Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1964–1968): Season 1, Episode 22 - The Buccaneer - full transcript

The Seaview is seized by a man calling himself the "Buccaneer. As audacious as his plan is, it is only a small piece in a much larger plan.

[Sirens Wailing]

[Sirens Continue]

Fire? Are you sure there's
nothing down there?

[Blows Landing]

[Crane] There was a flash fire
in the paint shop. It's under control now.

- Much damage?
- No, they don't think so.

- [ Running Footsteps]
- Now wait a minute.

[ Footsteps Continue]

All of you.
Hands up in the air.

Hold it!

That's better.

At once!

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.

Starflng Richard Basehart...

David Hedison.

Voyage to the Bottom
of the Sea.

Lock them all up
in the aft crew's quarters. All but him.

He goes to
the officefs section.

Now you two come with me.

All right. March!

[ Man On Speaker] Reactor Room. Nuclear pile
activated and standing by

Inertial Navigation.
Guidance systems all go.

All stations, stand by
to get underway.

- [Man ] Maneuver/mg Ready t0 ans wer bells.
- Sea detail posted, sir.

[ Captain] Very well' Cast off
all lines, fore and aft.

[ Man #2]
All green, sir.

[ Captain] Maneuvering,
prepare to make turns' Five knots.

Admiral Nelson.
I'm delighted to meet you.

And Captain Crane, of course.

You may call me Mr. Logan.

Oh, come now.
I do hope we'll get along.

After all, we're going to be
together for quite a long time.

- I doubt that.
- Sir, ready to get under way.

You'll never get
away from the dock.

Gentlemen, my captain, Igor...

the best submariner
that money could buy.

- Carry on, Captain.
- Yes, sir.

Starboard engines
ahead one-third.

[Footsteps Running
On Deck]

- [Pounding On Hatches]
- Sail camera!

Aye, aye, sir.

Captain, order
a crash dive.

Close all
main ballast vents.

You can't dive with them
on deck. You'll kill them.

- Prepare to dive.
- [Man] Ballast tanks full

- [Man #2 ]All green.
- Dive!

[ K [axon Blaring]


I expect an occasional
outburst, gentlemen.

But please,
not too many.

One of the guards
may forget his orders.

You can't help but admire their
efficiency, can you, Admiral?

They know every inch of this ship, from
a careful study of plans and photos...

which I was ingenious
enough to get for them.

- You're gonna run us aground.
- You don't know this channel.

Gentlemen, look at this.

A detailed chart of your secret channel,
delivered C.O.D.

This information has already been fed
into your navigational computer.

[ Man On Speaker] Zero bubble.
Depth, keel to bottom, 20 feet.

Steady as you go.
Switch to automatic guidance system.

[ Man On Speaker]
Aye, aye, sir.

We're on the automatic
guidance system, sir.

Now, the navigation is in the capable
hands of this extraordinary machine.

And I'm sure you built
it welLAdmiral.

All right, you'll make it through
the channel. Then what?

Oh, later, Admiral, later.

It's been a long day.
I feel the need of refreshment.

In fact, why don't you both join me
in the observation nose-.-...

in, say, an hour.

Hmm? Until then,
look after my friends.

- We got to find a way outta here.
- How?

Did you see what happened
to Henderson and Parsell?

I'd like to get my hands
on some of those guys-just once!

So you finally
decided to feed us.

- [Groaning]
- Hold it!

Back up there.
Hands in the air.

[Groaning, Grunting]

- [ Groans] Oh!
- You all right, Ski?


Adventurer, freebooter,
and now, buccaneer.

That's a role
I rather fancy.

A pirate's life, Mr. Logan,
finishes at the end of a rope.

Only the bunglers
and the fools, Admiral.

And the police of the world would be the first
to admit that I am far from that category.

Look, you didn't bring
us here for a chat.

- What do you plan to do with this ship?
- Gentlemen.

You should feel truly honored
to share in what will be the most...

brilliant coup in my long
and distinguished career-.

- “Honored“ is hardly the word.
- Perhaps not.

But since you are to be directly involved,
you should at least be mildly curious.

After all, I stole your submarine
out from under your very noses...

soyou must admit
I'm a quite resourceful man.

- Don't you agree, Admiral?
- [ Scoffs]

Well, under the circumstances,
it would be rather difficult to deny.

Sit down, Lee. Mr. Logan is running
with the ball for now.

You're a practical man,
Admiral. I admire that.

I've had some practical
plans in my time-

practical enough to acquire
a fabulous fortune.

Any ordinary man
would be content.

But you're not. Why?

Because I have one
last, great...

unobtainable goal.

You've hijacked the greatest ship
in the world.

Now what else could you possibly want
to crown your “distinguished“ career?

Just one thing more.

A prize that haunts me.

One I intend to possess
at any cost.

Obviously, what you want
can't be bought on the open market.

You're most astute, Admiral.

What I seek
is a certain lady.

The most beautiful, the most desirable
female in the whole wide world.

Why get us mixed up
with your love life?

Oh, not you, gentlemen.
Your incomparable submarine.

With it, I can obtain
the unobtainable.

And in due time,
you shall see how.

You'll forgive me, Captain, if
I send you back to your cabin.

Not you, Admiral- There's something in the
control room that I think will interest you-.

Escort the captain
to his quarters.

[ Lock Clicking]

Did you find out anything?

No, not a lot-

We met
the chief buccaneer.

- But outside of that, we don't know much.
- Wouldn't he talk?

Talk! He won't shut up.
How are the men?

I don't know whether Henderson's
alive or dead. Parsell either.

- They were- Took them away.
- And the others?

Locked in the aft crew's quarters.
They separated the men from the officers.

- Strict protocol.
- [ Scoffs ] That sounds like Logan.

Unarmed, locked in.
How do we get our ship back?

Observe, Admiral. Do you know what
that is we're picking up on our sonar?

It's probably a surface ship
at extreme range. Why?

That's exactly right.

She's moving very fast, but your marvelous
submarine is definitely overtaking her.

The vessel, in case you're wondering,
is the cruiser Lorraine.


You're tracking the most powerful ship
in the French Navy.

- Quite right.
- The Lorraine.

That's the ship
that's carrying the-

So that's what you meant
by the most desirable female in the world.

- Of course.
- Right again-

But you're completely mad.

This is the most
outlandish scheme ever devised.

Yes, isn't it?

And the most delicious part
of that scheme is now about to begin.

Admiral, with your help,
lam going to steal--.

The greatest
art treasure in existence-

Leonardo da Vinci's
Mona Lisa.

- Steal the Mona Lisa?
- [Drops Pencil]

You see? I told you
Logan was insane.

I wish you were right.
No, Lee, he has a brilliant mind.

I've been studying him carefully. There was
something familiar about him all along.

But I-l couldn't quite put
my finger on it for a while.

- And now? - And now I've placed
him- I never knew him, of course.

And his name wasn't always “Logan?
He used all sorts of names.

This man is without doubt the greatest adventurer
and the most wanted criminal of our time.

Do you remember that
£5 million robbery...

at the Bank of England
back in 'I 971 ?

- That was Logan?
- Well, it was never proved, of course.

But both Scotland Yard and Interpol are
convinced that he masterminded thejob.

And that's
only one of many.

- You make him sound like a genius.
- He's close to being one.

Look how he planned
the hijacking of the Seaview.

Now that's something I would
have thought was impossible.

- I still can't believe it.
- And the timing.

The most valuable painting
in the world is being shipped...

to the world's fair
in Australia...

by the French government's
fastest and strongest ship.

Nothing on the ocean, or under
it, can overtake her or outgun her-

- Except us.
- Except us.

So far, his planning
has been perfect.

Which is why our plan to escape
has got to be equally well conceived.

All right.
Now where do we start?

By rejoining
what's left of our crew.

Well, that's fine.
But they're locked in just as we are.

With plenty
of armed guards.

We'll find a way.

Gentlemen, good news.
The waiting's over. We're about to act.

- I assume we've overtaken the Lorraine.
- Correct.

Will you join me up forward, Admiral?
You have a vital role to play.

You must know already I have no intention
of playing any kind of a role-

-vital or otherwise.
- Please come along, Admiral.

We'll discuss this
as practical men.


You'll excuse us, gentlemen?

Standard right rudder.

Slow to two-thirds.

There she is, sir.

Ahh. Please.
I want you to see this.

She's a supercruiser.
Well-armored, heavily armed.

- Now what?
- Patience, Admiral.

You know what to do.

Slow to one-third.
Come to course 1-5-4.

Forward Missile Room.

Ready nuclear missiles
one, three, five, seven,.

lfthat order was meant to impress me,
you're wasting your time.

You won't sink that ship
with the Mona Lisa aboard.

I sincerely hope
it won't be necessary.

In a large measure
it's up to you, Admiral-.

Sorry, Logan.

Any reply from
the Lorraine'; captain?

Yes, sir. He's heaving to,
but he refuses to accept a boarding party.

He wants to know if
Admiral Nelson'; lost his mind.

I expected that.

Tell him,Admiral Nelson
wishes to speak to him.

Stand by, Captain.

Here's Admiral Nelson.

You know better than that, Logan.
I won't do anything to further your plans-.

I think you will, Admiral.

It's up to you to convince
the captain to save his ship.

Sir, the Lorraine'; captain
is standing by.

Hello, Captain.
This is Mr. Logan.

I'm now in command of
the nuclear submarine Seaview.

Unless you accept our boarding party,
you will be sunk.

You have exactly...

6O seconds to
make up your mind.

Here's Admiral Nelson.
He'll tell you I mean business.

You're bluffing.
You won't fire, because if you do...

you'll destroy
the thing you value most.

You underestimate me, Admiral.
Always a fatal mistake.

I made up my mind that unless I
can possess her, no one else ever will.

I assure you. If you don?
convince the good captain”.

his ship will be blown up.

You have 3O seconds.

[ Man On Speaker] Nuclear missiles one,
three, five and seven ready for firing.

[ Man #2]
Stand by to fire number one.

Fifteen seconds, Admiral.
It'll be on your conscience.

- Ten seconds.
- You really mean what you say, don't you?

Yes, I do.

- You're completely mad.
- Perhaps.

Oh- Your time is up-.

This is Admiral Nelson.

This man Logan is
really in earnest-.

Unless you allow
a boarding party at once”.

I'm convinced
he'll sinkyour ship.

The captain
is reconsidering.

- He'll allow a boarding party on two conditions.
- What are they?

The boarding party
is limited to four men...

- and I'm one of them.
- Done.

Send the confirmation.

My profession has taught me
to be suspicious of everyone.

Unless you are successful
in persuading them...

to deliver me the painting
within an hour...

I w/I/sink the Lorraine
with you aboard...

and kill every one of your
men here on the Seaview.

Escort the admiral
to his quarters.

We 'll be in position
in 70 minutes.

[ Lock Clicking]

- What are they doing?
- You were right about Logan. He is a maniac.

I'm convinced the minute he gets
the Mona Lisa, he's gonna sink that ship.

And we can't do
a thing to stop him.

Can't we?

Lee, can you crack
the grid on that vent?

No problem.

Wait. Not yet.
They'll be here in a minute.

As soon as I leave,
get to work on it.

What'll I do when
I get the grid off?

That duct carries
the main electrical conduit...

- from the control room to the missile room.
- Of course.

The whole missile guidance
system depends on it.

- I'll cut the conduit- - Before I get
back from the Lorrazhe with the picture-.-

- be sure that line is cut.
- Will do.

[ Latch Clicking]

Your demands are insulting.

As you see, every precaution
has been taken to protect the work.

This cabin is carefully
air conditioned...

shock proofed...

and under
constant watch.

No, before I would permit
the removal of this painting...

I would sacrifice
my ship and my life.

I sympathize, Captain,
but be reasonable.

We have less than 3O minutes. If you refuse
Logan, he'll blast you out of the water.

Let him try. He will have
the fight of his life.

You have a great fighting ship, sir,
but it's no match for Seaview.

He will never attack.

He would only succeed in destroying
the very thing he wishes to obtain.

Listen, and believe me.
I know the man.

Rather than admit defeat,
he'll do exactly that.

And the Mona Lisa will be lost not only
to France, but to the world for all time.

- You truly believe he would do this?
- I do.

At the moment,
you have no other choice.

Never! I cannot do this!

But you must!


Look at it this way.
As long as the painting is undamaged...

it can be recovered.

You think there is the slightest chance
of recovering the painting?

As long as it's undamaged,
I think there's every chance.


Very well. But you
tell this pirate...

I intend to track him around
the world if I have to.

All right, you heard.
Get to work.

Gently now. Don'tjar it.

That's the way. Hold it.

Carefully now.
Don't let it bump.

- Do you plan to open it here?
- Of course I am-.

Do you think I could possibly
postpone such a moment?


Better check
the environment first.

- Humidity seems a little high to me.
- Yes, you may be right.

A temperature imbalance
could crack the pigment.

It is high.
Several percentage points.

I suggest you activate
the environment regulator.

That'll bring the temperature and
humidity of the boat up to proper levels.

Uh-huh. Thank you.
See to that at once!

I'm, uh, really grateful
for your help, Admiral.

[Chuckles] Well, I'm just
as anxious as you are...

to see that no harm
comes to the Mona Lisa.

You see, I plan to recover it
and return it to the Louvre.

I wouldn't want to see it
go there damaged in anyway.

You are optimistic, aren't you?

Well. Still and all,
lam grateful.

Escort the admiral
to his quarters.

[ Igor On Speaker]
Mn Logan, this is the captain.

Will you come up
to the control room right away?

Take her to the observation
nose. And be careful.

Hurry up! if they catch you in there,
they'll kill you.

Captain, she's
safely aboard at last.

I've done it.
I've won her.

- They're not leaving, sir.
- What?

The Lorraine isn't leaving.
They must be planning to track us.

Captain, ready
your nuclear missiles.

- Blow that ship out of the water.
- Aye, aye, sir.

[ Man On Speaker]
Nuclear missile ready to fire.

Bearing 1-1-3.
Range, 5,000 yards.

Fire one!

[ Beeping]

- [ Beeping Resumes]
- Well?

It, uh-
it didn't fire, sir.

- What's the matter with it?
- I don't know.

Get Crane and Nelson
up here- fast!

Is he through?

- He's coming through now.
- Someone's coming!

Lee, hurry!

Nelson, Crane-
Come with me.

[ Door Closes ]

[Whistles, Sighs]

Gentlemen, your missiles
do not fire. Why not?

- Why ask us?
- 'Cause you know your ship better than we do.

And we have no time.
Where's the trouble, Captain?

Answer! What do we do?

What was it they used to teach us at the
academy, Admiral? “When in doubt, punt?“


I should have warned you, Captain.
Igor has no sense of humor.

If we can't sink the cruiser,
we can hide from her at least...

until we repair
our missile system.

- Dive at once, Captain.
- Aye, aye.

- Prepare to dive!
- [Klaxon Blaring]

Stand by to rig
for silent running.

You might have been a bit
more cooperative, Admiral.

Still, I am grateful to you
for your help in other matters-.

I'll see that you're rewarded
for that.

I expect to be,

Take them out.

It isn't foolproof, but
it's a good calculated risk.

Now the vent is the key.
That duct ends at the gyro control room.

When you get there and throw the gyro
control, the ship will lurch from side to side.

Timing's the important
thing then.

If the steward brings dinner to our men
at 1800, it should work.

- But if he doesn't?
- I believe he will-.

The way Igor plans his watches,
I can almost guarantee you...

that dinner will be served
at exactly 1800 hours.

Which means I'll have to start crawling
through that vent 15 minutes before that.

And you throw the gyro control switch
at exactly 1800 hours.

Right. The guards
will be taken by surprise...

and our men can
make their break.

you'll have to crawl...

through the vents to the crew's quarters
and explain the plan to them.

It's a good plan.
I hope it works.

It better.
We may not get another chance.



Hey, you 8W5!

- What's up?
- Listen to this.

Mr. Morton says
we're busting out of here.

- What do we do, Mr. Morton?
- Wait a minute. Give him a chance.

- Go ahead, sir.
- [ Morton ] Chief Memorize what I tel/ you.

- [ Sighs]
-174O hours.

[ Rattling]

- Finished? - I hope they got it
straight. I didn't have time to verify-

- Lee.
- I'm ready.

- You'vejust under 2O minutes to get
to the gyro control room. - All right-

- Wait!
- [Footsteps]

[ Lock Clicking]

Well, gentlemen.
Good evening.

I promised you a reward,
and I always keep my promises.

I want you to come with me.

You mean, right now?

Yes. I insist.

In that case, I'll have
dinner alone right here.

No, no, no, no, no. I wouldn't think of it.
Pleasejoin us.

All right, gentlemen.
Let's go.

[ Footsteps]

[ Footsteps Continue]

Remember, we head aft to the missile room
as soon as we get out.

- If we get out-
- We will-.

- Kowalski, how good are you at playing sick?
- Who's playing?

Gentlemen, I brought you together
here for the rare privilege of...

sharing with me this-
this culminating moment.

This last, sublime achievement
in a brilliant career.

L-I apologize for
the hasty summons”.

but I'm sure such mundane considerations
will soon be forgotten.

You're about to meet the most provocative,
most unattainable female...

who's ever lived.

Gentlemen, may I present...

Gentlemen, may I present...

the most fabulous prize
ever taken by a buccaneer.

I see you're overpowered by her beauty,
Admiral. [Chuckles] Small wonder.

- The world has been at her feet for centuries.
- Logan, you're insane.

What do you expect to get
out of this lunatic scheme?

Da Vinci's Mona Lisa is the most
famous painting in the world.

You can't hope to sell it.
You can't even show it off.

You disappoint me, Admiral.

I wouldn't dream of selling her.
Or even sharing her with others.

- [Footsteps]
- They're here.

All right, now. Listen. lfthe skipper
doesn't make the gyro room in time...

- then we've got to keep 'em here.
- I'll keep 'em.


[ Kowalski Groaning]

- What's wrong with him?
- He's sick.

[Patterson] Yeah, he's got a fever.
He needs a doctor.

- Somebody better look him over.
- [Groans]


- [ Groans]
- You better take a look.

She's mine now.
To treasure. To cherish.

To keep by my side
for the rest of my days.

You'll be the last
outsiders ever to see her.

Let's get outta here!

- [Gunshot]
- Stop, you fools! You may hit her.

Round up all
tear gas grenades.

- You guard that hatch, Chief.
- Yes, sir.

[ Logan On Speaker]

A brilliant maneuver,
well-planned and cleverly executed'

Even I couldni'
have done better.

your victory is an empty one.

- What's with him?
- Be patient, Chief.

If I know Logan, this is
gonna be a long speech.

- I'm gonna gear up.
- Yes, sir.

Your remarkable submarine has
managed to outrun all pursuit.

Soon, we will
part company forever.

The Mona Lisa and I will
retire to our own private Eden...

safe from those
who do not wish us well.

You, gentlemen, will be the
guests of a government which-

in exchange for the gift
of your submarine-

will undoubtedly regale you
with their own inimitable brand...

- QfOfle-nta/hospita/izy
- Can't that guy talk English?

Being a practical man,
I have made arrangements...

to trade the Seaview
for a remote sanctuary-

a secure hiding place in which
I can enjoy the fruits of my labors.

He's got to be kidding!

In a few short hours,
we rendezvous with a destroyer...

at which time
I turn over the Seaview...

and bid you all
a fond farewell.

It'; been fun, Admiral
Don't you agree?

- All this for a picture?
- A picture?

Kowalski, if you tried to sell
the Seaview in the open market...

it wouldn't bring
as much money as the Mona Lisa-.

- You're kidding.
- It's the most famous work ofart in the world.

Wars have been fought
over less.

- Where do you want the tear gas, Mr. Morton?
- Attach the canisters here.

Couple this to the pump.

Those batteries will keep the
pump going about five minutes.

We're going to pump in enough
gas to force them to surface.

All connected, sir.
I'm ready.

All right, Patterson.

When you crawl through the ducts,
the passage to the left...

will give you a clear shoot
up to the control room.

- Just point the nozzle there, and we'll do the rest.
- All right, sir.

Patterson'll be in position
in a couple of minutes.

Now the question is, how do we get out
of here with our tear-gas grenades?

Look. Look at this.

Oh, it's like having
our own private tank.

[ Clatter Echoing
In Duct]

- Listen.
- [ flattering]

[ Guards Clattering]

[ Panting]
You okay, Patterson?


Thanks, Ski.

You go on.
I'll tell 'em back there that-[ Panting]

- Everything's okay. [Chuckling]
- Right.

- Okay, Mr. Morton.
- Here we go.

[ Click, whirring]


Shut all airvents.
Stand by to surface.

Ten degrees up bubble!

The outside pressure's dropping.
We're coming to the surface.

All right, Lee,
take off.

- All set?
- [Crane] Aye, sir.

Now, Kowalski.

- [Man On Speaker] On surflvce.
- [Coughing]

Crack the hatches.
Activate blowers.

[Coughing Continues]

Lovely, ism' she?

You have the gun.
Use it.

You know I won't
damage the picture.

Even for the pleasure
of shooting you.

- [ Igor] The picture means no
thzhge t0 me. Admzkal - [Gunshot]

I couldn't let
that barbarian fire.

At one time, I was...

ready to destroy her
rather than to give her up.

But that was before I knew
what it was to possess her.

[ Thuds On Deck]

Admiral, the captain of the Lorraine
sends his compliments.

He received our message
and he's heading...

- for this position at full speed.
- Very well, Lee.

[ Morton]
She almost seems alive, doesn't she?

I wonder what
she's thinking about.

Poets and philosophers have speculated
about that for ages, Lee.

Perhaps, uh-

Perhaps each man has
to find his own answer.