Voltron (2016–…): Season 8, Episode 3 - Episode #8.3 - full transcript

[theme music playing]

-[alarm blares]

What's happening?

Six hostile ships
have entered the system, sir.

Prepare armaments
and power the satellites.

How did they make it past
initial detection?

This is the Voltron Coalition.
Lay down your arms and--

Open fire!

[Lance] Well, that didn't take long!

[Hunk] Fighters launching!
Six o'clock low!

[Keith] Remember,
shoot them down if needed,

but try to avoid collateral damage
on the ground.

-[alarm beeping]
-Shield status.

[Iverson] Holding steady at 95 percent,
but the ground cannons have us targeted.

Let's give the Lions some backup.

Adjust our heading down
to one point zero five.

-[Coran] Adjusting course.
-[Shiro] Lock on to the ground cannons.

-[Iverson] We have weapons lock.

[Iverson] Prepare for launch.

Once you're locked in,
you've got three seconds.

Anticipate, but don't jump the gun.

[pilots] Copy.

[Griffin] Team, we've got to clear a path
for the rebel ships.

Let's move!

[air hisses]

[Keith] Paladins, let's take out
their reinforcements.


[Lahn] Damage report!

[officer] We've suffered
little to no casualties, sir,

but half the fleet
has been rendered inoperable.


[computer] Pulse emitters set.

Detonation in three, two, one.

All power is down across the base.

Only the emergency power generators
remain active.

-What about the satellites?
-They should still be operational.


[distant booming]

-[crew grunting]

Does anyone have eyes
on where these lasers are coming from?

[Pidge] I'm not seeing anything
on my scanners.

Trying to locate point of origin now.

I'm on it.


[Allura] I've got visual
on two cloaked cannon satellites.

How did we miss those?

It looks like we wormholed
right past them.

Paladins, on me!

Form Voltron!

[sonic boom]

[blade ringing]

[Shiro] Great job making quick work
of the satellites, Paladins.

We've successfully gained control
of the base.

[robot beeping]

This one says he's the leader.

Whoa! Oh! [laughs]

Holy Kaltenecker!
What are you doing here?

It's me, Hunk. Remember?
Paladin of the Yellow Lion?

-We worked together.
-I remember.

Wait, you know this guy?

Yeah, from the Omega Shield.

Oh, that's right, you were
on a space road trip with your mom.

Keith, this is our friend
Lieutenant Lahn.

It's Warlord Lahn now,
and you and I are not friends.

Oh. Okay, uh...

I just thought we bonded
by working together as a team

to fix the Omega Shield
and save your planet, you know?

A Galra-occupied planet, no less.
We saved it.

It's cool. No big deal.

Sendak only attacked the Omega Shield
after we pledged loyalty to Voltron.

Then you disappeared
and left us vulnerable to more attacks.

I vowed to never let that happen again.

It was not our intention
to be gone for so long.

But we're here now.

-To claim victory over us?

We didn't come here to argue.

Warlord Lahn, we're asking you
to join the Voltron Coalition

to help provide stability to the universe.

What's the alternative?

If you want peace,
if you want to end this war,

there can be no alternative.

You've attained victory,
and I accept defeat.

It doesn't have to be victory or death.

-I know it's the Galra way, but--
-And what do you know of the Galra?

My mother is Galra.
She's a member of the Blade of Marmora.

So am I.

The mutinous Blades have all but perished.

Are they so diminished in numbers

that they're forced to enlist
a half-breed and his mommy?

-[Pidge] Guys, incoming communication.

Patch it through.

[distorted male voice]
Yordam bering exus.

Yordam bering exus.

Yordam bering exus.

It's an emergency protocol
built into the sentries

when they're under distress.

Has your Voltron Coalition
attacked them as well?

No, we didn't.

[Shiro] Pidge, see if you can reopen
the hailing frequency.

I'm trying, but no response.

I'm locating the transmission's origin,

but the EMPs we set off have done a number
on the communications systems.

-[rapid beeping]

We got a comm signature.
Do you recognize this ship?

Yes, it's Klytax V-Three.

It's one of the 15 ships I sent
on an assignment six phoebs ago.

They all disappeared.
We assumed them dead.

It looks like they're not dead after all.

We need to get out there.

Shiro, how long before the Atlas is ready
to launch again?

Hours. We still need to process
all the Galra

and prepare the planet
to continue operating on its own.

This is our mission.
We need to see this through.

Then Voltron will go.

Voltron is going to save the Galra?

My fleet would never believe
Voltron was there to help.

They'd fight you until their last breath.

That's why you're coming with us.

[Kosmo growling]

What was this fleet's mission
when they left?

They were out gathering munitions.

[Allura] Weapons?
Were you buying or stealing them?

The Galra Empire is at war with itself.

We have to do what we can to survive.

But if you must know,

they were salvaging weapons
from an abandoned Galra base.

I have visual.

[Keith] Everyone, stay alert.

[Lance] What happened here?

[Hunk] Uh, Warlord Lahn, didn't you say
there were 15 cruisers?

Where are the rest of them?

[Pidge] I'm not detecting
any signs of life

or biorhythms on the closest two ships,

but there are some signals
coming from the ship at the end.

[Lahn] That's Klytax V-Three,
where the call came from.

-[electronic chirping]
-Hailing Galra Cruiser Klytax V-Three.

This is Keith,
Paladin of the Black Lion of Voltron.

Do you copy?

[static hissing]

This is Warlord Lahn, your commander.
Do you copy?

[distorted male voice]
Yordam bering exus.

Yordam bering exus.

Whoever's in there,

we need to find them and get them out.

[Pidge] If I can access
the ship's security network,

we should be able to find out
what happened here.

[Keith] Paladins,
Lahn and I are gonna head in first

to make sure the entry point is safe.

You guys jetpack in behind us.

[Paladins] Copy.

[Kosmo zaps]

[Keith] We're all clear.

Lahn, open the airlock doors.

[Keith] Pidge, are you picking up
any signals?

There are multiple biorhythms,
but they're intermittent, almost random.

It doesn't make any sense.

Okay, we'll need to split up
to find any survivors.

Hunk and Lance,
clear the aft of the ship.

I'll take the bow
and work my way toward you.

Pidge and Allura, take Lahn
to go through the security logs.

Find out what happened here.

[Lahn] I don't like taking orders
on my own ship.

Duly noted.

[Keith] Nobody's here.

-[electronic chirping]
-[alarm blaring]

[Lahn sighs] It's useless!

The ship is in lockdown
and the systems can't be rebooted.

We'll need to contact my base
for the security keys.

Okay. Or we could just do this.


What's wrong with it?

I'm not sure.
It appears to be corrupted.

Let me see if I can clean this up.

[Lahn] Everything I've spent years
fighting for, taken away in an instant.

I, too, have lost everything.

My planet, my family.

But when the Paladins arrived
at the Castle of Lions--

[Lahn] You've never had to earn power.
It's always been given to you!

You're looking for something you once had:
security, peace, happiness.

Those things have never been part
of a Galra soldier's life.

You and I are not the same.

You want something to call your own.

Believe it or not, I understand that.

But there are other ways to get it
than through force.

That's what the coalition is offering.

[Hunk] The escape pods are still here.

[Lance] Yeah, but the Galra aren't.

Everyone is gone, but no one escaped
in one of these things.

Ugh, that's creepy.

[Hunk whimpering]



It's a massacre!
We got to get out of here!

-[screaming] It's all over me!
-Me, too! Lance, get it off of me!

Get it off! Ah!

Oh, wait. Wait a minute.
It's food goo!

[Lance] It's not coming off!

Oh, it's rotten food goo!

Gross! [gags]

What could have done this?

-[distant banging]

[whirring and banging continues]


[whirring and banging]

-[electronic chirping]
-I think I've got something.

The soldier is here,
but after the flash, he's gone.

But now the shadow
is on the other side of the screen.

-Perhaps it's from another soldier.
-I don't think so.

That's less than a tenth of a second.

Hold on, it looks like the trajectory
of the lighting angles

combined with the proximity to the soldier
are distorting the shadow's shape.

[Lahn] What is that thing?

-[creature snarls]
-[both gasp]

[snarling continues]




[Pidge] Guys, be on the lookout
for a giant, deadly monster.

[Allura] We believe it's what attacked
the crew. Avoid at all costs.

[Pidge] Lance, Hunk, do you copy?


[both screaming]

Guys, are you okay?

Lance? Hunk?

-We're okay.
-[Lance whimpering]

[Pidge] Keith, we just contacted
Lance and Hunk.

-They saw something. Be advised...
-[computer crackles]


[Pidge] Keith?
Keith, can you hear me?

[Hunk panting]

[Allura] Are you two okay?

Yeah, we're fine,
but we need to get out of here now!

Why? What happened?

It was... monster. Ah.

Blue flash. Almost died.

I got rotten food goo.

Wait, where's Keith?


[male voice] What are you?

What are you?

My name is Keith, leader of Voltron,
Paladin of the Black Lion.


Yordam bering exus.

Is that you?

[sentry] Where are the rest of the Galra?

They're still on planet Ryker. Why?

[sentry] Planet Ryker.





[screaming, groans]


[Pidge] Keith and I were in communication
right before we got disconnected.

It must have been that thing.
You said you saw the creature, right?

Oh, yeah!

[Lahn] We just watched that thing take out
one of my men in an instant.

How did you two
manage to escape unscathed?

-[Hunk] What's happening now?

The ship's moving,
and it's headed towards Lahn's base!

Oh, Keith! Good, you're here.

There's a monster on the ship!

The base you sent this fleet to plunder,
was it Warlord Ranveig's?

[Lahn] Yes, it was.

-[Allura] Keith, what's going on?

The creature on this ship is a superweapon
designed to destroy the Galra,

and only Galra.

[Lahn] Warlord Ranveig
would never create such a thing.

Ranveig found the creature
in the Quantum Abyss

and experimented on it
with Lotor's Quintessence.

He trained it to take out
his Galran enemies, but...

he could never control it.

The beast couldn't differentiate
between adversaries and allies.

Wait, how do you know so much
about this super-monster-weapon-thingy?

Because Krolia and I let it loose
so we could escape Ranveig's base.

This is all my fault.

I'm sorry.

[Lahn] It's what you've wanted
from the beginning.

Something to get rid of the Galra for you.

I don't know what it's gonna take
to get it through your skull,

but we're not your enemy.

Pidge, can you initiate
the self-destruct protocol?

We need to destroy this ship
and the monster with it.

And we need to do it immediately.

Okay, I'm on it.

Once I initiate, we'll have
two doboshes to exit the ship.

-Two hours? Isn't that too long?
-[others] Minutes!

What? That's not enough time!

Let's move! [grunts]


[sentry] All Galra must perish.



-[Kosmo whimpering]

-[Hunk panting]

[Lance shouting] Come on!

[Lance] How much time
before the ship explodes?

Sixty ticks.

-We've got to get them out of there.
-This should do it.

-That thing overrode my protocol!
-We can take it down with our bayards.

-[Allura] Keith!
-[Lance] We're coming for you!

[Hunk] Stand away from the door!



[grunts, groans]

[Lahn] Victory or death!


Do you trust me yet?

[Keith] Paladins, clear the hallway.
We're coming through!

Let's go!



Ten ticks!

The cargo bay where we entered
is the nearest exit point.


-Five ticks! We'll never make it!
-[rapid beeping]

[rapid beeping]

[all screaming]


[Lahn] The Galra Empire
may be decimated,

but its warriors are still needed
to maintain stability.

Twice, the Paladins of Voltron
have risked their lives for me,

and yet I questioned their intent.

I was wrong.

I pledge loyalty to a united front
with the Voltron Coalition.

And I encourage you all to do the same.

[crowd cheering]

I downloaded some intel from that cruiser.

There might be another one
of Honerva's beasts out there.

Another one?

This is just what I feared.

Shiro, we need to adjust
our mission's objective

and track down
where these things are coming from.

How certain are you that it's a Robeast?

I'm not positive,
but according to the message logs,

some Galra have spotted
a giant robotic mech

that fits the description.

The logs even refer to a similar weapon.

There may be another Altean piloting it.

We must investigate.

Thousands of innocent souls
are waiting to be liberated

from what remains of the Galra Empire.

-We can't just change course.
-[Keith] Maybe you don't have to.

Keith, what are you saying?

We'll split up.

The Atlas will continue
working with the Galra

while Voltron searches
for Honerva and her beasts.

You'll be out there on your own,
without backup.

We'll be okay.

Voltron is stronger now more than ever.