Waking the Dead (2000–…): Season 5, Episode 1 - Towers of Silence: Part 1 - full transcript

Following the tragic death of DS Mel Silver, Frankie Wharton has left the Cold Case Unit to return to research. Felix Gibson, a bright, strong and somewhat altruistic pathologist, has stepped into her shoes. But Detective Superintendent Peter Boyd is finding it hard to find a replacement for Mel. In the meantime, DS Andrea Stephenson, who likes to be known as Andy, has been drafted in, on attachment from Kent C.I.D. Six years ago, Andy found a body on top of a water tower in Kent. The case bears similarities to a mummified body discovered on a derelict airplane. Meanwhile, Spencer Jordan goes undercover in prison. His mission is to discover the reasons behind these deaths from the convicted killer, who is too scared to say anything. But the man commits suicide in prison before Spencer can get him to reveal the identity of the true killer. The plane victim's uncle arrives from India to tell the team that his nephew was investigating a corrupt businessman who had been peddling fake drugs. The shadowy figure of the corrupt Indian businessman grows increasingly sinister as the team discover that he was manufacturing fake pharmaceutical drugs designed to be sold at a high price to unwitting Aids victims in third world countries. A major international pharmaceutical company is implicated in the cover-up and it becomes clear that they will take steps, however illegal, to silence their problem.

Previously on AMC's The Walking Dead...


Tomorrow we go to the end of the line.

Then, Washington.

I love you, Lizzie.

You don't need to stay.

We can't stay.

Just in case...

Welcome to Terminus!

Go to the train car. Now!


They're gonna feel pretty stupid
when they find out

they screwed with the wrong people.

We should never
have put up the signs.

What the hell did we
think was gonna happen?

We brought them here.

We were trying
to do something good.

We were being human beings.

What are we now, Gareth?

They seemed nice
enough, but I was ready to go.

We just got here, but, damn,

it was time to go.

When I told them about DC,

a wink and a nod from
the head asshole in charge,

they pulled their guns
and it was right back

to our regularly scheduled

Before they put you in
here, you didn't see Tyreese?

- No.
- Good.

Black car with a
white cross painted on it.

I tried to follow it.
I tried.

But she's alive?

She's alive.

What are you doing?

Everybody shut up.

Shut up!

All right, got four of them
pricks coming our way.

Y'all know what to do.

Go for their eyes first.

Then their throats.

Put your backs to the walls
on either side of the car now.


Okay, hold up.

All right.

Hey, guys. What were
your shot counts?



Your shot count?

Crap, man, I'm sorry.

It was my first roundup.

After you're done here,
go back to your point

and count the shells.

Kaylee won't be gathering
them until tomorrow.


Hey, let me talk to you.

Four from A, four from D?


Hey, let me talk
to you for a minute.

Let me talk to you for a minute.

- Let me talk to you for a minute.
- What?

Don't do this.
We can fix this.

- No, you can't.
- You don't have to do this.

We told you there's a way
out of all this.

You just have to take a chance.

We have a man
who knows how to stop it.

He has a cure. We just have
to get him to Washington.

You don't have to do this, man.

We can put the world
back to how it was.

Can't go back, Bob.

We can!
You don't have to do this!

We saw you go into
the woods with a bag

and come out without it.

Had to pull my spotters back
before we could go look for it.

What was in it?

You hid it, right?

In case things went bad?


Still, we'll find it.

But it's too dangerous
to go out there right now.

What was in it?

I'm curious.

And it was a big bag.

You really gonna let me do this?

Well, let me take you out there.

I'll show you.

Not gonna happen.
This might.

There's guns in it.


.44 Magnum.

Automatic weapons.

There's a compound bow

and a machete with a red handle.

That's what I'm gonna
use to kill you.


You have two hours
to get them on the driers.

I'm gonna go back
to public face.

Now's the time we can get messy,

but we need to dial
it all in by sundown.

- Got it.
- Yes, sir.

Hey, Chuck?

We're close.

I'm gonna get you both there.

Make sure you're safe.

But I'm not gonna stay.

I can't.
Not yet.

You're going to have
to be able to.


That gunfire,

it could have been
from Terminus.

Someone was attacking them.

Or they were attacking someone.

Do we even want to find out?


There's another track due east.

It'll get us there.
We'll be real careful.

We're gonna get answers.

10-minute count.

You screw up,
you're on your own, Martin.

You don't have to tell me.
I wipe my own ass.

Alex didn't get it.

See, I knew the chick
with the sword was bad news.

Bitch looked like a weapon
with a weapon.

He was always
a sloppy-ass mother.

Yeah, I told Albert I want the kid's
hat after they bleed him out.

Keep your finger off
the button and drop it.

They're only doing eight
before public face.

Listen, y'all don't
have to do this.

Whatever you want, we got a
place where everyone's welcome.

- Shut up, man.
- Okay.

We're friends of
the chick with the sword

and the kid in the hat.

They attacked us.
We're just holding them.

I don't believe you.

Who else do you have?
Do you know their names?

We just have the boy
and the samurai, that's it.

We were just
protecting ourselves.

I don't believe you.

There's a bunch of us out there

in six different directions.

There was a lot
of gunfire back home.

We need to set off our
charges all at the same time

to confuse the dead ones away.
That's good for you, too.

No, it isn't.

There's a herd heading
toward Terminus right now.

We don't want
to confuse them away.

We're gonna need their help.

It's a compound.

They'll see you coming.

If you even make it that far

with all the cold
bodies heading over.


How are you gonna do this?

I'm gonna kill people.

She got a name?

Hey, she got a name?


She your daughter or something?

She's a friend.


I don't have any friends.

I mean, I know people. They're
just assholes I stay alive with.

The other one your friend?
The woman?

I used to have them.

Used to watch
football on Sundays.

Went to church.

I know I did.

But I can't picture it anymore.

It's funny how you don't
even notice the time go by.

Horrible shit just stacks
up day after day.

You get used to it.

I haven't gotten used to it.

Of course you haven't. You're the
kind of guy who saves babies.

It's kind of like
saving an anchor

when you're stuck without a boat
in the middle of the ocean.

Been behind some kind
of walls, right?

You're still around, but you haven't
had to get your hands dirty.

I can tell.

See, you're a good guy.

You have no idea about
the things I've done.

You're a good guy.

That's why you're
gonna die today.

It's why the baby
is going to die.


you can get in that car,

get out of here,

keep on being lucky.

You think you're gonna kill me?

Why haven't you killed me?

How does having
me alive help you?

Why the hell are you
even talking to me?

Take her, take the car,

and go.

I don't want to do this today.

Put your backs to the wall
on either side of the car now.

- Is that Terminus?
- Yeah.


Maybe you're gonna win this.

Maybe your friend--

I mean, maybe that woman

just got capped.

Maybe I'm gonna be the one who
gets capped when she comes back.

Nobody's got to die today.

Man, if you believe that...

then it's definitely
gonna be you and the kid.

Even if that place
is burning to the ground.

Hey, what the hell was that?

Do you copy?

- You stay here.
- Gareth, these guys aren't going anywhere.

Stay here until
I know what's happening.

So we just sit here?

Got a job to do.

Oh, Jesus.

- You there, Gareth?
- He's busy.

You smell the smoke?

You hear the shots?
He could be dead.

The hell we doing here? The
whole place could be going up.

You went on one roundup
and you blew protocol.

We don't deal with security.
That ain't our job.

This is.
Hey, look at me.


No, no, no, no, no!


What the hell is going on?

- Someone hit them.
- Maybe our people got free.

Excuse me.

What the hell are you doing?

I might be able to use this
shell to compromise the door.

From the sound of things, there may
not be anybody left to open it.

Eugene, I'm sorry, but shut up.

- Okay.
- Hey.

My dad's gonna be back.

- They all are.
- They are.

And we need to get ready to fight
our way out with them when they do.

If they got problems,
we got a chance.

It sounded like a bomb.

Sounds like a damn war.

Right there.

What the hell are these people?

They ain't people.

Let him turn.

Cross any of these
people, you kill them.

Don't hesitate.

They won't.

If we run, we
can get by them.

They're distracted.

We got to let those people out.

That's still who we are.

It's got to be.

Help me!

Come on, come on, come on.

We're the same!
We're them!

Back off!

We're the same.

Come on.

- We got to double back.
- A is that way.

We go back, we don't
know where we are.

We don't really
have a choice, do we?

- Wait here.
- Rick. Rick!


We're going to have
to double back.

Drop your weapons
and turn around.

I want to see your face.



The signs...

they were real.

It was a sanctuary.

People came and took this place.

- Just tell me where--
- And they raped and they killed

and they laughed

over weeks.

But we got out

and we fought
and we got it back.

And we heard the message.

You're the butcher...

or you're the cattle.

The men they pulled from that
train car, where are they?

Where are they?


point it at my head.

You could have been one of us.

You could have listened to
what the world is telling you.

You lead people here and you take
what they have and you kill them?

Is that what this place is?

No, not at first.

It's what it had to be.

And we're still here.

You're not here.

Neither am I.

No! No! No!

Oh! No, God!

No! No!

Back off!

Back off!

Put your weapons on the ground.

Kick them over right now.
Right now!


Please, don't.
Don't hurt her.

Go outside.

Go outside!

Just one twist, man.

- Don't!
- Don't make me!

Go outside.

All right.

Cynthia, do you copy?

Cynthia, do you copy?

That's how it works.

I won't.

I won't!

I won't!

I won't!

I won't!

What's the cure, Eugene?

It's classified.

We don't know
what's gonna happen.

You leave him be.

- We need to keep working.
- Yeah, but it's time to hear it.

'Cause we don't know
what's coming next.

What's next
is we get out of this.

Even if I told you all,

even if I provided
step-by-step instructions

complete with illustrations
and a well-composed FAQ

and I went red-ring,

the cure would still
die with me.

I'm not gonna let that happen.

The best-case scenario,
we step out into a hellstorm

of bullets, fire, and walkers.

I'm not fleet of foot.

I sure as hell can't take
a dead one down

with sharp buttons
and hella confidence.

Yeah, but we can and we will.

You don't owe us anything.

Not yet.

But we just want to hear it.

You don't have to.

I was part
of a 10-person team

at the Human Genome Project
to weaponize diseases

to fight weaponized diseases.

Pathogenic microorganisms
with pathogenic microorganisms.

Fire with fire.

drinks were had,

relationships made,
information shared.

I am keenly aware
of all the details

behind fail-safe
delivery systems

to kill every living
person on this planet.

I believe with a little tweaking
on the terminals in DC,

we can flip the script.

Take out every last
dead one of them.

Fire with fire.

All things being equal,
it does sound pretty badass.

So let's get back to work.

Come on!
Fight to the fence!

Do not leave his side!

- Go, go, go!
- Carl!

Come on.
Let's go!

Up and over.

Let's go! Move!

Let's go! Move!

Come on!

Right here.

The hell are we
still around here for?

Guns, some supplies.

Go along the fences.
Use the rifles.

Take out the rest of 'em.


They don't get to live.

Rick, we got out.
It's over.

It's not over till
they're all dead.

The hell it isn't.
That place is on fire.

Full of walkers.

I'm not dicking
around with this crap.

We just made it out.

The fences are down.

They'll run or die.

Did you do that?

You have to come with me.

Judith. You're okay.

What happened?

There were a bunch
of walkers out here

and he got his hands
around Judith's neck.

No, he's dead.

I-- I had to.

So I did.

I could.

I don't know if
the fire is still burning.

It is.

Yeah. We need to go.

Yeah, but where?

Somewhere far away from there.

We'll talk to him.

Not just yet.

Mom! Mom, come on.


That one.

No, no, please.
Not again.

No! No!

It's okay.
It's okay.

It's okay.

No, it's not.

We're gonna take it back.


We will.

You're either the butcher
or the cattle.