Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1964–1968): Season 1, Episode 18 - Mutiny - full transcript

Admiral Nelson is aboard a new submarine when it is destroyed by a giant jellyfish. Nelson and the first officer are the only survivors. The two men begin a desperate battle for survival while being presumed lost at sea by the navy.

Gyro, sluggish.
Guidance, okay.

Oil temperature is 2O degrees high.

Captain, I suggest you rig a hose.

Get a constant spray of water
on the port propeller shaft bearings.

- Aye, Admiral. Shall I decrease speed?
- There's no reason to.

If she's going to burn out, there's no
better time than on a shakedown cruise.

Engine room, rig a hose,
cool the shaft bearings.

[ Man On Speaker]
Aye, aye, sir.

- You're down 'IO degrees to the bow.
- Blow main ballast.

- Blowing main ballast.
- The angle of inclination is increasing.

Blow bow ballast.

[ Man On Speaker]
Blowing bow ballast.

- All stop.
- A/lstop.

She's out of trim.

You're not being evaluated...

- only the ship.
- Thanks, Admiral.

Inclination reduced.
Bubble... zero degrees.

All ahead full.

[ Beeping]

- You ever see that beforeJim?
- Never.

Neither have I.
Let's have a look at sonar.

Lots of it, Captain.

- Any indication of its source?
- Whatever it is, we're in the center of it-.

[ Man On Speaker]
Gyro compass deviating 7-7-0 degrees.

Check for malfunction.

We're in some kind of a force field.
Radio our position to ComSubPac.

Jones, radio our position
to ComSubPac.

[ Man] Fathometer shows
we're above a mountain range-

peaks 300 feet,
hollows 36,000 feet,.

An uncharted area,
deeper than the Marianas Trench...

-with mountains higher than Mount Everest.
- [Rumbling]

Interference, dead ahead,
affecting guidance control, Captain.

UP Periscope!


The biggest school I've ever seen.

They're scattering.
Here, have a look, Admiral.

It's incredible.

They're gone.

We're picking up a lot of electromagnetic
radiation from those mountains, Captain.

Electromagnetic radiation.

I'd give a lot to have core samples.

- All stop.
- Aye, sir.

Aye, Admiral. It'll give me time
to check guidance controls.

Fowler, get ready
for a diving mission.

- You're gonna be the admiral's diving buddy.
- Aye, sir.

- Ready, Fowler?
- Ready, Admiral.

[Air Hissing]

[ Beeping, Pinging]

Escape room, notify control room
when divers are clear of the ship.

Diver clear, sir.

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.

Starflng Richard Basehart...

David Hedison.

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.

[Geiger Counter Clicking]

[Clicking Continues]

[Clicking Rapidly]

[ Man On Speaker]
Guidance control malfunctioning, Captain.

Blow all ballast groups.

[ Man On Speaker] Can't blow ballast.
No response from compressors.

- All ahead full!
- We've lost maneuvering speed.

No, Fowler!

Our only chance
is to keep our heads.

With these things stinging us!
With that down there!

If we don't get out of this water soon,
we won't last long.

Get out of the water?

Slip out of your wet suit-.

But whatever you do,
don't lose your air tanks.

Aye, sir.

Oh, what's the use, Admiral? Won't that
thing just come to the surface after us?

I doubt it. I'm-
I'm more worried about them.

They sense the sharks.

Don't panic.
Use your repellent.

[Air Hisses]

[Air Hissing]

Lash your scuba tanks to the end.

Cinch her tight.

Good work, Fowler.

It's about 300 miles to
the nearest shipping lane.

I hope she holds together.

[Teletype Printing]

On the doublejackson!

- Yes, sir?
- What's the meaning of this?

“Seventh Fleet
cannot locate Neptune.”

We know her position.
They're not looking.

- It's been only 12 hours.
- Only 12 hours?

That sub should have been located
and the survivors picked up by now.

There are no reports of survivors.

Harriman Nelson is on the Neptune.

We went through Annapolis together.

- I'm sorry.
- Sorry? You'll all be sorry if I don't see results.

- Now get this message off immediately.
- Yes, sir.

- Hello,joe.
- Lee. It's good to see you.

- It's tough luck about Admiral Nelson-
- ls there any word?

Not a thing. Suppose you
want to see the Old Man.

- That's why I'm here- - Right now, he
can't tell you anything more than I can.

- I still want to see him.
- I wouldn't advise it.

Even on his best days,
he eats junior officers for breakfast.

This is not one of his best days.
He's sore as a boil.

All right.
I'll tell him you're here.

Come in.

Commander Crane, sir.
Captain of the Seaview.

- Oh, Nelson's man, eh?
- Yes, sir. ls there any news?

No. He's a sailor.

If there's a way, he'll find it.
Sit down, Commander.

- What about the message?
- Aye, sir.

[ Printing]

- “Weather, South Pacific area-“
- I can read, Commander.

- Sorry, sir.
- [Printing]

That's south, north.

We sail north by northwest.

Three hundred miles.

We've got a good current.

Ah, clumsy!

I'm-I'm sorry, Admiral.

How long can we go
without food, sir?

- That depends.
- On what?

How many excess pounds you carry.

I don't have much.

Oh, you got five or 1 O pounds.

Remember, every pound of excess fat
is worth two meals.

- Give me that hook.
- Hook? Oh, yeah.

Listen, there are enough parts in that drill
core for a hundred hooks. You want some more?

No. Not right now.

♪ ,I'[ Humming]

- Ouch!
- Those- Those hurt.

They've stung me all over.
Got in my wet suit, got in my hair.

Let me see.

- They're like bee stings. There's dozens of them.
- Yeah.

- You better keep them cool with seawater.
- Right.


- No! No!
- Thirsty. Gotta have water.

Well, not seawater.

- L-l think I got something.
- Huh?

Get him. Get him.

Hold on to him. Don't lose him.
Don't lose him.

Feels- Feels like a heavy one.

Be enough food there for days.

- Get my knife ready.
- Aye, sir.

- Don't lose him. Don't lose him.
- I-l thinkl still got him.

- Get him! Get him!
- Here she comes. Here she comes.


Five, six pounds. You know, raw fish
isn't too bad. The natives live on it.

Well-Well,we're gonna
be living on it too, for a long time.


It's night here. It'll be night in
the Pacific in another couple of hours.

You know! How do you know?
Warm and safe aboard your carrier?

Get more planes in the air!
Find them!

There are only
200 planes in the area.

Each of them has to search
500 square miles ofsea.

If they don't find them tonight, they'll
search again tomorrow, and the day after...

- and the day after that.
- We don't even know if there were survivors-.

And we can search every square inch
of the area, and we can hope, Commander.

Hope that they survive the night.

[ Wind Howling]

- Bring her around to port.
- Aye, sir.


Over there, Fowler.

Are we gonna come out of this?
I mean, are we gonna make it, sir?

Ha! We've been pretty lucky so far.

It just swallowed the Neptune.
I never heard of anything that big, sir.

It's not a single creature.

It's a whole system of creatures
organized into one giant.

But that big, sir?

Something in the force field...

must have stimulated
its ability to grow.

- I won't know until lgo back.
- Not me! I won't go back for anything! No, sir.


There must be something we can do.

This not knowing-

What can you do? The Neptune
went down 6,000 miles from here.

- There must be something.
- Why?

Men have gone down with their ships
for hundreds of years.

Good men, brave ones. Men like Nelson
and the crew of the Neptune.

And there was nothing
anyone could do.

Don't they teach that anymore
at the Naval Academy?

[ Printing]


“heavy seas prevent...

- further search.“
- [Stops Printing]




Hold on, Fowler!

Come on!




- [ Morton ] G000' morning, Captain.
- Oh, good morning.

There's a call from Admiral Starke.

Yes, Admiral?
Yes, sir, any word?

I just received instructions
from the Secretary of Defense...

to place the Seaview
in temporary commission...

with orders to investigate
the loss of the Neptune.

Then there's no word?

If there had been, I would have
told you! Oh, Commander.

- I'll board the Seal/few and give you
my orders within the hour. - Yes, sir.

Oh, and Commander-
I run a tight ship, old navy.

Spit-polish and the brig.
Tell your men.

Yes, sir.

That's all I need.
Captain Bligh!


- Fire one!
- Fire one.

One, two, three, four...

five, six, seven-

- [Man On Speaker] One fired
- Seven seconds. Two seconds too long.

Sloppy drill, Captain.
Torpedo Chief.

You?! be a seaman if you don?
move faster than that.

Yes, sir.

- This is not a navy ship, Admiral.
- What's that?

Let up on the men, Admiral.
You've been on them for days.

I don't run an old-navy,
spit-polish and brig ship.

I was new navy. So were my men.
And so was Admiral Nelson.

You're forgetting that this ship
is on active status now, Captain.

- [Sparks] Captain! Captain!
- Yes, Sparks?

A call for you, Captain!

Yes? Crane speaking.

Put this call on the intercom.

Admiral, is that you?

Yes, Lee.

- Lee?
- Yes, sir?

On your way to the Neptune, stop by the
Honolulu Naval Hospital and pick me up, huh?

Aye, aye, sir.

[Chuckles] I hearjiggs Starke
has taken over the Seaview.

just till you get aboard,
you old pirate.

Then you're back on temporary duty yourself.

I've been trying to pound some
navy discipline into this crew of yours.

Oh, uh, let’s just keep
relaxed, huhJiggs?

Well, sure, Harriman.
See you in a couple of days.

[All Laughing]

- Oh, boy.
- That's great.


Sol drifted- Well, half-drifted,
half-sailed for two more days...

till finallyl reached
the shipping lanes.

Oh, it's good to be
back in uniform, Lee.

Fowler's mind was completely gone.

He was haunted by the coelenterate
and his buddies aboard the Neptune.

What's the matter, Lee?

You look like you lost
your best friend.

You know, the Neptune might have made a
fight of it if she could have maneuvered.

But her control circuits were
shorted out, and she was helpless.

And the captain did not blow ballast.
I saw that.

And she- she lost
maneuvering speed and-

Let's go, Lee.

Oh, I forgot.
They put me on cortisone.

They wanted me to stay here for tests,
but, uh, we've got work to do.

Don't you think you should listen to them?
You've been through quite an ordeal.

No. No, no. All I need is a little sea air.
It does a man a world of good. Come on.

- [ Chattering]
- Glad to see him back again.

[All Cheering]

- Thank you. Thanks.
- Glad to have you back aboard, Admiral.

- It sure is, Admiral- - There's no one I'd
rather turn command over to, Harriman-

Captain Crane is in command
of the Seaview.

Well, not while she's in the navy, and there
are two admirals aboard. Right, Captain?

Let's get under way, Lee.

[ Pills Rattling]

The sooner this mission
is accomplished...

the sooner we become
civilians again.

Right, sir.

Stand by to answer bells.

Tell me what happened to
the Neptune, Harriman.

Oh, Lee.

- Join us when you clear the harbor.
- Right, sir.

[ Man On Speaker]
Bridge, ready to answer all bells.

Cast offlines.

No. No,jiggs. I'm certain
it was neither captain or crew error.

When the Neptune'; control circuit shorted
out, she had to rely on manual controls.

Mm. And she couldn't respond fast enough
to the emergency. I'll buy that.

Yeah, to one emergency, perhaps. But not
to both the forced dive and the coelenterate.

Tell me more about
this creature, Harriman.

Well, it's-it's not just
one creatureJiggs.

It's-It's millions of creatures all
combined to form one central organism-.

- Like a Portuguese man-of-war.
- Exactly, Lee.

Uh, sit down. Sit down. Like a Portuguese
man-of-war only much bigger.

More than a thousand feet across.

A thousand feet across?

Well, why not? I would speculate that the
radioactive energy in the force field...

has stimulated this organism's
ability to combine.

It could go to two, three, even
four times its present size in time.

Oh, come now. You've been
adrift too long, Harriman.

Isn't it possible
you're exaggerating?

Admiral Nelson doesn't exaggerate.

You see, it's like
the Seaview, Admiral.

Now, all ofus-
the crew, you and I.

Now inside,
we're like individuals.

But outside, we're like
one big creature.

Precisely, Lee.

But there's one important difference
between Sear/few and the coelenterate...

- other than size.
- And what's that?

It has only a central nervous
system. It can only respond.

But we have a brain,
many brains combined'

We can do more than respond.
We can think.

We can function
together as a team...

and that's our strength.

Now, here we are, Chip.
Now, check out this line right here...

- from this point on aft.
- Right.

- Crane, can I see you a minute?
- Yes, sir.

Carry on, Chip.
Give me a full report.

- Crane, you're an academy man, I believe.
- Yes, sir.

Then I assume you've been indoctrinated
in naval customs and traditions.

- Fully, sir.
- I've been watching you, Crane.

The way you handle your ship,
the way you treat your men-.

- I've been aware of your interest, Admiral.
- Meaning you disapprove.

- Oh, no, sir. Meaning, uh, you seem to disapprove.
- Well, I do. You're lax, sir.

You show a definite tendency toward an easy
informality that makes for a loose ship.

Why, uh,just now, I heard you address
your exec, uh, by his first name.

Yes, sir.
Chip and I are good friends.

When I give him orders in front
of the crew, I call him Mr. Morton.

Alone, I use his first name.

Now, unless I've received
bad instruction at Annapolis...

I believe it's up to the captain to set
the attitude of the ship's company...

especially aboard a submarine.

I consider your answer
insubordinate, Commander.

It's about time you learned a few truths
about your attitude with your superiors.

[ Man On Speaker] Captain Crane,
will you please join Admiral Nelson”.

In the control room at once.

Byyourleave, Admiral.

[Beeping Rapidly]

The Christmas tree on the Neptune
reacted the same way.

Some electrical
interference, Captain.

Gyrocompass deviation 100 degrees.

- They range from 300 feet to 36,000 feet.
- Incredible!

The Neptune sank right there.
Take her down, Lee.


- Keep alert for any large dense mass.
- Aye, sir.

- Mr. Morton, take her down.
- Aye, sir.

Are you all right?

[Nervous Chuckle]
Of course. Why?

[ Rumbling]

Interference affecting
guidance control, Captain.

We're sinking, Captain!

Bow inclination-
4O degrees, dropping.

- Blow all ballast.
- We can't, Captain. Our compressors are out.

Are the compressors still out?

[ Man On Speaker]
Yes, sir, We can't blow ballast,.

Gyro controls gone,
guidance controls inoperative.

[ Morton ]
Cap tar}?!

We'll try steering
by the engines, Mr. Morton.

Engine room, port engines ahead one-third,
starboard engines back one-third.

Still sinking. Rate of descent-
100 feet per minute.

Present depth- 225 feet.

We'll sink to the bottom
if we don't get onto a plateau.

- All hands, rig for collision.
- [Klaxon Blaring]

[ Crane]
That one'; too sheer.

Engine room, starboard engines
ahead full, port engines back full.

[ Crane]
There's our landing plateau, Mn Morton.

Engine room, all stop.

Speed- 2O knots. Angle of inclination-
two degrees, still dropping.

Speed- 2O knots. Angle of inclination-
two degrees, still dropping.


Too fast, Captain!

Our problem, Admiral,
is not enough speed to maneuver.

Engine room, port engines ahead
one-third, starboard engine stop.

All stopped.

All right, here we go.
Hold fast.

Admiral Starke, brace yourself.

Dangerous maneuver, Captain.

Obviously, Admiral, you didn't
hear my order to stand fast.

Uh, Lee, I think I've figured out
that radioactive field.

I suspect a large vein
ofcarnotite ore.

Send divers out
to get a core sample.

- Uh, Lee.
- Yes, Admiral?

Have them hurry.
We're all vulnerable.

What'd I tell you,jiggs?
Cranes the best there is.

- You sent for me, Skipper?
- Sit down, Chip.

- How long is the diving party gonna be out there?
- No more than I O minutes.

All right- Then we got
'IO minutes to figure this out-.

Now, how do we get
our ship to the surface?

That's a problem when
we can't blow our ballast tanks.

What about the repair party
working on the compressors?

They're doing the best they can.
It may take them one hour or maybe two.

- We'll just have to sweat it out.
- Well, we can't risk it.

If that thing down there decides it's
time to eat again, that's all we need.

I know what you mean, but I
don't have any answers for you.

- There's got to be an answer.
- I don't know where we'll get it.

Well, I do. We've got
a computer in the control room...

that's full of answers
to all kinds of impossible problems.

Now let's start asking it
a few questions.

If it's carnotite, it's invaluable
to our country's nuclear programming.

But ifit is carnotite...

the theta emissions will have
completely destroyed our control system.

Mr. Morton. What's the level
of our ballast tanks?

They're full, sir.
We can't pump them out.

Your man Crane.

He's insolent.
He has no respect for his superiors.

You don't like hinmjiggs, because
you can't scare the pants off of him-.

Well, he's not my problem,

- I know.
- [Man On Speaker] Divers returning t0 Seaview.

Maybe now we can find out
what's causing that radioactivity.

“Flood ballast tanks.
Full dive on all planes.“


[Air Hissing]

The samples.

Take these to the lab.
Put them in the spectroscope.

- It'll only take a minute. So, report immediately.
- Aye, sir.

- [Geiger Counter Clicking]
- Admiral.


- [ Nelson ] What kind ofrazfioactiwzy?
- Electro-active.

All right, boys.
Get down to sick bay.

This radiation is powerful enough
to destroy brain cells.

Electro-active radiation?

Fowler was attacked by the coelenterates
just before he got aboard the raft.

That's probably what killed him.

- [Crane On Speaker] Admiral?
- Nelson here.

Sample verified as carnotite.

Carnotite!just as I figured.
It's, uh, it's a great discovery.

- Good, Harriman. Now there's only one problem.
- What's that?

To get out of here before your
coelenterate gets hungry again.

Our problem is negative buoyancy.

Now, once we get
off this plateau...

we'll go straight down, unless we can
pick up enough speed to maneuver.

- How are you going to do that? - According to
the computer, our only solution is to dive-

- Dive?
- Dive. To pick up maneuvering speed.

How deep?

4,400 feet.

That's 5O feet above crush depth.

That's right. Now, we have to get
the Seaview up to 30-

32.9 knots-

knots, before we'll reach
maneuvering speed.

- It's our only chance.
- What does the admiral think of this?

Well, I haven't shown him
the computer data yet.

Chip, does the, uh...

does the admiral seem
different to you?

I mean, h-have you
noticed anything?

- What do you mean?
- Well, when he, uh-

Lee, it was camotite!
I guess I haven? lost my touch.

- Let's blow ballast and get out of here.
- We can't blow our ballast tanks.

Admiral, we should put a full down angle
on the planes and dive.

Down angle?

Lee, have you taken
leave of your senses?

Put a full up angle on
the planes, all ahead full!

Well, what about
the computer report?

Hang the computer! I designed
this submarine! I know how she works!

[ Panting]

Full up angle, all ahead full!

Captain, that's not a request.
It's an order.

- I'm captain of this vessel.
- You are relieved of that responsibility.

In the hospital, you said the Neptune
foundered because she lost maneuvering speed.

I said nothing of the kind!
You are relieved of your command!

As captain of a private vessel,
I cannot be removed.

This vessel has been commissioned
by the United States Navy.

It's under naval rules
and regulations.

I'm relieving you
of command, Captain.

Mr. Morton, you will escort
Mr. Crane to his cabin.

No. This ship is my responsibility.

- Lee, don't.
- Mutiny is a hanging offense, Captain.

Before you can hang me,
I'm gonna get this ship home.

- Full down angle on all planes. All ahead flank.
- Aye, sir.

Captain. Lee!

I don't have any other choice.
All ahead flank!

No. Lee, don't.

It's down there.

Dive. Repeat! Dive!

[ Man]
Forty-three hundred feet.

Stand by to reverse angle
on the planes.

Speed- 32.9 knots.

4,000 feet.

Pull up angle on the planes.

[ Rumbling]

We're leveling off.

[ Crane]
just as the computer predicted'

She's moving up.


I- I treated you like a brother.

You drew a gun on me.

Get out of here!
Get out of my sight!

[Sighs] Mr. Morton,you command
the Seaview. Set a course for home.

- Yes, sir.
- [ Sobs]

Jiggs, however temporarily...

this was a navy ship
when Captain Crane mutinied!

I demand a general court-martial!

But he was right. He saved
this ship and all hands.

It's a mutiny. Mutiny.

He drew a gun on me. See, he-
he drew a gun on... me!

Harriman, I think
we should go to your cabin.

Oh, you were-
you were rightjiggs. Right.

You were right!

Seaview is a loose ship!
A mutinous ship!

All of you!

- [Knocking]
- Come in.

- Captain, a diver is dead.
- Dead?

He went out of his mind,
sank into a coma and-

Well, what was the cause of death?

I found his head covered
with coelentera.

They emitted electric radiation, powerful
enough to completely destroy the brain cells.

- What about the other diver?
- He doesn't seem to have any signs of radiation...

but he may develop symptoms
days, even weeks later.

What kind of symptoms?

Personality changes, at first,
like allergies to certain drugs.

The symptoms are talkativeness...

followed by
depression, irritability.

- And just before the coma, there may
be a violent episode' - And then?

Unlike drug reactions,
which are reversible...

irradiated brain cells
are always fatal'

Oh, no.

- [Klaxon Blaring]
- Control room, what is it?

The coelenterate, Captain. Sonafs
picked it up. It's closing in on us.

Crane, get up here on the double!

Doc, take care of the admiral.

All hands!
Man your battle stations!

[ Klaxon Blares ]

All right, pull yourselves together.

- Stand by for orders.
- Aye, sir.

UP 3COpe!

All ahead full.
Come to course 2-2-0.

All ahead full.
Come to course 2-2-0.

All ahead full.
Come to course 2-2-0.

Reactor room, stand by to bring
the reactors up to full power.

We're gonna hit the coelenterate
with an electrical charge.

Ready the attack generators.

Take a look, Admiral-.

- Reactor ruurrr, report. - Reactor room
ready, Captain. Attack generators okay.

- Very well. Reactors up full.
- Reactors full up.

- Attack generators ready?
- A track generators ready

- Excuse me-
- Very well, Captain-.

I'm holding until we're inside.

Then I can get a good shot
at its central nervous system.

[ Electrical Crackling]

All right.

Ready, Mr. Morton.


- Fire one.
- Fire one!

- Fire two.
- Fire two!

- Fire three!
- Fire three!

- Fire four!
- Fire four!

- How is he?
- Resting.

- Have you examined him?
- Yes, thoroughly-.

- [franejA/m'?
- [Doctor] Physically he's in fine shape.

- His brain cells, are they damaged?
- No.

He had an allergic reaction.

Throw these away
and he'll be as good as new.

He's navy, all right.
Old or new, it doesn't matter.

Oh, and so are you, Captain.
He should be proud.

He is.

Mighty proud.