Voltron (2016–…): Season 8, Episode 6 - Episode #8.6 - full transcript

[theme music playing]

We have confirmation
that Honerva's beasts

have touched down
on planets Sanook, VeXilum, Siiz,

and we continue to receive
more transmissions.

This is consistent with the reports
I'm receiving as well.

The wormhole signatures
we discovered on Olkarion,

they were a map
to where the Robeasts were headed.

They must have been waiting
this entire time.

They're targeting multiple fronts

What do we do?

We keep our calm.

Coran, continue to mark the planets
where the beasts have landed.

Veronica, give us any real-time updates
as they come in.

Copy that.
Just got another report from Sanook.

The Robeasts are covered in some type
of shield like a particle barrier.

They're not attacking the planet?

Not yet.

[Honerva] For eons our people
have suffered, cast out from our home,

driven mad by the cursed Galra.

We have sacrificed much.
You have sacrificed much.

But Lotor gave more than any of us.

And today, his ultimate wish
will be fulfilled.

The Galra will pay
for what they have done to the Alteans.

The end for anyone
that dares oppose us is near.

It is time to begin.

[all screaming]

May Lotor's light guide you.

The planets are reporting activity.
The Robeasts are siphoning Quintessence.

We need to engage them all,
save as many people as we can.

We're talking about triage here.

We could split up the Lions.

One Lion can't handle a Robeast
on its own.

No, but it could slow them down,
buy us some time.

I say we attack them
with the totality of our forces

and wormhole from target to target.

No. We must attack Oriande directly.

I think I know what Honerva's doing.

We know Honerva has the ability
to create wormholes

and that these wormholes
are emanating from Oriande.

She used a Robeast
to steal the Olkari cubes,

which can mimic and intensify energy
at a distance.

And those Robeasts
are essentially armed with Komars,

able to drain and transmit
massive amounts of Quintessence.

Honerva is going to concentrate energy
from across the universe to Oriande.

She is making a Komar magnitudes larger
than anything we've ever seen,

something that could drain
the Quintessence from an entire galaxy.


That monster.

What could she possibly need
that much energy for?

I don't know,
but we need to act immediately.

The only way for us to stop them
is by going directly to Oriande.

Then that's what Voltron is gonna do.

The Atlas will accompany you.

We don't have time to wait
for the rest of the Coalition.

Contact Matt, let him know
the rebels are gonna be in charge

of the evacuation efforts
for the occupied planets.

They shouldn't expect assistance.

Then we are in agreement.

It is time to begin our assault
on Oriande.

-[Allura] Is everyone ready?
-[Shiro] We're in position.

[Allura] The universe is facing
the gravest threat it has ever seen.

Honerva has exploited a vulnerable people,
my people, and bent them to her will.

She convinced them to pilot
her abominations and commit heinous acts.

And now she has built a weapon
that can destroy an entire galaxy.

Today, we risk our lives
for the greater good.

We are the only thing that can stop her
and defend the universe.

It is time to end this war.

[energy powers up]

[energy powers up]

[electricity zapping]

[blaster charging]

[Matt] Is everyone else seeing this?

[N-7] Matt, what is happening?

I don't know, but we're going to save
as many people as we can.

-[alarm blaring]
-Sam, we're experiencing interference.

-Can you lock that down?
-[Sam] I'm on it.

This interference is multi-phasal.
What could cause something like this?

Wait, what color socks are you wearing?

-What? Why does that matter?
-You didn't answer me.

Why didn't you answer me?

There's a 99 3/5 chance
the multi-phasal interference

is from a reality-ending event!

Because of my socks?

We need to modify
the dichromate resonance chamber

-to a super position.
-Good thinking.

That will isolate
the mutated antimatter isotopes.

And please put on some green socks!

The Atlas can't go much further due
to the Petrulian Zone's radiation. [gasps]

There they are! The Olkari cubes!

[Iverson] I'm not picking up
any energy signatures.

They must not be active.

I'm picking something up.
It's coming from the white hole.

The Guardian.

-No! Where is the Guardian?
-[alarm blaring]

We don't have time to engage
these Robeasts.

-Can you clear a path?
-We'll get you through.

Atlas crew,
prepare for transformation sequence.

Okay, Voltron, engaging now.
Good luck out there.

Good luck to you as well.
I'm deferring command to Allura.

Voltron is clear.

We need to first focus
on neutralizing those Robeasts.

Then we can attack those cubes
to try and halt the process.



-[monitors beeping]
-Look out! Behind us!

[Lance grunts]

We gotta move!




[Allura] The Guardian!
She's draining its Quintessence!

[grunts, screams]



[Allura] She's destroyed the Guardian!

We have to stop that witch immediately!

It's Voltron.
Defend our goddess!

[Pidge] Two Robeasts, incoming!

Form swords!

Shield energy at 43 percent.

-[Veronica] Thirty-six.

We're not going to make it
through their blockade.

What's the plan?

Scramble the MFEs.
We need their precise striking ability.

Pilots, attack the weak spot
on their chest plate

when their cannon fires.

-[pilots] Copy.
-[Shiro] Stay safe out there.

Give them heavy covering fire
so they can get in close.

I think we're in the middle of a battle.

-We need to get out of here.

Trust me.

-[distant boom]
-[alarm blaring]

We've got a security breach
reported in cell block 2-1-4.

Zethrid and the Olkari
have escaped their cells.

It looks like they're on their way
to the bridge.

-We don't have time for this. [grunts]

Performing evasive maneuvers!

We have an overload
in munitions bay three.

[Veronica] Sir, Zethrid's almost here.


-[blasters charging]
-Prepare for a breach!

[scanner trills]

We're here to help.

What? How did you even escape?

I'm an Olkari.
Your security is childlike.


Look, I know you don't trust me,
but we are facing certain death.

Let my tech help.


Excellent job fusing Earth technology
with Altean magic.

I'm hit! Repeat, I'm hit!
Recovering all systems.

[Shiro] It worked!
Pilots, we've got you covered.

Kinkade, get Rizavi back
to the Atlas safely.

Griffin and Leifsdottir,

use this opportunity to hone in
on the Robeast's crystal.

[Griffin] Copy!

[Shiro] MFEs, on my count.




-[all cheering]

-[Shiro] Outstanding.
-[Veronica] Yeah!

[all screaming]


[Lance] Wha... What is going on?

[Hunk] Are those people down there?

[Pidge] According to my readings,
we're seeing into other realities.

[Lance] What?

[Pidge] There must be some kind of rip
in the fabric of time.

The essence of realities is leaking out.

Honerva is tearing apart time lines.

She could cause irreparable damage
to reality itself.

-[all grunt]

-I feel it.

[both grunt]

[Allura] Let's move!

[Paladins grunting]


[all grunting]

[electricity powers on]

[groans] What just happened?

I don't know. I've never seen
anything like this before.

I'm attempting a reboot
of the thera-magnetic oscillator.

Wait, did you change your socks?

What? I thought you were kidding.

Oh, no! I think we were just hit
with time spillage.

Time spillage?

It's a rip in the fabric of this reality.

Pulses of Quintessence are disassociating
the synchronized molecules

in the ship's power crystal.

How do we fix it?

For starters,
you have to take off your socks!

[Matt] Everyone's safely on board.
Let's get out of here.

[screams, grunts]

This was Honerva's plan all along.


He's back.

I can't... No!

[Keith] Paladins, attack!

-Lotor has returned!


[all screaming]


Something's not right.


We need to move.

Does anyone copy?

Blue, please respond.

Time to end this.


[system beeping]



-[man] The Red Lion is moving.
-[Merla] Wait! Stay back!


Get out of there now!


[Altean screams]





[Honerva] Altea's wayward daughter.

-Don't you dare mention Altea to me.
-This is just the beginning.

Join me and our people.

Together, we will go back to Altea.

We cannot go back.

It is destroyed because of you.

Think of your father.

I knew Alfor well.

This is what he would have wanted.

-Join me and the Alteans.

You cannot keep me here forever.

And the moment you release your hold,
I will end you.

Then you will end your friends as well.

I am the only thing keeping my son at bay.

Join the right side of this war.



-[monitors beeping]
-[all grunting]

Captain, Commander Holt
got the Atlas back online.

Get the MFEs on board.


[Allura] Paladins, are you there?

-[grunts, pants]

Paladins, respond.

We must get out of here
or we will all perish.


I'm moving again.
Pidge, Hunk?

-[groans] I'm here.
-Yellow's back online.

Let's move.

[Pidge] The white hole is closing.

If we don't get out,
we'll be trapped here forever.

The white hole's energy is collapsing
into a gravity surge.

There's no way we'll hit escape velocity.

At this point, our only hope of escape
is via wormhole.

How long do we have?

Minutes? Seconds?

It's impossible to be sure
with these surges.

Coran, move us
into position to intercept.

[Coran] Adjusting heading.

Sam, I need every ounce of power
you can give us.

[Sam] Pulling energy from all systems.

[Shiro] They'll come.

-[alarm blaring]
-The white hole's about to collapse.

[Coran] They're here!

Coran, we need a wormhole now!

[Hunk] What the heck just happened?

We failed.

And every reality will pay the price.