Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1964–1968): Season 4, Episode 13 - Deadly Amphibians - full transcript

While trying to find the cause of some underwater pressure blasts, the Seaview encounters a race of Amphibians and Kowalski is transformed into one of them.

[ Explosion ]

[ Coughs ]

Damage Control, report.
[ Man On Speaker ] Hull Sections
82 and 85 are taking in water.

Generators 3 and 4
are temporarily disabled.

Put repair crews on it
on the double.

Report back when the damage
is under control.
Aye, sir.

What in blazes
was that?
I don't know.

[ Machinery
Whirs ]

AMRAC doesn't give us
any answers either.

Chief, anything
on what caused that?
'Fraid not.

The radiation count is up a bit,
but nothing to worry about.

There's nothing here either,
sir. No indication of previous
seismic disturbances.

- It doesn't look like
an underwater earthquake.
- [ Scoffs ]

Well, in other words,
all indications are
that nothing happened.

But we all know
that something did.

Admiral, why don't I
take out the flying sub
and scout up ahead?

We might be able to see
what's going on.

Might as well
have a crack at it.

I'm not very happy about
unexplained explosions
knocking us about.

[ Explosion ]

- [ Electronic Whine ]
- [ Explosion ]

[ Man ]
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.

Starring Richard Basehart,

and David Hedison.

Voyage to the Bottom
of the Sea.

This is Damage Control, sir.
We're in full flood
in Hull Section 85.

Main power generator
circuits are blown.

How long to regain power
and repair the damage?
Approximately two hours, sir.

All right. Give us
all the emergency power
you've got.

And hop to
on the repairs.
Check our situation.

We're on a jagged bed of rocks.

One third of the bow section's
clear of the bottom.

Hmm. Better see
what you can
find out, Lee.

Chief, prepare the flying sub
for immediate launch.
Aye, sir.

Come on, Ski.

I'm not sure I know
what we're looking for.
Neither am I.

Got any idea what could have
caused those shocks, sir?
None, Ski.

All I know is that it felt
like some kind of a...
pressure impact.

That's right,
like depth charges
going off.

There's only one thing wrong
with that theory.
Yeah, I know.

There's nobody around here
dropping ash cans on us.

- [ Electronic Whine ]
- [ Explosion ]

Same impact,
only some distance off.

You getting a reading on sonar?
Yes, sir.
Twenty degrees to starboard.

What tracking fix do you have
for the flying sub?

Uh, approximately
the same, sir:
bearing 1-0-5.

Seaview to the flying sub.
Seaview to Flying Sub.
Come in, over.

Are we getting through to you?
This is the flying sub.
We read you.

What happened?

We've been hit!

The same kind of pressure impact
that hit the Seaview--
It nearly tore us apart.

What about your maneuverability?

Lee, can you hear me?

Are you still under control?
Yes, partially.

We've lost about 60%

Find out where the impact
came from?

We had no visual sighting
or instrumentation warning.

All right, it may hit again,
so return to Seaview.

We'll try to make emergency
repairs, and we can still
scout the area.

Negative. Seaview's
on the bottom. We can't afford
to lose your mobility too.

Roger. We'll come about
in a berthing pattern
as soon as we're able to.

[ Electronic Whine ]

[ Explosions ]

Nelson to Flying Sub.
Nelson to Flying Sub.

Can you hear me?

What did that last impact
do to you?

Come in, please.
Come in!

Flying Sub,
if you hear me at all,
come in.

What's our latest estimate
on repairs?

Thirty minutes
to get emergency power.

Well, cut it in half.
Aye, aye, sir.

Damage Control,
this is the exec.

We must have
maneuvering power
in 15 minutes, no longer.

That's an order.

[ Coughs ]

[ Kowalski Coughs ]

[ Coughs ]

[ Groaning ]

[ Slaps Knee ]
Yes, sir.

Come on, Ski.
Come on.
How is he, Skipper?

Ah, he's gonna be
all right. Come on.

Oh, Skipper, man, that thing
that hit us, we gotta--
[ Coughs ]

Take it easy.
Take it easy.
I'm all right, sir.

I'm okay--
[ Winces ]
I guess.

Hey, we're on the bottom.

That's right.
And if you feel so good, suppose
you and me hit those circuits...

and see what we can do
about gettin' us off.

Ah, get to it, Chief. I'll see
if I can raise the Seaview.
Come on.

FS-1 calling Seaview.
FS-1 calling Seaview.
Come in. Come in.

[ Clicks Switch ]
FS-1 calling Seaview.
FS-1 calling Seaview.

Come in. Do you read me?

[ Sighs ]

Chief, look.

Take a look out--

What is it,

I just saw something out there.

- Well, there's
nothing out there.
- There was a second ago.

- What was it, Skipper?
- Well, some kind of a--

a creature.

At least I thought
I saw one.

Well, maybe it was
a shadow or something,
but there's...

nothin' out there
right now.

Yeah, I guess not.

Now what's
our situation?

Well, sir,
not too bad-- that is,
from a power standpoint.

- What do you mean?
- I think we can jump
some circuit breakers...

and get the emergency
power on, but...
we've got another problem.

- Kowalski spotted it.
- Yes, sir. When we were slammed
against the bottom,

one of our mechanical claws
was sprung and jammed open.

Looks like we're stuck here
unless we can free it.

I can suit up, go out
and see what I can do
about fixing it.

Ah, very well.
It's a good idea.

Chief, you and I'll make
the necessary repairs.
Aye, sir.

Any more of those
pressure impacts, and we'll be
down here for a long, long time.

Let's get with it.
Aye, sir.

Come in, Skipper, quick.

There's something out here.
I think it's the thing you saw
earlier through the view port.

Where it is, Ski?
Can you give me a fix on it?

It's just off
to starboard, sir.

All right, keep your eyes open.

Aye, sir.

[ Microphone Clatters ]

You see? There was
something out there.

What do you--
What do you think it is?

Could've been a fish...
or a man-- maybe
a little of each.

Sounds like Kowalski's
in a tough spot. You want me
to go out and help?

No, let's get
the flying sub operable.

If that thing is responsible
for those impact shots,

we'd better get ready to pick up
Kowalski and get out of here.
Aye, sir.

[ Kowalski On Speaker ]
Skipper, they're out here,
a mess of 'em. Get away!

Skipper, they're after me.

Throw the cutoff switch
across the circuit breakers
and plug in the power.

We're not ready yet.
We're liable to blow
the emergency reactor.

Throw it.
We have to go after him.
Aye, sir.

Seems to be holding.

All right. Let's go.
Sir, the mechanical claw.

[ Pulsing Bursts In Distance ]

What's that?
It's coming from down there.

[ Bursts Continue ]
Pressure impacts--

small ones, like the--
the ones that knocked us out.

[ Water Splashing ]

Damage Control,
what's our power status now?

[ Man On Speaker ]
Temporary repairs
just completed.

We can give you
about one third power.

Now get us off the bottom and
head for the flying sub, Chip.
Aye, aye, sir.

Blow all forward ballast tanks.
Up bubble 10 degrees.
[ Man On Speaker ] Aye, sir.

All ahead one third.
Come to course 1-0-5 relative.
Aye, sir.

Is, uh--
Is that what you saw before?

It is.

[ Sharkey ]
What is it?

Looks like
some kind of a...
amphibious mutation.

[ Quietly ]
Want me to try to take him?
No, no. Uh, let's, um--

let's try
to communicate
with it first.

What, with that?

Yes, there will be

It will, however,
take the form of commands
from us to you.

- Who are you?
- We are amphibians.

When life first evolved
on this planet,
all of it was amphibious.

We took a different
evolutionary path
than you humans did.

You mean you've existed
as long as the human race?

Ten times longer,

in an underwater
civilization of our own
deep within the Earth.

Ah, he's--
he's gotta be kiddin'
There's no such thing.

You see
the living proof
before you.


You talk like us.
How come?

Just as you have analyzed
the lower animal kingdoms,

we amphibians have studied
you land animals.

Then you regard us as animals.

What else are you?
As far as we are concerned,
you are a subspecies...

to be used
and discarded
at our will.

I don't like the way
he says that, sir.

It does not matter
what you dislike or like.
You are going to do as we say.

- Yeah? I guess that depends
on the skipper, doesn't it?
- No.

[ High-pitched Tone ]

Your lives may be
valuable to you, but they
are meaningless to us.

I would as soon take it now.
All right.
What do you want from us?

You have a force,
a power which enables...

both this and your larger ship
to move through the waters.

It must be very strong.
Our nuclear reactor.

Whatever name you give it.
You will show us how to harness
this power to our sonic canon.

Sonic cannon.

Is that what you used
against the Seaview
and the flying sub?

Yes, and to blast
a passageway through the bottom
of the sea in this area.

With your power harnessed to it,
we can control the seas
of the world.

You'll get
no cooperation from us.

- We will.
- [ High-pitched Tone ]

As I said,
you will cooperate.

I promise you.

Seaview to Flying Sub.
Seaview to Flying Sub.

We're proceeding toward you
with all possible speed.

You will guard them.
Learn what you can
of this mechanism.

The great ship is approaching,
and I have things to do.

You better take a look
at this, sir.

Well, there's something there
all right, but it's a pattern
I've never seen before.

Neither have I,
and it wasn't there
a minute ago.

Let's take a look
on the monitor.
[ Murmurs ]

Why, it looks like
some kind of mine.

I-I wonder if, uh--
[ Patterson ]

We're picking up
a strange sound. It's coming
from that object up ahead.

- All right.
Put it through the speaker.
- Aye, sir.

- [ Switch Clicks ]
- [ Wavering Hum ]

[ Hum Continues ]
All stop.

- All stop.
- I think it's a sonic
pressure mine...

that operates
on a reflecting sonar system.

The sound we hear
are the waves it's sending out.

And then if we get
close enough--

That's right.
Our sound vibrations
will cause it to blow.

[ Hum Continues,
Rhythmic Clicking Joins ]
Something's affecting it now.

Probably too close.
Move us astern till we're
well away from it.

All astern slow.

[ Rumbling ]
Stop engines.

- [ No Audible Dialogue ]
- [ Hum Resumes ]

[ Exhales ]

- Are we hung up
on something?
- No, sir.

All right, try it again,
this time... slow.

All astern slow.
[ Man On Speaker ]
Aye, sir.

- [ Rumbling ]
- Cut engines.

Cut engines.
Aye, sir.

- [ Rumbling Stops ]
- [ Hum Continues ]

We're locked in tight
by that thing, and we're
too close to blow it up.

All we can do now is
we go out and try
to disarm it by hand.

[ Switch Clicks ]

[ Clicking ]

[ Clicking ]

[ Amphibian Growling ]

[ Continues Growling ]

[ Body Thuds ]

[ Electricity Arcing ]

You all right?
Thanks, Skip.

[ Mutters ]
That was a close one.

What'll we do with that?
Ah, we have to get rid of him.

And we still have to get out
of here and find Kowalski.
Aye, sir.

[ Rapping On Metal, Slow ]

Stun gun.
[ Rapping Continues ]



[ Coughing ]
[ Crane ]
Come on. Let's give him a hand.


Come on. Get the engines going,
and let's get out of here.
Aye, sir.

- What happened to you?
- Those--

Those things.

I managed to break away, but,

oh, they got a whole setup
in that rock cluster:

caves going down in the earth,

communication systems,
a sonic gun,

the works.

They wanna take us over,
Skipper. We-- We gotta do
something to stop 'em.

We-- We gotta! We--
Now take it easy, Kowalski.
Just take it easy.

We'll take care of them as soon
as we get back to the Seaview.
Now get out of your wet suit.

We can't help the flying sub
till-- till we disarm the mine.

But can we get through
the sensing devices, sir?

Well, the deflection shield
may help us for a little while.

If we can find
the trigger mechanism
and remove it,

we might stand a chance.
[ Morton On Speaker ]
Control to Missile Room.

Sonar's picking up
increasing activity
from that mine out there.

I don't think you're going
to be able to make it
before that thing blows, sir.

Look, we have to make it.
We're going out now.
Aye, sir.

Deflecting shield topside?
Yes, sir.

All right, let's go.

We're okay, Skipper.
The mechanical claw
is fully retracted.

What about the radio?
No good. The circuits
are completely burnt out.

We can't contact Seaview.
Well, no problem.

They'll pick us up on scanners
when we come in to berth.
Aye, sir.

That's the flying sub returning.

Keep me informed
of any unexpected maneuver.

Seaview to FS-1, urgent.

Seaview to FS-1,
emergency, emergency.
Come in, please. Come in.

[ Nelson ]
Stay close.
Don't expose yourselves.

Hold the shield steady.
Let's see if I can find out
what makes this bomb tick.

[ Warbling Tone ]
Hold the shield steady.

[ Patterson ]
Aye, sir, but she's bucking
like a bronco.

Seaview to FS-1,
emergency, emergency.

Do you hear me?

[ Sighs ]

- Admiral, this is Morton.
Come in, please. Come in.
- We read you, Chip. What is it?

We've picked up
the flying sub
on the scanner.

She's heading right
for the Seaview, sir.

[ Nelson On Speaker ]
You sure about that?

We can't reach her by radio.

And if she goes close enough
so that the sonic mine
picks up her vibrations--

[ Nelson ]
I know. I know.
How much time do we have?

Possibly two minutes,
three at the most.

You better get back aboard
while you still have a chance.

Too late for that. We'll have
to disarm this mine before
the flying sub sets it off. Out.

I've located a cap.

[ Patterson ]
It could be a booby trap.
Yes, it could be.

But we'll know for sure
in just a minute.

- [ Wavering Hum ]
- [ Instrument Beeping Rapidly ]

Come in, Admiral.
[ Nelson On Speaker ]
What is it, Chip?

Our reading shows
extreme danger.

- The intensity range
is almost off the dial.
- I know.

- But I've got to disarm it
or we'll all go up in smoke.
- Of course, sir.

[ Wavering Hum Stops ]
[ Patterson ]
What is that, sir?

A sonic capacitator connected
to the detonating fuse.

[ High-pitched
Warbling Tone ]
Admiral, she's going to blow!

All right,
get out of here!

[ Explosion ]

Admiral, this is Morton!

Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?

This is Nelson, Chip.
We read you.

Admiral, the explosion--
The mine must have gone off.

Only the detonation fuse, Chip.
We'd already disarmed
the mine itself...

and were in the lee
of a rock formation
when the fuse went off.

We got knocked around a bit,
but the rocks broke the force.

[ Coughs ]

That's good news, sir.

Are you coming in?
We'll be right there.

Meanwhile continue observations
for any more of those mines.

And let me know what goes on
with Captain Crane.

Aye, aye, sir.

Get back to Seaview.
I'll follow with the shield.
Aye, sir.

[ High-pitched Tone ]

Just what is
that thing, Admiral?

It looks more fish than human,
but it's human enough
to have a pretty good brain.

After all, some of its kind
built that sonic mine.

[ Morton On Speaker ] Admiral,
this is Morton. The flying sub
is coming in for berthing, sir.

Be right there, Chip.

Well, uh,

take that, um--

Well, take him to the brig
and, uh, post a guard.

Aye, sir.
All right,
let's go, you guys.

Get him to sick bay.
Aye, sir.
Give me a hand, sailor.

What happened,

- We had a little brush with
the cause of all our troubles.
- Oh, the amphibians.

- Do you know about them?
- We have one in the brig
right now.

And there's a lot more
where that one came from.

They used, um, a sonic cannon
to open a partial passageway
from the caves below.

And they're only
waiting for a chance
to take over the ship.

Mmm. Well, ready a salvo
of torpedoes, nuclear warheads.

That should take care
of that passageway
and their cannon.

Yes, but what if they intercept
with their sonic weapons?

The nuclear blast
would blow us out of the water.

Not if I come up
with a neutralizing device.

Uh, see to the torpedoes.
I'll be in my lab.


Oh, look. I, uh--
I don't have to bunk down here.
I'm-- I'm perfectly all right.

[ Sharkey ]
Oh, sure you are.

I know that, kid,
and you know that, and the--
and the corpsman knows that,

only the exec said
it's sick bay for you,
and... sick bay it is.

All right.
All right, sick bay.
But I--

I still think should be
helping to do something
about those amphibians.

Not a chance. By the time you'll
be gettin' out of here, we'll
have the situation well in hand,

and we'll be
on our way back home.

So don't worry about anything.
[ Crane ] Chief Sharkey, return
to missile room on the double.

Prepare nuclear torpedoes
for firing.

See what I told you?

We're gonna have
the situation well in hand.
[ Quietly ] Yeah.

Yeah, well, listen.
Get some rest, kid.

Come on.

Relax, Ski. I'll be back
in a minute. I'll get something
to put you to sleep.

Take your time.
[ Breathes Heavily ]

I'll be asleep
before you get back.

Ski. What are you doing
out of bed?

I'm okay.

Come on. Let me help you.
Look, I tell you,
I'm all right.

Look, you were ordered to bed,
and that's where you stay.
Come on.
Okay, okay.

Hey, Ski, what's wrong?

Now take it easy.
Now take it easy, buddy.

[ Grunts ]

Sorry, Kowalski.

I'm okay now. You--
You can let me loose.

No, I can't take
the chance.
[ Sobs ]

Something came
over me before.

[ Exhales ]

It's gone now.


All I need
is a little rest,
and I'll be fine--

just a catnap,
a-and I'll be
rarin' to go.

But I'm gonna give you a shot,
make sure you sleep.

I don't need any shot!
Aw, come on.
It's not gonna hurt.

Okay, you guys, let's
get this last one in
nice and easy.

Come on,
on the double.

Missile Room to Control.
Sharkey reporting.

Torpedo Tubes 1, 2, 3 and 4
ready to fire in salvo.

Good work, Chief.
Now here are
your firing coordinates:

L-23, R-62,

vectors intersection
19 and 31.

Intersect vectors
19, 31.

Very well.
Now set your controls
and stand by to fire.

Aye, sir.

[ Switches Clicking ]

- Stand by to fire.
- Ready to fire, sir.

Fire 1 and 3.

Missile Room. Missile Room,
what went wrong down there?

[ Crane On Speaker ]
Missile Room, this is
the captain. Report.

[ Water Rushing ]

Damage Control,
send a repair party down to
the missile room on the double.

[ Man On Speaker ]
Damage Control, aye.

we're having trouble
in the missile room--
a bad explosion.

- How did you handle it?
- I sent a repair party
down there.

I'll brief you
as soon as I get a report.

- Now what's the status
on the neutralizer?
- I'm still working on it.

I-I don't know how much time
we'll have. You'd better
hurry up with those repairs.

Very well.
Chip, take the conn.

You have responded well
to our method of conversion.

You will make
a good amphibian.

You did your work well here.

Can the power
of the nuclear reactor
be brought into this room?

Yes, through those cables.

How can we bring
the sonic cannon aboard?
Through the main hatch.

This controls it
and the hoist.

We'll bring the cannon aboard
and place it... there.

But first, you will free
our other comrade
from imprisonment.

Then he will assist us.
[ Kowalski ]
It'll be done.

Now who has the knowledge
to connect the Seaview power
to my sonic cannon?

Admiral Nelson.

I want to see him.

Missile Room
to Control. Mi--

Patterson, get up.
Come on, Patterson.
[ Groaning ]

Chief, what happened?
You wouldn't believe me
if I told you. Come on!

I'm telling you
for the last time.

Stop shakin'
those bars,
or I'll--

[ Clicks ]
Hey, how's it going?

Ah, he's tryin'
to shake those bars apart,
but, uh, otherwise no trouble.

Good, good. Uh, listen.
You can cut out now.
I'll take over the watch.

Hey, hold it, Ski.
What's the matter?

Well, you know
you're not authorized
to relieve me.

Well, I know that, but, uh,
I'm relievin' you because
the chief told me to.

Why didn't you say so?
Well, I didn't know you were
a Philadelphia lawyer.

Since when have you started
goin' by the book?

Now that you mention it,
let's see your authorization.

For Pete's sake,
gimme the gun!

Keep away.
No authorization, no gun.

Okay, meathead. Okay.

If, um--
If I call the chief,
and he tells you personally,

will you accept that
without a blue ribbon document?

- Sure.
- Okay.

Kowalski calling
Chief Sharkey.

Kowalski calling
Chief Sharkey.
Come in, Chief.

[ Chuckles ]

Here, you try it.

Now give me that gun.
I'll give it to you, buddy--
right in the chops!

[ Neutralizer Wailing,
Low Tones ]

[ Tones Rising ]

[ Wailing Tones Continue ]

[ Wailing Switches Off ]

Very good
for a primitive effort.

[ High-pitched Tone ]

[ Tone Continues ]

You will be useful
in harnessing your reactor
to my sonic cannon.

You will also make
a valuable addition
to our community of amphibians.

You cannot resist us.
We have a superior technology.

I control the Seaview.
I now control you.

[ Straining Quietly ]

[ Tone Switches Off ]

- What do you want?
- Your knowledge.

We wish to harness
our sonic cannon
to your nuclear reactor...

so we can blast open
the ocean bottom and free
all others like us.

You'd des--
You'd destroy the world.

We will risk that.
We must be free!

[ Wailing Tones Resume ]

[ Wailing Switches Off ]

Nels-- Nelson to Control Room.
Nelson to Control Room!

Control Room, aye, sir.

[ Nelson On Speaker ]
Chip, where's Captain Crane?

Uh, he went aft
to the missile room
to check out the damage, sir.

All right, listen to me.
We've been invaded
by amphibians.

Meet me in the pressure hatch
corridor on the double!

Aye, aye.

All right, let's tie 'em up,
and-- and get 'em
out of the way...

so they won't interfere
when we bring
the sonic cannon aboard.

[ Clattering In Distance ]

[ Snaps Fingers ]

what happened
down here?

Happened, sir?
I don't know
what you mean.

The explosion.

Something went wrong
when I gave the order
to fire those torpedoes,

and I wanna know what!

All right, Kowalski,
what's going on?

Why, nothing, sir--

just a little, um--
a little explosion...

when we tried to fire
those torpedoes.

You're supposed
to be in sick bay.

Where's the chief?
And what happened
to these men?

They tried to interfere with us!
Interfere? What the devil
are you talking about?


I'm one of them now,
and we're taking over.

[ Chuckles ]

Uh, Kowalski, I don't know
what's going on with you,

but I order you to go back
to sick bay on the double!

Stop him!

[ Yelps ]

Well done.
Tie him up
with the others.

You and I will start
getting the cannon aboard.

Oh, Mr. Morton, the amphibians
are in the missile room,
and Kowalski is one of them.

I was just telling Mr. Morton
about the amphibians--
I know, I know.

They're going to use
their cannon to open a passage
through the Earth's crust.

Aboard this ship? They'll
blast a hole right through
the bottom of Seaview.

That's why we have to destroy
that gun in the missile room.

Uh, Admiral,
one minor question.

If they have the cannon
in there, how do we get in
without being blasted ourselves?

We hit 'em from two sides.
Chip, you and Sharkey go in
through the hatchway door.

Patterson and I will swim
outside the sub and come in
through the escape hatch.

Here. Use this
like a machine pistol.

It's good against
their hand weapons.

And move at exactly,
uh, 1500 hours.

All right?
Let's go.
[ Sharkey ] Yes, sir.

[ Amphibian ]
It will do you no good
to refuse, Captain.

You experienced our powers
aboard your flying submarine.

You don't really expect me
to cooperate, do you?

Kowalski could tell you
better than that.

Not this time, Captain.
You have no choice.

We're gonna use that cannon
and free the rest of us
and take over the seas.

You can't be
that far gone, Kowalski.

You're still a member
of the crew, no matter
what they've done to you.

- Now fight it, man.
Fight it. Come on!
- That's no good.

In a little while
I'll be completely
like they are--

strong and powerful--
and nobody can stand up
against us, nobody!

You're talking nonsense,
and you know it!
[ Amphibian ] No, he's right.

If you agree willingly,
so much the better.

If not,
you know the power of this.
You'll do as we say.

- [ Clattering ]
- They're tryin'
to come in.

It will do them no good.

[ High-pitched Tone
Sounds, Stops ]

We can't get through
those pressure blasts
of theirs, sir.

We'll get through.
Get some MX-12 explosive.

We'll blow that hatch open.
Aye, sir.

Listen carefully.
When we come out
of the escape hatch,

you go to the right,
I'll go to the left-- uh,
to give them a moving target.

One of us
might make it.
He'll have a chance.

If I get into the open,
should I go for the gun
or the amphibian?

Play it by ear. If you can
block him off and get me
a chance at the gun, fine.

If not,
go for it yourself.
I understand, sir.

[ Breathing Apparatus Hissing ]

It's ready to go.

You are certain the full power
from your reactor
will be employed?

Three stages are connected.
Any more and the cannon itself
would explode.

Kowalski, you can't do this.

- You'll blow the Seaview apart
when you fire it.
- You forget, I'm amphibian now.

It won't bother me
if we all sink
to the bottom.

Help me aim it.
I want to free all of my people
as soon as possible.

[ Switches Clicking ]

It's aimed
and ready.

- Then I will trigger it.
- No, you can't do this.

Kowalski, stop him!
Stop him!

[ Explosion ]

[ High-pitched Tone ]

[ Tone Continues ]

- [ Tone Stops ]
- [ Water Rushing ]

Some swimmers
are coming in.

The admiral undoubtedly
tried a two-way
attack upon us.

But he is too late.
[ Switches
Clicking ]

[ Electronic Whine Rising ]

[ Crane ]
Admiral, watch it!

- [ Neutralizer Wailing ]
- [ High-pitched Tone ]

[ Wailing Tones Rising ]

[ Both Tones Stop ]

[ Wailing Tones Resume ]

Fire 1.

[ Explosion ]

Fire 2.

Well, scratch
one amphibian headquarters.

[ Sighs ]
It's hard to believe
it's all over.

When they fired that cannon
in the missile room, the whole
world seemed to explode.

- I was sure
it was all over for us too.
- Thanks to Lee it wasn't.

When he rolled over those cables
and shorted them out,
only the firing mechanism blew.

And the leader's
destroyed now, too,

and by the same weapon
he was gonna use against us.

That's kind of
an ironic justice.
Sometimes I wonder...

if the world
isn't well-balanced
in that direction.

- Beg your pardon, sir.
- How are you feeling, Kowalski?

That's why I'm here, sir.
Doc's discharged me.

He said all the effects
of that amphibian conversion
are gone.

Well, that's good news.
Oh, yes, sir.

I've, uh--
I've been assigned light duty
for the present, sir.

- The chief thought you might
be interested in that.
- Oh? Why?

Well, I'm working
in mess tonight.
We're, um--

We're having fish
on the menu, sir.