Voltron (2016–…): Season 8, Episode 13 - Episode #8.13 - full transcript

[theme music playing]

[people screaming]

-[alarm beeping]

[grunts] We have to take the fight
as far away from here as--

[blade dragging]

-[all grunting]





-Now let's finish this!
-[Lance] Incoming!


[grunts] We can't let this happen.

She can't get away.

[all screaming]

[all screaming]

[all grunting]


-[Keith] Is everyone okay?
-[Hunk groans]

-[Lance] Yep.
-[Pidge] Here.

[Allura] Yes.

[Shiro] Does anyone have eyes on Honerva?


What is this place?

I-- I'm not sure.

-[Honerva] This is the beginning.
-[all gasp]

And the end.

-[people screaming]
-[Allura grunting]

Can-- Can you all feel that?

[Allura] These strands are...

The only remaining realities
left in existence.

This place is the source
of time, of space, of...

[Hunk] Everything.

I will end this

once and for all!

[all shouting]

[Allura panting] She's destroying...

-[all shouting]
-...all realities!

[all shout]





[Keith] She's destroyed everything.
There's only one reality left.

[gasps] No. Please.




[all shout]

If Honerva destroys this final strand,
all of existence will end with it!

[all shouting]

[console whirring]





[all grunting]


[Honerva] Where are we?

The connected consciousness
of all existence.

You think you're safe here?

Soon, all will cease to exist.

You have to stop this.

All these worlds, all these realities,
they deserve to live.

Those realities are flawed and weak,

living out the same pathetic cycle
of war and pain.

There is beauty in their flaws.

I lost my father, my mother,
my planet, to this war...

but I've gained a new family

and a purpose stronger
than any I could have imagined.

Humans began very flawed.

There were wars, hate.

But with each mistake,
they learned and grew.

And now we reach out to other worlds
to pass on those same lessons

and spread them
across the entire universe...

like your people once did.

And with every new world touched,
the message grows.

Every world, every reality.

We wouldn't exist without the others.

Our differences are what make us stronger.

You think your words mean anything to me?

I've lived multiple lifetimes,
and all of them filled with pain and loss.

If I cannot experience
the simple joys of life,

why should anyone else?



[Allura] There was a time when you loved
more than just your family,

a time when your fascination
with how vast the universe is

gave way to your desire
to help and uplift others.

The beginning of Altean alchemy.

You tried to help him.

-The tales you grew up with...
-He was happy.

He deserved better.

Better than I could give.

Lotor may have been misguided,

but, ultimately,
he wanted to preserve life.

Honor your son.

Help me change this.

[Honerva] I'm sorry...

but the damage is done.

There's nothing left to save.

I can change the Quintessence
within your vessel.

Your son helped me learn
how to transform it

from a destructive force
into a life-giving force.

But I cannot do it alone.

But that would require...

I know the risks.

I'm afraid this is where we part ways.

-Wait, what?


This is our only chance
to undo what has been done,

to save all of existence.

I have to take it.

It is my purpose.

Your paths go on.

Mine ends here.

But there is no Voltron without you.

Voltron isn't needed anymore.

The rest of the work is up to the people.

And they'll have you to guide them, Hunk.

Goodbye, Pidge.

I'm gonna miss you, Allura.

Remain curious and fearless.

[breathing shakily]

Most of them won't know
the sacrifice you made so they could live.

And they'll never need to.

Your selflessness taught me that.

Thank you.

You never have to thank me for anything.


I cannot thank you enough
for all you've given me.

Allura, when you accepted me,
it helped me to accept myself.

Thank you.

There is greatness in your heart...

and in your actions.


Allura, there--

There has to be another way.

There is no other way.

This is all we have.

But you're too important to the cause.
You're-- [crying]

You're too important to me.

I'll always be with you, Lance.

And I'll always love you.


Is this...?

Are we...?

[console chirping]


It's our reality.

[Lance] She did it.

She saved us all.

I don't remember that planet
being there before.

[Lance] It's Altea.

[Keith] With the return
of Planet Daibazaal,

the Galra Empire is at a crossroads.

For too long, the people
of this extraordinary civilization

have been manipulated by a dictatorship

that placed a misguided sense
of self-preservation above all else.

It was a tragic,
unfortunate series of events

that led us down this dark,
never-ending path of power and greed.

But now...

we, the citizens of the Galra Empire,
have an opportunity

to make right all of the injustices
set into motion by our forefathers.

Because of the sacrifice made
by Princess Allura,

we have been given a second chance

to come together in rebuilding
the Galra Empire

by joining the Galactic Coalition

and ushering in a new era of peace
across the universe.

[crowd cheering]

[male] Your armies
have attacked us at every turn.

[female] If you had just agreed
to our terms,

the attacks would not be necessary.

You are occupying a peaceful settlement!

-Our people were starving!

Please, sit. Dinner is served.

The filet of bandrillo,

spiced with the seasoning
from the plains of planet Mabo,

alongside pilaf
of long-grain forlongian brill

from the vast fields of Antidoll.

And it's accompanied by a cider

made from the petals
of the Altean juniberry flower.

Bon appétit.


It wouldn't be possible
without the cooperation

of all three planets of the Xritoo system.

Much like my cooking crew,

comprised of aliens
from all across the cosmos

working together to bring you
this delicious meal.

Princess Allura, the very person
we celebrate on this day, once said,

"We are always stronger together."

If the people of your planets
work together,

so much more can be achieved.

Honor her by following in her footsteps

and walk in the path towards peace.

All done.

So, have you been thinking of any names?

Yeah, I was thinking of Chip.

You and your puns.

Katie, your father's got the teludav
all warmed up for you.

Better get going.
You don't wanna be late.

Don't worry, Pidge,
I'll have Chip all ready to go

by the time you get back.

Just don't initialize until I return.

I want to witness Chip's first moments
of consciousness.

-Have a good time, honey.
-[Pidge] I will, Dad.

-[Merla] Construction is on course.
-[Coran] Ah, most excellent!

How are the preparations
for tonight's feast coming?

It has to be perfect.

It will be
the first Celebration of Allura.

The first of many to come.

As soon as we can get access
to the location, we can begin setup.

But it's currently occupied
by your friend, sir.

And had Princess Allura not seen
that there was still good left in Honerva,

we most likely
would not be sitting here today.

She grew to understand
that there is good in everyone.

[female] Even Emperor Zarkon?

[chuckles] Yes, even Emperor Zarkon.

Do you miss her?

I do.

Very much.

But I'm reminded of her everywhere I look.

So in that way,
she's still very much with me.

With all of us, actually.

Now that you no longer pilot the Red Lion,
what do you do?

Well, I help run a small farm
back on my home planet with my family.

It's a simple life.
Just the way I like it.

All right, everybody,

I think Paladin Lance has someplace
to be in a few doboshes.

-And you all have class to get back to.
-[kids] Aw!


[booming, whooshing]

[people laughing]

I mean, seriously, though,
Earth has come a long way.

It's a hub for all alien activity

now that my dad's stabilized
his teludav technology.

That'll make travel
on the Atlas much easier.

We'll be able to reach many more sectors
with the improved mobility.

Not to mention the supplies we'll save
with the shorter journey.

Yeah, yeah! We'll have so much more room
for the cooking ingredients.

People are just so much easier
to reason with when they're full.

Man, this diplomacy thing isn't nearly
as easy as Allura made it look.


But then, she did make
everything look easy.

Speaking of which,
how are things going on Daibazaal?

We're calling for an election
to select the Galran representative

for the Galactic Coalition.

So that's a step in the right direction.

Let me guess.

They asked you to be their leader
and you said no?

Yeah, pretty much.

-Classic Keith.
-[others laugh]

Allura would be proud
of your decision, Keith.

I think she knew that you would always
be the key to the Galra's future.

Just around this table, I see
so many lives touched by her actions.

For some of us she was a diplomat,
a teacher, a leader, and a friend.

But to those of us around this table,
she will always be...


To Allura!

[Paladins] To Allura.

[low growl]







[thrusters booming]

[synth music playing]

[crowd cheering]