Voltron (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Taking Flight - full transcript

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- I can't tell if he looks healthy or not.
- I think he's breathing weird.

- Oh, come on!
- Not yet! A few more ticks.

How much better do you think
he's gonna get in a few more ticks?

- And what exactly is a tick?
- You know, a time slice.

- Like a second?
- What is a "second"?

Like this.

I'm not sure.
I think ticks are bigger.

- Coran, do you have a ticker?
- Right here, Princess.

I think ticks are a little slower.

I can't tell. We have to start them
at the same time.

Okay. Ready, go!

Yes! I think we're winning.

Winning what? The intergalactic
time-measuring competition?


You guys having a clock party?

Aw, Lance, you just ruined it.
Hey, Lance!

What happened?

We can tell you all about it while you get
something to eat. Are you able to walk?

Talking? Eating?
Are you asking me out on a date?

- Yep, he's okay.
- Classic.

He'd be Sendak's prisoner right now,
if not for Pidge.

Well, you wouldn't have
survived the explosion

if Hunk and Coran hadn't
gotten a new crystal.

Wow. Thanks, everybody. Sounds like
the mice did more than you, though.

I punched Sendak!

Yeah, apparently after I emerged
from a coma and shot his arm off.

We had a bonding moment.
I cradled you in my arms!

Nope. Don't remember, didn't happen.
So, what happened to Sendak?

He's frozen in a cryo-pod.
We're keeping him here in the Castle.

Are you sure that's a good idea?

He's too dangerous to be set free.

Besides, we might be able to get
some information about Zarkon from him.

So, what's the plan now?

We have to get back to the Balmera
and save Shay and her people.

- Wow! You are really hung up on this lady.
- No, it's not like that.

Look guys, when you see how Zarkon has treated
these people and destroyed their home...

they've been under his thumb for so long,
they don't know what it is to be free.

It's up to us to set this right. This is
what being a paladin of Voltron is all about.

It's time to man up.

Then let's get moving.
Time to go defend the universe.

Wait, I have something to say first.
I need to come clean.

I'm afraid this may change
the way you all think about me.

Just so there are no secrets
between us anymore, I can't "man up."

I'm a girl. I mean, I can "man up"
because that's just a figure of speech.

I don't have to actually be a man
to "man up." I just have to be tough.

- But what I'm saying...
- Wha...? You're a girl? How?

I've known for some time, but I'm glad
you've shared it with everyone.

- Yeah, I figured.
- Oh, yeah, me too.

Wait, we were supposed
to think you were a boy?

Pidge, owning who you are is going
to make you a better paladin.

It's good to get that off my chest.
Now, let's launch this Castle-ship!

Wait, what? Pidge is a girl
and the Castle is a ship?

How long have I been out?

Activate interlock.

Dynotherms connected.

Mega-thrusters are go.

We are ready to depart Planet Arus
on your mark, Princess.

Firing main engines for launch.

Sire, if capturing Voltron is
the Empire's number-one priority,

then I suggest we begin
moving the main fleet

toward its last known location posthaste.

Lord, after many years,
the Komar experiment is finally ready.

Soon, we could have more quintessence
at our fingertips than ever imagined.

We must test it before moving the fleet.

We don't have time for
any more of your magic.

We must move our ships now.

Voltron is the most
powerful weapon ever created.

His puny ships will never
be up to the task.

We must be well prepared
for our next encounter.

I know better than anyone
the power of Voltron.

Haggar has my trust.

We will perform her test.

The witch has his ear.

Keep sending our offer out to any scum
between Planet Arus and Balmera X-95-Vox.

I'll capture Voltron on my own.

Okay. So, when we get
there, what do you think?

Do we just roll up and start blasting?

Or do we land and have some kind
of public address system, like,

"Attention, Galras, this is Voltron.
Turn yourselves in"?

No. Blasting, right?

Hunk, calm down. And, yes, blasting.

It's our first big rescue mission.
He's excited.

Excited to see his new girlfriend.

She's not my girlfriend!

She's just a rock that I met
and I admire very much.

- What is it? Are we being attacked?
- No, it seems to be a distress beacon.

It's coming from a nearby moon.
Apparently, a ship has lost power.

- I wonder who it is.
- Whoever it is will have to wait.

Shay has first priority.
We can check back on them when we're done.

The Paladin Code states
that we must help all those in need.

Wow! This is so cool. It's like
we're space cops on space patrol.

Coran, do we have a siren
we can turn on?

Uh, no, but we could record
you making a siren noise

- and broadcast that to them.
- Perfect!

No, not doing that.

Attention, damaged craft,
this is Princess Allura.

We are coming to assist you.

Whoa. Nice ship.

Stay aboard and try to get
as many of our systems clear

of that Galra crystal energy as you can.

- We'll see who hailed us.
- Yes, Princess.

You don't know how glad we are
to see some friendly faces.

Most folks don't want to get tangled up

with anyone who's on the run
from the Galra.

So, you guys are fighting the Galra?

Well, I don't think Zarkon is exactly
quaking in his boots at the three of us,

but we do what we can.

I'm Rolo. This is Nyma,
and our cyber-unit, Beezer.


- Cool robot!
- Hi! Name's Lance.

Was your ship damaged in a fight?

Yeah, we've really been
through it with the Galra.

Parts are hard to come by.

Luckily, we were able to limp
to this moon about a week ago.

If you didn't pick up
our distress signal, I...

We're happy to help.
I am Princess Allura of Altea,

and from now on,
you won't be alone fighting the Galra.

You'll have the Paladins of Voltron
by your side.


- I don't think they've heard of us.
- It has been ten thousand years.

Voltron? Five robot lions
that combine into this big robot... guy?

Sounds impressive. I'd love to see it.

- Or him. Them.
- Why don't we get to work on your ship?

- I'm sure we all have places to be.
- Sure.

Pretty much our whole
flaxum assembly is shot.

I don't know what kind of extra parts
you carry in this rig of yours.

I've never seen anything like it.

I'm sure we can get you
back up and running.

Give Hunk a list of what you need.
Coran can show you where to find it.


We'll go with you. Don't want you to have
to carry all that yourself. Come on, guys.

Uh, I don't think so.
You can just wait out here.

Hunk, don't be rude.

Yeah, mind your manners.
There are ladies present.


Oh, I'm sorry, but does
anyone remember the last time

we let our defenses down?
Someone kind of set off a bomb.

Remember, Lance?
You were almost killed.

Oh, yeah.

Hunk's right.
Sorry, but we have to be cautious.

Hey, I don't take it personal.
That's how it is out here.

You've got to look out for your own.
You're doing a good job, big man.

Yeah. Thanks.

My planet was destroyed by the Galra
and I was taken captive.

I managed to escape,
but not before I lost something.

I know exactly how that feels.

Well, I hope there are some parts
in here that'll fit.

- You know, to get your ship moving?
- Great! Thanks.

So, what can you tell us
about Zarkon's forces?

Where are they concentrated?

Well, his command ship sits
right in the center of the Empire.

He mostly calls the shots from there

and has his minions do the work,
depending on who's closest.

This is the territory
of a real nasty bugger named Sendak.

- Oh, we've met.
- How far are we from the center?

We're way out on the fringes.

Sorry to interrupt, but I think you guys
are kind of keeping Rolo from working.

It's just that we're in a hurry.
A hero named Shay saved my life,

and I swore I would return to do
the same for her and her people.

- You understand.
- Sure. Sorry.

Hunk, we're going to get going soon,

but I think Rolo might have some
information that could be helpful to us.

I don't trust this guy
as far as I can throw him.

We ought to leave him with parts
and just say, "Adi?s, amigo."

Hey, bud! Sorry,

but do you think you could hunt down
a length of thermal pipe about yay long?

On the way.

So, are there more freedom fighters?

Any kind of organized resistance
to the Galra?

Only folks who haven't been colonized yet,

or the lucky few, like us,
who managed to escape somehow.

Well, we're going to change all that.

That's good to hear, but I've got
to warn you, it's pretty bad out there.

You don't know what you're up against.

I mean, there are only five of us
in the entire universe,

so I guess you could say
it's kind of a big deal.

I don't understand.
The lions are ships?

Are they, like, flying statues
that you ride on?

No, no, no. They're magic,
but also super scientific and advanced.

And they fly crazy fast
and have all these incredible weapons.

Really, the entire Castle is just insane.
I wish you could see it.

Yes, it's too bad
we're not allowed inside.

I would love a tour
from one of the knights.

But I guess the big one is in charge, huh?
You have to obey his orders?

Who, Hunk?
I don't have to listen to him!

This place is incredible!

Yeah, I guess. You get used to it.

But it's so gigantic. It must take you
forever to get to your lion.

Ooh, you'd be surprised.


Pretty slick, right?

Take me on a ride around the moon?

We should probably
get back to the others.

Yeah, you're right.
Maybe Keith will give me a ride.

No! Hold on a second!

I mean what's the
point of having the lion

if you can't enjoy it, right?
Giddy-up, buddy!

Oh, Lance!

Let them have their fun. Thanks to you,
this thing is just about ready,

so we're going to be on our way soon.

Too many light years on that guy, I guess.


Begin the ritual.

Druids of the four directions, join us!

The Komar experiment was a success.

We have gained
an entire planet's quintessence,

a feat that would have
normally taken us years.

Most impressive.

This will revolutionize the way
we advance throughout the galaxy.

Mining and colonizing planets
is a thing of the past.

With this much power
available at our whim,

we can now spend all of our time
hunting down and capturing Voltron.

Look, a kinetic spring!
Let's land over there.

The minerals reflect off the water,
making a rainbow.

Wow. Is there anything you don't know?

I think this thing is just
about ready for a test flight.

Beezer, come co-pilot for me.
Be back in a tick.


So, you want to see how fast
I can climb this tree?

Aw, you are cute.

Let me show you something.
Give me your hand.

Whoa. This is kind of...

- Nyma, what's going on?
- Sorry, Lance. Maybe we'll meet again.

Oh, quiznak!

- How many ticks have they been gone?
- I don't know.

- I hope they didn't break down again.
- Something ain't right.


Hello? Little help?

Lance? Lance! Are you all right?
What's going on?

Well, I'm kind of chained to a tree.

I knew it!

And I think Nyma and Rolo
just stole the Blue Lion.

I knew it!

- Where are they?
- Uh, space?

Uh, I never trusted those guys,
right from the beginning!

At first, it was a feeling in my gut,
but when I was replacing that pipe,

the pipe was cracked, but none
of the hardware around it was damaged.

We get it!

If the thermal pipe is cracked,
then, obviously, hello,

the entire assembly
should be totally roasted.

Okay! We get it.

We should've had to replace
the entire undercarriage of that reactor.

So, right then,
I was, like, positive. Foul play.

Okay, we get it!

Commander Prorok, my name is Rolo.

I understand you're offering a reward

to anyone helping
capture the Voltron Lions.

That's correct.
Do you know where they are?

I know where the blue one is.
It's in my ship.

Excellent. Bring it to me
and you'll have your reward immediately.

Just a tick. My friends and I have
a bit of a checkered past.

Some stolen merchandise
from the Galra Empire

may have fallen into our possession
without us knowing about it.

Well, I'm sure that a full pardon
can be arranged

for the brave souls who bring
Emperor Zarkon a Voltron Lion.

Is that all?

We'll take the reward, too.

Of course.

All right.
We're on our way.

I almost feel sorry
for those Voltron folks.

Seemed like a nice bunch.

If you're feeling guilty,
you can turn yourself in.

Stealing from Zarkon
carries a life sentence.

They don't seem that nice.

Send the nearest fighter squadron
to the area of the transmission.

I'm not trusting some bounty hunter
with our prize.

No way.

Are you sure you know what you're doing?

There's no way we can
outrun those lions.

Not in the open. Good thing
the Zorlar asteroid belt is right up here.

I know that like the back of my hand.

We'll never get through
this asteroid field!

Maybe I can just bust through!

Nope. That was wrong.
That was a bad idea.

Keith, you're the only one
who could possibly fly through this.

We need you, buddy.
Get in there and flush him out.

You got it.
See you on the other side.

No way. Get on the blasters.
Take him down!


This kid can flat-out fly.

He's gaining on you!

- Blasters are offline!
- We've got to get out of here!

Hey, Lance, I got your lion back.

Thank you, Keith.
Now, can you come and unchain me?

What's that? I, uh...
You're cutting out.

I can't... I can't hear you.

Oh, come on!
I thought we bonded.

Keith? Buddy?
My man?

Since your ship really doesn't work now,
you'll have to wait here for a rescue.

- Thanks for sparing our lives.
- Now that these guys are dealt with,

let's get to the Balmera
and save Shay and her family.

You may not believe this,
but I hope you do stop Zarkon.

It's a lifetime of fighting the Galra
that led me to where I am today.

All this quintessence will turn you
into the strongest,

most horrifying fighter ever created.

One that even Voltron
will not be able to defeat.