Voltron (2016–…): Season 8, Episode 4 - Episode #8.4 - full transcript

[theme music playing]



[Hunk yawns]

Okay, that's the third star system
we checked in the last 11 days,

and we still haven't found
a single clue about any Robeasts.

Actually, that was the 11th star system
in the last three days.

Was it really? Oh, my gosh.

Okay, see, I'm so worn out,
I can't even... you know.

-Uh, count?
-No. Think.

I know this is not ideal,
but the intel we received

from the Galra cruiser in Lahn's fleet

identified one of those Robeasts
within this quadrant.

We must find it.

Unfortunately, we just don't know
how current that information is.

[Pidge] Also, this celestial quadrant
is 230,000 light-years in diameter.

I can't even process what that means.

Okay, picture five fleas
searching for another flea

on a dog that's the size of Earth.

Ugh, all this talk about fleas
is making me itchy.

Are you guys feeling itchy?

Pidge, why can't you and Hunk just make
a Robeast tracker thingy, you know?

Do some math and science stuff.

Then put some components together,
and bam, it's done.

Perhaps we should set our heading
for the Altean colony.

[Keith] We talked about this.

To get to the colony, we would have
to travel through the Quantum Abyss.

[Pidge] Plus, Kolivan said
the colony no longer exists.

But there will be clues there,
something to go off of.

Traveling through that abyss

was one of the most harrowing
experiences of my life.

A single misstep could turn

a six-month journey
into a ten-year journey.

The creatures, the environment,
everything in there wants you dead.

-[Kosmo whining]
-Except you.

I'm tired of hearing what we can't do
and what we don't know.

[Lance] Allura, we just want to make
the best decisions--

The Alteans were my people,

and the last of them are being exploited
as soldiers in someone else's war.

You don't understand.

I understand what it feels like
to see someone I care about hurt so much.

[sighs] I'm sorry, Lance.

[Hunk] Okay, maybe we head to Olkarion.

We're just a few galaxies away.

They might have some information
on any unusual sightings.

[Keith] Hunk's right.

Olkarion is a great spot to regroup
and reevaluate our situation.

And it'll be awesome
to see everyone again.

I wonder what kind
of technological advances

they've made in the last few years.

Oh, man! If they figured out a way
to untangle the uncertainty principle,

new precision calculations could open
the doors to a flood of innovations!

I think I understood, like,
three of those words.

[Keith] Allura, what do you think?

Perhaps a trip to Olkarion is best.

[Hunk] All right! Let's do this!

[electronic chirping]

Hailing Olkarion.

Be advised the Paladins of Voltron
are en route.

[static squealing]

This is Pidge... hailing Olkarion.

Do you copy?

-[static squealing]
-Are they not home?

Probably too busy untangling calculations.

-Am I using that right?
-No, not even close.

I'm guessing there's a delay
due to our distance.

We'll probably receive their reply
on the way.

Paladins, if we want to get
to Olkarion quickly,

there's only one way to do it.



Engage wings!

Welcome to Olkarion's
galactic neighborhood.

-Did we ever hear from them?
-[Pidge] Actually, no, which is strange.

I'll try and contact them again.

-[alarm beeping]
-Whoa! We got incoming!

Something big is headed our way
at an incredible speed!

[Lance] A Galra cruiser?
Some kind of weapon?

[Allura] Is it a Robeast?

Shield up!

What the heck is that thing?

It's a Weblum!

Keith, look!
We've been inside one of those!

How could I forget?

-[Pidge] Um, what is it doing?
-[Hunk] It's creating scaultrite.

Pidge, you would love it.
It's this amazing chemical process--

Science talk later!
We're in its line of fire!


-[Lance] Should we go on the offensive?
-[Hunk] No.

They may be dangerous,
but they're essential for the universe.

Think of them like giant space bees.

Keith and I learned about them
from a video Coran made.

There was some rule like,

"If you don't want to be killed,
stay away from its gills"?

That wasn't the rhyme.

It's "If you don't want to be dead,
avoid its head."

We don't have time to listen to you rhyme.

-[laughs] You just--

[Allura] Where is that Weblum going?


According to my calculations,
it's headed towards...


Then we better get there first.

[wind howling]

They were our allies, our friends.

I know this is a difficult moment,

but we need to get to work.

That Weblum is headed here right now,
so time is short.

Our top priority is search and rescue.

If there are survivors,
we need to find them,

and we need to find out
what happened here.

There is only one thing capable of this.

Well, let's confirm it.

[Keith] I think our worst fears
have been realized.

[Hunk] What do you see?

The physical wreckage
and destruction patterns

are just like those on Earth.

Our findings are the same.

It appears the Quintessence
was siphoned out of Olkarion as well.

Lance and I took readings.

We picked up trace elements of Psyferite.

That's the same metal
the creature on Earth was made from.

[Allura] Why did this Robeast
attack Olkarion of all places?

Maybe because it was a central part
of the coalition.

Maybe. I just get the feeling
there's something more to it.

You might be right,
but we don't have any way to confirm it.

Right now we just need to focus
on finding survivors.

Pidge, have you picked up anything?

Pidge, do you copy?


I know this place.

This is where Ryner taught me
how to bond with the forest.

The Olkari people helped me
to make that connection.

I learned more from them
than I ever thought possible.

Allura, they had so much more
to teach the universe.

And now they're gone.


-[girls' laughter echoing]
-Huh? Huh?

[laughter continues]

[Allura] Pidge.

[laughter echoes]

Are you all right?

-You didn't see it?
-See what?

The forest,
it was back to how it was before.

There were girls playing.

Maybe this place
is trying to show you something.


The Olkari had a profound connection
to the land,

just like you do.

Their history could be etched
into the very soil for you to see.


See if you can tap into its energy.

-Come on! Follow me!
-[girls laughing]

-Huh? [gasps]
-[sonic boom]

We need to get to the city!

[object roaring overhead]

-[impact booms]
-[Pidge shouting]


[people shouting]

[Pidge] Ryner.

You can see Ryner?

What is she doing?

The Robeast! It's here!


We need to get closer.


[Pidge] Ryner!

Get civilians to evacuation pods
and launch them immediately!

Have all military personnel
report to battle stations.

Scramble the mechs for counterattack.

Come with me!


It seemed like
she was talking to me.

Or it could have been to the soldiers.
I don't know.

All the answers we're looking for
could be here.

We may be able to find out
where this beast came from

and where it's going next.

There might be some clue here
about the Alteans.

If there is, I will find it.

[Hunk] Guys, we have a, uh--
We have a major problem here.

Hunk released some low-orbit trackers
outside of Olkarion on the way in.

The Weblum just set them off.

We have about ten minutes to evac!

Copy that.

Everyone to their Lions.

Let's go now!

We can't leave yet.

How long do you think you can hold it off?

[Lance] Hold it off?
It's a giant space worm!

We can't hold it off!
What are you talking about?

[Allura] Pidge found a way
to tap into Olkarion's history.

She may be able to find out
what we need to know,

but we need a little more time.

[Keith] All right, we'll buy you
as much time as we can.

Copy that. Thank you.

Hunk, Lance, we need to hurry!


-I got it on scanners. Let's intercept it.


[powering up]

-[Ryner] Go, go, go!

We need to preserve the information
from the communications tower!

Keep the beast at bay as long as you can.

We need to get it to divert its course.

And how do we do that?

[Hunk] How about like this?


[Hunk whimpering] My idea isn't working!

Okay, okay, well,
what were the rules with this thing?

I'm drawing a blank.
I'm not good under pressure!

It's still heading for Olkarion!

We haven't slowed it down at all!


How did we not pick this thing up
on our scanners?

-[female engineer] It just appeared!
-Just like on Earth.

How could that be?

Wait, bring up our scanner logs.

Those anomalies we detected recently.

[electronic chirping]

I can't believe I didn't see it before.

The anomalies
are from the warping of space-time.

[engineers grunt]

This creature came through a wormhole.

Transfer all data from this facility
to a safe location off planet.

Then evacuate immediately!


What we just discovered
could save billions of lives.


-[Robeast laser powering up]

[engineers shouting]

It was a wormhole.
That's how they travel!

[Hunk] Pidge, Allura!

I'm sorry, but you've gotta
get out of there immediately!

I need more time.

[Allura] I'm coming up to help.


Over here! This way!

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

Too close! How did you guys
beat this thing the first time?

We never beat it.

Trying to alter its course is a different
thing than collecting its scaultrite.

[Hunk] That's it, I'm calling Coran.

-Coran, come in!

Hunk! Hello there.

Coran! You're there! Okay.

Sorry, but we need to stop a Weblum
from eating a planet, like, right now!

You know how to do that?

Well, it's definitely been a while,

but in my younger days, me and my cohorts
would have a little Weblum fun.

Coran, we're kind of in rush here!

Right. Let's see.

If I remember correctly,
all you need to do...

-[static hissing]
-...on the trilo-mutarth,

which you'll find under its dorsal...

Oh, no! No, no, no, no, no!
Not this again!

-Our connection is breaking up!
-...resulting in face boils, a runny nose

and cosmic light radiation poisoning.

And if you don't do this,

you'll expand to twice your size
and pop like a balvax.

Okay, that conversation took
a lot longer than I expected,

-and I learned nothing.
-[alarm beeping]


Allura, thank you!


Please hurry, Pidge.

[Ryner] Hurry! Everyone on board.

It came for something.
Find out what.

-[booming footsteps]

[people shouting]

It came for the cubes. Why?

Ryner, can you hear me?

Do you know why the beast
wanted the cubes?

Please, talk to me!

Hurry! Everyone on!

Ryner, please. Ryner!

[girl sobbing]

I'm scared.
I don't want to leave!

You mustn't cling too tightly to the past.

The Olkari have always been able to adapt
and move forward.

It is our greatest strength.

And it will live on in you.

[sobbing] But our home...

The old must give way to the new.

It's the way of the universe.

Now, please, go.

[Allura] Pidge! Pidge, are you there?

We can't hold this thing off any longer.

You need to get out of there!



[Hunk] There she is!
The planet is clear!

Everyone fall back away from the Weblum!

[Lance] It's...

It's all gone.

[Allura] I'm sorry, Pidge.

[Keith] I wish we could've done more.

Thanks, everyone.

[Hunk] If you think about it,
this isn't really the end of Olkarion.

Weblums eating dead planets
is just the first step

in a process that leads to the growth
of new stars, planets and galaxies.

The old gives way to the new.

-We need to contact the Atlas.

[Pidge] Because it turns out the Olkari
weren't done teaching us a few things.

They showed me a way
to track the Robeasts.

Their information
is going to save billions of lives.