Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1964–1968): Season 2, Episode 17 - The Phantom Strikes - full transcript

The Seaview finds a sunken German U-boat while mapping the ocean floor. Sunk during WWI in the north Atlantic, it is now somehow in the south Pacific. Its captain boards the Seaview with Capt. Crane as his prey.

- That completes this sector.
- That's good progress, Chip.

- These the latest readings?
- Aye, sir.

We've charted over 90 square miles of bottom
in the last 24 hours.

At this rate, we should be able
to head for home in three days.

You won't get any complaint from the crew
on that one. It's been a long cruise.

And an important one. This information
will be invaluable once it's complete.

- Chip, feed this data into the computer.
- Aye, aye, sir.



What is it, Patterson?
What are you getting?

Metal contact. Bearing: 0-2-0 relative.
Range: 1,000 yards.

You stay with it, kid.

What are you getting
on the Fathometer?

A definite profile, Chief.
Either a wreck or a sub.

Well, ifit's a sub,
we should hear something.

Riley, what's your reading
on the hydrophone?

Nothing, Chief.
No sound.

Hey, Skipper. We're picking something up
on the bottom dead ahead.

It profiles like a sub,
but we don't hear a sound from it.

All right, Chief.

- Ahead one-third.
- One-third. Aye.

It's probably a wreck.

Activate forward keel camera.

[ Beeping Continues ]

That's a sub, all right.

But a strange-looking one.
Let's have a closer view.

- Chip.
- Sir?

Bring us up over the wreck,
dead slow.

Aye, aye, sir.
Ahead dead slow.

Dead stop.
Hold your trim right there.

Dead stop.
Hold trim.


It's an old German sub,
a World War I type.

- Then it must be almost 60 years old.
- Uh-huh.

Mark this position. I'd like to come back
and investigate when we have more time.

So would I.

- All ahead standard.
- All ahead standard.

Engine Room to Conn.
We have no power.

This is the captain.
What's the trouble?

Reactor power shut down, sir.

No indication yet as to why.

Shut down? But that— that's not possible.
Look at these readings.

- [Clicking]
- Doesn't make sense.

- Chief, get down there and see what the matter is.
- Aye, aye, sir.

The observation nose.

Riley, give me a reading.

No sound, sir.
None at all.

Strong bottom currents are doing it.

It, uh— It must be that.

It's coming right up
in front of us. We can't move.

I'm getting something!

Sound from a dead ship?

Pipe it through the speaker.

[Clanking ]

[ Clanking Continues J

[ Clanking Continues ]

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.

Starring Richard Basehart...

David Hedlison.

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.

[ Clanking Continues J

[ Clanking Continues J

[ Clanking Stops ]


Sonar's out, Skipper.

We're getting plenty of juice,
but no response.

- What about the TV screen, Chip?
- Dead.

Engineering's still checking out
the reactor pile.

They just can't figure out
why it shut down.

Same report on the hydrophonometer.
No response.

There's no problem with the main generators.
We're getting plenty of power.

But nothing works.

What the devil's going on?

The sub's gone.

Engine Room to Conn.

The power's reactivated
and we're standing by to answer bell.

- Right.
- Sonar's working, Skipper.

- Fathometer back on, sir.
- Sir, hydrophone's operative.

That does it, Admiral. You explain it.

[ Chuckles]
I wish I could.

Sonar. Any contact at all
with the U-boat?

- No contact, sir.
- Fathometer?

- It's not there, Skipper.
- Hydrophone?

Not a thing, sir.

[ Exhales]

No visual contact.
No instrument contact.

That thing out there
just vanished. Any ideas?

Just one.
Let's get out of here!

- Resume course. All ahead standard.
- Aye, aye, sir.

- Up scope.
- Resume course. All ahead standard.

Resume course!
All ahead standard!

- [Knocking ]

- Did you want to see me?
- Yeah. Sit down.

I sent a private query
about that hulk we saw today.

Here's the answer.

U444 is a German submarine...

first commissioned in July 1916.

Any report on when it was sunk?

It attacked an Allied convoy
in September 1918...

and was sent to the bottom
by a Canadian sub chaser.

Canadian? What was it doing
in the Central Pacific area?

It didn't happen in the Central Pacific.

It happened in the North Atlantic.

That's a good 5,000 air miles
from where we found her...

more than 30,000 sea miles.

What's the answer?

[ Chuckles]
There isn't any.

- Bridge to Captain.
- Go ahead, Bridge.

We've spotted some debris dead ahead.
There's a survivor clinging to it.

Make all preparations to pick him up.

- I'll be topside in a minute.
- Aye, aye, sir.

- I'll see you in the Control Room.
- Right.

Stand by to receive survivor.

Is the man alive?

Aye, sir.
In good shape.

Very well.
Bring him aboard.

I'll see him in the Control Room.

Look sharp below.
Bring him alongside easy.

- Well?
- There's a survivor, all right.

They're bringing him aboard.

- Riley, did Sparks pick up any distress signals?
- No, sir.

Mr. Morton had me check.

There weren't supposed to be any ships in this
immediate area. What's he a survivor from?

I don't know. We seem to be having
quite a run of strange incidents.

We've got him, sir.
Deck detail is bringing him down now.

- Check the generator!
- Generator is okay, sir.

Good evening, gentlemen.

I request permission to come below.

Permission granted.

I'm Captain Garhardt Krueger
of the S.S. Edelweiss out of Hamburg.

My thanks for the rescue.

- Are there other men out there?
- None, Captain.

Now, may I do something
about these clothes?

- Of course. Show him some dry clothes.
- Aye, sir. This way, sir.

Prepare to take us down to 90 feet
and resume course.

Aye, sir.

Those are the facts, gentlemen.

My vessel was rammed by a submarine.

A World War I U-boat.

Uh, but there's
no such craft in commission.

That is true.

But I am convinced that this was
a ghost ship—a Flying Dutchman.

[ Coughs, Chuckles]

Captain Krueger, I realize
you've been through quite an ordeal—

You don't believe me.
I'm sorry.

May I see your masters papers?

You will find them
at the bottom of the sea.

saved nothing.

- Then you, uh— you have no identification.
- None.

Well, under the circumstances, Captain...

I'll have to assign an escort to you
as long as you're aboard.

There are many classified areas
on this vessel.

Of course.
Of course. I understand.

If I were in your place,
I would do the same thing.

Where do you plan
to put me ashore?

Our next landfall is the Hawaiian Islands.
we'll drop you at Honolulu.

If you wish.

Now, gentlemen, I am tired.

Oh. Of course.
Kowalski will escort you to your cabin.

I hope you will be comfortable.

My profound thanks for your courtesy.

Rest well, Captain.

You too, Admiral.

This way, Captain.

Well, either he's lying or he's insane.


Captain Krueger?
Stand right where you are.

Did you call me?

Uh, I—
I-1 could've sworn I—

N-No, sir, I-1 didn't call.

Good night, sailor.

G-Good night.

I'm convinced the man's insane.

I wouldnt go that far, Lee.

Then how do you explain this wild story
and this report from Hamburg?

There's no such ship called the S.S. £delwerss,
and there never was.

- The whole thing's an elaborate lie.
- It's possible.

But if his ship wasn't wrecked, how did he
get out there in the middle of the ocean?

I don't know,
but I'm keeping a close eye on him...

until we put him
onshore in Honolulu.

After that,
it's the authorities' problem.

- How soon do we get to Honolulu?
- By mid afternoon.

And believe me,
it's none too soon for me.

- Sparks?
- Aye, sir.

Come to my quarters immediately.

I have a top priority
communication to go out.

Aye, aye, sir.


There's something weird
about that guy Krueger.

You can say that again.
That guy's creepsville.

Oh, man.
You two characters kill me.

We pick a guy up out of the water...

and right off the bat you start
flappin' your lips about him...

like a couple of old ladies.

- 1 suppose you think he's okay.
- Of course he's o—

If there's anything I know,
it's human nature.

This guy's as normal as you are.

Maybe twice as normal.

- You should have checked these figures.
- I did, sir.

Either the computer
has blown its cork, or I have.

- My money's on the computer.
- Everything all right?

Everything's great
if you like the South Seas.

How did we get here?

If those coordinates are right,
we've been sailing due south all night.

Nearly 300 miles
off course.

- Who took these observations?
-1 did, sir.

I took the readings
from the navigation satellite.

It checks.

- What happened to the inertial navigator?
-1 don't know.

Navigation, this is the captain.

Navigation, aye.

We're a good 300 miles south
of where we ought to be.

When was the last time
you checked the N.G.A.?

We just ran a check, sir.
Someone's altered the setting.

- Very well. Mark the correction.
- Aye, sir.

There's only one man on board
who could do this.

I don't see how it could be
Captain Krueger, Lee.

He was under surveillance all night.

- Get us back on course.
- Right, Skipper.

Kowalski, you were guarding
Captain Krueger's cabin last night, weren't you?

Yes, sir.
Until I got off watch.

But somebody was on duty all night.

Anything wrong, sir?

Very wrong, Kowalski.

- Sir.

Uh, nothing.

sorry, sir.

- Are you sure you won't have some coffee?
- No, thank you.

- 1 seldom drink it anymore.
- Mmm.

I appreciate the opportunity
to speak to you in private, Admiral.

It's my pleasure.
Now, uh, what can I do for you?

Admiral, do you know who I am?

I know who you told us you are.

Do you know who I am, Admiral?

I don't have time to play games.

This is not a game,
and you know it is not!

What if I were to tell you
that I am what you suspect me to be?

A suspicion you would not
dare verbalize...

for fear of being ridiculed
by your men.

I think you're talking in, uh, circles.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I—

Now who's playing games, Admiral?

I willed you to know who I am last night.

Now you must believe it.

Again, if you'll excuse me.

1am here on a mission.

A mission of life
and a mission of death...

and I need your help.


obviously you will need time
to accept me for what I am.

You shall have that time.


Come in.

Excuse me, Admiral.

Captain Krueger...

I'll have to confine you to the brig
for the rest of your stay on the ship.

As you wish, sir.

What's this all about, Lee?

Someone deliberately altered
our course last night.

We won't arrive in Honolulu
until late tomorrow.

None of our men
had anything to do with it.

Captain, are you trying
to avoid landing there?

Most assuredly not, Captain.

You had your men watching him
ever since he came aboard.

- Now, how could he have possibly done anything?
- I don't know, Admiral.

But I do know this submarine is scheduled
to be at specific places at specific times...

and that job's my responsibility.

Now, I'm sorry, Captain...

but I'll have to confine you to the brig.


Skipper, unidentified
submarine dead ahead.

- Definite contact, sir.
- All stop.

- All stop.
- All stop.

It can't be.

[Clanking J

[ Clanking Continues ]

[ Clanking Continues J

[ Clanking Continues J

It's the same sub— the U444.

I saw the markings with my own eyes.

The last sighting was hundreds of miles away.
Now, how did it get here?

We've been going in circles.
That's the only explanation.

Unless you buy Krueger's story
about a Flying Dutchman.

[ Scoffs I

I've never seen a ship that
looked more like a derelict.

- [Clanking Continues J
- But those noises from inside—
now, how do you explain that?

Well, a remote-controlled
electronic device.

Somebody's got a way of controlling that sub
and they're hanging right on our tail.



Look at the crew.
They're all on edge.

You don't think anyone went to these
fantastic lengths just to demoralize the crew.


And unless they have detection devices
better than anything we know about...

they have to be getting their information
from right here aboard this ship.

- Krueger.
- Do you have a better explanation?

Frankly, no.

Skipper! Sonar's losing contact!

It's gone.
It's disappeared.

Just like before.

Captain Krueger's quite a conjurer.

I'll be in my cabin if you need me.

- Get under way.
- Aye, aye, sir.

No talking to the prisoner.

Sorry, Chief.

- Chief?
- Yeah?

May I borrow your pen?

Oh, sure—

Uh, what for?

Well, it is my hobby to draw charts...

but I find it difficult
without the writing materials.

Your pen, please?

Well, I'm sorry. I can't give you anything
without the permission of the captain.

Thank you.

Admiral Nelson.

How did you get in here?

Forgive the intrusion, sir.

Don't call.

Your men don't know
that I have left the brig.

Don't inform them
until we have had our little talk.

All right, Captain Krueger.

Your crew is no longer compatible.

They have seen things they cannot explain,
and they are at the breaking point.

I thought that now...

you might be able to accept me...

for what I really am.

I think you're a madman...

and I'm getting a little tired
of your bag of tricks.

I have been patient, Admiral,
because I respect you.

But you have not seen fit
to return the courtesy.

So now you wil listen
and you will do as I say.

I want you to kill Captain Crane.

You are mad.

This is no wild caprice.

I have waited through the years
for such a man as your captain.

Waiting for what?

My career was so short,
so suddenly cut off.

But I can be incarnate in him.

He is young, vital...

so alive...

with a great naval career
ahead of him.

You want to take over his body?

- Exactly.
-[ Chuckles]

I knew you would understand.

You seem to be able to get
around pretty well, Krueger.

I don't see why you don't
do the job yourself.

Itis impossible for me to take the life...

of the body I want to possess.

So I come to youl...

a man who can understand...

this unique problem.

I'm afraid that you
overestimate my understanding.

I doubt that very much, Admiral.

You will do i...

to save your submarine
and the members of your crew.

Now, look here.

I have made a deadline.

Your position is here.
Am I right?

You know it is.
You altered our course.

I told you I would give you time
to accept me.

The deed must be done...

before the submarine crosses
north of the 16th parallel.

Cross that line before
you have killed your captain...

and it is the end of the submarine
and all aboard her.

All right, I've listened to you, Captain Krueger,
and I've heard enough!

This is the admiral. Send the master-at-arms
to my quarters immediately.

- Aye, sir.
- Remember.

The 16th parallel.


I've had it with Krueger.
So has the crew. I want him off the ship now.

We're seven hours from Hawaii.
I'm afraid you'll have to wait.

The flying sub could have him
at Hickam Field in an hour.

- You're that desperate to get him off the ship?
- Aren't you?

- The quicker we get him off the ship the better.
- All right.

I don't know that you're doing the right thing,
but have it your own way.

Chip, have the flying sub
made ready for immediate launch.

Aye, aye, sir.

Are you going to tell him, or shall I?

No, I'll tell him.

Open the cell door, please.

Captain Krueger.

Fire alert! Fire alert! Fire alert!

Fire alert—

- [Klaxon Blaring ]
- Fire detail to the flying sub!

Fire detail to the flying sub!

- Get Mr. Morton out of there!
- Aye, sir.

- What was it?
- Chip was checking the flying sub.
There was an explosion.

-1s he hurt?
-1 don't know.

He was knocked out.

I guess he's okay.

-Come on!
-[ Coughing Continues ]

- Take him to sick bay.
-I'm all right.

- You're going to sick bay anyway. Take him.
- Aye, aye, Skipper.

- How did it happen?
-1 don't know yet.

If Krueger weren't locked in the brig,
Id think it was him.

- [Coughs ] He isn't what?

He isn't locked in the brig.

When I went there to get him,
he was already gone.

The guard on the door
had no idea how he got away.

The fire's out and the blowers
are clearing out the smoke now.

What caused the explosion?

I'd say it was,
um, deliberate sabotage, sir.

- Chief.

Round up every available man.
Start a search of this sub.

I want Captain Krueger,
and I want him in the next 10 minutes.

Special message for you
just arrived on the scrambler.


Come on, we're waiting!

- He got away again? You're putting me on.
- Ask Patterson.

It's the truth. They figure he's the one
that sabotaged the flying sub.

- Man, this guy is wild.
- All right, knock it off and give me your attention.

Search the port side forward. All compartments,
lockers, stores and ventilating ducts.

Now, listen, don't take
any unnecessary chances, but grab this guy.

- All right, shove off.
- Right.

All right, that covers it.
Let's go.

Uh, I'm sorry, sir. Uh, we have orders
to search every compartment.

Even officer's country.

- Oh, that's all right, men. Carry on.
- Aye, aye, sir.

Oh, sir, he's not in your cabin.


Well, good. Good.


So you refused to listen.

I listened, Krueger.

And you ignored my warning.

Or perhaps you did not
believe that I was serious.

The explosion in your flying sub
should have proven otherwise.

I am very serious.
I want Captain Crane dead.

Why do you think that anything
would make me kill Lee Crane?

The death of one man
to save the lives of a hundred others...

is an extraordinary bargain.

Captain Crane is not only a fine officer...

he's avery close, close friend.

That is unfortunate, Admiral.

Perhaps you are doing
your friend an injustice...

not to kill him.

/ can give his body immortality...

and in return it will give me
the warmth of life.

I want Captain Crane's body,
and I intend to have it.

Let me remind you...

with your help
only the captain dies.

Without it, you, the captain,
the submarine, everybody aboard her...

will be destroyed!

Act soon.

Take out your gun, Admiral.

The 16th parallel is coming nearer.

Admiral, we've gone through—

- Chief, come in here.
- Sir!

- I want Captain Krueger put in irons.
- Aye, aye, sir.

And if he tries to escape one more time,
I want him shot on sight.

Pass that order to all hands.

You heard the order.


How long...

before we cross the 16th parallel?

I'd say three or four hours.

I'm going to the Control Room.
I'll find out.

Yes, do that.

- Lee?

I'll join you there a little later.

[ Chains Squeaking ]

[Gunshots I

What's going on?

- He's loose again.
He broke out of the irons and he escaped.
- Stay away from that man.

Why should I?

I'm asking you to.
Isn't that enough?

- Why are you trying to protect Krueger?
- I'm trying to protect you.

Admiral, this time
I'm gonna finish it.


Make a move, and you're dead.

-[ Groans]
-1 got him! I got him!

Where is he?

Where are you?

Where are you?


-[ Gunshot]
- Krueger!


-[ Gunshot]
- Krueger!


- I'm gonna kill you, Krueger!
- Kowalski, whats the matter?

- Krueger!
- What is it?

- Krueger! Krueger!
- What's the matter?

- Krueger!
- [Men Shouting J

- What's the matter?
- Hey! Get ahold of him!

Hey! Come on!

- Kowalski!
- He's flipped, sir! He's flipped! He's nuts!

- What is it?
- He's flipped his lid, sir.

- Krueger!
- Kowalski, now wait a—

- [Crane ] Snap out of it!
- Come on, Kowalski!

[ Kowalski Groans ]

Take him to sick bay.

All right, let's continue the search.

Patterson, Riley, come with me.

- Hold it, Krueger!
- Over here, Skipper!

We got him, Skipper.

He's dead.

I want a sea burial detail for him.
Take care of it.

Aye, sir.

- Chief, prepare to surface.
- Aye, aye, sir.

Body up.

“We therefore commit his body to the deep...

“looking to the general resurrection
in the last day...

‘and the life of the world to come...

“and to his second coming in glorious majesty
to judge the world.

“The sea shall give up her dead...

‘and the corruptible bodies of those
who sleep in him shall be changed...

“and made like unto his glorious body...

“according to the mighty workings...

whereby he is able to subdue
all things unto himself.”


Secure the detail.


Let's get below.

Well, that's that.

Lee, um...

what's our exact position?

Right now we should be
crossing the 16th parallel.

- You're certain?
- Of course I'm certain.

What's wrong, Admiral?

Ever since Krueger came aboard,
you've— you've acted—

Just leave— leave it alone, Lee.

I—I have the strangest feeling...

that you know more about Krueger
than you've said.

He did things that would ordinarily
make you blow your stack.

Yet the stranger his actions were,
the more tolerant you were.

- Why?
-1said, leave it alone, Lee!

Oh, well—

well, it's all academic now anyway.

He won't bother us again.

- He's back.
- What?

The 16th parallel.

You're certain we're crossing it now?

I told you we're crossing it now.
What's the matter with you?

Admiral, what's wrong?

What happened?

You know— You know something
about Krueger, don't you?

There's something you're not telling me.

Now, what is it?

Tell me what happened!

Tell me what's happened.
Tell me!


- What is it?
- Blips on radar screen—
I've never seen this kind before.

1t's a large object on the surface.


Range: 1,500 yards,
on an intersecting course.

Notify Captain Crane on the bridge.

- Aye, sir.
- Chip, alter course 10 degrees.

Aye, sir. Helmsman,
10 degrees right rudder.

Captain Crane.

Blips on radar screen.

Range: 1,500 yards,
on an intersecting course.

All right, Patterson,
we'll try to get a visual contact.

Activate searchlight.

It doesn't discourage easily, does it?

No, sir.

They changed directions with us.

Still on an intercepting course.

They're trying to ram us.

Looks like it.

What is that ship?

You might call it the, uh—

the Flying Dutchman.

Range now 1,000 yards.

They're closing on us.
I'll try to warn them off by radio.

Missile Room!
Activate magnetic homing missile!

- Ready with number four!
- Aye, aye, sir.

Bearing: 0-2-0.

Range: 500 yards.

- Stand by!
- Aye, aye, sir.

Fire four!

[ Thunderclap]

Kill the light.

A direct hit, Mr. Morton.
Take her down.

Aye, sir.

What kind of torpedo
did you shoot at the U-boat?

It, uh— It wasn't a torpedo.

It was a metal-seeking missile.

Without the dousing equipment...

there was no chance of avoiding the hit.

And the fog?
It provided no cover?

Our infrared searchlights
saw right through it.

Gentlemen, I must ask your forgiveness.

I am beginning to realize
that I have made a mistake.

It has taken me until now
to recognize the fact.

that there was a basic flaw in my plan.

Oh, I could still destroy you
by a wave of my hand...

but it would be to no avail.

I know now that...

1am behind the times.

Too far behind.

It used to be so much simpler.

Everything was so much simpler.

So, gentlemen...

I apologize and I leave you
to your modern world...

with all its...

bewildering hardware.

I wonder where it will take you.

I don't believe he'll come back again.

He's out of place and out of time here.

I think he finally realized it.

All right, man your stations.
Full speed ahead.

The captain said man your stations.
Full speed ahead.

Now move it.