Waking the Dead (2000–…): Season 4, Episode 2 - In Sight of the Lord: Part 2 - full transcript

Oh, my God!

Stay here.

Even after Martin Raynor
became Martin Peterson,

he still got a nail through
his head. We visit the same night
he's found dead. Coincidence?

What are you saying?
Just saying.


He's been going through
these numbers -

all the Claytons.

Would you, er...?
Yeah, leave it with me. Thanks.

Sophie, I believe you were with
the Birmingham Symphony Orchestra.

What made you leave?
We told the other police officer.

That your father was stealing
from you, so you gave it up. Yes.

That was a bit extreme, wasn't it?
That's how she felt. Was it?

Is that how you felt? I... I...
I would have imagined
that must have been very difficult.

Yes, it was.

I bet you still would like
to play. I bet you really miss it.

Yes, I miss it. I...

The time will come when she will
play again, but not yet.

The Lord will let us know when.

Is that what you believe, Sophie?


Crawl all over it.
I want everything.

Fingerprints, blood, sweat -
I'm looking for a DNA match

to a previous crime scene, so I want
it all. Is that clear? Understood.

Someone was trying to contact
the son of an Audrey Clayton.
That'd be Neil.

Does that make Audrey about 90?
We don't know. It could be his wife.
Or his sister. ..Yeah.

No. I'll stick to forensics.

'Until he had the full details,
nobody should draw any conclusions.

'In the London area, an 81-year-old
man was found murdered last night
in a local authority nursing home.

'A spokesman for the council
said that they were assisting
with all police inquiries.

'They will be looking into the
level of security at all similar
local authority properties.

'The police have as yet not released
any details of the murder until
all relatives have been informed.'

'Here again is an update
of today's headlines.

'After winning
a High Court battle...'



Keep the change.

Do you know anybody called
Martin Raynor...or Johnny Mann?


What about George Western
or Norman Taylor?

I'm not sure... No.

Mrs Davis, I believe
you are withholding information

that could help us get
to the bottom of what's happened.

Now, was William known by
any other name apart from Davis?


What was his previous name?

I don't know. So he did have one?

Leave us alone. We've been through
enough. What have you been through?

What have you been through, Sophie?
I didn't understand it. What?

Sophie, WHAT didn't you understand?
Sophie, this is for us -
just us, and God. He will judge.

He didn't change it by deed poll,
so he probably adopted another name.
Same as Raynor did to Peterson.

I'm certain Davis
isn't his real name.
The men didn't want to be found.

Whatever shattered that family,
the mother is hiding behind her
trust in the Lord to put it right.

Her daughter hasn't
the same blind faith she has.

Yeah, well, she's a fragile
little thing. Well, use it, Grace.

Lovely manners.

Yeah, they're all through. Thanks.

Damaged left cheekbone.
Hasn't healed properly.
I can't put a date on it.

So, they're all in the infantry
division of the 7th Battalion
of the Lindfield Regiment.

Enlisted in 1942. They served
in North Africa in 1943.

Then Raynor, Taylor and Mann
saw action in '44
in the Normandy landing.

Yeah, but George Western
also went to France. Yes, he did,

but as a non-combatant
conscientious objector.

His job was to collect ID tags
off the dead. If Western
was excused active service

on the grounds of conscience, the
others were not of the same mind.

You mean, because they fought, they
weren't conscientious objectors?

So, this is not a band of brothers
united by any political stance.

Ah. So, is this the moment when
we're not sticking to it any longer?

I think... I think you could say
that this is the moment. Yes.

A-hem. Could the others
have turned on Western,

and, in turn, he was avenged?

He may have had an ulterior
motive for not fighting,
you know, apart from conscience.

One perception that we've had
of these men so far
has been as victims -

as victims of some fanatical
serial killer,

but what if this serial killer
is a killer of...serial killers?


My head's spinning a bit now.
Do you mean the...revolving door?

Well, he's collecting ID tags.

Is he collecting anything else?
I'm not with you.

Watches, jewellery, letters.
Is he writing home to the dead men's
family, friends,

asking for money, food, favours?

Did he do that? Is he killing off
the wounded? Is he letting them die?
Is he selling identities?

It's not my notion
of the Dunkirk spirit.

Where does "All's fair in love and
war" come from? War is the perfect
opportunity for people on the make.

That's appalling.

So, are you saying that Western
may have been a front for some
black-market, grave-robbing gang?

Why not? If you're gonna deserve
a nail in the head as punishment,

then this is about as socially and
morally reprehensible as you can get.

When you think how desensitised
we've got to violence
through the media.

These guys - they're
experiencing it first hand.

So you can sort of see why...

they would lose their sense
of morals and social sensibilities.

You can understand how they
could feel they could exploit
the situation to their own ends.

But...these guys didn't come back
rich, did they?

After the war they all seem to have
led pretty normal and decent lives.

I mean marriage,
family, homes, jobs...

Fish Shop?
Fish Shop.

Oh, Mel. Oh-h-h!


Do you know a Neil Clayton?

Never heard the name before?


What about this Internet guy?

What about him? You're not being
very nice to me, are you?

Who is he?
I don't know.

Those messages were very intimate.

The messages arrived. They were
never signed. I told him nothing.
You turned up before I could.

But he wanted to know about a Martin
Raynor and a Johnny Mann, right?

And I don't suppose you've ever heard
that name before either, have you?!

Yes, I have. Oh, you have(!)

A-ha! A positive.
Great. When?

May I?

These are photographs of my
grandfather's barracks, which are
derelict, but still standing.

Look here.
At the end of the corridor.

How did you know I needed this?

OK. A drawing.


"Let us do the talking.

"Taylor, Mann,
Raynor, Griffiths and Western."

Five names. ..We've got four men
with nails through their heads.
We know that Taylor's dead...

Raynor's dead...

and Western is dead.

So...Davis, if that's his real
name could be Griffiths.

Or Johnny Mann. Or Johnny Mann.

Can I help you, sir?

Sir?! Police.

Did you get it? Nah.

He insisted he'll only talk to you.
That's OK. I've got to see Frankie
first. Where is he? On the left.

Mr Brackley. Ah, Superintendent Boyd.

Yep. I'll be two minutes, OK?
I'll be right back.

Cause of death? Asphyxiation.
I'd say someone turned off
his oxygen and he choked to death.

At least this guy was dead when the
nail went in. Yeah. ..Anything else?



Are they clean?

I went to the working men's club
where Taylor was murdered,

and I extracted a sample of tissue
from a hole in the floor

that matches the original
crime-scene notes.

The sample turned out
to be brain tissue,

and this...

..is a cast of the hole.

So, this batch of nails
was forged at the same time.

Well, it's too close
to be a coincidence, isn't it?

So, the same person did
the killing, or...

..someone who had access...

to these...nails.



Just "Frankie".

Mr Brackley, as nice
as it is to see you...

why are you here? I want to know
whether you've found Martin Raynor
or Johnny Mann yet...

Or Johnny Mann. Why don't you
go home and leave this case to us?

Leave it to you? Yes.
The upholders of law and order(!)

How many serious offences
have you just pushed aside
and conveniently forgotten about?

Thousands, no, millions of crimes,

which the police just can't be
bothered to investigate properly.
They never have!

Nothing's changed.

Nothing's changed.



Griffiths was a friend of Western
and the others. Do you know why
he changed his name to Davis?

I didn't know he had
until you told me just now. I went
to your old barracks yesterday.

There was a drawing on the wall
of Western and the others, with
the slogan "Let us do the talking".

Is that still there?

It was from a poster of the time.

It showed this big artillery gun,
and the slogan
"Let ME do the talking".

It was about being careful
who you talked to.

National security and all that.

Then, someone drew those five
and changed the slogan.

Why those five?


I just thought it might be quieter
here. You know, away from things.

Away from my mum, you mean.

Go ahead.


It's a bit different
from how I remember it.

Most of the 7th Battalion
were afraid of them.

They enjoyed putting
the fear of God into people.


This is their place.

Lots of the men had
a tough time in here.

These men...had a reputation?

They had the reputation
for being animals.

I knew Taylor in civvy street.

He came from a tough family,

but he was OK until he teamed up
with George Western.

What was Western like?

A good soldier. So were the other
three. They were all good soldiers.

They wanted to get to the action,
do the right thing
for King and country.

So...what happened?

North Africa.

What happened, Edward?

I saw Private Johnny Mann
kill this panzer commander.

Mann took a gun to his head
and forced him to strip.

Then he took this young
German's photos from his wallet...

his wife and two kids.

Open your mouth.

He shoved one of the photos
in the man's mouth and lit it.

He said if he dropped it...

he'd blow his brains out.

Of course he DID drop them,

Mann...pulled the trigger...

..but the gun wasn't loaded.

The German was terrified.

Mann said...he didn't want him
spawning any more German bastards,

..he took a bayonet
and sliced off his genitals.

Then he left him in the desert...

..to bleed to death.

Did you report this?

That was...just the beginning.

When we got back from Africa,
there were no Germans, so
they started on the new recruits.

Somebody must have complained.

Someone did.

A young soldier. Benson.

Kenneth Benson.

They decided to teach him a lesson.

They hung him up from the hoist.


Come on. Strike him. Who's next?

Let US do the talking.

Then after using him
as target practice,

they just left him there.

He was...in hospital for six months.

Then he was discharged -

unfit to be a soldier.

But he was on their side.

War makes you do funny things.

You either cave in, not being able
to take the horror, or...

you embrace it...

make it part of yourself.

It's in your blood...

..and the more you participate,

the more you know
you want it to continue.

We...could've stopped it.

We SHOULD have stopped it.

Bye-bye. Hi, there. DS Jordan again.

Wonder if I could have a word
with you. Pop inside.
I'll make a cup of tea.

I thought I was in love with him.
A boyfriend?

He was a lot older than me.

A lot older.

But I didn't care.

And your mother didn't approve?

She didn't mind. She was
20 years younger than my father.

And she liked him. So,
what did she have a problem with?

I became pregnant.

Oh, I see.

No...you DON'T see.

I found out he was my brother.

My father's son.

When I told my mum she just...

She just went to pieces.

What would God do to us?

We were going to be punished.
But you didn't know.

I was being punished for sleeping
with him in the first place.

That's God's way.

No. No, it isn't.

I had...

I had to have an abortion.

And...that's against
everything that we believe in.

Taking a life.

Is that the reason
your parents split up?

No. ..There was something else.

Something else she wouldn't tell me.

This, um...

This half-brother...

what was his name?



'We have a name for the man
who spooked Frankie. The car
was registered to a Neil Clayton.'

Did those five guys
ever threaten or bully you?

You only bully those
that you know won't fight back.

George Western
became a conscientious objector.
That's right.

What was that all about?

Realisation. Of what he was doing.

What he MIGHT do.


Here's my boss. Oh.

Hi. Go easy on him, Boyd.
He's had a rough day. What do you
take me for? I'm just saying.

Hi. Edward Atkinson. Great. Would you
like to go inside? Whatever you want
to do, Mr Atkinson. More comfy.

Does the name Audrey Clayton
mean anything to you?

Yes, I remember Audrey Clayton.

What was the connection between
her and Martin Raynor? He knew her.

Was he, you know, seeing her?

Screwing her, you mean?

She was married. Her husband
was in the Merchant Navy.

So you're saying that...she played
around while he was away.

In '43 only whores played around.

So, what are you saying exactly?

I'm saying that he knew her,
that's all.

Why would Raynor get in contact
with Audrey Clayton's son?

I don't know. I think you do.

I don't.

You're not hiding anything
from me, are you, Mr Atkinson?

Because if there's something
you're not telling us... There isn't.
Are you sure? Yes, I'm sure.

I said go easy. I hate it
when people hide things from me.
You always think that.

You're paranoid. You should talk
to Grace. She hates me.

I have the results
from both crime scenes.

I've now just got the lovely job
of cross-referencing all the DNA
samples taken from Davis's Cottage

with those found at the nursing
home, so PLEASE don't bother me.
OK? ..Thanks.



Why are you here?

I want to know how reliable you are.

I made a vow to God.

What you have to realise is that God
is the only person you can trust.

God has nothing to do with this.

You're wrong.

It's about commitment.

Commitment to your mother...

and commitment to God.

Now stay away from me.

You don't like me, do you?

I don't like your methods.

My methods?!

Griffiths' daughter
had nothing to do with this.

She didn't deserve to be punished.

Johnny Mann.
Tell me about Johnny Mann.

Could he be dead?


When I mentioned him
to Griffiths, I knew he wasn't.

They keep in touch.

Trying to keep tabs on me.

Trying to find out if I was getting
closer to one of them.

Well, one...

..major satisfaction is knowing that
they lived their lives in fear.

SOCOs have gathered a harvest of
80 DNA samples from Davis's cottage,

and 30 from around Raynor's
body in the nursing home.

Now, I've cross-referenced
all the results and we have a match
at both crime scenes.

One from a cup at Davis's...

and the other from Raynor's skin.
A bead of sweat on his cheek.

We're looking for a male Caucasian.
So, unless Davis and Raynor share
the same personal trainer, Frankie,

this is our man. NAILS our man.
I wasn't going to say that.

This is one fit pops if this is
the same guy who killed Western
in '48 and then Taylor in '61.

But each crime has an identical
9in nail through the right side
of the temple,

staking the head to the floor. Yeah,
but it's not hard to copy. Except
that this is a personal execution.

Why wait nearly 60 years? Everyone
went underground. There was enough...
Raynor's nephew at the fish shop

said his uncle spent 30 years in New
Zealand. Why did he come back? Maybe
he thought it was safe to return.

Maybe he thought the killer was dead,
or had forgotten. Who knows? But he
came back, didn't he? Came back. Mmm.

Injuries to the earlier victims
suggest a violent struggle took
place, whereas in the recent deaths,

one was drugged
and the other deprived of oxygen.

So, that either suggests that
the murderer became more calculated
or he doubted his physical ability.

He got older.

What would you have done
if I hadn't found Griffiths first?

I'd have kept on looking.

I would never stop looking.

You didn't recognise Griffiths. What
happens if you can't recognise Mann?

I'd recognise him all right.
How can you be sure?

I see him in my sleep...

..every night.

He can't escape God's justice.


"And it now being put
into her heart to kill him...

"She was persuaded by the effect
it had upon her, that it was God,

"not filling her with a malice and
revenge, but a concern for the glory
of God and the interest of religion.

"She took a hammer in her hand
and smote the nail into his
temples as he lay on one side -

"these being the tenderest part
of the head in which therefore

"a nail pin might be
more easily driven.

"She smote the nail with such force
that she drove it
through both temples

"into the ground on which he lay."
Judges, chapter 4.

And the story is
that this woman lured her victim
into a false sense of security.

You know, she gave him
comfort, shelter, food, drink, and
then when he fell asleep - bingo.

When he fell asleep?
Why would you sedate someone?

It's going to take time to work.
Do you sit there and talk to them?

..So all our four men have strayed
from the path of righteousness
and become enemies of God.

It's possible. So, what are we
looking for? A fundamentalist who
believes he's God's executioner?


Yeah. Hi. Thanks. Um, I need to find
a nail manufacturer who uses
a particular stamp or hallmark...

Well, I've got
a J surrounded by a circle.

Come through. Thanks.

We bought Jepson's out 15 years ago.

Well, they WERE quite unusual.

They were nine inches long -
made of high-carbon steel.

These are the records that were left.
Fantastic. Do you mind if I have
a look? Help yourself. Thank you.

Listen to me.

This isn't a hoax.

I know you want to find me,
and I'm just letting
you know where I am.

I shall be at the Gaumont...
and I know you know where that is.

Be there in an hour.

Just got to nip to the bank.

Will you keep an eye on the shop?
You won't be long, will you? No.

Ian, you do enjoy it here,
don't you?

I love it. You know I do.

Well, from now on, it's yours.

Don't be silly. No, it's yours.

I've had enough. But...

Now go.

I got the results back
from the DNA swab I took from
Clayton when he freaked me out.

What did he do?
Well, he just touched me there.

Davis and Clayton
are not father and son.

OK. What are those?
Manufacturing records of nails.

You don't have time to go through
those. I'll get Spence on it. ..Hi.
I need to get hold of Grace.

I'm in the lab. All right. Thank you.

I can't talk to you now. I'm sorry,
but this is really important.

I need to know everything
you know about Audrey Clayton.

I have an appointment.

You'll have to come back later.

This has nothing to do with anybody
else. This is between us...and the
Lord. I'm not interfering with that.

You must handle what happened
however you can. I wish...

I wish Sophie hadn't told you.

Mrs Davis, this has
nothing to do with Sophie.

Now, all I need is
Neil Clayton's address.

And if we give you his address
it'll start all over again.

It'll be in the newspapers,
on TV... It'll never leave us!

It doesn't have to be like that.
She slept with her own brother.

Do you think people
will forget that?
Do you think God will forgive it?

Sorry, excuse me.

Hi, Boyd.

Mm-hm. ..Very good timing,
thank you.

I have some news.

Our labs have just confirmed
Neil Clayton isn't William's son.

But he told me he was.

No. He's NOT your half-brother.

But... But why would he say that?

Why would he tell that to me?

To cause you pain.

To cause your family pain.

But... But I never hurt HIM.

I never did anything to him.

But...your father did.

Mr Clayton, police. Could we
come up and have a word, please?

I was just going out.
It won't take long.

Sure. Er, press the bottom buzzer.
First floor on the left. Sure.

What did he say? Bottom one.

Oh, shit. What?
Bloody service buzzer!



Stop the bus!

Stop the bus! Police!

Stop! Stop!

Go, Spence. Stop the bus!

Stop! ..Stop! Stop!


Police! Stop!

Police! Stop the bus!

Stop the bus!

Stop the bus! Police!

Stop! Pull over! Pull over!

Pull over!

I should kick your arse!

I need a doctor. You'll get one when
you tell us what we want to know.

I know my rights. So do I.
I'm in agony here. Well, you
shouldn't have jumped, should you?

'What's your mother's name?'
Mother Teresa. Get me a doctor.
Answer my question.

I want my lawyer. Make up your mind.
D'you want a lawyer or a doctor?

What's your mother's name?
Audrey. All right. Audrey.

I didn't kill anybody, all right?

I was just... Just riding
on his shirt tails. Enjoying
the moment. Whose shirt tails?

My mother lost her life
because of those men.

I was four years old.

Why did your mother commit suicide?

They destroyed her life...

..they destroyed my life...

'..and they destroyed his.

'Who are you talking about?
The priest's.'

He was giving up everything for her.


You know what?

I admire him.

Nails, nails, nails,
nails, nails, nails... Screws...


'Who were those five men?

'Griffiths was one of them.'

Is that why you set out to find him?
Adam Western had started
the whole thing up again.

And you'd taken no interest in it
before that? No.

I kept myself to myself
and just blanked it out of my mind.

'Got wrapped up in academia.

'Finding Griffiths was
just a challenge at first.'

To prove you could do it?

To prove all this studying could
have practical results. I'm writing
a book about it. Oh, really?!

After Western,
Griffiths was forced into hiding.

He left his job, but he couldn't
leave behind the wages he was owed,

so he gave them a forwarding address
under the name of Davis.

Davis. So, it was simple.

I have a double first from Oxford.

So, when you found him,
you killed him. No.

I don't have the stomach
for that sort of thing.

I was far more subtle.

I seduced his daughter.

Very satisfying.

So, you had nothing
to do with the murder?

I told the priest where he was.

Who is this priest?

Is he looking for Johnny Mann?

Are YOU looking for Johnny Mann?
Look, either charge me,
or let me go.




Take him out and let him go.

Hi, Ian. Is your grandfather back?

Er, no.
Do you know when he will be?

Sorry. You can never tell
with Granddad. Can I be of any use?

No, it's fine, thank you.

DS Silver!
DS Silver. Sorry, I'm losing it.

He asked me to post this for you,
but as you're here... Thanks.

"Dear Miss Silver,

"you won't see me again."

Is everything all right? Yeah,
it's...just some information
I needed. Thanks.


"I've gone to keep an appointment
with my past.

"By the time
you and your colleagues read this,

"40 years of anguish and injustice
will have been settled.

"Although certainly violent, this
end comes with a sense of peace.

"Given my age and the nature
of the memories, this day cannot
have come quickly enough.

"I write this
to save misunderstanding.

"When I was a young man, I was more
accomplished at letter writing,

"but the telephone changed all that,
I suppose.

"My vanity would like this letter to
be prosaic, but my crimes forbid it.

"There is nothing eloquent
or pretty about what happened.

"I am digressing.

"Audrey. That was her name."


You need to see this.

Nails - 9in.

"The Church of Our Holy Mother,
Great Waltham." It's the priest.

There's something else.

This is the list
of all the men still living
who were in the 7th Battalion.

This is how we traced
Edward Atkinson.

This is the roll call
drawn up in 1945 of all the men who
were killed or missing in action.

According to this list,
Edward Atkinson is dead.

So if HE'S dead,
who has Mel gone to see?

"Edward Atkinson died
6th of June 1944.

"I was next to him when the bullet
pierced his helmet.

"I took his ID tags.
I don't know why.

"George Western knew him,
so reported him killed in action.

"1948, after George was murdered,

"I took Edward's name.
I had no family, so there
was nobody to explain it to.

"I just rang up and told them
they'd got their facts wrong.

"I was Private Atkinson
and I was very much alive.

"I had the ID tags to prove it.

"After the war there was
a lot of confusion.
I was the least of their worries."

He's going back to where it all
started and where it will end,

"our palace of pleasure
and source of pain".

He means the old Gaumont
on Flood Street.
The letter's like a suicide note.

Boyd, you'll get there
quicker than me. OK, Mel.

Boyd. Neil Clayton
is the son of the murderer.
The DNA match is conclusive.

I'll pick up Clayton.
Do you need backup with Atkinson?
No, I think I'll be OK.




Thank you for the phone call.

The last time we saw
each other, Audrey was alive.


(Not a move. Not a sound, OK?)

Get off her!

You made me watch.

You animals made me watch.



You keep watching it! No!


"We raped her...Audrey.

"We took her back to
the barracks and we raped her.

"All five of us in turn."

She had nothing left to live for.

'She couldn't bear the sight
of her little child.'

She didn't know...

which one of you was the father.


endless remorse
I've felt over the years

could never wipe out...

the torment
that Audrey must have gone through.

Do what you have to do.

Excuse me. Tell me, when you hammer
the nails through the heads does it
go through with just one hit,

or do you have to...? Do you have
to hammer it home a few times to get
it to go right through the skull?

You have a very morbid imagination.

Not really. I just want to know
how long I've got to get to you.

Not long enough.
Leave us alone, please.

So this is God's justice, is it?


I made a vow to God.

I deserted him once but never again.

This is God's law.
I'm sorry. I don't trust yours.

Who judges you, then, Joe?
Oh, I will be judged.

But what you're doing now
and what those men did -

it's the same thing. It's horrific.
I mean, this is not a solution.
They made me watch.

I couldn't do anything.

I was helpless.

But what would Audrey think?

Joe...you've been looking for me for
over 60 years. I'm the last one -

Johnny Mann. Is this what Audrey
would want - to be raped,

and then watch the one man
who showed her any compassion
just throw it all away?

I mean, if you kill him now, Joe,

there's no redemption for you.

At least it would be finally over.

She was my hope.

She was my refuge.

They destroyed a beautiful,
young, innocent woman.

Who loved her son very much.

She never wanted him.

She was raped.

The DNA is conclusive.

He's your son.


Neil Clayton is your son.
Yours and Audrey's.

Oh, n-no.

Yes. N-no.

Joe... Mmm? ..do it.

Do it...

..please! Joe, please.

No. No more.

(In the sight of the Lord...)