Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1964–1968): Season 4, Episode 6 - Man of Many Faces - full transcript

Admiral Nelson and Captain Crane are shocked to see a scientist shot to death during a live televised news conference viewed from the Nelson Institute. Especially shocking is that the killer appears to be Admiral Nelson. Both Nelson and Crane are eventually able to overcome efforts to stop them from boarding the Seaview. The submarine races to stop an earth-threatening project set in motion by the radical scientist, who may not really be dead after all. In the meantime, a very dangerous master of disguise causes mayhem and confusion as he tries to stop the Seaview from saving the world.

I'm sorry, sir.
You can't go in there.
We're on the air.

I'm Admiral Nelson.
I have to get inside.
Look, I'm sorry.

You can't go in there.
You'll have to wait
till the program's over.

I-I can't wait. Look.
I-I have special permission.

[ Man ]
Think for a moment
of all that implies.


Power to run
the machines of the world
at a cost so small...

as to be almost free.

And in unlimited supply...

simply by harnessing
the vast untapped energy.

My project to control
the power of the tides
is already started.

Dr. Mason, you mentioned
resistance in some quarters.

- Would you care
to name any names?
- I see no reason not to.

There is one man in particular
in the scientific community...

who has fought this
project from its inception.

As a matter fact, the principal
reason for my calling this
hurried press conference...

is to prevent this man,
in a press conference
of his own,

from feeding his lies
to the world.

Dr. Mason,
is there any reluctance
on your part to name the man?

None whatsoever.

This man, who is trying
so desperately...

to deprive the peoples
of the world...

of this magnificent benefit,

is Admiral Harriman Nelson.


You're a liar and a fraud.

Get him!

Dr. Mason?

[ Man ]
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.

Starring Richard Basehart,

David Hedison.

Voyage to the Bottom
of the Sea.

The whole world is shocked by
the brutal and ruthless murder
it has just witnessed.

The body of Dr. Mason
is being removed.

We're waiting now for word of
the capture of Admiral Nelson...

who, in an obvious
moment of insanity,

cold-bloodedly shot down
his bitter rival--

the man whose project
he so vigorously opposed.

For the moment, it would
appear that Admiral Nelson
has made a clean getaway,

although it seems plain that
with the entire world alerted,

his capture is
just a matter of--

[ Clicks Off ]

[ Sighs ]

Hmm. It's somebody
impersonating me obviously.

But why?

What are you doing?

The sooner the world knows you
were sitting right here with me
at the time the better.

Anything wrong?
Ah, it's dead.

[ Switches Clicking ]

[ Static ]

Listen to this.

[ Scoffs ]

[ Switches Clicking ]

Evidently-- [ Clears Throat ]
we're not supposed
to contact the outside.

It seems like
a pretty well-organized plot.

Maybe it's organized,
but it's stupid.
What if they do arrest you?

All we need
is my testimony.

I mean, we were both right here
when somebody who looked like
you shot and killed Dr. Mason.

Once I tell my story,
what have they gained?

Time. Time, Lee,
that we can't afford to lose.

I haven't told you,
I haven't told anyone
about Mason's project.

Look here.

There's no question
the man was a genius.

As part of his project
he and his group developed
and built an electromagnet...

larger and more powerful
than anyone dreamed possible.

I never heard him
talk about it.

I was probably the only one
outside the group
who knew about it,

and I think I know
where he's hidden it.

[ Pencil Tapping ]
Somewhere in this area
right here.

In the ocean?
On the ocean bottom where it's
almost impossible to detect it.

Why all the secrecy?

To control a monopoly supplying
power to the entire world.

Pretty high stakes.
And that's not all.

Look here.

[ Sighs ]

- What's the moon
got to do with it?
- Everything.

Mason's device has already
established a magnetic field
around the moon...

powerful enough
to alter its orbit.

You mean to tell me that this,
uh, machine of Dr. Mason's...

could actually change
the position of the moon?

It already has slightly.
Well, did he realize that?

It was his one blind spot.

He was so obsessed with his
drive to control the tides...

that he couldn't see what
he was about to do to the earth.

And what's that?
The moon will be pulled
closer and closer to us.

Now, if it reaches the point
of no return before we can
destroy the electromagnet,

it'll crash into us...

and quite literally...

end the world.

[ Siren Wailing ]

Then it must be one of
Mason's associates who are
trying to keep you quiet.

There must be somebody
we can warn.

After what's just happened,
nobody's about to listen to me.

All we can do, all we have time
to do is find the installation
and destroy it.

[ Beeping ]

See who it is.
I'll keep out of sight.

[ Clicking ]

Skipper, did you see it?
Were you watching that show?

I saw it.
I mean, I-- I just
couldn't believe my eyes.

Why? Why did he do it?
I mean, right there
in front of the whole world.

It would be a rather
careless way of killing
someone, wouldn't it?

- Admiral?
- Evening, Chief.

Wha-- How'd you get here?
I just saw you on--

He never left here.

What you saw was somebody
doing a very convincing
impersonation of me.

[ Laughs ]
I knew it.
I knew it couldn't be you, sir.

[ Siren Wails,
Grows Louder ]

[ Tires Screech,
Siren Stops ]

They're here.

Lee, how soon can you
get Seaview under way?

Hmm-- [ Clicks Tongue ]
about three hours.

Admiral, listen.
We can take the heat off
and really buy some time.

Now, let me go to
the authorities in Los Angeles
with a sworn statement.

At least we can cancel
the arrest order...

and force the government
to listen.

It might work.

Eh, Chief, can you assemble
the crew and get Seaview ready?
Aye, sir.

But, uh, you better
get going, because, uh--

I'll handle that.

Better leave that way. Take the
back road through the mountains.
You can't risk any explanations.


[ Knocking ]

Go ahead.
Open the door.
But remember--

You haven't seen me.
Aye, sir.

[ Knocking Continues ]

Go ahead.
Take a look.

[ Parking Brake Cranks ]



All right.

Hi, Mr. Morton.
I see you got my message.

What's going on?
We're shoving off
any minute now.

At least, maybe we are.

Here's the manifest.
It's all up to date, sir.

How much do you know
about this business
with the admiral?

He didn't shoot anybody, sir.
I got that straight from him
and the skipper.

But I better let them
tell you the rest.
[ Sparks ] Mr. Morton.

You're just in time.
Special newscast
is going on now.

Hey, watch this, Mr. Morton.
Maybe we're not gonna have
to sail after all.

Come on. Watch this.

Sparks, have you
alerted the admiral?
I called him at his office.

He's watching.

...which may throw
some light on the wild rumor
that has begun to circulate--

a rumor that Admiral Nelson
was seen far from the scene
of the assassination...

at the exact moment
the shot was fired.

Captain Lee Crane
of the Seaview
is in the studio now,

ready to throw some light
on the report concerning
the supposed whereabouts...

of Admiral Nelson
at the instant of the shooting.

Now, if our cameras
can pull back so that
Captain Crane can be seen,

we'll proceed
with the questioning.

Captain, I understand you
came here voluntarily.
Is that true, sir?

Yes, it is.
And as I understand it,

this report is to the effect
that someone claims to have
been with Admiral Nelson...

far from the scene
of the assassination
which shocked the world.

- [ Crane ] That is correct.
- Are you aware, sir, that your
name has been mentioned...

as the person who presumably
can give Admiral Nelson
an airtight alibi?

- Yes, sir, I am.
- Will you tell the watching
world where you were...

when Dr. Randolph Mason
was shot and killed?

In Admiral Nelson's office
at the Nelson Institute
at Santa Barbara.

And who was with you
at that time?

No one.
I was alone.

[ Interviewer ]
Then Admiral Nelson
was not with you?

How could he have been?

I was watching him
on television.

I saw him shoot and kill
Dr. Mason right here
in this very TV studio.

[ Brakes Hiss ]

All right.


I got it.

Say, Chief?

Uh, we're not gonna sail
without the admiral, are we?

Of course not. The whole idea
is to get him out of here.
How's he getting on board?

The whole dock out there
is swarming with police.
Let's leave that to the admiral.


All right. Hold it.

Hold it.
Give it some slack.

That's it.

give us a hand.

All right, take it up.
Close hatch
and secure loading.

I'll get a detail,
and we'll stow it.
Good idea.

[ Pounding ]

Let's get that box open.

On the double!

Give me a hand!

[ Groans ] That's rather
an undignified way to come
aboard, wouldn't you say?

[ All Chuckling ]

Missile Room,
this is the exec.

We're standing by to cast off,
but there's been no word yet
from Admiral Nelson.

There is now, Chip.

How soon can we
get under way?

Uh, immediately, sir.
But, uh, there's one thing.

Captain Crane is topside
with the officer of the deck.

He's requesting permission
to come aboard, sir.
The skipper.

After what he said about
you over the air, Admiral,
I'd like to get my hands on him.

What do I tell him, sir?

Why don't you try
something obvious
like "welcome aboard"?

I'll be right there.

Hello, Chip.


Where's the admiral?

He's aboard.

All right.
Let's get under way.

What happened?

All right, come to my cabin.
We have to discuss this.
Aye, sir.

Oh, so that's
the whole story.

I was pretty lucky,
I guess.

Then when I got back...

I heard what I was
supposed to have said
about you over the air.

What are you
gonna tell the crew?

Well, what else can we
tell them but the truth?

But you know,
I'm not sure I know
what the truth is anymore.

Well, now you know what it
feels like to be impersonated
on a worldwide network.

But it was a beautiful job.
You've got to hand him that.

I'm more concerned about
his motives than his talent.

Someone has gone to
fantastic lengths to stop us...

from reaching Mason's
installation and destroying it.

Yes, but if they do stop you,
they'll die along with
everyone else, won't they?

Well, obviously
they don't believe that,
but it's academic anyway.

They've tried to stop us,
and they've failed.

[ On Intercom ]
Skipper, this is Sparks.
Yes, Sparks?

Can you come to the radio shack,
sir? It's important.

Very well.
Excuse me, Admiral.

Lee, I don't have
to remind you.

We must reach
that installation on time.

Admiral, you don't
have to remind me.

[ Door Opens, Closes ]

What is it, Sparks?
Coast Guard, sir.

Our port clearance has been
withdrawn. We're to put about
and return immediately.

They're a little late.
We've already passed
the breakwater.

There's a cutter overhauling us
now, sir, with a warrant
to board and search.

Do you want to talk
to their commander, Skipper?

Give him my compliments,
and tell him to go to the devil.

Chip, I want a crash dive
to 90 feet. All ahead flank.
Aye, aye, sir.

Clear the bridge
and prepare to crash dive.

[ Alarm Blaring ]

We're at 90 feet and moving
at flank. The Coast Guard
tried to stop us.

[ Scoffs ]
I'm not surprised.

By now they've probably
ordered the whole navy
to hunt us down.

Well, there's our target area.
How long will it take us
to reach it?

Oh, I figure, uh,
24, 25 hours.

That's cutting it too close.

The moon will reach the point of
no return in less than 25 hours,

and if we haven't destroyed
the electromagnet by then--

All right. We can shave
that time by 20 minutes--

even a few minutes more
if we get the breaks.

Is that enough?

Well, it'll have to be.
All right, set the course.

Aye, sir.


Here's our course.
All running speeds
are marked.

As we hit each point
let me know how we're doing,
all right?

I'll see to it at once.

[ Switches Clicking ]

I had this videotape recorded
at the institute while the
press conference was going on.

I remember thinking at the time
that it might come in handy
for future reference.

I didn't know
how right I was.

I'm starting it just before
the shooting. Now watch.
[ Clicks On ]

None whatsoever.

This man, who is trying
so desperately...

to deprive the peoples
of the world...

of this
magnificent benefit,

is Admiral Harriman Nelson.

You're a liar and a fraud.

You know, it's even harder
to believe the second time.

That man looks
exactly like you.

Uh-huh, it's incredible.

So far I haven't been able
to detect a single false note
that might give him away.

Admiral, if you don't mind,
I'm gonna check on our progress
and then hit the sack.

We've got a hard run
ahead of us tomorrow.
All right.

Good night, Lee.
Yeah, good night, sir.

Chief, check
these figures out.
Aye, sir.

Mr. Morton.

Are you aware
of our present course?

Yes, sir, I think so.
You think so.

Look at this.

- It looks all right to me.
- All right?

This course is almost
the exact opposite
of the one I gave you.

The course you gave me?

Not more than 30 minutes ago
I gave you a course to set,

and you deliberately
ignored the order.

Hold on a minute.
You never gave me
any such order.

What are you talking about?
I gave it to you in person
right here in the control room.

A half hour ago?
That's right.

Chief, come here
a minute please.

Tell the skipper where I've been
for the past 45 minutes.

Well, he was with me, sir,
inspecting the stores
in the missile room.

You can swear I never
handed you that course?

I can swear it.

All right.
Forget what I said.

Set this course...
on the double.

I'll be in
the admiral's cabin
if you want me.

Aye, aye.

You're sure?

I'm positive! The man I gave
those original orders to
was not Chip Morton.

Do you know what this means?
We have an uninvited guest

It's worse than that.
We have a man who can
look like anyone he chooses.

From now on we can't
trust anyone we see--
not even each other.

Now, wait a minute.
I know who you are,
and you know who I am.

Otherwise I wouldn't have
brought you this information.
Yes, right now we know.

But what about the next time
we see each other?
What about when we sleep?

He could impersonate
either one of us. Who knows
what orders he might give?

Then we can't sleep--
not until the mission's
over with anyway.

That's at least 24 hours,
and look at you now.

On the ragged edge
of exhaustion.

Well, I'll, uh--
I'll go down to sick bay
and get a pill.

That'll keep me going.
That's a good idea.
Have Doc give you something.


[ Sighs ]

When you're
dealing with nature,
you pay for what you get.

Sure, I can
keep you wide awake
for another 24 hours.

But at the end of that time
you're going to be
dangerously exhausted.

That doesn't matter.
Once the mission's over,
I can sleep for a week.

Look, Doc,
you have no idea
how important this is.

Well, if it's as important
as all that,

I'd like to give you something
that'll work a lot faster
and better than pills.

I hope you don't mind
my giving you a shot,

Anything that'll work fast,

Oh, this will work very fast,
I assure you.

In a few seconds
you'll never know
you were tired.

Doc, when you finish
with the captain,
can you take care of me?

My pleasure, Admiral.
Only take a few seconds.

Oh, by the way,
have you finished that special
medical report I asked for?

Uh, no, not yet.
I've been pretty busy.

Oh. Pretty busy, huh?

[ Screams ]

[ Groans ]

[ Muffled Grunt ]

[ Kicking ]

You all right?
Yeah, I-- I think so.

Quick, come in here.
[ Groaning ]

What is it,
and is there an antidote?

[ Sniffs ]

He'll be okay.

A few seconds more, though,
and he would've been dead.
[ Groans ]

Oh. I-I, uh--

I'm all right now.
Yeah, you'll be fine.

[ Inhales,
Exhales Deeply ]

Why did you
hit Doc that way?

Another impersonation, Lee.
I didn't order
any medical report.

Oh, did you see
whoever it was
that tied you up?

No. He slugged me
from behind.

Next thing I knew
I woke up bound
and gagged in there.

Well, you won't have
any trouble finding him.
He can't get off the ship.

- He doesn't have to.
- What?

He can appear as anyone.
A search would be useless.

Uh, can you handle
yourself now?

- I'm fine.
- Good.

Bring us up
to periscope depth.

I hope you're gonna
be all right too. Hmm?

I'll be fine, Admiral.
Just-- Just fine.

Take a look.

It looks 10 times
bigger than normal.

Hmm, it's moving rapidly
toward the Earth.

My calculations
are proving out exactly.

Everybody in the world
must be aware of it by now.

[ Chuckles ]
I'm sure they are. They're
just not aware of the cause.

I'm gonna correct
that right now.

You're gonna get
in touch Washington?
Why not?

They believe I'm a murderer,
but they can't deny what's
happening to the moon.

Sparks, this is a coded message,
priority one.

Break radio silence and send it
to Washington immediately.

Aye, aye, sir.

Any questions?

No, sir.
I'll transmit at once.

[ Switch Clicks,
Morse Code Beeping ]

Everything all right?
He's transmitting.

Eh, we better check
course and position.
I was just about to.

You know, from now on...

we're gonna have
to be suspicious
of every man aboard.

Hi, Sparks.

Say, Chief.
Hi, Sparks.

What did you want?

Uh-- Didn't, uh--

Didn't I just pass--
[ Chuckles ]

Nah, it couldn't be.

Look, I got your message,
but when I came out to look
for you, you weren't here.

What message?

Chief, you called me
on the intercom.
Said you wanted to see me.

Uh, I didn't call anybody.

Well, somebody
must have goofed.

It doesn't matter.
We're on radio silence anyhow.

Yeah, sure.

Well, I'd better
get back to my post.

Man, I don't feel so good.

Well, mine checks out.
Does yours?

We're on course
and schedule.
That's a relief.

[ Morton ]
Sonar contact, Lee.

Bearing 1-0 relative.

Range 5-0-0 and closing.
It looks like a sub.

- They must be tracking us.
- What if we're fired on?

Under no circumstances
return fire.
We've got to lose her.

If we can.

[ Handset Clatters ]

Attention, all hands.
This is
the captain speaking.

anti-sonar gear...

and rig
for silent running.

Rig for
silent running.

Trim satisfactory, sir.

Hold it as long
as you can.

[ Mechanical Whirring ]

That's propellers.

They're bearing down.

They may ram us.

Hold tight.

[ Whispering ]
They're close...

to starboard.

[ Mechanical Whirring
Continues ]

[ Sighs ]

She's lost us.

[ Clanging ]

What's that?
All ahead flank.
Secure silent running.


What are you doin'?

Kowalski! Kowals--

How does it look?

If she doesn't open fire
we can shake her off.
I don't think she will.

Apparently they don't want
to destroy this ship
and crew even to get me.


That was Kowalski
who was banging on the pipes.

He was acting like--
like a wild man.
I think he's blown his stack.

And now I can't find him.
All right. Simmer down,
Chief. Now, simmer down.

We can explain it.
I think it's about time
we did, hmm?

Admiral, if you can explain
some of the things I've been
seeing around here...

I would sure appreciate it.

All right.
But in my cabin.

Lee, you'd better come too.
You don't think we'll
be fired on, do you?

No, no, we won't.
Come along.

Carry on.

And this guy, he could even
look like me if he wanted to?

Yes, even, uh--
even like you, Chief.

How do we know he isn't
doing it right now?
We don't.

Now, wait a minute.
I'm me.

I may not be sure
of much right now,
but I'm sure of that. I'm me!

Chief, you're the only person
aboard we've taken into our
confidence because we need you.

But first we have
to check you out.

Sit down, Francis.

Sit down.

We're going to ask you
some questions--

personal questions.

Yes, sir.

Where were you born?

Eh, in a part
of Brooklyn.
What part?

Coney Island.

- School?
- Lincoln High.


Now, you got, uh-- you got an
"A" in only one course there.

Now, uh--
Now, what was it?

Home ec.

No, I'd like something
a little bit more specific.
What subject?

Admiral, that's something
I never told anybody but you.

All right,
you can tell me again.

- Yeah, but--
- It won't go any further,

- Go ahead.
- Cooking.

I was the only guy in the class.
It was, uh, kind of a gag.

Well, this is
our chief all right.

We have to catch this man,
and we need your help.

You know this crew
better than anyone else.
That's right, sir.

Now, you see, Chief,
the thing we're
most worried about is...

he might try to
sabotage the ship.

So we've planted a booby trap
inside the main powder locker...

on the theory that sooner
or later he'll come looking
for high explosives.

We want you to keep
your eyes open. If you see
anyone acting suspicious,

keep him in sight.

If he heads
for the powder locker,
just let him go.

Don't interfere.
But the powder locker's
off limits to all hands...

except with
the written permission from you.

Exactly. So if he goes in,
the booby trap will explode
and knock him out. Right?

Yeah, I, uh-- I understand.

That's all, Francis.

That's all.

Oh, uh, by the way, Chief,
thanks for your cooperation.

Uh, aye, aye.
I mean, uh,

you're welcome, sir.

The moon's just rising.
It looks twice as big
as it did last night.

You want to take a look?
I'd just as soon not see it.


Will we make it in time?
Well, the admiral
thinks so.

We've still got four hours
to find and destroy
the installation.

And if it isn't where
the admiral thinks it is,
then what?

Then we can all stop worrying...
about everything.

Come here a moment please.

Take over.

I want you to have
a look at this.

[ Man Announcing ]
...while on the East Coast
record-breaking tides,

brought on by the rapidly
approaching moon, have produced
widespread flooding.

Hurricanes have hit many areas
of the Western Hemisphere,

and tidal waves are spreading
over much of the globe.

In the meanwhile, the search
for Admiral Nelson is still--

[ Clicks Off ]
There's more of the same
from everywhere in the world.

I hope we'll be in time
to stop it.

Are you, um,
sure of your figures?

[ Chuckles ]
Lee, I'd better be.


Well, sir, I, uh--

Excuse me.

Lee, you got a minute?

Something wrong?
I'm not sure.

Um, what's with
Chief Sharkey?

Nothing. Why?

He's been acting very strange.
First, the way he's been
looking at me...

- and then the questions
he's been asking.
- Like what?

Uh, where was I born?
Where'd I go to high school?

Uh, what kind of subjects
did I take?

Oh, well, uh, don't worry
about it, Chip. He, uh--
He's just trying to do his job.

[ Object Clatters ]

[ Scoffs ]

[ Explosion ]

[ Groans ]


[ Groaning ]

Corpsman, lay down
to corridor "F" on the double.

The chief's been hurt.
[ Corpsman ]
Aye, sir.

[ Groans ]

[ Whispers ]

I don't know anything
about it, Skipper.

I was on my way from
the missile room when I got
hit on the back of the head.

That's all I know.

His story hasn't changed
from the moment he
regained consciousness.

If you ask me,
he's telling the truth.

[ On Speaker ]
This is Nelson.
Is Captain Crane still there?

Uh, right here, sir.
Kowalski is still
sticking to his story.

He must've been hypnotized
and used as a decoy...

to make us believe
that he was the guilty one.

Lee, you better come
to my cabin right away.
Be right there, sir.

Take good care of him.
You bet.

Come on.
Lie down, Ski.

[ Groans ]

...of this
magnificent benefit
is Admiral Harriman Nelson.

You're a liar and a fraud.

You know,
this scene fascinates me
for a lot of reasons.

Here right in front of us
is the answer to our man's
real identity,

and I'm sure
it's not Kowalski.
I never thought it was.

But I saw him
disguised as the Chief.

That doesn't mean
he did the disguising.

The man we're after
is a master of makeup.

He could have done
the job on anyone,
not just himself.

Which means that...

the man is still aboard.

Well, we've got less
than two hours to go.

He's gonna have to do
something really desperate now.
He may even blow us all up.

And himself
along with us?
No, no, I don't think so.

From what he's done so far,
I'm sure he doesn't
want to kill himself.

No, the ship is safe
as long as he's aboard.

Admiral, this is the exec.
Go ahead,

The gunner's mate reports
a missing package
of high explosives--

enough to blow us sky high.

Chip, this is the captain.
I'll investigate it.

[ Dial Clicks ]

[ Clicks Off ]

[ Ticking ]

[ Groaning ]

Chip, is the flying sub
ready for launching?

We just finished a routine
check. She's set for duty.

Stand by for launch.
I'm taking her out.

Yes, I've got an idea
I want to check out.

[ Grunts ]
I won't be gone long.

[ Switches Clicking ]

[ Engine Revving ]

All right, Chip.
Prepare to launch.

Aye, sir.


Who ordered
the flying sub launched?
Why, you did.

Unless I'm out of my mind,
you're out there aboard it
right now!
Wait a minute.

You saw me give
you orders and then
take off, right?

I could have sworn it.

[ Sighs ]

[ Handset Clatters ]

it's happened.

He's jumped ship.

can you hear me?

He's not in his cabin.

You mean, who is ever
out there in the flying sub
is trying to blow up the ship?

All right,
now keep on course
and maintain flank speed.

We've got to find that
installation and destroy it
no matter what.

But if a time bomb has been
planted here on the sub--
I don't care!

We've got to find it.

Sound general quarters.

Battle stations.
Battle stations.

[ Alarm Blaring ]

Hold it, Kowalski.
You're in no condition--

Anytime now, gentlemen.


[ Low Humming, Clicking ]

We've got
a definite reading, sir.

[ Humming, Clicking
Intensifies ]

Escape hatch.

[ Ticking ]

It won't go off
as long as it's ticking.

- And if it stops?
- Ten seconds, maybe less.

[ Ticking Stops ]

[ Firing ]

[ Explosion ]

[ Pounding ]


Easy, easy, easy!

Let's get him
out of here.

Come on, come on!

They're all gone now.
All of them.

No more Nelson.

No more Crane.

Get out.
I'll take over.

[ Grunts ]

[ Intense Whirring, Humming ]

Are you all right,
[ Grunts ]

Here's our man.

Let's see
who you really are.

Well, Mason.

For an assassination victim,
you've made
a remarkable recovery.

Contact. Contact dead ahead.

Twelve hundred yards, sir.

That's the electromagnet.
Fire away, Lee.
Blow 'em to bits.

Four torpedoes
in salvo, Chip.

Missile Room, torpedoes
one, two, three and four
to fire in salvo.

[ Man On Loudspeaker ]
Aye, sir!
Range, 1-0-5-0 yards.

Bearing, 0 relative.

Range, 1-0-5-0 yards.
Bearing, 0 relative.


In salvo, fire.
[ Torpedoes Firing ]

Four, three,

two, one.
Who was it?son.

to look like me.

[ Sighs ]er,
The whole world's waiting
to get their hands on him.

Just wondering how
they can possibly
find the punishment...