Voltron (2016–…): Season 3, Episode 2 - Red Paladin - full transcript

Lotor's forces move to retake the planet Puig and lure the Paladins out for a fight. Keith and Lance struggle to adjust to big changes.


We're under attack! To battle stations!

Ezor, find the leader. Narti,

Zethrid, take prisoners.

Kill no one.


What's this? Some sort of communicator?

You weren't trying to
call for help, were you?

Prince Lotor would not like that.


Who...? Who are you?

You dare speak to Prince Lotor?

Now, Auxia, that's no way
to treat our new ally.

Let him continue.

We will not be enslaved again.

- We are free.
- According to whom?

Your savior, Voltron?

And where is your
precious protector now?

Gone. Leaving you with nothing

but a hollow promise of freedom.

And now you must answer
for what you've done.

Please, spare my people.

Show them mercy.

Mercy has never been
the way of the Galra...

until now.

How would you like to become a valuable

part of the new Empire?

Join us...

and you'll never need Voltron again.

Smile! We're a team now.

I wish Shiro were here to tell
us how to go on without him.

Allura, when we came here, you told me

I would fly the Green Lion, and
I thought there was no way.

But then, I found it and I flew it.

And then, Hunk flew the Yellow
Lion, and he's not even a pilot.

In fact,

you told everyone who
would pilot which lion.

Yeah, how did you do that? Did we
ever find out how you did that?

- Can you do that now?
- Sadly, no.

When you arrived at the Castle,

I immediately recognized the

special qualities in each of you.

But I don't know how to search the

entire universe for a new paladin.

Keith, you piloted the Black Lion

when you had to save Shiro.

Perhaps you're the one.

Keith would be the
worst leader of Voltron.

Yeah, we all have our thing.

Keith's the loner. I'm the brain.

Hunk's the nice one.
Allura's the decision maker.

Coran's the wise old guy.
And Lance is the goofball.

Mm-hmm. Yeah, exactly.
Totally right... Wait a minute.

I'm not a goofball!

I'm like the cool ninja sharpshooter.

Are you joking?

I'm being completely serious when I say,

I do not want you to lead me anywhere.

I don't want to be the leader!
That's just what Shiro wanted!

What are you talking about?


Shiro wanted you to be
his successor, didn't he?

Well, I never heard Shiro say that,

and how convenient that
you're bringing it up now,

when Shiro is gone.

You want the job so
badly, you can have it.

Now, now, hang on. I've called
the head from the very beginning.

What about me? I picked
up on the radio waves

that led us to Voltron
in the first place.

Hold your gazurgas, everyone!
It's not our decision to make.

We must allow the lion to decide.

Coran is right.

We must all present
ourselves to the Black Lion

to see who will bear
this glorious burden.

What? You, Princess?

My father created Voltron.

How can I allow others to
risk their lives in battle

and not be prepared to do so myself?

I must try.

So, who goes first?

Should we draw straws?

I have it! I'm thinking of a
number between one and 50!

Allura, you go first,

Pidge is second, and then the others.

Wait, don't we get to guess the number?

But I already know the number.

Allura, just go.


Mm... I wonder if I can adjust the seat.

Nope. Not it.

What are you doing? You didn't even try.

Yes, I did. I sat down.

I don't want to leave
the Yellow Lion, okay?

I mean, it's big, it's
got this super armor,

it's safe.

But you called the head.

Yeah, I know. I wanted to form
the head with the Yellow Lion.


Pidge, go right! Lance, go left!

Keith, make me a sandwich, stat!

Yes, you heard me. I'm
the leader now, dang it!

All right, you're not the one.
Out of the lion.

All right! Now, I'll form the head.

Okay, you can do it.

This is your moment.

So, how long are we

gonna let Lance sit in there?

Yeah, it's been like half a varga.

It's useless. The Black
Lion hates all of us.

Keith, the Black Lion hasn't responded

to any of us. You have to try.

I know you wanted this for me, Shiro.

But I'm not you. I can't
lead them like you.

Please, no.

I'm proud of you, Keith.

I wish you were getting the job

under better circumstances,

- but congratulations.
- Congratulations, Keith.

Yeah, man, ditto.

No, I don't accept this.

You must. The Black Lion has chosen you.

I can't replace Shiro!

You guys were right. I'm the loner.

I'm not the leader Shiro thought I was.


no one can replace Shiro.

But the Black Lion
wouldn't choose anybody

it didn't feel was
worthy to lead Voltron.

I respect its choice.

And you should too.

But who's gonna fly the Red Lion?

I want to carry on my father's fight,

but I need your help.

Allow me to follow in his footsteps

as your paladin.

Please, I must do this.

Others are risking their lives in

this fight and I can't continue to...

I'm sorry, Princess.

I know how much you
wanted to pilot the Red Lion.

I'm fine. Let's move on.

We must find a new paladin...


The poor little Blade of Marmora's

defenses are spread so thin,

they cannot defend any
of the insurgent planets.

And what about their rebellion?


As for the whereabouts
of the Voltron Lions,

we've had reports of yellow and
blue in the Paglium quadrant.

The red one has been seen
throughout these quadrants.

And the green one here, here and here.

No Black Lion?

We've questioned the planet's

inhabitants. No one has seen it.

It's like it just vanished. Poof!

No Black Lion, no Voltron.

Narti, go to planet Puig

and speak with their leader.

A new paladin?

I mean, where would
we even start looking?

Well, I vote for getting some
alien diversity on the team,

and I know some cool mermaids
who could be good at it.

- You just want to see them again.
- Yeah, exactly.

- How about those Blade guys?
- Or the Olkari.

Voltron, we need your help.
The Galrans have returned.

Once you left, we were defenseless.

My people are trying to hold out,
but the Galra are too powerful.

The lions are on their way.

Hold your ground and protect your people

until we arrive. Voltron
stands with you.

Thank you, Princess.


The Black Lion has chosen you.
You can do this.

This one's for you, Shiro.

All right, guys, we're not about to

let the Galra take back this planet,

so follow me.

- Where's Lance?
- What?

Lance, where are you?

My lion's not responding to me.

Well, figure it out

and catch up with us as soon as you can.

Attention, Paladins of Voltron.

This is Prince Lotor, son of Zarkon,

Emperor Pro Tem of the Galra Empire.

Surrender now, or you will be destroyed.

We've been set up!

Evasive maneuvers!

Everyone, watch your back!

Coran, we have to get there immediately.

Lance, we need you. The
lions are being attacked.

- I'm trying!
- I'm going to see what's keeping him.

Come on, Old Blue. It's me,
Lancey Lance. Open up.

Okay, enough goofing around. I mean it.

We gotta get out there
and help the others.

Oh, come on! Why are
you being mad at me?

Wait, do you hate me now?

I'm sorry for wanting
to fly the Black Lion.

It was just a phase.

Hey, Blue, you know what? I gotta say,

that's a great color on you.

Oh! Are you from outer space?

Because your body is out of this world.

Jeez, that's, like, my best line.

Hey! It's the black kitty!

So, it survived.

Where are the others?

Send out the rest of the fighters.

Let's see if we can draw them out.

Pidge, behind you!

I hope your super armor
holds up, buddy boy.

Where's Keith?

Guys, I'm having trouble here.

These controls don't
respond like the Red Lion's.

I need some help.

There's too many for the three of us.

- Look out!
- Lance,

get out here now!

Lance, what's wrong?

I don't know. Blue is shutting me out.

Maybe Pidge was right.
I am just a goofball.

Not only am I not meant
to be the leader, I guess...

I guess now I'm not even
meant to be a paladin.

What was that?

It's the Red Lion. You must go to it.

No way. Keith probably
trained it to bite my head off.

Maybe it's roaring for you.

I would love nothing more
than for that to be true,

but I know the Red Lion
is not meant for me.

- It is choosing you.
- I don't understand.

My father built Voltron,

but he knew Zarkon was a
better leader in battle,

so he became Voltron's right hand.

Lance, when you accepted

Keith as the new leader of Voltron,

it proved that you value a strong

team over your own need for glory.

Just like my father.

I won't let him down.



There's still only three.

Where's the rest of the party?

Let's turn up the heat and
see who comes to help.

Zethrid, use the ion

cannon to shoot the Black Lion.

Why the black one?

There's something
different about that lion.

Its pilot isn't in control.

And, Zethrid, just graze it.

We don't want any permanent damage.


Keith, what should we do?

We need to attack the ship.

Can you be more specific?

We need an actual plan.


I'm okay, but we can't
fight this guy alone.

You won't have to.

Aha. Now, we're getting somewhere.

- What was that?
- It's the Altean ship.

Need some help?

Thanks, Coran.

Zethrid, this is the moment
you've been waiting for.

Fire on the Altean ship
with everything you have.

Yes, sir!

If there's anyone else in there,

this should bring them out.

All right,

let's see if we can turn
our attention on that ship.

Whoo-hoo! Boy, this lion can move!

Hey! Be careful with Red.

Oh, fly your own lion, Keith.

I meant to do that!

Wow, we're really kind of a mess.

We need to get organized.
Keith, what should we do?

I don't know.

We need to form Voltron,
but we're short a lion.

- Not anymore.
- Huh?

- Allura?
- Yes! Awesome!

Ooh! Look, there are five kitties now.

What are your orders, sir?
Should we fire on the lions?

No, we've seen enough.


- We did it!
- I mean, it was a little touch

and go there for a second,
but, yeah, we made it.

Allura, you and the Blue
Lion? How cool is that?

Yes. It was a bit of a surprise,

but a happy one.

Now, we know that Zarkon has a son.

This is...

- Deeply disturbing.
- We need to find out more.

Well, Old Blue, we sure had

some fun adventures, didn't we?

I wanted to stay with you,

but, sometimes, what we want

isn't necessarily what we get.

I'm gonna miss you, buddy.

Pink, huh?

Not what I was expecting, but I like it.

Yes. On Altea, we wear this color

to honor our fallen warriors.

I wear it to honor the paladins of old.

And Shiro.

This belongs to you now.

If I had to lose Blue to someone,

I'm glad it was you.

Princess! The Black Lion
is leaving the Castle!

Keith, where are you going?

I put a tracker on Lotor's ship.

Tell everyone to get their
lions. We're going after 'em.

You wanted me to lead Voltron?

This is how I lead.