Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1964–1968): Season 4, Episode 1 - Fires of Death - full transcript

The Seaview is sent to stop an active volcano from erupting and causing a catastrophe. Accompanying them is Dr. Turner who's suppose to help them. But it turns out he has a different plan and that is to make the volcano erupt so he can acquire something that will make him immortal.

[ Explosion ]

[ Rumbling ]

Maintain speed.
[ Man ] Aye, sir.

The volcanic shocks
are only five miles away.

They're coming from
the underwater entrance
to the volcano.

- How much time do we have left?
- Less than three hours.

I have to get inside
that volcano and stop it
from erupting.

- If I don't--
- A big chunk of the Southern
Hemisphere will blow with it.

[ Explosion ]

I don't know if Seaview
can take much more.

I think she
can take it, Lee.

[ Explosion ]

Fire detail--
On the double.

[ Man Shouting ]

[ Clears Throat ]
I've got to get something
from the lab.

Another shock wave's
on its way.

If we hit another one like that,
it'll break us in half.

What's keeping Turner?

He's the only one
who can give us
our course.

[ Crane ]
Kowalski, Get Dr. Turner,
on the double.

- He's in the lab.
- Aye, aye, sir.

[ High-pitched Humming ]

Dr. Turner, you're wanted
in the control room.

[ Pounding ]
Dr. Turner, what's wrong?

[ Pounding ]

Dr. Turner,
why don't you answer me?

[ Pounding ]

[ Man ]
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.

Starring Richard Basehart.

David Hedison.

Voyage to the Bottom
of the Sea.

If I keep her on course,
the next shock wave
could finish us.

Now, look--
No. We better--
We better hold the course.

We need Turner
to interpret this.

Maintain course.
Aye, aye.

[ Pounding ]
Dr. Turner,
are you all right?

Control Room,
this is Kowalski.

Dr. Turner's locked
in the lab, sir.
He's not answering me.

Get a torch
and cut through.
I'll be right there.

Aye, aye, sir.

[ Humming Slows, Fades ]

[ Chuckles ]
What's the trouble,

Sir, didn't you hear us
trying to get to you?

We're being destroyed
by those shock waves.

The admiral says
you've got to plot a new course.


Admiral, can you hear me?
[ Nelson ]
Turner, are you all right?

Oh, everything's fine.
I just got some data
I needed from the lab.

Now, listen. We're one mile
from the entrance
to the center of the volcano.

I'd better use
the flying sub from here.

I'll have it ready
to launch in five minutes.

And please have
my damping device
put on board, will you?

It's the gold cylinder
in the lab marked "Primary."
I'll see to it.

With any luck,
I should have two hours...

to stop that volcano
from blowing off its head.

[ Rumbling ]


Do you think this Dr. Turner
knows his business?

Look, kid, do you think
the Pentagon would send
somebody who didn't?

He's gotta be
the world's greatest expert.

I don't know.
He's a strange guy.

Keeping a volcano
from blowing up--
That's a pretty big order.

Well, not only blowing,
but the way I heard it,

if this one goes,
half the world
winds up in ashes.

Oh, boy. You sure
know how to build
a guy's confidence.

And I suppose this gizmo
is going to stop
the eruption.

Well, sure. Sure, it--
Well, come on.
Keep working.

Doctor, how long
have you been testing
this heat refractor?

Over 10 years now.

The molecular change
we're undergoing
should enable us...

to withstand any
foreseeable temperature.

The cylinder is secure, sir.
Thanks, Chief.

You got the charts?
Uh, yes, sir.

Now, according to this,
you can sail right into
the cone of that volcano.

All of this is based
on Dr. Turner's data.
That data is eminently correct.

I've been charting
this particular volcano
for years.

We can get inside
the volcano,

damp it, and be back here
before you know it.

Just do it in
an hour and three quarters.

That's eruption time.

Shall we go,
Right. Let's go.

[ Whirring ]

Flying Sub ready
for launch.
[ Morton ] Ready for launch.

Aye, sir.

We're coming up
to the wall of the volcano.


the underwater entrance.

[ Explosion ]

We still have
an hour and 30 minutes.

[ Rumbling ]

See? We'll-- We'll come up
into this underwater chamber.

Just as dry as a bone.

The tricks nature plays
with water pressure
are fantastic.

[ Explosion ]

Nicely done, Admiral.

We're inside the volcano's
outer cavern.

All right,
let's get ready.

Flying Sub to Seaview.

Flying Sub to Seaview.
Come in, Lee.

We read you
loud and clear, Admiral.
What's your position?

We're in a dry cavern
inside the volcano.

I'm beaching
the flying sub stern first
for a fast get away.

Uh, tell me, can you
get into the core of
the volcano as you'd planned?

We'd better.
I'll try to keep
in touch. Out.

Well, let's get
the damping device
ashore, Doctor.

Right, Admiral.

Right away.

[ Whirring ]

Now, what is that?

One of my devices.

I call him Adam.
[ Explosion ]

Look, we're not here
to play games, Turner.

You're supposed to have
a damping device in there,

not a robot,
or whatever he is.
No robot.

Adam was a human being
until I rearranged
his molecular structure...

about a century ago.

[ Explosion ]
He is indestructible
and all powerful.

Are you trying to tell me...

that this, uh, man
is a hundred years old?

He is.

Oh, now--
[ Scoffs ]

All right, uh,
granted what you say,

how are you going to use
your indestructible man
to stop the volcano?

I'm not going to use him
to stop it.

I intend to use him
to start it.

Bring out the explosives.

Stop him.

Nelson to Seaview

Admiral, this is Lee.
What's wrong there?

What's wrong?

Admiral, do you hear me?
What's wrong there?
Nothing will help you, Nelson.

There's nothing
you can do against
the power of alchemy.

Yes. You know what
alchemy is, Nelson--

The ability to change
one element into another.

What has that
to do with you?

I discovered how to change...

the molecular structure
of matter.

What, uh--

What do you really want
from this volcano, Doctor?

You simply amaze me,

Yeah, you really do.

Aren't you the slightest bit
surprised at the fact...

that I am an alchemist?

Well, why should I be?
I'm not interested
in your abilities.

-I'm interested in that volcano.
-But the two can't be separated.

There were certain elements
I needed for my process.

I've been mining this volcano
for those elements--

my elixir stones--

for over five centuries.


And, uh, they have enabled you
to stay alive that long?
And, uh--

And helped you
to create him?

Yes. But now my supply
is gone,

and that's why I need these
to bring on
a partial eruption...

and bring up more
of my elixir stones.

But there's no such thing
as a partial eruption.

If it starts, you'll kill
millions of people.

[ Explosion ]
Unfortunately, that is true.

And unfortunately,
there is no one
who can prevent me.

[ Groans ]

Destroy communications.

[ Whining ]

Now I'll immobilize
the flying sub.


That ought to keep
the admiral here
till we get back.

[ Explosion ]

All of the radio circuits
check out okay.

The trouble must be
in the flying sub.

Aw, we can't wait
any longer.

I'll have to send out
a team of divers.
That's pretty dangerous.

If they get
caught in an eruption,
they wouldn't stand a chance.

Well, sure, it's dangerous,
but do you have a better idea?

Move in closer with the Seaview.

We could,
but I can't risk it.

You're right.
I'll round up a team of divers.
All right.

Calling Admiral Nelson.

Come in, Admiral.
Come in.

[ Explosion ]

[ Explosion ]

[ Explosion ]

[ Rumbling ]

[ Rumbling ]

Put that canister down,

I didn't come this
far to stop now.

I'm going to get
the stones and get out
before the eruption.


Stop him, Turner,
or I'll blow him to bits.

You have my permission to try.

[ Gunshot ]

[ Gunshot ]

He has about
two minutes to live.

Come on.

Any minute now,
and the elixir stones...

will be brought
to the surface
by the explosion.

[ Grunts ]





Give it another five seconds,
just in case.

Oh, man.
If anybody wants to know
how a hard-boiled egg feels,

I got it made.
[ Chuckles ]

Cut the power.

Uh, Mr. Morton.

Will this machine
really keep us from
burning up in the heat?

Dr. Turner claims it'll
make heat run off the body
like water off oil.

Is that a fact, or a theory?
I really don't know,

It's like
that parachute gag, Ski.

If it don't work
the first time,

drop in and we'll
give you a new one.

[ Crane On Intercom ]
Diving party, report.

Patrol is about ready, sir.
Any word from the admiral?

Send out the team.

Aye, aye, sir.
You're on your way.

[ Explosion ]

[ Explosion ]

[ Explosion ]

Are you all right
in there?
[ Sharkey ] We're okay, sir.

The water
cushioned the shock.
Just send us out.

Lucky they weren't
outside the sub
when that blast hit us.

Hmm. They'd be--
Control Room
calling Mr. Morton.

Control Room calling.
This is Morton. Go ahead.

The captain's
been hurt, sir.
Is it serious?

I don't know.
He's unconscious.

- Get him to sick bay.
I'm on my way.
- Aye, sir.

How bad is it?

I'm not sure, sir.

Looks like a very serious

Where's the doc?

He had an emergency call
from Engineering.

I want a full
report from them
as soon as possible.

Yes, sir.
I'll see if I can relieve him.

Aye, sir.

Contact the diving party.

Have them tell the admiral
that Captain Crane
has been injured.

Seriously injured.

Aye, sir.

The admiral is gone.

Never mind.

We'll look for the stones
over there.

Now, remember, they glow,
but they're cold
to the touch.

[ Explosion ]

[ Explosion ]

[ Rumbling ]


The explosion wasn't
powerful enough to
bring up the stones.

We need something
even stronger.

Perhaps, uh, something
from the Seaview.

[ Explosion ]

I'll handle them.

You take care of him.

I'll handle the others.

[ Turner ]
Chief! Chief Sharkey.

What's wrong, Doc?
Where's the admiral?

I don't know.
What do you mean,
you don't know?

What happened to him?
A bad shock wave hit him.

He couldn't operate
the flying sub.

And then he tried
to communicate with you,

then another
shock wave hit us.

What is it, Doc?
What happened?

I was knocked out.

When I came to,
the admiral was gone.

He must be lost somewhere
back in that volcano.

Lost? The admiral wouldn't
take off just like that
in a volcano.

And what about that explosion?
What was that all about?

That was my damping device.

I threw it in the very
core of the volcano.
It wouldn't work.

Oh, man. There's something
going on around here,

and I'm going to find out
what it is.

The admiral's gone,
and now you tell us...

that the volcano
is still going to blow.

I've told you all I know
about the admiral.

As for the volcano,
I'll need a stronger device.

I'll have to go back
to Seaview to get it.

All right.
This is the way
we're going to do it.

There's scuba gear
and heat suits
in the flying sub.

Kowalski, I'm gonna swim
back with Dr. Turner
to Seaview,

and get him
the explosives he needs.

What about me and Brent?
Get out of the wet suits,
and find the admiral.

Okay. Let's go.

Okay, good luck, Chief.

[ Explosion ]

All right,
put him down.

Now, look.
I don't know what you are
or where you're from,

but I'm gonna put a bullet
right through your head.

Now, put him down.

Ski, it didn't penetrate.
Then we need impact.
Fire at his head.

[ Explosion ]

This Dr. Turner is a--
an alchemist,

and he can live forever?

Sounds impossible,
doesn't it, sir?

The point is, we have to find
some way to stop Turner--
and the volcano.

Do you think there's
a way we can do it, sir?
I think we might be able to.

Ordinarily, this kind
of an operation would be
a job for Captain Crane,

but we just have
to carry on without him.

Now, rig the laser gun
to make it portable,

and slant drill down
just at the edge
of the lava pit,

- right into the throat
of the volcano.
- Right, sir. And then what?

Then I'm going to place
a nuclear implosion charge
in the drill hole.

We might be able to blow
the volcano inward
and plug it up.

And, uh, take some
stun guns with you,

just in case that golden boy
of Turner's tries to stop you.

And what about
that Dr. Turner, sir?

I'll, uh, take care
of that once I get
back aboard Seaview...

to prepare
the implosion device.
[ Explosion ]

I only hope--
hope we have time
to do that.

As you know,
my first device
miscarried, Mr. Morton,

so I'll have
to adjust this one,

and I'll--
I'll need your help, hmm?

Now, would you
hold these, please?
Of course, Doctor.

Thank you.

[ High-pitched Humming ]

[ Whirring ]

[ High-pitched Humming ]

Now, get this
straight, Chief.

I want a replacement
section number five
for our atomic reactor,

four 12-inch graphite rods,

an "L" type timer
and a plutonium trigger charge.

And enough wire
to put them all together.
Aye, sir.

- Have them in the reactor room
in five minutes.
- Aye, sir.

where is Dr. Turner?
In the lab, sir.

All right, get me
out of this stuff
as fast as you can.

You're a little
too late, Nelson.
[ Whirring ]

Take him.

Don't listen to him, Chip.

No matter what they've done
to you, I'm sure--
Bring him here.


[ Groans ]
[ Whining ]

Go to the missile room.

Bring me the center charge
of an A-12 warhead--
Just the center charge.

Don't try to resist,

Another 30 seconds,
you won't feel anything--

except what
I want you to feel.

Master at Arms,
this is Nelson.

Master at Arms, aye.
Now, Listen.

Commander Morton is on his way
to the missile room
to get a warhead.

Stop him.
Stop Mr. Morton, sir?

Repeat: Stop Mr. Morton.
Put him in the brig.
Aye, sir.

And send a security detail
to the lab on the double.
Aye, sir.

There's not much time
before the volcano goes.

That's a true statement.

Well, if you know any way
to stop it,

you'd better come up with it
before we all die.

Before you all die.

Don't you forget
that I'm immortal.

No, no. Only if you get
the elixir stones.

You need a controlled

not an eruption that'll
blow us all to bits.


That won't work, Nelson.

I've got to take a chance
that my transmuted body...

will withstand the eruption.
[ Door Opens ]

Take him away.
Maximum security.

You are a remarkable,
resourceful man, Admiral.

We could have accomplished
fantastic things together,

if you'd just allowed me
to give you immortality too.

The only fantastic thing
I'm going to accomplish...

is to stop that volcano
from erupting.

- It's impossible.
- We'll see about that.

Throw him in the brig.

[ On Intercom ]
Admiral, this is Sharkey.

Yes, what is it, Chief?

I've got everything
you want, sir,
in the reactor room.

I'll be right there.

Now to the missile room.

All right, now,
we gotta get close
to the lava pit,

and it's going
to be rugged.
We'll make it, Ski.

Unless that gold man
is still in here
trying to stop us.

Nothing's going to stop us.
[ Explosion ]

We'll put the gun
over there.

[ Rumbling ]

[ Explosion ]


Ski, he smashed
the laser.

Let's get it back
to the flying sub
and fix it.

How do we
get in there now?

I don't know,
but we've got to.

Let's get that back
and repair it.

Missile Room to Admiral Nelson.
Missile Room to Admiral Nelson.
Go ahead.

Sir, we've tried
to hold Mr. Morton off
at every hatch.

He just keeps busting through.
We can't hold him back.
Do what you can.

Yes, sir.

Time is growing short.
You'll have to use
pure energy on this one.

[ High-pitched Whine ]

Mr. Morton!
Don't you--

We'll get the center charge
of an A-12 warhead.

Then we're going back
to the volcano.

Missile Room,
this is Nelson.

What's your situation?

Missile Room, this is Nelson.
Come in.

Here's the diagram.

Follow it, finish it,
and meet me in the escape hatch.

Aye, sir.

I'm sorry sir.
They got away--
Mr. Morton and Turner.

With the explosive?
Yes, sir.

Nelson to Reactor Room.
This is Sharkey, Admiral.

On the double
with that nuclear device.

Almost finished, sir.

Brent, you know,
I've been thinking.

Now, we're planning
on blasting the tunnel
entrance to get in,

and then knocking out
that gold man, right?

So what's wrong with that?
There won't be enough power
left in the laser.

We'll have to take
the flying sub down...

and get in through
a lower entrance.

You mean you wanna go down
through the bottom
of the lava pit?

Right. Now, we'll drill
the hole for the admiral
from the bottom up.

Personally, I'd like
to take another whack
at that golden thing out there.

I know, I know,
but we haven't got
the time or the power.

Hey, what's this?

Phase-X2 connector--
It's gone.

Maybe I can
jump the cable.
All right, try it.

Commander Morton.

All right, Morton,
turn them loose.

[ Coughs ]
Mr. Morton,
what's he done to you?

Dr. Turner,
what's happening to you?

I'm running out
of time, sailor.

I've gotta explode
this charge and bring up
the elixir stones...

before the final eruption.

- Brent, you've killed him.
- I flipped the switch
to low voltage, Ski.

- I just knocked him out.
- All right,
secure Mr. Morton--

And keep an eye on Dr. Turner.

We're going below
to drill that hole for
the admiral's nuclear charge.

The elixir stones--
I must get them.

They'll have to wait.
Job number one is
to smother the eruption.

There-- There's the opening
into the lava pit.

[ Explosion ]

Kowalski, you can have
anything you want--
Even immortality.

Now is our chance
to get the stones.

Now! The volcano is ready.

You stay put.

We're going to
have enough trouble
getting out of here alive.

Now, Turner could have
taken the flying sub.

He-He's got Chip completely
under his control.

Yes, but, uh,
where are our men?

They might be in there.

We blast it?

Well, we can try.

Aim for where those
two rocks come together.

Aye, sir.

We're in the lava pit--
Under the surface.

The heat outside--

Must be over
a thousand degrees.

Ski, the heat suits--
They're breaking down.

I guess they'll handle
only a certain amount
of heat.

I'll die.

Without the elixir stones,
I'll die. I'll die.

I'll die!

[ Explosion ]

Shocks are coming
every minute now.

How long have we got?
Oh, maybe 10 minutes.


Suppose they didn't
burn the hole for you
to put the charge down?

Well, then we'll sink it
right into the pit.

[ Explosion ]

How much time
do we got after
you put that gizmo in?

As long as it takes
to reach the plug
of the volcano.

Then she blows?
It-It implodes downward.

Will we be able
to get out of here?

Well, we better be,
because this place...

is going to be
exactly like the inside
of an exploding H-bomb.

We'll drill up there.

Get the laser ready.

[ Explosion ]

[ Explosion ]

[ Engine Whining ]

Let's go.

The elixir stones.

- Turner, come back.
- Turner? Dr. Turner, come back!

Turn back!

Too late. The nuclear charge
is going to blow. Come on.

Think you can
get us out of here
the way you came in?

I'm sure gonna
give it a try, sir.

[ Moans ]


Mr. Morton's becoming
himself again.

I think you can untie him.

Aye, sir.

How long do you think
it'll take us to get out?

About 45 seconds, sir.

That gives us just
about 15 seconds...

before the nuclear bomb
[ Explosion ]

Well, that's the end
of our volcano threat, Lee.

It's the end
of other things too.

Dr. Turner, alchemy.

You know, I still can't
believe what you told me
about him.

I guess it was
true enough, Lee.

Though now we'll never know
what his secrets were.

Here's one fella who knows
all he wants to know...

about Dr. Turner
and his alchemy.

Chip, what did the doctor say?

Oh, he didn't know what
the fuss was all about.
I'm as normal as ever.

- Oh?
- Great.

Well, Admiral, what now?

You've got a clean
bill of health too, Captain,

so I'll leave that up to you--

As long as the course
you set heads us
straight for home.

Down scope.