Voltron (2016–…): Season 8, Episode 9 - Episode #8.9 - full transcript

[Honerva whispering] Allura.

[Allura gasps]

[whispering continues] Allura.





[Lance] Allura, are you okay?

What's going on? Where am I?

You're in the medical bay.

When we got back from Clear Day,
we found you collapsed on the ground.

You've been asleep for two quintants.

The entity, it's missing.

Did you...?

I did what needed to be done.

-What needed to be done?

What are you talking about?

This entity, it is connected to Honerva
in some way.

I believe we can use it.

Use it? I...

I swore to your father
that I would look after you,

but I fear I may have let him down.

This is the path of darkness.

It is the path toward defeating Honerva.

You wanted to see me?

We've been working on something,
and we thought we'd run it by you.

We think we might have a way
to find Honerva.

The entity has bonded me to Honerva.

The link is there
whether we utilize it or not.

I believe that if the Paladins connect
using the shared consciousness of Voltron,

we may be able to travel through the void
and into Honerva's mind.

That could, in theory, give us access
to her physical location

as well as key information
on how to defeat her.

Which, after what happened the last time
we faced her, could be super useful.

Honerva is capable of creating
galactic Komars, wormholes, Robeasts.

And now Lotor and his mech
are out there somewhere.

She is the single greatest threat
the universe has ever faced,

and we don't have any other leads.

It might take lifetimes

for another opportunity like this
to come around.

We think this is worth the risk.

I spent a lot of time
in the infinite void.

It took all of my strength
not to lose my sanity.

And if you face Honerva in the void,
she will win.


if you can find a clue
that leads to defeating Honerva and Lotor,

it could give us the upper hand
in this fight.

I don't like the idea
of using Allura like this.

We're messing with powers
we don't fully understand

that have ruined countless lives.

It's... it's dangerous.

Lance, we're the Paladins of Voltron.

There is no one more capable
of taking this on.

It has to be us.

Let's do it.

Besides, the team will have
our sharpshooter there to keep us safe.

I knew that nickname was gonna catch on
one of these days.

It's been a long time since it was only
the seven of us in a room together.

Let's make sure it's not the last.

[Voltron powering up]



[grunting, panting]

[Lance] Allura, are you okay?

I'm fine.

It doesn't seem fair
that he won with a robot arm.

Ah, almost everyone had a robot arm.

The last guy had two robot arms.

The Lions are launching.
Put the Atlas on high alert.

Iverson, power up the Atlas' weapons.

Veronica, make sure
the shield system is go.

[Veronica] High alert? What's going on?

We're just being careful.

The Atlas needs to be prepared
for any eventuality.

It is time to begin.


-[Hunk] Now what?
-Allura, do you feel anything?

We must travel through that light!

[Hunk] It looks so far away.
How do you know?

The entity draws me toward it!

[Lance] What is this place?

It's like... it's like I can hear
what the universe is thinking.

Remember how the Olkari told me that
everything is made of the same energy?

I think it has something to do with that.

So, thoughts are linked

across some kind of, what,
cosmic connection?

Yeah, but I think we are the thoughts

inside a network
of other people's thoughts.

Oh, this is making my head hurt.

Yeah, I'm actually with Lance on this one.

-If we are to-- [screams]
-[all screaming]


[Coran] I'm detecting fluctuations
in Voltron's energy signature.

-Should we do anything?


What was that?

It felt like cold water
running down my spine.

-That was Honerva.

The entity inside of me
is connected to her.

Wait, then why did we feel it?

It must be because we're all connected
through Voltron.

Yes. The psychic link between us
is now shared with Honerva.

The closer we are to her,
the stronger that link.

This is too dangerous.

Honerva is gonna use the connection
to find us, to find you.

No, this is how we are going to find her.

But first, I must learn
how to utilize this energy to do so.

[Keith] This isn't just on you now,

We're all in this together.

Maybe if we concentrate,
we'll be able to feel her energy.

Then we can track it back to its source.

Let's all focus.


[Hunk] This is awesome!

[Hunk] I can feel something,
like an energy inside me.

It's the entity.

This feeling, it's like...

Like a dark realization washing over.

[Pidge] It's like we're being pulled
by a tether connected to our souls.

We're getting closer.

[electricity crackling]

[Allura] This way.

[electricity crackling]

Is this Honerva's mind?

[Allura] It's on the other side
of this wall.

-[creature shrieks]
-[Allura and Hunk gasp]

What is this?

[Allura] It feels like...

like these are the souls
that Honerva has defeated and corrupted.

It's terrible.

Of course we're gonna have to get
on the other side of the-- What?

-[Hunk grunts]

[all screaming]


Come on!


Come on!

[panting, grunting]

[gasps, pants]


Where am I?

Guys, do you copy?


Team, can you hear me?


[grunts, groans]

Hello! Anyone?


Team! Something severed our connection!


Paladins, respond!


Why can you not hear me?

[grunts, gasps]


There has to be a way in.

I can't feel them.

I can't even feel my Lion!




I will not let you hurt us any longer!



[all gasping]

[Allura] This is some kind
of horrible ruse.

And you will pay dearly for it.


Time to end this!


[Alfor] Your suits of armor.

[Trigel] They're incredible.

[Zarkon] We will be a force
to be reckoned with in these armaments.

They stretch, right?

Yes, Gyrgan,
they mold to fit their Paladin.

When will your wonders end, Alfor?

Interesting you should mention that.

I have one more piece of equipment
for all of you.


[Zarkon] What are they?

I call them bayards.

Now, each bayard is crafted
with a small fragment of the comet's ore.

With this much power...

we will be unstoppable.

[Alfor] They can create powerful weapons,

but they can also act as a key bridging
a Paladin's essence with their Lion.

Only so long as we fight together
as a single unit.

To defend the universe.

[all] To defend the universe!

It's really you.

Your soul! Honerva must have...

[Hunk] Trapped you here somehow!

Please, I don't want to fight you!

Please! Remember who you are!

[Allura] Blaytz, please.



[Blaytz grunts]

Make no mistake, Zarkon is coming.

Then we use the Lions,
fight him until our last breath.

I am not certain we can win this fight.

We cannot risk
Voltron falling into his hands.

We will utilize our Lions
to seal the Black Lion.

Once we are done, we will send our Lions
as far away as possible.

Coran, you and the Castle of Lions
will take the Black Lion away.

You would have me leave your side
at the very end?

No. I would have you stand
by my daughter's.

I am entrusting you

with what is most precious to me
in this entire universe, Coran.

It will be my greatest honor.

Then it is decided.

We go into battle together, one last time.

To defend the universe.

[all] To defend the universe.

[Trigel groans]


Where am I?

[Hunk] You're in the void...

just outside of Honerva's mind.

I know it sounds crazy, but it's true.

Are the visions from the Lions true?

Has it really been 10,000 years?

It has.

It saddens me greatly to learn that Zarkon
wreaked such destruction in our absence.

[Hunk] But not completely.

Voltron was reformed.

And the Paladins fly together again.

[Gyrgan] I have always believed
that unity is where true power comes from,

and true unity can only be born of love.

I can't tell you
how much it warms my heart

to know that someone
so connected to the world around her

is piloting the Green Lion.

My race believes observation
to be the most revered attribute.

It is where intelligence is born.

And for you, it is where it has thrived.

The infinite abilities of your mind
dwarf the smallness of your size.

The Green Lion could not have found
a more perfect Paladin.

People often overlooked me
because I was different.

But the Blue Lion recognized
something in me,

something others couldn't see.

It saw the greatness within
that even I did not.

You, Allura,
have greatness within you as well.

You're so much like your father,
and yet so different.

You're a remarkable person.

Thank you for saving us.

[Alfor] Through the Lion's bond,
I could feel your love for my daughter.

[Lance] I could feel yours as well.

As Paladins, we face many quests
throughout the cosmos,

but the most amazing journey
is that of life.

And the biggest question you face
is who to go on that journey with.

I'm glad my daughter chose you.

[Keith panting]



[grunts, pants]

[Lion roaring]

You're back.

[Lions roaring]

You guys are all right.

Wait, are they the...

Yep, the original Paladins.


It is fitting that I would find
what is brightest to me

in the darkest place.

All that I have done,
I have done to make you proud.

Their souls were trapped
by Honerva's dark magic.

When we came near
Honerva's consciousness,

our connection attracted them to us.

Crazy, right?

But we used that connection to free them.

The Lions created a bridge,
sharing old memories with new.

-[high-pitched ringing]
-[all grunt]

-What's going on?

Honerva's connection grows.

We are very close to her now.

You hold a dark entity within you.

Don't you know how dangerous that is?

That's what led to Honerva
and Zarkon's end.

I know the danger.

But now I have the power to stop Honerva.

You had to make a difficult choice in war
by sending the Lions away.

I also had to make a difficult choice.

I'm not going to be afraid
to use the power I have.

We need to continue.

[Lance] But how do we get past the wall?

[Allura] It's... it's like I can feel
her thoughts.

The way through is with the darkness.

Honerva went mad,
obsessed with darkness and power.

And now we must enter her mind.