Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1964–1968): Season 4, Episode 10 - Terror - full transcript

An alien plant takes over Admiral Nelson in a plan to turn the Seaview into a giant greenhouse where it can take over the world.

Hmm. No sign
of Dr. Thompson.

Well, we know
he's here, Chief.

Sure, and in trouble.
He wouldn't call for help
if there was no reason.

Let's fan out and look
for him. Dunlap,
you go that way.

Look for a cultivated
section of land-- you know,
specialized, tropical plants.

He should have--
[ Man ]
Nelson! Nelson!

Nelson! Nelson! Nelson!

Help! Help!

Help! Help!

What is it, Doctor?
What's happening?

Alien. Alien invader.

Going to destroy mankind.

What kind of an invader?
Now, how's he going to--

Stop him.
Only eight hours left.

Stop him before
the entire world--

the entire world--

the entire--

[ Gasps ]


He's dead.

Well, let's continue
the search. Dunlap, look for
that cultivated area.

Chief, you and I'll take care
of Dr. Thompson.
Aye, sir.

[ Groans ]

[ Glass Breaking ]


put down the gun!

[ Man ]
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.

Starring Richard Basehart,

and David Hedison.

Voyage to the Bottom
of the Sea.

Hold your fire!

[ Gunfire Continues ]

What in the world
is wrong with that joker?


Aye, sir.

All right, put it down,

I said put it down.

[ Panting ]

[ Loud Groaning ]

[ Wailing Sound ]

[ Wailing Stops ]

Be careful, Admiral.

It's all right, Chief.
He's not going to hurt
anyone now.

Did-- Did--
Did you see it?


I-- I could swear
that I saw something
rise up...

out of Dunlap's body

[ Radio Beeping ]

Go ahead, Seaview.
This is Nelson.

It's been some time since
you reported in, Admiral.
What's going on?

Plenty. I'll brief you
when I get back aboard.

Meanwhile, order
an armed detail to comb
this island and--

[ Radio Static Humming ]

Admiral, we lost you.
Now what about a detail?

[ Humming Continues ]

What was that
about a detail?

Sparks, try and clean
that up, will you?

Try it now, sir.
All right. Admiral,
do you read me?

do you read me?
[ Humming Continues ]

No, not very well. We're getting
a great deal of interference
on this wavelength and--

[ Crackles ]

I never seen one of
those gadgets blow up
like that before.

What do you think
caused that?
I don't know.

But somehow it's got
to be connected with the killing
of Thompson and Dunlap.

Hey, Chief,
take a look at this.

What's so special
about the posy, sir?

I don't know.
I've never seen anything
like it before.

Let's get it back aboard
Seaview and see what
we can find out.

Here. Give me a hand.
Yes, sir.

You take that, Chief.
I'll pick up the rest
of his notebooks.

Aye, sir.

All right, Kowalski,
take it to the lab.
I'll be right there.

Aye, sir.
Two men dead.

And you say
you heard a warning
from Dr. Thompson...

that alien invaders intend
to take over the Earth
in eight hours?

Now what's all that got
to do with the orchid
you brought aboard?

I'm convinced that I saw some
force leave Dunlap's body...

and go to the experimental
plant area.

Now, the orchid was
the only thing strange--

the only thing, uh, alien
that was there.

There's a chance that some
of our people at the institute
might be able to give us a lead.

I hope so. We've had some
of our best men working
for him on those experiments.

Sparks, get me through to
the institute in Santa Barbara.

I want to talk
to the botany department.

[ Wailing Sound ]
[ Explosion ]

Hey, what was that?

What was what?
I don't know.
I thought I saw a flash.

You all right?
Yeah. Yeah, I think so.

Better get down to sick bay.
You might have got a dose
of radiation.

I feel strange.

[ Monitor Beeping ]

[ Beeping Stops ]

Hey, what's the matter?
I gotta pull the rods.

Are you out of your mind?
You'll blow the reactor!

Get away!

Settle down!
You don't know
what you're doing!

Stop it!
You'll kill us all!

Put 'em back!

What-- What happened?

Don't you remember?

All I remember is something
driving me to the reactor,

forcing me to
pull out the rods.

But you're okay now?
Yeah. Yeah.

[ Explosions ]

Hey, we got a short.

[ Explosions Continue ]

Circuity Room,
what's going on down there?

Patterson, get down to
the master control box
and see what's wrong!

[ Crane ]
Circuity Room, report!

We've got a short
on the master controls.

Well, fix it before Seaview
tears herself to pieces!

Aye, sir.

Chief, what about
that short circuit in
the master control?

I don't know, sir.
Something blew.

Then it's just like
nothing happened.

I sure don't know
what's going on.

Well, I think I--

I think I'm beginning to.

Let's go to the lab, Lee.

Admiral, I have an idea.
What is it?

If we surface, I think
we can make contact
with the institute.

I can bounce a signal off
the communication satellite.

Very good.

Lee, take her up.

Chip, surface.
[ Morton ]
Prepare to surface.

[ Morton ]
On the surface.

Very well. Stand by.

Seaview calling
Nelson Institute
in Santa Barbara.

Seaview calling
Nelson Institute
in Santa Barbara.

Come in, please.
Go ahead, Seaview.
We read you.

Admiral Nelson calling
Dr. Brinks in Botany.

[ Man ]
Stand by.

Brink here.

Doctor, did Dr. Thompson radio
his reports back to you?

Yes, sir. In fact,
I've just about finished
transcribing them.

Did he say anything
about an exotic orchid?

Yes. Yes, he did.
But his last transmission
was garbled.

Well, what did he say
about the flower?

Well, as nearly as
I can make out, Admiral,

he indicated
it was a strange species
that rejected sunlight,

but it seemed to
thrive on emanations from
his electronic machines.

And nothing further?
No, sir.
Everything else was garbled.

All right, Doctor.
Thank you. Over and out.
Over and out.

Better run a complete check
on that orchid and just see
what makes it tick.


It looks pretty
harmless to me.

Well, I'm not concerned
about its looks.

But let's see if we can
get a radiation count.

[ Device Clicking ]

Look at that thing.
Get a sonic gun.


[ Door Closes ]

Is anything wrong, sir?

What's in the box?
It's a core, sir. I'm taking
it to the reactor room.

Open it.

No, sir.
It's radioactive.

Regulations require
that you have on
a protective suit.

I said open it.

I must refuse, sir.
It's dangerous.

[ Hum Resonating ]

Control Room. Control Room.
Send me some help down here--

[ Wailing Sound ]

What happened
to the admiral, sir?
Take care of the chief.

Control Room.
Control Room, aye.

Chip, something's happened
to the admiral.

He's, uh--
He's gone berserk.

What do you mean, sir?

He's, uh-- He's been
taken over somehow.

a full emergency alert.

I want every available man
to comb every inch
of this ship,

deck by deck,
section by section,
until they find him.

Now warn them to be careful.
He's dangerous.

How dangerous, sir?

Issue stun guns.
Now hop to it!

Aye, aye, sir.


Break out the stun guns. Issue
them to all control room hands.
Aye, sir.

[ Morton ]
Now hear this, to all hands.
We have an emergency aboard.

We have to--

you all right?

A little bent
but nothing broke, sir.
Shall I go after him, Skipper?

No, let's-- let's go
to the control room.
No, wait.

[ Gun Firing ]

[ Wailing Sound ]

[ Explosions ]

[ Explosions Stop ]

How is he, sir?
I don't know.

Get away from me!
Now take it easy, Admiral.
Just lie back.

No, stay away from me,
all of you!

Now easy, Admiral.
We want to help you.

Get a gun, Lee.
Get a gun and shoot me
before it's too late--

before that thing
takes me over again
and makes me kill you.

It's not gonna take over.
It's been destroyed.

But see, it got to me first.
I-- I didn't destroy it.

I know, but I did.
It's gone.

That's right, sir.
We all saw it leave you.

He's telling the truth, sir.
It's gone.

It's gone?


[ Sighs ]
Yes, it is gone.

I'll take you to sick bay.

No, I'm all right.
I'm just-- just
a little bit shaky.

I have to talk to you alone...
in here.

Close off the doors.

Do you think
you should, Lee?

It's all right, Chip.
Take the conn.

Aye, aye. All hands,
back to duty stations
on the double.

The alien's
still aboard, Lee.

It can't be, Admiral.
I tell you it is.

It came from the outer rim
of the galaxy.

It's an incredibly malign,
intelligent life-form.

How do you know
all this?

When it took me over,
our memories, our knowledge
became one.

- What did it want with you?
- Information.

It's looking for
a place to live,
to multiply,

so that it can take over
our world, and it can
do that, believe me.

Believe me, it can.

It's going to start
reproducing itself in...

four hours here
aboard Seaview.

Aboard the Seaview?

[ Groans ]

Because the...

pressure, the humidity
of the radioactivity here...

provide it with
a perfect seed bed.

Come on, Admiral.
You've had a rough going.

I think you could use
some sack time.
No, there's no time to sleep.

This thing has got
to be destroyed.

We've got to find it,
isolate it and kill it.

But it is destroyed.
It's gone.

No. It will seek
some human body to use.

One with which it's familiar,
in which it can feel safe.

And when it does,
that body has to be

in order to kill the alien.

Then there's only--
only one body
it's familiar with.

That's right,
but I have no choice, Lee.

I've got to let it show itself.
If necessary, let it find me.

In that case,
you have no choice.

You've got to kill me.

Come here, please,
will you?

[ Sighs ]

And close the doors.

Yes, sir.

What's the trouble,

It's the admiral.

Well, he's okay now.
You blasted that orchid
to bits.

I know, but the admiral
thinks it may come back again
to take him over.

Is that possible?
I'm afraid it is.

And, uh-- And what
if it does come back?

The admiral's orders to me
were to shoot to kill.

What are your orders,

You will shoot to kill.

[ Wailing Sound ]

[ Shuddering ]

Chief, shoot me.

Hurry, man.
Shoot, shoot.

[ Groans ]
Skipper? Skipper?

Go ahead, Chief.

I went for the admiral
as ordered,

but I got there too late.

I tried-- I tried to stop him,
but I couldn't.
Which way did he go?

It looked like he was
heading towards "B" deck.

Okay, Chief,
try to find him.

Aye, sir.

I want a detail of armed men
to go into "B" deck after him.

They're to shoot to kill
on sight.

To kill--
You heard me, Chip.
Kill on sight.

Aye, aye.

Get Engineering.
See if they can operate
this door.

Someone's getting
ready to take off
on the flying sub.

Lock the flying sub
launch controls.

Why don't the indicators
light up?

The override
system's shut off.
We can't stop him.

Missile Room,
this is the captain.

Prepare sea-to-air missiles
for immediate firing.
Aye, sir.

Radar, lock the sea-to-air
missiles to the flying sub.
And move!

She'll be surfacing
in less than a minute.

[ Clicks Switches ]

He's free.
We'll get him
as soon as he's airborne.

[ Man On Speaker ]
Sliding doors now operational.

It doesn't look
as if he's trying
to get airborne.

activate sail camera.
Aye, aye, sir.

He's turning back.
Now what in blazes--

He's gonna attack.

Engine Room,
all ahead flank.
All ahead flank!

[ Coughing ]

Prepare to fire lasers.
Lasers locked in.


[ Explosion ]

A near miss, but I think
we've driven him off.

[ Crane ]
No, he's turning
for another pass at us.

Take her down,
full flank.

Dive! Dive!
All dive!

[ Alarm Sounding ]

We're not responding.

Dive! All dive!

Damage Control,
This is Damage Control.

We can't dive, sir. We've lost
all maneuvering power.

There's a short and malfunction
in generator number two.

That means no lasers.

Missile Room, stand by
to fire forward torpedoes.
Aye, sir.

Patterson, call out
range and bearing.

Bearing: 2-7-0, relative.

Range: 6,000, sir,
closing fast.

Range: 5,000.

He's free.
Why is he attacking?
Why doesn't he just take off?

He wants Seaview
as a glorified greenhouse.

Range: 4,500, bearing true.


[ Explosion ]

[ Explosion Stops ]

I guess that finishes
the alien.

And the admiral.

Nobody can blame you, Lee.
You only did what you had to.

Now, Chip, take the conn,
will you?

I, uh-- I better check on the--
on the damage repair.

Check that gear, Ski.

Chief, what happened
a little while ago?

To the admiral, I mean.
Do you think the skipper
really had to--

I don't think, kid.
I only follow orders,
and that wasn't the admiral!

Yeah, yeah, I know.
I know.

But I just can't help
feeling that, um,

well, even if the admiral
wasn't the admiral,

even if it was an alien,
maybe there was something else
we could have--

Stow it! You hear me, Kowalski?
Just stow it! Get back to work
on that gear before I--

Just, uh, get back
to work, will ya?
Yeah, sure, Sharkey.


[ Water Bubbling ]

Hey, Ski,
come over here.

I didn't know
we had a diving party out.

The skipper was talking
about sending a salvage party
to check the flying sub.

Come on.
Let's give 'em a hand.

[ Footsteps Approaching ]

Captain. Captain,
we're in trouble again.

The admiral--
That is, the alien
is back aboard.

Are you sure about that?
Yes, sir. He came in
through the escape hatch.

He clobbered Kowalski
and me.

Where is he now?
I don't know, sir,
but he didn't go back out.

He's gotta be
somewhere aboard.
How are you and Kowalski?

I guess we'll do, sir.

All right. Have Kowalski
head a guard unit
in the missile room.

You get up here
on the double.

Aye, aye, sir.
You heard the skipper.
Stand guard.

Right, Chief.

Sound general quarters.

General quarters.
General quarters.

[ Alarm Sounding ]

[ Alarm Stops ]

How do you figure it, sir?

We destroy the flying sub
and he shows up
in the escape hatch.

How do you handle
a thing like that?

It's a good question, Chief.
Let's hope we can come up
with the right answer.

Master-at-arms, report.
All security points
manned and ready, sir.

Roger. Detail
a search party down to--

[ Explosions ]

Damage Control,
what happened?

The power feed
from the reactor's
been cut off, sir.

We're getting
increasingly higher readings
on the radiation level.

It must be the alien.

- What's he doing
in the reactor room?
- We better find out.

I'll send a detail down there.
No, belay it.

No, let's see what
we're up against first.

Now, Chief, we'll scout
the area. Break out
a couple of sonic guns.

Aye, sir.

What's the poop, sir? Do we
just bust in there or what?
Now just stay here.

I'll try to see
what's going on
through the view port.

Oh. Watch it, Skipper.
If he sees you first--

I know. I know.
Just stand by.

Get ready to fire.

Hold it.
Where's the admiral?

- The admiral, sir?
- Yes, admiral, alien--
whatever you wanna call him.

-He's in the reactor room,
isn't he?
-We were the only ones in there.

Are you sure
about that, mac?
Sure, Chief.

Look for yourself, sir.

All right,
back me up, Chief.
Aye, sir.

[ Nelson's Voice ]
Stand right there, Captain.

Where is he?
I don't know.

Where are you, Admiral?

We're all around you.

Yes, we. The plant people.
The ones who are going
to take over your world.

All right then,
show yourself.

Stop your empty threats
and show yourself!

The threats
are far from empty.

If you want proof,
I'd be delighted to show you.

There it is.
See for yourself.

The spores are
reproducing themselves.

Thanks to your atomic reactor,

in less than an hour
they'll reach full maturity.

And what then?

Some of them will take over
you and your men,
as I took over the admiral.

The rest will continue
to reproduce.

When we've filled this vessel,
you'll take us to one
of your major cities...

where you will help us
to populate the entire planet.

Then there's nothing
we can do to stop you.


[ Guns Not Firing ]

[ Sighs ]
I told you...

there was nothing
that could help you.

All right, take them.

As you see, we've already
taken over some members
of your crew.

The rest will follow
in due course.


You can't do it, Admiral.

Now listen to me.

Whatever's got you,

whatever's controlling
your body and your mind,
fight it.

You've got to fight it, Admiral.
Break free of it.

Come on.
Break free of it.

Break free!

Break free!

I'm sorry, Captain.

The admiral may fight to regain
control of his mind and body,

but it's as useless for him
as it will be for you.

Take them in.

[ Explosions ]

[ Explosions Continue ]

Come on!
Let's get out of here!

You've accomplished nothing
by running, Captain.

The ship is ours.

Within an hour, we'll have
taken over all of you.

Sir, what's happened
to the skipper and the chief?

Get a detail, Patterson.

Laser guns, nerve gas,
stun grenades.

- Get down to the reactor room
corridor on the double.
- Aye, sir.

[ Crane ]
Belay that.

It's no good, Chip.
We haven't got a weapon aboard
that will work against them.

Sounds like there's more
than one of them now.

The reactor room's filled
with the deadly things.

Then the admiral can carry out
his threat to take over.

There's not
the slightest doubt.

What's our next move?
We can't just let them
carry out their plans...

to take over Seaview.

They've already taken over
the admiral, the two crewmen
in the reactor room.

It's only a question
of time now before
they take over all of us.


What do you think happened
in the reactor room
when the explosion took place?

The only time I ever saw
that happen before was...

when the dampening rods
were pulled,
the reactor overloaded...

and the safety valve blew.

Overload. And what happened
to our men?

Well, sir, they just
seemed to disappear.

I mean, they just--

The overload--
that destroyed 'em.

Right. And if it can
destroy two aliens,

it can destroy the others.

What are you
talking about?

A weapon, Chip.
A possible weapon!

If we can put together
a reverse polarity overload,

blast those things with it,
we might have a chance.

[ Explosions ]

The admiral again.

We've got less than an hour
to put together a weapon before
time runs out for all of us.

Come on, Chief!
We may have less time
than we think. Come on.

[ Explosions Continue ]

Lee, those reactor explosions
are gonna shake us apart.

How you coming along
down there?

Just about finished, Chip.

What are the odds
on it working?

I guess you know
what the odds are
if it doesn't.

All right.
We'll stand by.

[ Wailing Sound ]

Chip, what's going on
up there?

Chip, do you read me?

Let's get this thing

Uh-uh-uh. I'm reading
your mind, Commander.

I wouldn't bother
if I were you.

Take him!

[ Wailing Sound ]

[ Wailing Stops ]

That should do it.
Let's hope it works.
Only one chance to find out.

Let's go.
[ Explosions ]

Is it all right?
I don't know, but we don't have
time to test it now. Let's go.

We may be too late.

[ Explosions ]

Oh, man, that reactor's
running wild.

Pretty soon it won't make
any difference if we get
the aliens or not.

The Seaview's gonna
blow herself to bits.

I'd settle for that,
but it wouldn't stop them.

The reactor room's our
only hope. Let's go. Come on.
Aye, sir.

[ Explosions ]

That reactor's gonna go
any second, Skipper.
Open the hatch.

I'll try this on the aliens.
And if it works,

get in there and stop
the reactor, all right?

Aye, aye, sir.
All set.

[ Nelson's Voice ]
You're too late, Captain.

As you know,
we've taken over your crew.

[ Explosions ]

And the chief is quite right--
the reactor is going to explode.

When it does,
Seaview will provide us...

with a permanent breeding
ground safe in the depths.

I'm asking you again,
Admiral, break free
of that thing.

There's still time
to save us.

There is no time, Captain.

It's all run out for you.

[ Gun Firing ]

Open the hatch!

[ Gun Firing ]

[ Gun Continues Firing ]

[ Gun Firing ]

[ Wailing Sound ]


Come on.

No, wait!



The alien's gone.
I can't believe it.

It's gone.

Boy, am I glad to see you.
I mean, just like
the skipper said--

Welcome back, sir.
[ Chuckles ]

[ Explosions ]

The dampening rods!

[ Explosions Continue ]

[ Explosions Stop ]

Roll call's complete,
Admiral. All personnel
present and accounted for,

including the two crewmen
from the reactor room detail.

That's a relief. I wasn't sure
that the death of the aliens
would bring them all back.

You know, I just don't
understand it all, particularly,
why you didn't kill me--

that is, the alien didn't
kill me in the reactor room

We're both responsible
for that.

You kept telling me to try
to break free and I couldn't
quite do it on my own.

But your encouragement
and my stubbornness
working together...

stopped him just long enough.

Doesn't sound like
a bad combination.

Well, it's worked for us
for sometime. There's no reason
why it shouldn't continue, huh?

None, Admiral.
None at all.
[ Chuckles ]