Voltron Force (2011–2012): Season 1, Episode 1 - New School Defenders - full transcript

After Voltron's victory over Lotor and his army, the Robot Lions lost control during a celebratory event and nearly destroyed a city. Because of this, Galaxy Alliance commander Sky Marshall Wade ordered the Lions to be dismissed from their duty as defenders of the universe and disbanded the Voltron Force. Since that day only the Galaxy Alliance has been in charge of protecting the universe while Lance, Pidge, and Hunk are acting officers in the army, Princess Allura is ruling her home planet Arus, and Keith is a fugitive from the Alliance. Daniel is a mischievous and curious student in the Galaxy Alliance air school. Daniel and fellow student Vince are recruited into the Voltron Force as junior cadets and later become members of a resistance against Sky Marshall Wade, during which Keith infiltrates Wade's secret base and searches for the Black Lion. Now, as part of the resistance's plan, Daniel and Vince sneak into Wade's room and switch out his prized pin with a fake one and head back to "The Den", the resistance headquarters. The reason is that the four insignias on the pin are actually the keys to reactivate the Lions. Meanwhile, Keith discovers his Black Lion and breaks it and himself out of the base, contacting Pidge and trying to escape Wade's security.

[City traffic roars]

Come on, Daniel, I dare you!

Come on, Daniel!

Just do it, go! I double-dare you!

When are you guys gonna learn?

It's not a dare if I want to do it.

[Revs engine]

[Missile blasts, he shouts]

[Smashing and stomping]


[Gasps in horror]


[Roaring in combat]

[Debris clattering]

[Motorcycles zooming]


[Kids all gush]: Whoa!

Did you see that?

Oh, man, that's so cool!

[Electricity crackling]

You guys missed it!

The lions just formed Voltron!

[Lion roaring]

[Blows thud]

Someday, that's gonna be me.

I'm gonna pilot the black lion.

Ha, you wish.

[Power surges]

[Lions roaring]

[Sword unsheathing]


Yeah, I do wish...

Unfortunately, it looks like
that's all it'll ever be now,

just a wish.

Not long after the Voltron Force

wrecked shop on that Robeast,

they defeated Lotor and his Drule army.

It was epic!

[Deep rumbling]

[Wind blowing]


[Sword pulses and crackles]

[Roars in defiance]


[Building crumbles]

I even got to go to the
galaxy victory celebration.

It was the greatest day of my life!


[Error beeps]

[Crowd screaming in terror]

It was a disaster...

But no one was hurt.

That's why I couldn't believe

how quickly everyone forgot

all the good Voltron had done,

as if they'd been brainwashed.

The defender of the universe

was declared a hazardous
threat and decommissioned

without even attempting to fix it.

How shady is that?

My dreams, gone.

Now the only thing that
excites me is going fast,

really fast,

so I enrolled in the galaxy
alliance flight academy,

where things have turned out to be slow,

really slow.

[Sighs heavily]

When's life gonna pick up some speed?

[Flames crackle, commander roars]

Of course,

if all that wasn't about to change,

I wouldn't be here telling you this story.


...and so the galaxy alliance fractal
fighter has been Earth's primary

strike and defense
weapon since...

Which battle, cadet Daniel?



The battle at gemini four?

[Computer voice]: Correct.

Commander Lance...

To what do we owe the honor of a visit
from the youngest head flight instructor

in academy history?

I realized it was nearly
the end of the first term,

and I have yet to greet our first-year cadets.

I wanted to get a look at
the faces I'll be seeing

when they get into the cockpit

in their third year.


Third year...

So, do any of you potential
pilots have any questions for me?

Yes, cadet?

Sir, with all due respect,

why are you here teaching

instead of defending the universe?

What really happened with Voltron?


You know mention of Voltron is
forbidden by sky Marshall Wade!

There are severe consequences
for violating this order.

Commander Lance, I'm so sorry for...

It's all right.

I'll speak of this once and only once.

Yes, I used to be the pilot
of the red Voltron lion,

but after the incident,

that's something I've put in the past.

Myself, along with
tech-sergeants Hunk and Pidge,

formerly the yellow and green lions,

are now loyal soldiers in the service
of the galaxy alliance military.

And princess Allura,
the former blue lion,

is ruling on her home planet of Arus.

What about the leader of Voltron?

The black lion pilot, commander Keith?

Ex-commander Keith is a wanted fugitive,

and nobody knows his whereabouts.

So, commander Keith,

I hear you are interested in

the location of Wade's secret base.

Your hearing is good.

Why are you seeking this base?

Are you looking for trouble?

I'm looking for something Wade
has that doesn't belong to him,

which may lead to trouble,

but that doesn't concern you.

I paid you good money for that location, so...

Yes, well, unfortunately,

some people are willing to pay more

for your location.


Please, do not make a big scene.

The size of the scene is up to you


How could you and the rest of the team

just turn your backs on
commander Keith and Voltron?

Defending the universe is our top priority,

and that's exactly what the
galaxy alliance is doing!

Voltron was just a vehicle...

Just a vehicle?

That's enough.

You, up.

You're coming with me.

You too.


W-what did I do?

Guilt by association.

So, this is how it's gonna be.

At least I returned your money.

You can count it.

It's all there.

Yeah. I'll get right on that.

[Sword surges, blows thud]

Ah! Whoa!

[Crowd shouting in alarm]

A sword, really?

It's a weapon of honor.

[Blasts ricochet]

You wouldn't understand.

[Roaring in combat]


[Sword zaps out]

[Engine racing]

[Dome crackles]

[Suit clicks together]

[Engine rumbling]

I assure you all, this
supposed rising Drule threat

is nothing but rumors to stir the masses.

But, sky Marshall Wade, our sources
have intercepted increased chatter

about this mysterious commander Kala,

specifically mentioning Lotor...

Lotor is dead!

Furthermore, ambassador Coran,

if your sources happen to be "the Den,"

you'd better think twice before
quoting their intelligence to me,

considering they're viewed as
rebels against the galaxy alliance.

You continually test my patience,

honorable gentleman from Arus.

Tread lightly.

Good day.

Commander Lance, these must be
the cadets you called me about?

Yes, Sir.

Normally, I don't like to concern
myself with petty academy matters,

but I take my "no Voltron"
policy very seriously.

Sir, I take full responsibility.

He doesn't belong here.

I hardly know him, and he...

Do not speak, cadet,

and don't play that sickening
nobility card either.

It's a liability in combat.

I need an army of obedient,
ruthless fighting machines,

not some saps

who are going to hesitate to
consult their moral compass!

Of course, this won't be a problem for you

if you violate my policy again

because a second offense would mean expulsion!

However, this being your first,

you are receiving the automatic sentence...

Latrine duty, for the rest of first term,
and all of the second term as well.

I hope this teaches you

to scrub Voltron from your lives completely.

I'm sure this experience will give them

an entirely different
perspective on Voltron, Sir.

It already has.

Man, I am so sorry I got you into this...


Hey, you just said what I was thinking.

I'm more of the non-confrontational type.

Yeah, speaking of type,

I've been meaning to thank
you for helping me in class.

How did you do, uh...


A tech-gician

never reveals his tricks.

Huh, you're an interesting guy, um...

I don't even know your...

It's Vince.

Should I pretend I don't
know your name's Daniel

to make this less awkward for you?



Well, I definitely owe you one,


Ah, don't worry about it.

You can just save my life sometime.

[They groan in disgust]

So, Vince,

what do you think of this place so far?

You mean besides the life
sentence of latrine duty,

and the fact that one of our heroes

turned out to be a total snart?

Yeah, and then there's this.

I came here to fly jets,

and all first-years do
are stupid simulators.

Actually, I like the simulators.

All the fun of flying, with none of the death.


You wanna...


Wait, I thought you didn't
like the simulators.

I don't,

at least not when we're
supposed to be in them,

but now we're like commander Keith,

rebel outlaws,

operating in the shadows.

I can't believe Manset was a traitor.

He was thoroughly vetted by the Den,

and why'd he return my money?

It just doesn't make sense...

Says the guy talking to a space mouse.


The coordinates to Wade's base?

"It's all there..."

This is stalker calling the Den.

The watering hole has been located.

I'm going hunting.

Set course for the Tarvos moon of Saturn.

[Simulators whirring]


These simulators are way too easy.

I'm ready to try this stuff pulling 12 g's

all right, whiny-McGee.

You want me to make this interesting for you?


I thought you're non-confrontational.

I am, in real life.

Well, would you look here?

It seems the simulator
wants to feel more hurt.

Easy pickings.


What, can't you boys keep up?

Commander Lance?

You just want to get expelled, don't you?

Considering this is most likely

your last act as G.A. cadets,

let's see what you're made of.

I hope your straps are on tight.


It's not like these simulators
are going to rocket off...






You might want to pull your emergency break

right... now.

Y-your simulator almost killed me!


And Voltron contraband to boot.

Wade would throw you in a
secret holding cell to rot.

Lucky for you, I'm not Wade.

Boys, welcome to...

the Den.

Cadets, I'd like you to meet...


You're Pidge!

The green lion pilot!

[Blaster hisses]

That's Hunk, the yellow lion!

What are you doing?

You're not even welding anything. Yeah,
but I wanted to make a cool entrance

for these little dudes.

Mission accomplished.

Is Keith here, too?

Always with the Keith.

[Sword tearing]

[Space mouse squeaks]

[Scanner warbles]

[Claws click]

[Grunting with effort]

[Laughing] Why would you draw
glasses on top of my glasses?

Um, six eyes?

I don't know, I'm not an artist.

Well, I'd better get back to duty,

but I look forward to working
with you clowns in the future.

[Both boys]: Huh?

We need to keep up appearances.

We've been pretending to be the
epitome of a good soldier,

and loyal to sky Marshall Wade,

so that he never even suspects
our underground activities.

Pidge and Hunk have built this secret network

that has access to Wade's G.A . Resources.

It's been quite useful in helping
Keith on his secret mission.

What kind of secret mission?

The kind that's a secret.


Okay, fine,

but you still haven't
explained why we're here.

What does any of this have to do with us?

Let's just say your talents have been noticed,

and we'd like to cultivate them.

In fact, how would you like to take a
very cultivating course right now,

taught by yours truly?


What's the course?

Toilet scrubbing 101.

Oh, you're right.

You already have a bit of experience.

We'll call it 102.


[Gauntlet crackles]


[Power surges]

[Metal screeching]

[Groans with effort]

[Screeches to a halt]

[Mouse squeaks]

[Triggers alarm]



All clear.

[Scanner warbles]

[Suit crackles]

Okay. We can tell there's
something cool going on here,

but if it involves cleaning more toilets...

Look, I'm going to be asking
you to do a lot of things

in the future that won't
seem to make sense,

but there will always be a reason.

The question is,

after what you've seen, do you trust me?

I think so,

but why won't you just

give us a straight answer about anything?

Partially because you aren't ready to know,

but mostly because it's way
more fun for me this way.

So, I'll ask again,

do you trust me?

Because if you don't, I can have
Pidge erase this from your memory.


We're in.

Phew! That is a huge relief,

'cause we do not have a memory-erasing device.

That's science fiction.

What are you making, Wade?

[Scanner starts]

Hey, you.

Have you seen anyone suspicious?

Probably another false alarm set
off by space mice or something.

Yeah, but we gotta run
through the motions anyway.

[Scanner clicks]

[Scanner beeps]

Decrypt security code.

[Lock beeping]

Come on, come on.

[Footsteps approach]

[Mouse squeaks]

Shh! Shoo!

School is in session.

How much do you know about sky Marshall Wade?

He's the head of the galaxy alliance's

military division.

And a snart who hates Voltron.

True, but it's more complicated than that.

Wade's been wanting control
of the alliance military

for years,

always claiming that Voltron was dangerous

because the power within the lions

is an ancient technology
that isn't fully understood.

Though we can't prove it,

we know he sabotaged Voltron

to turn the public against it.

I knew it!

Wade used this as an excuse to
convince the galaxy alliance

that Voltron's power isn't to be trusted.

He got them to regulate the lions

back to their storage chambers on Arus.

However, I believe that Wade

actually just wanted to
study their technology.

While I believe

it's time to start your first class project.

Wade is a well-decorated general,

but he's particularly proud
of his four-stripe pin.

Pidge has made a replica of this pin,

and you boys are going to swap this out.

Your master revenge plan

is switch our his favorite pin for a fake?


Remember our earlier conversation about trust?

Remember you don't have a mind-erasing device?


Let's continue anyway, shall we?

Latrine duty happens to be

the only hole in Wade's security.

The toilet-cleaning cadets

have pretty much unfettered access.

And like all disciplined army men,

Wade does everything on an air-tight
schedule, and I mean everything.


Now, we already know you have
a talent for sneaking around,

so when Wade's coat is off for his "0600,"

that's your chance to make the swap.

Should be a piece of cake.

[Wade groans]





[Wade groans, toilet flushes]

I think this time he's finished.

Like us.

[Lion roars]










How did you...

What were you thinking?

I didn't think at all.

Guess you're lucky I'm impulsive.

Yeah, well, consider the
"saving my life" debt paid.

I was hoping to hold that
over your head, but...

[Wade, angrily]: Look at this mess,

you insufferable beast!

I swear, if you chase one more mouse...

[Suit clicking]

Found you.

Ah, there it is. Nice job, boys.

Piece of cake, right?

More like piece of meat.

Well, you did such a good job,

that I've decided to expel you
from the academy after all.

Unless you'd rather stay and finish
out your two terms of latrine.

You are showing great promise
in that field of study.

Go on and pack your bags, boys.

We're taking a road trip.

This is all happening so fast.

I often find fast is the best way.

So, I think you boys have earned the right
to know a bit more about Wade's pin...

More like "pins."

And more like "keys" than pins.

The keys to the lions!

Welcome to Arus,

and welcome to the Castle of lions.


Where's the black key?

I assure you, it's
in good wrists.

[Gauntlet surges]



[Blasters ricochet]


[Soldiers scream]

[Footsteps thundering]