Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1964–1968): Season 1, Episode 27 - The Exile - full transcript

A Soviet leader, with some very valuable information, wants to defect to the US. The Seaview is sent to pick him up, but Nelson must first evaluate the information before deciding if the mission worth the risk.

Detail, attention!

Take your positions.

[Snaps Fingers]

That will not be necessary.

“Third October 1974.
Former Premier Aleksei Brynov...

“having been tried and found guilty
of crimes against the state“.

“Is sentenced to death
by shooting'

“Sentence to be
carried out immediately...

by order of Supreme Committee
of the People's Republic“-

Et cetera, et cetera.

Do you have anything to say
before sentence is carried out?

Today, my comrades kill me.

Tomorrow, I kill them.

Steady, Aleksei.

Do you want a blindfold?



Take aim.

[Machine Guns Firing]

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.

Starflng Richard Basehart...

David Hedison.

Voyage to the Bottom
of the Sea.

Sparks, teletype the White House we've received
our orders and are proceeding immediately.

Yes, sir.

Coordinates are 4-double zero-


It should be about here.

- Mr. Morton, come to a heading of 0-5-3.
- Yes, sir.

Engine room, all ahead flank.

Let me know when
you're in position.

- Admiral.
- Yes, Lee.

Why is Washington granting a man
like Brynov asylum in the United States?

Because Brynov claims to have
some microfilms to prevent a war.

He's trying to trade them
for his life.

- How can you trust a man like that?
- You can't.

That's why the president has
ordered me aboard Brynov's yacht...

to evaluate the microfilms
before we commit ourselves.

But do you realize that if you're caught
with Brynov you'll be shot as a spy?

Look, they have thousands of miles of fogbound
coastline to search before they find us.

Check the mini-sub.
Get it ready for launching.

It's been waterproofed, Admiral.

Thanks, Patterson.

We're a mile from the yacht.

All right, take her up to a hundred feet,
launch the mini-sub.

All right, take her up to a hundred feet,
launch the mini-sub.

Garret, tell Mr. Morton
to take her up to 1 O0 feet.

As soon as I'm clear of the Seawew,
get out of these waters as soon as possible.

Allowing three hours
for me to get to the yacht...

and to evaluate the microfilm...

I'll radio you at 0200-.

Couldn't we just heave-to alongside the yacht
and wait while you examine the microfilm?

Of course. But unless Brynov
himself sails the yacht...

out of their territorial waters...

the United States might be
charged with kidnapping him.

Now, everything clear?

- You know what you have to do?
- Yes, but I don't like...

what you've ordered me to do if
I don't hear from you at 0200 hours.

That's my life insurance. Whatever
happens, you follow those orders.

- Good luck.
- Thanks, Lee.

Good luck, Admiral.



- Josip.
- Yeah?

Do you still remember
the motto of the revolution?

Mm. Together we conquer!

Revenge me if I die.

But kill me if I retreat.

Yet we retreat. We run from
our own country to the land ofan enemy.

We will conquer again, Aleksei.
Never fear.

When we do, I shall revenge myself
against the pigs who betrayed me.

Be calm, Aleksei.
As your physician-

As my physician, you will dispense salts
when I have indigestion.


As you wish, Aleksei.

I'm tougher than boiled owl.

Hmm. Stronger than a young bull.

I will die violently-
not from one of your heart attacks.

- [ Groans] - Aleksei, Aleksei.
Let me sharpen your razor- Here-

You know, Aleksei,
blades are a hobby of mine.

That is why I've never turned my back
on you, my dearjosip.

- Aleksei, after I have saved your life?
- Hmm.

[ Buzzing]

Yes? The American admiral
has come aboard, Aleksei.

I will see him in five minutes.

The premier will receive him
in five minutes.

What? Well, that's fine.

The admiral is being given dry clothes.

Good. Get me a shirt, Mikhil.

Semenev, you've been figuring for hours.
How much do my Swiss deposits come to?

[Clears Throat]
In dollars, about 6O million.

- Hmm- We need no longer pretend
to be peasants- - [ Snickering]

In America they love rich men.

What will your millions mean
when you have driven the world to war?

- Leave us.
- Out.

Out, out!

[ Door Closes ]

it will only be a small war-

just big enough to return
your brother to power.

And to return you to power, dear brother,
how many will die? Ten thousand?

- A hundred thousand?
- Silence!

No! I will speak.
I have earned that right.

I fought atyourside to free our county.

I have remained silent and allowed you to
corrupt and enslave our people long enough.

I will not allow you
to plunge the world into war!

Hmm. How will you stop me...

old woman?

Without St. Barbara,
you are powerless.

Now how will you stop me?
Will you kill me, brother?

I am through killing. I will tell
the American admiral your plans.

Then you will have his death
on your conscience.

- [Knocking]
- He's here.

Tel! him now!

Tell him, and trust the saint
on this medal to protect you.

Don? be afraid, my brother.
Do what you must do.

- [ Door Opens]
- Admiral Nelson. lam honored.

I bet you never thought you would be wearing
the uniform of the People's Republic'

- My credentials.
- Oh, no need.

I would know you anywhere.
We of the People's Republic...

are not unaware of the scientific exploits
of men like yourself.

Admiral, this is
my dear brother, Mikhil.

Mikhil has always wanted to meet you.
Haven? you, Mikhil?

Don't be shy.

Certainlyyou can think of
something to say to the admiral.

If you've nothing to say
to the admiral, Mikhil...

go tell the captain
to prepare to get underway.

Hurry! You'll have plenty of time to visit
with the admiral on our journey.

I'd like to have a look
at those microfilms, Mr. Premier.

It was agreed...

that I was to deliver
the microfilms to your president.

But I must evaluate them first.

I will show the microfilms
to your president and to no one else.

In that case...

my orders are to return
to Sear/few alone.


Yes, Mr. Premier?

What-[ Laughs]
makes you think...

I will permit you
to return alone?

My captain...

has orders to radio the position
of this yacht to your government...

unless I give him orders
to the contrary.

Blackmail, Admiral!

Insurance, Mr. Premier.

Now, the microfilm.

St. Barbara.
She protects from death.

Press the catch
and the medal will open.

Inside you will find the microfilms.

You don't like me, do you, Admiral?

I despise you...
and everything you stand for.

It'll take another 2O minutes
to get out of their territorial waters.

- Until then there's nothing we can do
but take it- - Damage Control, report-

[ Man] Frame 2O flooding. Leaks in
frames four, five and six' Repairs under way

- We gotta make a run for it- - We can't risk
leading those destroyers to the admiral.

We'll run and double back.
Engine room, all ahead full. Heading 2-0-0.

- Aye, sir.
- [Explosion]

The map you're now looking at...

shows the positions of the rockets
my successors have trained...

on 12 of your major cities.

The plans of madmen.

That is why I fought against them.

But I was...


I was only one man against many.


if you succeed in getting these plans
to Washington, Admiral...

the world will owe me
an enormous debt.

I'll radio Seaview.

[Switches Clicking]

Nelson to Seaview.

Come m, Seaview.

This is Seaview.
Read you loud and clear, Admiral.

Stand by for Captain Crane.
Captain, transmission from the admiral.

- Adm I ral-
- [Explosion]

What's your situation, Lee?

Depth charges. We've got
a couple of destroyers on our tail.

Are you still in their
territorial waters?

Yes. We had to double back so we wouldn't
lead them to the rendezvous.

When you reach the open sea, proceed to
the rendezvous. We'll meet you there in six hours.

- Over and out.
- [Explosion]

- Damage Controh report.
- Inertial navigation and radar are damaged

- How long will it take them to get working?
- It'; hard t0 tel/-

- three or four hours at least. - Get on it right
away- We need 'em to get to the rendezvous-

- Yes, sir.
- [Explosion]

Engine room, more speed!

Propeller shafts are running hot.
They could burn out.

lfwe don't get out of here,
there'll be nothing left to burn out.

- Keep pushing them!
- Aye, aye, sir.

We've reached the open sea.

We're on our way
to the rendezvous.

There are not many who can boast of
having escaped from the People's Republic.

Have a drink to celebrate
this moment, Admiral.

No, thank you.

[Plane Engines Droning]

Search planes, coming in low.

They'll never find us in this fog.

Unless they know our position.

Ah, heh! They can't.

Unless... someone aboard this yacht
has betrayed me.

[ Incoming Weapon]





Mikhil! Mikhil.

- No. No, Aleksei! I won't let you!
- I'm trying to help you.

- No. No, Aleksei! I won't let you!
- I'm trying to help you.

You- You're trying to kill me,

- It's Nelson!
- Admiral-

Admiral, I must warn you-

W8 I'D yOU-


- Hello!
- Over here!

- Dead ahead! There. The American and Mikhil.
- Yeah.

Take him first.

Careful, he's badly hurt.

There. Here.

Don't waste time with Mikhil!
Help me with the admiral!

We need him to sail the raft.

No more survivorsJosip!
We can't take any more survivors!

We're overcrowded now,josip!

I'm searching for Aleksei Brynov-

our beloved Aleksei.

All stop, Mr. Morton.

- Engine room, all stop- - Are you picking
up anything on the hydrophones, Patterson?

- Nothing. We've lost them, Captain.
- Ah.

[Sparks On Speaker] Captain,
there's a lot of activity on the radio.

The Bamkds been sunk.

- Any more word?
- just that they're searching forsurvivors.

- I'll get her position and alter course.
- No!

We're under orders.
We'll proceed to rendezvous coordinates.

- But, Captain-
- lfthe admiral's still alive and able...

- he'll make it to the rendezvous.
- What if they pick him up first?

They're in the area. We're 200 miles away.
There's nothing we can do.

- They'll shoot him as a spy. - You don't
have to remind me of that, IVIr- Morton-

- Set course for the rendezvous coordinates.
- Aye, aye, sir.

There is no more room!

[ Man]
Uh! No!

_ Keep away'
" Stop! '

[Club Splashes]

They will drag us under!

There's no danger of that.
Now sit down.

There's five men in the raft,
three in the sea.

This is a four-man raft,
but it'll keep us afloat a long time.

- Are you positive?
- Absolutely.

He knows the sea.
We are safe.

Ah! And if the weather gets bad?

Admiral. Admiral.


- How do you feel?
- Aleksei- is he alive?

We haven't been able to find him.

Good. It is better that he is dead.

Pray for me, Admiral...

and for my brother.

And whoever shall call upon
the name of the Lord shall be saved. Amen.

- What are you doing?
- There's room now!

- Let him in!

We'll spend equal time
in the water and in the raft.

Sailor, you check for survivors.

- What's your name?
- Semenev.

You make out a schedule so that each man
spends an equal amount of time in the sea...

and in the raft- say about, uh-

One hour in the sea, three hours in the raft
would be about right.

Everyone but you, Admiral, eh?


I am Dr. Konstantin, personal physician
to Premier Brynov.

I hope you'll attend to us with the same
dedication you used to your premier, Doctor.

I shall be even more dedicated...

since my survival depends
upon your good health.

Is there a medical kit down there?

Right here, Doctor.

Field Marshaljosip, Admiral.
And to what duty am I assigned?

You take care of the food and water.
Ration it out as I direct.

You don't anticipate
we'll be rescued, Admiral?

Not byyour navy-
not if I can help it.

I'd rather take my chances
with the sea than a firing squad.

It is not a certainty we'd be shot.
I'm not without influence.

Your influence died
with AlekseLjosip.

I'd like to know
who launched this raft.

The raft was just there
in- in the water.

- Yeah. But how did it get there? Why-
- [B/yno v] Hello!


Hey! Hello!

_ He]!
- It's Aleksei!

- Hey!
- Aleksei! Here! Aleksei!

Indestructible Aleksei.

Doctor, take care of the premier.

You realize, Admiral, to Aleksei this raft
is another world that he must conquer.

We're swamping!
josip, Semenev, into the sea!

Stop fussing! I'm all right.

So, we all survive...

including the admiral.

My apologies, Admiral,
for this inconvenience.

Obviously, someone...

aboard this raft...

feels about me just as you do-

enough to betray me
and give away my position.

But we'll still be able to
rendezvous with your submarine?

I intend to try.

Good. I'll have time
to discover...

which of my dear friends
has betrayed me.

Do you still have the microfilms?

Of course.

And... I intend to keep them.

Mikhil? I don't see him.

The admiral saved him from the sea,
but it was too late, Aleksei.

Poor Mikhil.

Did he say anything before he died?

- Yes.
- What?

He thought you were dead.

He asked me to pray
for both of you.

- That's all?
- That was all.

- [ Laughing Wildly]
- [ Laughing]

Did you do as he asked?

Did you pray for me, Admiral?

- Sharks!
- [Man Shouts]

[Scattered Shouts ]


They are gone now, Aleksei.

You murdered them.


I saved our lives.

You killed three men.


So that the microfilms
will reach your country in time.

So that your president will learn
of a surprise attack and prevent it.

This is neither the time nor place
for sentimentality, Admiral.

Those men are
on my conscience, not yours.

Your conscience.
What conscience?

You've killed thousands
of innocent men, women and children.

I've only killed to free my country
from tyrants...

to rid it of traitors.

No, Mr. Premier.

You've killed only to gain power.

[Ship's Whistle Blowing]

They're coming right for us!

- [jabbering]
- Quiet!

- Admiral, do something. They are trying
to run us down- - [Overlapping Chatter]

It's going to hit us!
Let me go!

[Brynov] Quiet, Semenev, quiet!
You seem to be trying to signal them.

[Whistle Continues]

- [Coughing]
- Are you the traitor?

Did you think with me dead, you could make
your way to Switzerland and my $60 million?

Let him go!
You could have killed him.

I was merely questioning him, Admiral.

Give me a hand with this sail.

I want to be a long way away from here
before the fog lifts.

You tried to give away
our position, Semenev.

- No, Premier.
- Yes, Semenev.

It is easier to imagine
you conspiring against me...

than Konstantin, a physician...

a man whose life is consecrated
to serving humanity

Orjosip, who I have
known since childhood-.-...

my comrade in arms during the revolution,
the man I made a field marshal.

The man who saved you
from the firing squad, Aleksei.

Saved you, so that whichever of us
was carrying the microfilm...

would be sure to be on the yacht
when it was sunk-.

How else could they be certain one of us would
not turn the microfilm over to the Americans?

Why, Semenev, how clever of you.

I would never have thought of that.

It was one of them, Premier. I know it!
They were both on the raft before I was.

Find out which of them was here first, and
you'll know who gave away our position!

Because a rat always deserts
a ship before it sinks?

L- I-l confess.
I was on the raft first, Aleksei.

Butjosip got in a few seconds Iaten.

He could have been waiting
so that no one would suspect him!

Good answer, Konstantin.

What I would like to know is how the raft
got into the water in the first place.

- Who launched it?
- What do I know about rafts?

Or I? I'm a field marshal,
not an admiral.

An interesting puzzle, but one I will solve.

I also have an interesting puzzle
that I must solve.

What's that, Admiral?

What was your brother
Mikhil trying to tell me...

before he died?

- We're approaching rendezvous
coordinates, Captain- - Very well.

- When we reach the coordinates, we'll
go to periscope depth- - Yes, sir.

- Chip?
- Yes, sir?

- I'm sorry I blew up-
- I understand, Lee-.

How long do you think it'll take the admiral
to reach the coordinates?

- I don't know. All we can do is wait.
- And hope.

- We're off course.
- How far off course?

Unless we get out of this current...

we could miss the rendezvous
by 200 miles, perhaps more.

But surelyyour submarine
will search for us?

No. Captain Crane has orders to remain
at the coordinates...

until we reach him.

How long can we... last in the raft?

As long as we have food and water.

According to our present rations,
I'd say we could last about three days.

We better cut back to half rations until we
find out how far this current is carrying us.

Half... rations?

We're only allowed a cup of water
twice a day as it is.

We will do as the admiral suggests.

But I'm dying of thirst.

Perhaps you'd prefer
to die another way?

I'll be glad to relieve you at the rudder
if you want to rest.

“What do I know about rafts, Aleksei?“

- You remember? That is what he said!
- I remember.

Well- [ Chuckles]
e-everyone knows how to steer.

- I don't.
- I don't either.

[ 1051b]
Do you, Semenev?

You all better start learning.

We may be on this raft a long time.

Admiral. Water.

Please' I beg you.

I will tell you something-

something that will save your country...

if you give me...

a little water.

- Huh?
- What?

No. First, eh, the water.

[ Scoffs ]

The- The microfilms...

they reveal the positions...

of our rocket bases.

I've seen them. I know that.

But they are... defense rockets.

Go on.

The premier wants
your president to think...

my country is about to attack...

so that you will s-s-s- strike first.

But Why?

So that when the war begins...

he can return... as a hero...

and save our country again.


- [Gunshot]
- Uh!


I'm sorryyou had
to hear that, Admiral.

[ Thunderclap ]

Now you'll have to kill me,
so I won't reveal your plans.

No, Admiral. I need you.

I never kill anyone I need.

Get his gun, Konstantin.

Throw it into the sea.

Throw it into the sea!

I won't kill you, Admiral.
I need you to sail this raft.

But I will kill you, Aleksei.

- Drop that gun.
- [ Pants]

So, Konstantin, it was you after all.

Throw the gun over the side, Aleksei.

[ Thunderclap ]


The microfilms.

Why have you turned against me?

You have betrayed our country!

Andjosip, who rescued me...

was he part of your treachery?

We only used him so that you
would think you had escaped'

So that whoever had the microfilms
would bring them on board the yacht.

I will look afteryourleg
in a moment, Admiral.

The microfilms!

That's it, josip.
Kill him!



An interesting situation,
Admiral. just the two of us.

And the sea!

You better start stowing that gear,
or there won't even be the two of us.

Any sign of them yet?

[Sparks ] Storm front reported moving
in from westerly direction, Captain.

lfthey're still in the water,
that could be bad.

Maybe they're this side of it.

- [ Thunder Continues]
- Get that sail down! Secure it!

I can't!

You have to, otherwise you'll capsize!

And use both hands!
Get the sail down!

- What shall I do with it?
- Here.

Stow it under here.

Look out! She's going over!

Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk.

Go on. Get it over with.

I still need you
to reach Seaview, Admiral.

When we do, you'll kill me.

Consider the alternative.

In this sun we- we can
only last a few days anyway.

Then with luck...

perhaps you may have
the pleasure of watching me die.


You'd enjoy that, wouldn't you?

The thought of it'd
keep me alive for a week.

I must tell you, Admiral.

I have defeated my enemies...

simply because I have
the will to outlast them.

I am a born survivor.

All right, Brynov.

Let's get this raft right-side up.

We'll search outward in a 50-mile spiral
from the coordinate.

I don't want to risk him passing by us
and reaching the coordinates...

- while we're a couple of hundred miles away.
- Yes, sir.

How much further?

It's hard to tell-

a day, two days.

Two days.

The storm must have blown us
farther off course than I calculated.

Nelson! We're off course!

To reach the rendezvous
that star must be before our bow.

What are you trying to do,

L-I must have dozed off.

I'll take over.

Anything you say, Brynov_

You forgot you showed me
how to navigate, didn't you, Admiral?


Wake up!

There's no more water.

I know.


Now let's see which
one of us survives, Brynov.


If we don't reach Seaview today...

I'll kill you, Nelson-.

I intend to survive.


Stay back, Nelson. I warn you.

I survive.

I always survive.

[Groaning Continues]


Your own people deserve...

the pleasure of killing you.

The raft-

You found us.

No, Admiral, you found us.

You were at the rendezvous
when we picked you up.

I was afraid that
you'd find us too soon.

- Too soon?
- Huh.

Before, uh, B-

Brynov passed out.

If, uh- lfl hadn't gotten
the gun away from him...

before we sighted the Seaview...

he would have-
he would have killed me.

- Where is he?
- He was dead when we picked you up.



I wish I could say I'm-
I'm sorry-.

But I'm not.