Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1964–1968): Season 1, Episode 26 - The Amphibians - full transcript

Admiral Nelson becomes involved in a project to develop an amphibian adaption for man. He encounters conflict with the two chief scientists, rather than being cautious, both scientist want to rush ahead with research. Nelson worries what the emotional toll of the experiments may be.

Come on, Doctor.
This is the moment we've waited for.

Twenty years of research,
and it comes to this.

We've proven every single facet
of your research.

The biochemistry works.

The sequence of drugs and injections
have done exactly as we planned.

My blood pressure is lower. My skin is
conditioned to constant immersion in water.

My eyes have become adapted
to seeing in much less light.

Yes, so far the theories
have worked out, but-


Yes. The healing seems complete.

Well, look, Doctor,
I'm- I'm the guinea pig.

I'm the one who volunteered
to be your test human.

I have every faith in your surgery.

What you're saying is,
why don't I have faith?

Why don't I have
the same confidence that you have...

that what we're doing
is right and good?

Yes, sir,
that's exactly what I'm saying.

Perhaps we've tried
to do too much too soon.

Three months we've been working
and living here at the bottom of the sea.

It's been three months
of magnificent achievement.

Come on, Doctor.
It's time for the final test.

- You remember this moment.
{Machinery Humming]

Motion picture cameras are running.

Science has always taken chances.

It worked! Doctor, it worked!

The operation's a success.
I breathed water.

Doctor, the world will hear.

In time they'll know you've created
the first amphibian human being!

We're moving too fast.
I must have time to check my data.



What do they count against
a moment of reality like this?

Wait! It's too dangerous.

You've already spent too much time
in the water for one trial.

Longer this time, Doctor.
I'm gonna stay under longer.

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.

Starflng Richard Basehart...

David Hedison.

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.

Two miles to station, Lee.

We'll approach
from the east this time.

Dr. Winslow complained we stir up the water and
mess up some of his photographic experiments.

Those two are really something.

Over six months under water
and still going strong.

When the admiral and Dr. Winslow
set up Underwater Experimental Post 1...

the plan was for a solid year.

This is the captain.
Rig for underwater running.

Repeat. Rig for underwater running.

Chip, here's our course.

One-eight-two degrees, depth 200 feet.

Take her down.

Sparks, put me through to the XP1.

Get him ready.

[ Winslow]
Dn Jenkins.

I thought we decided to stop this.

Manpower, Dr. “Wilson?
We need manpower.

Angie. Go to your quarters.

We're going to be having visitors.

[ Beeping 1

This is the XP1.
Dr. Winslow speaking.

This is Commander Crane. I'm bringing
the Sear/few in from the east as you requested.

Thank you, Commander.

And to minimize the disturbance from your ship,
could you remain at 500 yards from the XPi?

Certainly, Doctor. It makes a longer swim,
but I can use the exercise.

Anything special I can bring you,
besides the regular supplies?

Yes. Some pepper, if you please.

We've been able to synthesize
most everything else...

but our pepper from kelp
doesn't seem to do thejob.

We'll bring the pepper over.
Seaview out.

This one was an excellent swimmer.

He'll make a fine recruit for us.

I can't help feeling we're moving too fast.

- The combination of these drugs-
- We've been all over that.

In the three months
since the operation...

I have observed no side effects
in my own reactions or in yours.

It's the only practical procedure.

I hope you're right.
Let's put him away.

The Seaview'; here.

When are we gonna stop playing games...

and let Admiral Nelson know
what we've already done...

instead of pleading with him
to let us do it sometime in the future?

Because I'm not sure of what we've done.

I don't know what side effects all these
chemical and medical changes in the human body...

will cause.

Well, do you feel any real difference?

No, but I've observed
changes in you.

You're not the same man you were
when we entered the XP1 for the first time.

No, and neither are you.

Doctor, you're an amphibian...

and I might sayl did
as expert a job on you as you did on me.

I'm talking about the mind, the brain.

Do the course of injections
change the nervous tissue?

Well, you know it does.
I'm more alert.

My mind seems to have expanded,
to have opened up.

We'll talk about this later.

Is the report ready for Admiral Nelson?

Uh, it's complete.

Six months of study, research,
experiment and plain hard work.

It's complete except
for the most important part.

I've said again and again
that Admiral Nelson...

was opposed to experimenting
with human volunteers.

All right, all right. So you intend to coax him,
to bring him around gradually.

To pile up such an imposing array
of facts, figures and data...

he'll have to let us go ahead.

What happens when he discovers you disobeyed
his instructions and went ahead anyway?

If I can make him understand
the value, the importance...

the staggering scientific breakthrough
of what we've accomplished-

Fine. Do it your way, but wait.

You're gonna see
what I've known for weeks.

We have to break away from the land,
from Admiral Nelson.

We have to create
our own world, our own people.

That's an example of what I mean
when I sayyou've changed, Dnjenkins.

[Alarm Beeping I

- Hello, Dr. I/I/ins/ow
- Welcome aboard, Commander.

- Has it actually been I O days since your last visit?
- Ten days to the hour.

One loses track of time down here.

- [jenkins ] How'; Admiral Nelson?
-j ust fi ne.

- He expects to make the next supply trip.
- Good.

I'm very anxious to talk to him about the
direction I'd like our work in the XPi to take.

We'd like him to go over this...

put our tests and figures
on the computer.

Well, from looking at the two of you...

I'd say the whole project of adapting man
to life under the sea is completely workable.

In our minds,
there was never any doubt.

After all, life began in the sea.

And we know that at one point...

man, as an unborn embryo,
had gill slits.

Well, think of it-
The organism called man.-.

Has always had the physical equipment
for breathing under water.

Oh, speaking of equipment, I've brought you
something you can't get down here.


- Pepper- The genuine article, not a
synthesis of sea life- - Thank you-

Commander, we would like to go on
to the next logical step in our research-

do the biochemical treatment and surgery on
a human being that we outlined to the admiral.

But the admiral's been opposed to that
from the very beginning.

Yes, but I've volunteered for the honor.

No one can complain if I'm willing
to submit myself to the experiment-.

- The admiral can, and he will.
- Talk to him, Commander.

Tell him how eager we are, how much
we've accommodated to this life.

I see you're still conducting
experiments on mice.

How long have you managed
to keep 'em alive under these conditions?

[ Winslow] Their lungs have no difficulty
extracting oxygen from the waten.

If you don't mind, Skipper,
I'll collect the empty oxygen cylinders...

and get them back to the Seaview.

Wait a minute. I'll go with you.

I'll tell the admiral how anxious you are
to get to the next step.

I'm sure he'd like
to talk to you about it-.

Perhaps he'll come over here himself
and see the good work you're doing.

Fine. That's all we can ask for.

You might mention that science
is always held back...

by small, unimaginative minds.

I'm sure you're not including
the admiral in that category, Doctor.

Good-bye, Dr. Winslow.

- You're a fooLjenkins!
- Am I?

Or are you, for your fears
and your lack of courage?

I'm still in charge of this project.

Uh, it'll take two weeks
at the institute computer...

to prove or disprove
Winslow's figures and results.

But he's impatient.

Andjenkins is even more impatient.

I don't know. Uh-

It's almost as though
they've- they've changed.

What do you mean?

Oh, nothing, I guess.

No, Lee, it's important.
What do you mean by “changed?

You see, it ties in with
my research on the XP1 project.

My main concern was
of the effect of biochemistry...

on the nervous tissues of the body-
the brain, the sympathetic nervous system.

Well, they, uh- they seem different.

It's subtle, but Isee a sort of shift...

in character, in personality.

I figured it was because the two of them
were alone down there for so long...

getting on each other's nerves.

Or they may have started running tests
of the drug therapy on themselves.

You mean the series of injections
to prepare them for the surgical step?

- Yes.
- But that'; insane.

You said from the beginning that
something like that was years away.

But this whole report is a plea
to try the theory onjenkins.

You said yourself they tried
to persuade you to talk to me.

Winslow is a great scientist,
a truly great scientist.

Andjenkins is skillful, a genius.

I was happy to be a part
of the project...

to find the money for them...

to do my end of the research,
but this is-

Admiral, the oxygen tanks we brought up
from the XP1 - they're not empty.

Only 80% of the oxygen was consumed.

Eighty percent?
Of the expected consumption?

- That's right. The lab confirmed it.
- That's impossible.

Thanks, Chip.

Lee, I have to leave
for Washington in an hour...

- but I want you to go back out to the XP1.
- Yes, sir.

I want to know precisely why
the oxygen consumption is down.

It could be they're testing
some kind of drug...

which might reduce the oxygen need
in the human being.

I hope it's that simple.

The authorities were here this morning.

They said with all the publicity
the XPi project has got...

they had to ask
if there was any connection...

between those and Dr. Winslow.

But these are articles
about missing scuba divers.

That's right. Four men, one woman.

But people lose their lives scuba diving.

These were all
within the past few months...

along the shoreline here.

Now, here's the XP1.

The missing divers were all lost
along this section of the coast...

nearest the XP1.

I still don't see the connection.

Well, neither did they,
but they felt they had to ask.

You're going back out there.

Keep your eyes open,
see what you can find out.

All rigged for diving.

Take her down to 200 feet, course 2-3-5.
Hold course at dead slow.

I want to see if we can get
the XP1 under observation...

without their spotting us
on their sonar.

Look, there's a heavy
rock formation right here.

It mightjust interfere
with their ranging ability.

No question of it.
The gill breathing action is reflex.

Now she's a complete water animal.

And look at the heart action.

It's slower than we even dreamed possible.
She's completely asleep.

Let's wake her up.


Thank you, Angie.
The experiment was a complete success.

All right, Angie.
You're ready for another outing.

This is the captain. All engines off.

Complete silence.

Stop all work.


It's a girl.

A free swimmer at 200 feet!

That's incredible!

Look, look. On her neck.

Some kind of metal attachments.

- Artificial gills.
- Gills?

Dr. Winslow has gone ahead.
He's made his amphibian.

He's started creating his monsters.

Now, remember-

Take your position at the rock formation
you've seen on the map...

and keep the XP1
under constant observation.

Davidson and Morley
will replace Carson and Lynch.

Fine. Give us five minutes
and then contact Winslow by radio.

- Good luck, Lee.
- [Pinging]

We've drifted out of the rock formation.
We're on a sonar fix.

The XP1.

Sparks, put me through to the XP1.

[Fast Beeping]

It has to be the Seaview.

Those two small moving objects-

From the Seawew- divers.

They're stopped at that rock formation.

[ Beeping 1

This is the XP1.

- Dr. Winslow, this is Crane.
- Yes, Commander.

- Admiral Nelson asked me to come out again.
- Why?

Well, he's concerned about
the gas chemistry of the XP1.

Your oxygen use was 20% below
the expected consumption.


- Yes. I'd like to come over and take some tests.
- Oi course.

Well, that was a blunder.

We failed to account for those hours
spent out in the water...

hours when we weren't consuming oxygen.

Chip, start normal ship activity.
Make a lot of noise.

- Work out something that will
sound like repairwork. - Right-

A stupid mistake!

We're supposed to be scientists, and we make
a mistake that brings the Seaview back.

The electrolysis unit-
it's ready to put into operation.

Of course.

The reason you didn't tell Crane
on the radio...

was because I hadn't told you
that it was functioning.

He'll be satisfied and go away.

And if he doesn't?

If we keep everybody out of sight-

- Suppose he decides to search the XP1.
- We can't permit that.

We've manufactured enough plastic
explosives to destroy the Seaview.

But the men, the crew, they'll be killed.

We'll save as many as we can for recruits.

I'm getting like you-.

I'm no longer afraid.

I feel the power and the assurance
that what we're doing is right.

When I told Dnjenkins of our oxygen problem,
he laughed at me, Commander.

Really? How is it funny?

Well, I've been operating
an electrolysis system, Commander...

breaking water down
into hydrogen and oxygen.

Dr. Winslow forgot to account for it
in his notes or to mention it to you.

Well, maybe that would account
for the 20% decrease in oxygen.

Well, it could.

I haven't kept accurate figures.

That's not very scientific of me.

check the outer shell thoroughly.

- Keep a sharp lookout for any leaks.
- Yes, sir. Right away.

Why leaks, when we've used
less oxygen than expected?

Well, it's just a precaution.

Admiral Nelson wanted us
to check anyway.

I'm sorry, Commander.
That door is locked.

All the rooms of the XP1 are sealed off.

See, we're doing
gas mixture experiments.

Each of the rooms are carrying
a different oxygen-nitrogen mixture...

being tested with experimental animals.

- How long will it take to complete
the experiments? - Twenty-four hours-

But I imagine your repairs
will be complete by then.

Well, it's possible, Doctor.
But on the other hand, maybe not.

But you will be leaving
when you finish the leak checks?

I'm afraid not, Doctor.
We've had a pressure leak.

- We're gonna make the repairs right here.
- I see.

Tel! me-

Would you and Dnjenkins like to come
for dinner over at the Seaview tonight?

Impossible. Our routine of experiments
and observations make it out of the question.

Oh, I'm sorry.
You might have enjoyed the change.

I'll let you know if we have any leaks-.

[ L/I/ins/o w]
Thank you, Commander.

He knows. I swear he knows.

Those two men from the Seaview-
those guards.

When Crane gets back to the Seaview,
we'll take them.

And the Seaview?

lfit hasn't left within two hours,
we'll destroy it.

- What do you think?
- I'd say it's the same girl-.

Yeah, I think it is too.
The girl we saw down here, the free diven.

With gills.

That means that Winslow andjenkins
kidnapped her.

And the four missing men divers.

We'll have to search the XP1.

- Why not lay it on the line to Winslow andjenkins?
- We have to be careful.

If those missing people are in the XPT-

ifWinslow andjenkins have
been experimenting with them-

Chip, we've got to consider
their safety first.

- Yes, Kowalski.
- Skipper.

- Carson and Lynch.
- What about them?

Davidson and Morley
just got to their location.

- They're not there.
- Maybe they started back to the Seaview.

The guards were carrying two-way radios.
We can't raise them.

Davidson and Morley are looking too,
but they report no sign of them.

Anything else, sir?

Keep trying to get them by radio...

and tell Davidson and Morley
to get back to the ship.

Yes, sir.

- Winslow andjenkins?
- Do you have any other explanation?

Carson and Lynch
were experienced divers.

They were in direct
radio contact with us.

Sparks, see if you can make
contact with the XP1.

Chip, keep checking
with the telescopic viewer.

[ Beeping 1

- ls Crane trying to contact us?
- Yes.

I'm afraid you were right all along.

- We better finish this off right now.
- [Approaching Footsteps]

Get the explosive packets
and tell Angie to come in here.

Now, as soon as they leave,
answer Crane's radio call.

Talk to him, stall him,
give them time to get over there.

What defense could they have?

They could be lying about the breakdown.
They could move the Seaview.

I'm not sure, somehow,
that this is the right way.

It's the only way, and you know it.

The explosives, Doctor-

Could they be placed so as to disable
the Seawew- only disable her?

- Yes.
- Fine, fine. Do it that way.

With the entire crew as recruits,
we'll need the extra living space.

Over here.

Now, the packets will be placed
here, here, here and here.

Those are the buoyancy tanks.

Now, the explosives are of a size
that should localize the damage.

You see, Doctor, I anticipated you.

When I put these packets together...

lrather imagined that we 'd want
the Seaview formanyreasons.

Now, the timers are set for three minutes
after you trigger them.

That should give you
plenty of time to get away.

This is the XP1.

Dr. Winslow,
this is Commander Crane.

- We've been trying to reach you for some time.
- Lee, look at this.

Sorry, Commander. Dr. jenkins and!
were in the middle of some work in the lab.

We couldrft come.

[ Man On Speaker]
Captain Crane' Heavy electronic interference.

Doctor, we've suddenly developed
heavyjamming on our sonar.

Are you conducting any experiments
that could account for this?

Absolutely not, Commander.

- What's that sound I hear?
- Our own sonar.

Dnjenkins is out in scuba gear,
and I'm keeping him under observation.

We always do that. Safety measure.

Two of my men are missing.

I had them outside in scuba gear,
checking the hull.

Are they, by any chance, in the XP7 7

Of course not. I would have
contacted you at once.

Sparks says the XP1 is definitely
the source ofthejamming.

Dr. Winslow,
I've got to talk to you face to face.

Can you come over to the Seaview?

Why can? we talk right now?

The same thing that's jamming my sonar and
viewing screen is interfering with my reception.

I can hardly hear you.

I'm sorry, Commander,
but with Drjenkins outside...

it just isn't possible right now.

Thank you, Dr. Winslow.
I'll be back on the radio in a few minutes.

I want to see if I can clear up
the interference.

Dnjenkins outside.

Theyrejamming our sonar.
That means trouble.

Prepare to get underway.

Clearing buoyancy tanks.

- Power's still too low.
- Blow the tanks completely. See if we can rise.

Full power on pumps.

[ Explosion ]

Damage Control, report.
Kowalski, get Mr. Morton to sick bay.

See what chance we have
to get underway.

[ Man On Speaker]
This is Damage Control'

Hea w floozfingg but getting it under can tm/
Severe damage t0 buoyancy tanks.

Pumps out.

Damage to electrical system.
Electronics out.

Every crew member on damage repair.

Organize work parties immediately.

Great job! Both bombs exploded.
The Seawew won? be going anyplace.

Angie, some food. I'm hungry.

There- See?
Dead on the bottom.

They'll put guards out in the water now
to keep us from getting back to the ship.

Well, if they do,
we'll take them one by one.

They're helpless now.
They'll be forced to join us.

While you were gone,
I made a test on myself.

There is a change in the brain.

You used the electroencephalograph?

There's no question about it.
My brain waves are different, changed.

There's no match with previous tests
I've made on myself.

Well,just what does “different“
mean to you?

I don't know.

Are we mad...

or are we completely sane,
sensible and right?

Aren't we in this a little deep
to question it now, Doctor?

Yes, but inside of me, in my mind...

a voice keeps crying out against this-
this violence that we've done...

the changes we've made in these people
without their consent.

Well, you'll excuse me if I don't
stand here and shed a tear with you...

but I have some work to do with
the two new recruits from the Seaview.

Excellent, Angie.
You've become a very good cook.

While you struggle with what's left
of your conscience, Doctor...

you ought to consider
the truly great work we've already done.

You take this food, for instance-
all from the sea.

Bread from plankton,
meat, green vegetables.

Yes, you're right, as always.

XPl calling the Seal/few
XPl calling the Seal/few

Those maniacs could have
destroyed the Seaview.

- With one torpedo, we could wipe
them off the map- - No, Chip-

The admiral's orders are clear- get Winslow
and his hostages back to Santa Barbara alive.

Now, get the protective screen working.

If we throw every bit of power into
the protective screen, it'll slow up repairs.

Without it, the next attack
may blow the Seaview to bits.

[Man On Speaker]
Dr. I/I/ins/ow wants t0 speak t0 you, Captain.

This is the Captain.
Put Dr. Winslow on.

Commander, I'm sure you know now
it was a mistake to spy on us.

Doctor, Admiral Nelson considers you
one of the finest scientists in the world.

How can a man like you
do what you've done?

I'd like an opportunity
to explain it to you.

I'm coming over to the Seaview.

- Are the two men you captured safe?
- Quite safe.

And if I return safely to the XPl,
they'll remain that way.

Come over.

He's insane.
That's the only explanation.

This is the captain.
Get two men outside.

Dr. Winslow's coming over
to the Seaview.

Search him
before he's permitted to enter.

- Get the electrical screen working.
- Yes, sir.

With full power, we'll lay enough
electricity on the outside of this hull...

to electrocute any living thing
within a hundred yards-.

Let me know the minute you're ready,
even ifWinslow is here.

- Doctor, would you like to remove your wet suit?
- Thank you, no.

Kowalski, take the doctor
to the observation room.

- I'll be with you shortly.
- This way, Dr. Winslow.

We're ready to try the electrical screen
around the Sear/few

Where is it wired in for control?

Chief? This is the exec.

Ready to test electrical screen.

I cut all the speakers
except to the engine room.

Full power on.

What's its effective distance
from the Seaview?

Chief engineer says at least 1 O0 yards.

All right. Then we're safe from further
free-diver attack. Come on.

- [ Crackling]
- [Coughing]

What is that electrical sound?

- You'll have to ask the captain.
- [Footsteps]

Sit down, Doctor.

I was- [ Coughs] interested
in what use you might have...

for a high-intensity electrical field
somewhere near here.

Repair work, Doctor-
We had quite a job since your visit-.

Five men injured, some of them severely.

We had no intention of hurting anyone.

But we did have the right
to protect ourselves.

Doctor, I don't understand you
or what you're doing at all.

Now, maybe you can explain it to me.

No one has the right to stifle scientific research.
That is why we fought you.

We must be permitted
to carry on the project”.

adapt man completely for life in the sea.

No! That was never the purpose
of the XP1 project.

Yes. Yes, it was. In my mind.

And, Commander, we've done it.
Look at this.

I've been adapted myself.
lam a true amphibian.

I can breathe air,
and I can breathe under water...

getting my oxygen from the water itself

I need never set foot on land again.

But why? Why stay under water?

Oh, Commander,
if you knew the freedom, the beauty...

the music of the silences of the deep-

If you could but experience it,
you would beg to join us.

We're self-sufficient.

We get all our food from the sea...

synthesize everything we need-
all chemicals, all minerals.

We can make anything, do anything.

You can't hurt us or touch us,
because we can destroy you.

Admiral Nelson has checked your figures
in the computer again and again.

He says your injections
change the brain tissues.

He lied...

to frighten me, to frighten you
so you wouldn'tjoin us.

Doctor, we have no interest
injoining you.

You don't understand.

If you did,
you'd beg me for the privilege.

Oh, if you knew the heavenly freedom
of being truly alive in the water-

at home, united with the sea,
where all life began.


What's going on? What is that?

I told you- repairs, Doctor.

Your explosives did
an enormous amount of damage.

[Coughing Continues]

You havejust two choices, gentlemen.

Eitherjoin us voluntarily,
or we will destroy the Seaview...

and you will become one of us regardless.

I'm going back to the XP1.

You havejust two hours, Commander-

two hours to make up your mind.

He's no more the man we took out to the XP1
six months ago than I'm Admiral Nelson.

Did you notice his reaction
to the short circuits?

Well, he seemed to get a little dizzy,
sort of white.

- I'm gonna work out some figures for
that computer. - Figures for what?

Maybe Dr. Winslow and his amphibians
have a weak spot- ozone.

I'm gonna check on it.

That's right. A short in the electrical
system does produce ozone.

Turn on the telescopic viewer.

The minute Winslow
is past the hundred-yard limit...

turn on the high-intensity
electrical field.

I gave them two hours.

It's 'IO after 4:00 now.

Well, then they don't expect anything
to happen until 6:00.

I've planned a little surprise for 'em.
Angie here's gonna deliver it.

What's this?
What's Angie going to do?

Angie's gonna pay the Seaview
another visit.

- But why the scuba gear?
- Their own men wear this.

If they see her coming on sonar
or on the viewer...

they'll think one of their men
in the cold room's escaped.

Doctor, be careful. Both those oxygen tanks
are filled with plastic explosives.

- But I said two hours.
- I didn't.

Besides, the Seaview loses either way.

If the computer confirms my calculations,
get those two ozone generators built fast.

All right. Make the generators, Chip.

We've finally got a weapon
to use against them.

The biochemical changes
needed to make an amphibian...

also makes them
highly susceptible to ozone.

- We'll knock them out in a matter of seconds.
- I'll work on them myself.

I'm going out on guard duty
outside the electrical field,just in case.

The timing device is already set.

When Angie gets to the Sear/few,
she presses this plunger here...

like this.

Then she takes off the tank harness...

and she puts the two tanks
alongside the hull.

What if the Seaview has men out?

What if they capture her?

Angie knows exactly what to do,
and she'll obey, won't you, Angie?

What will she do?

If she's discovered,
she'll press the plunger...

and no one will know what she's done.

And no one will know what she's done.

- But she- she'll be-
- Yes, Doctor.

She's prepared to sacrifice herself
for the good of our world...

and to take some
of our enemies with her.

[ Crane On Speaker]
I'm outside the field now' Turn it on again.

We're getting you on sonar
and on the viewer, Lee.

Good luck.

A diver, Chip, in scuba gear.

I have him on the viewer.
Could one of our men have escaped?

He's wearing two tanks, but no bubbles.

It's a fake.
Keep the electrical field on.

She failed.

We must disable that ship
and drive the men out.

We must not let it get away.

They mustjoin us.
They must see the purejoy, the wisdom.

This time I'll go over, and I won't fail.

- Those two men in the cold room- they'll be
due for surgery soon- - Well, you do it then.

The loss of those two will be minor compared
to the loss of the Seaview and its crew.

- Kowalski, get the girl to sick bay.
- Yes, sir.

Chip, the electrical field- turn it on.

The ozone generators are ready, Lee.
How do we test their effects?

If she's all right,
we can try it on her.

There shouldn't be
any permanent harmful effects.

Bring one of the generators.

How is she, Doc?

There's no ill effects
from the blast concussion...

but this surgery is fascinating'

Her heart rate is fantastically low...

and her body temperature
is under 75 degrees.

- It's unbelievable.
- Go ahead.

[ Meaning]
Oh! Oh!

[ Meaning Continues]

All right.
Give her some oxygen, Doc.

Well, we're in business now.

The ozone generators- Chip, Kowalski
and I will take them over to the XP1.

- [ Moans]
- Watch her, Doc, and keep her here.

This young lady could flood the Seal/few,
kill us all and still get away herself.

That's one advantage an amphibian has.

Why? Why do we do this?

Will you check the sonar and see
if the Seaview people are quiet?

Angie was a nice person.
She deserved better of us.

Well, if she's dead,
it's a small price to pay.

If she's captured, we'll rescue her.

It's no time for tears, old man.

Forget the sonar.
Take care of our young men.

Make them amphibians
as quickly as possible.

I'll see to the disposal of the Seaview.

Chip, so far, so good.
We're out of range.

Switch on the electrical field.

Ifsjenkins. He's heading
right for the electrical field.

[ Electricity Crackling]

You can't help him now.

Swimmers, right beneath the XP1.

We won't let them take us to the land.


What's that? What are they doing?

Gas analyzer. it'll tell us-

Ozone. But why?

Ozone is unpleasant, but it isn't-

The experimenfs over, Dr. Winslow.
Dnjenkins is dead.

I just spoke to Admiral Nelson
back at the institute...

and he tells me there's every reason
in the world to believe...

that the biochemical body changes
can be reversed...

and that the surgery performed
can also be handled in a waym.

to restore each of you back to normal.

The most vulnerable man
in the world...

is the man
who imagines himself the victor.

You, Commander Crane,
havejust made that mistake.

Ifa single man in this room moves,
I shall blow this ship to bits.

Commander, pick up that microphone.

Tell your men...

that you are going to escort me
and my people to the stern escape hatch...

and that we are not to be interfered with
in any way whatsoeven.

This is the captain.

Dr. Winslow and his people- three men
and one woman- are here with me now.

Dr. Winslow has a bomb in his hands...

which he will detonate
if there is any interference.

He's to be left strictly alone.

You see, we are amphibians.

If the ship sinks or fills with water,
nothing can happen to us.

- I realize that-
- After you, Commander.

Open the escape hatch.
Open it quickly!

Go ahead. Go ahead, Chip.

Inside, all of you.

This timer can't be stopped.

The bomb will explode
in exactly three minutes.

Commander Crane, gentlemen.

[Bomb Timer Ticking]

Dr. Winslow,
I've cut the intake valve.

You can? open the hull hatch
unless the interior pressure is equalized'

Are you deliberately trying to kill us?

Not at all, Doctor. Open the hatch.

No! Release the intake valve
and let us go back to the sea.

Let us go, or we'll all die,
and you with us!

You can't reason with him.
He's out of his mind.

- Make him open the hatch.
- Open the hatch.

You can still save your lives.

[ Winslow]
No! Never!

Grab a couple of those crash mats.

Against the hatch.

Now, lean!

[ Explosion ]

Chip, open the torpedo tube!

Kowalski, prepare blast!

Blow all buoyancy tanks.

All ahead flank. Give it everything she's got
or she'll stay down here foreven.

- Ready to fire, Captain.
- Fire!

[ Explosion ]

Stopping me won't stop research,

All over the world scientists are trying
to work out ways to adapt man to the sea.

- But not your way.
- Perhaps not.

But the research will go on.
It must.

Man will need
the food the sea can give”.

and he'll find he must go down
into the sea to harvest it.

We're more concerned with reversing
what you've done to these people.

We have to give them back
their normal human characteristics.

If I'm right,
I don't think it can be done.

Then if I were you, Doctor...

I'd start praying that you're wrong.