarked.

What happened?

'Just tell me how long. '

I don't come with strings. I never
have. You can't make me stay.

A month, six?

I didn't mean to, I didn't. . .

Tell me!

Longer. Who is it?

I didn't want to.

Well, at least tell me his name!

'It isn't anyone else, Ben. '

It's you.

I didn't even think about it.

He told me she'd left him.

I wouldn't have stayed
if I'd even thought. . .

I know.

This is his way of
keeping her close.

So that leaves Hunt.

Why am I here?

You're his mother, Mrs Hunt.
We need to show you something.

Her name was Suzy Jenkins.

This is Philippa Carrington.

Armelle Thierry.

Sarah Baker.

Your son poured water down
her throat until she drowned.

Look at the pictures, Mrs Hunt.

OK, thanks for turning it round.

It's a match.

It's not the why, Mrs Hunt,
it's the how.

The water,
the drowning, the methodology.

What does that say to you?
A family holiday?

A drowning, an accident?

Was he in the sea?

No. Something closer to home then?

Sir, we've got something.

You don't understand. Steven. . .

He was always. . .

. .very special.

We can put Hunt at the scene,
we've got a DNA match. Not his,
but pigeon faeces on his car.

From a specific bird.

We can prove he was there.

It's a solid link.

Steven was. . .


But. . .

. . he would never have done this!

Mrs Hunt, are you feeling ill?



He isn't here any more.

What's happened?

Where is he?

What have you done?

I think this is what
you were looking for.

Where's my son?
Don't let her go upstairs.

You live by something,
sometimes you die by it.

You don't believe that.

No, you're right,

I don't.

He would have carried on.

You're looking for something
that isn't there.

There's no crazy aunt,
no family secret, no voice
in his head except his own.

He was my son. . .

and he couldn't help himself.

He did want to,
he couldn't stop.

We would have stopped him.


You were taking too long.

Subtitles by BBC Broadcast 2005
Conversion by reirei.