Voltron (2016–…): Season 8, Episode 12 - Episode #8.12 - full transcript

[theme music playing]

Paladins, report status.

-I'm offline!
-Me, too.

Uh, guys, are you seeing this?

[Lance] What are those things doing?

[Pidge] That's how she's getting in.

[Keith] What do you mean?

Honerva! She's using those wings
to pierce the barriers between realities.

It's her entry point!

-[alarm blaring]
-Allura, come in. Are you there?

[grunting] Shiro, I read you.

Honerva combined her beast
with Lotor's Sincline.

She has the comet ore and, with it,
the ability to traverse realities.

I'm headed to my Lion now.

[Sam] Our universe is collapsing,

just like the day
we lost the Castle of Lions.

Those wings are causing the very fabric
of our reality to disintegrate!

[powering up]

Then we're gonna stop that thing
before it breaks through.

Yellow Lion's back!

[Keith] Hunk, get your passengers
back to the Atlas.

[Hunk] Copy that.

[Honerva] My loyal warriors,
Merla proved disloyal.

She turned her back on our mission
and the future of Altea.

But you two have remained by my side,
and you will know true victory.

The glory of Altea will be yours.

[Pidge] Those Robeasts are headed our way!

-[gasps] Just in time!
-[powering up]

My Lion's responding!


Mine, too.

[Keith] Allura, do you copy?

Can you get to your Lion?
We're gonna need Voltron.

Hold on. I'm coming!

In the meantime,
the Atlas has you covered.

Wait, what about the collapsing universe?
We need to stop it!

Coran, we're counting on you
to figure something out.

What? Me?
I don't know anything about that!

Then find someone who does!

[Keith] We need to stop that weapon
before it breaks through realities.

Paladins, do everything you can
to keep the Robeasts distracted.

Let's give the Atlas a shot.

Atlas crew,
prepare for transformation sequence.

Nice shot!

Guys, I'm going in to stop Honerva!



[Iverson] MFE pilots,
report to your hangars!

Stand by for launch!

I have an idea how we can stop
the collapsing of space-time.

I'll grab Slav and Sam.

You two get the Alteans
and meet me back here in ten doboshes!

[Hunk] Now, Pidge!

[grunts] Ah!

Fall back!

Allura, now's your chance!

We can't get past them,
so we're gonna have to defeat them.

Paladins, on me!

[Keith] Form Voltron!


[Allura] Remember, those weapons
can siphon our energy,

so we need to avoid a direct hit.

-Pidge, arm cannon!

[Pidge] It's the Altean!

[Lance] Why is she helping us?

[Merla] Please, do not harm them.

They were misguided, much like I was.
We all were!


[Keith] Pilot capsule still intact.


[Coran] We need an escort
to Honerva's pyramid structure!

What? Right now?

Yes! The sooner we go,
the higher the probability

that we can use the Alteans to stop
the impending space-time rupture!

It's similar to how we stopped the rupture

when Voltron entered
the Quintessence field.

Only this time,

that superstructure will be
the energy amplification conductor

and the Alteans will be the energy source.

[Coran] We're still working out

how to transfer their Quintessence
into the structure,

but, you know, some things are just
gonna have to be figured out on the fly!

Get a team in place.

[Keith] Final Robeast out of commission!

Hunk, form cannon!


I've got lock!


Honerva has pierced realities.

[all gasp]

[Keith] Come on, we're going in!

Atlas, stay on me!

[stutters] I'm afraid
the Atlas can't do that.

Coran's right.
It isn't made out of the same ore.

It can't traverse realities.

Then we're going in alone.

Actually, that appears to be
problematic as well.

[Keith] What?

The statistical likelihood of Voltron
succeeding against Honerva

in a one-on-one battle
is well below improbable.

We'll have a better chance
than if we don't try at all.


[Allura] Balmera.

[Lance] What's going on?

It's a convuldrum,
the converging of Balmeras.

What called them here?


[Balmeras calling]

[all grunting]

[all screaming]


What just...?


No way!

This is crazy!

I don't know what just happened,
but now we have a chance.

Let's stop Honerva.

Coran, we'll need you to secure the area
and find a way to suppress this rift.

Yes, sir!

[all screaming]

Wait! I know how to get the Altean energy
into the structure.

Drop Sam, Slav and I off at the pyramid.

Then I'll need you to take the Alteans
to the Balmera.

You're wearing the right socks today,
aren't you?

Is this...

[Pidge] It's an alternate Altea.

[Lance] And it looks like this reality
is crumbling, just like ours!

[Hunk] How come
it's disintegrating so quickly?

Those wings created
a sort of cosmic tunnel in one blast.

The rift must lead directly to the reality
Honerva's been looking for.

[Shiro] And any reality that those wings
bored through is falling apart.

We have to keep going!

We must hurry!

Okay, I think this is it.

-Powering the amplification module.
-I'll redirect the target to the rift.

If we hit it with enough energy,
it should seal.

Are the Alteans in place?

[N-7] They are set.


[Allura] All these innocent lives.

There's no limit to what Honerva will do

or the lives she'll tear apart
to get what she wants.

[Shiro] That's why we need to stop her.

Even then, I fear she's started
a chain reaction that can never be undone.

[Coran] We're in place!

Balmeras, channel your energy
into the pyramid!

Yes, it's working!

The channeled energy from the Balmeras
seems to be holding the rift together.

[all screaming]

[grunts] Countermeasures! [groans]

Form sword!


Our current power level isn't enough
to maintain the rift!

[Coran] Then we'll hold it
as long as we can.

Every tick gives Voltron a chance.

Coran, it's Krolia.
What can we do to help?

[Coran] Krolia! Kolivan!
Thank the ancients you're here!

We need all the energy we can harness
to prevent the rift from expanding.

Copy that!

Galra fleet, adjust the frequency
of your ion cannons

and aim at the pyramid structure.

[all screaming]

Come on, please.
A little longer!

Voltron needs us.


This is where it ends for you!

[groans, pants]

We need to get up.

I can't move.

The ship's not responding.

Honerva, she's absorbed all our strength.

This reality...

it's over.

[Keith] No.

We've always done the impossible.
Our strength is our bond.

Our power comes from each other.

As long as we're a team,
we stand a chance.

-Sendak. Zarkon. Lotor.

[Keith] We've saved our universe
countless times,

but now all the realities
are in need of Voltron.

So this isn't the end just yet.

We need to get back up
and stop Honerva once and for all!

Fire boosters!

[both grunt]


[groans] The Galra fleet have depleted
all their energy,

and the Balmerans and Alteans
are at their limit.

At this rate, we won't be able
to contain the rift!


[all grunting]

-[men shouting]
-[blade slicing]

[man groans]



You're getting faster.

Not half as fast as the emperor.

-[both gasp]

Stay back!

What's your name?

You don't recognize me?

I've searched beyond the stars to be here.

I said stay back!

To be with you.

And to be with my son.


[Zarkon] Is it truly you?

It is.

I never thought I'd see you again.

I never doubted.

My memory of you and Lotor kept me alive.

Tell me, where is my child?

[Zarkon] I vowed to raise our son
as you would have wanted.

He excels in his Altean studies.

Lotor has his mother's intellect.

Empress Honerva...

it is an honor to see you once more.

All of Altea will cherish this day.

[Allura] Please, come with me.

Your son awaits your presence.

My son.


Please, my child, come to me.


Lotor, it's okay. It's your mother.

She has returned.

She's not my mother!

I may appear changed,

but I assure you, my love for you
is that of a mother for her child.

Come to me.

She is not my mother.

Don't speak like that.



[Lotor] My mother is dead.

And you cannot replace her!

Perhaps this is overwhelming for the boy.

Please, if we had some time...

[Honerva] Time?
You speak to me of time?

I've spent lifetimes trying to get back.

Countless worlds have fallen in the wake
of my efforts to return to you.

And this is how you welcome me?

My own child, my own husband
question who I am?

I have sacrificed
more than you will ever know!

[thrusters humming]

[Zarkon] What is that?

No, it cannot be!

You brought this abomination upon us?

You are not the empress.

You are not my wife!

Guards! Guards!

If there is no place
in this universe for me,

then there will be no universe at all.

[people screaming]


[theme music playing]