Voltron Force (2011–2012): Season 1, Episode 8 - Flash Form's a Go! - full transcript

A mysterious hypersonic Robeast challenges the Voltron Force to upgrade their formation sequence.

Get a move-on, kids. The
second sun's almost set!

Whoa! What's the matter?

Go! Go, go, go!

I'm guessing... molten
lava, not good for crops?

Hunk, Allura, a little help here?
I think we might be getting full.

We need to divert this lava, and fast!

Well, let's dig in!

It's working... But red's sure
gonna have heartburn tonight.

Less wit, more people-saving.

We have to seal up that mountain.

Allura, not the time for a water break.

Think about it.

You've got fire, I've got water,

and Hunk's got Earth... what does that make?

A cool band name?

I think she has something else in mind.

Good ol' Voltron Force concrete!

Is there any problem you can't solve?

Feels good to play with
fire and not get burned.

Mission accomplished, Pidge.

I wouldn't celebrate just yet...

Something still isn't adding up.

There are no active volcanoes
anywhere near those farms.

Well, something caused
them to erupt like that.

Exactly. I'm running a sat-com
analysis of the area.

I'm gonna need Lance to
score me some soil samples

to figure out what caused
this natural disaster.

Guys, I don't think it was exactly...

Whoa. Big hole.

You can say that again.

- What do you think made them?
- "Them?"


I defer to my associate's
scientific analysis...

"uh-oh," indeed.

Evil is back.

The Drule King Lotor has returned

with a dark energy that
can destroy the galaxy.

Our only hope? The Voltron Force...

a team of five heroic pilots

that control five awesome robot lions.

When Lotor's monstrous Robeasts attack,

the lions come together to form
Voltron, defender of the universe!

Okay, here's what we know.

I ran an exo-scan of Arus' surface.

It appears 23% of all
mountains around the planet

have identical holes to
the ones near the farm.

It's not just mountains.

Something's hitting forests and lakes, too.

Question is... what's doing it, and why?

Could be a giant stray bowling ball.

Well, maybe it's you, 'cause
you stink at bowling.

I got a strike once.

On the wrong lane.

Guys! Not important right now.

Something is playing pinball with our planet,

and we have to find out what this thing wants.

It's us...

Mountain, tree, lake...

it's trying to locate the lions.

Of course!

It's systematically searching Arus

for the location of the lions' dens.

How long until it finds one?

22 and change.

Doesn't give us much time to stop

something no none's even seen.

Wait. Maybe no one's seen it
'cause it's not on the ground.

I'm widening my search parameters

to include the planet's exosphere.


I'm still voting "bowling ball."


What is that?

It's moving at hyper-mach 3!

It's so fast,

I can't even capture a clear image of it.

But it's not faster than our lions.

Actually, it is faster...

Way faster.

We've never even pushed one of our lions

past hyper-mach 2.


Thanks for joining us, boys.

We just finished

our flight-deck training simulations.

Thought we'd come check out
where the real action is.

I'm already on it, kid. I'm taking red up.

Need a co-pilot?

Never. But you can tag along

if you wanna watch me set
a new lion-speed record.

Okay, both of you, wait.

We don't know what we're dealing with,

let alone if you can even catch it...

I can catch anything.

Way I see it,

there's only one way to find out

what this thing is, and that's...

hit it head-on!

Oh... sorry.

Blew your cool line.

Shall we?

Okay, we should be picking up this
thing on the sat-scan by now.

You see anything?

Whoa! Yeah, not sure we
need a sat-scan for that.

That thing is fast!

Well, so am I.

Whoo! That thing moves like...

Hunk on a buffet?

I was gonna say lightning,
but yours works, too.

Lance! What are you doing?

Just boosted my speed

by rerouting all power to my tail thrusters.

And away from your shields!

You're completely vulnerable to an attack.

Yeah, well, I'm also pushing hyper-mach 2,

which I believe you said was impossible.

Lance, you need to back off.

You're already red-lining it.

The lions have limits.

How's about giving me a crack at the controls?

Speed is sorta my department.

I got it covered.

Come on. I'm so fast, I'm already
in next week, high-fiving you,

'cause we kicked its butt.

Let's not forget, you're
the one tagging along here.

Last thing I need's a back-seat driver.

It's banking back again!

You need to re-route the
power back to your shields.

Not if I outrun him first.

Maybe I can help?

You saying I can't do this on my own?

That I'm not fast enough, cadet?

No. I didn't mean...

remember, I was the red lion while you
were still playing with your Voltron toys.

Yeah... but my Lance action figure
didn't get all snarty on me.

Lance, come in!

You can't keep pushing red like this,

or your systems ...

Come on, boy.

Hold it together.

Hold it. Hold it...

Our systems are failing!

Yeah, the sirens and flashing
red lights kinda tipped me off.

Guys, you've got a problem.

According to our scans,

your lion is emitting a
low-frequency homing signal.

It's tracking you as we speak.

Whatever you do, don't go back to red's cave.

Remember, this thing's trying to find
out where the Voltron lions live.

If it wants Voltron, let's give it Voltron!

Pidge? You there? Red's fading fast.

Don't worry! Your plasma cells
can recharge when we form Voltron.

Activate interlocks.

Dyno therms: Connected.

Infra-cells: Up.

Mega thrusters are "go."

Let's go, Voltron Force!

Form feet and legs!

Form arms and body!

And I'll form the...

Whoa! What was that?

Speedy just disrupted our formation sequence!

Where'd it go?

Let's not wait around to find out.

Activate interlocks!

Dyno therms: Connected.

Infra-cells: Up.

Mega thrusters are...

Look who's back!

We have to form faster if
we want to beat this thing.


How's about we skip the preamble?

Form feet and...

there's no way this thing's gonna
give us the time to form Voltron!

So what do we do when that happens?

It's never happened.

This is what you call a first!

And it'll be our last, if we
don't get back to the castle.

- But...
- no "buts."


How? How is it possible
that we can't form Voltron?

Well, from what I saw,

it smashed into us over and over,

and over...

And then three more times.

Oh, I can't believe this happened.

With all due respect, I can't believe
it hasn't happened till now.

Daniel, shh!

No. This is gonna be good.

I'm just sayin'.

Well, no one's askin'.

Lance, let him finish.

Look, I've been Voltron's
biggest fan since I was a kid.

I've studied every aspect
of how you guys operate,

even timed how long it takes
for you to form Voltron.

36 seconds.

That's kind of a long time, don't you think?

Considering we're forming a...
million-foot robot,

that's not long at all.

It is in the middle of a battle.

You can't just expect your
enemies to stand around.

You really think the bad guys are gonna say,

"sure, you go ahead,

"and become the defender of the universe...

"I'll just patiently wait over
here for the next 36 seconds"?

It is kinda crazy that no
one's ever attacked you

when you're at your most
vulnerable, until now.

Don't you think?

All that matters now is finding
a way to form Voltron faster.

Pidge, any thoughts?

That would require a substantial
speed upgrade to every lion.

That's a tall order.

I need a lot of time.

You have six hours.

Hey, Lance. We need to talk.

I can't talk. Busy fightin' Lotor.

I know, but I was thinking...

why don't you leave the
thinking to the big boys? Okay?

Pidge is on it.

That's just it... the turbo
upgrade he's looking for...

What if it's...

SIM, off.

Look, I appreciate you wanting to help,

but you're a cadet,

and your seasoned superiors
just got our robo-butts kicked

by something we can't even see.

- Well, maybe I can...
- you can what?

What can you do that our many
years of experience can't?

Pidge said it himself.

He doesn't know how to boost the lions' speed.

Ho-ho! So now you're faster than
me, and smarter than Pidge?


Well, maybe I'm a little faster than you.

Okay. See this, cadet?

This... is the line.

This is you... crossing the line.

Don't ever cross the line.

Wow. I dig systems upgrading,
but that's... a lot of math.

All you have to do is recalibrate
the thermodynamic generator

and focus the resulting power
to the mega-thrusters.

It's a start...

But not nearly enough to win
the fight, don't you think?


Note to self: The smart
cadet doesn't like math.

What the...
- Shh! I need your help.

Ever think of just asking?

Maybe a simple "psst" or a wave?

Sorry. It's just I don't want
anyone else to know what I'm doing.

Oh, a secret mission.

Why didn't you just say so?

So you'll help me?

No, not today, man.

I need to help out with the
solution to the speed problem.

You're looking at it.

You don't want to know what I
think I'm looking at right now.

My Voltcom power is turbo-speed, right?

Well, I have a theory I want
to test out in the red lion.

I'm thinking, if you help me
link this into the cockpit...

it might give it the speed boost it...


You're suggesting we take out
the red lion, aren't you?

You know what happened last time.

Lance and Keith will go super-nova on us.

I've always been there for you, Vince.

Gotten your back.

Now it's time for you to be my wingman.

Come on. What do ya say?

Okay. Red's up and running.

How do I link in?

Just like this...

Now let's see what this cub can do.

Okay, but go easy on the...

This is awesome!

We clearly have different definitions

of the word "aweso-o-o-ome!"

It's working.

You were ri-I-I-I...


I'm picking up a signal.
Something's incoming... and fast!

Not as fast as us!

Let's open this lion cage and let 'em out.

I thought we already did.

You ain't seen nothin' yet.

Come on, boy!

Hold it together this time.

Hold it... hold it!

We're at hyper-mach 1.
1.5! Hyper-mach 2!

Here comes the...

Hyper-sonic-boom! Hah!
Now we're talkin'.

Stay on it, Daniel. I'm capturing
a mag-res image of it now.

Got it!

Weird. It's... a giant eye.

Okay, we know what we're dealing with.

Let's head back to the castle.

Sorry, wingman. Mission's far from over.

I give you an inch...

and I take a parsec... I know, I'm awful.

Hey, eye. Did you see this coming?

Oh-ho! How's that taste, buddy?

Actually, you're the one biting down on it,

so, technically, you'd be the one tasting it.

Yeah, I get it.

Yeah, you'd better run... eye!

Daniel, that was amazing, man!


Okay. Now we can head back to the castle.

Can't wait till my man,
Lance, hears about this.

You defied my direct orders.
In my lion.

What on Arus were you two thinking?

No clever response now, huh, kid?

Actually, I had a few.

Just thought it was best
to keep them to myself.

Please stop talking. Please stop talking.

What did I tell you?

"Don't cross the line."

Do you have any idea how
far beyond it you are?

Well, I did hit hyper-mach 2,
so I'd guess pretty darn far?

Maybe I should just go now?


All of you.

Hey, I've got it handled, Keith.

Is that so?

'Cause if you ask me,

you should be thanking the
cadets, not lecturing them.

Excuse me?

Discipline issues aside, Keith's right.

Daniel was the only one able to
snap a clear image of the probe.

Turns out... not a bowling ball!

He also gave red a turbo-boost,

which, in theory, means we may
be able to form Voltron faster.


Not to mention, Daniel
even managed to wound it.

That means, we know there's
a way to beat this thing...

Yeah, yeah. Kid's a real hero.
Message received loud and clear.

I was thinkin' hoagies for lunch?


I should thank the kid?


I gave him direct orders, and
he defied every single one.

Sounds like someone else I know.

Please. I was never that reckless.

No... you were worse.

You can't deny, what
Daniel did was impressive.

None of our lions have ever
gone that fast before.

Doesn't mean he can pilot red better than me.

No one said he could.

No one had to.

But someone needs to remind that
cadet that I'm the red lion.

Lance, those cadets are here
because their special abilities

will enhance the Voltron Force,

not break it apart.

You know that.

All Daniel wanted to do was
help the man he admires most.

You think I'm being a jerk.

Your words. Not mine.

Don't worry. Your time in the
red lion is far from over.

Lance! Come in! We're under
assault by the giant robotic eye,

and, yes, I'm aware how insane that sounds.

Time to close the curtain on the
drama and blacken this eye.

The castle sure is taking a beating.

How are we not rubble?

That eye is able to bowl through mountains.

Pfft. This place is way stronger
than some puny mountain.

Hunk's been upgrading our
defenses for the last five years.

Yep. That's reinforced super-steel alloy
with sub-wexler enforced bracing.

We can take a 9.9 earthquake
and not spill our juice...

Or soda... or milkshake... or...

all liquids, got it.

Just one problem...

According to my calculations, we can only take
an assault this intense for another hour, Max.

We need to take down that evil eye
before we become the bowling pins.

Not a problem.

We've got a secret weapon.

Get ready, Daniel.

Okay, team, just like our
speedy protege planned...

this bad boy won't know what hit him.

Wait for it...

Wait for it...

flash-form, go!

Yeah! Hah-hah!

Whoa! Don't celebrate yet, kid.
Let's keep our eye on the prize.

After it!

I liked him better when he was just an eye.

Plasma cells are fading!

Lion boosters!

All you, Pidge.

We're not even making a dent on this thing!

Wait! I have an idea!

We're all ears, cadet.

I think it's time for that
cyclops to see what happens

when we sharpen our blade with a little speed.

Way ahead of you.

Form blazing sword!

I can't seem to catch it.

Daniel, whatever you got, do it now!


Yeah! All right!

That's what I call cutting
down the competition.

Hah. You're also excelling
in one-liners, cadet.

Keep your fists up.

Ahh! Oh...

SIM, off.

I guess I'm not as good as you.

At some things.

Listen, I like to think I'm a big enough
man to apologize when I've been a...

- Really big...
- Don't make me regret this.

You did good, kid.

Really good.

Well, in the future, I promise to ask
before taking red out for a spin.

Or at least super-charge it with your speed

so I don't catch you.

Scan of Arus' exosphere is complete.

No sign of any more probes.

So... it's over?

Or it's just beginning.

That probe's mission was to find
out where the lions are hidden,

and it may have succeeded.

We need to find out who sent it, though.

I think we can take a pretty good guess.

I see you...