Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1964–1968): Season 4, Episode 2 - The Deadly Dolls - full transcript

A puppeteer comes on board to entertain the crew. But it is later revealed that his puppets are alive and they plan to take over the sub. That's when they replace the crew members with duplicates. Only Nelson and Crane are left to try and stop them.

You dare to disobey
my orders?
I'm the admiral!

You dare
to push me around?
I'm the captain!

This vessel
is my brainchild.

So we're never
out of trouble.

[ Laughter ]

So take that!
And that!

And that!

Mutiny! Mutiny!
I'll have you hanged
from the halyards!

I'll have you battered
with belaying pins!

Fed to the fishes!
Boxed by the compass!

Caulked by the catwalk!

Gentlemen, hold it.
Lay off and desist.

Desist yourself!
[ Laughter Continues ]

Belay there!
Enough! Enough!

Is that any way
to run a submarine?
The war is over.

Who says so?
Yeah! Who says so?

All right. Just for that,
you can both cool off
in the brig.

And you can follow them,
Mr. Morton.

Well, that's all, gentlemen.
Thank you. C'est fini.

[ Sharkey On Speaker ]
Chief to Captain Crane.
Stores are all aboard, sir.

We're ready to sail.

Very well, Chief.

This is the captain.
All hands to
duty stations.

Prepare to get under way
in 30 minutes.
Aye, sir.

Well, thanks for coming aboard
and entertaining us, Professor,
'cause it was just wonderful.

Oh. Thank you.
Those, uh, dolls you
were using are very realistic.

You mean these?

But-- But those
are not the ones.

Oh, yes, indeed they are,

The facial resemblance
is an ingenious makeup...

that I just wipe off.
Uh, do you need any help
to pack up?

Thanks, no.
My dolls are no problem.

Well, let us know as soon
as you're ready, and we'll
have your gear taken ashore.

Thank you.

[ Door Closes ]

[ Nelson's Voice ]
Isn't it time, Professor?
Very nearly time.

Nearly, but not quite yet.

- Soon?
- Yes, soon.

Very soon.

[ Man ]
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.

Starring Richard Basehart.

David Hedison.

Voyage to the Bottom
of the Sea.


Your crate's
already ashore, sir.
Many thanks.

Oh, and you, sir.
You sure gave us
a good laugh.

Good luck to you, sir.
Thank you.

The admiral's sorry
he couldn't see you
off personally.

We're having a little trouble
with the engineering circuits.

Anything serious, Captain?
Oh, no.

More annoying than serious.
It won't keep us
from sailing.

Excuse me.

Uh, I've been thinking about
this trouble we're having.

Remember we were rewiring the
conduits near the armory? Maybe
that's where the trouble is.

Right. Uh, check it out
as soon as we get under way.

Aye, aye, sir.

[ Nelson ]
Captain Crane.
Attention, Captain Crane.

This is Nelson.
Please report to
the circuitry room.

I'll be right there.

Sorry, Professor.
Don't worry, Captain.
I can find my way out.

I hope we meet again.
I'm sure we will.


[ No Audible Dialogue ]


Uh, did you want me
for something?
No, no, not a thing.

Well, uh,
then why did you ask me
to report to you here?

But I didn't.
Have you checked out
"G" circuit again?

Yes, sir.
The trouble isn't there.

Then try K-4,
and keep at it.
All right, sir.

And now that you're here,
got any ideas?

Uh, yes, sir.
The, uh, chief thought
it would be a good idea...

if we check out
the, uh, new wiring job
around the armory.

Hmm. That may be worthwhile.
I'll get the blueprints
from my cabin,

and, um, well,
might as well
get under way.

Aye, sir.

Uh, Patterson.
Yes, sir?

The, uh--
The admiral did call me
on the intercom, didn't he?

Not from here
he didn't, sir.
I was with him all the time.


Okay, thanks.

[ Blow Lands ]

[ Flicking Switches ]

[ Beeping ]

What lead-brain swab jockey
left that door open?


Chief to Captain Crane.

Go ahead, Chief.

I'm down here
in the armory, sir,

and, uh,
supply locker five
is loaded with dolls.

Yes, sir. Dolls.

The hand-talking kind
like the professor was using.

Then the, uh, professor
must have left them aboard.

Uh, yes, sir.
It sure looks that way, sir.
Yes, sir.

All right, Chief,
just leave 'em there.
We'll handle it.

Aye, sir.

His crate went ashore, sir.
I saw to it myself.

But, um, obviously,
his dolls weren't
in the crate.

You'd better
take care of it, Chip.

Sparks, get
Inter-Allied Headquarters.

Tell them to contact
Professor Multiple,

and say
we have his puppets.
Right away, sir.

[ Thumping ]

What's going on?

[ Thunderclap ]

What happened?

Armory to Control.
There's trouble
down here, Captain.

Don't bother, Commander.

What are you doing--

[ Groans ]

[ Nelson's Voice ]
It's time, eh, Professor?

Time for these others
to go too.

Yes, and to do
their job.

Everybody, up.
Wake up. Time to wake up.

Go on! Wake! Wake!

Captain to Mr. Morton.
Come in.

Armory, report.

Armory, report!

Steady as you go.

Good work, Professor.

Watch it.
Here comes the captain.

what are you doing here?

It was a stupid
mischance, Captain.

You had to leave
the control room, remember?

And, well, I thought
I could find my way out,
but I--

I got lost.

So I found
my way back here.

And I was just, uh,
locating myself
when Mr. Morton came in.

I see.
Where's the chief?

I haven't seen him. That's
why I started to call you.
Then the intercom went out.

He said
he'd found puppets
in locker five.

It's empty.

Well, if they were my puppets
then they must be found,
because I can't lose my puppets.

All right, Professor,
don't worry. If they're
aboard, we'll find them.

[ Sparks On Speaker ]
Radio Shack to Captain Crane.

Yeah, Sparks.

I contacted Inter-Allied
Headquarters, sir,
about Professor Multiple.

They report
he's just been murdered.

Are you, uh--

Are you sure
that's what they said?
Yes, sir.

Found shot in his apartment
just 10 minutes ago.
I have all the details.

All right, Sparks.
Um, I'll talk to them.

What was that
all about, Lee?
Yes. After all, I--

I thought that I was
Professor Multiple.

But if I'm dead,
well, then who am I?

That's a good question,
isn't it?

- And where are my dolls?
- And where's the chief?

Say, Chief?
I heard you found
the professor's dolls, huh?

Did you hear
that he was shot?


What's the big idea
clobbering Patterson that way?
All he said was that he--


Well, we're not gonna
get any answers here.

We'll contact
headquarters again,
let them figure it out.

That sounds reasonable,

Yes. Let them
figure it out...

if they can.

Oh, you're here, Chief.
I thought we'd lost you.
What happened to those dolls?

Aren't they still
in the closet?
Not now, they're not.

The professor.
But Inter-Allied said--

- Get them back.
I'll speak to them.
- Yes, sir.

S.S.R.N. Seaview calling
Inter-Allied Headquarters.

Come in, Inter-Allied.
Do you read me?

- S.S.R.N. Seaview calling
Inter-Allied Headquarters.
- What's the matter?

S.S.R.N. Seaview to
Inter-Allied Headquarters.
Do you read me?

[ Flicking Switches ]
We've lost contact, sir.

Keep trying.

[ Explosion ]

Level off.

Level off!

Chief, level off!


What's the matter
with all of you?

Chief, pull us
out of this dive.

Chief, pull us
out of this dive.

That was not
a dive, Captain.

This ship is caught
in a current
that is irresistible.

- You won't pull away.
- How would you know
what we'll do?

Because as of now,
this ship is ours.


You won't pull away.

Engineering, all back full.

All back full.

Engineering, report!

They hear you,
but nobody
will obey you.

The professor's right.
Nobody will obey you.

Chip, get down to Engineering
on the double.

See what's going on.

You can't fight us,

Who are you?

Perhaps you will
know later...

when we are
through with you.

Lee, come on!


It's me!
Let's go!

It's time we killed 'em
all dead, fellas. Dead,
dead, dead, dead, dead, dead!

After them!

Master of Arms,
send out
security details.

Arrest Admiral Nelson
and Captain Crane.

[ Door Closes ]

What put us into this?

The professor says it's
an irreversible current.

It's like, uh,
some magnetic force that's
just pulling us along.

Yet, we're
still descending.

Another 10 minutes,
we might reach
crush depth.

[ Multiple On Speaker ]
"B" Detail, search the hold.
"F" Detail, the missile chamber.

[ Chuckles ]
He sounds like
a company commander.

Company of what?

Dolls and puppets.
But somehow, he's managed
to make them assume human shape.

But who is he?

Well, at least we know
he's not the real
Professor Multiple.

He's dead.
What do you mean,
he's dead?

Well, we just got a report
from Inter-Allied Headquarters.
He's been murdered.

Well, whoever he is,
we've got to pull out
of this current.

Admiral, look.
I'll go to
the circuitry room.

I'll try
to change the control
to pull us away, all right?

Good. In the meantime,
I'll try to find out
where our real crew is.

All right.
[ Sharkey On Speaker ]
The hull is empty.

[ Multiple ]
Search further.
Find those men!

Kowalski, wake up.

Chief? Chief!

Snap out of it!
Chief! Chief!

It's like the--
the whole crew's asleep.

[ Nelson's Voice ]
It is.

Except for the captain.

But he'll be sleeping soon.

You see,
there was a doll
for each of the crew,

including you.

I'm it.

[ Chuckles, Sighs ]

Now, look, I, um--
I-I-I don't know
what you are...

or how you can talk,
but, uh,

I do know that this current
is gonna carry us
to crush depth.

Crush depth?
Dear, dear.

I don't understand
these technical terms.

Well, you're gonna
find out soon enough.

What-- What is causing
this current?

All in good time, Admiral.
All in good time.

Well, time's running out.

You're going to start
answering some questions.

Make any headway, Lee?

What about the crew?

They're sleeping as though
they've been drugged.

That, uh,
talking puppet was there.
I almost got my hands--

The current's stronger.
We've got to
break out of here.

I'll give you a hand.

Let's go!
Come on!

[ Yelling ]

[ Yells ]

[ Coughing ]

They almost got us
that time.

How do we fight
these things?
I'm not sure.

But maybe--
maybe they just
gave us a clue.

You mean fire?
Yeah. At the sight
of flames, they panicked.

Now, if you can manage
to get to the armory--
And get the flamethrower.

Right, right.
But first of all,
come to my cabin.

We'll make an overall plan.
[ Coughing ]

[ Sighs ]

Not as close as Seaview
is to crush depth.

Any thoughts?
Something out there's
causing that current.

Now, we might be able
to destroy it
with a laser beam.

But the beam's in
the observation nose.
We'd never reach it.

I might if you could
fake them out of position.


Get on the intercom
from the missile room.
Let them know you're there.

Distract them. If I can get
to the nose before they spot me,
we might have a chance.


Keep in touch, and give me
about, uh, two minutes.

Professor Multiple.

This is Captain Crane.

Can you hear me?

I hear you, Captain.
Where are you?

In the missile room.

I'm putting an end
to your plans.

I'm blowing up
the Seaview from here.

Don't be hasty, Captain.
I'm sure we can effect
a compromise.

I doubt it.
Why should you?

I haven't put you
to sleep yet, have I?
We can work together.

Let's call a truce
and talk things over.

No way, Professor.

I'm blowing up
the submarine.

After him!
All hands to
the missile room!

I think not, Admiral!

The professor's
decidedly right.
We think not.

Multiple, listen.
If we don't pull out
of this current,

Seaview is going to be crushed.

You mean my deadly dolls
will die?

- There'll be nothing left.
- Sorry, Admiral.

But since dolls don't live,
they couldn't care less
about... dying.

All right.

But you're human.
You see that light?

In one minute,
Seaview is going to implode.

Too bad.

[ Gunfire ]

[ Scoffs ]
You're a puppet too.

Right. He is.
And puppets don't die.

Even if you can't die,
the ship will be crushed.
Now, is that what you want?

- No.
- Well, then let me fire
the beam.

That won't be necessary,

The current
is under control.

[ Multiple Continues ]
You see,
your ship is needed.

[ Nelson ] By whom?
By the masters
of the future, of course.

Anybody knows that.
Everybody knows
the masters of the future.


The machines
we puppets obey.

Oh-- machines.

Man created machines
on the Earth.

Out in the galaxies,
faster and greater machines
were built.

that became greater
than their creators.

And a machine
caused this current?

See for yourself.

[ Screeching, Roaring ]

Sounds almost as though
it were alive.

You might call it that.

It is what brought us here.

- But for what reason?
- Tell him.

Tell him.
What have we to lose?

What, indeed?
You are looking at the heart
of the control machine.

its outer shell dissolved
coming through space.

Like a hermit crab,
it needs a new shell...

before taking
its next giant stride.

Oh. And, obviously,
Seaview has been chosen
to fulfill this purpose?



Careful there, fella.
Careful, careful.

Let him try.

[ Electrical Crackling ]

Oh, dear me.
How foolish.
How headstrong.

Oh, really, too bad.
Too bad, too bad,
too bad.

Don't give it a thought.

He isn't dead.

What was that?

Nothing but the faintest
zephyr of the power
which is out there.

We've stopped.

- Of course.
- Well, this is the end
of the journey.

For the Seaview, yes.

And presently, for you.

[ Chuckles ]
Why presently?
Why-Why not right now?

Because you designed
and built this craft.

I want your knowledge.
You will live--

Till you're no longer needed.

Then, of course,
I take your place.
I take it!

I, I, I!

[ Sighs ]
And until then?

Until then, you will be
kept out of harm's way.

Take him to his cabin
and lock him up.

Watch him now.
Watch him!

This is a smart cookie.
Slippery, slippery.

You three--
find the captain.

We know by now that
he will never work with us.
Put him to sleep.

Yes, yes, sleep.

It'll be good for him.
A long, long sleep.

All right, back to work,
the rest of you.

Leave the key
in the lock.

He won't be able
to open it
from the other side.

Did you find
anything, Burns?
No, sir.

Kowalski, you come with me.
We'll check out
the other compartments.

you go with Burns
down this corridor.

[ Shuffling Sounds ]

Lee. Lee.

Can you hear me?

I hear you, Admiral.
I heard most of
what's been going on.

Well, then you know
I'm locked in my cabin.

You think you can get here?
I'm on my way.


You heard the story?
Enough to know
it's bad.

What's out there
Well, take a look.

[ Screeching, Roaring ]
[ Nelson ]
There it is.

I still say
a laser beam's
the only answer.

But you can't get
to the observation nose again.

But there's a laser
in the flying sub.

If I can get her launched
and hit that thing with
all the power that she carries--

But if that current's
strong enough to draw Seaview,

it could hold the flying sub
like a magnet.

You'd be trapped.

Well, a remote control
power charge
could break me loose.

[ Sighs ]
Well, we're back
to where we started.

The remote control
power switch
is in the control room.

Right. That's why
you have to be in there.

Now, how could
I be in there?

There's a Captain Crane
there already, isn't there?

Let's go.

Control Room.
The admiral has escaped.

The captain
must have released him.

Find him!

Find him!

You're not minding
the store, Professor.
Better get on the ball.

That captain has been
awake too long.

Find them both!
Find them!

You two,
go that way.

Captain to Captain!

Where'd that come from?

If you're looking
for me, Captain,
you don't stand a chance!

Check up ahead.

You're not doing
very well, Captain.

I'm in the armory now.
To the armory!

"B" and "F" Details
to the armory!

[ Both Grunting On Speaker ]

You stay here.
Quick. Come with me.

[ Grunting Continues ]

Where's the captain?

There's nothing left of him.

One of ours burned too.

Find the admiral.
Search every corner,
every closet.

[ Morton On Speaker ]
Control Room to Multiple.

The flying sub
has left the ship.

Come on.

Are you certain about
the flying submarine?
See there.

It has to be
the admiral.

They say
whom the gods would destroy,
they first drive mad.

- You mean it's the end of him?
- What else?

[ Electrical Charges
Firing ]

What craft
could survive that?

What, indeed?
What, indeed?

What, indeed?

Packs quite a punch.

[ Screeching, Roaring ]

He's through.
He's won.

No. That's as far
as he goes.

Quite right. Quite right.
As far as he goes.

[ Sub Powering Down ]

His craft can't move.
It's held there.

What now?

That is not
for us to say.

I'll be back.

Pretty, isn't it?
Had enough, Admiral?

You fight well,
but you never had
a chance.

No, never a chance.
You're stuck here.

For how long?

How long is eternity?
Good question, isn't it?

How long is eternity?

So that's the hermit crab
that needs my ship.
What about the crew?

Your crew will sleep,
of course.

They'll sleep forever.
Lovely word, that.

And mankind?

Mankind has nothing
to offer.

It will sleep too.

Sleep, sleep, sleep.

Well, then there's
not much future
for anyone, is there?

None whatever.
Too bad.

Or is it?
Another good question.
Is it?

[ Snarling, Roaring Continue ]

Lee, this is Nelson.
Can you hear me?

Can you hear me?
This is Nelson.

You can speak, Captain.
Let's hear what's on
this fella's mind.

Go ahead, Captain.
Go ahead. Go ahead.

Humor the admiral.
Speak to him.

Captain to Admiral.
I hear you.

You are in
the control room?

I'm in the control room.

Then open box NC-5.

What's on your mind, huh?
What's on your mind?

Box number five.

Yes, Admiral.

Throw the
master control switch.

Don't do anything.

We have to learn
about this ship, and he
certainly can't harm us.

Let us see
what he has in mind.

Lock the controls,
and all ahead flank.

What have you done?

What have you done?
You're not my puppet.
What have you done?

I've thrown a nuclear charge
through the hull
and set it at flank speed.

We'll blow your
hermit crab head-on!

Throw that switch!

It's locked.

You can unlock it.
Unlock it.
Unlock it.

[ All ]
Unlock it! Unlock it!
Unlock it! Unlock it!

What is this?
What is this?

We're going to see
if this thing
is really indestructible.

You won't see it.
Your submarine will
hit this craft first.

You'll be dead, gone.

And so will I.

Time is running out.
How do you open it?

Stop this ship!
Stop it!

Okay, Lee.
The remote control
power switch.

Throw the switch, Lee!

[ Straining ]

Now, will you open that box
and pull that switch
and reverse this craft?

[ Panting ]
All right.

All right.

[ Explosion ]

[ Moans ]
He's coming around.

No! No.
They're for real.

Seems the entire crew
woke up
the minute Seaview...

destroyed our famous
hermit crab.

Well, what happened
to the, uh--

to the professor
and the-- the dolls?

Mmm. Well,
take a look.

So I never
took your place, Admiral.

Never had my chance.

Too bad.

Really too bad.

Too bad.
Too bad.

Too bad.

What do I do
with 'em now?

Burn them.