Voltron Force (2011–2012): Season 1, Episode 7 - Lion Riders Return - full transcript

After receiving a distress call for help, the Voltron Force journeys to the planet Ariel in order to defend a race of lion-riding warriors from Sky Marshal Wade.

I'm goin' in.

Make her purr, Larmina.

I hope you two are takin' notes.
You're up next.

Mm-hmm. Absolutely.


We are studiously... studying...



Good tune-up. Go, Larmina!


Fun game, huh?

No! I mean, yeah, it is, but...

It's research.


There's a whole underground
community of Voltron friendlies.

And they've adopted this game as a way
to communicate under Wade's radar.

It's brilliant.

That's probably why Pidge
designed it that way.


That guy just gets more and more awesome.

Incoming message.

Incoming message.

Are you one of them?

One of whom?

Your skill at the game is incredible.

Are you... Voltron Force?

Why do you ask?

Please, Ariel needs you!

We're a peaceful planet, but Wade's forces...

You are neutralized.

- What...? Who just...
- Yeah!

Down goes Vince! Whoo-hoo! I
am like living lightning.

Too fast for...


Evil is back.

The Drule King Lotor has returned

with a dark energy that
can destroy the galaxy.

Our only hope? The Voltron Force...

A team of five heroic pilots

that control five awesome robot lions.

When Lotor's monstrous Robeasts attack,

the lions come together to form
Voltron, defender of the universe!

the cycle never seems to end, father.

Voltron is reborn stronger than before,

but the evil grows stronger to match it.

At times, I wonder how long we
can stand alone against it.

Perhaps the Lion force should
stop trying to stand alone.

It's good to see you, father.

So, this gamer from Ariel

actually came to us for help, huh?

Well, feels good to be taking requests again.

Word is slowly spreading that we're back,

but it's all underground for now.

Maybe it's time to put Voltron
back in the public eye.

If there's a pocket of loyalists on Ariel,

all the better.

You want to build a pro-Voltron resistance,

start with the people who never gave up hope.

What about them?

I think we should start
with what people knew...

Original five.

We can build from there later.

Fine with us.

We've got a, uh... project to do here, anyway.

You're a Master of subtlety,

you know that?

All right, then.
Cadets stay on Arus,

- original Lion force goes to...
- No.

The cadets fly to Ariel with us.

I don't know why,

all I can tell you is that it's important.

I'm not arguing with her.

There it is...

Planet Ariel.

Everybody, stay sharp.

What are those things?

So, uh... Wade's attacking with what, now?

I've never seen anything like that.

If Wade created these things,

the scope of his technology is far
more advanced than I thought.

We'll worry about the
implications of that later.

Right now, it's time to create some goodwill.

Ahh! Feisty, huh?

Distance attacks only!

Whatever that energy is, it's conductive.

Allura, Lance! On your tails!

Now that we know whose side everyone is on...

Keith, wait!

This can't be Wade.

Something else is going on here.

Have you not insulted us enough

with your sacred theft and
destructive machines?

Now you send us these mockeries
of the Voltron lions?

You push the lion-riders too
far, sky Marshall Wade.

Wait... us? Wade?

Oh, boy.

Hey, Keith, uh...

I don't think your goodwill
mission's going so well.

My "goodwill mission?"
- Let's... try this again,

gentlemen, shall we?

Citizens of Ariel...

We're actually the good guys, I promise.

A daughter of Arus!

Well, chief Kalon, my new friend,

we'd like to apologize
again for the confusion.

When we saw those creatures
attacking the temple,

we assumed they were the threat
you mentioned in your message.

Message? What message?

That seriously doesn't bother you?

The Krelshi are peaceful creatures by nature,

an essential part of Ariel's
harmonious spiritual aura.

Whatever you're thinking
about saying right now,

take a deep breath, and then don't.

The problem is Wade.

His machines have been drilling
deep within our planet,

trying to extract corite,

a powerful metal ore found only on Ariel.

It's driven the Krelshi into a frenzy.

Whatever help we can give,

the Voltron Force is behind
you and your lion-riders.

Then help us kick Wade's forces
to the far corner of the galaxy.

Just the answer I was hoping for!

Lead the way.

I'm sorry, cadets, but your mission is here.


I told you I didn't know
why you needed to come,

but my father feels...

You saw King Alfor?

Yes, and I sense I'm not the only one.

You clearly have a gift for things
beyond the ordinary, Vince.

Use it.

My father felt it was important that you...

Especially you... come to this place.

- Your task is to find out why.
- Allura! We're moving out.

Follow those instincts.

And... us?

Did we just get dragged along
on this mission for decoration?

Me? Maybe. You? Doubtful.

Okay, anybody know where to go looking

for a mysterious "higher purpose"?


My avatar!

I'm guessing you're our mystery gaming buddy?

I am called Daigo.

I could sense it was you from the
moment you entered the temple.

I must tell you, the way you play the game...

You truly are special.

Hello! Did you not totally see me

frag Vince's guy in the same game?

I did.

And I am surprised the Voltron Force

would let a cheap-shot artist
like you onto their team.

Wha...? The... who the... grr.

You're not the only one who's been wondering.

Come, please.

I must show you the reason I asked
the Voltron Force to come here.


This is incredible.

What is it, some sort of mine?

Yes, but also more than a mine.

The temples you saw on the surface,

the mines down here,

they are all connected,
physically and spiritually.



This is definitely important.

You were right to bring us here, kid.

Don't worry.

The Voltron Force has got it under control.

This isn't why I brought you here.

That is...


Where is it going?

I have a guess.

Wade's machines did this?

With an entry hole like
that, they must be huge.

Their size is only one concern.

The powerful ore at Ariel's core
is nearly impossible to penetrate.

Our ancients used to possess
sacred smithing ability,

but that craft has been lost to the ages.

Yet, Wade has somehow found a way
to mine our precious corite.

Whatever he's brought,
it's no ordinary machine.

They're coming. Mount your lions!

Like the man said!

Voltron Force, this planet
is under the protection of the alliance.

You are ordered to cease and
surrender to my authority.

You wanna tell him where he
can stick his authority?

Yes, I do.

Keith, the drills!

I think I know how they're
penetrating the corite.

Great. You're still the smartest guy I know.
Can we fight now?

They're Haggarium-tipped,

which means they can drill
into our lions, too!


This doesn't make sense!

Where is Wade getting Haggarium?

Ahh! We're taking a beating here.

I say it's time to pull out the big guns.


Ready to form Voltron.

Activate interlocks.



Mega thrusters are "go!"

Let's go, Voltron Force!

Form red center.

Form feet and legs!

Form arms and body!

Take the lead, Lance.

And I'll form the head.

Draw magma pistols.

Stand back, riders.

The defender of the universe is comin' in hot.

Looks like the "charm" offensive is working.

We have to go help them!

What's the fastest way to the surface?

Guys, wait!

I'm worried about them, too, but
Allura gave us our own mission.


You must learn to trust Vince.

You can just tell he's special.

Cute kid. I like him.

It's weird.

I feel like I'm powerful down here.

You can read that stuff?

Not fully, but I've got a bit
of ancient language training.

Royal education...

It's comprehensive.

What can you make out?

It's something about the
link between lion and man.

I can't be sure, but...

I think there may be something
about Voltron here, too.

Does that make sense, Daigo?

We've always been loyal to Voltron on Ariel,

but I know nothing about any
connection with our ancients.



I... I don't know.

That's all I've got.

This? This is what we came here to find?

A dead end?

You have to trust Vince's instincts,

he will know.

Yeah, I get it. Vince is special, we know.

But he's not the only one
putting his life on the line

for the Voltron Force.
We all... whoa!

He doesn't speak for all of us.

Excuse us for a moment.


Okay, what exactly is the problem?

Nothing. Ow!

Stupid answer. Try again.

You won't understand.

You can't, really.

I mean, Vince,

obviously, he's got some kind
of destiny going on here.

It's like he's been part of the Voltron Force

before he even knew about
the Voltron Force.

And with you... it's the same thing.

You're royalty...

You were born to do this.

So what does that make me?

Just some punk kid who got lucky.

You know that's not how it is.

Larmina! Other one!

Come quickly!

Vince? Are you all right?

It's... a door.

Looks like we've
got Wade running scared!

I agree. It
might be a good chance

to put Voltron's other new
configuration through the paces.

No, see, I was just pointing
out how fun this is for me.

Fun was meant for sharing, Lance.

Take the lead, big guy.



Hunk... head!

"Hunk head?"

Yeah, the lingo's a work in progress.

Let's scrap these things!

Rock wrecking maces!

Hail the return of Voltron,

defender of the universe!

Hunk, what's going on?

Power level's dropped to near zero.

This shouldn't be happening,
we had a full charge.

It's the configuration shifts.

They must draw more power
than a regular formation.

Science it up later, Pidge. We've
got more of a "now" problem.

Scramble back to the lions!

We're nothing but one big target this way.


We waited years for your return,

and now you run like a frightened child?

Voltron's time
has passed, lion-riders.

The alliance has no use for relics,

nor do you.

The universe will get used
to a future without Voltron.

I'm making your planet a
big part of that future.

I'm not sure I want to hear
the details of that future.


What got into them?

The closer I get, the stronger it feels.

I know we have to get inside, but how?


Daniel! No!

Protect the Krelshi!

Fight like lions, no matter the cost!

Lion-riders... forward!

We have to help them!

Power levels are still dangerously low,

and even at full strength, the lions
were no match for Wade's drills.

Maybe we don't have much chance
of surviving this fight,

but if we turn our backs now,
the idea of Voltron is dead.

Well, yeah... I just didn't want
anyone getting their hopes up.

Let... him... go!


No! The Krelshi would never harm him.
It's not its fault!


You okay, buddy?

Legs... feel like they're burning.


Don't try to walk yet.

Have to.

I need to get through that door.

- We can take it.
- Definitely.

No! You don't understand these creatures.

Kid, I'm pretty sure you don't
understand it right now, either.

Get Vince where he needs to go!

I've got this.

Okay, you're here.

So what kind of "here" are we looking at?

It looks like some kind of forge.

A metalworking shop.

They must have put it here, where the
mine's metal vein was strongest.

Go ahead and touch it.

You know you're dying to.

You backed the
wrong team, lion-riders.

What just happened?

Whatever it is, it's restoring the lions.

We've got full power!


Sky Marshall Wade, I'm
satisfied with our choice.

Lion-riders, forward.

You just saved the planet again, didn't you?

Probably, but only because you helped me.

"Helper to the special one," huh?

Ah, as long as I get to
fly a lion, I'll take it.

For now.

You heard the "for now" part, right?

Yeah, yeah...

We're leaving.

That noise the Krelshi made...

You understood it, didn't you?

- Yeah.
- What'd it say?

It said I wasn't ready.

For what?

You know, I have a standard policy

about not asking giant electro-ghost
lions stupid questions.

- Everybody good?
- Yep. You?

Thank you for saving me.

I was unfair in my judgment of you.

I get that a lot.

May I make it up to you?

Depends. How?

Larmina asked me earlier

what was the fastest way to the surface...


We cannot thank you enough

for restoring peace to our planet.

I'm not really sure what we did, uh...

But we're happy to take the good publicity.

Go, Voltron.

It seems the Voltron Force

has some very special cubs among them.

It seems we do.

I saw what you did

when that Krelshi took Vince.

You ran toward danger because
a teammate was in trouble.


So, like you said...

Vince has some kind of destiny,

and I was born into this...

But you?

You're here because you earn it every day.