Voltron (2016–…): Season 8, Episode 5 - Episode #8.5 - full transcript

[theme music playing]

[Iverson] Who's a good girl?

-You are. [laughs]

I used to have a dog like this years ago.

Old Sally would follow me
just about everywhere I went.

I couldn't turn around
without her being there,

-smiling her big, drooly smile.
-[mice squeaking]

Which actually was a problem sometimes.

I once tripped over her,
slipped on her drool

and went shoulder-first
into the refrigerator.

Yeah, and that's where this clicking
came from.

Is that why you were struggling
with the pull-ups?

No, that's because I'm old and overweight.

And watch your insubordination.

Yes, sir!

Was the dog all right?

She was fine, thank goodness.

Yeah, that dog meant the world to me.

[Veronica] I know how you feel.

My brothers and sisters adopted
every stray animal they could find.

There was this one cat.

"Flash" we called him.

He hated everybody except me.

Smart cat.

What about you, Acxa?
Did you have pets where you're from?

I never had a creature companion,

but one of my partners, Narti, was bonded
to an immortal cat named Kova.

That cat gave her the ability
to experience the world.


That's great.

Until Lotor killed Narti

and we had to abandon the animal
on our destroyed ship

so we could escape without being tracked.

[signal blares]

[Shiro] Crew, report to the bridge

[door beeps]

I've got an incoming transmission
from the Paladins.

Go ahead, Allura.

[Allura] Atlas, we've managed
to track down an Altean Robeast.

You found one!

Where is it?
Did you engage the creature?

[Allura] Unfortunately, we were too late.

It attacked the Olkari and stole
the remains of the weaponized cube.

Is Olkarion okay?

[Keith] No.

Olkarion is gone.


The loss of Olkarion
is devastating to us all,

but we were able to acquire
some vital information.

We learned from Olkarion that the Robeasts
have been traveling via wormhole,

which leave behind
unique energy signatures.

Pidge created a program
that can identify those signatures

and pinpoint their exact locations.

[Allura] We're sending over the readings
from Pidge's program now.

Are you telling us these are all Robeasts?

[Pidge] We're not positive,
but they could be.

[Allura] There's more.

After studying the map,

we noticed the signatures all radiate
from a single epicenter: Oriande.

Wait, so Honerva could be on Oriande?

But I thought only worthy Alteans
could get there.

-Could she have the mark of the chosen?
-[Keith] There's a lot we don't know.

We need to rendezvous
to come up with a plan.


[Coran] The Baltuf Nebula would make
a good rendezvous point for both of us.

Send us the coordinates, Coran.

See you soon.

[quiet chatter]

Acxa! Come join us.

So, how did you meet the Paladins?

I met Keith when I was stuck
in the third stomach of a Weblum.

He saved my life.

What were you doing in a... stomach?

Gathering scaultrite to help enable Lotor
to conquer the universe.

I once got stuck in a ball pit
when I was a kid.

Well, what do you think of the crew?

It must be a pretty different dynamic

being that we don't try
to kill each other, huh?

I suppose,
but the Galra had an expression:

"Combat is the searing light
that burns away imperfections."

It would appear the mood at this table
has become rather awkward.


Most likely due to your Galra lineage.

Yep, definitely...


[Keith] Atlas, we had
some technical difficulties.

We'll be delayed.

-Copy that. How long?
-We're still assessing that.

Might be a few hours.
We'll keep you updated.

Roger that.

[Pidge] Coming up on rendezvous point,
straight ahead.

[Hunk] Anyone find it odd that Shiro
changed the rendezvous point to this?

I'm reading high CO2
and low oxygen in the atmosphere.

We'll need our suits to breathe
if we go out there.

-I'm not going out there.

They're here.

[Keith] Atlas, we have a visual.

Paladins, get airborne immediately!

This is a trap!

It's just like when we were caught
by those pirates!

We're about to be captured again!

Emergency ejection!


-[Allura] Atlas, come in!
-[Keith] Atlas, we're under heavy fire!

[Pidge] The Atlas isn't receiving
our communications!

That beam has the Lions pinned.

[Allura] We must have been set up.
But by whom?


[rapid beeping]

[Pidge] Guys, we have incoming.
It's closing fast.

[all shouting]

We need to lose it!

[Lance] Isn't there anything we can do
to throw it off our scent?

[Pidge] Yeah, I've got an idea,
but I need a minute.

I'll buy you some time.



-[Allura grunts]


-Got it!

It shouldn't be able to detect us anymore.

Then let's get out of here!


[electronic droning]

[rapid beeping]

[all shouting]

Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!


-I need something to draw its attention!
-[Allura] I've got it!



Huh, good job, Keith.

I mean, I was just about to do that, too,
but that's cool.

I might be able to hack into it.


This is Galra tech,

but it looks like it's been infused
with Olkari elements.

The subatomic micro-filament
is single modulated

before it goes through its attenuator.


-So it's pretty amazing, huh?

Oh, look at that, it's single modulated,
not double modulated. Huh.

Oh, shut up, Hunk!

This thing has been locking on
to our key encryption protocol

that's built into our suits and bayards.

-How did they get that?
-I don't know.

Only a genius could do it.

-Can't we just turn our suits off?

If the drone had our encryption protocol,

then so does that cruiser
and anyone on it.

If we want to avoid detection,
we need to lose our suits and our bayards.

Remove our armor?
In this place?

Has anyone read the atmosphere?

Oxygen low, CO2 high.

We're not gonna last long.
A few hours, tops.

We need our suits to survive.

Yeah, at this point,
we'll survive longer without them.

So, keep our suits on
and risk getting blasted,

or take our suits off and live long enough
before dying from poisoned air.


[tech] Sending you the drone's
last known coordinates now.

[captain, distorted voice]
We're going after them.

[Fentress] Why would we do that?
It'll risk the entire operation.

We already have the Lions.

The Paladins have no value.

[captain] They do to me.
We're going in.

-[Fentress] But--
-I am the captain,

and my authority will not be questioned!

You do as I say, or you will spend
the rest of your miserable days

right here on this planet.

-Is that understood?
-[Fentress] Yes, Captain.

[captain] Do not let those Lions move.

-No one takes them until the hunt is over.
-Yes, Captain.

-And make sure the Atlas stays put.
-Copy that.

[static hissing]

[Shiro] Keith, any updates on your ETA?

[electronic chirping]

[changes to Keith's voice] We're finishing
some repairs and about to get underway.

We'll update our ETA when we're en route.

[blaster fires]

-[blaster fires]

-[blaster firing]

I know you have little trust for me,
but your constant presence is tiresome.

If you have a problem, let's end it now.

Acxa, it's not that I don't trust you.

Then what is it?

Honestly, I just wanted
to get to know you.

-By sneaking up on me at a firing range?
-I didn't sneak up on you.

Only because I'm always aware
of my surroundings.

Look, I'm sorry that I may have been
following you around.

It just seems like you could use a friend.

I know it can be hard to fit in sometimes.

I've spent my entire life not fitting in.

I'm used to it.


I was an outcast, born and bred in war.

The only way I survived
was to become worse than my enemies.

I don't care about
what you may have done in your past.

I know there's more to you than that.

But some people only see Galra,
and I understand why.

Sometimes even I question
if my people have the ability to change.

By choosing to join the coalition,
you're living proof that it is possible.

I guess I wanna get to know the Acxa
who turned her life around.

I have a feeling
everyone would like that person.


[all grunting]

[Hawkins] They've abandoned their suits.
Now how are we gonna track them?

[bounty hunter] We hunt them
the old-fashioned way.

[Pidge] Are we sure the Lions
are this way?

Every direction looks the same.

-Oh, what I'd give for a GPS right now.
-We cannot allow ourselves to panic.

Clearly, we've relied on our tech
far too much.

We need to focus
if we're going to get out of here.

Okay, I'm lost.

-[Hunk] What do we do?
-[Lance] Our Lions are that way.

How do you know?

Do you have a scanner you've been hiding?

[Lance] No.
I just looked at the volcano.

It was on our left when we came in,

so I put it to our right side,
and that's the way out.

-You're a genius!
-Oh, snap. Well done, Lance.

-Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves.

-[blaster fires]
-[Pidge] Ah!

-More drones?
-No. Look!

-[all shouting]

[shouting continues]

[bounty hunter] They've split up.

Stay on their trail.

Get them!

[Hawkins] We're on the trail
of four of the Paladins right now.

[captain] Which four?

The Altean, the big one,
the tiny one, and the loud one.

They removed their armor
to throw us off their scent,

-but we'll have them soon.

The one I really want is this way.

[Keith's voice] Apologies for the delay.
We experienced a glitch in navigation.

I will have to get back to you.

Everything okay out there, Keith?

Do you need help from the Atlas?

No assistance required, thank you.

Lance will figure it out.

Right, Lance, the navigation genius.


-How long have they been delayed?
-They should have arrived when we did.

Something doesn't seem right.

[Curtis] Look at this.

It looks like their frequency
has been pinging off a decoy.

I'm intercepting it now.

[Paladins overlapping] Atlas!
This is an emergency! Atlas, come in!

We're under attack!
It was a trap!

We need all hands on deck immediately!



[bounty hunter] You think I forgot
about you, tiny Paladin?

I'll make you pay for what you did to me!

[Pidge and Hunk panting]

[breathing heavily]

We need to hurry.

They're right behind us.

[Pidge] The CO2 is poisoning us
by the minute,

and we don't know where we're going.

We can't keep running.

[Hunk groans]

Okay. What do we do?

We have to make a stand.

-[both grunt]
-[blaster charges]

[bounty hunter] Your brother isn't here
to help you this time.

And I've upgraded since we last met.

[both shout]

[bounty hunter grunts, laughs]

[both shouting]

[Hunk] Whoa!

All right! Nice work!

[gasps] Found the Lions.
This way.

[Allura panting]

Okay, if my volcano logic
is correct... [panting]

the Lions should be
on the other side of this--


Allura, get out of here. Go!

-[blaster charges]

[pirate] Looks like she left.

Don't worry, we'll find her for you.

[both grunting]



The Atlas!

That's where the ghost protocol
is emanating from.

Hit them with the electromagnetic pulse.

-[alarm blaring]

[both laughing, coughing]

[pirate ship crashes]

[Fentress] Squadron Z, come in.

Squadron Echo, come in.

HQ, come in.

[sighs] HQ is not responding
and the other pirates are offline.

I never signed up for this!

[captain] Well, you're in it now.

Sophisticated hacking
and jamming abilities.


It's nice to find others on my level.

Yeah, it's terrific.
Now where's your leader?

I don't know.
I lost her signal when you attacked.

But she's out there somewhere,
hunting down the Paladin you call "Keith."

And who exactly is your leader?

[gasps, grunts]

-[blaster charges]

[Fentress] Huh?

[Keith grunts]


[helmet hisses]


You took Ezor from me! [shouts]

[both grunting]

[both grunting]


[Zethrid shouting]




-[shouting echoes]

[Keith] I don't know what you think I did.


You took away everything.

And now my face
will be the last one you see! [growls]





[blaster charges]

[both grunt]

Does anyone have the shot?

-[Rizavi] It's too risky!

Zethrid, don't do this!

I knew you'd come.

Now you will feel what I felt.

It's over.

You're surrounded.

You think this deters me, Acxa?

I welcome death now that Ezor's gone.

Zethrid, I know you hurt.

Ezor hurt, too.

That's why she left you.

She couldn't keep holding on to the anger.


Hear my words.

Remember how we first met.

We were all so full of hate and rage,

half-breeds rejected by the Galra.

Lotor used us.

He led us down a painful path,

a never-ending cycle
of destruction and loss.

Now's your chance to break that cycle...
with me, with Ezor.

She wants you to leave the rage behind.

I'm too far gone.
She'll never take me back!

Wait! Please!

Don't let the rage control you.

All I have left...

is revenge!

[blaster charges]

-[blaster fires]
-[Zethrid grunts, echoing]


[Zethrid] You waste your time, Acxa.

I know you're angry,
but I refuse to give up on you.

And I know someone else
feels the same way.

[theme music playing]