Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1964–1968): Season 1, Episode 29 - The Enemies - full transcript

The Seaview is sent to investigate the wreck of the submarine Angler. They uncover evidence of strange behavior minutes before the loss, and Nelson sees this change in behavior as the secret to unlocking what happened to the Angler.

Coordinate 0-7-4.
Depth to bottom, 199 feet.

Verified and charted.

- Proceed to next coordinate, Frank.
- Yeah. Very well.

Right 'I O degrees rudder.
Steady on course 2-7-5.

Belay that.

You mean “2-9-5,“ don't you, Frank?


Our survey segments show
3 miles by 2 degrees of arc per sweep.

- Figures are correct. The course is 2-7-5.
- Belay that!

You failed to compensate for drift again,
Mr. Richardson!

Come to 2-9-5.

Uh,you're rightism.
I'm sorry.

You're sorry for what-
your insolence or your stupidity?

I made a mistake Jim.

“Captain,“ Mr. Richardson.

- Yes, Captain!
- [ Pencil Hits Floor]

Mr. Richardson, you try again.

- I said, try again!
- What's wrong with you anyway?

You've been on my back
ever since we left that island!

- We're supposed to be friends- - Friends? I hate
incompetence, and you're the worst bungler.--

- that I've ever had to deal with!
- Bungler? Why, you blowhard know-nothin'!

If it wasn't for me you'd-
you'd be at the bottom of the sea!


- They've flipped. Get the doc up here!
- Let me go.

Let me go! I'm the captain of this vessel.
I order you to let me go!

[ Breathing Heavily]
I'm gonna kill you-.

-I hate you, Richardson.
- No,Jim!

I hate your guts!
I've always hated you.

I hate all of you!

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.

Starring Richard Basehart.

David Hedison.

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.

- Here's a water sample from 6,000 feet.
- Hmm.

Uh, salinity is, uh, 34.7.

Right. Mm-hmm.

Salinity profile's absolutely constant
throughout the area, Admiral.


Yes, Chip.

Oh, no.

What, Lee?
What the devil is it?

The Angler- it went down...

about 200 miles away from us.


Any survivors?


So, what happened?

- Nobody knows- - I don't know what
to say- I know how close you were-.-

to Captain Williams
and Frank Richardson.

ComSubPac wants us to investigate...
and determine a possible cause.

Uh, Chip, uh...

radio, uh, ComSubPac that...

we're on our way.

Aye, aye, sir.


They were two of the most... decent...

gentle men... I've ever known.


We're in the immediate area, Lee.

- Pipe sonar through the P.A.
- Aye, aye, sir.

[Switch Clicks]

- [Sonar Pinging]
- [ Sonar man] Metal contact-

- [ Pinging Continues]
- three points forward of port beam.

Helmsman, come to course 3-0-5.

[ Helmsman On Speaker]

- What's the distance?
- 550 yards.


Engine room, slow to one third.

[ Man On Speaker]
Aye, sir.

- Helmsman, ease your rudder one degree.
- [Helmsman ] One degree.

100 yards from contact.

- Engine room, all stop.
- [Man #2 jA/lstop. A ye, aye, sir.

- We're directly over contact, Captain.
- Very well. Switch off sonar.

[ Pinging Stops]

There she is,
200 feet beneath the surface.

Well, some of them
might have gotten out.

I mean, there may be some survivors
in one of the compartments.

It's possible.

No. No one got out, Lee.

She must have hit that mountain
at full speed.

- Why?
- That's what we're going to find out.

Send out a diving party. Have them pick up
the ship's log, any tapes or, um...

anything else that might
tell us what happened.

Yes, sir.
Diving team, prepare to dive.

[Richardson On Tape]
I made a mistake Jim.

- [Williams On Tape] “Captain,“ Mr. Richardson.
- Yes, Captain!

Mr. Richardson, you try again.

- Isaid, try again!
- [Richardson] What's wrong with you anyway?

You've been on my back
ever since we left that island!

- We're supposed to be friends.
- Friends?

I hate incompetence,
andyou're the worst bunglerm

- that I've ever had to deal with!
- Bungler? Why, you blowhard know-nothin'!

If it wasn't for me yozfd-
you'd be at the bottom of the sea!

- [ Paper Crinkling]
- [Struggling]

- [ Man] They've flipped. Get the doc up here!
- Let me go. Let me go!

I'm the captain of this vessel.
I order you to let me go!

[ Breathing Heavily]
I'm gonna kill you.

- [hate you, Richardson.
- No, Jim!

[ Williams]
I hate your guts! I've always hated you.

- [Gunfire On Tape]
- I hate all of you!

- [Tape Stops]
- Well, we know what happened.

- We don't know why it happened.
- And we probably never will.

They were friends, Admiral-
as close as-

Yeah, I know.

Demolition's ready
to open Captain Williams safe, Admiral.

- Very well. Have them proceed.
- All right. All hands, stand back.

- Detonate.
- [ Explosion]

Hmm. Well, there's not a hint of trouble
between them in the log.

Lee, h-here's the last day.
Mid watch, morning watch, forenoon watch-

all- everything routine-
afternoon watch, no-

Now maybe here's something.

“1300 hours-
Continuing on our charting mission.

Came upon an uncharted island.“

Richardson mentioned an island on the tape.

Yeah, they seem to have been having trouble
ever since they left that island.

There's no clue why.
It's says, um, “Island was fogbound.“

Anger circled trying to find a channel
through the reef that surrounds it.

Williams and Richardson
went ashore on a raft.

Now his entry reads...

“We explored the island, found it uninhabited
and returned to Angler. ”

And that's all, hmm?

- Wait. Wait.
- No, right here. There's another entry.

No. “1430 hours.

“Charting proceeding slowly...

due to Richardson's bungling.“

Well, even if Richardson had bungled,
I can't imagine Williams noting it in the log.

Something happened
on that island-

something that made two friends
hate each other enough to kill.

Yes, but what?

I have no idea, but I think we owe it
to Williams and Richardson to find out-.

Well, so do I,Admiral.

- We're at periscope depth now, sir.
- Oh, thanks, Chip.

- There it is. Have a look.
- Hmm.

Something about that island
gives me gooseflesh.

Looks like it's covered with slime.

- Shall I surface and launch a raft?
- No, we'll use the mini-sub...

just in case Williams and Richardson
were wrong about that island being uninhabited.

There's an eerie feeling about this place.

I wouldn't want to spend the night here.

Nelson to Sea view.
Come in, Sea view.

Come m, Sea view.

Seaview reporting. Go ahead, sir.

We're starting to explore the island.
Stand by.

- Aye, aye, sir.
- Roger and out.

- Ready, Lee?
- As ready as I'll ever be.

- Looks like some kind of jungle cat-
- [ Nelson ] And it 73 dead Lee.

Look. There's another one.

They've killed each other.

Nothing can make one of those cats
kill its mate.

Well, something did.


- Do you want one?
- No, thanks.

Someone's watching us.

I've had that feeling
ever since we came on the island.

Quicksand, Lee!

We can get out this way.

Come up here, Lee.

Television camera.

Let's hope they're also listening.

Emergency to Seaview.
This island is inhabited.

Returning to Seaview immediately.

If we're not aboard within an hour,
tearthe island apart.

- Acknowledge.
- Will do. Landing party standing by.

Roger and out.

That should insure us
getting off this island.

[ Clattering ]

- [ Machinery Whirs]
- [ Door Locks]

Come in, gentlemen.
There's nothing to be afraid of.

Oh, please- Lower your guns-
They make me nervous.

- Who are you?
- I'm General Tau.

Oh, I keep forgetting.

I must never greet guests in this room.

I'm seeing it,
but I still don't believe it.

Your mind misinterprets
what you see.

This room's a psychological toy
my scientist devised for my amusement.

A toy?

Well, it's so designed
so that things at this end...

appear larger...

than things at this end.

It's quite an illusion.

A conjurefs trick, little more.
What brings you to this island?

We were charting the coral reefs
when our radar picked it up.

We had no idea it was inhabited.

Well, this island is a territorial possession
of my government.

It's a top secret research installation,
and you two are intruders.

Our apologies.
In that case, we'll leave at once.


a few days ago,
two of your countrymen were here.

As we always do when someone
comes on this island accidentallym.

we made it appear
to be uninhabited.

Why did you reveal yourself to us?

Because I'm convinced that this second visit
is no coincidence.

You Americans are snooping.
Now I demand to know why.

Because the two officers
who came on this island...

shortly after had an accident.

We want to find out
the cause of that accident.

An accident?
What kind of accident?

I can't answer that question, General.

You mean, you won't answer it.

Tell me.
Was the accident a fatal one?

That's none of your business.
Let's go, Lee.

You're mistaken.
It was very much my business.

[Speaking Foreign Language]

Easy, Lee!

Yes. Lee, easy.

Save your strength.
You may need it.

Take 'em out.

- [ Engine Stops]
- [ Morton] Okay, men. Keep your eyes open.

Do not attempt to come ashore.

Two of our men
are on this island.

- They returned to their submarine an hour ago.
- They have not returned.

I request permission to come ashore
and search this island.

Well, that I cannot permit, but you have my word.
They are not on this island.

There are the marks they made
when they pushed their submarine...

across the sand and into the sea.

- I must be certain they're still not here.
- You have my word they're not.

- [Grunts]
- Now, please, control your men...

or I will not be responsible for your safety.

- I demand to search this island.
- Demand?

You Americans are so amusing.
You stand there in your little rubber rafts...

and you make demands upon a general
of the People's Republic?

Well, I make demand upon you.

Get away from this island
and stay away

Search for your admiral and your captain
out on the sea.

And if you don't find them,
then search for them beneath the reefs...

where the currents
sometimes carry little boats.

But if you approach this island again...

it will be regarded
as an unprovoked attack...

on the territory
of the People's Republic.

General, we have missiles
aboard our submarine.

And we have missiles on Fu Nang.

Now, please,
don't waste any more of my time.

Search for your men elsewhere.
They're not on this island'

Let's go.

[Engine Starts]

There's no way out of here.
We'll just have to wait for our chance.

It'd help if we knew
why they were holding us.

I'd like to know what happened to Chip.
He should be on the island looking for us.

[ Scoffs ]

Without a watch, I don't-
I don't even know how long we've been here.

Well, must be three or four hours at least.

It's dark outside.
He'll never find us now.

I think, my dear doctor,
that we shall soon be able to leave this island.


Oh, no, General.
I still have many more experiments.

More experiments? For months
you've been experimenting on animals-

turning natural friends into enemies
by electric brain stimulation and by drugs.

I'm interested in what it will do
to people!

The drug is already polluting
every plant and stream on this island.

The preliminary tests
are most encouraging.

Enough preliminary tests.
I want to see an actual test on humans.

Now show me that your drug
will turn friend against friend...

and we will have a weapon
of enormous value.

That will take many experiments to prove.

A single experiment is all I ask,
and the subjects are here.

Admiral Nelson and Captain Crane?

They're perfect.
Turn them against each other.

Make them fight each other to the death.
Make them kill each other!

Make them fight each other to the death.
Make them kill each other!

- Picking up anything on sonar, Mr. O'Brien?
- Negative, sir.

- Any word from Washington? - We've been
ordered to continue searching the sea-.-

but not to return to the island
without clearance from Washington.

The admiral and the captain aren't in the sea.
They're being held prisoners on that island!

Unfortunately, we don't know that for sure.

Besides, there's no way to get on that island
except to land on that beach.

- And they/re just waiting for us to try
- We can't just leave them there.

If they're there,
we'll get them off.

Meanwhile, Washington wants us
to be absolutely certain...

we've exhausted
every other possibility.

- Mr. Morton.
- Yes.

Metal contact-
two points off starboard bow.

Engine room, all stop.

I've lost it.
Source is in the crevices of the reef.

Engine room, all back one third.
Stand by.

- I've got it again.
- All stop.

Distance, 400 yards.

- Is it the mini-sub?
- Could be. It's the same size.

But i fit is, they're dead.

That's 2,000 feet down-
far below crush depth.


Please, General, stop pacing.
It is most irritating.

Get on with it then.

I must conduct these experiments
my own way...

otherwise they will have no scientific value.

I am interested in weapons-
[Hand Slaps Desk] not in science!

But only science can determine
whether the weapon will work, General.

I must make certain
if they are truly friends.

Now, how do you intend
to determine that?

Only the strongest of friendships
can survive isolation...

suspicion and stress.

Admiral Nelson and Captain Crane
are now entering...

the first phase of the test.

They have been separated
and have been placed in different cells.

Alone in the dark loneliness...

each man's thoughts turn to the other.

Perhaps each is blaming the other
for his predicament.

You can't frighten brave men
by locking them up in a dark room.

Darkness, absolute silence,
complete isolation...

and the knowledge that you are surrounded
by hostile forces that control your destiny...

can frighten the bravest of men, General.

But I don 7'1“ want to fiirghten them.
I only want to strrp away.-.

a single layer of that veneer of Ci civilization
that covers the animal in each ofus.

But their eyes are very active.

Yes, but only with their own thoughts.

When their eyes are dull and listless...

they will be ready
to enter phase two.

We're approaching contact position.
Steady as you go.

We're above the contact.
Engine room, all stop.

-[Slaps Helmet]
- All right?

- [ Morton On Speaker] ls the diver
ready, IVIr- O'Brien? - He's ready, sir.

- Very well. Send him out.
- [O’Brien]Aye, aye, sir.

[Valve Hissing]

They are ready for phase two.

[Switches Clicking]

The fruit and the water-
they contain the drug.

No. They are from our own stock.

He's afraid to eat the food
or drink the water.

He is suspicious, uncertain-

a state of mind we could not achieve
by merely depriving him of food.

[ Electrical Buzzing]

[ Electrical Buzzing]

Now the other one.

[ Electrical Buzzing]

Was it the mini-sub?

The admiral, Captain Crane-

I couldn't get 'em out.
They're pinned inside.

- They're dean'.
- Are you sure it's them?

The coral tore them up badly.
This is the best identification I could get.

Each appears to have adjusted
to his predicament...

like a civilized man outwardly appears
to adjust to his life predicament.

But like caged animals...

they are inwardly suspicious,
resentful and hostile.

I will now direct
these animal emotions.

[Switches Clicking]

What do you imagine
Captain Crane will feel---...

when he sees Admiral Nelson
in his cell with food, drink and books...

apparently indifferent to his discomforts?

He feels resentment.

Only for a fraction of a second.

He is telling himself
the admiral is his friend...

and he's trying to convince himself
that he's glad...

the admiral is not suffering as he is.

He resents and envies his friend.

He can feel no other way.

[Switches Clicking]

And the admiral- he feels guilt.

He is disturbed
that he is relatively comfortable...

while his friend suffers in a bare cell.

He only pretends to feel that way.

No, no.
He does. He does.

But he tries to convince himself
he has no reason to feel guilty.

Then he recalls his entire past relationship
with his friend.

He tries to justify his guilt...

by seeking reasons
why his friend should suffer when he doesn't.

And Crane tries to find
a reason to hate Nelson...

to justifi/ his feeling
of resentment and envy


The admiral's guilt has become unbearable.
Crane must not see what he does next.

- His feeling of resentment will drain away.
- [ S witches Clicking]

[No Audible Sound Effects]

They are ready to be tested.

[Loading Magazine]

You all right, Lee?

- Everything okay?
- Yeah. I'm fine.

Excellent. Their hostility
has immediately dissipated.

They are genuine friends-

perfect for our experiment.

Well, turn them against each other!

But first we must set them free.

Set them free?

Of course- so they will unite together
in a common struggle for their own survival.

Like the peoples of a nation at war.


And they will consume the drug
in the water they drink...

and in the food they eat-

just as our enemies will.


- They're still watching us.
- Well, they're gonna have a fight on their hands.

Well, surely they knew that.
After all, they gave us these guns.

Doctor, I'm beginning to appreciate
the scientific method.

I don't like it, Lee.
They're playing cat and mouse with us.

Let's get out in the open
where we've got a chance.

I thought there was no place on the island
they could hide from our cameras.

There isn't.
Let the automatic tracker locate them.

This way.

There they are.

From now on, the tracker
will keep them on camera at all times.

But we can't pick up
their conversations.

They must be whispering.

Let them have their secrets, General.

Let them make their plans.
What does it matter now?

A general who doesn't know
the plans of the enemies can lose a battle.

Not this battle, General.

[ Rust/mg]

I wonder what they're up to.

I don't know, but they're-

they're obviously engaged in some kind
of research, and we're being used as guinea pigs.

What kind of research?

I don't know for sure. They seem to be
trying to pit us against each other.

In that single bite, Captain Crane
has consumed 2O micrograms of the drug-

a dose so small that it cannot be seen
except with a microscope.

Yet, within a half hour
he'll begin to hate his closest friend.

Hmm. That's what
all that conditioning was about.

[Nelson] No, no' That was some-
That was some kind of a test, but, uh,.

what sort oftest?

They seem to be trying to make us... fight.

They want to find out
if we're really friends.

What could they possibly do
to turn us against each other?

What did they do
to Williams and Richardson?

Same thought just passed through my mind,
but, uh, they- they didn't do anything to them.

And yet, after spending just a few hours
on the island, they turned against each other-.

- Why? - The only explanation I can
think of is that they were drugged.

But how?

By doing exactly what you're doing now.
It's the only explanation.

This whole island must be contaminated
with some kind of drug- a hate drug.

Williams and Richardson
must have eaten or drunk something.

It doesn't seem possible that a drug can make...
two friends hate each other enough to kill.

Well, there are many drugs
that can completely change personality.

Uh, some of them can make a violent man
placid and tranquil...

and some of them
can make a placid man violent.

Like those two jungle cats- remember?

I remember, Lee.

Now what's- what's the matter?
What's uh- What's bothering you?

I was just wondering how much of that drug
might have been in those berries you ate.

Maybe none. How could they contaminate
every piece of fruit on the island?

All they have to do is contaminate
the water supply.

The water' d seep through the earth.

All right.
What about their own water supply?

Well, they must have
a separate water source' A-

Perhaps a lake
or reservoir on top of the island.


what if these, uh, berries I've eaten
were drugged?

What ifl've already had
enough of the drug...

to make me hate you?

We'll worry about that
when the time comes.

Right now we've got to figure out
a way to get off this island.

In spite of their cameras.

Well, we'll knock those
out of commission.

- They're gonna destroy that camera!
- Let them.

[ Doctor]
They can? destroy all of them.

I don't like it.
They're not fools.

All the better, General.

Automatic camera. Transmitter.

- Self-activated?
- This little component here turns on the camera...

anytime anything moves
within camera range.

Means their systems are vulnerable.

Look for another camera.

That looks like one over there.

We aim the two cameras
directly at each other.

Self-activators will lock,
and the automatic monitors will no longer work.

What's he gonna do?

He thinks he knows
how to jam our television.

- [ S witches Clicking]
- It will be difficult to follow them...

- but we still have the manual selector.
- [Clicking Continues]

Besides, the drug will begin to take effect
within five minutes.

They're heading for the sea.

[ Waves Crashing In Distance]

- Sea view'; not here.
- What happened to Chip?

We ordered him to land if we didn't return.
Where is he?

I don't know.

Oh, when I get my hands on him-

Take it easy, Lee.

He disobeyed orders, Admiral.
I'm gonna break him.

He won't answer that danger signal.
He's afraid to. He's a coward.

Um, let's give him a chance, Lee.

I tell ya- he's a coward!

He wouldn't risk his life to save us.

Would you, uh,
give me your gun, Lee?

- Why?
- To- To signal Chip, of course.

That's not why you want my gun-.

It is, Lee.

No. You're tryin' to get my gun away from me
because you know howl feel about you.

Well, of course I know how you feel about me.
W-We're friends, Lee.

Friends. We're not friends.

I don't have any use for you.

[Running Footsteps Departing]

I'm gonna kill you, Nelson!

[Gunfire Continues ]

Nelson! I'm gonna kill you!

Doctor, my congratulations.

A carefully planned experiment, General-

as predictable as our ultimate victory.




Nelson! Nel-

- None of our cameras are picking them up.
- Patience, General. Patience.

I've been patient long enough.

I'll take care of this myself.

[ Door Opens, Closes]


[Nelson Grunting]

Lee! Come out of it!

[Both Grunting]

[Grunting Continues]

Kill you! Kill you!

Kill you! Kill you!

Kill you! I'll kill you!

- Kill you! Kill you!
- Skipper!

- No! No!
- Take it easy, Skipper. Take it easy!

Skipper, take it easy!

- [ Crane Yelling]
- Take it easy, Skipper!


[ Yelling Continues]
Kill him!

- [Knocking]
- Come in.

- How do you feel, Lee?
- Oh, a lot better.

- How are you?
- Fine.

I wish we could have blown that island
out of the water.

No, no, no. That would have jeopardized
our relations with a friendly nation, Lee.


Of course, when they find out
that I moved their pump...

from the reservoir to a contaminated lake...

there may be a few protests.

lfthere's anyone left alive to protest.