Voltron (2016–…): Season 8, Episode 10 - Episode #8.10 - full transcript

[theme music playing]

[Paladins grunting]


[Hunk] Wait, where are we?

[Alfor] On Daibazaal.

It's pristine.

Last we were here, all was decimated.

The landscapes of her mind
must be made up of places from her past.

Wait, hold up.

If all this is a big, old Honerva
thought bubble,

then wouldn't she know we're here?

About 20 years ago, the Garrison
was able to map the human brain.

They used a ventral metatronic reactor

to read the thera-magnetic wave signatures
of each of the subjects.

Get to the point, Pidge.

A person's mind is an endless landscape
of constantly shifting thoughts and ideas.

We must be hidden in the chaos.

Do you know this for sure,
or is this just a theory?

Well, it's a theory,

but if Honerva finds out
we're in her mind,

I have a feeling we'll know about it.

-[Hunk] Good point.
-[Keith] Allura, where should we go next?

[Allura] The entity wants us
to enter the palace.

Allura, please listen to me.

Alteans are life-givers.

The entity you possess
is a dark, ancient evil.

It is not the key to winning this war.

I understand your concern,

but the entity granted us access
to Honerva's mind.

Without it,
your spirit would still be cursed.

If you're looking for real power,

the ability to become
a true Altean Alchemist,

there is a place where you can train.

Oriande. I know.

I've been there
and passed the guardian's trials.

That's wonderful news.

You were able to gain
the power of Oriande.

It isn't enough.

That is why I must learn another method.

The entity will guide us
toward the answers we seek.

But at what cost?




[Lance] Whoa!

-Where'd that thing come from?
-Guys, it's the monster from Arus!

Form Voltron!



Wait, where are the original Paladins?

[all groan]

What the heck was that?

He couldn't do that
the last time we fought him!

This is Honerva's mind!
Anything can happen.

Wait, does this mean she knows we're here?

[Allura] It appears she has guardians
to protect her thoughts and memories.

[all shouting]

The original Paladins,
they're still with us! [grunts]

[all grunting]

[Alfor] Voltron, keep going.
We'll hold off the beast.

Thanks for the help, Paladins.

-But where do we go?
-Any ideas, Allura?

[wormhole whooshing]

[Allura] Yes. I know what we must do.



-[Keith] Is everyone okay?
-[Hunk] Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm good.

[Pidge] Yeah, I'm all right.

-[Allura panting] Just a bit shaken.
-[Lance] What the heck just happened?

These are traps, just like that monster.

They're fail-safes Honerva is using
to protect her secrets

from any unwanted intruders-- us.


I thought the entity
was supposed to be helping us.

It's pulling us back to its source.

Unfortunately, that source
is being protected.

Great, so the thing that is guiding us
might get us killed.

What we're looking for is in there.

[girl laughs]

[laughter echoing]

-[thunder booms]


These must be her memories.


Where are the Lions?

They've been destroyed.

-[thunder booms]
-You dare lie to me?

It's the truth.

You'll never see your Lion again.

Neither will you.


She killed them.

What she did to them was terrible.

I always assumed
they sacrificed themselves,

but I-- I didn't realize
what that entailed.

That's how the original Paladins
ended up trapped here.

She took their Quintessence,

trapped their minds
inside her consciousness.

It drove them mad.

He was the leader of Voltron.

And he just turned on them.

-[thunder crashes]
-That is why we must destroy Honerva.

[Lance] Allura, please.

What we just saw,
it was all because of the entity.

The same one that's inside you.

You need to get rid of it.

If Allura loses the entity,
then we lose our connection to Honerva.

[Hunk] Aw...

now where are we?

Stand back.

The deeper we get into her mind,
the more recent the memories.



[Honerva] Lotor.

We'll all be together soon.

Pidge, any idea what part of her brain
we're in now?

No, I'm not sure.

[Honerva] Wait... Voltron.

-[Paladins shout]

My son... I will find you.

This flame represents Lotor.

Son, I will find you.

The end for anyone who dares oppose me.

Keith, grab my hand.

[Honerva] Rise and avenge my son.

-And my Altean...
-Hunk, over here!

Everyone, feel the energy
of the entity within you.

Don't fight it. Let it guide you.

[Honerva] ...deeply coiled
in traditions of evil that tempt us.

Voltron and Galra will pay
for what they did to my son.



Oh, man.


Oh, boy.

Whoo, that was rough.


[Allura] Altea!

It looks different.

This must be the way Honerva remembers it.

It must be a place she holds dear.

We should be close.

[sighs] I wonder what kind of weird,
freaky thing is gonna attack us here.

[all shout]

Ah! Does that answer your question?

Find safety! I'll distract it!

What? No way!

Just go!

[Keith] You were their leader!

They trusted you, and you betrayed them!

You don't deserve the Black Lion!


[all roaring]

[all shouting]

Hunk, shoulder cannon!

I can't! Ah!

[all roaring]

Form sword!

[all shouting]


Uh... guys?


[Zarkon] Alfor. Blaytz.

Gyrgan. Trigel.

Melenor? What are you doing here?

Melenor was my mother,
and you murdered her!

You've killed millions!

[Zarkon screaming]

-[thunder booming]
-[Lance] Allura, what are you doing?

Reminding him
of the suffering he's caused.

[Zarkon grunting]




[Zarkon] No.

You did that. All of it!

[Zarkon] I'm sorry, I...

-I didn't realize what I--
-You knew exactly what you were doing.

You deceived and betrayed
your friends and allies!

[breathing heavily]

The Quintessence...

it blinded me.

And you all suffered because of it.

If you're truly sorry
for what you've done,

then help us stop her.

You must have been placed here
to protect something.

What is it?

I don't know. I...

I'm sorry.

What are you protecting?

I don't...

[Zarkon] That moon.

It is a moon of Daibazaal.

He's right, that moon is not of Altea.

That is the source.

-[all grunt]


[baby crying]

No. It's impossible.

[young Lotor laughs]

[Zarkon] They're her deepest desires.

Everything she hopes to achieve.


How could she possibly achieve
any of this?

Zarkon and Lotor are both gone.

Unless she's going to use Lotor's ship
to pierce through realities

and find the one
where she can live with her family.

Is that even possible?

Not without destroying
all other realities in the process.

-[all grunt]

[wind howling]

[Lance] What's going on?

-[Zarkon] She knows you're here!



[Allura panting]


What's happening to her?

[Zarkon] The princess holds
the entity within.

Honerva controls it now.

Everyone, get to your Lions!

Where did they go?

You're in her mind.

She's more powerful here.


What do we do?

There's nothing you can do
but accept defeat.

[Keith] No! We won't give up!

That's your Galra lineage.

It's what makes you
a great leader of Voltron.

You and I share that trait.

But look where it has led the two of us.

My desire for unlimited Quintessence

was the catalyst
for 10,000 years of destruction.

Your quest to save the universe
took you into the mind of a psychopath.

[Keith] Yes, to gain the knowledge
of what she's doing.

And now we know.

Yet you still don't know how!

She's too powerful.

Zarkon, Honerva may be more powerful
than each of us alone,

but the strength of ten Paladins
working together as one

is the strongest force in the universe.

The Lions are gone, Alfor.

Voltron is gone forever.

No, Voltron isn't gone.

Voltron is within
each and every one of us.

We're bonded to it, and to each other.

We have one last chance
to set things right,

but we cannot do it without you.

Ride with us one last time, Zarkon.


Form Voltron!

[Zarkon] Form Blazing Sword!

[booster booming]


-We did it!
-Yes! Yes.

[Keith] Nice work, team.

Allura, are you okay?

-[Hunk] Allura?
-[Lance] Allura?

-[Pidge] Allura, are you okay?
-[Keith] Allura, do you copy?

[music playing]