Voltron (2016–…): Season 3, Episode 7 - The Legend Begins - full transcript

As the team tries to decipher Lotor's plan for the comet, Coran gives the Paladins a history lesson about the origins of Voltron and the ongoing war.

Sire, forgive me for this,
but I know no other way.

Your empire needs you.



[Pidge] He fought us here,

his generals were here,
and he stole the comet here.

So, Lotor could be anywhere.

We'll never be able to find him
unless we can figure out his plan.

-We're totally missing the big picture.
-How about this question?

Why was Voltron made out
of the same material as that comet?

What's so special about it?

My father discovered another comet
like that before I was born.

Your father... and Zarkon.

This is back when Zarkon
was the Black Lion's paladin?

Before that. Before Alfor built the lions.

I know this is painful to talk about,
but if we're going to stop Lotor,

it's time we heard the rest of the story.

In the beginning,
the paladins were just five leaders,

who despite coming from cultures
which were vastly divergent

and in some cases,
had been warring for generations...

managed to look past their differences

in an effort
to protect their common interests.

What was initially a formal agreement
to work alongside each other

soon blossomed into a true friendship.

A warrior's bond was forged,

and together,
they worked to rid their system

of those who would do it harm.

Oh, dear.





[both grunting]



I keep warning you not to break formation
and run ahead, Alfor.

You are much more knowledgeable
as an alchemist than a soldier.

That's what I keep you around for, Zarkon.

[Coran] The original paladins were
Zarkon from Planet Daibazaal,

King Alfor from Altea,

Gyrgan from Rygnirath,

Trigel of the Dalterion Belt

and Blaytz from Nalquod.

Mm. Pull up a bench and join the feast!

[Zarkon clears throat]

You know that fraternizing
with the servant class is not permitted.

It erodes discipline.

Well, perhaps a bit of discipline erosion
would do you good, Zarkon.

Something I will consider
the next time you are surrounded

by Lambonite scavengers.

I was handling myself.

You mean wetting yourself?

[all laughing]

Why I ever joined up with this band
of scoundrels, I'll never know.

Because we're the only band of scoundrels
that would have you.

To us!

-[all gasp]

By Willow!

[Coran] They could have never known
that, that very night,

the fate of the universe
would be changed forever.

[Zarkon] I have finished evacuating
all Galra citizens near the crater.

-What have you discovered?
-We're not sure.

This comet is like none seen before.

It seems to be made of a material
that can pass between realities.

What do you mean?

Well, I mean
that sages have always theorized

that there are many realities stacked
side by side with each other.

Whole other universes

with their own histories
unbeknownst to us.

But we never had any proof.

Until now.

When we moved the comet, we found this.

This... is another reality?

-[screams] What is that?

Do not worry. It is only Kova.
He is from our reality.

Zarkon, this is Honerva.
She is the best alchemist on Altea.

I asked her to come to Daibazaal
and lead the scientific investigation.

Her expertise will be invaluable.

Isn't it exciting?

It could change the way
we understand our entire universe.

Well, find out everything you can.

I will provide any support you require.

I must go.

He didn't stay long.

[Coran] King Alfor experimented
with the comet's ore in his lab on Altea,

as Honerva continued her research
of the rift on Daibazaal.

But Alfor visited often
as the years passed.

Zarkon, I'd like you
to meet Princess Allura.

It is my pleasure. Please accept this gift
in honor of your birth, Princess.

Honerva has really
softened you up, my friend.

I never thought I'd see the day the great
warrior Emperor Zarkon was married,

to an Altean alchemist, no less.

Honerva, working hard as always.

Many thanks for the gift. Allura loves it.

It was a customary gesture.

Of course.

-How is our quintessence experiment?
-Still running.

Running for a full year
on one drop of quintessence,

with no decline in revolutions per dobosh.

No other energy source like this exists.

The ships I'm creating for us
work on the same principle,

and the ore from the comet
practically engineers itself.

It's frightening, in a way.

Endlessly powerful ships
for the Galra Empire.

And an endless source of clean energy
for the entire system.

Of course.


What is that?

I sent some signals
into the neighboring reality

and this creature answered the call.

Nothing from our universe

has been able to survive
the passage through the rift.

-But somehow, he arrived unharmed.
-[Alfor] What?

I thought we discussed this.
We must exercise caution.

We have no idea what is out there.

The ancients thought that lightning
was shot from the bows of the gods

until science proved otherwise.

We must always push
into dangerous territory

in pursuit of knowledge.


[Coran] King Alfor and Honerva erected
a particle barrier around the crater,

containing the creatures.

But it wouldn't hold forever.

The barrier is weakening.
We don't have long.

Once those creatures escape,
my forces will quickly be overrun.

My planet, my people...

-Alfor's project will save us.
-Let us hope.

I trust this plan
of yours will work, Alfor.


By Willow!


Alfor, they're amazing. How do they work?

I made them from
the quintessence-infused ore of the comet,

which provides them
with an endless supply of power.


[Alfor] The comet alloy also renders them
nearly indestructible.

What sort of weaponry do they have?

This is where things
become more interesting.

Altean alchemy can accomplish

some incredible feats of engineering,
as you know.

But in testing my ship,

I started to feel
some sort of psychic link.

I'm not sure how to explain it,
but the ship wasn't just reading my mind.

It was communicating with me.

They seem to be evolving.

We don't yet know what powers
these ships possess,

but we may gain understanding with time.

Time? Time slips away
even as we stand here.

My people will soon be slaughtered
by dark creatures from another realm.

Without these ships, all hope is lost.

I understand.

It may take some doing.

These are not regular ships
to be chosen at a whim.

You do not pick the beast.

The beast will choose you.





Now, go easy at the beginning.

This is greater energy
than you have ever worked with before.

[Zarkon] Perhaps you should lead
the formation, Alfor.

You have a greater understanding
of the vessels than anyone.

I'm a better alchemist
than military leader, Zarkon.

I'll stick with being your right hand.

Very well, then. On my mark, Paladins!

Right flank, Alfor and Blaytz.
Left flank, Trigel and Gyrgan.

[Zarkon] Paladins, I'll fly ahead
and divert its attention.

The rest of you, attack from all sides!


Keep firing!

-[alarm blaring]

These blasted things are covering me!


-Th-Thanks, Alfor!


Spinning head smash!


-I can't hit it!
-Fall back, Paladins! We must regroup!

Wait! We must come together in formation.

What? Why?

I don't know, but somehow I can feel it.

-Hey, I feel it!
-I do, too! What's happening?

[lion growls]

[Alfor] Voltron.


[all yelling]

I can't believe we did it!

How did this come about?

Am I a leg?

This power, it's unbelievable.

This is Voltron.

[grunts, gasps]

-[Trigel] A shield!
-[Zarkon] Well done, Trigel!

-[grunts] It's trying to rip into us!
-We have to get it off!

[grunts, gasps]

I know what to do.

We must find a way to seal up this rift.

-Seal the rift? Why?
-It nearly destroyed Daibazaal!

Those creatures
nearly destroyed Daibazaal,

and you found a way to defeat them.

Zarkon, surely you agree with me.

-It must be closed.
-Perhaps not.

Look at what we've gained, Alfor.

Your ships are the most
powerful machines ever created.

Who knows what else may be discovered
if we continue working?

You would risk your entire planet,
the entire solar system, for what?

-For more power?
-You know it's more than that.

We already have Voltron.
You have to know when it's enough.

I'll decide what's enough on my planet!


I'm sorry, Alfor. The work will continue.

[Coran] Honerva continued
her experiments on the rift.

Despite their differences,

Zarkon and Alfor,
along with the other paladins,

established a new era
of peace and prosperity.

It was an age of exploration,

and Voltron became known
as the Defender of the Universe,

establishing the legend
that would live on to this day.

[Alfor] I heard there were
three more earthquakes this movement.

Don't worry, I'm installing stabilizers
to strengthen the planet's cohesion.

Zarkon, my scientists
have scanned Daibazaal.

It is fracturing.
Soon, the structural integrity will--

I can't stop Honerva's work now!
She's discovering more every day!

Her team has developed a space cruiser

five times the size
of our current largest ship.

-But that's nothing.
-Hello, Honerva. It's been deca-phoebs.

[Honerva] I hope you haven't come
to try to shut down my work.

There is more hidden knowledge
and power in this tiny fissure

than you can possibly understand.

I'm only worried about the stability--

-Is that Kova? How old is he?

[Honerva] Twenty-eight deca-phoebs old.

Shortly after the creatures attacked,
he fell ill.

But then, I began treating him
with quintessence.

-[Honerva] He revealed the truth to us.

Quintessence is so much more
than you can understand.

-It is life itself.
-You've gone too far.

You've always been a coward.

Honerva, you--

You wish to close off our gateway
to enlightenment.

We should be expanding it!

If we use Voltron, we can enlarge
the opening to the other reality.

It's madness! This prolonged exposure
to quintessence has poisoned your minds!

We've only scratched the surface.

We can rule this entire universe!
We can live forever! All of us!

-I cannot be a part of this.
-You are only one part of Voltron, Alfor.

You cannot hold us all back
because of your fear!

Alfor, I lead the paladins!

I command you! Alfor!

[sighs weakly]

Honerva? Honerva!

[Honerva breathing heavily]

We mu-- We must...

We must have...

We must have it.

-Get back, get back, get back...
-What is it, my love?

Uh, quinte-- quintessence.

Quintessence is life.

[takes sharp breath]
Into the-- Into the rift.



We mu-- We must-- We must have Voltron.

Voltron. Voltron.

[gasping] Voltron! Voltron. Voltron...

It is the only way.

[Zarkon] Alfor tried to warn me,
but I would not listen.

Now, my wife has fallen ill,
and my planet is on the brink of collapse.

So I must beg you,

my trusted comrades,
to join me on a most dangerous quest.

We must close the rift,
and I need Voltron to do it.

We will help you.

I only hope it is not too late
to heal the rift in my planet...

and our friendship.

Alfor's compassion for his old comrade

blinded him to Zarkon's true plans.

[Zarkon] Honerva told me
the only way to close the rift

was to use the power of the quintessence.

We must make the opening bigger first
to gather the power.

-How do we that?
-We use the sword.

Form sword!

-It's too much!
-Stay focused!

[groans, gasps] Huh?

[breathing heavily]


[groans] Uh...


Where are we?

-We've entered the rift.

[alarm blaring]

No! Zarkon, what are you doing?

We have to get them out of here!

We must hurry.
The creatures have returned!

They're everywhere!



Fire all lasers!

[Alfor] Trigel, grab them!

Gyrgan, Blaytz, fire your thrusters!
We must leave!

[Coran] Zarkon's attempt
to save Honerva was in vain.

They both succumbed
to overexposure of quintessence.

The paladins had been deceived by Zarkon.

They had unwittingly enlarged the rift,

which further destabilized
Planet Daibazaal.

King Alfor was forced
to evacuate the planet.

He, then, closed the rift
the only way he knew how.

By destroying the Galran homeworld.

King Alfor held a state funeral
for Zarkon and Honerva in his royal hall.

But what happened next,
he could never have guessed.

[ominous music playing]


[breathing uneasily]

-Where am I?
-Aboard your ship, sir.

Take us home.

I can't, sir.

Daibazaal has been destroyed.

My fellow Galra...

King Alfor of Altea
has destroyed our planet.

He must pay dearly for his crimes.

Rise up and join your emperor!

Revenge will be ours!

[Coran] Zarkon had become pure evil,
obsessed only with quintessence.

In order to open a new rift
between the realities,

he needed Voltron.

And so, the war began.

The Galra immediately responded
to their leader and attacked.

The peaceful planets of our system
were not prepared.

Soon, they had all fallen,
except for Altea.

In a final attempt
to keep Voltron from Zarkon's hands,

the lions were sent
to the far corners of the universe.

Zarkon flew into a rage.

He killed King Alfor,

then avenged the loss of Daibazaal
with the destruction of Altea.

So, that's Lotor's plan.

To cross into other universes
and get the purest quintessence possible.

No matter what, we have to stop him.


[breathing heavily]

Husband. How could I have forgotten?

You brought me back to life long ago.

Now, come back for me.