Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1964–1968): Season 4, Episode 17 - Nightmare - full transcript

Crane receives a Mayday from the Seaview and finds no one on board except a UFO expert. The crew re-appears and announces they are going to fire nuclear missiles at Washington D.C.

Checkout test on
gyroscopic attitude system
about to begin.

New stabilizing gyro controls
now functioning.

Before proceeding,
this should be noted.

In quadrant X35,
north by northeast,

one of our space satellites
seems to be out of orbit.

Will attempt to track
while continuing guidance
control system checks.

Seaview to Flying Sub.
Seaview to Flying Sub.

Come in. Come in.

Flying Sub. Over.

Lee, we're in trouble here.
Seaview is in danger.

What kind of danger, Admiral?

Listen to me.

The only hope is for you
to get aboard and stop them
before they can...

What's happening there?

Admiral, stop who?



LEE: Who's there?

Who's up there?

(SHOUTS) Who's in there?



NARRATOR: Voyage to
the Bottom of the Sea.

NELSON: Mr. Morton,
prepare to get underway.

CHIP: Aye, sir.

NELSON: Engineering,

make all preparations
to get underway.

Engineering, aye.

Maneuvering, aye.

NELSON: Take her up
to periscope depth.
We'll level at the rock.

MAN 3: Aye, sir.
All ahead one-third.

MAN 1: All ahead
one-third. Aye, sir.

NELSON: Up bubble 10 degrees.
Blow forward ballast tanks.

MAN 2: Up bubble
10 degrees, aye.


Where are you?


What's our depth, Chief?

310 feet, sir.

Level off at 90.

Aye, sir, 90 feet.

Chief, where are you?

I know you're here.
I hear your voices.

But why can't I see you?

Because they're dead, Captain.

Where are you?
Who's there?

SHARKEY: We're at
90 feet, sir.

Very well, level off.

Aye, sir.
Level off.

Level off at 90 feet, sir.

NELSON: Up periscope.

MAN 3: Aye, sir.

Who are you?
Talk before I kill you.

Jim Bentley.

That's only a name.
It doesn't tell me
what I want to know.

I'm a UFO expert
from the Pentagon.

You're lying.

No, it's the truth.
It is!

Why did you try to kill me?

I don't know. I didn't know
if you were real or not.
If you were alive.

I want the truth.

I'm telling you.

The Navy flew me out here

when you were testing
the new controls
of the Flying Sub.

Why would they want
an expert on
unidentified flying objects

aboard the Seaview?

Because a UFO
was sighted in this area.

Wanted me to work
with Admiral Nelson
to identify and contact it.

None of that tells me
what's going on here.

Now why did you say
they were dead?

Why did you kill me?
Why did you try to kill me?

Give me a break, will you?

All right!
Now tell me! Come on!

All right.
When I first got aboard,
everything was fine.

And the UFO was sighted
and there was a call
to General Quarters.

And there was a flash of light.

And a voice.
A big booming voice.

All right.
What about the voice?

He said we're all going to die.

That there was no hope
for any of us.

And then I...

No, not the stairs.
There's a force field.





Now hear this.
This is the Captain.

I don't know
if anyone can hear me.

I don't know
who's aboard this ship
or what's going on here,

but I do know this,
I'm gonna find out.

And if anybody
wants to stop me,
they better start right now.


There's no way out
for you now, Crane.

You're going to die.

Who is that?

Where are you?

You're going to die, Crane.
You're going to die.

All right, Bentley.
Where are you?

BENTLEY: To die, Crane.
Going to die.

(SHOUTING) Where are you?




Shut up!



Get up.

Get up.

What's the matter, skipper?

It's me, Patterson.

You just tried to kill me.

No. No, I didn't,
skipper. Not really.

Why did you try to kill me?

I didn't know
it was you, sir. Honest.

I saw somebody
sneaking in here.
I couldn't tell who it was.

And I couldn't take any chances.

Why couldn't you?

I didn't know
anybody else aboard
was alive.

I was trying to get away
myself before I was killed.

That's the truth, sir.


I don't know.


I don't know much about
what's happening aboard.

All right.
You better fill me in.

I don't even know
where to begin.


I was in the...

In the storage locker, sir.
And that was
right after we took that...

That UFO expert aboard.

Anyway, there was an explosion.


I don't know, sir.
I only felt it in there.

And I came out to look around.

And there was nobody
aboard Seaview.

Nobody, sir.
And that's when
things started happening.

Like what?

starting to work
with nobody there.

Voices, and I couldn't
see anybody.

I don't know
what's happening, sir.
I only know...

CHIP: Control to Missile Room.
Control to Missile Room.

It started again.

MAN: Missile Room, aye.

CHIP: Estimated arrival time,
target X at 0100 hours.

Prepare missiles one and two.

That's the way it was, sir.
All over the ship.

Hold it.
Hold it.

CHIP: Prepare missiles
one and two
for firing at 0100 hours.

MAN: Aye, sir.

What is it, sir?
What's happened
aboard Seaview?

I don't know.

I'm not sure
I know who I am anymore.

SHARKEY: All right.
You heard the exec.

Let's set
those firing controls
on the double.

We got to get off this ship.

We've got to get off this ship!

You stay here.

No! No! I'm not...
You're staying here!


All right. Now look
around, Patterson.

Tell me what you think
is going on here.


It's the missiles.

Yes, the missiles.
And they're being
prepared for firing.

But there's nobody here.
Who's going to fire them?

At what?
I don't know.

But whoever it is
has to be stopped.

Now, Pat, are you with me?

Yes, sir.
All right.

Get to the Circuitry Room.

I want you to destroy
all the wiring leading to
the firing control panels.

I'll try to sabotage things
from here, then join you.

Aye, sir.
Now move.


(SOFTLY) Patterson.

Don't bother.
He's dead.


You killed Patterson.



For the same reason
I'm going to kill you.




NELSON: Now, hear this.
This is the Admiral.

We're about to enter
into a state of war.

To the Seaview has been
given the single honor
of firing the first,

and what will undoubtedly
be the final shots
in this armed conflict.

Our missile countdown
has already begun.

Our prime target
has been zeroed in.

It will be Washington, D.C.


You will be part of
the most historic moment

in the long history
of this planet.

Your names
will be indelibly written
in the blazing skies

of our enemies' scorched
and devastated land.

Now report to
your battle stations,
and good luck to you all.

MAN: General Quarters!
General Quarters!


Circuitry Room.

NELSON: Master at Arms,
Master at Arms.

There's an enemy intruder
aboard dressed
in a captain's uniform.

When last seen, he was in
the Missile Room corridor.

He's armed and dangerous.
Kill on sight.
Kill on sight.








What is it with you?

What's going on here?

I'm ready to begin
the hearing.
Convene the board.

Chip? Chief?

Now maybe I can
get some explanation
as to what's going on.

Take your places, gentlemen.

Chip, what's the matter
with you?

Can't you see me?
Can't you hear me?

Before we begin,
let's review
our tactical situation.

Commander Morton.

We are proceeding
toward our firing coordinates
at flank speed.

At 0100 hours minus 30 seconds

our missiles
will be launched
at Washington.

NELSON: Mmm-hmm.

Chief Sharkey.

Missiles are activated, sir.
Firing mechanism set.

All controls are green.
Fail-safe at war position.

Well, then in 17 minutes

we shall change
the course of history.

What's the matter
with all of you?

Has everybody here gone mad?

Missiles against the capital?

Changing history?

Master at Arms.

What're you talking about?
You can't do it!

these proceedings
have been called

because of
certain dangerous
activities engaged

against the Seaview
by our enemies.

A fifth column
is obviously operating here.

Now, in order
to find out more about it,

I decided to cancel the order
to kill on sight,

so that we might be able
to interrogate the prisoner
before execution.

Mr. Morton.

"Know all men by these presents

"that a state of war
currently exists

"between the SSRN Seaview
and the United States
of America.

"The prisoner's accused
of participating in acts
of sabotage against Seaview,

"of being a traitor to his ship,

"of acting as a spy
in the pay of aggressors
opposed to us."

Prisoner, how do you plead?
Guilty or not guilty?

Who are you people?
What are you?

How do you plead?

You are not Admiral Nelson.
You can't be.

How do you plead?

You're not Chip.

You're not the Chief.

How do you plead?

I plead nothing!

You came aboard
this ship as a spy.

I came aboard as its Captain.

You planned to sabotage
the missile firing
from the Circuitry Room.

Somebody had to
stop this insanity.

You tried to
destroy the Seaview
by explosion and fire!

NELSON: You killed Jim Bentley

in the Missile Room.

You murdered Crewman Patterson!


You're guilty
of treason, sabotage,

espionage and murder!

No! No! No!

Commander Morton, can you
attest as to the truth
of any of these charges?

They're all true, sir.
I was present as a witness.

You're lying.

Chief Sharkey, can you
attest to the truth
of these charges?

Aye, sir, they're true.
I was personally
present at the time.

LEE: You're lying, too.

You're all mad.

Everything's a bad dream.

Prisoner, this court
finds you guilty as charged.
The sentence is death.

To be carried out at a time
and in a manner
to be decided by this court.

Master at Arms will prepare
the prisoner for further
questioning at our leisure.

Gentlemen, this court
is dismissed.

You're a fool.

You know, you can make a deal.

Tell them what you know
if it'll save your life.


You are funny, Kowalski.
You know it, you're funny.

Okay, Mac,
it's your funeral.
Come on, up the stairs.

You can think
all about it in the brig

while we're blowing
Washington off the map.

Nelson reporting.

In exactly
11 minutes and 20 seconds,

our missiles will be
en route to Washington.

In exactly
11 minutes and 30 seconds,
Captain Crane will die.

NELSON: Attention, all hands.

H-hour is now nine minutes,
10 seconds away.

All personnel are to remain
at battle stations
until further notice.

No major retaliation
is expected from the enemy.

If some minor
air and sea units
escape the first attack,

they will be
summarily dealt with.

Our victory celebration
is scheduled to be held
at 0600 hours this morning.

NELSON: What else
did you expect, Captain?


It's the first intelligent
move you've made
since you came aboard.

Coming here wasn't very logical.

Did you really expect us
to leave our weapon circuitry
open and undefended?

Who are you?

Don't tell me you're so far gone

that you don't recognize
your best friend.

Tell me, who are you?

You've already learned
all you have to know.

Now just throw the gun
over near the cabinet there.

Throw it!


Captain, it's no use.
You can't escape.

I told you it was no good.

CHIP: Circuitry Room,
this is the exec.

What's going on
down there? Report.

What shall I report
to him, Captain?

That you've made
your last noble effort?

That the spy, the traitor,
the murderer aboard

is about to be executed
in the Circuitry Room?

SHARKEY: Admiral,
we're approaching
firing coordinates.

CHIP: What's wrong
in the Circuitry Room?
Please report.

I'm sorry, Captain.
There's a war
for me to fight.

Our little game is over.

CHIP: Admiral,
this is Morton.

Automatic missiles
firing controls
are locked in.

We're about
to activate fail-safe.
Please report at once.

All firing controls activated.
All instrumentation green.

CHIP: Activate fail-safe.

SHARKEY: Aye, sir.

Fail-safe activated.

Stand by for countdown.

Standing by
for countdown. Aye.

It can't be activated.

Only the president
can activate...


That's right, Captain,
Jim Bentley.

No. Bentley's dead.

Hardly. It takes
something as powerful

as this disintegrator
to kill one of us.

One of you?

You're an alien.

You came down on that UFO
that was sighted
just before all this began.

You're responsible
for everything
that's happened.

And for all
that's going to happen.

CHIP: Starting
one minute countdown.

Prepare to fire.

SHARKEY: Standing by
to fire.

MAN: Sixty seconds mark.

Fifty-nine, 58, 57, 56, 55...

You can't let it happen.

Nothing can stop it now.

Our galactic powers
have bypassed your fail-safe.

But why? Why this
senseless destruction?

You failed your test.


Of human response
to galactic stimuli.

To see how well you earthlings
might resist invasion.

You did well, Captain.

Very well.
For a moment we thought
you might defeat us.

How can you talk of tests,
of galactic stimuli...

MAN: 25,
24, 23, 22, 21, 20...

Listen to him, will you?
Will you listen?

You're gonna blow
the world apart!

Now stop...

MAN: 15, 14, 13...
You had your chance.

If you'd succeeded
in stopping us,

we would've withdrawn
from your world,

but you failed.

Now your world
shall be destroyed.

MAN: five, four, three,
two, one, zero. Fire!


The missiles
are launched, Captain.

Your world's coming to an end.

SHARKEY: Missile Room

Missiles one and two
fired on the mark.

Tracking signals register A-OK.

CHIP: Stand by.
Will notify
upon target impact.

Standing by, sir.

Don't blame yourself, Captain.

You're a weak race
here on Earth.

What difference if you fall
to galactic invasion
or your own self-destruction?

no answer to anything.
The only thing that...



You should've known, Captain.
We take no chances.

That self-destruct switch
was disconnected long ago.

CHIP: Missiles
are approaching target area.

Impact anticipated
in one minute plus 12 seconds.

Face it.

Your race is neither
nor physically mature enough

to take a place in the universe.

It's just as well
you come to an end now.

No. I won't accept that.

There's another way
to close the circuits
and destroy those missiles.

You can't do that, Captain.
You'll kill yourself.


There is your answer, Lee.
All the voices were on tape.

And outer server mechanisms
tied in provided the
weird physical phenomenon.

A guinea pig for the aliens.

I'd have been much happier
if it hadn't happened to me.

No, no, no, Lee.
Alien force
did override fail-safe.

Missiles actually were fired.

Now, someone else
might not have been able
to abort them as you did.

But there has to be
more to it than this.

I was wounded,
you turned into robot wiring,

Patterson died,
no one was aboard.

It was a complete delusion.

From the moment that
Bentley hit you with that
force field on the stairs,

your mind
was conditioned to all that,

the rest of us
being held prisoners
down below.

Strange signal
on sonar, Captain.

Looks like a UFO.

Better check with Sparks,
see if there's
any report on it.

Aye, sir.

There is a strange signal.

Moving toward us.

Stand by to sound
General Quarters.

Aye, aye.

Combination of
weather balloon
and thermal layer, sir.

Not a UFO within 100,000 miles.

I never thought
I'd be that happy
about the weather.

Which reminds me, I wonder...

Wonder what
the weather's like
in Santa Barbara.

Admiral, why don't
we head back home
and find out?