Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1964–1968): Season 4, Episode 9 - Rescue - full transcript

Captain Crane is attacked in the Flying Sub while looking for a mysterious sub pen. The Seaview's rescue attempts are hampered by a by a spy pretending to be one of the crew men.

Mr. Morton.

Contact. Large object
at 500 feet,

bearing 1-7-5,
relative range 6,000 yards.

Any idea what it is,

It, uh, profiles
like a submarine, sir.

Hold your fix on it.
Aye, aye, sir.

Sonar's making a contact
at 6,000 yards.

It, uh, looks very much
like a submarine.

You're sure?
Sonar's not certain,
but we're tracking it.

[ Nelson ]
No sub shows
on the electronic board.


Sparks, patch me through
to the flying sub. I want
to talk to Captain Crane.

Aye, sir.

Seaview to FS-1.
Come in, FS-1.

This is FS-1.
Come in, Seaview.

[ Sparks On Speaker ]
Admiral Nelson for you, sir.
Stand by.

Hello, Lee. We may have
made a sub contact.

If so, it's probably the one
that's been attacking
our ships in this area.

Do you want me to continue
my search pattern?

Now, look. Washington is
just as interested in the base
as in the sub itself.

Are you sure that there is
such an underwater base?

Well, all the indications
seem to point that way.

Use your scanner, continue
searching the ocean floor.

Aye, sir.

[ Beeping ]
Mr. Morton?

Another contact?
It's definite this time, sir.

Dead astern
and overtaking us.

Range closing
at 5,000 yards.
I don't like this.

No? Well, neither do I.

Have the men stand
to general quarters,
just in case.

- Aye, aye.
Stand general quarters.
- Aye, sir.

[ Alarm Wailing ]
General quarters!
General quarters!

All hands,
man battle stations!
General quarters!

This is Chief Beach.
All firing stations
manned and ready, sir.

Very well.

[ Man On Speaker ]
Engineering, manned and ready.
Very well.

Damage Control. All stations
manned and ready, sir.
Very well.

All battle stations
manned and ready, sir.

- All right. Stand by
for a possible dive.
- Aye, aye.

Where's the sub now?
Dead astern.

to 4,500 yards, sir.

Looks like she's stalking us.
Yes, sir.
That's my guess.

Torpedoes, dead astern.

All ahead, flank
hard right rudder!

[ Man ]
Hard right rudder, aye.

All hands! Brace!

[ Explosion ]

[ Man ]
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.

Starring Richard Basehart,

and David Hedison.

Voyage to the Bottom
of the Sea.

[ Man On Speaker ]
Damage Control.

[ Man Coughing ]

Your report.
Full watertight integrity,
all compartments.

That sub fired
at point-blank range.

Obviously their commander
didn't know about
our electronic hull shield.

You can bet he knows now.

The minute those torpedoes
exploded before hitting us,
he knew.

I imagine he's working
on a way to neutralize
the shield right now.

And if he finds it,
the next salvo won't miss.

Take her down, Chip.

- Prepare to dive.
- [ Man On Speaker ]
Clear the bridge.

Clear the bridge.
Lookouts below.

[ Siren Wailing ]
Bridge cleared.
Main hatch secured, sir.

All green, sir.

Dive. Dive. Dive.

How deep do you want
to take her, sir?
200 feet.

Make depth 200 feet.
Aye, sir.
Make depth 200 feet.

Blow negative
to the mark.

Helm and planes,
steady as she goes.

Depth 200,
trim satisfactory, sir.

Good. Now, rig
for silent running.
Aye, aye.

Now hear this, all hands.
Rig for silent running.

Rig for silent running.

Where's the sub?
Still on our tail, sir.

Range 5,000 yards.

Hmm? Well, she's not
outrunning us anymore.

Keep an eye on her.
Aye, aye, sir.

Um, Sharkey, call Beach
in the missile room.

I want tubes one and three
ready for firing and stand by.

Aye, sir.

Beach, this is Sharkey
in Control.

Prepare tubes one and three
for firing. Stand by.

[ Beach ]
Okay, Sharkey.

Check out the tubes.

Load one and three.

Chief Sharkey?
This is Beach.

Tubes one and three
ready for firing.

Okay. Stand by for firing.

Fire one and three.

Mark. Five, four,

three, two, one.

What went wrong?
Those are heat-seeking

We couldn't have missed.
It had to be a misfire.
On two torpedoes?

That's almost impossible.

Where's the target?

Sir, it's gone.
Gone? How could it be?

Well, I was tracking
up until we fired.

All of a sudden,
it's not there.

Are you sure, Kowalski?

- It's not our equipment?
- No, sir. That sub just
isn't there anymore.

I know it sounds
impossible, sir, but--

No, no.
It doesn't to me.

Secure silent running.
Apparently our friend
has had enough.

- How do you know, sir?
- We've lost all contact
with 'em, haven't we?

It'd take them
at least an hour to get
out of our sonar range.

Then the theory about
the underwater sub pen
is correct.

I'm afraid there's
no doubt of it now.
You can also secure the alert.

Aye, aye.

Now hear this, all hands.
Stand down from
general quarters.

the silent running.

I still want to
check out that misfire.
Go ahead.

Chief, those torpedoes
we fired never exploded.

Who's in charge
of the firing detail?

That was Beach, Mr. Morton.
He's the new C.P.O.
in charge of missiles.

If I'm needed,
I'll be in the missile room.
Aye, sir.

Seaview to flying sub.

[ On Speaker ]
Seaview to flying sub.
Come in.

Yes, Admiral.
What is it?

We were attacked
by that sub.
Did you destroy it?

[ Chuckles ]

But there's definitely
a secret sub pen
on the bottom.

You can locate it
with the scanner.

Pinpoint it for us,
and we'll take care
of the rest.

Will do.

Beach, did you supervise
the loading of those torpedoes?
Yes, sir.

Are you aware
that both of them misfired?

Yes, sir. I've heard of
misfires before, but never
two in the same salvo.

Neither have I.

But if someone wanted
to deactivate the warhead,

he could do it with
a simple adjustment
on the nose.

That's right, Mr. Morton.

But nobody went anywhere
near those percussion caps
before loading.

Those fish were primed
and ready for firing.

Thanks. I just wanted
to make sure.

Any time, sir.

[ On Speaker ]
Chip, this is Nelson.

- Yes, sir?
- Captain Crane is trying to
locate the concealed sub pen.

The moment we get
the coordinates, we're
gonna knock it out.

Aye, sir. I'll come back
topside at once.

He's down on the bottom.
There's no doubt
about it now, sir.


Sparks, try to contact
the flying sub.

Keep the frequency open
and call till you get
an answer.

Yes, sir. Admiral?
I've been picking up
some sort of signal, sir.

Hmm. Well, what kind?

Electronic dots and dashes, sir.

- Could you read the pattern?
- No, sir.

It wasn't Morse.
Another code entirely.

Something I couldn't
make any sense out of.

Did you get a fix
with the directional finder?

Yes, sir, but the
electronic impulses must have
confused the instruments.

Why do you say that?

Because the origination point
seemed to come from right here
aboard Seaview.

Oh. Mm-hmm.

I, uh-- I see.

Well, if you hear it again,
let me know at once.

Yes, sir.

Try to contact the skipper
and keep patched in to
the control room system.

Aye, aye, sir.

Seaview to FS-1.
Come in, FS-1.

Seaview to FS-1.
Come in, FS-1.

Captain Crane,
this is Sparks.
Do you read me?

Seaview to FS-1.
Come in, FS-1.

[ Coughing ]

Admiral Nelson, I'm getting
some sort of response.

Lee. Is that you?

Can you hear me?

[ Coughing ]

I hear you coughing.
Can you use your voice?

Admiral, I, uh--
I read you.

What's your condition?
C-Can you raise the flying sub?

[ Coughing ]

I don't know.
I'll try to find out.

[ Seat Belt Unlatches ]
[ Coughing ]

[ Coughs ]

[ Coughs ]

The power's out.

The controls are gone, and I--
There's not much air.

I've got the, um--

I have the coordinates.

Lee, listen to me.

Hold on. We're going to
try to get to you.

Just-- Just hold on!

At least
his hull's intact.

We've got to reach him
before his air supply's gone.
Now, let's get moving!

set course 1-7-0,
10 degrees down bubble.

[ Man On Speaker ]
Course 1-7-0. Aye, sir.

Ten degrees down bubble.
Aye, sir.

[ Morton On Speaker ]
Engineering, ahead standard.
[ Man ] Ahead standard, aye.

Steady as she goes.
Aye, aye, sir.
Steady as she goes.

Okay, you two men,
secure your watch.

It's an order
straight from the exec.
Clear out.

Engineering, report.
[ Man On Speaker ]
Full loss of power.

We've cut in auxiliary
generators, but we haven't
enough to move the ship.

We're losing headway,
Mr. Morton, and the ship
is tail heavy.

Blow aft ballast tanks,
10 second bursts.

Blow aft tanks,
10 seconds, aye.

- How did we lose power?
- I don't know yet, sir.

We've lost forward momentum.
I'm trying to adjust the trim.

No accident
in Engineering?
No, sir.

Well, then it has to be
the circuitry room.

Raise them.
Circuitry Room, report.

Circuitry Room, report.

Chief, get down there
on the double, find out
what's going on.

Aye, sir.

Yeah? That's just
what we needed--
a breakdown.

How long can Lee
hold out down there?

I wish that somebody
would tell me.

- Who's back there?
- Oh, Beach.

What are you doing in here?
I could ask you
the same question.

Hmm. Where's
the circuitry watch?

I don't know, Sharkey.
I just got here.

I thought there
might be trouble in here
when the power went off.

There's trouble, all right.

Mr. Morton, this is Sharkey.
I'm in the circuitry room.

Put one of the duty men on.
I want to find out why they
didn't answer the call.

I can't.

The circuitry watch
isn't here.

What do you mean,
not there?
Who relieved them?


Chief, there's
a main power cutoff built
into the circuitry.

Have you been
briefed on that?
No, sir.

All right. Listen.
I'll tell you about it.

I guess you
won't need me.
Yeah, yeah. Go ahead.

I'm listening, Admiral.

Describe to me exactly
where you're standing.

Well, I'm at the mike bracket
facing away from the door.


All right.
Now, directly to your left.

First control panel.

There's a single
on-off switch.

- I see it.
- Mmm. Just throw the switch
to the on position.

- That's all there is to it.
- Aye, aye, sir.

[ Coughing ]

Are you okay, sir?

[ Coughing Continues ]

What did Sharkey
do down there?

[ Groans ]

Chip, you better have a look.
I'll take care of things here.

Aye, aye.
[ On Speaker ]
Damage Control reporting.

This is Nelson.
Go ahead.

We have full
watertight integrity
on the hull, sir,

but our control system's
badly damaged.

How long to repair it?
With a full crew on it,
we may make it in an hour, sir.

Captain Crane
could be dead by then.

Make it a half hour
or less.
Aye, sir.


[ Coughing ]

Come on.

[ Coughing ]

Are you badly hurt?
[ Coughs ]

No, sir.
I'll-- I'll make it.

What happened in there?
The admiral gave you
careful instructions.

Why didn't you
follow them?
I never got a chance.

Somebody jumped me from behind.
That's how the controls
got so messed up.

Somebody on this ship
attacked you? Who?

I don't know.
I never got a look at him.

Come on.
Let's report this
to the admiral.

Uh-- And that's the last
I can remember.

After that,

it just, uh, went dark.

[ Exhales ]
If all that's true, we'd
have to have a spy aboard.

Of course we've got
a spy aboard.

I've been fairly sure of that
ever since Sparks reported that
unexplained transmission.

[ Crane On Speaker ]
Admiral. C--

Can anyone hear me?

- We read you, Lee.
- Admiral.

There's something
you should know.

All right. Go on.

[ Coughing ]

Just before the crash,

I located the hidden
submarine pen.

I have the coordinates.

I'm listening.

Lee, what happened?

- What's our depth, Chip?
- 9-4-6, sir.

It's too deep
for conventional diving,

but with a strong
helium mixture--

Do you really think
you have a chance to
reach him with divers?

We have to reach him at once.
There's no time for repairs.

Now, alert the two
best divers aboard.

Notify the missile room we're
sending them out immediately.
Aye, aye.


[ Morton On Speaker ]
Missile Room.

Missile Room. Aye, sir.
We're sending out
a diving party.

At this depth, sir?
That's why we'll need tanks
with a special helium mixture.

I'm sending Kowalski
down to the diving locker
to give you a hand.

Meet him there.
Aye, sir.

Get a pair of the regular air
tanks and meet me at the diving
locker, on the double.

Put these with
the regular tanks.

Hey, Chief.
Mr. Morton ordered me
to come down--

Yeah, he told me
you were coming.
Oh, fine, fine.

Just so there's no mistake,
he wants me to check out
those special tanks.

You know where they are,
don't you?
Right in that locker.

Right. Come on.
I'll show you.

Now, these are the air tanks
they'll use, Chief, and, man,
it's very important.

If those divers should go out
with the ordinary tanks,

at this depth
they wouldn't last more
than-- than five minutes.

Well, thanks, Kowalski, but you
didn't need to come all the way
down here to tell me that.

That's okay, Chief.
It's okay.

That's the way Mr. Morton is.
He likes to double-check
on everything.

Well, he needn't worry.
We'll take good care
of his divers. Right?


Well, you both know
what to do.

It's a deep dive,
but you're protected by the
helium mixture in your tanks.

Here we are, sir.
All ready to go.

You're sure about the mixture?
Remember, it's their lives.

No problem, sir.
Well, then go ahead.


They're replying, sir.
Everything's okay.
Good. Good.

I can't breathe.
I can't breathe.

I-- I can't... breathe.

What? Repeat.

[ Quiet ]
I can't breathe.

I can't read you.

What's wrong?

Uh, it can't be.

The helium mix--

The mixture! They were
given the wrong tanks.

Where's Beach?

He's gone.

You bet he is.
He's the spy.

But he can't be very far.
Go get him.

Aye, sir.

All right. Come on!

Mr. Morton.
Aye, sir.

Beach is our man.
He just cost us
two divers.

Get every man you can
from the repair parties
and round him up!

Aye, aye.

You guys
take Corridor "D."

Beach is tough,
but he's unarmed.

You won't have
any trouble taking him,
if you find him. Move.

[ Door Opens, Closes ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Grunts ]

This is Chief Sharkey
in Corridor "C."
[ Man ] Yes, Chief.

Beach is at the aft bend.

Bring an armed party.
We've got him trapped.

But watch it.
He's armed.

They spotted me.
I'm cut off.

Up here.
I'll give you a hand.

Hold it!

He didn't come through here.
You must have passed him.

Give me that gun belt.
Come on. On the double!

Twenty-five minutes
to lift off the bottom?
No, that's too long!

I'm afraid they're doing
the best they can do, sir.

Crane might be dead
by that time. I'm going out
after him myself.

You can't do that.
You saw what happened
to the diving party.

They were murdered as surely
as if they'd been shot.

But I'm going to see
it doesn't happen again.

If you do reach him,
what then?

Revive him,
get the coordinates
and radio them to you.

I want you to attack at once
and blow up that hidden sub pen.

What about the sub?

Nothing, sir, not since
it disappeared.

Keep after it.
Don't let up for a second.

If it moves at all,
notify Mr. Morton at once.
Aye, aye, sir.


What is it?
I'm receiving
that code again, sir.

[ Beeping ]

[ Chuckles ]
This is definitely coming from
somewhere aboard this ship?

Definitely, sir.

the portable detector?

You are taping this?
Yes, sir.

Good. We'll try
to break the code.

[ Clicking ]

I'm gonna locate
that transmitter.

Yes, sir.

[ Rhythmic Humming ]

[ Humming Tone Grows Higher ]

[ Water Rushing ]

What's going on here,

The admiral's
trapped in there.

Well, close down the valve
before he drowns!

I can't. The power boost
has been sabotaged and it
won't close all the way.

Gotta get a detail down here
and cut through this hatch!

We'd never
make it in time.

There's got to be some way!

Wait, wait, wait.
There's a safety lock
on the exterior hatch.

If it's turned,
the lock on this valve
is automatically released.

That lock is
on the outer hull.

How does anybody get outside
without using this escape hatch?

The open well
in the pressure chamber.
Get a diver.

Never mind a diver.

[ Tapping ]

Sick bay. Get a detail
down to the missile room
with oxygen, on the double!

[ Man On Speaker ]
Aye, aye, sir.

It's time for me
to get off this boat.
I'll need your help.

You can't leave!
Why not?
My work's done.

Maybe. But we're
both expendable.

No more. We've done
everything we had to do
aboard this ship.

We stay.
Those are orders.

Yeah. You're right.
We stay.

Uh, let's get him
out of the way.

We have to
keep him concealed until
the Seaview's sunk.

Maybe you're expendable,
but not me.

[ Gunshot ]

Well, Sharkey.
You've given me
a lot of trouble.

It's gonna be a pleasure
to square things off.

You won't enjoy it long.

You're trapped here, Beach.

You can't get away.
You got outside.
I'm going the same way.

You're a little late
for that, aren't you?

Why should I
be expendable...

when your
hull protection's gone?

Now take off
your diving jacket.

I don't want
any holes in it.

I said off.

I suppose you think
you can swim back
to your hidden sub pen.

I know I can.
Hurry up!

You want the rest of it?
I'll get it later, thanks.

Now, good-bye, Sharkey.


Mr. Morton.

Is the admiral okay?
He must be.

He refuses to stay in sick bay.
Just ordered dry clothes
and put 'em on.

He's probably
right on my heels.
Now, that's great news.

[ Man On Speaker ]
Damage Control.
All systems now operative.

Did you hear that, Chip?
Get us off the bottom.
Head for the flying sub.

We may still be in time.
Aye, aye, sir.

Stand by to blow
all ballast tanks
and get under way!

[ Man On Speaker ]
Aye, sir.

All stop.
[ Man On Speaker ]
All stop, aye.

Open nose hatch.

Activate magnetic
recovery gear.

Aye, sir.

Give him some oxygen,

Will he be all right?

[ Groans ]

Still alive. Bad shape,
but he'll make it.

Bear a hand down there.
They're bringing him up.

Oh, uh, I found this
in his hand--

the coordinates
for the hidden sub pen.

Oh, perfect! Lay a missile
on that target.
Aye, aye.

That sub-- it's back.

Chip, get us moving
before she fires.

All ahead flank.
[ Man On Speaker ]
All ahead flank. Aye, sir.

We've got to fire first,
or we're dead. Missile Room!
Anyone on duty there?

There sure is, Admiral.

I just rounded up a crew.

Chief! How long to load
tubes one and three?

About five seconds, sir.
Load one and three.

We can fire any time
you give the word.
And, Admiral.

This time I guarantee
they'll go off.

Well done, Chief.
Stand by for firing
one and three.

One and three, aye, sir.

Enemy torpedoes fired, sir.
They're headed straight for us.

Hard right rudder.
Bring her around full.

- Torpedoes approaching fast.
- Rig for explosion!

[ Explosion ]

- Missile Room, fire one.
- One fired, sir.

- Fire three.
- Three fired, sir.

Six seconds.

Five, four, three,
two, one.

Scratch one sub, sir.

- Sick bay, how's Captain Crane?
- According to Doc,
he's fit for duty.

Are you out of your mind?
You're supposed
to be resting.

I talked Doc into
letting me in on the kill.
Am I too late?

Not exactly.
We've got the sub. Now we're
going after the sub pen.

Uh, would you like
to handle that?

Missile Room,
this is the skipper.
What tubes are ready for firing?

[ Sharkey On Speaker ]
Two and four, sir.
Very well. Fire two.

Fire four.

That should take care
of that very nicely.

Now, uh, let's go home.