Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1964–1968): Season 4, Episode 7 - Fatal Cargo - full transcript

A scientist friend of Nelson has developed a device to control a rare white ape. The scientist's jealous assistant causes the beast to kill the scientist and the ape runs wild after being brought aboard Seaview causing destruction.

Check our heading,

Bearing 2-3-8 true.
We're right on course, sir.

Good. We should
be able to set down
in about 10 minutes.

[ Sharkey ]
Land in that area, sir?
It looks kind of rugged.

Well, it is.
But according to Blanchard,

there's a landing area
right near his camp.

You can check it
on your map.

Uh, coordinates, uh,



Yes, sir.
Aye, aye.

BX-406 to FS-1.

BX-406 to FS-1.

Dr. Pierre Blanchard
calling Admiral Harriman Nelson.

Do you read me, FS-1?

Loud and clear.
This is Nelson
in the flying sub.

How are you, Doctor?
Just fine.

Good to hear your voice
again, Admiral. How soon
do you expect to be here?

Our E.T.A. is 1530.
That's roughly about, uh,
10 minutes.

We're all ready with
our demonstration experiment.

I think you're going
to be amazed at what
we're about to show you.

I'm anxious for you
to get here.
I think you'll agree,

this is going to be
the greatest triumph
of my career.

[ Nelson ]
You make it sound very exciting.
I'm looking forward to it.

So am I.
Ten minutes, you say?

I'll be waiting for you.

BX-406 clear.

Oh, it's you, Brock. Nelson
will be here in a matter of
minutes. Is everything ready?


Just think.
With this small device,

we can control the behavior
of one of the most
powerful creatures in existence.

And the man that
gives this to the world
receives great honors.

It doesn't matter.

Oh, by the way,

I found your pen
on the tent floor.

Well, thanks.
But you needn't
have bothered.

I'm using another one.

But this is the pen you used
to make all your notes.

You keep this, Doctor.
One of these days,

it's going to be
an invaluable memento.

Why, thank you, Brock.

I didn't realize that you
were the sentimental type.
[ Chuckling ]

[ High-pitched Frequency ]

[ Creature Roaring ]

He must've broken
out of his cage.

Uh, quick.
The control.


[ Roaring ]

Brock, the control!
Activate the control!

[ Roaring ]

Brock, the control--


[ Man ]
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.

Starring Richard Basehart.

David Hedison.

Voyage to the Bottom
of the Sea.

How did it happen?

Well, as you know,
we were preparing
for your arrival.

Dr. Blanchard
wanted to show you a--
a full-scale demonstration.

All right, go on.

Without warning,
our subject went mad,

broke loose from his cage
and attacked the camp.

You can't imagine
how terrible it was.

Well, I don't have to imagine.
I can see for myself.

But, still, I-I--
I don't understand.

According to
Blanchard's reports, he had
complete control of the subject.

Now, that was the whole
basis of his work here,
wasn't it?

Yes, it was
supposed to be.

Then what went wrong?
I don't know.

I happened to have
the control device
at the time of the attack.

And I stood by the doctor
to the very last,

trying to keep the beast
under control.

But it was useless.
I barely managed
to escape...

being killed myself.

To face the truth, Admiral,
Dr. Blanchard's work
was a failure,

a tragic failure.



What's all this
about a subject?
What kind of subject?

Oh. Dr. Blanchard
was experimenting
with a gorilla.

Sir, you mean to say
that all this was done
by a gorilla?

It wasn't an ordinary gorilla.
The rarest of all--
a white one.

Blanchard told me that
his experiments
had developed it...

into the most powerful
member of its species
ever known.

And this thing is running
around loose somewhere?
As far as I know.

Oh, man.

Those are only some of
Dr. Blanchard's rough notes.
They aren't important.

Oh? Well, I think
they're fascinating.

Chief, gather up all these
you can find, will ya?
Aye, sir.

Well, Blanchard
was definitely
on the right track.

I'm going to see
that this experiment
doesn't die with him.

You mean you're
going on with it,
after this?

Absolutely. Well,
not-not here, of course.
In Santa Barbara.

That's impossible.

In the first place,
you'd have to recapture
the subject.

And I don't think
you can.

And if you can,
you'd have to transport
that beast on your submarine.

Well, suppose you let me
worry about those details, huh?
Blanchard was my friend,

and I'm going to see
that he gets
full credit for his work.

Admiral, here's
the lot of 'em.
Mmm. Thanks, Chief.

Admiral, I--

I think you're making
a mistake.

But if you're determined
to go ahead with it, I want
to volunteer my services.

Hmm. Well,
that's good of you, Brock.
You can be of great help.

I accept.
Thank you, sir.

Well, if we're going
to recapture the animal,

we'll need Blanchard's
brain control device.

Oh, well, I'm afraid
that's impossible.

- The device was destroyed
in the attack.
- Oh.

I warned you
it wouldn't be easy.

Apparently not.

In fact, I don't think
there's any way
to recapture that beast.

We can do it with a shore party
from Seaview armed
with tranquilizing weapons.

Chief, let's go down
to the flying sub
and contact Captain Crane.

Aye, sir.

Would that be, um,
Lee Crane?

Yes. You know him?

Um, yes, I--
I-I-I think we met

Before I forget, Admiral,
I want you
to have this pen.

It was Dr. Blanchard's.

He used it to write
most of his notes.

I'm sure he'd want you
to have it.


Well, that's, uh,
very kind of you, Brock.
Thank you.

My privilege.

All right,
let's make that call.

[ Hooting ]

Very well, Admiral.
I'll send the shore party
at once.

[ Nelson ]
Oh, uh,
just one more thing, Lee.

Uh, Dr. Blanchard's assistant
wants to help us continue
the experiments...

once the animal's
been recaptured.

Now, he, uh--
he indicated that
he knew you.

What's his name?

Leo Brock.
Uh, B-R-O-C-K.

Oh, yes, um--
Yeah, I knew him once.

That sounds like it wasn't
a very happy association.

[ Crane ] It wasn't.
I'll tell you all about it
when you come back aboard.

Incidentally, Admiral,
how long will that be?

As long as it takes
a shore party to get here
and make the capture.

I'll keep you advised.
Right, sir.

I'll make all preparations
here to receive it.
Good hunting.


Flying Sub out.

It's hard work,
isn't it?
Yes, sir.

Could we take five?
I'm-- I'm pretty beat, sir.

I'm afraid not, Chief.
The shore party's due
any minute now,

and we've got to find
some sign of the gorilla
before they get here.

Yeah, well, for all we know,
he could be
miles away from here.

And this is
a pretty big jungle.

Well, we're looking for
a pretty big animal. Now,
don't worry. We'll find him.

If you say so, sir.
You'd better
contact Base...

and see if
the shore party's here yet.
Aye, sir.

Sharkey calling Base.
Sharkey calling Base.
Come in, Base. Over.

[ Kowalski ]
Hi, Chief.
Is the admiral with you?

Hey, Ski, I--

It's Kowalski, sir.

Is your party armed
with tranquilizing weapons?
Yes, sir, just as ordered.

We're ready to start
the hunt, Admiral,
whenever you give the word.

All right.
Now, listen carefully.

Have your men fan out
at five-yard intervals...

bearing 2-2-5 true.

2-2-5 true.
Right, sir.

Under no circumstances
use live ammo.

Tranquilizing weapons only.
I want this beast
taken alive.

Yes, sir. But, uh,
how will we know if
we've got the right animal?

[ Chuckling ]

Believe me, Kowalski,
you'll know.

Now, move out.
Aye, aye, sir.

All right, you guys,
uh, fan out.
Five-yard intervals.

[ High-pitched Frequency ]

[ Growling ]

[ Frequency Continues ]

[ Roaring ]

[ Roaring In Distance ]

Hey, Ski, what is that?

It's a gorilla.

Only it must be
the biggest one
in the world.

Is that what we're
supposed to capture?

[ Roaring Continues ]

Now it's coming
from over that way.

Let's get him, Patterson.
And watch yourself, huh?

Don't worry.

[ Roaring Continues ]

That's the thing
we're hunting?

Right now, I-I-I--
I don't know
who's hunting who.

[ Roaring Continues ]

[ Firing Weapon ]

[ Roaring ]

He had us there
for a minute, but what--
what chased him away?

I was just wondering.

It certainly--
It certainly wasn't the
tranquilizers we hit him with.

- They seemed to have no effect.
- If we can't knock him out,
how do we capture him?

Well, I don't know, Francis.

Maybe we don't.

[ Scoffs ]

- You dropped this, sir.
- Oh.

Thanks, Chief.

[ Roaring ]

Take cover!

[ Roaring ]

[ Roaring Continues ]

let him have it!

[ Roaring ]

Well, looks like
we've got our work
cut out for us.

I want this animal
loaded safely
aboard Seaview.

Uh, Chief.


It's your baby.

Aye, sir.

All right, you swab jockeys.
Don't stand around with your
teeth in your mouth. Get movin'!

Come on!
On the double!

Is the cargo
aboard, Chief?
Yes, sir.

We just finished
loading that thing through
the forward deck hatch.

It was quite a job.
And what about the civilian
who's coming along?

He was right behind me.

Here he comes now, sir.
Thanks, Chief.
That's all.

Aye, sir.

Welcome aboard, Mr. Brock.

So it is the same
Lee Crane I knew.

I'm wondering if it's
the same Leo Brock.

A little more
mature now, Captain.

- And a great deal
more successful.
- Yeah, so I've heard.

Well, could you direct me
to your missile room?

I want to see that my charge
is properly taken care of.

Through that hatch over there,
aft to a ladder down.

Then follow the companionway
forward until you get
to the missile room.

Thank you.
I'll find it.

The animal is stowed
in the missile room.

We're ready
to get under way.
Very well.

Set this course
for Santa Barbara.
Proceed at standard.

Aye, aye.

Uh, did you get a good look
at that gorilla...

when we stowed it aboard?
I saw him from the bridge.

A white gorilla's
pretty rare, isn't it?

- I understand there's only
one other like it.
- He sure looks powerful.

He is.
That's why I ordered
the cage and the chains.

I just hope
those tranquilizers
keep working.

I'll set the course.
All right.
Admiral, this is Crane.

Yes, go ahead, Lee.

The animal's safely stowed
aboard, and we're setting
a course for Santa Barbara.

Good, good.
Uh, tell me, Admiral.

Is Leo Brock with you?
No. I'm here going over
Blanchard's papers. Why?

Well, I met him
when he came aboard.

I'd like to talk to you
about it, Admiral,
as soon as possible.

Very well.
Come to my quarters now.

I'll be right there.


All that power,
and sleeping like a baby.

He oughta be after
all the tranquilizer
we poured into him.

I wonder how long
before he wakes up.

If he never does,
it's too soon for me.

I'll tell you, Ski,
I've never seen
anything as strong...

as that
overgrown ape.

Well, I don't care
how strong he is.
He'll never get out of here.

I hope you're right.

Because if this baby
ever gets loose,

it's good-bye.

[ Both Grunting ]

[ Knocking ]

Come in, Lee.

Oh, Brock.


Now that we're under way,
I thought perhaps
we could have a little talk.

Well, there's really
nothing much to talk about.

Our subject is safely aboard,
and we're on our way back
to the institute.

- And when we get there?
- We continue the experiment,
of course.

But haven't you forgotten?

Dr. Blanchard's control device
was completely destroyed.

Well, there shouldn't be
any problem about that. I have
all of Blanchard's notes.

We should be able to
duplicate it very easily.

I can help you with the notes.
I'm already familiar with them.

I'd be glad to collate
and edit them for you.

Oh, that won't
be necessary.

Well, apparently,

you have everything
well in hand.

Hmm. Apparently.


This should do
your reputation, uh,

a great deal of good in
the scientific community.

I doubt that very much.
The credit for this belongs to
Dr. Blanchard and no one else.

Yes. Yes.

That's the way it should be.
He was a great man.

I couldn't agree with you more.
Now, if there's nothing else--

I just wanted you to know
that I'll be happy...

to do anything I can
to help.

Thank you.
I'll keep that in mind.

Thank you.

Mr. Morton?
Mr. Morton?

Morton here.

Is Captain Crane
in the control room?

No, sir. I thought
he was in your cabin.

No, he didn't--
he didn't, uh, turn up.
Find him for me.

Aye, aye, sir.

Captain Crane,
this is the exec.

If you read me,
please reply.


Captain Crane's
not responding
to the intercom.

Uh, find out where he is
and see if there's
anything wrong.

Aye, sir.


[ Footsteps ]
Mr. Brock.

Have you seen Captain Crane?
I've been looking for him.

Why, no.
No, not for some time.

Are you--
Are you sure of that, sir?

[ Chuckles ]
Now, look here, Sergeant.

Wait a minute, sir.
On a ship, that's chief.

- Oh. I'm sorry, Chief.
- Uh-huh.

You certainly can't expect me
to keep track of your captain?

Well, if you should
run into him,

tell him, uh, he's wanted
in the control room

All right.

There isn't anything
wrong with the ship,
is there?

No, sir.
Not yet.

Kowalski, Patterson.
Hey, Chief.

Has the skipper
been in here?

I haven't seen him.
You, Patterson?

He hasn't been in
the missile room. Why?
Doesn't answer the intercom.

This may sound
a little screwy to you, but
the fact is we can't find him.

Well, he's gotta be
somewhere aboard.
That's the way I figure it.

But where?
And why doesn't he answer?

Look, I want
you two guys to find him.

Look anyplace you can,
but find him!

We're on watch
down here, Chief.
I'm relieving you.

For all we know,
he's had an accident and
is lying unconscious someplace.

All right now, move.

Okay, Chief.
Come on, Patterson.

[ Scoffs ]

[ High-pitched Frequency ]

[ Roaring ]

[ Roaring Continues ]

[ Weapons Firing ]

[ Roaring ]

Get the hatch!
Dog it down! Hurry!

Emergency! Emergency
in the missile room!

Kowalski, what's going on?
It's that ape, sir.

It broke loose in the missile
room. I don't know how long
the hatch will hold him.

Chip, sound general quarters.

Get some men down there
with tranquilizing guns
on the double!

Aye, aye, sir.

[ Alarm Blaring ]
Battle stations.
Battle stations.

Battle stations.

Come on!
This way!

[ Roaring ]

Get back!

Get it shut!
We've got to slow him down.

[ Roaring Continues ]

It's not gonna hold, Ski.
He's breaking through.

Man, where are
those guys?

will that hatch hold?
Not a chance, Chief.

-He broke through the other one.
He'll break this one.
-There's no way to stop him.

Okay, you guys.
Get your weapons ready.

If he breaks through,
let him have it
with everything you've got.

[ Roaring ]

can your men stop him?

They're working on it.

And if-- if they can't?

Then we've had it,
every one of us.

Let him have it!

[ Roaring ]

We can't stop him.

Well, hit him again.

[ Weapons Continue Firing ]

[ Low-pitched Frequency ]

[ Grunting ]

Hold your fire.
He may have had enough.

Follow him,
but keep your distance.

Looks like the fight's
gone out of him.

Yeah, I think so.
The tranquilizers
must have taken effect.

What happened
down there, sir?
Everything's under control now.

Two of the crewmen
were injured,
but they'll be all right.

And, uh,
we'll need repairs on two
of the watertight hatches.

I'll get Damage Control
on it at once.

I asked for a report on Lee.
Now, where is it?

Well, we were
looking for him, sir,
but then all this broke loose.

Well, that's
all over with now.

But find Lee. Obviously,
something has happened to him.

I'll organize several
search parties immediately.

But what about the gorilla?
Suppose he goes wild again?

Right. There's always
a chance of that.

Station a sharpshooter there
all night.

If the gorilla acts up,
have him fire a high-velocity
bullet through his brain.

And, uh,
keep me posted
in my cabin.

Aye, aye, sir.

Chief, get
three search parties
organized immediately.

Aye, sir.

Hmm. No, uh--
No sign of him at all, huh?

No, sir. Of course,
we've still got
the search parties looking.

But I don't mind saying,
I'm worried, sir.

Admiral, I don't think
the skipper's on
this ship at all.

Well, I'm certain that he is.
You know as well as I do...

that no man or even a body
can get off it...

without our instruments
picking it up.
Well, where can he be?

Well, now, we'll find him
if we keep looking.

Admiral, um, I know
this is none of my business,

but, uh, why don't we call
this whole thing off?

I mean, you know,
forget about this experiment
and get rid of that--

that overgrown monkey.
Not unless it's
absolutely necessary, Chief.

Yes, sir.

I see
you don't approve.
Well, sir, I--

No, that's-that's--
that's all right.
I don't blame you.

But, believe me,
this experiment is of
enormous importance.

Blanchard has developed
a being of unusual strength...

whose brain
can be influenced
by remote control.

Yes, sir.
Well, I guess I was never
cut out to be a scientist.

But if you say it's important,
then it's good enough
for me, sir.

Well, thanks--

thanks for your vote
of confidence, Chief.

Yeah, well, uh,

I'd better get back
to the search.



I'll keep you
posted, sir.
All right.

[ Sighs ]
[ Door Closes ]

[ Chuckles ]

[ Mutters, Indistinct ]

[ Moans ]

[ Moans ]

[ Coughs ]

[ Moaning ]

[ Hatch Unlocking ]

Stay on your toes.

Just checking
before I turn in.

Any luck, Kowalski?
No, sir.

We covered practically
the whole ship, sir.
No sign of the skipper.

He's got to be
on board somewhere.

Your watch is up
in another few minutes.
Get some men to replace you.

As many as you need.

If it's all the same to you,
Mr. Morton, I'd like
to keep on looking.

Well, yes, sir.
I-- I would too.

Very well.
Permission granted.

Thank you, sir.
Come on, Pat.

[ Alarm Blaring ]

[ Alarm Stops ]

Missile Room,
who gave orders
to fire a torpedo?

Missile Room?
Missile Room?

Chief, do you know
who's in the missile room?

Well, just the guard
watching the gorilla.
Why, sir?

A torpedo tube was just
discharged down there.

I don't like
the sound of that.
Neither do I.

A torpedo tube's
an obvious way to get
somebody off the ship.

The skipper.

It's open.

Where's the guard I had posted?
I saw him a little while ago.
He was right here.

This is the one
that was fired.

Maybe it wasn't the skipper.
It could've been the guard.

But who fired it?
[ Sighs ]

[ High-pitched Frequency ]

[ Roaring ]

Put a bullet
through its brain.

[ Clicks ]

It's empty.

[ Low-pitched Frequency ]

[ Roaring ]

This is the exec.
I want a detail armed
with high-velocity rifles.

Lay down to
the forward corridors
on the double.

When you see the gorilla,
shoot to kill.

[ Alarm Blaring ]

[ Man On Speaker ] Mr. Morton,
armed detail on the way
to seal off corridor "C."

It's blocking the corridor.
We're cut off.

Well, we can go through
the inspection hatch
and get around it.

Good idea.

This is Morton.
We'll join the detail.
Aye, sir.

Let's go.
Aye, sir.

Okay, okay. Come on.
Get back here.

That thing could come
busting through there
any second.

If it does, aim for the head.
We've gotta stop it
before it wrecks the ship.

Mr. Morton.
The skipper.

[ Grunting ]
Is he okay?

He's still alive,
but he's been hurt.

- What happened?
Where is this place?
- Just take it easy.

I gotta find the admiral.
when you're stronger.

We'd better not
move him alone, sir.

I'll get some corpsmen.
Go ahead.

[ Roaring ]

Keep going, Admiral!
I'll slow him up!

[ Nelson ]
Attention, all security details.

The gorilla's heading
for the sector "D" corridor.
Lay after him on the double.

[ Exhales Sharply ]
Take it easy, Lee.

I-I'm all right.
Go up to
the control room.

You'd better have the doc
take a look at you in sick bay.
I said I'm all right.

Now, go up
to the control room.
I've gotta find the admiral.

Aye, aye.

[ Roaring ]

switch to auxiliary!

The ship's going down.
I've got to stop him!

Oh, no!

[ Gasping ]

Kill that steam!

Pull 'er up!

Admiral-- Admiral,
we're going to die.

All of us,
we're going to die,
and I can't stop it.

Pull yourself together,

I could have stopped it,
and I didn't.

Now, it's too late.

The sending device.
You've had it
all the time.

Well, that
explains a lot!

Why did you do it?

The ship is going down!
Can't you do something?

In Blanchard's notes
there was mention...

of a by-product
of the experiment.

A fluid which produced
an uncontrollable rage
in the subject.

I tried to use this,
but it doesn't write.

There's no ink
in this, Brock.

This is a sending device
transmitting the effect
of that fluid to the gorilla.

You've been trying
to kill me!
No, no!

All right. In that case,
you'll have no objection
to carrying this yourself.

Will you, Brock?
[ Roaring ]

What kind of ammo
are you using?

It'll stop
anything that moves.
All we need is one clean shot.

We'll get him.
Go ahead.

[ Roaring ]

Get back!
He's after the pen,
not you!

[ Explosions ]
[ Roaring ]

You feeling better, Lee?
I think I'll live.

Well, for a while there,
I had my doubts.
So did I.

Well, obviously,
Brock was trying to stop you
from telling me about him.

I think I can guess why.
You were going to tell me you
doubted his sanity, weren't you?

Something like that.

And he was an egomaniac.
His only talent...

was an ability
to fool people
who are really talented.

Apparently, he fooled
Dr. Blanchard completely.

Mm-hmm, and most
of the rest of us.

I think we can put these
in cold storage now.

The world may be ready
for Blanchard's experiment,

but, uh, I'm not.