Voltron Force (2011–2012): Season 1, Episode 2 - Defenders of Arus - full transcript

Daniel and Vince arrive at the Castle of Lions and meet a fellow Cadet named Larmina, who is revealed to be Princess Allura's niece and the trio are given their "Voltcoms", special ...

Commander Kala,

we've reached safe distance barrier

from the Haggarian quasar.

Proceed with the sample acquisition.

You have failed me, Captain.


your attempts to harness the power
of the Haggarian quasar seem futile,

and have cost a good portion of the fleet.

Yes, yes.

I told you that if it didn't work
this time, I would destroy you.

Your irritating smile suggests you
doubt my conviction to follow through.

No, Commander Kala, quite the contrary.

It is my faith in your conviction

to squash the life from me

that has me beaming,

for, you see,

it seems our Captain hasn't
failed us after all.

In fact, I believe

he's become part of the solution.

...and we'll conclude our tour
in the castle control room,

where all of the Voltron missions are planned.

Are these the doors to the lions?

Can we see them?

All in good time.

However, right now

you'll be going through this door

to your top-secret classroom.

Wow, our top-secret classroom

looks a lot like...

A classroom.

It's equipped with just enough
to suit its educating purposes.


There's a third desk?

Oh, yay, classmates.

Well, she seems nice.

Yeah, real nice.


Vince, Daniel,

I'd like you to meet my niece, Larmina.

Well played, knuckleheads.

As you all know, the Voltron Force
is made up of five separate lions,

that are strong individually, but are much
more powerful when they come together

to form the mighty Voltron.

Unity is our core.

These are your volt-coms.

Over time, you will learn all of
their practical applications,

but it is more than a mere tactical device.

It is your link to the lions, and,
more importantly, to each other.

As I activate each of you
with the power of the lions,

you're becoming part of a team,

part of the Voltron legacy.

I welcome you, and turn you over to Lance,

who has the great responsibility of
teaching you how to carry this honor.

Thank you.

Well, now that we're all
part of the Voltron elite,

let's begin our first class with...
A pop quiz.


Come on.

I thought this school was about

piloting the Voltron lions!

There's a lot more to being part of the
Voltron Force than piloting the lions.


We're gonna test

your hand-to-hand combat skills

to see what we're working with.

Who wants to go first?

Which of you gentlemen would
like to fight the lady?

Keith, I've been running some diagnostics.

Whatever Wade did to your lion
at his secret research facility

really screwed it up.

The weapons systems are completely down.

The power is almost drained.

Tell me something I don't know.

You need to get back to Arus to recharge,

but you'll never make it
flying at combat levels.

Well, it's a good thing I'm not.

Yeah, about that...

You hit her.

I'm not gonna hit a girl.

I don't wanna... ah!

I'll take you both on.

Ah! Oof!


You ladies haven't been

in a lot of fights, have you?


Of course, Wade installed a tracking device.

Can you disable the signal
before they reach me?

No, I can't seem to pinpoint
the beacon's location

in the lion.

They're going to catch up to you.



Our fractals have the target in sight,

and they're about to engage.

Command the pilots to prove their worth

and recover that lion

in as many pieces as necessary.

You've already lost it once, general.

Have you located the former Voltron
force members now in my employment?

I'd like to question them personally.

No, Sir.

They all seem to be A.W.O.L.

Don't worry, Keith. Hunk and I have
been working on a contingency plan.

We just need a bit more time.

Attention, the following
individuals are to report to security.

Uh, I'll get right back to you.

Right back to me?
Are you kidding?

Oh, yeah,

you might want to take
evasive action about now.


Oh, boy.

Download Den intelligence report.

Downloading to tow ship.




it's worse than we thought.

Welcome back...

King Lotor.

Oh, man...

Anytime you're ready to start.


Ha, a cheap playground trick?

That's all you got?

Hey, who's the one on their butt?

You in about two seconds.

All right, let's just review
your test results, shall we?

Wait, you graded that?

No, your Voltcoms did.

You guys have no idea how
cool these things are.

Pretty soon, you'll just think something,

and the Volt-com will automatically do it.

It can read our minds?

No, dude.

It must read our bodies' signals,

minor muscle movements,

adrenaline levels, blood pressure,

and then associate those with
specific Volt-com functions.

Probably some form of biometrics.

I was just gonna say it's magic.

It picks up on your natural
talents and abilities,

then adapts to strengthen them.

In this case,

I wanted to see what weapon it picked

for each of you, based on
your fighting abilities.

Larmina, hit this button.

Nice... stick?

I like my stick.


A-and how 'bout you boys?

What do I do with these?




Okay, we'll have to work on that one.

Let's see what the old Volt-com

has in store for you, Vince.

What is happening?

Uh, Pidge'll look at that, too.

Must have been impressed
with your combat skills.

Ah-ah, I wouldn't talk too much smack

before your second-period class,

which is definitely more Vince's dojo.

More simulators, huh?

Oh, this is much more than a simulator,

it's a lion simulator!

Pidge, you gotta warn the others,

but I'm gonna need some
sort of distraction here.

Without weapons, all I can
do is outrun these guys,

and I can't do that for long.

I know! I'm working
on something.

Here! It looks like there's
an asteroid field nearby.

You can try to lose them in there.

A little game of cat and mouse.

I can do that.

I feel a...

A strange sensation
running through my veins.

That's only natural, having
just been raised from the grave

with the power of Haggarium.


As in the witch Haggar?

The very essence of Haggar, my Lord.


I feel the dark energy!

How ironic.

Haggar's power giving me life.

You call me your Lord, yet
I know neither of you.

Forgive me.

This is Commander Kala
from the planet Darkor.

What she lacks in personality,

she makes up for in tactical brilliance,

and blood lust.


And you?

I am Maahox,

master of experimental occult sciences,

and exile from Calum.

These titles are related.

Well, exile and Commander,

I imagine you feel I am indebted to you

for bringing me back into existence.

I also assume that means you
want something from me.

We can all benefit from each other.

I'll go into the details

once you've adjusted to reanimation.

For now, just know that a common
hatred has brought us together.



This is amazing!


It feels like the real deal,

but there's really only one way to tell.


Well, I hate this techie stuff.

I'd much rather be beating
you up in real life...


My dojo.

I really like these goons,

but I don't get why

you wanted me to bring them here now.

Wiser forces than myself
have set this in motion.

Allura, Lance! You guys there?

Pidge, is everything okay?


You'd better see this,

and this.

We need to step up the curriculum.

The Voltron Force.

They nearly succeeded in destroying me.

Now they must pay.

All part of Kala's brilliant
plan, already set in motion.

Please, my Lord.

Today is your re-birthday.

You should sit back

and enjoy our present to you...

A neatly-packaged gift
on its way to Arus.

Lance taught them well.

Luckily, I'm a better pilot than Lance.

We need to disable Wade's tracking device,

or you'll never lose them.

Maybe if I use their signal
feed to hone in the...

Yeah! Got it!

I found the beacon location!

It's not like I can crawl down there

at the moment, Pidge.

It's time for this cat to chase the mice.

We believe a dark evil is rising.

We also believe each of you are
going to be a part of the force

that defeats this evil.

Why us?

Because you have been chosen to...

It's a Robeast coffin!

Already? It can't be!

We need to take out the
lions and investigate.


No, not cool.

You guys, stay here.

Are you cool with this?

Activating the lions will break
strict galaxy alliance sanctions.

Arus will face consequences.

We have no choice.

Come to me...



Keith, the beacon signal's gone!

How did you knock it out?

I didn't.

He did.

Sir, they've lost the black lion.

Incompetent fools!

And... there's more.

We've just received confirmation

that the red and blue lions
have been activated on Arus...



I have the keys...



I am through with human error.

I'd better get back to Arus while I still can.

Pidge, send me the...

Pidge, I've lost power.


Keith, do you copy?

We're almost there!



Our security detected a Robeast
coffin landing on Arus.

Lance and I are going to investigate.

All right, we've got Keith in our sight.

We'll be there as soon as we can.

That may not be soon enough.

I think I imagined a more
romantic reunion with the lions.

I take it back.

I think the two of us just
shared a beautiful moment.

No offense, but I wish the whole
team were here to share with us.

We can't just sit here!

What can we do?

No way, Daniel!

Maybe the others are almost here.

Not a lick of power in him, is there?

Pidge! What's your E.T.A.?

Doing the best we can!

Well, hurry!

Lance and Allura really need your help!

Um, who was that?

It looks like we're gonna have to engage him

as a twosome.

You ready?

Cover me.

Allura, no!



Lance, are you okay?


That's it!

We gotta do something!


Time to go fast.

Aw, yeah!


Uh, not exactly.

Eat laser!


Uh, how 'bout...




I know, I know, sorry.

I don't know the weapons,

but I can still fly.


W-what are you...

Lance, are you okay?

I think my arm is broken,

but I still got some fight in me.

At least there's three of us now.

Guys, I gotta get down there.

Is there any way to speed this up?

Only if we get some power to
the lion to help propel it,

but we don't have a source capable of...

If we keep working together, we
can keep this beast on its heels.

Yeah, but does anyone have any
ideas how to get it off its heels?

Don't look at me for strategy,

unless you want cheap playground tricks.

You're a genius, Danny-boy.

Allura, maintain your position.

Daniel, let's play.


Knocked you on your ro-butt!


but not the time to gloat.

Pin it!

We need to pin that other arm.

We need another lion!

Did somebody say, "another lion"?

All right, that should hopefully transfer all
the lion power from your Volt-com into...

It worked!

Great! Now...

Wait, you don't have enough power to...

Hear me because your Volt-com is dead.

Punch it, Hunk!

Come on, guys, concentrate.

You're a team. You can do it!

Here, you control the jaws,
while I take the legs.

Like this?



Come on... We're almost in
Arus's gravitational pull.

You can do it...

It's dead again.

We need to try something else.

Try it my way,

with some muscle!

What are you...


Get ready to do your hero thing!

I can't get a shot without losing my grip.

Come on, guys, concentrate.

We're losing him!

Okay, I think we got it...

We need our whole team!


Aw, come on!



It's good to see you, old pal.

You're still rockin' the mullet?

Man, you have been
underground for a long time.

Yeah, we'll have to do something about that.

Where are Pidge and Hunk?

Did we get him?

Pidge, you're okay!

Yes, yes, we did.


Now, you want to come get us?

Nice haircut. 'Bout time...

You did real good today, Dan-man,

even though you lost your head.

At least I didn't lose my arm.

Come on.

Hey, Keith,

I want to introduce
you to my new hero.

What was that?

King Lotor.

That Robeast's defeat was part of my plan.

It was a relic from your
days, a minor challenge

to bring Voltron back into the open.

We have something much
more powerful in store...

What you and your predecessors
failed to realize

is that some of the best
raw material for robeasts

isn't found in your battle
arena, but in nature herself.

Eons of evolution
perfecting efficient,

savage predators.


but the problem with these creatures is

that they lack the brain capacity for reason,

for strategy,

which is why we need to give this

to our next generation of
Haggarian-powered robeasts.

My own evolution!


This wasn't part of my plan.


No, but it was part of mine.

Don't fight it, dear Commander.

I promise, you'll love
what I've done with you.


And so will the Voltron Force.