Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1964–1968): Season 4, Episode 8 - Time Lock - full transcript

A man named Alpha from 2823 sends 2 Collectors to bring Nelson to his time to add the Admiral to his collection of military officers. Chief Sharkey goes to the future to help while the Collectors wreak havoc on the Seaview.

[ Humming ]

What's the trouble, Lee?
I don't know.

Kowalski's getting
some odd reactions
from sonar.

- What kind?
- It's sort of like a-- an
electrical interference, sir.

It's nothing
outside the ship though.

- Notify the duty electrician.
- Here it comes again.

[ Staticky Beeping ]

What is it, Lee?

[ Beeping Continues ]

Admiral Nelson?

Who are you?

- You will come with us.
- [ High-pitched Humming ]

[ Man ]
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.

Starring Richard Basehart,

David Hedison.

Voyage to the Bottom
of the Sea.

[ High-pitched Humming ]

[ Humming Stops ]

Skipper, those men--
where did they take the admiral?

Did you see them too?
I could see them,
but I couldn't move.

- What was that all about?
- Skipper, they took the admiral
right past me,

and I couldn't lift
a hand to stop 'em.

I know. I know. We all saw those
men take the admiral, and we
couldn't do anything about it.

I was paralyzed.
I wanted to move,
but I couldn't.

We were all affected
the same way,

which means
they must have
some kind of a--

a weapon or power
that causes temporary

[ Snaps Fingers ]
Electrical interference.

That's right.
That must have something
to do with it.

Come here.

Skipper, what I'd like to know
is how did they get aboard?

I don't know, but the important
question right now
is where's the admiral,

and are those men
still here?

Now, Chip, you've got
the conn. Hold it
steady and on course.

Chief, round up
a search party--
as many men as you need.

I want you to comb
every inch of this ship.
Aye, sir. Come on, Ski.

What is this thing?

What are you going to do?
It is a time lock, Admiral.

You are going on
a journey in time.

[ High-pitched Humming ]

[ Time Lock Humming ]

[ Humming ]

Can you hear me?

What's wrong with you?

With all of you.

[ Exhales Sharply ]

No. No. Now-- Now, just--
just where am I?

Can anyone hear me?

[ Man On Speaker ]
I hear you, Admiral Nelson.

Who is it?

Who spoke?

Who spoke?
There's no need to shout.

I can hear you
quite plainly.

Well, then, where are you?
Let me see you.


Just follow
the passageway.

Don't keep me waiting,

Enter the passage.


Go back.

Go back.

[ High-pitched Humming ]

[ Screams ]

Oh, man.
What hit me?

You hurt bad, kid?
No, no, no. I'm okay.


They're in there.
Blast that door.

Hold it!
[ Bullet Casings Rattling ]

Chief, those bullets
are bouncing off there
like I did.

Are they in there?

Yes, sir.
No, Skipper.

What's the matter?
There's something cockeyed
about that door.

You can't touch it, sir.
I tried,
and it knocked me down.

We fired, and look at it.
There's not a mark on it.

It must be a force field
of some kind.

Yeah. Those characters
got the admiral in there,

and how are we gonna
get him out of there?

All right.
Post these two men here.
Yes, sir.

You two.
If anybody but the admiral
comes out of this door,

shoot to kill.

Ski, come with me.

So, uh, yours
was the voice I heard.

That is correct,
Admiral Nelson.

I had you brought here.

And e-exactly where is here?

Only a few miles from
where you were originally.

Actually, you've asked
the wrong question.

You see, space is hardly
the critical dimension
in your case.

Instead of "Where am I?"
you should have asked...

"When am I?"

Oh. Well.

Well, this is-is
the future, is it?

Your future, my present.

Everything in this world
is relative.

Well, if you wish
to be precise,

in your terms
it would be the year, um,

[ Chuckles ]

Uh-- And, uh, who are you?

I am called Alpha.

Alpha? No-- No title,
no form of address?

Titles are a relic of
the past, regrettably.

Admiral Nelson.
Has a ring, doesn't it?

Look. Why have you
brought me here?

Alexander the Great.
Emperor Napoléon Bonaparte.

General Stonewall Jackson.

Yes. I've always been
fond of titles,

especially military ones.

You belong to a most enviable
fraternity, Admiral Nelson.

I'm much more interested
in the answer to my question.

As to why I brought you here?
Oh, yes. Of course.

Um, to add you
to my collection.

A force field?
You mean they've got the admiral
locked in the ship's lab...

and you can't
get to the door?
That's right.

What kind of enemy
are we up against?
[ Chuckles ] I wish I knew.

What about rigging
an explosive charge?

No good, Chip. Anything powerful
enough to go through that force
field would tear the hull apart.

- Skipper, I was just thinking.
- What is it, Chief?

When I was a kid, we played
a lot of sandlot football, and
I was generally the quarterback.

This isn't the time
for your life story.

Go on, Chief.

Well, sir, when we were
up against a real tough line,
we had a motto:

If you can't go through 'em,
go around 'em.

Kowalski, you and the chief
go back to your posts.

Now wait a minute, Chip.
Wait a minute. If you can't
go through 'em, go around 'em.

You may have hit on something.
Do you, uh-- Do you think
you can carry it out?

- You bet I can, sir.
- All right.

Take what you need from
storage, and, uh,
get going.

Ski, give me a hand.

Fascinating, isn't it?

- Who is this man?
- His name is
no longer important,

but he was once an admiral.

I sent my collectors
back into the past to seize him,

and here he is
being conditioned...

to take his place
in my priceless collection.



It would be dangerous
and foolish...

to leave men of military
genius in their natural state.

So, I use this device
to, uh, drain off
their intelligence.

Hmm. I believe
the admiral's about ready.

There we are.

Now, Admiral, rise.

What have you done
to the man?

[ Chuckles ]
Oh, don't worry, Admiral Nelson.

He isn't suffering.

He feels nothing.
And he has become
an obedient and docile item...

in my collection.

And now, sir,

it's your turn.

[ Laughs ]

[ Laughing ]

All set, sir.
Now, you'd better know exactly
what you have to do, Chief.

I'm getting around the force
field and reaching the admiral.
That's the important thing.

It's not the only
important thing. What about
those men that captured him?

We don't know what kind
of weapons they have
or how quickly they'll use 'em.

Meaning you want me
to shoot first.

Go ahead.
Aye, aye, sir.

Good luck, Chief.
Thank you.

But you're foolish
to struggle, Admiral.

Well, perhaps I am being
a bit hasty, but I'm doing it
as a favor to you.

- [ Chuckles ]
- But it's true.

Usually I keep my prisoners
several hours...

while I check every detail
of their background.

Then, if I find a point
which needs clarifying,
I can always ask them about it.

Because, you see,
once they've been processed,

it's useless
to ask them anything.

And-And just-- just how
are you doing me a favor?

By not giving you
all those hours to worry.

This way, after a few minutes,
the unpleasant process
will be over.

Oh. Oh, thank you very much.

But I am a bit disappointed
about the uniform.

I'd expected you to arrive
in full dress.

Well, we'll just have to
make the best of it.

It'll take a few moments
to replenish power.

Try to be patient.

[ High-pitched Humming ]

[ Man On Speaker ]
Skipper, we just relieved
the two guards outside the lab,

and the first thing we heard
were several shots from inside.

It's the chief. He got 'em.

Has anyone tried
to come out of the lab?

No, sir.
We're watching the door.
It hasn't budged.

Maybe the chief
can't get through
the force field.

Maybe. Very well.
Stay on your post
until you're relieved.

Aye, sir.

Are you there in the lab?

[ High-pitched Humming ]
No. Don't come any closer.

I warn you.
Stay back.

I wa--
[ Clicks ]

[ Crane On Speaker ]
Chief. Chief.
Are you there in the lab?

[ Time Lock Humming ]

Skipper, maybe
he's already started back
through the ducts.

Chief. If you've already
started back,

signal by rapping
on the duct walls.

Chip, lay aft to the lab corps
to check this out, will ya?

Fasten the straps.

[ Rapid Beeping ]

[ Beeping Stops ]


Stop. I command you.
After him.


Look. Cover the door.
Shoot anyone that comes in.
I mean anyone!

What kind of
a place is this?
We'll talk about that later.

This is our one chance
to get back to Seaview.

But first I have to
figure out how
this thing works.

[ Door Opens ]
Mr. Morton.

What's this about
hearing shots
from inside?

We heard 'em plain, sir.
Have you heard
any more since?

Not a sound, sir.
Be careful, sir.
The force field.

It's on.


can you hear me?

Keep a sharp eye on it.

[ Gunshots Continue ]

[ Gunshot, Clicks ]

They keep coming on.
I can't stop 'em, sir.

I just checked out
their story personally.

Both guards are certain
they heard shots from inside
the lab-- several of them.

What about the force field?
Strong as ever.
They tested it.

Where do you think
you're going?

If something's happened
to the chief, sir,
I'd better help him.

You won't help anybody
if you get yourself killed.

Skipper, we've gotta
do something.

We don't even know
what we're up against yet.

Now secure the guard detail
at the lab.

Aye, aye, sir.

Chip, how far are we
out of Santa Barbara?

We can reach it in about
an hour at flank.

We've got, uh, equipment
at the institute
that should be able to...

neutralize the force field,
no matter how strong it is.

Well, we ought to get back
there as fast as we can.

Set a course
for Santa Barbara.
Aye, aye.

[ Humming ]

You will send no more specimens
unless I request them.

With your permission,
we can sever the time bridge
and return to base.

No. The time bridge
will remain.

There are weapons of war
aboard that submarine which
will prove useful to us later.

We can expect more trouble
from the submarine crew.

Then keep them occupied
until I contact you
with further orders.

[ Kowalski On Speaker ]
Skipper, emergency
in lab corridor.

Yes, Kowalski. What is it?
The two guards, sir.
They've been knocked out.

Chip. Get two corpsmen
down there right away.

what about the lab?
[ Indistinct ]

Closed, sir. And that
force field, or whatever
it is, still works.

Very well.
Check all the corridors
in that section,

and if anything else
unusual turns up, let me
know about it-- on the double.

Aye, aye, sir.

Corpsmen are
on their way.

All right. Stay right
where you are.

Come on. Put your hands
over your heads.
[ Gun Cocks ]

Take another step,
and I'll let you have it.

[ Clicks ]

[ Clicking ]

Skipper! The controls
are jammed!

We're too close
to the bottom.
Get our nose up.

Captain, we're getting
no response!

All stop.
[ Man On Speaker ]
All stop, aye.

All back full.
All back full. Aye.

We've got too much
forward speed. We'll coast
a thousand yards.

Underwater peak ahead,
range 500.

Rig for collision.
Rig for collision.

[ Alarm Blaring ]

We're gonna hit!

[ Alarm Blaring ]

[ Groans ]

[ Breathing Heavily ]

[ Buzzes ]

- Skipper, it's free.
- Full right rudder.

[ Scraping ]

That was too close.

Have a work party
check out those controls.

- I want to know
why they froze.
- Aye, aye.


A genuine old
late 20th century handgun.

I imagine under the right
circumstances it could be
quite deadly.

Oh, I'd be happy
to demonstrate it for you.

Yes. I imagine you would.

You realize, Admiral,
that by your behavior,

you have forfeited the right
to any consideration by me.
Meaning what?

Meaning you'll be processed
as soon as I give the word.

That will make for plenty
of anxiety together with
the uncertainty...

as to just what moment
will prove to be your last.


How do I know that you have
the authority to do this?
I'd like to see your superior.

Superior? My dear admiral,

no one is my superior.

Oh. You mean that, uh,
you're the chief of state?

You really have
the most amusing notions.

I'm going to miss you
when you're finally processed.

But to answer your question,

I'm not an official
of any sort.

I'm a private citizen
and answerable to no one...

as long as I obey the law.

And murder is legal now?

There will be no murders.

My friends here
are quite alive,

as you will be.

Wait a minute.
Wait a minute! What kind
of a madhouse is this?

Who's this guy anyway?
Well, Admiral, it's--
Easy, easy. Sit down. Sit down.

No, I-I don't
believe you, Alpha.

I don't believe
you have a legal right
to do this to anyone.

Ah, but you're wrong.
I do.

I am acting by authority
of the Hobby Act.

The Hobby Act?

With a five-hour work week,
no one has anything to do.

Hobbies are considered
the most crucial activity
for all citizens.

The Hobby Act was designed
to protect our interests.

And this is my chosen field.

I collect toy soldiers.

Engineering just finished
their check.

No sign of malfunction
throughout the systems.

But these controls froze.

They say there's
no real explanation,
unless deliberate sabotage.

That means they've left the lab.
That's what I thought,
so I checked on my way up.

The door's still closed,
and the force field
is still in operation.

Well, that doesn't
necessarily prove anything.

They could be wandering loose
all over the ship. There's no
telling what they might do next.

- What are your orders?
- Well,

just in case they do try
anything else, I want us
to have a fighting chance.

Take us upstairs.
Aye, aye.

Blow main ballast.
Prepare to get under way.

I have a report from sick bay
on the two guards
who were knocked out.

How are they?
No serious injuries.

Good. Good. Have you posted
relief guards at the lab?
That's the first thing I did.

Skipper, those two weird
characters are walking
around the ship.

I saw them, sir. They were just
going into the circuitry room.

Circuitry room?
Chip, get an armed detail,
all the men you can spare.

Aye, aye.

Skipper, just one thing.
That armed detail
isn't going to help.

- What do you mean?
- I pumped a bunch of rounds
in them...

at close range,
and they didn't even feel it.

They turned to me
and knocked me cold.
You were that close to them?

Oh, yes, sir.
But I never want to
get that close again.

I don't know
what those guys are,
but they sure aren't human.

Better warn any armed detail
you send after them.
Thanks, Kowalski. I will.

Blow all tanks. Emergency.
Blow all tanks.

We're getting no response
from the tank valves.
We can't blow ballast.

What's our
keel to bottom depth?
Under 100 feet.

Brace for crash.
Brace for crash.

Are you all right, Lee?

I'm okay.

[ Man On Speaker ]
Damage Control to captain.

This is the captain.
What's our situation?

Sir, we retained full
watertight integrity, but our
air revitalization system's out.

Put every man you've got
on the repair job at once.
Aye, aye, sir.

Air revitalization.
We can't survive without it.

No, not for very long.
[ Alarm Bell Ringing ]

That's all we need--
a fire.

[ Man On Speaker ]
Electrical fire is in circuitry
room. Fire detail responding.

If you ask me, I think
this character's a little
ding-a-ling. Know what I mean?

You really don't believe
this gag about being
the future, do you?

- Why? Don't you?
- No, I don't.
And I'll tell you why.


Admiral, what are you doing?

Just trying to see if
this alloy will burn.
It will.

Well, what I mean is,
what proof have we got? Hmm?

All I've seen is this cell,
a couple rooms. They don't
even have any windows.

And as for those zombies
he's got with him--

Mmm. I'm interested
in the fact that
there are no windows too,

but I do believe
we're in the future.

I saw enough of that machine
that brought us here
to convince me of that.

Well, how does that tie up
with, uh, no windows?

I'm not sure.
But one thing I am sure of--

human nature doesn't
change very much from
century to century.

Now, I can't imagine
a future civilization
that would condone a man...

raiding the past
for victims...

and changing them into
mindless vegetables
for his own amusement.

I know.

Is he really
gonna pull that on us?

Well, he is
unless we stop him.
Well, how?

I've gotta call the attention
of the outside world
to this place.

It's a little difficult
without windows,
but maybe, uh--

maybe a fire
might do it, hmm?

Fire. Sure. A fire.

All right. Get those
blankets over there.
Aye, aye, sir.

Well done.

A very serviceable

Now, go to Admiral Nelson's
cabin and secure his finest
full-dress uniform.

Bring it here.

I wish him to be attired
befitting his rank.

There. That should give
our friend something
to think about.

It could spread
to the walls, sir.
That's what I'm counting on.

We could be burned alive.
No. There's bound to be some
kind of automatic alarm system.

It's-- It's getting hot, sir.
Yeah, it's getting hot.

[ Alarm Blaring ]

Ah. It generates its own--
its own built-in
fire department.

[ Alarm Continues ]

The time device
is just ahead. Come on.

Wait a minute.
You mean we're gonna
get inside that thing?

Yes. Quickly!
You know how to work it?

I don't believe we have to
do anything. It's some kind of
a time bridge.

You step inside the tube,
and suddenly you reappear...

in the other one
back aboard Seaview.
I hope you're right, sir.

All right. Come on. Get in.
Aye, sir.

[ Gunshot ]
[ Groans ]

[ Chuckles ]

These old relics really are
effective, aren't they?
[ Chuckles ]

I really didn't want
an enlisted man in my collection
in the first place.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Gunshot ]

[ Groaning ]

Take him to
the laboratory at once.

Now hear this, all hands.
This is the captain speaking.

We're lying dead
on the bottom,

but our hull's intact,
and the fire's
under control.

That means that,
given time for repairs,
we can raise the ship.

However, the air revitalization
system is knocked out,

and until it's repaired,
we're dangerously short of air.

There will be no talking...

and no unnecessary movement,

no activity of any kind
that will increase
the use of oxygen.

Needless to say,
the, uh, smoking lab is out.

That's all.

Chip, take over.

Aye, aye.

[ Door Closes ]

Get a welding unit up to
the admiral's cabin.

I want his door welded fast.
You got it?
Yes, sir.

What is it, Lee?
Those two men. If we work fast
enough, we've got 'em trapped.

Come on. Come on. Hurry.

[ Welder Crackling ]

Come on! Come on!

I think
we've got it, Skipper.
Ah, good.

Now report
to Mr. Morton.
Aye, aye, sir.

[ Groans Softly ]

[ Breathing Heavily ]



[ Humming ]

[ Groans ]

[ Humming ]


"Send help.


Control Room,
this is the captain.

Control Room.

- Lee, where are you?
- In the lab.

Any sign of Chief Sharkey
and the admiral?
They're not here.

Chip. What's the most
powerful portable weapon
we have aboard?


Uh, let's see.
The-- The Mark 8.

The grenade launcher.
Of course.

All right.
Send me one immediately.

Send it through the vent.
That force field's
still working.

Wait a minute.
Lee, you can't use
the Mark 8 inside the sub.

Who says I'm going to
use it here?

Now get it to me
on the double.
Aye, aye.

Well, it was clever of you
to discover that light...

is the only weapon
which affects my collection.

Well, your own eyes
don't seem very good to me.

You're right.
I've kept them out of
the light for so long.

Occupational disability.

However, my collection
is worth any sacrifice.

Don't you agree, Admiral?

Do you really expect me to?

[ Chuckles ]

But no matter.

In a very few moments
you will no longer trouble
yourself with such things.

Your own weakened eyes
will only produce
an unemotional reflex action.

Nothing more.

In one sense
I rather envy you.

I don't envy you at all.

This hobby business of yours--
that's, um-- that's
all a cover, isn't it?

What are you talking about?

Your collection of soldiers,
all officers,

men with a wide knowledge
of war and military strategy.

Now, in a civilization
which has eliminated war,

military knowledge
from the past would give you
quite an advantage, wouldn't it?

[ Chuckles ]
How soon, uh--

How soon are your ready
to start your war, Alpha?

So, you've guessed.
Ah. Then it is true.

That was clever of you.

You have a brilliant mind,

I shouldn't wonder that, uh,
you prove to be the most
valuable part of my collection.

How many rounds, Kowalski?

There's 10 rounds
in the magazine, sir.

That's enough
to blow up an army.

What's the situation
in the upper corridor?

Uh, it's quiet.
I guess those characters
decided to give up.

Ah. Very well.
Get back to your post.
Aye, aye, sir.


Skipper, look out.
Those characters
are in the vent.

They're heading for the lab,
Skipper. Do you hear me?

They're heading for
the lab, Skipper.

[ Humming ]

I hate good-byes,
don't you, Admiral?

But of course,
from my point of view,
you're going nowhere.

But from yours, who knows?

[ Rapid Beeping ]

[ Humming ]

Get him!

Can you hear me?
[ Grunts ]

Hmm? Oh. Skipper.

You're hurt pretty bad.

Here. Let me put
a compress on this.

That's it.
The light.

The light.
Have you seen the admiral?

No, look. Take it easy.
Just take it easy.

Save your energy.

Skipper. Admiral. There.

[ Grunts ]

How much longer?
Almost finished.

That rocket launcher
was a great idea.

There's enough
explosives here to blow up
the whole complex.

Leave enough time
for us to get away.
[ Chuckles ] Don't worry.

All right. There.
She's finished.

Come on. Get inside.
Come on, Chief.

Okay. That's it.

[ Humming ]

[ Humming ]

[ Crane ]

Both of them.

That means that Alpha
was the only human
in the whole operation.

If you can call
a man like that human.

Let's get chief
to sick bay.