Voltron (2016–…): Season 8, Episode 11 - Episode #8.11 - full transcript

[theme music playing]



Exit at coordinates beta-four-ex-seven.

The Paladins are aware of our plans.

Is that a problem?

No, it's an advantage.

[Coran] What happened to her?

It was the entity.

Honerva was able to use it against her.

I told her infiltrating Honerva's mind
was too dangerous.

I told you all!

She's going to pull through.

-How do you know?
-[PA beeps]

[Shiro over PA]
Paladins, to the bridge.

[Shiro] Honerva's been off the grid
since we left Oriande...

until now.

We just detected a wormhole signature
at coordinates beta-four-ex-seven.

without Allura's ability to wormhole,

we'll never get to her.

[Honerva] We will be back
on Altea soon, my son.


[engine humming]

We now know why
Honerva retrieved Lotor's mech.

Since it's made
out of the same comet ore as Voltron,

it has the ability to pierce realities.

Honerva is gonna use Lotor's mech
to find her version of a perfect reality.

Perfect reality?

-Does that even exist?
-She's searching for it right now.

And if it exists, she'll find it.

The problem is the trans-reality ore
has been traveling between realities

for millions of years.

And it's a naturally occurring phenomenon.

What Honerva is doing
is forcing that process to happen,

which could have catastrophic side effects

on this and any reality
she travels through.

So, what's the plan?

Maybe we can, we can make
a giant tractor beam?

Sam, you could do that, right?
Make a giant tractor beam?

We could pull her to us
and then blow her up with a star bomb!

Pidge? A star bomb?

[Lance] There is no plan, Hunk.

We know what Honerva wants to do,
but we can't get to her.

And even if we could,
she has the ability to wormhole away.

Without Allura, we can't chase her,

and we can't form Voltron.

Well, we have to do something.
We'll prepare for battle.

We need to be ready to face Honerva.

We've been tracking a Galra fleet
within our vicinity.

Our intel shows
they have a Zaiforge cannon.

Maybe Kolivan and I can take a small team
and commandeer the ship.

Why don't you take Commander Lahn
and try to recruit them to our side?

We don't want to fight more battles
than we have to.

In the meantime, Slav and I
have been working on prototype upgrades

for the Atlas' weapon system.

Of course, we'll have to somehow find
extra power for them.

Always making the most amazing things
in the universe,

but never having enough power to run them.

New weapons?
I'll give you guys a hand with that.

And I may know
where we can get the extra power.

There's a small Balmera in this territory.

All right! A little trip to a Balmera.

-We'll take the Yellow Lion.
-And Romelle.

I've been training her on Altean customs.

She'll be quite helpful
in communicating with the Balmera.

Good idea.

Everyone, let's stay focused
on what we can accomplish.

[Keith] She's gonna be okay.

I hope so.

We need to stop Honerva...

this force of evil that's been around
for 10,000 years.

She has a plan
that could destroy every reality,

and all we've come up with

is additional manpower
and a prototype weapon.

I know it's not ideal...

but when is the last time
anything has been ideal?

Remember when we first arrived
at the Castle of Lions?

When we first met Allura?

She told us we were the answer
to saving the universe,

but she didn't know that for sure.

But Allura believed,
and she needed us to believe.

And it worked.

Back then, I was cocky enough
to actually think

I was the greatest pilot in the universe.

And I thought
I could do everything myself.

-We've come a long way since then.
-[chuckles] Yeah, we have.

We haven't lost until we've lost hope.

I haven't given up.

Let's finish what we started.

I'll be gone for a short while,
accompanying Hunk and Coran to a Balmera.

The Coalition needs help.

I can only hope, through your actions,
our people can make some small amends

for what we've done.

If there's anything we can do
to assist you...

Well, we could use some more help
on the Balmera.

Its life source is strengthened
by Altean energy.

We wish we could join you,
but that may not be wise.

We still have the entity within us.

I fear Honerva may use us against you
at any moment.

Let me go with you.
I want to help.

Thank you.

Stay strong.

The Coalition will stop Honerva
before that can happen.

[Sam] The weapon we're trying to create
uses the Atlas' current cannon array.

Slav correctly identified
that after the cannon fires,

the chamber discharges atoms
along with trace elements of thorium.

But it was your father
who came up with the idea

to actually use the atoms
and thorium discharge!

You want to turn our cannons
into a thorium ray?

That's exactly what I asked!

Pidge, all the elements are already there.

It could work.

He's right!
All we need is an atomic trajectory,

which should be easy enough
based on the path of the cannon.

And, of course,
we'll need that extra power.

Also, we'll need to jump up and down
on one foot, count to three and shout out

our favorite type of metal,
color or planetary atmosphere!

We don't have time for that.

You're telling me
you don't have time to live?

One, two, three. Aluminum!

[Keith] Good luck out there.

-[monitor beeping]
-We got another wormhole signature!

That's the fifth one
we've identified in the last hour.

Have you been able find out any patterns
to these locations?

Negative, sir. Nothing new.

Is Honerva sending those beasts of hers
out across the universe again?

It could be.

Or... it could be her.

There has to be more we can do!

I wish there was.

But without Allura, it could take us days,
maybe weeks to get to Honerva.

For now, all we can do is wait and watch.

What is she up to?

Hang on.

Veronica, cross check
those latest coordinates

with our patrol squadrons.

[electronic chirping]

[Veronica] It appears we have
a long-range scout in the area.


Get me on comms
with the squadron commander immediately.

[Shiro] Commander Ozar, we need your team
to do some reconnaissance for us.

[Ozar] Yes, Captain.

[Shiro] We're sending you coordinates now.
This is an intelligence-gathering mission.

Keep your distance
and run only essential systems.

Do not engage.
We're dealing with Honerva.

Copy that, sir.

[lieutenant] We're coming around.
Should have a visual in a few ticks.

Keep us hidden in the asteroid cluster.
Bring up our monitors.

[lieutenant] I've never seen
a ship like that before,

and there's something behind it.

[Ozar] Adjust angle.

Find out what that thing is.

Oh, no.

Captain Shirogane,
it appears Honerva has some kind of--

-[crew shouts]

-Evasive maneuvers! Open fire!
-[alarms beeping]

[Curtis] Two ships down!

They need to get out of there!

Commander Ozar, do you copy?

-[Ozar] Fall back! [screams]
-[Veronica] We've lost connection!

Preparations are complete.

Set a course for Altea.

It's time.

[Slav] One, two, three. Yellow!

One, two, three.

We are so close to finishing
this cannon upgrade.

Why do you keep doing that?

What I don't understand
is why aren't you joining me?

I've explained data point probability
extrapolation multiple times!

Is it too hard to believe
that small changes

can alter entire reality trajectories?

No, that's not hard to believe.

What's hard to believe
is that someone can predict the future

based on probabilities calculated
from random data points.

Wait, you've done that?

I calculate future probabilities
in my spare time for fun.

And trust me,
if this one does not change,

the trajectory we're on
will lead us to total annihilation.

A reality-ending event with repercussions
through space-time itself.

Everything that is,
that ever will be, and that ever was,

will cease to exist
in the blink of an eye.

One, two, three. Yellow!

-One, two, three. Palladium!
-One, two, three. Yellow!


[Veronica] Honerva has made another jump.

-Bringing up her location.
-[electronic chirping]

That star system...

It's where Altea and Daibazaal
once existed.

-She's returned home.

That's where she's going
to cross through realities.


I don't know if you can hear me,
but we need your help.

Honerva could cross through realities
anytime now,

and you're the only one
that can get us to her.


We need you.

This universe needs you.
Every reality needs you.

[stammers] And most of all...

I need you.

I can't imagine this world without you.

Come back to me.

[softly] Lance?


The princess has awakened.


It's great to have you back.

How are you feeling?

A little weak, but I'll manage.

I hate to throw all this on you at once,
but we don't have much time.

We need to get
to Altea's coordinates immediately.

Honerva is already there.

What about Hunk and Coran?

Veronica, open up a channel
to the Yellow Lion.

Comms active.

[Shiro] Hunk, this is the Atlas.
What's your status?

Hey, guys, good news.

We found a new Balmera
and new Balmerans.

Say hi! Hey!

They're shy.

Anyway, we're having trouble
finding a big enough crystal.

But, uh, don't worry, Coran came up
with a crazy plan that just might work.

It's not that crazy, actually.
It's a very level-headed, reasonable plan.

The opposite of crazy.

Do what you must.

I can wormhole you to our location
whenever you're ready.

Allura, you're okay!

Oh, thank the ancients!

Attention, crew,
ready the Atlas for wormhole jump.

MFE squadron,
prepare for launch on my command.

This is not a drill.

-What's she doing?
-I don't know.

But we're going to stop her.

Paladins, get to your Lions.

Allura, you'll need to wait
until Hunk and Coran are ready to return.

We need Voltron as soon as possible.

[grunts] I can't get through!

[pants] Me neither!

-Yes, sir!

We'll draw their fire.
Paladins, get to Honerva.

Copy that! Fall back to me.

Let's take another pass!

[Hunk] Atlas, come in.
We're ready to head back.

Activating the--



[Honerva] Arise, my children.

The time has come to act.

Repent for your traitorous ways.

Lend me your Quintessence,
and all will be forgiven.


[alarm blaring]

Sir, the Alteans have escaped their cells!

-Get me eyes on them!
-Putting them on screen!

Bridge, prepare for breach!




Deliver me the power I need
to return to our homeland.

Give your energy
along with the ship's crystal.

All of it.


[lasers firing]

My people.

[all screaming]

Honerva, transferring that much energy
will destroy them!

Their lives will be sacrificed
for their savior.



[power shuts down]

[Hunk, muffled] Hello?
What's going on?

-[high-pitched ringing]
-[Allura groans]

[Hunk] Hello? Anybody, please!

Are you there?



Yes, right away.

[Hunk] Atlas, we're back,
and we brought along a friend.

Copy that. Good timing.

Contact Sam and Slav,

and tell them to prepare the weapon
for the crystal.

Yes, sir!

Get the Alteans to the med bay.

We have a chance.

[Balmera bellowing]

[alarm blaring]


[Balmera howls]

[all] No!

-[Balmera howling]
-[all screaming]

Paladins, attack!

[grunting, shouts]



[theme music playing]