Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1964–1968): Season 1, Episode 20 - The Invaders - full transcript

An undersea earthquake exhumes hundreds of strange metallic capsules, and a powerful humanoid creature who could destroy mankind is restored to life after millions of years in suspended animation.

- The ocean bottom's still slipping away, Captain.
- Seismograph, report.

Seismographs still recording bottom slides
all through the area, Captain.

Keep 1 O0 feet of water below keel.

- Follow the bottom on down.
- Aye, sir.

Channel all data through the computers
for chart revisions, Mr. Morton.

Yes, sir.

- [Crane On Intercom ] Admiral Nelson?
- Yes?

Admiral, can you come
to the control room?

All right.
I'll be right there.

Seismograph recording four magnitude slide
100 miles north-northeast.

Shock waves should reach us
in about 2O seconds.

All hands, brace yourselves
for shock waves.

- Let me have the graphs, Mr. Morton.
- Yes, sir.

All right, here it comes, men.
Stand fast.

- Damage Control, report.
- [Man] Damage Control reporting No damage.

- [ Beeping Rapidly]
- We're picking up a double bottom, sir.

The slide has completely
altered the bottom contour.


All stop.

There's a layer of silt
hiding the true bottom.

- I want to know what's under there.
- Diving team, stand to.

Keep them in sight, Lee.

Port engines ahead one third.

- Take her above the divers, Mr. Morton.
- Aye, sir.

All stop.

A city...

crumbled with the decay of centuries”.

yet it looks like a city of the future.

What are they, Admiral?

Let's take a closer look.

They look like capsules.

- Have the divers bring one of them in.
- Aye, sir.

There's no opening.
Only this.

- Curley, get me a flashlight.
- Yes, sir.

It must be an inch thick.

At least.

Flashlight, Admiral.

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.

Starflng Richard Basehart...

David Hedison.

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.

The light hurts his eyes.

Curley, dim to night lights,
and bring overa diamond drill.

Yes, sir.

He musfve been in a state
of suspended animation.

If we don't get him out of there,
he'll suffocate.

Try over here too.

[Drill Whirring]

Maximum R.P.M.

Ah, it's useless.
Switch it off.

How about the acids?

Well, the hydrochloric, the fluoric
and the sulfuric acids are all negative.

I'm trying the nitric now.

Mmm. Still negative.

Ah. It's a Chinese puzzle.

It's an alloy that seems
to be impervious to everything.

He's suffocating in there.

What about trying to get him out
with an arc rod?

No, no.
That'd bake him alive.

We might be able to keep the skin of
the capsule cool with a spray of water...

at least long enough
to, uh, cut an air hole.

Chief, rig a hose.

- Bring up the arc.
- Yes, sir.

Have the respirator ready.

No heat retention at all.

Cut a one-inch breathing hole.

He's not moving.

It's too late.

Mr. Morton,
verify that all hatches are open.

All hatches are open, sir.

[ Crane]
All ventilation systems on?

All ventilation systems on, Captain.

All electrical switches
and relays disconnected?

All electrical relays
and switches disconnected, sir.

Attention, all hands.
This is the captain.

We're using liquid oxygen.

Oxygen is highly combustible.

The smoking lamp is off.

- Ship's secure, sir.
- Very well. Now, be careful with that stuff.

Its temperature is
297 degrees below zero.

If it touches the skin, it can freeze
the limbs solid almost instantly.

All right, open the valve.

Kill the hose.

All right, start cutting.

Lift it gently.

[ Electrical Pulsing]

You all right?

More power.

Hurt me, you die.

We're not going to hurt you.
How did you know our language?

As you speak, I learn.

We're friends.

Friends? Is this how you treat friends?

- We ha ve not changed
- “We“?

lam a man too.

You have seen the remains
of my civilization.

Who are you?

I have been left by my people...

for those who follow.

- Lee, we must make our friend comfortable.
- Yes, sir.


Please, follow me.

Thank you, Admiral.

Did you find any more of my people?


- Are they here?
- No.

We're leaving them where they are.

Theywill die.

They haven't been disturbed.

They're still in a state
of suspended animation.

You must not abandon them.

You see, um,
we know exactly where they are.

We're returning to our base.
On the way...

we'll have a chance
to know each other...

and perhaps we can get permission from
our government to return for your people.

Of course.
As you wish.

What is this... material?


- Now, please follow me.
- Steel?

Have you known how
to make steel for a long time...

or is it a recent discovery?

It wasn't known in primitive times.

But it is a primitive alloy.

I'm amazed it has power to resist...

the water pressure.

We have a double hull.

Ah, of course.

But there is an alloy...

my people made from
a metal from the sea-

light in weight.

Aluminum probably.

We've been experimenting with
aluminum for submarine bulkheads.


Our undersea boats...

were made from alu-mi-num.

Your light emits unnecessary heat.

You have not yet...

learned to conduct electricity...

without- without-

Wires. No, we haven't learned
to conduct electricity without wires.

Then you must have
a central wiring place.

- Well, do you?
- Do we what?

Do you have one central place...

where all electrical circuits...

come together?

Forward, beneath the control room.

Beneath the control room.

Of course.
That is the most logical place.

This will be your cabin.

What is that?

It's a bunk.

Bunk? What is it for?

For sleeping.

- Sleeping?
- Yeah, sleeping.

You do sleep, don't you?

Ah, yes, sleeping.

What the animals do.
I understand.

[)0 you sleep?

Well, of course I do.

My people practiced what your friend
called “suspended animation.“

But only forjourneys lasting many years.

- Your people never slept?
- Never.

When they got tired, how did they rest?

Ah, yes, I see you-

Your civilization has not yet
discovered that animals sleep...

because when the sun goes down”.

It is difficult for them to see...

not because the animal
needs to sleep.

We sleep because we get tired.

No. You sleep out of habit...

because the animals
you evolved from slept...

not because you need it.

Aren't there creatures...

who don't need to sleep?

Some fish.

Dolphins, sharks- they don't sleep.

You see?
One saves much time...

by not sleeping.

Well, I, uh-

I hope you find our humble
accommodations satisfactory.

Thank you.

- [Knocking]
- Come in.

- What is it, Lee?
- I think we're gonna regret...

ever having opened that capsule.

What happened?

Nothing I could put my finger on.

He's... weird.

You know, he's probably thinking
the same thing about us.

I think we should head for home, Lee.

I thinkyou're right, sir.

- Take her down, Mr. Morton.
- Aye, aye, sir.

Mr. O'Brien, prepare to dive.

Aye, aye.
Clear the deck!

- Make it 9O feet, Mr. Morton.
- Ninety feet, sir.

[ K [axon Blaring]

Prepare to dive.

[ Man]
Close all main ballast tank vents.

Stand by to blow tanks.

Close the vents'
[ Continues, indistinct]

Full dive on the planes.

Full dive.

Secure the air!
All green.

- All green.
- Dive!

[Electrical Pulsing]

[Electrical Pulsing]

- Try again, Sparks.
- Yes, Admiral.

Still nothing.


Well, we're cut off.
We don't have enough power to transmit.

- You know the reason?
- No, sir.

I'm working on it.

- Keep at it.
- Yes, Admiral.

Nothing's working properly. Sonar, radar-
everything electrical is malfunctioning.

We're having a hard time holding course.
We can only dead reckon.

Well, do the best you can.

Our, uh, friend must be responsible.

How or why I don't know,
but I intend to find out.

Why don't we take that weapon
away from him and slap him in the brig?

Let's play along with him.

I wanna seejust what he's up to.

Well, I hope he doesn't kill us all
while we play along-.


- Yes, Admiral?
- He's not in his cabin.

- Search the ship. Find him.
- Aye, sir.

Attention, all hands-
Now hear this-.

You two, in the cabins.

You two, there.

[ Man]
Admiral Nelson, Sick Bay on line one.

Nelson here.

Yes, Doctor.

Well, you know why?

Ah. I'll be right there.

Lee, call off the search.

He locked himself in the doc's cabin
to study medical books.

Medical books?

Now, the doc's talked him
into letting himself be examined.

Now, this I gotta see.


I don't see how he can function.

This is me.

My body, my face, hands, skin...

were created by our scientists.


Our scientists knew we were doomed...

but that man would evolve again
someday in another form-

in this form.

How did your race become extinct?

The Earth became a boiling sea.

According to carbon 14 tests...

he is 2O million years old.

- That can't be.
- I'm certain of my findings.

Fire, ice and water
have covered the Earth many times...

since my civilization was destroyed.

You must be the product
of another evolutionary cycle.

- No!
- Now, don't be frightened.

- I'm just taking a sample of your blood.
- Put that down!

It's set on the lowest power, Admiral.

[Electrical Pulsing]

I would not want to see you
become ill because of me.

You have learned about me, Admiral.

I would like to learn about you...
and your people.

Do you have a library?

A fine “brew.

A knowledge of man on microfilm.

Would you show our guest the library?

I wanna know why
he destroyed that sample.

Here. Let me know what you find
as soon as possible.

Certainly, Admiral.

- Find anything?
- Takea look.

- Ida/ft see anything
- Neither did I.

Not a sign of life.

No bacteria, no germs.

That's impossible.
There must be airborne bacteria...

or germs from the deck
where we collected the sample.

- Nothing.
- [ Sighs]

- Well, let's use the electron microscope.
- It's not working.

None of our high voltage
electronic equipment is working.

What do you make of him, Doc?

A creature without nervous system,
heart, blood...

and the l.Q. of a genius.

I don? know what to make of him.

What does he want from us?

I don't know.

Excuse me.

Yes, sir?

What is your name?

Foster, sir.

I have been reading
about diseases, Foster.

Do you often have diseases?

The doc has a lot of
penicillin aboard ship.

At the first sign of anything,
we usually get a shot.

These shots, are they effective
against all disease?

Well, the doc has something
forjust about anything that ails us.


- [ Groans]
- What happened, sir?

I cut my hand.

- Would you look at it for me, Foster?
- Sure.

Don't you ever wonder, Curley?

I mean, think about it.
Before man-

even before the dinosaurs,
there were people on the Earth.

- People like us.
- Not like us.

Sure, like us.
just like us.

Oh, come on, Kowalski.

You saw what was left
of his civilization.

What do you think are in
those other capsules?

- More guys like him, I guess.
- No.

Look, Curley, if you were smart enough
to build that capsule, that gun...

and you know enough to hibernate
for a couple of million years...

what would you put in the capsules?

Huh?Women, Curley.

- Women!
- Women?

So they can reproduce
and rebuild their civilization.

- You think we'll ever let him do that?
- Well, they were here first.

Now, who does the Earth belong to,
them or us?

- The admiral up yet, Chip?
- I don't think so.

He turned in around midnight.

- What about our guest?
- He's still reading.

He's been at it for 32 hours straight.

He's gone through all the encyclopedias,
all the scientificjournals...

even the admiral's chess books.

- Good morning, gentlemen.
- Good morning.

- Good morning.
- He's now concentrating exclusively...

on ecology, biology and medicine.

I don't like it, Admiral. He knows all about us,
and we don't know anything about him.

Well, perhaps he'sjust curious.
Wouldn't you be?

I am.
I wanna know what he's up to.

So do I. But remember, he didn't find us.
We found him.

He claims there was a great flood,
and all life was destroyed.

- That's right.
- And yet, he's alive, Admiral.

And back there in those capsules,
others like him are alive...

waiting to be released.

- Why?
- That's what I'm trying to find out.

[ Intercom Buzzing]

- Nelson here.
- This is the doctor, Admiral.

Foster is very sick.
Can you come to Sick Bay?

I'll be right there.

- Come on.
- I'll see you in the control room.

- [ Groaning]
-just relax now.

- Just relax.
- I don't want-[ Muttering]

You're gonna be okay,
Fostenjust relax.

[Muttering, Groaning]

Over here.

His temperature is 106.

I examined his blood
under the microscope...

and I can? find any sign
of bacteria or virus.

His blood is absolutely free of germs.

- This sound familiar, Doc?
- It sure does-.

We must use the electron microscope.

- Somehow, we have to rig a high voltage system.
- Yes, sir.

[ Foster Groaning]

You are on the brink of self-destruction.

- I had hopes.
- What do you mean, you had hopes?

I am more than a relic of the past.

I am the future of my people.

Without me, they cannot live.

I have duties I must do for them.

What duties?

Before I release my people
from their capsules...

I must decide ifour two civilizations
can live together.

And if you decide that they can't?

Then I destroy you and your civilization-.

Then destroy us.
How? With that?

Do you think you can 125 people
before one of us kills you?

Don't underestimate me, Captain.

You can't stop me
because you don? know how.

I intend to stop you.

How, Admiral?

[ Nelson]
By reasoning with you' By convincing youm.

that our civilizations can live together.

And when reason fails,
you'll resort to violence?

Are you open to reason?
Or have you already decided?

[Electrical Pulsing]

[Electrical Pulsing]

I'll kill him.

No, Lee.

You fools. If you would have killed me,
nothing would have saved you.

Nothing. Leave us.
Leave us alone.

We have very little time, Admiral.
I must decide.

You heard, Lee.

Automatic navigation computes
our position as being right here.

- Impossible.
- I agree.

To reach this position, we would have
to have averaged 9O knots.

I'd estimate we've been making 3O knots.

But with our electrical gear foul-up,
there's no way of knowing.

Have you rigged emergency power
for the electron microscope yet?

- It should be ready in a couple hours.
- Verywell.

Take her up to periscope depth.
Let's find out where we are.

Aye, sir.
Take her up to 9-0 feet.

- Up scope.
- Aye, aye, sir.

- Shooting the sun.
- Aye, sir.

On the sun, sir.

On the sun, sir.

On the sun, sir.


Angle: 8-0 degrees,
47 minutes, nine seconds.

Look at this.

- Take her down to 1 O0 feet above bottom.
- Aye, aye, sir.

- Where's the admiral, Mr. Morton?
- In his cabin, sir.

Well, Admiral,
we are mightier than you.

- [ Crane On Intercom ] Admiral Nelson?
- You're not reasoning-

- Yes, Lee?
- Admiral, turn on your TV.

Right away, Lee.

We're back there.

We've sailed in a circle.


We were a highly
technical civilization.

[Electrical Pulsing]

- I want them brought aboard, Admiral.
- No.

You will eventually.

We'll remain right here until you do.

By the way, how is Seaman Foster?

He's dead.

Guard this man.
If you want to save them...

don? do that.

- Admiral, the air supply's contaminated.
- We'll shut down the system.

- Ventilation system off, Mr. Morton.
- Aye, sir.

The contamination seems to be
centered in the air revitalization system.

- Lee, we'll have to send someone in there.
- [ Morton ] / 'll g0, sir.

Me too.

Look, you realize that compartment
will have to be sealed off...

until we determine the nature
of the contamination.

Yes, sir.

You can bet that he had
something to do with this.

Captain, this is Morton.
Somethings wrong down here.

Request the compartment
be sealed off.

Will do.

Close and sea! hatches 27 and 28.

Keep him here.

Come on, Lee.

- Here.
- Where's yours?

- There's only one.
- [Coughing]

We'll share it.

There's nothing we can do.

Morton, what's going on down there?



Admiral, explosive gas.
Can't close hatch.

Hinges are welded.

How can we get them out?
lfwe unseal the compartment...

the slightest friction anywhere
in the ship will blow us all up.

Yeah, I know.
How much air do you have?

About four minutes.

- Are the ballast compressors fixed yet?
- Yes.

Well, if we nose the ship down-

Then gravity might force
the gas away from the hatch.

- Yes, it might work, Admiral, if-
- lfwhat?

If we can maneuver that tight
without engines or controls.

- With only ballast.
- Well, try it- Try.

Morton, Kowalski, we're gonna try
to get you out, but you'll have to help.

We're going to nose the ship down.

Chief, how much water
between us and the bottom?

- 1 O2 feet, sir.
- Blow aft ballast for three seconds.

- Yes, sir.
- Captain?

I've had it-
I don't care what power you've got-.

If he moves, if he speaks,
if he twitches, kill him!


- Bottom distance, Chief.
- 14O feet, sir.

Nose her down.
Blow aft tanks for six seconds.

Aye, aye, sir.

Hold on, men.

Stand fast.

Steady, Morton.

Bubble down 2O degrees, Captain.
Bottom coming up fast.

[Both Coughing]

Get ready to open
the compartment, men.

- Bubble down 6O degrees, Captain.
- Angle's right, Admiral.

- It'; nowornever.
- All right, open the hatch.

All right, Lee.
Got 'em out. Hatch secured.

One million times magnification.
Still too small.

Use the Fulton ion grid.


One billion times magnification.

Filterable virus.

Botulinus strain.

Enough here to wipe out
a good-sized city.

Think how much he has in his body.

Now, that's how he planned
to destroy us.

The way this strain multiplies...

if he's wounded in anyway...

enough botulinus would filter through
the bulkheads and into the sea and-

Multiply infinitely.
Our race would become extinct...

and theirs would regain
possession of the Earth.

We must destroy this sample.

Yes, Doctor.

It must be completely consumed in fire...

without a trace remaining.

- There must be some other way.
- There isn't, Lee.

He must be consumed by fire.

One drop of his blood contains enough
virus to kill every human being on Earth.

We must destroy him
before he destroys us...

and it must be done without warning.

I understand.

Make sure that ventilator
shaft is airtight.

- I want the oxygen hoses open.
- Right.

_ Lee?
_ Yes?

Move the queen to king bishop three.


When I move the queen
to that square...

your signal light'll go on.

Open the oxygen valves full.

You'll, um, give yourself
plenty of time, won't you?

As much as I can.
Seal up my door as soon as he's inside.

Well, get out of here and send him in.

[ Knocking ]

Well, come in.

Come in.
Sit down.

Persuasion is not a very effective weapon
against you, is it?

On the contrary...

I have been much affected.

Unfortunately, your people and mine
cannot live together.

Seaman Foster's death proves that.

His murder, you mean.

An experiment, Admiral.

Had Foster lived...

or had your medicines advanced...

so that you could cope
with our normal viruses...

then we might have
been able to coexist.

Open the valves.

I must destroy you.

Destroy me, and the virus will spread from
the sea to every corner of the Earth.

We'll see.


Nelson, you die!

You all die!


- Ready to detonate?
- Remote detonator ready, sir.

Detonate, Lee.

Man's second chance.

[ Explosion ]