Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1964–1968): Season 4, Episode 4 - Journey with Fear - full transcript

Aliens from the planet Centaur bring a capsule containing Commander Morton to Venus. They want to keep earth from invading their planet and kidnap Captain Crane in an attempt to bring the Seaview to their planet.

[ Kowalski On Speaker ]
Ninety seconds and counting.

Eighty seconds and counting.

Launch Area to Capsule.
Is everything go, Mr. Morton?

Everything is go.
We're ready to launch.

Aye, sir.
Okay, you jokers!
Out! On the double!

Come on! Move!
[ Kowalski ] Condition red.
Clear the launch area.

[ Voices Overlapping ]

[ Voices Overlapping
Continues ]

[ Kowalski ]
Sixty seconds and counting.

[ Man On Speaker ]
We're green. We're green.

[ Voices Continue ]

Let's hear from
Pressure Line Staging.
Pressure Line Staging, report.

Seaview to
Space Exploration Agency.

Seaview to S.E.A.
Come in, please.

[ Man On Speaker ]
S.E.A. to Seaview.
Go ahead.

This is Nelson.
All systems for experimental
underwater launch are go.

Make it a good one,
Don't worry, General.

After three orbits around
the Earth, we'll bring them
back safe and sound.

[ Kowalski ]
T-minus 40 seconds
and counting.

[ Man On Speaker ]
S.E.A. to Seaview.

All antennas prepared
to track from liftoff.

Orbital test flight is go.

[ Man On Speaker ]
Repeat that for Master Control.
Radar Group Four--

[ Continues, Indistinct ]

[ Kowalski On Speaker ]
Fifteen seconds and counting.

Spacecraft umbilical
is ejecting.

Ten seconds
and counting.

Nine, eight,

seven, six,

five, four,

three, two, one.


trim portside ballast.

[ Humming ]

[ Man On Speaker ]

Altitude: 100 miles,
velocity: 17,500 miles per hour.

still locked on.

Spacecraft separation.
Surface range: 508 miles.

[ Beeping ]

[ Man On Speaker ]
Watch for malfunction
on the orange and red signals.

Check orange and red signals
for any malfunctions.

Station five.

Seaview to Flight.
Seaview to Flight.
Come in, Chip.

[ Beeping Continues ]

Seaview to Flight.
Seaview to Flight.
Come in, Chip.

[ Beeping Continues ]

Flight to Seaview.
We cannot read you.

Flight to Seaview.
Can you read us?

Flight to Seaview.
[ Beeping Continues ]

I can't turn it off.
It keeps coming through.

[ Tone Warbling ]

[ Warbling ]

[ Man ]
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.

Starring Richard Basehart,

David Hedison.

Voyage to the Bottom
of the Sea.

We lost 'em completely.
The signal's disappeared.
Reserve power in.


They couldn't
have destructed.

No, we would have
seen that.

There was nothing
on the tracking scope
but a thin beam of light.

[ Kowalski ]
Reserve power in.

Huh. Still nothing.
Add the reactor
power, Ski.

Aye, aye, sir.
[ General On Speaker ]
Space Agency to Seaview.

Yes, General.
We've lost the capsule
on our screen.

Do you have a reading?
Negative. We're trying to
reestablish communication.

We have no sign of them at all.
Capsule is probably orbiting
out of control.

Yes, I'm going to
duplicate the mission
with our backup vehicle.

If we can rendezvous with them,
we might be able
to pick them up.

[ General ]
Negative, until I clear it
with Washington.

But we've got
two men up there.
Negative till clearance.

I'm not gonna
throw their lives away.
Prepare the backup mission.

We'll have clearance
before blastoff.

Now, start
the pre-countdown

Control to
Rocket Launch Area.
Attention, Launch Crew.

Commence pre-countdown
operations for launch
of Test Vehicle 2.

Repeat: Commence
pre-countdown operations...

for launch
of Test Vehicle 2.

Move vehicle into position
and fuel up.
Aye, sir.

All right. You heard him!
Let's move! On the double!

Come on!

Hey, Chief.
What about a crew
for the capsule?

Well, they have
backup astronauts on shore,

and I guess the skipper
or maybe the admiral
will ride copilot,

just like--

Well, just like
Mr. Morton did. Okay?

Let's move.

[ Warbling ]

What happened?

Nothing makes sense.

We didn't dream
that white light.

Doesn't look like
any landscape I've ever seen.

And here's something odd.
Gravity: .48.

Maybe the instrument
was affected by the shock
of the landing.

Flight to Seaview.
Come in.

Flight to Seaview.
Can you read us?

We better take
a look outside.

[ Rumbling ]

Feels like earthquake country.
Never seen anything like it.

Let's not panic, Bob.

[ Warbling ]

- I can't see!
- Throw down your weapon.

You blinded me!
Throw down your weapon!

You will come
with me.

Nelson to Space Agency.

S.E.A., come in, please.

[ Man On Speaker ]
This is S.E.A., Admiral.
Go ahead.

Is your backup astronaut
on his way here?

He's standing by
until we get authorization.

Have you found out why
your communications failed?

No, but I don't think we'll
have any trouble this time.

We've just installed
our new laser beam tracker
in the system.

And, uh, Captain Crane
is checking out
the second capsule.

I'll keep in touch.

Testing U.H.F.,
unit four.

Testing unit four.

Go ahead, Skipper.
Unit four.

[ Buzzes ]

Unit four, testing.

Shows maximum, sir.


[ Warbling ]

[ Warbling ]

[ Nelson On Speaker ]
Control to Launch Room.
Control to Launch Room.

- Admiral?
- What the blazes happened
down there?

Admiral, the-- the capsule
and Captain Crane--

They're-- They're gone.

We're in
the middle of countdown.
There was no blastoff.

Yes, sir, I know--
I know that, but...

the capsule's gone, sir.

Admiral, the tracker--
It's tracking.

According to that,
the capsule's in flight.

[ General On Speaker ]
S.E.A. to Seaview.
[ Groans ]

Go ahead, General.
Admiral, our monitors show
your test vehicle in flight.

Yes, yes.
I-I'm checking into it.

Did you get direct
clearance from Washington?

Stand by.
I'll get back to you.

Check the computer.
Aye, sir.

Oh, Admiral, sir.

The computer speed
of the capsule, Admiral.

The speed.

186,000 miles
per second.

The speed of light.

And they're heading
for the--

Headed for where, sir?

The planet Venus.

[ Warbling ]

Crane to Seaview.
Hello, Seaview.

Crane to Seaview.
Do you read me?

[ Rumbling ]

[ Humming Sound ]

I ask you again,

when does Earth plan
to invade the planet Centar?

Earth plans
no invasion.

Have you made explorations
of the moon?


Have you explored
this planet, Venus?

- Venus?
- Yes.

Only by remotely controlled
space vehicles.

Have you explored
the planet Mars?

Only by remotely controlled
space vehicles.

What is
your next objective?

Chip! Get out of there!

[ Warbling ]

Lee? Is that you?

- Chip, what's the matter?
Can't you see?
- They blinded me.

Take him back.

Who are you?

We are from
the double planet Centar...

in a distant part
of this galaxy.

We brought you both here
to our scouting outpost
on Venus.

Scouting outpost? Why?

To find out why
you Earth people
are invading other planets,

what your capabilities are
for invading Centar.

We've never even heard
of Centar.

We do not believe you.

You will tell us.

No, wait a minute.
Wait a minute.

I'll tell you
what you wanna know,
without this.

Now, first, uh,
let me explain to you...

how our equipment
compares with yours.

You see, your electrons
depend on photon operation.

Ours, on the other hand,
don't have the similar--

No! We need him.

He can't go far.

General, has Washington
okayed the rescue mission
to Venus?

I'm having trouble
convincing them of
the facts, Harry.

I can hardly
believe them myself.

Crane is on Venus!
All of our indicators
say so.

If you don't get
Washington to move,
I'll do the job myself.

Admiral, we're ready
with the picture from
the capsule's TV camera.

Kowalski, try to
raise Captain Crane.
Aye, sir.

to Test Module 2.

Seaview to
Test Module 2.

Come in,
Test Module 2.

Earth man,
resistance is useless.

You cannot fight us.

Admiral, there's gotta
be something we can do
to give the skipper a hand.

Chief, is the remote control
of the capsule still on standby?
Aye, sir.

Mm-hmm. Then give manual
control to the captain
of all components.

Aye, sir.
[ Clicking ]

Lee, I don't know
if you can hear me.

This is Nelson.
You now have manual control
of all components.

We do not wish
to kill you.

[ Rumbling ]

We only want to
take you to Centar,
our planet.

The answer's no!

- Do you wish to die here?
- I do not wish to die anywhere!

Within six hours,
this side of Venus...

will be under the direct
gravitational pull
of the sun.

Once a month,
the ground is torn apart.

Everything goes
into convulsion.

Nothing survives.

Come with us.

You don't need us on Centar.
Send us back to Earth!

Wait here. I will go learn
from the other one how
to deal with this fire.

[ On Speaker ]
Nelson to Crane.
Seaview to Crane.

Lee? Can you hear me?

Admiral, uh, this is Crane.

Are you all right?
Well, I think so.

I'm still trying to
figure out if this is real
or some kind of nightmare.

It's real enough.
We've tracked you.
You're on the planet Venus.

But how did I get here?

That's one of the things
we're trying to figure out

- Are Chip and Wilson with you?
- Oh, Wilson's dead.

- Chip's here,
but he's been captured.
- Captured?

Now, look, I'll try
to get Chip away,

but if I do,
what happens to us?

Somehow you'll just have to
try to survive up there.

I've already got wheels turning
in Washington to send up
a rescue mission.

That'll take months,
and I've just found out...

that this side of Venus
is due to be hit by a solar
storm in about six hours.

Try to get Chip back
to the space capsule.

You might be able to
ride out the storm inside.

All right, Admiral.
I'll get to Chip.

We'll, uh--
We'll manage somehow.

What is the nature
of the fire that comes
from the space vehicle?

It is
a chemical combustion
under pressure.

How is it stopped?

By a control
inside the capsule.

Who is the Earth man
whose voice I heard--
one named Nelson?

Admiral Nelson is our chief.
He is over all of us.

Then he knows all about
these space vehicles?

He is in charge
of their movements,

of this test flight
you are on?


Centar. Centar.

Centar. Centar!

Do you have
the other one?

I am pursuing him.

When you get him,
return here.

I am going to Earth
to get another human--
one named Nelson.

An important one
who can give us
the best information.

[ Warbling ]

Turn it off!
What are you doing to me?

Remain still. If you move,
it will burn through you.

[ Warbling ]

S.E.A., this is Nelson.
[ Man On Speaker ]
Go ahead, Admiral.

We have an exact pinpoint
of Crane's location.

Has Washington approved
the rescue mission?

We're starting a 72-hour
countdown on a rescue capsule
to be launched from here.

Am I clear to go along?
You are.

Roger. Out.

Admiral, that's--
that's much too late.

They only have six hours
before that solar storm hits.

Then they'll have to
survive till we get there,
won't they?


Same kind of beam as those
other ones when Commander Morton
and Captain Crane disappeared.

Mm-hmm. Only this time
it's coming straight
toward us.

What do you think
it means, sir?

It could-- It could
mean an invasion.

- Sharkey,
sound general quarters.
- Aye, sir.

[ Siren Wailing ]

Centar speaks to Nelson.

Who are you?
You are isolated.

You have no communication
with the rest of your planet.

I repeat: Who are you?

Centar to Nelson.
I am coming aboard.

[ Chuckles ]
Try to board us, it's the last
thing you'll ever do.

Dive! Dive!
All dive! All dive!

[ Alarm Wailing ]




Hold it!

You are Nelson.

Yes, I'm Nelson.
And who are you?

You are the leader
of these men,

of the others we brought
to the planet Venus?

I want to know what you are
and what you're doing here.

I came for you.

Well, that's very interesting.
What do you want with me?

All the knowledge
contained in your mind.

We wish to learn all
there is to know...

about the ability
of Earth people
to penetrate space.

Any invaders are
a potential threat to us.

We must know your plans,
your capabilities, so we
may defend against them.

We're not invaders,
so why should you want to
defend yourself against us?

You launched a space vehicle
from this ship you call Seaview.

A trial flight, yes.

There will be others
to follow.

Eventually, you will reach
the outer limits of this galaxy.

When you do,
we will be ready
to destroy you.

And you want me to tell you
how you can accomplish
that destruction?


You made a long trip
to Earth for nothing.

Take him!

[ Warbling ]

Do not try anything
so foolish again.

The next time my forces
will be applied directly
against all of you.

All right.
What now?

First, I wish to
examine this vessel.

You will act as my guide.

Well, you see,
I-I'm needed here.

I'll assign someone else.


Aye, sir.

And after you've completed
your tour of inspection?

I will transport
this vessel and you
back to my planet.

[ Chuckling ]
Well, that's impossible.

You forget--

We have already done this
with two of your
space vehicles.

We can transform
mass of any size
into light energy...

and transport it
at will.

You will take me
through the ship.


Yeah. Go ahead.

Pass the word to all hands:
Stand by for battle alert.

No intercoms.
Word of mouth
or transceivers only.

Move out.
On the double.

- Chip.
- Lee?

These are like
red-hot steel bars
on my neck.

All right. Now, just, uh--
Just hold on a minute.

Hold on.


Can we get out of here?
We're in radio contact
with the Seaview.

The admiral's getting
a rescue party up to us.

Now listen to me, Chip.
We've got to hang on
until they get here.

Our spaceships don't travel
at the speed of light.

It would take them
at least three months
to get here.

They tell me the ground on
this side of Venus gets torn
apart by the sun once a month.

That doesn't give us
much of a choice.

Die here, or on their planet.
No, Chip.
There's another choice.

Survive. Now, if we can
get back to the capsule,

at least we'll have rations
and some protection.

First I want to check out
their instrumentation.
It might help us.

Now, come on.
That's it.

Now, easy.

Wait a minute.
Just let me go first now.

Come on.

[ Beeping ]

Yes, sir?
[ Nelson ] He's
on his way to you now.

Hit him when I
give the alarm.
Aye, sir.

You'll get help from
every part of the boat.
Yes, sir.

Get set.

This is the missile room.
Our heavy weapons.

Missile Room to Control.
This is Nelson.

He's here, sir.

[ Alarm Ringing ]
Okay. Now.

[ Warbling ]

Our guns are gone.

Tell your Admiral Nelson
I will examine
his reactor room.

Then I will deal with him,
his ship and his crew.

Control to Missile Room.
Chief, do you hear me?



It's-- It's no use.
He's just too much for us.

Like, uh-- Like getting
hit by lightning.

It's that white orb
he carries.

It can't just be the orb.
There's got to be
a power source he uses.

That-- That beam
he came in on.

Can you pull yourself together?
We'll launch the flying sub.

I'm going to attack
his power source.
Aye, sir.

[ Centar ]
Earth man.

You will learn nothing there.
Now move away.

What happened, Lee?
Are you okay?
I'm all right.

[ Warbling ]

What's the matter?
It's my eyes.
I can see.

Did he blind you
with this?

Yes. It must be
wearing off.

Keep watching him.

Let's see if this can
get us some help with
the instrumentation.

[ Warbling ]

Chief, I've located
the beam.

I'm going to attack
with a laser.

I'm ready to fire now.

[ Warbling ]

It was not wise of you
to have attacked the beam.

And it was hopeless.

The Seaview
is now in my control.

What have you done
to my crew?
Immobilized them.

The Seaview will now be
taken to the planet Venus,

and from there to Centar.

[ Warbling ]

[ Warbling ]

It should have gone.

It will require
additional power
from the prime source.

What do you think, Lee?
I don't know.

Is this set now
to send us back?

Yes, but only Centars
can operate it.

Then you'd better do it.

This place could
come down any minute.
You wanna die here?

It will send us to Earth.

Turn power to maximum
and activate.

Can we trust him?
[ Exhales ]

We don't have
any other choice.

This is Centar on Earth.
I need maximum power.


Maximum power's required
to transfer the Earth submarine
to Venus.

Activate at once.

If I turn up the power,
he'll have the Seaview here.

If we don't get back
to Earth, we're dead.

All right.
We'll try to stay alive
in the capsule. Move!

[ Centar On Earth ]
I need maximum power!

must have gone wrong
with the main controls.

We will return to Venus
without the Seaview.

[ Warbling ]

What do you make
of it, Chief?

That blasted beam
was there again,
but it's gone now.

Does that mean the admiral
and the flying sub are gone too,

like the skipper
and Mr. Morton?

Look, kid,
I don't know what it means.

The navy I was brought up in
sailed on the water,
not through the sky.

But if they are all up there
on that planet,

how are we gonna
get 'em back?

What are we gonna do?

What are we gonna do?
I'll tell you what
we're gonna do.

Nothin'. That's what.

Nothin'? But, Chief!

Ju-- Just listen
to me, kid.

You will see them
come back down here.

Believe me.

Are you sure about that?
Sure I'm sure.

With both the admiral
and skipper up there--
and Mr. Morton.

Are you kidding?
Listen, Patterson.

The only guys in trouble
are those aliens who snatched
them in the first place.

Just tell me when they're
headin' back here. I want to be
ready to really pipe 'em aboard.

I guess you're right, Chief.

They've gotten out of
rougher waters than these.

Yeah, you bet
your sweet life
I'm right.

Just take it from me--
They're not in any trouble
at all.

At all.

[ Sighs ]

Let's get to the capsule.
At least we'll have
some protection. Come on.


[ Gunshot ]

How much time
do you think we've got?

Not too long,
judging by the buildup.
Come on.

[ Warbling ]

We've arrived,
with not much time
to spare.

Your foolish resistance
on the Seaview delayed me.

We will have to leave
this planet at once.

What about the other men
you brought here?

They're with my companion,
in the vicinity where the one
you call Crane landed.

You better get us back
before this solar storm
kills everyone.

That is my intention,

I shall convey all of us
to the planet Centar.

Again you are foolish,

I see it will be necessary
for me to relieve you
of your sight.

We've only a matter
of minutes left!
Get us back to Earth!

I told you
of my intention, Nelson.

I shall convey all of us
to the planet Centar.

Now stand back.

Get us out of here now,
or we're all dead.

I repeat, the controls
at our master operations
were set to return you.

- Activate them.
- Not at the risk of bringing
Seaview and its crew up here.

What if I show you
how we can prevent that,

how we can get off
this planet?

It may be too late now.

I can return us to
the cave with the orb.
Let me have it.

No. You just show me
how to work it.
I'll get us back.


Do you tell me?

Tell me, or we'll
all die here!

Turn it with your fingertips
until three impulses are felt.

[ Warbling ]


[ Nelson ]
What's wrong?
I don't know.

It's not working!

He must have
changed the settings.
You remember what they were?

I'm trying.

Try it now!


Another beam,
and headed this way again.

sound general quarters.

Hey. What a feast
for the eyeballs this is.

You all look so good
I could kiss you!
I mean, uh--

I thought, well, uh--
Welcome back aboard,

Believe me, Chief.
We're happy to be back.

So what happened?
Were you really
up there on Venus?

How'd you get there,
and-and how'd you
get back?

And what--
Easy, easy, Chief.

We'll give you
all the details
in good time.


It's a radio inquiry
from a lecture bureau.

They want to know
if I'd be interested
in making a tour.

The subject to be
the safety and convenience...

of making future
interplanetary flights.

While you're thinking
of an appropriate reply,

head up back for port,
will you?