Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1964–1968): Season 1, Episode 28 - The Creature - full transcript

When a missile is destroyed by apparent ultrasonic sound, the Seaview investigates with Adams, the mentally unstable launch commander, on board and finds an giant manta ray source which along with Adams' actions pose a threat to safety.

Zero minus three minutes, gentlemen.


- mark'.
- [Man] Captain.

There's some kind of sound
radiation affecting radar...

and I'm picking it up
on sonar also.

Keep on it. Try to get a fix.
Anything from the tracking stations?

No, sir.

Zero minutes two minutes,
3O seconds and... mark.

I'm getting a fix.

It's a disturbance in the ocean.
Depth, 8,000 feet.

Uh, direction is due south,
approximately 250 miles.

[Loud Rumble ]

That could be
an underwater earthquake.

[ Beeping]

Any effect
on the instrumentation?

No, sir. The missile
keeps checking out A-okay.

Can't abort now.
We'll lose months.

[ Beeping Continues]

Zero minus two minutes,

- mark.
- Captain, radiation effect continuing.

[Beeping Continues]

We will continue
the countdown.

Get in touch with
Tracking Station 8, due south.

See if they've noticed
anything unusual.

This is Water Baby calling Eight.
Water Baby calling Eight.

Zero minus one minute
and... counting.

This is Water Baby calling Eight.
Water Baby calling Eight.

Water Baby.
Water Baby calling Eight.

[ Beeping Continues]

- Water Baby calling Eight.
- Zero minus 5O seconds.

[ Man On Speaker]
This is Eight Water Baby, this is Eight.

Hello. Listen.

Have you people noticed any unusual
vibration or sound interference?

- Hello. Hello.
- Captain, we're losing Eight in static.

Hello. Hello. Hello.

Should we hold
the countdown?

No. Continue countdown.

- [H/gh-pitched Humming]
- Zero minus 3O seconds.

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.

Starflng Richard Basehart...

David Hedison.

Voyage to the Bottom
of the Sea.

Admiral, according to
my calculations...

we're past the coordinates
where I requested we submerge.

You're right, Adams, but Captain Crane
has ordered Radar to scan the surface first.

It's imperative I know these things
in advance, Captain.

I hope in the future when you make changes
in my plans, you'll let me know.

I hope I can remember
he's considered a genius-.

Oh, he's under great strain,
Lee. You know that.

Twenty men were lost
on that island.

As project engineer,
he was responsible.

[Man On Speaker]
Captain, this is Radar. Surface search negative.

Prepare to dive.
Repeat. Prepare to dive.

Level off at 500 feet.

Course 1-4-5.

[Adams On Speaker]
Captain Crane, this is Adams.

Yes, sir.

I'm getting a heavy concentration
of underwater noise...

on my hydrophonic gear
here in the lab.

Please set course at 2-7-5.

At what depth, sir?

Set course for 2-1 -5
and take over.

- Admiral.
- Hmm?

Did you hear Adams?

I understood we were looking for a source
of ultrasonic sound waves at a depth of 4,000 feet.

We are. The authorities believe
there might be a device...

planted down there to interfere with
our missile program.

Then why are we
changing course?

Because Adams doesn't
believe the theory.

We've been ordered to give him
our full cooperation.

He feels that there might be
another explanation.

Uh, perhaps a natural source.


Oh. You too, Crane.
Come on in.

I've discovered the source
of our sound.

It originates with a herd of porpoises.
And as I suspected- Look.

This is what we hear-
the audible.

This is what we don't hear.

[ Man On Intercom ]
This is Sonar, Captain.


[Man ] The sound at our present bearing
is a herd of porpoises.

We're following porpoises.

I know. Hold bearing.
Carry on.

How long are we gonna
stay on this course?

Captain, I intend to investigate
every source of sound in this area...

that could possibly go into
the ultrasonic range.

Yes, Captain.

Yes, Captain.

Adams, asking us to track
a herd of porpoise...

seems to me a waste
of our time and yours.

Well, it's unimportant
now, Admiral.

We've tracked them long enough
to rule them out.

The intensity of the ultrasonics
they produce is not strong enough.

Why didn't you tell Captain Crane?
After all, he's in command of the ship.

Well, the bus driver
is in command of a bus.

Look. I agreed to undertake this mission
at the request of Washington-

to discover any possible source of ultrasonic sound
that might have destroyed your missile-.

All they could think of
was a hostile action-

a black box at the bottom of the ocean
triggered by radio.

Well, obviously there
are two possible sources:

a man-made SOUFCG
OI' a natural SOUFCG.

Yourlogic is
impeccable, Admiral.

The point is we're here
to help in any way we can.

Within reason,
we'll do just that.

Thank you.

I'll have the captain resume
our planned course.

Thank you.


Porpoises. The Seaview
following a herd of porpoises.

This is a top secret mission.
That's what it is.


Twenty men died
on that missile test site.

From what I hear,
Adams pulled a real goof.

Well, I hear he almost got

Now he's trying to cover it up
with this ultrasonic hipper dipper.

Well, maybe he'll dig up
a school of tuna next, and we'll all go fishing.

[ Crane On Speaker]
Admiral, this is Crane' We've lost the porpoises.

They broke up and scattered.

- What's our position, Lee?
- Right over our original coordinates.

Got 4,000 feet of water
under our keel.

That screen.

[ Nelson]
Partly in the range of human hearing and“.

partly at frequencies
we can? hear.

Stop engines.
Neutral buoyancy.

Stop all engines.
Hold depth.

- What could it be?
- Ultrasonics.

From a single source.
Uh, bearing is 1-0-5.

[Sparks On Speaker]

- Yes. Go ahead, Sparks.
- Heavy interference on all radio bands.

Static covering everything

That's what happened
at the island...

when we were trying to raise
the tracking station at the south.

Try to get a fix on the source
of the interference.

Look at the viewer.

Same interference pattern
as in a sonar screen.

We're blind.
Blind at a time like this.

I'm going outside
to investigate.


I'll meet you in the missile room.
I'll go with you-.

Well, if you wish.

- [ Sighs]
- Be patient, Lee.

He's excited.

That missile explosion
is still very real to him.

[ High-pitched Humming]

[ Humming Fades]

Captain, look at this.

Glasses. They- They just busted-
all by themselves.

- It's that sound we're hearing.
- [Humming Resumes]

When it gets to the right pitch
it can break glass.

[ Humming Continues]

Is this sonic barrage similar
to the one you experienced on the island?

Yes, Captain. According to
my estimates now, very similar.

Then you must have known
something was wrong.

Why didn't you stop
the countdown?

That sonic barrage would have
exploded the missile anyway.

Myjudgment to continue
had nothing to do with it.

[ Humming Continues]

[Adams] The audible part of the sound
is much stronger out here.

- [Crane] It's starting to get painful.
- [Adams]Yes!

Yes. inside my head. I-

I can feel it. it-it-

Hey! lt's- It's like
a knife! Aaah!

[ Humming Continues]

Adams, we better go back.

[ Humming Continues]

There's no question of it.
It's up between 10,000 and 20,000 cycles.

Way up in the ultrasonic range.
Billions of cycles per second.

This could be it. This could be what
destroyed that missile.

Finally we've got a lead. Now we've gotta
find out what's causing the sound.

And then prove that sound
caused the disaster.

We're on standby
for emergency ascent.

No. We can't leave now. Tell him, Admiral.
We must stay here.

We won't leave unless
it's absolutely essential.

We've triangulated the source
of both the audible sounds and the ultrasonics.

- It's getting closer.
- Well, it could be movable.

Perhaps a, uh,
remote-controlled bathysphere.

Sonafs searching for it. I hope we find it
before Adams blows his top.

Look. A man's apt to be irritable
and impatient when he's under pressure.

I feel like some coffee.
Let's go down to the observation nose.


- Look at the size of that thing.
- Adevilfish.

[Humming Continues]

- Emergency. Surface.
- Hold it, Lee.

- Belay that.
- We're not leaving.

You want to stay here
with a creature that size out there?

Yes. It may be the answer to our mission.
Adams may be right.

A natural source
of ultrasonics.

Stand by.
What about the danger?

We've got a job to do. We can't leave here
until we have the answers we're looking for.

What is it?
What happened?

[Humming Continues]

That adds up tojust one thing in my book:
We're clearing out of here.

You're leaving here,
running away?

My first responsibility
is the crew and this ship.

Lee, we've got to get those answers first.
Now, take all precautions.

Put the men on battle readiness.

After all, Captain,
what harm has it done?

It hasn't done any harm yet.

There's no time for argument.
We need facts.

And sounds. We've got to
record the sounds.

[Humming Continues]

Steady as you go.

- [ Humming]
- These sounds are extraordinary.

Never knew the devilfish
was capable of producing anything like it.

Neither did I. But there's a lot about that creature
out there that's strange. Listen to this.

“The greater devilfish, genus Manta,
sometimes grows to an enormous size...

“with the largest observed
measuring more than 20 feet across the diskm.

and attaining a weight
of over 3,000 pounds.“

Well, the one that attacked us
was 'IO times that size-.

- At least.
- Now, what about that attack?

Everything I've known about a manta,
it's a sedentary creature, completely harmless.

Well, frankly,
that part doesn't surprise.

- Remember- The manta and the shark are blood
brothers. - Ah- It's true. Sharks- Yes.

In a frenzy,
sharks have been known to attack boats.

Exactly- Since mantas are fundamentally
sharks that have changed their way of life---...

that bit of behavior
isn't surprising.

- [ Humming Continues] - But the sound-
This. That's what we're interested in-

I know. I know.
I've been combing these references...

for some indication there's even a vague
potential for the manta producing ultrasonics-.

- And?
- Nothing.

Well, they've been known to
produce some sort of sounds.

Oh, many kinds. From harsh
grunts and barks...

to certain distinctive
almost musical bell tones.

But... like the sound we've been
monitoring, nothing. Nothing at all.

Well, the answer is obvious.

It must be some new species.

- [ Door Opens]
- [Crane] Excuse me, Admiral.

I thought you'd want a report.
We've still got the manta on visual tracking.

Oh. Any indication
of a change of course, Lee?

None. Since that first attack,
it's just been ignoring us.

Well, considering its size,
perhaps it's just as well.

How long will it
keep ignoring us?

[ Morton On Intercom ] Captain, the manta's
slowing and starting to settle toward the bottom.

Stand by, Chip.
I'll be right there.

I'll come with you, Lee.
I want to keep a close check on this.


It's slowing down,
settling to the bottom.

Dead slow.

Full stop.

- Neutral buoyancy
- No question about it.

The sound originates
with the manta.

- Listen.
- [Humming Continues]

Bats use sonar.
So do porpoises.

Well, there's no reason our manta
couldn't be sending out ultrasonic waves.

Perhaps to find food or
maybe as a weapon of defense.

Yes. We can check that out.

Perhaps find out how much
power it can develop.

It might develop enough power
to immobilize us.

[ Crane]
Activate sonar.

- [Pinging]
- That's the same interference pattern as before.

Of course.
It senses our sonar...

reacts to it
and fights back.

- [Humming Continues]
- Cut sonar.

[ Pinging Stops]


- It's another manta.
- A smaller one this time.

[ Nelson]
Or it might be the young of those giants.

- [Crane] Yes, it'; possible.
- Captain.

If you wish to
accompany me again”.

I'm going to try to
capture the small one.

I'll take the chance.
Let's go.

We're within range now.

Get your tranquilizer
charge ready-.

You hit it.
The drug should stop it in a minute.

It's regaining consciousness.

- [Humming]
- Listen to that.


The pattern is regular.


[ Humming Continues]

The giant manta seems to be responding
to the cries of the small one.

Yeah. I agree. It happens in many specie-
this response to a distress call.

If only we could be
sure of that.

But there's
no doubt about it.

That small one has got
the same capabilities as that giant outside.

They're in communication.
Look at the readings.

- Howmanymore flats do you need?
- Enough to prove what happened to your missile.

Well, then we're on
the right track.

Of that I'm sure. And if that monster
destroyed that missile and those men...

then it's got to be
killed at once.

We still haven't proved it yet.
We've still got a long way to go.

A long way to go.

I wonder, Admiral, how much
you would shorten that way...

if you'd been in command of that blockhouse
when those men were killed.

Look. We've still gotta know
a lot more about that creature...

and the effect it could have
on other missiles.

Every ship in the navy
carries them.

Thank you for filling me in on
the big picture, Admiral, but---...

at the moment, I'm a man
with a one-track mind.

Well, let's get back to work.

[ Humming Continues]

[ Humming Intensifies]

Lee, the men are beginning
to get bugged by that thing out there.

So am I.
By the sheer size of it.

The small one
looks harmless enough.

What if the little one can signal the big one?

[ Morton]
Look at the way it's moving around out there.

It has signaled the big one.

I want the Seaview ready every minute-
ready to move at full speed.

Check this triangulation.
You can see the power is concentrated.

It's transmitted
in a directional beam.

Now, that confirms your original speculation.
It's a weapon.

It's not a very potent one.

Well, that's because that creature out there
is not aroused. You stir it up...

you'll have more than enough power
to explode any missile.

That's a possibility.

And right now that sound
is beamed directly at us.

Captain Crane,
this is an emergency.

I want every nuclear warhead on this ship
disarmed immediately.

[Crane On Intercom]
Aye, sir.

[Clears Throat]

[ Humming Continues]

[Humming Continues]

Get away from
those controls!

[Steam Hissing]


This line leads directly to the ballast tanks.
It's supposed to be cold.

It does attack
with sound, Admiral.

Do you still think its power output
is below the destructive range?

You deliberately risked the Seaview
with that stupid stunt.

A calculated risk, Admiral-
to prove a point.

Adams, you make one more move
to endanger this submarine...

you're gonna wind up
in the brig.

Pump out the buoyancy tanks
one at a time.

Fill it with cold water.
And vent the steam from the emergency valves.

[ Humming Continues]

Somethings heating the salt water
in the buoyancy tanks.

It's the sound waves
from that giant manta.

[ Humming Continues]

Admiral, we have to
move out of here.

We must balance the risk
against the knowledge that might be gained.

That's just my point. What if
part of the knowledge we gain...

rs that the creature out there
can destroy the Seaview?

Well, that last incident was Adams's fault.
Now, it won't happen again.

Admiral,we're making
the same mistake he made.

He ignored the danger signals
and lost his missile and the lives of2O men.

And now we're ignoring
the same danger signals.

But I made a commitment to
Washington to see this through.

We're asking for trouble
if we stay here.

Captain, we cannot leave now.

Admiral, I wish to apologize.

I give you my word. In the future
I'll do nothing to endanger the ship.

- I accept your promise.
- Of course, you realize, to continue our research...

the Sear/few must necessarily
be subjected to certain risks...

and since myjudgment has been doubted,
I wish you to plot our future course of action.

- Agreed- Your work will continue
under my guidance. - Thank you-

- Does that mean we stay here?
- For the time being.

All right. But if the Seaview suffers
any further dam-

Captain, all of my adult life
I've been a naval officer and a missile expert...

during which time I've often had to
take great personal risks...

to do a job I had been
ordered to do!

I have no such orders,
and neither do my men.

- Captain Crane must consider the ship- Now,
you know that- - Yes, yes- Indeed- Captain---

I wish you would tell me
exactly what you think our immediate danger is.

The immediacy of the danger
will be a matter of myjudgment.

Adams, you will not interfere with
Captain Crane in any way, shape or form.

Now come along.

May I suggest you hold your tongue
in the future?

I've got enough problems without
your interfering in the operation of this ship.

- What are your orders, Admiral?
- We have to find out more...

about the strength and range
of the manta's ultrasonics.

The only way to find out the full effect is to
stimulate that creature into attacking again.

There's no question of that.
We'll do nothing further to excite it.

Then what will provoke it?
What will make it use its ultrasonic weapon?

Well, we'll track it,
stay with it.

Sooner or later,
it?! have to look for food...

and use its ultrasonics
on its prey

That's very scientific,

What you propose may take quite some time.
I hope we can all be patient

Well, you'd better be,

You no longer
have any choice.


Captain, the ultrasonics
are getting to our control wiring.

There's smoke
and the possibility of fire.

- Well,Admiral?
- Take the Seaview up.

[Humming Continues]

- Can we get under way, Chip?
- No, sir.

We're not getting the proper
response from Control.

- Release the small manta- - lfAdams has any
objections, you tell him to see me here-

Damage Control,
will you come in, please?

- [Man On Speaker] This is Damage Control
- What's our condition?

[ Man]
The electrical system' Repair crews at work.

There's some flooding
in the engine compartment.

but the hand pumps
are controlling it.

Test and establish manual control as quickly
as possible. We've got to get to the surface.

The attacks should stop
when the small manta's gone.

There's a sign on that door
that says keep out.

Captain's orders, sir.
Go ahead, Kowalski.

- Get away from that door!
- It's the captain's orders, sir.

We're releasing the manta.
Go ahead, Kowalski.

The captain's orders,
is it?

- Go ahead, Kowalski.
- Crane, I'm warning you! You better listen to me!

I think we've listened to you
too much, Mr. Adams.

- Turn it loose.
- Get your hands off that valve!

Get away.

Go ahead.

This was your idea,
wasn't it, Crane?

It was the admiral's idea
and my order.

In our opinion it endangered the ship
as long as it was aboard-.

What about your mission to investigate?
You'vejust thrown away your evidence.

The evidence isn't gonna help
if we're all killed.

We'll see, Crane.

Chip, let's see what
we can do to get underway.

what's the condition of the reactor?

[ Man]
Getting it back to normal operation, sir.

I want to get underway
as soon as possible.

Most of our trouble right now
is the air recirculating system.

We've lost pumps, and the oxygen level
is going down, CO2 level up.

Then feed in oxygen
from the emergency supplies.

Admiral, the manta
has been released. Why?

I considered it
the only course of action open to us.

Well, it wasn't dangerous,
and I could work with it.

Tell me, Adams. Did you disobey my orders
and beam that signal outside the Seal/few again?

Indeed I did not. And, Admiral, I do not understand
how you can tell me on one hand...

that I need proof, more facts,
and on the other hand...

remove from me a source
that could reveal those very facts.

Things have changed since
the manta attacked last.

The moment we're maneuverable,
I'm ordering a salvo of torpedoes into it.

But you can't do that!
It's still not conclusive!

What if I don't have
enough information-

sufficient enough
for that board of inquiry to exonerate me?

- I'm sorry- We destroy that creature the moment
we can. - Admiral, I just want more time!

Don't you understand?

Our communications are cut off. We're dead
on the bottom, existing on emergency oxygen.

If that manta chose this moment
to attack, we'd be finished.

Are you so far gone you can't
get that through your head?

All right. Let's try.
Take her up.


We'd better run
without sonar.

The last time we used it,
the manta went berserk.

Our hydrophonics will
warn us ifit comes back.

Course 1-1-7.
Raise to 1 O0 feet.

We'll be safer
on the surface.

No. It's heavy weather

In our condition we'll be under
much less strain submerged.

Possibly. First we have to see if our friend
outside will let us move at all.

Kelly, see if you can pick up
anything from the manta.

There's nothing, sir.

What about Adams?

Well, he must know
we're under way by now.

And he should know
the reason why.

Chip, take over.


[ Humming Intensifies]

It's following us.

Well, why?
Sonar isn't working.

What possible form of radiation
could be angering it?

Adams. That fool!

Adams, open up this door.

Maneuvering, emergency rigging.

We'll have to break through
these walls, Lee.

Engineering, two men with cutting torches
on the double to the laboratory.

- And two electricians.
- Adams, “stem t0 me.

I never thought you were responsible
for the loss of life on that island.

[Adams] I intend to stay in contact
with the manta ray, Admiral.

But you're responsible
for many more lives now, Adams.

Caution is not
one of my virtues.

[ Morton On Speaker] Captain,
we 're picking up the manta on the sonic gear.

Take full evasive action.
Shift between 100 and 150 feet.

Engine room, can you
give me more speed?

[Man On Speaker] We have 10% reserve
without overloading the reactor capacity.

Overload it.
We can worry about fuel another day.

Skipper, the hull temperature's
now 85 degrees.

Engineering, put the air-conditioning unit on-
to emergency full.

- [ Pinging]
- [ Humming]

This heat problem.

We're better off submerged.

Heat dissipation from the hull
is much faster.

[Morton On Speaker]
Skipper, hull temperature 95 degrees.

At this rate, even submerged,
we'll all cook.

It's still going up,
and the air-conditioning's on full.

Let's forget the storm.

lfwe get topside
we can put the crew on life rafts.

We could lose men
in the heavy seas.

Or down here.

All right.
Take her up.

This is the captain.
Prepare to surface.

Repeat Prepare to surface.

I just hope
we can hold together.

[Loud Rumble ]

Right above us.
Level off.


- [L oud Rumble]
- Dive!

[Man On Speaker]
Captain, the reactor? acting up again.

Hold power as long
as you can. Depth.

- 225 feet.
- ControFsjamming, Captain.

Blow all ballast.

[ Morton]
It's 300 feet and continuing descent.

All back full.

450 feet and holding.

- Hit the stern that time.
- We've lost power, Captain.

[ Man On Speaker] Driveshafts to the propellers
are jammed, Captain' Shutting off engines.

Flood tanks and establish
neutral buoyancy.


It's right over us.
We can't go up!

We've got to
get them out!

Take him to sick bay.


Take him to sick bay.


[ Blowtorch Hissing]

[ Beeping]

[Beeping Stops]




Lee, I have an idea that might
stop this ultrasonic barrage from the manta.

I'll settle for anything.
We're helpless without maneuverability.

Well, we know that our sonar
affects it, makes it angry.

Now, if I can throw together
an ultrasonic beam...

we might be able to drive it away
at least long enough to make our repairs.

- You think it might work? - lfwe can do half
as much damage to him as he has to us-.-

I'll be satisfied.

Chip, I'm gonna try an adjustment
on these crystals and put out a sound beam.

Now get a crew together...

and disconnect the line leading from
the panel here to the dish antenna on the bridge.

- Yes, sir. - Then connect the lead
to the outer hull at three points-

- Right.
- Maneuvering.

- [Man On Speaker] Yes, sir.
- This is Admiral Nelson. On my signal...

I want you to double the voltage
on the line leading to the sonics panel.

Yes, sir. Double the voltage.

Get me a small screwdriver.


Even if we could move, it's right up there-
and fighting mad! Take over.

[ Morton On Speaker]
Admiral, the dish antenna is disconnected.».

and triple leads have been
connected to the hull.

Fine. Now, Maneuvering,
let's have that double voltage.

[ Manta Humming]

It'll take another 1 O minutes
to get through the lab wall.

I hope I can give you
that time with our sound beam-.

It ought to work.
It has to.

[ Man On Speaker] Captain, temperature
in missile storage room reaching critical stage.

Should we flood?

No. Hold it
and watch temperature.

Any effect yet, Lee?

One degree drop.

- Now/t'; 723.
- Then it's working.

The creature's hurt,
and it's moving away.


Captain to crew.
Hull temperature dropping.

Hull temperature dropping.

Come down
as soon as you can.

- Adams, this is Crane.
- Yes, Captain.

For the last time, open the hatch,
if you want to stay alive.

I'm sorry. We've covered that ground before,
Captain. I have work to do.

Kowalski, give me a pistol.

[ Thud ]

It's all here, Admiral-
everything that we need, all the proof.

My notes.
They'll listen to me now.

Nobody'll listen to you again.
What you've done here today is mutiny.

If I have
my way, you'll go to prison.


You people have been
against me right from the start...

and I'm guilty of mutiny, huh?

- Guard, take him.
- You keep away from me!

Kowalski, take care of those repairs.
I'm gonna check the damage in the pump room.

Yes, sir.

Admiral, I did
what had to be done.

You yourself said I needed more facts.
Well, I've got them now.

You still don't understand, do you?
There'll be no vindication now.

You've proven what was said
about yourjudgment is correct.

Myjudgments got nothing to do with it!
They'll understand when they see this.

They'll understand whyl tooka risk
with the Seaview and its crew.

It's a calculated risk.

Isn't that what you said
about the countdown on the island?

Admiral, there is
no need for this.

You've no one to blame
but yourself.

All my experience,
my reputation- everything-

destroyed by that thing
out there.

It's gotta be killed, Admiral.
You gotta kill it.

There's nothing to talk about.
Now get in.

- You gotta promise me. You gotta kill it.
- I promise you nothing.

Get inside!

All right, Admiral.
l-l'm sorry.

Admiral, I-

I want you to
take my notes.

I want you to read them.
Promise me that.


Adams! Open this door.

[ Banging]

Kowalski, see if you can get to the missile room
through the ventilation system-.

Yes, sir.

[Nelson On Speaker]
Adams, this is Nelson. Open that door.

No, Admiral-
I'm going after it-.

- Y0u'// be killed
- Admiral, I'm gonna kill it.

It's responsible for the deaths of 2O men-
I'm gonna see it doesn't happen again-.

- How soon can we raise ship?
- Any minute now.

But that doesn't solve the problem
of the manta. It's still right above us.

We have standard warheads
on our torpedoes?

Yes, sir.
And the torpedo watch is alerted.

We'll be able to fire on it
as soon as we raise ship.


Adams, don't be a fool.

You haven't got a chance against that manta ray.
Now listen to me.

We'll be operational
in a few moments.

We'll be able to destroy it
with our torpedoes.

[Adams On Speaker]
Sorry, Admiral' I can? trust you to do it.

This is something I'm gonna
take care of myself

[ Morton]
Captain Crane, this is Control'

Engineering reports
we're operational.

- ls the temperature normal?
- Yes, sir.

Where's the manta?

It's kept its distance
since we turned on the admirafs sonic beam.

- All right. Hang on a minute, Chip.
- [Hatch Opens]

It's too late, Lee.
He's outside.

Well, we could move
and get into position to fire torpedoes.

Yeah, but the concussion would kill Adams,
even if we got the manta ray.

Stand by.

There's no predicting
what that manta ray will do.

It's the only way
we can save him.

- Help us get in the scuba gear.
- Aye, sir.


[ Beeping]

Adams, we'd better go back.

[ Humming]

[Humming Continues]

[ Explosion ]

- Admiral, there he is.
- Lee, come on.

He's resting comfortably
under sedation.

Doctor says he should be all right
in a couple days or so- physically at least.

Thanks, Chip. Prepare to surface.
Cruise speed.

Poor Adams. He was carrying a heavy load of guilt.

Look what's coming with us.

Perhaps we'll be able to continue our research.
We have the small one.

You don't suppose it thinks the Seaview
is its mother, do you?

Well, it's the only moving thing
around here that's big enough.