Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1964–1968): Season 1, Episode 23 - The Human Computer - full transcript

The Seaview is selected to be converted to a totally automatic ship controlled by a central computer. The mission goes well till Capt Crane, the only person on board the sub realizes he may not be as alone as he thought.

Captain. Unidentified aircraft.
Point 2-7-0 degrees.

- We're running out of time.
- I know.

- [Machines Clacking]
- [ Chattering]

Why doesn't the Seaview
take evasive action?

Nelson has his orders.

Range 5,000 yards.
Closing fast.

3,000 yards and still closing fast.

- Stand ready.
- Keep her steady as she goes.

We have to start defensive maneuvering.
We can't keep playing sitting duck.

You know our orders as well as I do.

- There's still a chance to-
- [ Nelson ] No!

What we do and when we do it
is entirely up to Mr. Reston.

We have to do something.
That bomber is zeroing right in on 'em.

Missiles. Three of them.
Bearing 2-6-8 degrees.

- We'd better start making ourselves scarce.
- Right now.

Admiral, we've got about
3O seconds to turn tail and run.

- More like 2O seconds- - We should
have taken evasive action immediately.

- Captain, that's just what we're doing.
- But too late.

We've evaded missiles one and two.
Missile three homing on collision course.

It's gonna hit any second now.

Lieutenant, inform Washington
that the Seaview hasjust been sunk.

[Man Narrating]
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.

Starflng Richard Basehart...

David Hedison.

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.

And the malfunction
was of a minor nature.

In fact, it was this-.

One 30-cent transistor.

It caused a temporary slowing of
the computer system's electronic impulse.

Otherwise, the Sear/few would easily have
maneuvered past the third practice missile.

Otherwise, the Sear/few would easily have
maneuvered past the third practice missile.

The fact of the matter remains, if the
test maneuvers had been the real thing“.

the Seaview would no longer exist.

Yes, that's true. But our tests
are only half finished.

And there can be no malfunctions,
gentlemen, once the brain takes over.

The brain?

A nickname for the most sophisticated
computer ever devised'

The culmination
of years of experimentation.

Six months ago, we thought
this was 2O years away...

but an unexpected breakthrough
has made it a reality.

It can size up any situation
in less than a millisecond...

select the correct countermeasure...

and immediately send proper
instructions to the slave computers.

How soon will it
be ready for installation?

Whenever you're ready to start
the second half of the maneuvers-.



The war games will continue
on Thursday.

Have the Seaview prepared
to put to sea at 0400...

to be in the war game area by daylight
on a completely automated mission-

if Mr. Reston's super brain
is ready to assume command.

One thing about
our super brain, gentlemen:

It thinks 24 hours a day.
It'll be ready.

[ Reston] Easy now.
There'sjust a few more feet to go.

Set it down easy. Easy.

- That's fine.
- [Grunts]

Gentlemen, you can
open up the back.

Mr. Reston, if these are so smart,
how come they can't carry themselves aboard?

- Give us time. We're working on it.
- Yeah.

Thank you.

When can we sail, Mr. Reston?

Not we, it.
Or should I say she?

We. I'm going along.

Captain, the whole point of this test
is to prove that an automated submarine...

can function in battle
with absolutely no one on board.

I'm sorry, Mr. Reston,
but according to maritime law...

ifa vessel is deserted,
anyone can claim it as a derelict ship.

Don't worry. I won't press
any buttons on your super brain.

From what we know of Reston's computer,
it looks exactly like this.

Not very imposing.

But with enormous potential for us.

With this secret, we will control
a fleet of a thousand drone submarines.

We will command
the oceans of the world.

You have your orders.

There remains only this:

the tape for the computer.

I understand.
Once the war games are completed...

this tape will
reprogram the computers...

and bring the submarine
to our nearest port.

Exactly. However, there is the complication
of having Captain Crane aboard.

One man will present no problem.

It will not be quite
as easy as you imagine-.

Captain Crane must appear
to have died by accident.

Then we'll notifi/ the American government
to pick up theirsubmarine.

Not, of course, until we have secured
the secret of their master computer.

It's time for my plane.

Remember, Captain Cranes death
must appear to be an accident.

Good luck.

All right, gentlemen.
That does it.

[Switches Clicking]

[ Relays Clicking]

Everything's secure topside.

- It's now 0400.
- Yes, I know that.

The computers are ready.
You, Captain?

Oh, I'm just going along for the ride.

- Your computers are running this show.

But if something should go wrong-

Then I'll immediately contact Mr. Reston
by shortwave radio for instruction.

Nothing will go wrong.

By the way, I'm not fully versed
in the proper maritime procedures...

but shouldn't you have requested
the captain's permission to come aboard?


All right, Lee.
Have a good rest.

All right, Captain.
Don't just stand there. Do something.

[ Relays Clicking]

[Spoon Clatters]

[ K [axon Blaring]

Up scope-.

You blow this, Charlie...

it's back to
the hardware store for you.

[ Rumbling]

This is W437 Green.
Come in, Blue Leader.

[ Crane]
Come in, Blue Leader.

Ah, come in, Lee.
We read you.

[Sighs ] Tell Mr. Reston his super brain
is a first-rate sub commander.

It took perfect evasive action.
We're sitting on the bottom.

[ Nelson] We've just had a report
from the fleet commander.

The y've lost you completely You ma y consider
your phase of the test exercise ended

Fine. Now can you do me a favor?
These machines may not need light, but I do.

They've got
a complete blackout down here.

This is Reston, Captain. Go to the console
of the master computer...

and press the bypass button.

Hold it down and then depress
button A24. That'; A-two-four.

Hold it down for two seconds and you won't
have any more trouble with the lights.

Thanks. And you can tell
your super brain...

that I'm ready to head
for home whenever it is.

[ Nelson] Don? worry. You?! be started
back in a matter of minutes.

just relax and enjoy it.
Blue Leader out.



Come on, Captain.
Get off the dime.

It's time for us to go home.

This is W437 Green.
Come in, Blue Leader.

W437 Green.
Come in, Blue Leader.


[Switches Clicking]

[Lid Clatters ]

[ Banging]

[ Banging]

[ Banging Continues]

[ Banging Continues]

[ Clattering ]

[ Banging Continues]


[ Banging]

[ Rattling]

[Bullets Clicking In Magazine]


[ Rattling]

[ Rattling Continues]

[ Rattling]

[Rattling Stops]



[ Clattering ]

[ Clattering ]

[ Metal Crashing]


[ Metal Creaking]

Who areyou?

Who are you?

Answer me!

[Hangs Up Microphone]

[ Gunshots ]

[ Glass Breaking]


If you're trying to kill me,
whyareyou running?

Pick up a mike and answer me.

All right.

[Door Clatters]

[Pistol Clicks]


[ Banging]

[ Liquid Splashing]

[Alarm Bell Ringing]

[Alarm Stops]

[ Man On Speaker]
Thank you, Captain Crane.

A t last you've gone
where I wanted you t0.

- What are you after?
- Your remarkable computer.

It has been reprogrammed
to take this ship to my country.

- We'll proceed as soon as your naval units
leave the area- - You're out of your mind.

That's war,
an outright act ofwar.

Not at all. We'll simply report
its arrival with a dead captain aboard...

many regrets from my country and a generous
offer to return both the submarine...

and its late, gallant skipper.

Of course, in the meantime,
we?! have the secrets we're after.

They'll know you killed me.

Not at all. just an unfortunate accident.
Death by asphyxiation.

The area you're locked in
ls one of the smallest on the ship...

and I am about to cut off your ain.

You can? live more than a few hours.

Good-bye, Captain.


Listen, whoever you are-.

If you tamper with that computer...

you could blow this ship sky-high.

You'll never get away with it.

I wouldn't worry about that
right now, Captain Crane.

The more you talk, the faster you'll
use up what little airyou have left.

- What do you want from me?
- I want you to die.

[Grate Clatters ]

[Air Hissing]



[Locks Click]

[Gasping, Panting]


[Both Grunting]




How long did you leave him
pinned under the scope?

Lust long enough to pull out
the tape he'd run into the computer.

At which point Reston's
super brain took over...

and set you right back
on course for Santa Barbara.

And I was glad he did. Well, I'm well
enough to get right back to duty.

Why so soon?

He's afraid he might be replaced...
by, uh, you know what.

That's right- And you go try and borrow
'IO bucks from that on a Saturday night-.

[All Chuckling]