Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1964–1968): Season 4, Episode 12 - Blow Up - full transcript

While trying to stop a leaking nuclear missile, Nelson undergoes a personality change which endangers not only the Seaview, but the 11th Fleet.

Now here's our mission.

Eleventh Fleet is concentrating
here for special maneuvers.

Now, in approximately
12 hours, our courses will
intersect at this point.

Does the fleet admiral
know we plan to meet there?

No, and that's the way
we want to keep it.

See, our orders are to submerge
and track the fleet...

so they can test their new
special detection equipment.

Then we're no more
than a decoy.

Right, but it's
very important that their
detection equipment...

should be tested
to the fullest extent.
We'll see that it is.

[ Morton On Radio ]
Admiral, is the skipper
there with you?

One moment, Chip.
Yes, Chip.
What is it?

I have a report here
from Engineering.

It looks serious enough
to recommend putting about
and returning to base.

I'll be right there.
Wait. I'll come down
with you.

Nothing is ever easy, is it?

Any change?
No, sir.

But I can tell you
one thing, Mr. Morton.

It's hopeless.

Let me see the report.

Missile fuel leak?
That is serious.

It's highly volatile.
The slightest spark
could set it off.

Tell the admiral
what you told me, Chief.

Well, sir,
Engineering reports...

that the only way
to make repairs is to drain
the entire missile fuel system.

That means dry dock, sir.

In that case, Admiral,
we'd better reconsider.

Right now we belong
in port.

Engineering is wrong.
If they don't know how to
repair the leak, I do.

Chief, break out
a standard wrench kit.

Meet me at frame 40.
On the double.
Aye, sir.

That's not exactly
a safe job.

I didn't say it was.

Admiral, you'd better
take this emergency breathing
apparatus along with you.

It's a small area
down there, and the fumes
are pretty strong.

Thanks, Lee.
It's a good idea.
Now, this shouldn't take long.

Close the hatch after me.
I don't want the fumes
leaking through the ship...

in case anything happens.
Aye, sir.

Admiral, don't take
any chances with that stuff.

[ Steam Whooshing ]

You think he'll be okay?

Okay? Are you kidding?
Of course he will.

Worried, Skipper?
No, unless something goes
wrong while he's working.

[ Man ]
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.

Starring Richard Basehart,

David Hedison.

Voyage to the Bottom
of the Sea.

Ski, bear a hand!

[ Grunts ]
Sir, it's sprung!

Get an emergency crew here
on the double!

He couldn't have lived
through that, Skipper.
He just couldn't.

Even if he did, that--
that explosion used up
what little oxygen there was.

We can't possibly get
that hatch open in time.

[ Steam Whooshing ]

I tried to tell him
not to do it.
He wouldn't listen!

Skipper, can't we
do something?

Like what?
What about forcing
oxygen through those cracks?

Oh, he couldn't get enough in
to have any effect at all.

The E.B.A.--
You gave him a cartridge
before he went down there.

Yes, that would help
if he were conscious,
but I doubt if he is.

That hatch--
Come on! Get it open!

[ Clattering ]

- [ Wrench Tapping ]
- Skipper.

He's alive.

[ Tapping Continues ]

[ Coughing ]

[ Coughing Continues ]

[ Grunts ]
Come on.

What he needs
most is air.

Not getting much of that
with this crowd
around here.

Aye, sir.
Come on, Ski.
Let's go.

Yes, Captain,
I'll keep you posted.

- He'll be okay though?
- After I give him a sedative...

- and he gets a little rest,
he'll be fine.
- Thanks.

Emergency breathing device
model A-14.

One of these little gadgets
saved his life, Chip.

It's a good thing
we stocked them aboard
this trip.

We intended to test it.

But in my book,
they've already passed
that test with flying colors.

You can say that again.

I want you to issue one
to every man aboard, with orders
to carry it at all times.

Is this our position?
Uh, as of five minutes ago.

Ah, very well.
Hold to this course
at standard.

What about the leak?

Well, the admiral managed
to block off the trouble line
just before the blast.

That means one missile is out,
but it's no problem.

Any damage from the explosion?

No, nothing serious.
The mission is go.

We were lucky
all around, huh?

[ Switch Buzzes ]

you're okay again.
Hey, that's great.

Chief Sharkey,

I believe that you spent
some time in the, uh,
regular navy...

before you joined us.
Yes, sir. I sure did.

Three hitches.
Twelve years, sir.

But you're looking
wonderful, sir!

I assume that during
that time you picked up
at least the rudiments...

of simple military


Begging the admiral's
pardon, sir.

In the future, you'll please
remember what you learned?

Aye, aye, sir.

Mr. Morton.
Admiral. Are you
feeling all right, sir?

What is this
piece of equipment
doing on the plot table?

The E.B.A.?
I was just looking
at it, sir.


You may pursue your hobbies
when you're off watch.
Is that clear?

Yes, sir. Perfectly.

Tell Captain Crane
I'll expect him in my quarters
in five minutes.

Aye, sir.

What was that all about?

What did I say wrong?

Who is it?
Kowalski, sir.

[ Hammer Clicks ]

Come in.

Chief said you were
out of sick bay, sir, so I
brought you some hot coffee.

Close the door.
Aye, sir.

Did I order coffee?

No, sir, but I, uh--
I just thought you might
like some.

Drink it.


I said... drink it!


Now clear out of here
and take your coffee with you.

Aye, aye, sir.

[ Hammer Releases ]


Come in.

[ Sighs ]

I-I was ordered
to report to you.

- Sit down, Lee.
- [ Door Closes ]

[ Sighs ]
It's good to see you
feeling better, Admiral.

Don't you mean, it's, uh,
surprising to see me
feeling better?

Yes, it is in a way.
That was a close call.

For a while there, we were
afraid you were a goner.

No, no, no, no. I'm talking
about after the explosion.


You don't know
what I mean, do you?

No, sir.
I'm afraid I don't.

[ Drawer Closes ]

Glad to hear that, Lee.

I-I just couldn't
bring myself to believe...

that you were in on it.

Well, Admiral, you--
you'd better explain
this to me.

Oh, you'll understand
soon enough.

I want you to put
the ship's doctor
under arrest.

Arrest? What for?
What did he do?

Are you disputing
my orders too?

No, sir. Of course not.
But to arrest someone,
there's got to be a charge.

Oh, there'll be a charge,
all right-- a nice, fat charge.

It'll get that sanctimonious
man of medicine
a general court-martial.

I'm charging him
with attempted murder.

Not 10 minutes ago,
he tried to kill me.

[ Exhales ]

Doc, I'd like to ask you
a couple of--

What happened in here?

You might call it
a brief altercation.

Uh, looks to me
more like a fight.

Oh, man.
Is that a bump on your jaw?

Nah, it's, uh,
just a bruise.

No dislocation,

Not the admiral.

Yes, I'm afraid it was.

Oh, here, let me--
Let me police this up
for you, Doc.

Thanks, Chief.

What's this?
I'm afraid you missed
the main event, Captain.


Um, I'll have someone
straighten this out.
Thank you.

Aye, sir.

So, this is how the admiral
got out of the sick bay
so fast?

It's not a procedure
I care to recommend.

You might as well know this
right away, Doc.

He sent me down here
to put you under arrest.

[ Exhales ]
Well, I'm not surprised.

Well, what did you do
to him?

I tried to give him sedation
when he attacked me
and knocked me out.

What's wrong with him?

If I didn't know him so well,
the diagnosis would be simple--
classic case of paranoia.

I can't believe that.
There's got to be
another explanation.

He's the sanest man
I've ever known.

My opinion exactly.
But look at the pattern.

Abrupt personality change.
Delusions-- particularly
of persecution.

- Violent behavior.
- No, I s--
I still can't buy it.

[ Door Opens ]

I ordered you to put
this man under arrest.

He's already carried out
your order, Admiral.
Stay back.

I'm speaking with the captain.

It's true, sir.
I just told him to consider
himself under official arrest.

Then why isn't he
in the brig?

In the brig?
Admiral, I--

Can't I trust anyone
aboard this ship?

Get it through your head.
This man is dangerous.

He's a killer.
I want him locked up.


Very well, Doc.
You'd, uh--

You'd better come with me.
I understand, Captain.

Any attempt to resist
or escape, and you'll be shot.
Is that clear?

Perfectly, Admiral.
By your leave, Captain.

Stay with him.
Don't let him
out of your sight.

[ Hammer Releases ]

[ Sighs ]

Now what are we gonna do?

You're going to lock me
in the brig, of course.

I can't do that.
At the moment,
you have no choice.

[ Sighs ]

Reporting with
the new watch, Mr. Morton.

Very well.

Excuse me, sir, but, uh,

all of a sudden,
we're, uh-- we're running
a very formal ship.

It's a little hard
to get used to.

The admiral wants
a tight ship,

and he's going to get one.

Stand to the stations.

Aye, sir.
New watch,

stand to your stations.

Look smart.

this is the exec.

[ Man On Speaker ]
Engineering, aye.

Keep me up to date
with progress reports
on the situation down there.

Aye, sir.

Everything all right,

Yes, sir.

- We spoke too soon about
the explosion damage.
- What's wrong?

Engineering reports
weakened hull plates
between frames 38 and 42.

- How serious?
- Well, they can repair them...

in about an hour, as long
as we stay on the surface.

What's our situation?
Here's our position.

The 11th Fleet is already
concentrating about here.

Well, it could be worse.

By the time
our courses intersect,
there won't be any trouble...

- submerging and getting
out of sight.
- That's the way I figure it.

You want us to continue
on the surface until
the repairs are completed?


Why are we still
on the surface, Mr. Morton?
Take her down immediately.

[ Morton ]
Sir, we're having
a slight repair problem.

Both the skipper and I
consider it advisable
to remain topside...

until it's taken care of.

Oh. You consider it,
uh, advisable,

do you, Mr. Morton?
Yes, sir.

And if I consider it

In that case, sir,
it would be a good idea...

if you discussed it
with the skipper.

I see.
You are telling me...

that I no longer have
a right to make decisions
aboard my own ship.

No, sir.
You have every right
to make all decisions aboard.

Thank you, Mr. Morton.
That is very kind of you.

Now take her down.

What's the trouble,

No trouble at all.
I ordered a dive,

and Mr. Morton is going to be
kind enough to carry out
that order.

Didn't he tell you about
the repairs?

Am I surrounded
by sea lawyers?

Does every order that I give
have to be accompanied...

by detailed explanations?

Sorry, Admiral.

Chip, make all necessary
preparations to dive.

Aye, sir.

[ Dialing ]

Engineering, this is the exec.

[ Man On Speaker ]
Engineering, aye.

Secure the detail.
We're... going to dive.

[ Man On Speaker ]
Well, that could be
trouble, sir.

Now Engineering
is taking over command.

Mr. Morton, will you, uh,
answer them?

Secure the work detail.

Aye, sir.

Well, carry on.

Aye, aye, sir.

You disapprove, Captain?

I just don't see the necessity
for a dive at this time.

Well, I do.
A submarine on the surface
is a sitting duck.

In wartime, yes.
But we're at peace.

Let me be the judge of that.
Any further objections?

No, sir.

And Mr. Morton may proceed?


Mr. Morton, you may proceed.

Prepare to dive.

[ Man On Speaker ]
Clear the bridge.
Clear the bridge.

Look out below.

[ Klaxon Blaring ]

[ Switch Clicks ]

We are at assigned depth, sir.
Trim satisfactory, sir.

Very well. Make a course
directly for the 11th Fleet
and proceed at flank speed.

Flank? We can't run
at flank, sir.

That hull section
won't take it.

I said flank speed,
Mr. Morton.

Or shall we have another
lively discussion
of the pros and cons?

No, sir. Maneuvering,
all ahead flank.

[ Man ]
Mm. Very good.

I can be reached
in my quarters.

[ Man On Speaker ]
Skipper, this is Engineering.
Go ahead.

Sir, at this depth and speed,
that hull section
won't hold.

I know.

Chip, full elevation
on bow planes.

Blow forward ballast tanks.

Admiral or no admiral,
we're gonna surface.

Aye, sir. Maneuvering,
full elevation on the bow.

[ Rumbling ]

[ Grunts ]
We're nose-heavy. We must
be shipping water fast.

All hands, brace for crash.
Brace for crash!

[ Crashing ]

The fool!
The murderous fool!

Very well. Give me
a situation estimate
every 10 minutes.

[ Man On Speaker ]
Aye, aye, sir.
You heard the report.

Three compartments flooded.
Watertight doors holding.

Can we get enough
buoyancy to surface?

That's a good question.
It's touch and go.

We've lost one man for sure.
They're rounding up
the survivors now.

You take charge here.
I'm going below
to see what I can do.

Well, Chief,
what do you think, huh?

Doesn't look too good.
But the skipper will
get us out of it.

Yeah, maybe.
But you know who got us
into it, don't you?

Well, look, Ski.
Anybody can make
a mistake in judgment.

Ah, Chief, it was more
than that, and you know it.

You heard the argument,
and you saw the way
the admiral's been acting.

Okay, Kowalski,
what are you driving at?

Come out and say it.

All right. I will.

The admiral's blown his cork.
Look, it's not safe to let him
run around loose on the ship.

Now, you listen to me,
and you listen good!

I don't want to hear
another word.

You're thinking the same thing,
or you wouldn't be so mad
right now. Admit it.

One more crack, Kowalski,
and so help me,
you're on report.

Now get back
to your station.

Mr. Morton, who is
responsible for this blunder?

- Well, answer me.
- Sir, both the skipper and I...

tried to warn you
that we were in no shape
to submerge.

Hmm. Mm-hmm.

I'm beginning to understand.

You've already fixed this up
between you, haven't you?

I don't know
what you mean, sir.

Mr. Morton, I have never
really trusted you.

Could never tell
what you were thinking.

But I can tell now
you've been plotting against me
all along, haven't you?

Well, let me tell you
something, mister.

You are not going to break me,
but I am going to break you--

you and everybody else
involved in this plot.

Just remember that.

Where's Captain Crane?

Below, portside,
inspecting the damage.






If, uh, I could have a word
with the admiral alone.

Who told you
to say that?

Uh, nobody, sir.

I don't believe you.
You're in this
up to your neck.

I have things to do.
Get out of my way.

Aye, sir.

Get him to sick bay
as fast as you can.

Control Room,
this is Captain Crane.

Morton here.
What's the situation?

Our watertight doors
are holding.
We lost one man.

I just sent several others
to sick bay.

[ Over Speaker ]
Doc will fix 'em up.

That'll take some doing.
Doc's locked in the brig.

The brig?
I forgot all about it.

I'll check with you later.

Mr. Morton, somebody's got
to do something right away
about the admiral.

I know how you feel,
and I don't blame you,
but that's the captain's job.

The captain's got
his hands full right now, sir.

- Maybe he doesn't realize
how bad things are.
- Just a minute.

I've, uh-- I've got
something to say
about this.

Chief, we already know
how you feel.

- Go ahead and put me on report.
You're not gonna shut me up.
- Hold it.

Speak your piece, Chief.

All I want to say is...

that there's nobody...

on this ship who knows
the admiral better than I do.

You want to wait until another
crewman gets killed? Huh?
Or you want us all to get it?

Knock it off
and let me finish.

The way I feel
about the admiral, he's--

Well, he-- he's my friend.

- Well, so--
- Go on.

And right now
the man's not himself.

He's sick, you know.
He's got to be.

- And you want the whole crew
to pay for that.
- No, I don't.

The admiral should be
locked away somewhere...

where he won't hurt himself
or anybody else.

And, uh, I want to
let you guys know...

that whatever you decide,
I'm-I'm with you.

Now, you hear that,
Mr. Morton?
He's with us.

Now wait a minute.
This sounds pretty close
to open mutiny,

and I'm executive officer
of this vessel.

That's okay, Mr. Morton.
That's okay.
We know you're with us too.

[ Keys Jangling ]
Doc, I'm sorry. I forgot
all about you in here.

What happened?
Are we on the bottom?

We are, and there've been
some casualties.
We need you in sick bay.

I take it I'm on parole?
Parole? You're free.
Now get moving.

[ Nelson ]
Lee, is that you?

He's gone.
How did he escape?

He didn't.
I let him out.

You what?

We need him in sick bay.

you know very well
there are no charges
against him.

Order him back to the brig.

We don't have time
for those games now.


Admiral, the ship's
dead on the bottom.

If he can't raise her,
we're dead too.

[ Exhales ]

Lee, there's-there's nobody
aboard this ship I can trust.

Nobody but you.
Now, don't let me down on this.

No one aboard
would let you down.

[ Laughs ]

They've taken you in.
That-That's all right.

Just listen to me.

We absolutely cannot
miss this rendezvous.

Why? If we don't get
to the test on time,
there's no harm done.

Mm-mmm. You don't know
what I know.

Now trust me on this, Lee.
Trust me.

What's going on here?
An indignation meeting?

You might call it that.

I'd like an explanation.

The men and I have been talking
about the admiral's behavior.


we think he should be
confined until, um--

well, until he gets
over this--

Is that the way it is?

That's the way
it is, sir.

And I suppose if I don't
join you, you'll, uh,
make me walk the plank?

- We're deadly serious
about this.
- You'd better be.

Mutiny's a serious business.

Now wait a minute, Skipper.

We, uh-- We weren't thinking
of pulling anything like that.

Well, what do you call it?

All right. I, uh--

I'm willing to forget
this whole talk.

That is, if any of you
are interested...

in getting the ship
off the bottom and saving
your lives.

Get back to your stations
on the double.

What's the matter?
You guys got two left feet
or something?

When the exec gives an order,
you snap to it!

Now jump!

On the double!

Sir, all stations
manned and ready.

Very well.
Ready for orders, sir.

Make all preparations
to get this ship
off the bottom.

Aye, aye.

Now hear this, all hands.
Stand by to raise the ship.

[ Morton On Speaker ]
Ballast control,
blow all tanks fore and aft.

Blow all tanks
fore and aft.

It's working.
We're going upstairs.

Now keep
your fingers crossed.

That repaired hull
is none too strong.

Where do you want us
to level off?

On the surface.
And no forward speed
until we get there.

And then no faster
than one-third.
Aye, aye.

[ Grunts ]

Rising to depth 1-5-0.

Now don't let it balloon.
We've got to make it
a gradual pressure change.

She's responding nicely.

Now wait. Don't stop
the rise completely.

I didn't.
Look at that gauge.
We're at dead stop.

[ Lever Clicks ]

That's impossible.
What stopped us?

[ Rumbling ]

Check the speed indicator.

We're moving forward.

Engine Room,
stop all engines.

[ Man On Speaker ]
We're trying, sir.
They don't respond to controls.

Speed's increasing.
Looks like it's going
all the way up to flank.

Full up bubble.
The planes can take us
to the surface.

Come on! Up angle,
and all planes!

We're at flank.
What's wrong with
these planes?

- It's no use.
- The hull won't take
the strain.

We're going down again.
This time we won't be
coming up.

[ Grunts ]
[ Switch Clicks ]

We can't do a thing.
It's like trying to stop
a runaway.

I know what the trouble is.
Every one of our controls
is being overridden.

And something like that
can only be done
from the circuitry room.

And there's only one man
aboard who knows exactly
how to do it.

The admiral.
Yes, the admiral.

He's mad.
He's trying to kill us all.
You've got the conn.

Come on, Ski.
Put this on and follow me.

Chief, let's go.

I'm glad you're here.

I want a report
on our exact position...

in relation
to the 11th Fleet.

Well, didn't you hear me?
What's our position?

Unless you release
those controls, we'll never
get off the bottom.

And this time there won't be
any survivors.

What are you talking about?
Look, I-I have a job to do here.

Admiral Nelson,
I relieve you of duty...

and place you
under formal restraint...

by authority
of the regulations
set down in Section 14,

paragraphs 42
through 51.

[ Chuckles, Laughs ]

You-- You are accusing me
of mental incompetence?

I am. Under professional
information supplied to me
by the ship's doctor.

- Yes, a man that tried
to kill me.
- May I have your weapon, sir?

You've joined them,
haven't you?

Yes, you have really
joined them.

Your gun, please.

Mutiny is a hanging offense.

And I am going to see
that you hang for it,

and the rest of your
mutinous plotters.

Take him to his cabin.

I'll see what can be done
in the circuitry room.

Aye, sir.

- This way, sir.
- Don't put your hand on me.

We'll use force
if we have to, sir.

[ Grunts ]
[ Man ]
Go get him!

[ Both Grunting ]

Get after him!

Skipper, this is Sharkey.

Yes, Chief?
I'm in the circuitry room.

He broke away from us, sir.
He's loose on the ship.

Is he armed?
Yes, sir, he is.

All right.
I'll get help for you.

But get him.
Alive if possible,
but get him.

Aye, sir.

this is the captain.
[ Man ] Engineering, aye.

The control circuits
are locked on automatic.

Now round up the best
electronics men you've got.

The circuits have to be
re-channeled to manual

Get them to the circuitry room
on the double.
Aye, aye, sir.

[ Sighs ]

Right here.
I've been listening
on the squawk box.

Ah, good. Now I want you
to muster an armed party...

to help the chief and Kowalski
capture the admiral.

- You have it?
- I'm way ahead of you.
They're already on their way.

All right.
I'll be right there.

[ Handset Settles In Cradle ]

Any sign of him, Chief?

No, sir. Not yet.
I keep asking myself,
"Where would he try to hide?"

The only trouble is,
I don't get any answers.

It all depends on
what he's trying
to accomplish.

Chief, I never pretended
I could outthink
the admiral,

but this time
I've got to.

Look, I'll be
in the control room.
Keep me advised.

Aye, sir.

Any change?
Still at flank.
Still at 150 feet.

We've been lucky so far.
Yeah. I wonder
how long it can last.

- What about the admiral?
- Nobody's spotted him yet.

If we could just figure out
what he's up to.

- How? There's nothing to go on.
- Well, maybe there is.
Show me our position.

At this moment,
we're here.

Incidentally, elements of the
11th Fleet are on our radar now.

- Where are they?
- They should be within
visual range...

in about 10 minutes
or so.

I don't know why I think
this is important,
but I just know it is.

Grab him!

[ Grunting ]


[ Grunts ]

[ Grunts ]

It's no good, Chief.
Won't even budge.

Skipper, we found him.

[ On Speaker ]
He's locked himself
in the missile room.

Missile room?
That's impossible.

He wouldn't try
a thing like that.
What do you mean?

We're coming in torpedo range
of the fleet.

Skipper, can you hear me?
He's jammed the hatch wheel.
We can't get at him.

Stay there, Chief.

I'll get a welder
to burn through the hatch.
Aye, sir.

Take the conn.

[ Crackling ]

Come on. How long does it
take to cut through a hatch?

Skipper, he's doing
the best he can.

Almost there.
Now get ready
to rush him.

You're too late.

The lead ship
is as good as sunk.

[ Rumbling ]

What have you done?
What have you done?

I destroyed the torpedo
with a missile.

You ought to know, Admiral.
It's your invention.

I'm gonna kill you.
I'll kill you!

I'll kill you!

[ Sighs ]

All right.
Take him to sick bay.

[ Coughs ]

Feeling better?

Much, now--

now that I've got that
gas out of my lungs.

[ Coughs ]
He'll be all right now.

A breathing apparatus.

That's what, uh,
started the whole thing?

Apparently the gas
somehow produced...

a case of paranoia
when you inhaled it.

I've seen cases
of paranoia before,

but believe me,
this was a beaut.
[ Chuckles ]

Well, it's over now.
I just hope
there's no relapse.

There won't be.
But I can tell you
one thing, Admiral.

We'll never issue
these to the crew.
[ Chuckles ]