Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1964–1968): Season 4, Episode 26 - No Way Back - full transcript

Mr.Pem returns to help Admiral Nelson prevent the Seaview from exploding. Pem transports the submarine to 1780 where they encounter General Benedict Arnold and Major Andre.


We're still getting
electronic interference.

Can't you track it down?

Not so far. It's intermittent.
Every time we get a fix on it,
it stops.

I don't like things
I can't explain.

Neither do I.

have you made contact
with the institute yet?

Affirmative, sir.
Admiral Nelson is
coming on the line.

I'll patch him in.
Very well. I'll hold.



Hello, Seaview.

Yes, Admiral.

I can't hear you very well.

I know.
It's interference from here.

We can't pinpoint it.


No, no...

It's no use.
It's all jumbled.

Wait. Wait,
hold on a minute.

Nelson to Seaview.
Nelson to Seaview.


It's getting worse.

It's a massive
interference here,
and I can't stop it.


There's an
explosive force
building somewhere.

Look out!
It's gonna blow!


NARRATOR: Voyage to
the Bottom of the Sea.

No. No, there's
still no response.

Any word
from the search
vessels in the area?


Very well.
Keep me posted.


Come in.

we've brought the
crate over, as ordered.

All right, bring it in.

All right, men.

Put it over there
in the corner.
Aye, sir.

All right, break the seal.

Report back to duty.
I'll take over here.

Yes, sir.

Mr. Pem?

Admiral Nelson.


No, no...

You're dead.


You were killed aboard Seaview.

There was a massive
electric charge.

Oh, yes, yes.
I remember vividly.

But happily for me, or
perhaps unhappily, Admiral,

there was a small residue of
time travel energy left in
the submarine.

Enough to shift me
slightly in time,
and save my life.



You see before you, sir,
a broken man.

You look perfectly
all right to me.

Please hear me out.

Well, the last
time you were here, you
defied me to call security.

Whatever happened
to the old, uh,

I lost it, sir, along
with my power over time.

Ah, yes,
your magnificent
device was destroyed.

Don't tell me you
haven't replaced it.

Well, I haven't had
the means to replace it.

That's why I used
this ridiculous device to
get in here to talk to you.

Oh, I must say, absurd as it is,

I had a feeling it'd be
enough to get me past your

rather inadequate
security measures.


Oh, really?

Mr. Pem,
would you like to
have a look at this?

You knew all along.

You've been under close watch
ever since you've set foot
on the grounds.

There is something you
didn't know, that you
couldn't know,

and that is how completely
and utterly I have changed.

I'm glad to hear that.

Now, any change
in your case would
have to be for the better.


I agree heartily,

and you give me hope that
you'll entertain
a proposition.

No, no. I certainly didn't
mean to give you that idea.

The last deal we made together
was very nearly fatal to
both of us.

But this will be
completely different.

I have no childish
lust for power now.

Now I realize
how infinitely much
more satisfying it would be

to work for the benefit
of humanity.

That's noble of you,
Mr. Pem.

I know. I know
how delighted you will be
with what I have to propose.

Sorry, no deal.
But you haven't
let me explain it.

You don't
have to explain it.
I know exactly what it is.

You want to build
another time device,

and you need
nuclear power to do it.

but just imagine the
possibilities, Admiral.

You and I,
together, will have
completely mastery over time.

We'll be able to move backward
and forward through the ages
at will.

Oh, just think! Think
how we can help humanity.

Of course.

Mr. Pem,

I am going to
have you escorted
from the institute grounds.

If you ever
set foot here again, I am
going to throw you into jail.

Now, is that clear?


Excuse me.

Is something wrong, Admiral?

Report from one of
the search vessels.

Seaview's been located
at the bottom of the

Hull crushed.

All hands lost.
Oh, no!

What an unspeakable tragedy.

Oh, my dear friend,
if only there was some
way I could help you...

Of course,
if I had access to power...

No, but you
don't trust me,
and I understand.

I mustn't intrude on
your grief any longer.

Wait a minute.

I must say that your attitude
hurt my feelings a little,
but I bear no malice.

I assure you,
there's no trace
of anger in my heart.

Will you shut up?
I can't think.

Suppose we had
a working time device.

Would we be able to get back
aboard Seaview before
the explosion?

Find out what caused it,
and prevent it from

What an extraordinary idea.

If we had a time device,

could we recede in time
to before the explosion,

and thus prevent the tragedy?

Yes, we could.

We could?
We could.

We could!
That's wonderful!

Just one thing.
We have no time device.

We'll get one.
We can use the power
from the reactor here.

How long would it take?

I suppose I could produce
a crude working model in
a matter of hours,

but it'll only take us
back a few days.

A few days!
That's all we need.

Let's get started.

Yes, but, Admiral,
remember our bargain.

What are you talking about?
I'm talking about humanity.

This crude working model
is only a stopgap for
the sake of humanity.

I must reproduce
the perfect time device.

All right. All right.
Anything you want.

But first things first,
now we've got to save

You and I together, we will
save the world from its

Move, Mr. Pem, move!
From its avarice!

We will brave all...



Yes, what?

Well, for a very limited
time transfer, I think
it'll work.

Well, try it.

There are risks involved.

The devil with that.

according to
my calculations,

it should put us
back about two days.

All right. All right.
Activate it.

Seaview! This is the
Seaview Reactor Room.

You've done it, Pem.
It worked!

Did you doubt for
a moment that
it would?

Chief, everything all right?

Yes, sir, but how...

You're wondering how I got
aboard? I'll explain about
that later.

Hello, Chief.

Sir, he... He's back.

I'll explain about
that later, too.
Excuse us.

Come this way, Mr. Pem.
Thank you.

Hello, Lee.

Could you come to my cabin?
There's something I'd like
to talk about.

How are you, Captain?
Nice to see you again.

You're all of you
looking very well indeed.


Take the con.

Hey, Mac.

Hey. Hey!

Hey, Kowalski, you
won't believe this,

You gotta
listen to this.

I know.
I don't believe
it either, Chief.

This is insane.

He's supposed to be dead.

And I very
nearly was, Captain,
but fortunately for me,

fate saw fit to spare me.

And you
let him back on board.
Have you lost your mind?

Now, take it easy, Lee.
I know this is a shock to you,

but just try to take it easy.

And that's how
you got here, isn't it?
With that time device of his.

Well, in a sense, yes.

And how do you know
what he'll do with
it next?

Let's take one thing at a time.

There are much
more pressing

Your life and the lives
of all the crew.


All right,
Admiral, I give up.
Now suppose you explain.

Well, a lot
of this is gonna
have to be taken on faith.

You see,
there is going to be
an explosion on this ship.

Seaview will
be crushed and
all hands lost.

I see you're in the
fortune-telling business now.

No, no, no, not at all.
Please let the Admiral

what can you tell me
that hasn't happened yet?

But, Lee, this has happened.

I'm sure
I could remember
a small detail like that.

No, wait. Wait.
Try and understand.

See, Mr. Pem and I
are no longer in
the present.

We are in the past.

One full day in the past,
before the explosion.

In other words,
within a short time,

everyone on this ship
will be dead, right?

Unless we find out the cause
of the explosion and
prevent it.

No, no. Mmm-mmm.

It won't work.

If we try to find the explosion,

future history
would be changed.
It just isn't possible.

But of course it's possible.

I don't know why everybody
doggedly insists it's not

My dear young man,
the future can be changed
simply by changing the past.

Mr. Pem,
are you sure?

Quite sure.

All right, let's get started.

We gotta find out
what caused that

All right.
I'll get a complete wiring
inspection underway at once.

How much time do we have?

By an odd coincidence,
exactly 24 hours.

Admiral, where are you going?

To inspect the ship, of course.

But you are
not going back
on your promise.

What promise?

You promised me the means
to perfect my time device.

It was clearly
a part of our bargain.

Yes, it was.

All right, I'll see you
get whatever you need.
Come with me.

My dear sir, after you.

Now do you understand, Chip?

Frankly, no.

It's simple enough.
We've got less than 24
hours to locate the cause

of an explosion that will
kill us all unless
we find it.

Did that character
tell you all this?

Never mind that.

Have all the wiring
checked first.

Unless, of course,
you'd rather die.

Aye, aye, sir.

In this section,
you'll find just about

everything you need
for metallurgy

Splendid, Admiral.
Much more than
I expected.

Well, make good use
of your time.

If you need anything
while I'm gone, just call.

You're not locking me in?

I most certainly am.


How's it going, Chief?

Sir, I'd like to be
in as good a shape
as this wiring.

Nothing yet then?
No, sir, nothing.

It would help if we knew
what we were looking for.

Did you find anything that could

potentially damage or
destroy the submarine?

No, sir.

Sir, is there any special
reason for all this?

Well, let's just say it's
vital to the survival
of the submarine.

Aye, sir.

What did we hit?

Nothing. Sonar's clear.
No foreign object has
touched the hull.

Then what was that jolt?

I'm still
trying to figure it out.
I can't find anything wrong.

We're at dead stop.

I gave no such order.

Look. We're in shallow water.

Periscope depth.
The chart indicates
no shoals in this area.

Let's find out.

What is it?

Take a look.

It's night.

What's the trouble?

He's up to his old tricks.

You mean Pem?
Why do you say that?

First, that jolt.
Now we find ourselves at
dead stop in shallow water,

and up there it's night.

He had no way to...

See what you can find out.
I'll handle him.

Aye, sir.

Aye, aye, sir.

Ballast control,
blow main ballast.
Give me full buoyancy.

MAN 1:
Full buoyancy, aye.

Surface. Surface.

We're on
the surface
at dead stop.

Very well.
Crack the hatch.

Aye, aye, sir.
Crack the main hatch.

MAN 1: Crack the main
hatch. Aye, sir.

Any indication of where we are?

Take a look
for yourself.

Here. Use these.
They're infrared.

What is that out there?

If I'm not mistaken,
it's an 18th century
early American town.

You think we're back in time?

Right now, I can't think
of any other explanation.

Set your lookouts.
I'm going below.

Aye, aye, sir.

Duty lookouts to the Bridge.

MAN 2: Aye, aye, sir.


Pem, what are you up to?

"Up to," Admiral?
I'm hard at work,
of course.

You've shifted us in time.

Yes, of course, to bring you
here to the Seaview before
the explosion, yes.

No, no, no.
A second time. Just now.

No, no, no.
You're mistaken.

If it's suddenly dark outside,

we've either lost or
gained a good eight hours.

Now which is it?
Time is vital to us!

Time is always vital,
but lost or gained...
No. No, really.

Give me the time device.

I haven't even begun
construction. Admiral...

I'm still preparing.
After all, I can't
perform miracles.

Mr. Pem,
you're coming with me.

But what about my work?
We can discuss that later.

Your promise?
I know, I know.

This is your promise
right now. Come along.

Sir, I don't get it.

You mean to tell me
that it's night outside?

That's right, Chief,
and we're lying in the
mid-channel of a river.

You wouldn't
be putting me on,
would you, skipper?

You know better than that.

Yes, sir.

I want you to man
the radar station.

Keep a sharp watch and report
anything you pick up.
You got that?

Aye, aye, sir.
Anything. All right.

Lookouts are posted, Lee.
It's still pitch black
out there.

I'll take that, sir.

What do we do next?
That depends.


What's the matter?

Radar's calmed down, sir.

How could that be?
We had a check,

we could find nothing wrong.


Every instrument in
here is malfunctioning.

Well, that beats me.


what's the line voltage?

Erratic, sir.
Keep getting line surges.

What's wrong?

Power surges
have knocked out some
of our detection equipment.

It must have
something to do with him.

With me?
Why, Captain,
you wound me deeply.

How on Earth
could I possibly
have anything to do

with your electrical system?

Mr. Pem, is precisely
what I want to find out.

Who gave
you men permission
to leave your posts?

Who are you?
Where do you come from?

In the name of
the Continental Congress,

I hereby confiscate this vessel.

Well, where's your master?

I'm Captain of this ship,
and I'm not gonna turn
it over to anybody.

Oh, you think not, think you?

You wear
the insignia of
a Major General.

Since I'm
a four-star Admiral,
I outrank you by two stripes.

And I, sir, outgun you.

I am taking this ship.

Oh, you outgun us, do you?

Well, I'm afraid you're
in for quite a surprise.

Correction, Admiral.

With this, I outgun you all.

You lied.

You replaced the device.

Of course I did.

Now would you care
to surrender quietly,

or would you
prefer another wild
excursion through time?

A wise decision.

General, will you
kindly introduce

Your servant, gentlemen.

I have
the pleasure
to inform you

that my name is Major General
Benedict Arnold.

So you've transferred us back
to the time of the
American Revolution, have you?

To just before
midnight of the 22nd of
September of the year 1780.

I think
General Arnold
can confirm that?

I can.

What a vessel
you have here.

It's all you said it was,
sir, and more.

Well, you two seem
to be old friends.
Isn't that nice?

A perfect
of scoundrels.

Watch your tongue, sir!

Please, gentlemen,

and recriminations
will gain us nothing.

If you think I'll
surrender my ship,
think again.

Gently, Captain.
If you won't listen to me,

at least take your
Admiral's advice.

He seems to have the
upper hand at the moment, Lee.

I'd like
to suggest that you,
Admiral, the General and I,

retire to your cabin
for a council of war.

All right. Now don't
try anything just yet.
I want your word on that.

Right, sir.
Gentlemen, our conference.

Mr. Pem!

I'm warning you.

Sooner or later,
I'll have your
neck for this.

Good luck, Captain.


This is our chance.

To jump him before
he knows what hit him.

Then we can create a diversion
outside the Admiral's
cabin and...

Not now.

Sir, we'll never
have a better chance.

I'm sorry,
I promised the Admiral.

Sir, I...
That's all, Chief, carry on.

Do sit down, Admiral.

All this pacing's
getting on my nerves.

Anything else you'd like,
Mr. Pem?

As a matter of fact, yes.

Just so
you won't be tempted
to try to thwart me again,

I'd like
you to keep in mind
what can happen to you.

Believe me, I have it in mind.


Your function in this plan
is very simple.

You are to see to it that
your men interfere in no way

with what's going to happen.

I'm not sure I can do that.

You see,
I don't like any part
of this plan of yours.


I don't know
how you can say that,

since you haven't the
slightest notion of
what it is.

I not only have a notion,
Mr. Pem, I know what it is.

Well, I'd be amused
to hear your version.

General Arnold is here to
hold secret meetings with
Major John Andre,

aid to
Sir Henry Clinton,
the British commander.


I've been betrayed!

I wouldn't talk
about betrayal,

Not with what you have in mind.

I'll have your head for this.

General! General!

Put off your sword,
I beg of you.

How much more do you know?

Much more.

You plan to deliver
West Point to the

split the colonies, and
see the revolution crushed.

Fortunately, it'll
end in disaster
for you.

Don't be too sure of that,

Is this man a devil?

How does he know all this?

He's just been
boning up on
his history.

What he forgets is that
history is going to
be changed.

Not if I can help it.

What's this? Are you
ignoring my warning?

You can't change us in time,
you need the ship here
and now.

And you, Admiral, need a lesson.

I dislike doing this,
it's a tiresome
waste of time.


Pem? Where are you?

PEM: We're here
in your cabin aboard
the Seaview, of course.

What am I doing here?

The experience
you're having is
a novel one, indeed.

It's the result of a new
refinement of my time device.

I've succeeded in
isolating you in time.

As soon as
our business here
is finished, however,

you'll have
the pleasure of reliving the
last few agonizing moments

before you heard of the
destruction of your ship
and the death of all hands.

Now wait, wait.
Pem. Pem...

Can you still hear me?

What would you
like to say, Admiral?

All right,
I won't interfere
with your meeting.


This is witchcraft!

I've placed myself in the
hands of the Devil himself.

In a sense, General,
it's quite true.

LEE: Admiral,
this is Crane.

Yes, Lee, what is it?

Another one
of those characters
is just coming aboard.

What is this, anyway?

Admiral, I'd appreciate it if
you'd welcome the gentleman

and send him up
here for the meeting.

Very well.
I'll be right there.

I am Crane, Captain of the ship.

Captain, your servant.

Isn't it unusual for
a civilian to salute?

Oh, forgive my clothing.

I'm an officer.
Major John Andre.

Aide-de-camp to
General Sir Henry Clinton
in the service of His Majesty

King George III.

At your service, sir.

Yes, Major Andre,
I've heard of you.

Through some of my
foolish verse,
no doubt.

Oh, yes.

Through that, and other things.

I am humiliated
to show myself in
this clothing, Captain.

I meant to appear in uniform,
but your General Arnold
insisted on this.

Yes, I understand,
and he's not my General.

Major Andre.
This is Admiral Nelson.

I am honored, sir.
But admittedly bewildered.

This vessel,
I have never seen
the like of it anywhere.

Well, I'm not surprised.

General Arnold
is waiting for you in
my quarters. Kowalski.

You take Major Andre
to my cabin, return here.

Aye, sir.

Major Andre, sir?

At once, Kowalski.

Yes, sir.

This way, Major.

Gentlemen, by your leave.

How long
are you gonna
let this farce go on?

Right now, it's out of my hands.

It is, unless
you do something.
Pem isn't that clever.

All you have to do
is lay out the plan,
and we'll knock him off.

I can't risk it, Lee.
Pem watches almost
every move I make.

Look, if he so much
as suspects anything,
he could destroy us all.

I see. Then we just
give up, is that it?

Well, those
are the instructions
that I was to give you.

Of course, there's
always the possibility,

a remote possibility,
I grant you,

that you and the men might
decide to disobey my orders.

Go on.

naturally, you'd be acting
without the knowledge that

Pem could wipe us out
with one touch of
his thumb

on that pocket watch he carries.

And naturally, no sane
man would take that chance.

Well, I'd better
get back to the

Sir, about those men up there...

Talk to the skipper.


Skipper, you mean to
say that that's the real
Benedict Arnold up there?

And the real Major Andre.

And right now,
they're plotting the
surrender of West Point.

And we're just standing around?

Excuse me, sir,
but about those two men...

Never mind that, Ski.
Right now, I need you both.

Chip, come here for
a minute, will you?

What's going on up
in the Admiral's cabin?

A little plotting.

And there's gonna be
some down here, too.

A detailed
map of the defenses
of West Point, Major.

If these papers
are found on me while
I'm in civilian clothes...

You have
nothing to worry
about on that score.

Thanks to our
friend, Mr. Pem.

Well, actually,
it's very simple, gentlemen.

This magnificent vessel
is the most powerful

fighting machine
the world's ever seen.

Powerful enough to
take the garrison
at West Point?

Powerful enough, sir,
to crush the entire
rebel army and navy.

If that is true, there is no
need of my delivering these
plans to General Clinton.

No need at all.

This man is lying to you.

What he's proposing
is a total impossibility.

Is it now?

I'd like
these gentlemen to see
the Missile Room, Admiral.

That is the heart of
this vessel's striking power.

If you'll be kind
enough to show us
the way.

General. Major.

I just got word they
left the Admiral's cabin

and went below
to the Missile Room.

The Missile Room, are you sure?

Yes, sir.
I have a man
posted outside.

All right. Well,
it shouldn't affect the plan.

Now remember, Chief,
you are the only
man aboard

authorized to
use the intercom
for just one word.

Aye, sir.
Right, move on.

Are they in there?

Check with Engineering.

Yes, gentlemen,
this little tube
stores enough power

to obliterate
West Point completely,
as I shall soon demonstrate.

The main hatch is
secured, Mr. Morton.

Very well.


That's it, let's go.

At dead-flat angle now.

Ease her below.

I don't want them to feel this.

I've already
programed the missile,

all that remains
now is to fire it.

Steady now.


Stand by.


Now remember, all you've got.

Lights! Now!

What are you doing?
Stop it, Nelson!

We got it, skipper.
All right, give
it to Mr. Morton.

Aye, sir.

You two, stop him.
All right, follow me.

LEE: Hold it!

The time device?
Sharkey has it.


Did it all work?

Skipper says to
give this to you.

To me?
What do I do with it?

Just don't push
that button, sir.

Well, gentlemen.

You have the
advantage of us, sir.
The decision is yours.

Where's Pem?

I don't know,
but we'll find him.

All right, you gentlemen
come with me.

We have something to talk about.

Now what, sir?
Let's go.

Now find that man,
take corridor B.

The minute you spot him,
sing out.

Where is he?
Who, sir?

I haven't seen him.


Sir, I gave Mr. Morton
Pem's device.

I wish you'd be
responsible for it, Lee.

Chip, alert all hands,
we've got to find
Pem immediately.

Aye, aye.

Now, Kowalski,
take this to
the Admiral.

Guard it
with your life
on the way, all right?

Aye, sir.
All right, go ahead.

Chief, come on.
Aye, sir.

Now hear this, all hands,
be on the alert for Mr. Pem.

Repeat, be on
the alert for
Mr. Pem.


And now,
Admiral Nelson,
we'll see who wins.

I need power.

Gentlemen, I'm very much afraid

that both of you are going to
have to take your chances
with history.

I'm not afraid
of history, Admiral.

I know what I'm doing is right.

If given the choice,
I'd do it again.

At any rate, the name of
General Benedict Arnold
will be remembered.

I can promise you that.

See that
the General is put
ashore on the west bank.

Aye, aye, sir.


I thought you'd head for here.

Captain Crane,
what a dreary surprise.

What's that you've got?

Oh, it's just a toy.
A plaything.

Would you like to see it?

Don't touch him!
Not now!

Sir, General Arnold
and the soldier
with him

have landed on the
west bank of the Hudson.

Very well, stand by.
Aye, aye, sir.

Admiral, can I ask you

Go ahead.

I kind of like that Major, sir.

We all do, and,
well, I was wondering,
what happened to him next?

I think
he was captured on his
way back to New York City.

They found
the plans on him,
arrested him as a spy.

He was hanged.

You ready, Major?

Quite, sir.

There is one matter, Admiral.

Since you have already
seen the future in
some way,

which I still don't understand,

you must know
what lies ahead for me.

Yes. Yes, I do.

Don't worry,
I won't ask you to tell me.

Only one thing
really troubles me,
these civilian clothes.

I came here as a soldier.
I would prefer to return
in the same way.

I'm not a spy, sir.

I understand.

Other than that,
I have no regrets.

Whatever is to become of me...

Goodbye, Admiral.


Major Andre will
return to the east bank.

Aye, aye, sir.

This way, Major.

Pem's dead.

You sure?

This time there's no doubt.

He took a massive dose
of radiation straight
from the reactor.

Well, there's just one
thing remains to be done.

A very vital thing.

Take it back to the present.

Not the present,
the immediate past.

Just before the
explosion that wrecked
the Seaview and her crew.

are you sure you know
how to prevent the explosion?

I've been studying it.

There's a bomb planted
some place in the
ship's lab.

If we can return in
time to jettison it,
we'll be all right.

I only wish you could do
it right now, before the

So do I, but it isn't there yet.

Skipper, this is
Kowalski in the Bridge.

Major Andre is
rowing to the bay.

Very well.

All right.

Now let's try
Pem's device.


We're still getting
electronic interference.

Can't you track it down?

Not so far. It's intermittent.
Every time we get a fix on it,
it stops.

I don't like things
I can't explain.

Neither do I.

It's about time
for the explosion.
It's almost too late.

Got to get back to Seaview.

have you made contact
with the institute yet?

Affirmative, sir.
Admiral Nelson is
coming on the line.

I'll patch him in.
Very well. I'll hold.



It's getting worse.

It's a massive
interference here,
and I can't stop it.


There's an
explosive force
building somewhere.

Look out!
It's gonna blow!

Well, the bomb I jettisoned

was planted by Pem just
before Seaview left port.

He can plan, all right.
Scheme to change the
course of history.


And he almost did.


Somehow that twisted
genius of a mind had
worked things out

so that the loss of
the American Revolution
would ultimately result in

making him
the most powerful
man of the 20th century.

Tell me, Admiral.

Do you really think
it could've worked out?

Knowing Mr. Pem, I'm certain
it could've worked out.

As for this,
it'll have to
be destroyed.

Afraid the world
isn't quite ready
for that yet.