Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1964–1968): Season 4, Episode 16 - The Lobster Man - full transcript

A lobster man arrives in a space craft claiming to be a friend but in reality he wants one of the nuclear rods to cause an explosion thus paving the way for an invasion.

Skipper, no sign of the UFO yet.

Now, keep a close watch.

It should hit
our atmosphere
any minute now.

Aye, sir.

If the data from the
defense satellite
is correct,

that UFO is
gonna splash down
awfully close to us.

I understand. Defense feels
that the object is suspect,

But the
early warning satellites
did not signal condition red.

Mmm. I know, I know.

It's best
not to take any chances.
We'll keep tailing it until...

You mean right now?

Very well, over and out.

Activate sail camera.
Aye, sir.

Lee, Chip,
this is due right now.

Is it burning up?
I doubt it.

Must be a reaction
to the atmosphere.

I've got it on a scope, Admiral.

Feed the splash-down
tangent into the computer.

It's on automatic now, sir.

Chief, check it out.
Aye, sir.

It's holding
a steady course.

Acts more
like a meteorite
than a controlled UFO.

Could be much ado about nothing.


It's on a collision
course with us, sir.

Evasive action.

Dive. Dive.

Hard right rudder.
All ahead, flank.

It's on top of us.

Brace for impact.
Brace for impact.


NARRATOR: Voyage to
the Bottom of the Sea.

Damage Control, report.

MAN: Only minor damage
on frames 12 and 14,

but both the circuit breakers
are out along the main
power line.

How long will it
take to fix them?

A few minutes, sir.

Very well.
Keep me informed.

Aye, sir.

Can you locate the object, Ski?

I've got it pin-pointed, see.

It's 100 yards off
the starboard bow.

Any movement at all?

No, sir,
it's deader
than a doornail.

Keep a close watch.

Aye, sir.

Well, whatever it is,
it's apparently unmanned.

Mmm. Apparently.

You say that as if
you don't believe it.

Well, I'm not
entirely satisfied that
it was a free-falling object.

Do you know something I don't?

No, nothing specific.

I'm just
a little suspicious
of a free-falling object

that can change course.

MAN ON RADIO: Control Room.

Control Room, aye.

Circuit breakers repaired,
full power restored.

Very well.

Bring her forward
about 100 yards.

We'll recover the object
through Missile Room hatch.

Engineering, all ahead slow.

Missile Room,
all hands stand by.

Magnetic grapple to recover
metallic object from
the bottom.

Nothing. Not a sound
of anything in there.

Shall we find out?

What are we waiting for?

I've never seen
anything like it.

It's impervious to
heat, cold, explosives.

The metal's certainly
not from our world.

Any ideas?
(SCOFFS) Not yet.

please report to the
radio shack.

General Cook wants to
speak to you at once.

Right away.

Let it go for now, Lee.
We'll work on it later.

Patterson, stay on duty.

If you hear the slightest
peep out of that thing,
hit the alarm.

Aye, sir.



Master at Arms,
check out the
Missile Room.

I tell you
we tried everything we can
to open it, it's impregnable.

All right, General,
we'll bring it to

as soon as all repairs are made.

Over and out.

The alarm came
from the Missile Room.

Let's go.

Okay, come on, on the double.

Easy there.

Get him to Sick Bay.

What happened?

I don't know, sir, he was
out cold when we got here.

Take a look at that.

It's cut right through.

What could have
that kind of strength?

Well, whatever it was,
it hardly seems friendly.

you think it
went back in?

I don't know, but I'm
not gonna take any chances.

Now, hear this.

Some kind of
alien creature may
be loose on the ship.

We have no idea
what it looks like,

but it appears to
have tremendous strength.

Try and capture it alive.

If it attacks, shoot to kill.


Cover me.

Keep on your toes, Ski.
There's nothing here.

Take nothing for granted.
No telling what this
thing looks like.

I guess you're right.
Look what happened
to Patterson.


Check that closet.

It's all clear in here.

There it is.

What are we
gonna tell Mr. Morton
about his dress jacket?


Hang it up.


Repairs almost completed,

We can start for
Pearl Harbor
within the hour.

Good. General Cook
is champing at the bit.

He can't
wait to blast
that capsule open.


I thought maybe an
ultrasonic gun
might open it.

Nothing else
worked so far,
maybe this will do it.

I'll keep on top of the repairs.

Fine. Fine.




It's from the Reactor Room.

Have two men with
stun guns meet me there.

Get away from there.

Let him have it.

We gotta stop him.

Get him.

Hold it.



I mean no harm.

Bank the rods.

You could have
blown the ship apart.

I did not know that.

I must apologize
for my ignorance.

Who are you and
what do you want?

I will explain
all to the man who
is called Admiral Nelson.

Well, if you're
here in peace,

There are others, Admiral,
who do not reflect such
terrestrial hospitality.

So far your actions
speak louder than
your words.

You almost killed
two of my crewmen.

Purely in self-defense, Captain.

In each case,
I was not the aggressor.

As for the reactor,
as I explained before,
it was a case of...

Yes, I know, your ignorance.


I know you are consumed
with curiosity, Admiral,

so I will tell you I come
from a water planet in
deep space.

Unlike the evolution of man,

our civilization
reached its height in
the crustacean life forms,

such as myself.

There are other
out there, then?

Of course, Admiral.
In fact, I was on my way
to visit one of those planets

when I lost
power and drifted
into the gravity of Earth.

If you fell in on us
by accident, as you say,

when did you learn our language?

And how do you know of
Admiral Nelson?

I know everything that
has happened on Earth for as
long as man has spoken aloud.

You mean that old theory
that sound waves are
never lost,

they echo through space forever?

Fact, not theory.

Words never fade away.

We have, in manner of
speaking, a giant ear

that hears all the
words spoken on Earth.


Well, now that you are here
on Earth, what are your plans?

To leave as soon as possible.

You said your
craft was powerless.

It is.

But provide me
with an atomic charge
and I can re-power it.

I'm not authorized to do that.

Now wait a minute, Lee,
everything he says
is reasonable.

I know, Admiral.

But I want
to place him
under tight security

until the Defense Command
decides what to do with him.

They're waiting
for a report now.

Sparks, get me General Cook.
Aye, sir.

SSRN Seaview
calling General Cook
at Pacific Defense Command.

General Cook standing by, sir.

General Cook, this is...

I had to protect
my own interest.

If you will join
me in my spacecraft,
I can explain further.

Well, we have nothing to
lose by hearing what
he has to say, Lee.

It should be fairly obvious
why I stopped your radio

Well, I'm afraid it isn't.

If my presence were known,
it would trigger a wave
of fear and hysteria,

perhaps even a physical attack.

You're under our protection.

From enemies, yes,

but not from friends
like your scientist,

who would put
me under a microscope
to see what makes me tick.

Or your psychologist,
who would try to
brainwash me.

I think you're exaggerating.

What about your military,
your General Cook?

Do you honestly believe
he would relinquish my

once he gets his hands on it?

There's something in
what you say.

If he is friendly, let him
prove it to the authorities.

I'll take the responsibility,
Lee, but one wrong move,
and all bets are off.


I don't agree
with you, Admiral,
but it's your decision.

My only desire, Captain,
is to repair my craft,

not to spy on
your mechanical toy.

All right,
but you're confined
to the Missile Room.

You step out of line
and you're in trouble.

I accept your terms, Captain.

I'll be in
the Control Room.

As a goodwill gesture,
Admiral, would you
like to inspect my ship?

I admit I'm curious.

You realize, of course,
you could never force
it open.

There has to be a key.

Oh, of course.

But your technology
is too primitive to
find it.


It's very interesting.

You will find
a physical resemblance
to your instrumentation.

But there the similarity ends.

You mean
that you are not
atomically driven?

Nothing so primitive, Admiral.

It's a type of solar energy.

Compared to ours, your power
is like a firecracker to
an atom bomb.

Then how can we
help power your craft?

The nuclear rod, it can,
in your terminology,
trigger my motor.

Set in there,
the rod will react
with my solar power pack,

and I'll be on my way.

Mmm, mmm.

You mean, right...

No harm done. I...
It was careless of me.

About the rod?

You know, I should talk
to Captain Crane about that.

He's quite right,
it's against regulations.

Of course.

If it fell into
unfriendly hands...

I'll await your
decision, Admiral.

Mr. Morton?
Yes, sir.

Crane here. I'm in
the observation nose.

Come in, will you?
Aye, sir.

Close the doors.

What's up?

I don't know.

The alien came here
with a pretty good story
about his accidental landing.

And you don't believe it?

No, I don't.

But apparently the Admiral does.


Well, on the face of it,
there's no reason to
doubt what he says.

What about the attack
on Patterson and the
radio console?

He's got
a good answer for that.
It was strictly self-defense.

Maybe you're
too suspicious, Lee.

I don't know.

Chip, there's something,
call it instinct if you want,

something that tells me
that his story is phony.

It wouldn't hurt to keep
a closer eye on his

I've already restricted
him to the Missile Room.

All we can do now
is wait and see.

All right,
let's get back to work.

Perhaps you can help me to
come to a very important

Me, sir?

I want you to tell me
just what happened in
the Missile Room.

The Captain told me
to keep an eye on
the capsule,

to alert him if
anything happened.

All right, go on.

Well, while I was
at the scuba rack,

I heard a peculiar sound.

It was coming
from the capsule,
which started to open.

I picked up a crowbar
and went to check it out.

Why the crowbar?

Well, it was all
kind of spooky, sir.

So I took it just
to protect myself,
just in case.

You're positive
that you made no
attack on the alien?

Yes, sir.
I held the bar up
to protect myself.

And the claws
sliced right through
it like it was paper.

Very well, Patterson,
you can return to duty.

How soon can we
reach the outside?

Not too long, skipper,
maybe another hour or so.

The PA
and the intercom
are working okay now.

Yeah, very well.

Chief Sharkey.

Chief Sharkey, aye.

Captain here.
Are the repairs completed?

No, sir.
The starboard ballast
tank is still leaking.

And we're pretty
deep to send out divers.

Can you patch it from inside?

I'm not sure, sir, but I'll try.

Very well,
I'll be right there.
Aye, sir.

Any change?
No, it's still leaking.

Chief, any luck?

No, sir, we'll have
to send out a diver.

What's the depth?

3,400 feet.
Like I said, pretty deep.

If we don't stop that leak,
it could short out all the
circuits along the hull.

Yes, sir,
I'll send out Kowalski,
he's one of our best divers.

Good, get on that.
Aye, sir.

Kowalski, report
for deep-diving duty.

Kowalski report
for deep-diving duty.

Chief, here I am.

Where have you been?
Why didn't you answer?

I was in the corridor, I...
Never mind.

Look, kid, you got
a tough job to do.

Yeah, I heard you say deep dive.

Yeah, 3,400 feet.


That is rough.

How long do I stay out?

Until you
weld the leak
in the ballast tank.


Well, I'll get my depth gear.


Ski, I sure wish
there was some other way.

Don't worry, I'll be okay.


You're doing great, Ski,
but you better hurry it up.

You've been out too long.

I'll be okay,
just another minute.

Hey, that's it, you got it.
Come on back in.

I... I can't.

Kowalski, what is it?

Come on, answer me.

Captain, Kowalski is in trouble.

Come on, get the lead out.
Ski's in big trouble.
Come on.

Hold it.
He's coming back.

You all right, Ski?

Yeah, yeah, I'm okay.

Thanks to him.

Help him to Sick Bay.
Aye, sir.

Thank you.
You're welcome, Captain.

As I said before,
my intentions are honorable.

I trust yours are the same.


The alien just rescued
Kowalski, saved his life.

What happened?

He was repairing the
ballast tank

and the
pressure got to him,
but he's all right now.

Good, good.

You changed your mind
about our guest now?

In a way I'm beginning to,
but I still wouldn't give
him a nuclear rod.

He makes a good case.

Mmm. Maybe too good.

let me put myself in
his place for a minute.

Well, go ahead.

Now, knowing Earth's
tremendous military power,

how would I
breach your defenses
without a direct attack?

Oh, some kind of
a subterfuge, I suppose.

That's right.
But what kind?

I'd pick a tactic
that worked in the past.

A simple trick.
Like the Trojan horse.

Go on.

One seemingly innocent
spaceship slips through

and, like the Trojan horse,
opens in the dead of night

and destroys us from the inside.

Well, you make a pretty good
case, too, Lee, but this is
all supposition.

Captain, repairs completed.

Very well.
Prepare to get under way.


Set a course for
Pearl Harbor, flank speed.

CHIP: Aye, sir.

All ahead, flank.
MAN: Aye, sir.

Everything shipshape.
What's our ETA?

We should sight Diamond Head
at about 0700.

ALIEN: You'll never
reach Hawaii, Captain.

You've broken your promise
and you're heading for port.

I didn't promise you anything.

No matter,
you've forced my hand.

Now I'll take the rod
and destroy your
precious Earth.

Arrest him.

Damage Control,
what's our condition?

Watertight integrity, sir,

but the major
circuits are burned out.

Very well, jump on repairs.

Aye, sir.

Master at Arms.
Aye, sir.

Send out
armed patrols to
capture the alien.

Yes, sir.



Lee, meet me in the
Reactor Room on the double.

Aye, sir.

What happened to him?

It was a little surprise
I arranged, just in case.

Then you didn't
believe his story?

Well, let's say that
I wasn't completely

Though I did
let him have all
the rope he needed.

Yes, sir,
and he sure
hung himself.


Take him to the brig, Chief.

Yes, sir.

Around-the-clock guards,
top-security weapons.

Come on, let's move him
before he snaps out of it.

When did you booby trap the rod?

Well, after I found out
he wasn't telling the
whole truth.

When was that?

When he showed me the capsule.

He told me his power system
was completely different
from ours,

so I decided to use the
watch test to make sure.

A watch test?

I brushed
my watchband across one of
the circuits and it sparked.

Then he does use electronics.


Yeah, that was the
first crack in his story,
and then Patterson told me

that he'd been attacked by
the alien without provocation.

So I decided to
plant a charge here
just to keep him honest.

Missile Room.
MAN: Missile Room, aye.

What about the capsule?

Closed tighter than a drum, sir.

Any sign of activity,
let me know at once
in the lab.

Aye, sir.

Lee, we've got to force that
capsule open to make sure it
can't do any damage.

I... I still think that
the best bet is the
ultrasonic gun.

I better get back to
the lab and finish it.

I'll stay here and
check out the panel.


Aye, sir?

Report to the Reactor Room.
Yes, sir.


Hand me that cross point.

How high will
the sound go,

It'll go right through the roof.

I hope you're joking.

I'm afraid not.

In order to find
the capsule's key,

I may
have to run through
the whole sonic range.

What if you hit
the Seaview's key?

I'm sure you know
the answer to that, Chief.

Yes, sir. I was hoping
you would come up with
a better one.

All right,
let's see what happens.

I'll try a random
exploratory pattern.




Now what?

Well, you know, try, try again.

I demand to see the Admiral.

Call the Admiral.


The alien sure busted this up.

Couple of hours, it'll be A-OK.

Hey, get away from there!

Don't be hasty, Captain.

I suggest
you prepare yourself for
your final moments on Earth.


I told you before, Admiral,
you cannot force it open.

Get out.

Go ahead, Chief.

Allow me.


The beginning of the end,

The proof
of the superiority of
crustaceans over humans.

What is it you want?

Only your Earth,

more specifically,
the oceans, Admiral.

Your planet is the only
one in the solar system

that can sustain
our crustacean
form of life.

Well, destroying the Seaview
is not going to destroy
our defenses.

You'll find that the
human race is quite

We lack nuclear power.

But with the addition
of the atomic rod,

this capsule now becomes pure,
explosive energy beyond your

A sort of super-bomb?


I will send it in
orbit around the Earth.

And when it explodes,

well, not even the monkeys
will be left to start
all over again.

If you'll excuse me
now, Admiral,

I have work to complete
on Project Trojan Horse.


Your toys are amusing, Admiral.

This could be
useful in keeping out

uninvited guests
for the next 15 minutes,

which should be all the time
I'll need to destroy
your world.

You know, Lee, you hit it
right on the nose when
you figured out

that Trojan horse ploy.

It would be more comforting
to me if I could find a way
to checkmate it.

What about communications?

The repair crew is
working on it but...

Too bad there's no telephone
pay stations around. Just
drop in a dime and...

That's it, Chief.
That's it.

It is?

What's our location, Lee?

About 60 miles
northeast of Hawaii,

right along the
Pacific telephone cable.

If we can
patch into that cable
and contact Pacific Defense,

we may be able to stop him yet.

I... I hate to
bring this up,

but the scuba gear is in
the Missile Room and so
is the alien.

We can get out through
the Pressure Hatch Room,

we've got the
old scuba gear there.


What are we waiting for?
Let's go. Chip, Ski, come on.

Sir, the capsule back
in the Missile Room,

could it really
blow up onboard ship?

Possibly, but the alien's
not gonna explode it
until it's in orbit.

Yes, but could it really
be as powerful as he says,

I mean,
to destroy all
life on Earth?

I don't know,
but evidently he
thinks it can and will.

Now, I'm not gonna give
him a chance to test it.

Even if he's half right,
we'd be defenseless.


We gotta
get through to
Pacific Command.

Sure is a long shot.

It's the only way we've
got to stop the capsule.

Well, if they do find the cable,

can we get
directly through
to Pacific Command?

No, but somebody
might be monitoring

the line and
pass on the message.

It's the only way
to stop the alien.

Sparks, you standing by?

Aye, sir. If they make the
connection, I can handle it.

Ready, Sparks?
The Captain's made it.

I think not, Admiral.


Master at Arms.
Aye, sir.

The alien
has left the
Missile Room.

Don't let him
go back there
no matter what.

Aye, sir.

This is Admiral Nelson
from the SSRN Seaview.

I have a top priority message
for the Pacific Defense

If anyone hears me,
tell General Cook

to lay a radar screen around
Seaview's last reported

If any missile breaks
the water there, blast it
with everything in the book.

You all right, Lee?
Fine, just stunned a bit.

Another sonic device?

Yeah, it's a booster.
This might do the trick.

Here he comes.



Go ahead.

The alien's
activated the capsule.
He's still on the loose.

I'll be right there.
Aye, sir.

You go ahead, Admiral,
I'll continue the search.

All right.

We've got him trapped.

We've got to stop him.
He could blow us apart.

We can stop him, sir.

You ready?
Yes, sir.




CHIP: You did it.

I underestimated you, Admiral,
but I won't make the same
mistake twice.


Chuck, get some
plastic explosive.



The capsule's in
the rocket launcher tube.

Where's the Admiral?
Locked in the capsule.

Don't let him fire it.


The end of your world, Captain!

MAN ON RADIO: Captain,
all repairs completed.

General Cook standing by.

All right.
Put him through.

COOK: What the
blazes is going on?

Didn't you get our message?

Yes, we laid
the force field
right on the surface,

the capsule
stopped harmlessly
right above the Seaview.

We'll recover it, General.

Will you tell me what happened?

Look, General,
I'll file a full report.

Over and out.

Over and out.

Chip, send out the Flying Sub
to pick up what's left of
the capsule,

and the Admiral.
Aye, aye.

I hope I can open it.


It's easier from inside.

Are you all right?

I was just a little bit
shaken up, thanks to
this craft.

How'd you stop the explosion?

The old watch trick again.

The metal band
shorted out the circuit.

Where's the alien?

The skipper gave him a dose
of his own ultrasonic medicine

and he just
couldn't take it, sir.

You know, Admiral,
he made one big mistake.

What was that?

The Trojan horse worked once,
but you can't pull the same
trick twice.

Let's get under way.